Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Motivation

 Do Epic Shit!

That is my message this Monday.  Do Epic Shit!  For me, it means reflecting on the habits I am creating and seeing how they are benefitting me.  As noted, I wanted to thrive this year, not just survive.  I had to reassess things I do, daily, and do something different.  I cannot expect different results if I continue to do the same things.  I cannot only think about having a different reality.  

And speaking of thinking....if I do not believe I can actually achieve something more than likely I won't.  I am reading books on finance, investing, psychology of money and loosely, considering all things entrepreneurial.  All of these ideas return to mindset.  It is nuts.  I can think I am positive or that I have a healthy outlook on money and abundance.  Yet, realistically, there are doubts ingrained in me.  They create blockages in actually having abundance flow to me effortlessly.

Knowing this, I have attempted to alter my age old beliefs.  Slowly, I think it is changing.  This month, I have been waking up naturally and immediately doing sun salutations.  I started with ten and have increased to 20.  After my breathwork and movement, I meditate while using my infrared dry sauna for thirty to thirty-five minutes.  This is setting the tone for how I approach the day.  Productivity is leading to more opportunities to achieve more.  Small changes lead to epic shit!

I hope you are able to tweak your daily routine.  Add a small change and see where it leads you.  More movement, changing your mindset, journaling, abundance, more travel, etc.  How can you change up your routine and acquire new results?

We all create our own personal situation.  We plant seeds, water them and then seem surprised when we end up with what we wanted.  I wanted to do my own thing.  I have been working towards this slowly distancing myself from the comforts of what I know.  I have been trying to do more than exist for awhile.

Get outside, get some movement and enjoy basking in the sun.  This is a new day and opportunity to shine.  Happy Monday Motivation!🙏

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday activities

Sundays are always impulsive.  Sometimes, I try to make a plan and stick to it.  Rarely does it happen.  Today was better than normal.  I scheduled two classes--one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I sent out the zoom links and prepared the classes. My friend, Andrea, is moving back to North Carolina.  The last two Sundays we have met for a walk around City Park.  Andrea is consistent with her commitments and since I know she is moving back home, I couldn't rain check this commitment.

Another friend reached out to see if I would be interested in walking today.  I calculated the time between classes, necessary tasks/chores and offered to meet Janna after 3 pm, like 3:30. I didn't want to walk when it was dark and 3:30 seemed like a good time.  I forgot to factor in the playoff games.  Immediately, she responded that she would prefer meeting at 3.  We compromised and met at 3:15. I rushed to meet her following my afternoon class.  Everything was going well until I hit downtown.  Traffic jammed up as an ambulance was trying to navigate the corridor.  I was patient and figured if I was a few minutes late it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I arrived.  There were many people at Sloan's Lake this afternoon.  Janna brought her dog, Bodhi, and he kept a great pace.  It's rare to walk with a friend and their dog and keep up a brisk pace.  Especially male dogs.  Bodhi was great!

We walked fast. I think she was concerned about missing any of the game.  I understand it.  I do.  I mean, I am the same way when it comes to college basketball.  I want to see every second of the game!

When we returned to our cars, I had the urge to urinate.  I knew there were porta potties near the parking lot from past experience.  Apparently, they had been taken out.  Still they have a brick and mortar that had bathrooms.  I told Janna goodbye and ran over to the building.  Locked.  Of course!  

Instead of freaking out, I repeated (in my mind) that I was okay and would make it home.  I left Sloan's Lake and headed back downtown to head east to my house.  Everything was going well.  I managed to get around the idiots who do not know how to drive in a city. I was about a mile from my house on 14th St. when this guy decided to stop in the left lane.  I almost lost my mind!  Infuriating.  I had to pee and wanted to hit this guy for his lack of consideration for other drivers.  Namely, me!

I did make it home without incident.  Thankfully.  As noted, recently, maybe yesterday, I feel conflicted about cooking at home or relying on take out.  Today, I opted for utilizing leftover rice and creating a new dish.  Vegetable fried rice.  Delicious.  I think this is now in the rotation of what I enjoy to eat.

