Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The present and what the future looks like

2020 was the year of the visor. Not lying. Every photo of me has a visor or a glass of wine. Actually, most photos had both of those things.  Wearing a mask with sunglasses or glasses created a situation where I couldn't see. I am not a fan of visibility issues.  Hence the visor.  I had three that I would rotate.  I lost multiple pairs of sunglasses, too.

2021 is the year of the ultimate pivot.  Working for myself and trying out new things. I curated few events and then would delay executing them.  Until, one day, it's like--you gotta start somewhere. You cannot prolong any longer.

Yoga in the Park was excellent! Three students. Two new. The opportunity to think on my feet and arrange a flow that made sense to everyone involved.  Being able to relax in corpse pose and be supported by mother earth. It was truly grounding.

Afterwards, we toasted our health, wellness and fitness.  Katerina brought chardonnay and I had a few bottles of cava. I intend on offering cava at every yoga in the park. It is a spectacular way to conclude the practice and falls under the umbrella of tasting life.  So thankful!

We are considering yoga happy hours and how to make them work. It is a work in progress. I don't want to say too much about it as we are still figuring out how to make them work.  In the meantime, my focus is teaching, being authentic and responsible.  I think about how much money I have spent dining out.  It always seemed accessible and convenient until Covid.  Then, it felt awkward and takeout driven. I 100% supported restaurants and enjoyed take out.  I have a few spots in my neighborhood that will always be in my rotation.
When restaurants were full service, the service lacked.  It seems like this is the new normal.  I cannot speak for every restaurant.  Nor will I even attempt to.  I will only say that service seems to have changed across the board.

I am more than happy to dine at home. Actually, I am happier to convince others to cook for me.(the Warrior Prince) But, I am becoming more confident in my skills and knowledge.  Plus, I like it. More vegetables, some roasting and a tone of lentils, eggs and salad. One day, I will tackle cast iron steak.

Was last year challenging?  Of course!

Did I learn something from it?  Extend my tool box and utilize the takeaway....100% .  Now it is about execution and planning events. I am grateful for my present and what the future holds.  So many blessings, opportunities and possibilities.

Consider your present. What are you doing differently?  What does your future look like?  Are you surrounded by people vested in building, developing, growing?  Or are you still focusing on things out of your control? 

I am focusing on growth and surrounding myself with similar outlooks.  Thankful, grateful and beyond blessed.  Here is to a healthy 2021!

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