Saturday, May 21, 2022

Live your best life

Woke up to some snow.  Not the amount that they were projecting but I think there are areas around the metro area that did get quite a bit of wet snow.  I know one of my friends had a tree that was destroyed.  She lives in the Foothills where the snow was more prominent.

It's crazy how some days I can be very energized when teaching.  Like I want to bounce around my apartment or wherever I am teaching.  It is sort of nuts.  Initially, I only felt that this happened when I was not drinking.  However, the last few times it has happened, I have been enjoying beverages the previous night.  

Maybe it is a choice.  I choose to be full of energy and express it when I am teaching.  I need to plan my upcoming happy hour class, It is Tuesday, May 24th, at a retail shop on East Colfax.  I believe it will be great.  More people seem interested and the tribe is expanding.  I believe in what I am trying to accomplish.  

This is crazy that we are almost to June.  I feel like this year started yesterday. There has been more growth and opportunities.  Some heartbreak, frustration, conflict.  I know that I must figure out a car option at some time within the next six to eight months.  What is the best route?  Selling it outright?  Using a service to do it?  Trading it in?  

Today, my friend, Wes, asked me why I was so committed to Volvos,  Mostly, it is what I know.  I am comfortable with my mechanics.  I have multiples of them and have a rapport.  Starting over with a different vehicle would require new mechanics. And, I know what I am getting when thinking about purchasing a Volvo. A stable, safe car.  It can be sexy like my sedan was.  I loved that car. A two door sedan that had italian leather interior and all sorts of swagger.  I loved that car.

Unfortunately, I was t-boned on Super Bowl Sunday which ended that love affair.  It was not worth it to try to piece that car back together.  

I could try to go carless.  I could try.  I do not think it would be in my best interest.  I do enjoy having a car, being independent and capable.  I think I will take some time to think about exactly what I want.  Then, make it happen.

Trying to be more productive and establish a routine.  I have some opportunities.  My website is in the midst of getting developed, upcoming happy hour, park sessions in Denver and Santa Fe and the desire to think outside the box.  I do have other upcoming travel,  Trips for wine festivals and a bourbon trail.  I am loving life right now.  Maybe I can squeeze in a few more trips.

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