One final week of January.  I haven't struggled until thinking about being finished with it.  Today, for example, I thought, maybe I could have a glass of wine since originally my goal was to conclude sober January today.  After some reconsideration, I decided to stay the course.  I am enjoying the sleep and am trying to extend my habits.  I must read this week.  I have been lackluster in my abilities to finish tasks when it comes to learning.  There are 15 books on my coffee table.  I need to actually read them to create space in my house.

More tasks for next week.  I figure it will all work out!  Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 21, 2022

sober January, productivity and it working?

This month is flying original plan was to do soberish January.  I figured three weeks was more than enough time to commemorate this practice.  I didn't think that I wanted to do the entire month and didn't want to commit to it in fear that I would falter and drink wine.  Imagine my surprise where after one week, I wanted to extend it through January.  I am still shocked, lol.

But, I have been more capable and productive.  Setting goals and to-do lists and completing them with few distractions.  I can be social.  I enjoy meeting friends and catching up.  My friend, Roxanne, and I always have the best of intentions.  Meet for yoga or a walk and then treat ourselves to wine lunch.  I cannot tell you how many times we have met for a "walk" and skipped it to enjoy a glass of wine or three.  I am pretty consistent about yoga dates.  It behooves me to be consistent and follow through.  Sometimes, I am tempted to skip teaching but I know that no one will care about my business as much as me.  I must take responsibility for my decisions.  It is one thing to skip a walk, and another, to postpone teaching.

Yet, I wanted more this year and I cannot have different results if I never move outside of my comfort zone.  I cannot expect to continue learning, upgrading my skills and knowledge if I never read or research.  I cannot only socialize and expect things to change.  I have been making small steps to increase the odds of a year of thriving.

This year is all about growth.  I want to do more and I expect more of myself.  I am reading a book about trading and recognize that the first step is changing my mindset.  I can read all I want.  And, I am.  Yet, if I look at trading as throwing away money I am creating a headache for myself.  It is goes back to childhood and changing those beliefs is challenging.  I am interested in trading.  I see how it could be addictive and overwhelming.  The book suggests being able to make smart decisions.  Not get cocky and lazy.  I think I need to read more and get my mindset correct before beginning.

Adulting has also been a focus for January.  Annual optometry exam, upcoming dental visit and I added acupuncture to the mix.  Two of the three appointments have been handled and I have the dentist to look forward to at the end of the month.  Looking forward to, not dreading.  Acupuncture was great.  I revisited a former DOM that has always been a wealth of knowledge.  He is well versed in chinese medicine and I trust him. Looking back on the intake (and it is super intrusive) I was sort of surprised at how forthcoming I was as to why I was there.  It worked in my favor as he knew exactly what needed to be done and thanked me for my honesty.  Why hedge around uncomfortable conversations when it comes to your health?

Today, I had lunch at one of my former jobs.  I went in to say goodbye to a former colleague. It was lovely.  Saw a few customers that I use to wait on and a few friends.  I made sure to finish up in a timely manner so that I could return in time to teach a class at 2 pm. Sober January does have its benefits.  My departure from this place was much easier than normal.  Typically, I start my departure and leave an hour plus later.  

It is still easy to procrastinate and rely on take out.  I am embarrassed by how much I prefer ordering take out to cooking when I feel uninspired.  I needed to purchase some goods today but it was snowing and I decided to drive home and prep for my yoga class instead of dealing with the light dusting.  I can always find reasons to avoid driving in the snow.

I forgive myself for this lazy conclusion to the day.  I started off strong.  I will improve tomorrow and do better.  More reading, more community building and some socializing.  Enjoy your night!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

5 weeks

I will be in Florida in five weeks. I know it will be here sooner than I am ready for...isn't that always how it works?  I have a few things arranged--rental car, airbnb in NOLA, place to stay in Dallas.  I am undecided if I will attempt the northern route to return to Colorado. It is shorter which I like but the potential of shitty weather looms.  I will not drive through Kansas if there is a possibility of sleet or snow.  It is not doable for me.  My older sister visited me in Denver once and left a little later than they originally thought.  The typical 8 hour trip turned into 17 hours, I think.  Memorable and not something that I want to repeat.

