Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for waking naturally and beginning my day.  I feel so much more productive when I do begin my day before 6 am.  I do not know why or what is motivating but already I have accomplished a few tasks while listening to John Mayer.  Yes, I am still in that head space.  Soulful, somewhat bubble gum poppish (some of the earlier music) and soothing.  

I will get ready to go for a run shortly.  Maintaining habits has been a focal part of 2022.  Not goal setting, specifically.  Forming habits and maintaining them seem to be more manageable and successful.  Why has it taken me so long to figure that out? 

Regardless, I am thankful for today and the opportunities that are available.  I will be in Santa Fe next week.  Prepping for a yoga pop up and a tour of mezcal.  I think I am just as excited to explore the mezcal scene as I am to teach.  Maybe even take a class for my own practice.  Yes, I need that inspiration for my own practice.  A giant reset button that enables refilling my own cup.  

Why do we always give, give, give and rarely attempt to replenish our own energy?  I have a friend that is going through many life changes currently.  New residence, contemplating retirement, health issues and maybe taking on more of a role for other family.  I feel for this person because there are so many variables being juggled/managed with less emphasis on what is beneficial to her.  It seems like they make a decision to handle something and than another area arises with just as much need to handle.  Sort of like whack a mole.  While managing the issues that come up, her own personal health and wellness is being neglected.  

I am thankful for access to clean water.  Incredibly grateful for that.  I wake up and want to shower immediately.  In addition, I love lemon water and hydration.  My routine is wake up, make bed, hot lemon water, juice something (lately--carrots, beets, celery, apple, lemon) and make coffee.  Afterwards, I can reflect and ensure that I have some sort of plan for tackling the day.  Today, for example, I will be going for a run shortly.  It is heating up in Denver and once it hits a certain heat index or level, my motivation to fun or be outside declines.  I foresee a hot, hot summer.  Not thrilled.  I keep praying for rain and relief.  Not only here but in New Mexico and other areas that are experiencing fires.  New Mexico is near and dear to me if you have not noticed.  It's been a few hot, smoky weeks with no end in sight.  They need rain!

What are you thankful for?  Instead of looking for problems, maybe look at what you have and be thankful.  Right now, it is imperative to find positivity and happiness. There are so many things to be uncertain about or dwell in a lower frequency vibe.  I have managed to avoid looking at the ramifications of some decisions that are trying to decrease autonomy for women.  That rabbit hole is vast and wide.  I will not sit back and allow things to be taken from me.  

On the most basic level, while I was receiving body work and taking care of myself, I thought of how this once was only offered to men.  Why cannot I take pride in having luxurious skin or enjoy sitting in a sauna?  Why are there spaces that are only operable for men?

I digress. I want to focus on the good and what makes me want to share my light.  Yoga.  Health. Travel.

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