Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The present and what the future looks like

2020 was the year of the visor. Not lying. Every photo of me has a visor or a glass of wine. Actually, most photos had both of those things.  Wearing a mask with sunglasses or glasses created a situation where I couldn't see. I am not a fan of visibility issues.  Hence the visor.  I had three that I would rotate.  I lost multiple pairs of sunglasses, too.

2021 is the year of the ultimate pivot.  Working for myself and trying out new things. I curated few events and then would delay executing them.  Until, one day, it's like--you gotta start somewhere. You cannot prolong any longer.

Yoga in the Park was excellent! Three students. Two new. The opportunity to think on my feet and arrange a flow that made sense to everyone involved.  Being able to relax in corpse pose and be supported by mother earth. It was truly grounding.

Afterwards, we toasted our health, wellness and fitness.  Katerina brought chardonnay and I had a few bottles of cava. I intend on offering cava at every yoga in the park. It is a spectacular way to conclude the practice and falls under the umbrella of tasting life.  So thankful!

We are considering yoga happy hours and how to make them work. It is a work in progress. I don't want to say too much about it as we are still figuring out how to make them work.  In the meantime, my focus is teaching, being authentic and responsible.  I think about how much money I have spent dining out.  It always seemed accessible and convenient until Covid.  Then, it felt awkward and takeout driven. I 100% supported restaurants and enjoyed take out.  I have a few spots in my neighborhood that will always be in my rotation.
When restaurants were full service, the service lacked.  It seems like this is the new normal.  I cannot speak for every restaurant.  Nor will I even attempt to.  I will only say that service seems to have changed across the board.

I am more than happy to dine at home. Actually, I am happier to convince others to cook for me.(the Warrior Prince) But, I am becoming more confident in my skills and knowledge.  Plus, I like it. More vegetables, some roasting and a tone of lentils, eggs and salad. One day, I will tackle cast iron steak.

Was last year challenging?  Of course!

Did I learn something from it?  Extend my tool box and utilize the takeaway....100% .  Now it is about execution and planning events. I am grateful for my present and what the future holds.  So many blessings, opportunities and possibilities.

Consider your present. What are you doing differently?  What does your future look like?  Are you surrounded by people vested in building, developing, growing?  Or are you still focusing on things out of your control? 

I am focusing on growth and surrounding myself with similar outlooks.  Thankful, grateful and beyond blessed.  Here is to a healthy 2021!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2021 the year of pursuing passions

2021.  Gratitude for this year and seeing my path cleared of obstacles and obstructions.  Last year was the year of the visor.  Every time I left my house, I would grab one of my three visors and head out.  The mask with sunglasses and/or glasses just wasn't conducive.  Immediately, my glasses would fog up making it challenging to not only see but function.  The visor was a great solution while walking around with a mask.  I loosened up my desire to walk the park with a visor in the last month.  I felt confident that I can walk away from people that are running or in my pathway.  I was diligent about this until I went to Santa Fe with Maghan last week.  Many folks down there were sporting their masks in the Plaza and around town.  I felt compelled to put mine back in place while exploring the city.

Of course, 2021 did not see the end of the pandemic.  Perhaps it eased up a little and provided more opportunity for hope.  I have many friends that have been vaccinated or in the process of it currently.  State restrictions are lifting and some states have gotten rid of their mandatory quarantines if you cross state lines.  There is hope.

Personally, I have flirted with the idea of being my own boss for some time.  I always found reasons to stay in the service industry.  It's flexible.  I am exposed to amazing food frequently.  I meet interesting people. I have life long friendships from people I have waited on and worked with.  There are several positives to working in the industry in spite of the challenges of 2020.  The pandemic forced that industry to nonstop pivot, update and adapt.  Doing more with less seemed to be the theme of last year.  There is this energy that can be amazing and I have always enjoyed being part of it.  That was why leaving it became difficult for me.  

I could work thru the next holiday season and then be done.  Or, perhaps, I could wait an additional year before taking the leap of faith.  All the while, I realized that there would never be an ideal time.  I couldn't put an end date on it.  I would find reasons to work through my deadline as I had in the past.  

But how does that assist me in working for myself?  Financially, sure, it helps.  But wanting to work for myself seemed distant.  I always had one foot in the industry and the other wanting to depart.  Until now.  I am ready.  I feel that I have been waiting for this time for awhile.  Visualizing, reading, creating, exploring and now I am excited!  And a little scared.  I believe I will be fine.  Actually, I truly believe I will be fine and that I made the right choice for me.  But, i am a little scared.  I think it is natural.  You leave something comfortable and that you know for the absolute unknown.  But if not now, when?  

Tonight, a former colleague of mine reached out to me to see if I was still teaching yoga.  I responded thinking he knew someone that was interested in my services.  Instead, he inquired if I worked at a studio or knew someone that was hiring.  A reminder that it is all about connections.  Maybe not the connection I thought I would be encountering but a connection.  And life is all about connections.  I have been chilling at my house, listening to podcasts, reading and taking care of me.  It feels great now.  But, I am a social being. I will want to meet with friends and check out new spots.  I think I will incorporate that in to my situation.