I spoke to Shari last night and she mentioned a few activities that interest her.  Paddle boarding, wine sail, body scrub. I love all of these things and I proposed yoga while paddle boarding and reflexology.  I am uncertain about our options for a body scrub. I texted Sara with the task of researching that.  I know paddle boarding is available and wine sails.  Both activities will happen.  

Each year, we continue to add another layer to our celebration. It began with celebrating Brian while feasting on incredible food. Then, we started inviting friends of mine in respective cities to join us for a memory or happy hour. This continued until Jonny Vegas hijacked our trip in Austin.  He invited himself to our celebration. Found the airbnb and set up an itinerary of bars to find.  From that trip, it opened up and we have met friends, new people and yoga.  Southeast Asia allowed us to do a ton of self-care.  I think we had 18 massages within our trip.  

Our last big adventure, Barcelona, incorporated another wine sail but this one was unique.  Our captain was insightful and reflective. Our conversation with him planted seeds for me.  It was amazing to meet this man who chose an alternative path to what people believe is the right way to live.

I am so excited for this trip.  I might regret the decision to drive to Florida while I am in the middle of it.  I don't know. I welcome that regret.  I know the benefit of this decision.  I might decide to return through Nashville.  Perhaps find some hot chicken.

It is always preferable to have options.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Wednesday musings

Happy Wednesday!  I love the midway point in the week.  Today is gloomy and inspires ramen or pho.  I might venture out to fulfill that need.  There is a great ramen spot nearby and pho is a quick drive away.  I am on the fence with it.  Should I be financially responsible or give in to my wants?

This month is slower at the restaurant.  It is truly that way for many industries.  People do sober January (as I am doing), begin resolutions, etc.  A perfect time to reflect and plan.  As noted, I joined a few groups hoping to journal more.  One was a complete dud.  I stopped listening to the instruction on day number two and rarely peruse the shared stories.  It just didn't feel like what I was looking for at this point.

The money mindset is sparking something inside me.  I participated yesterday and may today.  I hope other people are sharing. The host is offering simultaneous sessions which is a little confusing. Most of the current posting reflect the group that is further along in the process.  I wrote about unexpected money yesterday and received a good response. It sort of surprised me but I will go with it. Today, she suggests writing about being able to contribute to fundraisers or things you are passionate about and to be thankful that you are able to do it.  

In the last year, I have been able to contribute to a few fundraisers that benefit causes that are close to my heart.  I am hoping to continue that trend in 2022.  My friend, Roxanne, has a birthday on Friday and she mentioned how she would prefer donations to Big Bones or a few other rescues as opposed to receiving gifts.  I like that spirit of sharing and will honor her wishes.  

I am grateful to give back.  Especially to foundations that I believe in. Blue Bench, Planned Parenthood, etc.  My plan is to make a donation, monthly, this year. I have the ability to re-prioritize some of my financial decisions. I definitely could minimize some of my dining out I am learning. This month has shown me that if nothing else.

Perhaps, I will reflect more on being thankful to use my money for other things.  I am very thankful for this abundance.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Gloomy and productive day.   I tried the experiment of turning everything off and being in bed by 10 pm.  I woke up at 3:30, a little confused. I knew that I had overslept but could not place what time it was.  Eventually, I fell back asleep and made myself get up around 6:40.  Better effort but still I hope to improve.

I did my sun salutations (yay!) and finished in the infrared dry sauna.  It is something that I have been enjoying daily.  It is helping my overall skin but I am not seeing the detoxing effects it claims. Maybe I don't stay in it long enough.  And, I wish it were more intense heat.  80 degrees the entire time.  

