Thursday, November 25, 2021


What a night!  I arrived at my friend's house.  I was uncertain as to how many people would be joining.  I knew there would be wine.  (and there was).  

There were about twelve people total.  We feasted on steak, shrimp skewers, green bean casserole, brussel sprout salad and mashed potatoes.  Of course there were appetizers and I provided dessert.  And tequila.  I think there were a few dips.  Pretzels, pickles and other snacky types of food.  The only downside was there was not enough seating. Gladly, I would have sat on the floor.  But there were two dogs that made me reconsider that decision.  I did not want to invite temptation to their pooches.  

I stood up at their island and dined on my plate of food.  I was fine and would not have wanted it any other way.  I was in close proximity to water and easy access to wine.  

We chitchatted how we all knew each other.   Most of the people worked with either Dan or Anastacia or knew someone that worked with one of them (like me.  Anastacia was kind and mentioned that she had heard a lot about me before meeting me.  It was kindness, lol.  Then, she recounted our first meeting.  A magnum wine party where we were one of the few women attending. She noted that this year she had not been invited to the limited magnum party.  I, too, was not invited.....lame!)

 I recognized a few people from an earlier luncheon.  There was one guy that had been at the previous summer lunch.  Immediately, he introduced me to his partner. It was lovely.  

I felt comfortable, at ease.  It was easy to fall into the rhythm of the night.  We had some wine and traded stories of service and driving through Kansas.  (never speed as tempting as that flat state is.  Refuse to invite a ticket is the lesson of the evening)

Truly, I enjoyed myself.  The majority of these folks worked at the airport and were younger.  I didn't envy their commute.  I knew it could be relaxing with a book but for the most part, it made for a long day.  I appreciated the inclusion and opportunity to enjoy the holiday.  Tomorrow, I will be working.  Eventually, I could enjoy the holiday but late.  

I'm enjoying a smoothie before heading out to hike.  Always the perfect way to celebrate holidays.  Sunshine, movement, oh and some bubbly!  Have a wonderful celebration!

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