It is all about pursuing passions, living and tasting life.  Cheers!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Finding a balance

 Spreading kindness and positivity.  I was positive about making changes during the shut down.  I cooked daily, walked City Park and taught yoga.  I listened to multiple podcasts and was living a pretty clean eating type of life.  Slowly, as things reopened, I reverted back to what was normal to me.  Dining out or ordering take out.  I stopped making kitchari (the most complete protein and vegetarian inspired dish with curry spice, coriander, ginger and turmeric.  super good for your digestive system).  I still walk but have to make an effort to do it.  There was much more ease during the shutdown in that regard.

I suppose I acknowledge that as much as I enjoyed the forced changes, pivots, adaptations, I still feel comfort in what I had been doing.  Do I love cooking at home?  Not really.  It can be challenging to prep and cook for one person.  Having to do it made sense and now I have options.  I need to find a balance and prioritize it.  There is a balance between ordering take out and cooking at home. And, I was enjoying being creative.  I made cold summer pasta salad and slow cooked lentils from recipes that a friend posted on social media.  I loved seeing what Rick would present next. I have made lentils and pinto beans multiple times this summer.  On Tuesday, had I had onions, carrot and celery (mirepoix), I would have made a pot of something. It was the perfect day for it.  The temperatures dropped in Denver and I found myself sporting a hoodie and jeans.  This is atypical of early September.  I would have loved to have made a pot of lentils or green chile.

Speaking of green chile...I met the Goddess for dinner the other night and she wants to finally visit Santa Fe.  We are heading down in early October to explore the City Different.  I am excited since I have not visited since early June.  We will have dinner with Melody and potentially try the margarita trail or go hiking.  I was shown a spot on my last visit that was pretty great!  Or we can check out yoga and/or the Himalayan salt caves.  I am uncertain if Ojo Caliente is open again after their fires.  Or if they are open to people that are not staying at their hotel.  There is so much unknown still.  I considered going to hot springs in Colorado on my last staycation but it seems difficult to pin down a time where I would not be standing in line.  I frequent a korean spa in Denver and am so thankful they are open.  They have limited the soaking to two hours and number of people within the facility.  I know they are struggling to stay open.  Yesterday, I had arranged a body scrub and there were women walking around without a mask in spite of the notices saying that masks are required in every area.  It's frustrating to see that since I want the facility to stay open.  I do not want them to have to shut down since a few people will not follow a simple rule.  Is wearing a mask while receiving the body scrub comfortable?  No, it isn't.  It gets wet.  Yet, I do it to ensure that I have the opportunity to receive this service.

I want to find a balance in my life.  And, I choose to spread kindness and positivity as opposed to buying into fear.   There is an ample amount of that currently.  I choose kindness.  I hope to reach out to friends and family via letter or phone today.  I got out of that habit in my return march to what is normal as well.  I loved that I wrote letters during the shut down.  And, my little sister and her friend, Melanie, and I have been sending each other books.  I support this habit as well.

Celebrate today and spread some positivity!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Throwback Thursday

 Throwback Thursday...feeling important, lol.  2013.  Paso Robles, California.  I managed a few trips--beer driven, wine inspired and destination race oriented.  This photo is from a market that carried this wine.  Sara Jo and I were exploring the area and stocking up on supplies.  I have sampled Harmony Cellars wines a few times in my life.  I do enjoy the Chardonnay and of course, love anything with my name on it!

Here is to a new Thursday and opportunity to travel.  The next few weeks, I will be staycationing around the beautiful state of Colorado.  I will check out Buena Vista with Maghan and then Keystone with Jenn the following week.  I am a lucky lady!

Til then, enjoy your day.  I need to return to teaching and planning out my day.  Cheers!

Friday, August 7, 2020

throwback Thursday (late, again)

 I apologize.  I meant to handle this yesterday but had multiple classes, lunch plans, dinner plans.  My day got away from me.  I seriously do not know how I have spent the last three days off.  Yoga, barre, meet ups, reading, hydrating, planning....this is my life.

I still have my memories of travel.  Actually, I made plans to have my passport renewed.  We shall see how long this venture takes.  I believe we will be able to travel again, worldwide.  My friend, Ven, always refers to me as sister.  It is such a term of endearment.  And, I love it.  He commented that he hoped I would return to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  My comment was that, yes, I would love to do that.  When I applied for my renewed passport, it inquired about upcoming travel.  I explained that 2021, I would be in Thailand in late March/early April.  I remember Maghan wanting three weeks to explore Thailand.  He seemed insistent about it.  I am trying to honor him.

This photo is from Italy 2012.  Agnese's grandmother, Marina.  A delightful woman.  Daily, she wakes up, drinks coffee, puts on lipstick and a dress and spends time at her house.  Mid afternoon, her daughter or son-in-law collects her for meals with them.  She sleeps at their home but wakes up early to return home.  

