Friday, August 5, 2022


Waking up today and choosing my mindset.  I have been attempting to commit to me being my own boss for the last two years.  Parts of it are fantastic.  More flexibility (in my mind that is.  In reality, there are tasks daily that I must attend to.  The only person who makes me accountable is me.  I struggle to remember that at times.  Instead of completing the admin, I will meet friends for wine lunch.  Postino is a delightful distraction, lol). I have been fortunate. The majority of my clients have been word of mouth.  I am very blessed in that department.

Yet, in order to expand and build, I am trying to do more to attract clients.  I have collaborated with others.  Contributed to silent item auctions by offering my services for an individual or group session.  I have tried to offer more group sessions at the park.  It truly is about being consistent, reliable, authentic and have faith.  

Collaborating with others is interesting.  As much as we all think we have the same outcome in mind, we have different roads of achieving it.  I do enjoy creating graphics and am learning to be more comfortable with social media.  I prefer everyone delivering the same message or at least staying true to the name of the event.  All things to remember when choosing to collaborate.  Shari suggested having a business journal to jot these ideas down.  I have a ledger, a journal, an idea journal and will incorporate this new journal to remember. It is all a work in progress.  

I keep returning to the four agreements.  As much as I expect others to behave in the same manner that I do, it is naive.  I feel that if I say I am going to do something, I do it.  Expecting others to be that was leads to disappointment as I am reminded when I choose to believe people will do what they say.  We all get hung up on what is best for us.

Choosing the mindset is essential.  I am seeing that more.  I have been listening to podcasts about frequency and radiating from a higher level.  I cannot achieve that if I do not push myself to elevate.  Decide to achieve more and surround myself with others who feel the same way.  I can feel people's energies radiating from them.  I know that sounds odd but it is true.  I have a friend who currently is projecting a more desperate energy, trying to attain clients and projecting on me.  It is stifling and unattractive.

Ir reminds me to have faith and believe in myself.  In that realm, it all returns to mindset.  Choosing to wake up and believe my day will be great.  And being more accountable for my choices.  I think planning out my day the night before will aid in me in productivity.  I need something to force me to be accountable and on track.  I do not want to enter the zone of desperation.  

I will continue to reflect, build and have faith.  Cheers!

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