My annual eye appointment was this morning.  I considered changing optometrists since my guy retired.  I had seen this optometrist since 2003.  A little kooky but I liked him.  I was saddened by the information that he retired when the pandemic started.  For about a year and a half, prior, he had been semi-tired.  Basically, he wasn't taking any new clients on which didn't affect me.  After considering my options, I chose to check out their new guy.  Mostly, because they have everything I have ever done on file.  I wouldn't have to re-introduce myself too much.   The exam went well--shorter than I remembered.  And, no major changes with my eye sight.  I am surprised.  I keep thinking they are going to demand that I purchase readers.  Not yet, lol.  The former eye doctor kept scaring me by telling me that when I get to this age....I guess all of the fish oil, vitamin c and d that I take has helped me immensely. The optometrist always harped about how beneficial these supplements are for eyesight.  He was right.

It is gloomy and yuck outside.  Still, I hope to get a walk in before teaching a few afternoon classes.  Reading, following up with the finance seminar and being present today.   Bring thankful for what I have and the life I have created.  I have not been participating much in the money mindset group until today. The thankfulness reminder inspired me to share a recent tale of my life.  Many people have liked the post (shockingly) and then someone else shared a story of waking up with the knowledge that she is broke. Cannot pay rent and was uncertain to where her money went. Some other person commented that the first lady should stop complaining because she has a roof over her head. Insinuated you should be happy for what you have and stop bitching about what you don't.  Seemed a little harsh and a reminder that this is why I do not typically share on platforms.  

Monday, January 17, 2022

working on habits

Productive day and easy going night.  I plan on being in bed by 10 pm.  The last few days, I have went to bed later and I am struggling to be up by 6 a.m.  That is my happy medium. If I wake up after 7, I feel rushed. I skipped my sun salutations this morning.  My first yoga class was at 9 am and I wanted to have coffee, make my smoothie, shower and be ready to go.  Doing the salutations would extend my needs and decrease opportunity to enjoy my smoothie.  I made sure to do the majority of the class with my student this morning.  Typically, I do a few salutations and observe the student.  When I started teaching virtually, I did every sun salutation.  Eventually, it became too much.

Returning to the main idea, being in bed at an earlier hour. It was inspired from the book I am reading about forming habits. I want to try it out and see if I can wake up, naturally, at an earlier hour.  That way, I can see how productive I can be.  Sun salutations, meditation, infrared dry sauna--all before 7 a.m.  

In addition, I am shutting down my phone, earlier and earlier, nightly.  It seems to help limit distractions.  I want to try out new things and see how they help me.  The best outcome of sober January is forming new habits, trying out new things and productivity overall.  I have been spending more time planning for the future.  I know that I will jump off the sober wagon on 2/2/2022.  How can anyone pass up that opportunity to celebrate the special day?  I asked Roxie to meet for lunch or happy hour to celebrate her birthday.  Her birthday is this week and since it is still in January, I am not imbibing.

After celebrating 2/2/2022, I think I will moderate my socializing.  I am deciding if I want to take weeks off and only enjoy on the weekends or some other sort of arrangement.  Of course, the end of February, I will be in Florida with Sara Jo and Shari.  I will be enjoying wine and a good amount of it.  We are making paella and other tapas to commemorate Barcelona.  In 2020, pre-Pandemic, I traveled to Santa Fe in January and then Barcelona in February.  That is the last time that I have flown.  I am just not that interested in flying right now.

Sara Jo and I spoke yesterday and she asked me--wouldn't it be cheaper to fly to Tampa?  Yes, it would.  But, I like the idea of taking time for myself to see the country.  I will teach remotely and maybe take classes while in Nola or Florida.  I want some sort of adventure!  

2022 will all be about the road trip.  Florida in March, Kansas in June and California in October.  I believe there will be a few trips to Santa Fe (there always are) and maybe an unknown trip.  Who knows?  This is a new year.  I am open to anything.

Enjoy your night!  I hope you have a wonderful night of sleep.