I spent five days with them in 2012 and they were amazing.  Fed me.  Sheltered me and put up with my lack of Italian.  Oh, and the espresso factor was incredible.  I have good friends.

I connected with Cody earlier and see a road trip to Utah in my future.  I have some travel plans in Colorado at the end of the month and hope to visit the Littles in Kansas soon.  It pains me to drive there.  I cannot help it.  However, my love of family outweighs most other things.  

Until then...enjoy your night, book and water.  Cheers!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

mid week check in

How are you?  Have you remained committed to your goals?  Do you need motivation?  Or insight? A reminder?
Are you tracking your goals?  Journaling?  Taking photos?  What makes you accountable for your decisions?
I texted a friend from college to see how she is doing.  She wants to moderate her wine during the week and increase her movement.  I called her Friday and she was not quite ready to commit.  Today, she seemed more open to having the check in.  I am trying to be accountable with us to motivate myself to make videos.  I have promised videos, loosely, to two people, that I admire and respect.  I cannot let them down.  I need to have integrity in how I manage myself.  I committed to the Motivation Monday and slowly, I am easing into the video aspect.  New video that is....I have been sharing TRX videos and putting myself out there. I am thankful for that.
Today was a great day for me.  Initially, I thought it was jammed pack of things I felt I needed to do.  Teaching, lesson planning, figuring out my passport renewal, stamps...I stepped back and wrote down what was manageable and what I was capable of doing today.  I spread out what was priority and what I could do tomorrow or Friday.  It felt fantastic!  I threw in a mid-afternoon nap.  Glorious.  Yesterday, I felt great but knew that my sleep was depleted.  I tried to hydrate.  Truly, I did.  Yet, thirteen hours can be a beast!
I skipped my daily walk but figure I taught three sessions today and could use two days off of the walk.  I listened to podcasts. sent in my passport renewal and treated myself to sushi for happy hour.  A fantastic day off.  Happy hour was a 30 minute barre session.  I can enjoy some wine, relax and think about the next two days off.  I love my life.  I have always chosen the unconventional life.  I didn't do what I was supposed to do.  My parents hoped I would go to law school after I proclaimed at six years old that I wanted to be a lawyer.  That thought lasted til I went to college. Quickly, I leaned I wanted more from life.
I still don't know that I have grown up or know how to proceed.  What I do know is this....I want to be happy.  I want to feel passion for what I am accomplishing.  I want to feel alive!  I prefer helping others on their path.  Perhaps, I am fully ready to embrace being a healer/teacher.
Figure out what makes sense to you.  Hydrate.  Get outside and most importantly, breathe some life into your world!  Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Staying consistent

I listened to a podcast this morning.  I have been pretty consistent with that particular routine.  I enjoy walking with Christine or walking while listening to a podcast.  There are a few that I enjoy--Entrepeneurs on Fire, Unemployable and Millionaire Mindcast.  They are inspiring and help me along my path to being my own boss.  
I listened to an episode today about Covid-19.  Although, really, it seems that every conversation makes its way back to this at some point.  With friends, scrolling through social media, the news (which I force myself to not watch to dive into the rabbit hole) and of course, podcasts.  The guest today pointed out that this could be a time of opportunity.   It is all based on how you react.  Not from a position of starting over; but perhaps, transitioning.  Or, pivoting.  I prefer the pivot!  
In addition, how you respond determines where you will end up.  I liked everything this man had to say except he got sort of preachy on binging netflix or drinking wine.  I do not appreciate the judgement.  Sometimes, I want to completely let go of my responsibilities.  I don't want to plan, organize, coordinate.  I just want to be.  And maybe that includes drinking wine.  And streaming some b.s. show.  Does this make me a bad person?  I don't think so.
The guest on the podcast, twice, referenced checking out to external factors and was quick to point out--I'm not being an asshole....um, yea, yes, you are!  Get off of your soap box!  Not everyone responds to stress in the same way.  I did enjoy the majority of what he had to say.
I appreciated the stress on the pivot, making choices and acting.  I think this is all resonating with me.  I honestly do not know what I am doing, financially.  I don't invest in real estate and I go back and forth on that importance.  I have always paved my own path.  Not conforming to the beliefs of others.  Sometimes, I doubt my choices.  Right now, I am concerned about my relationship with money and how it has limited my position.  I could be in a different place if I had different beliefs about money.  I never used my credit card, regularly, until three years ago.  I think about all of the plane tickets I could have paid for using points instead of cash. I was taught to believe that you live within your means.  Pay in cash.
It has served me well. I cannot lie.  However, I could be in a much more secure place.  Having my  money make more money for me. I am still learning how to do this.  
The pivot. 
Believing in myself, enough, to make it work.  Knowing that I provide a good service to my friends and intending on expanding my circle. I see how I can help others.  Most importantly, I see how staying consistent is essential.  Following up with people.  Sending reminders, cards of encouragement and providing workouts, tailored, for the client.  Making it all work out!
Cheers to Saturday.  Enjoy your weekend. Stay consistent in your hydration, haha!