Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Ipod

I decided to test out my purchase during the Georgetown-Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon. Truly, that is why I bought it in the first place. The broken #4 had been playing with my mind. Sometimes, I could control what I was listening too and others, I was unable to turn the volume down. Yes, that happened. I had no control over the volume. I struggled through a run without music and hated it.
The idea that I would be unable to listen to music while running a 1/2 marathon, solo, was unappetizing. That, alone, forced me to buy a new nano.
I arrived in Georgetown with a fully charged ipod. It was loaded with my Itunes, but not with everything. Somehow, the space was limited and I had not fiddled with the ipod to test what selection I had.
The gun went off while I was still in line for the bathroom. Yes, I stood in line for 40 minutes to ensure pee #6 of the day. I stretched and joined the mass of people running the 1/2 marathon. I turned my ipod on and began.
A few miles in and it started acting up. My first thought are new....there is no way that you are malfunctioning....
Calm down. Relax.
Turn it off.
Turn it on.
Pray for compliance.
Work with what you have. Listen to Raspberry Beret, again, and think of New Year's Eve, when two of my sisters decided to drunkenly serenade me. This is why an ipod is essential. I remember associations of memories because of song. Prince's Raspberry Beret will always be a highlight in my running mix.
There are still glitches/kinks that I will have to work through. I made it through the race with music. For that, I am thankful. I am frustrated that ipods continue to give me grief. And it will probably continue.
I rode up with 3 other runners. We all run different paces and I knew that I would be running, this event, solo, since the Goddess had other plans. Sara Jo isn't ready for a 1/2 and I hadn't spoken to Jamie or Gadget in a few months. I did run into both of them in Georgetown. Jamie, pre-race and Jenny at mile 8. Anyways, on the drive to the race, my friends asked me what my goal was regarding the race.
I told them two hours.
It was unrealistic since the weeks leading up to the race, I was focusing on running the entire race. I didn't want to stop and walk like I had a year ago. Lindsay and I finished in 2:09:12 or something like that. She was supportive and encouraging as I struggled to run the race. I walked. I cursed. I hated it.
This year, I wanted to finish as a confident runner.
So, I tell my friends--two hours.
The race begins.
I thought about stopping at the aid station at mile 4. I didn't. I talked myself into waiting until mile 6, than waiting until mile 8, due to a untied shoelace. I walked for a minute and then started up again.
At mile 12, I utilized the water station. I carry a hand held and it works for me. I walked through the aid station knowing that there was a mile left.
Up the hills--all of them, and most of the race, I ran.
When I crossed the finish line, I was mid sprinting for the last 4oo yards. I kept thinking, if only I ran like this more of the way....If only, I could figure out the timing...
I finished in 2:10:20--I think.
Time-wise, I did not hit my goal. And, I finished better the year before.
In reflection, I was disappointed in my time. But, I feel more confident in my ability to fully run a race. That is what counts. That was goal. Not the time, but the effort.
And, they say to be conservative at the start of the race. I was. I was too conservative. I had ample energy at the end. I sprinted and then worked a 9 hour shift after the race. I think I napped for ten minutes between race and work.
Yes, I feel good about my abilities. And, yes, there is room for improvement. I want to really cross train--bike, yoga, strength training--since all of these things with stengthen me as a runner.
By the Vegas Marathon, I will have figured my ipod out, too.....


Hailey said...

Harm - Well - I AM impressed with you my dear! You never cease to amaze me with your abilities...and I know you have no ceiling to what you can accomplish. Maybe one day I will be able to run a 1/2 with you...or at least be in the same race as you! Ha!

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