Friday, January 14, 2022

Productive day

Day thirteen of Sober January.  I taught four classes today, attended a webinar, read part of my finance book and dropped off some fliers for Saturday morning yoga.  My last class this afternoon, I asked the ladies what their plans were for the night.  Melody was cooking sweet potatoes, Melanie was contemplating a glass of wine (stressful week), Jasmin was planning on making dinner and I was deciding if I wanted to cook or order take out.

Responsibly, I should have prepared my own dinner.  I had supplies and ample vegetables.  I had restocked my pantry and had options.  Yet, I did not feel like being productive.  

I could walk across the street to the Thai place.  Or there is an Italian spot four blocks away.  I perused their menu but was unwilling to order something that I could make myself.  That limited some of my options. I didn't want to order delivery since they have a minimum and then add on service fees, driver's fee and tip.  I considered walking over but it is 25 degrees outside.  I returned to the Thai spot but I order from there frequently and felt uninspired.  Plus, I was afraid that they would pour me a glass of wine since that is my habit when I pick up my take out.

There is a Chinese restaurant that has been there for years.  I believe, Brian and I ordered take out from them in 2005.  Well renowned spot with a great reputation.  Ironically, it is four blocks from my house and I never order from them.  Tonight I called them, made a delivery order and it arrived the old fashioned way.  No third party apps with additional fees to arrange delivery.  It was amazing!  The pad thai was great.   I think this will be thrown into my rotation of take out.  

I feel a little guilty about ordering take out.  I had the time.  Just no desire.  Tomorrow, I intend to have a fantastic yoga class, followed by coffee with the Goddess and then doing some admin stuff.  I have to get that squared away. I managed to print out the necessary spreadsheets so that I can create one to represent last year.  It is true what they say---tell yourself you have 30 days to clean your house and it takes thirty days.  Give yourself and an hour and you will do it within an hour.  Setting benchmarks guarantees that I will address the task in some timely manner.

I have been more productive this month.  I have energy out the yang, lol.  Not that I do not have energy when I drink wine.  I do.  I guess because I am not being social, I have more time to be efficient, set goals and form new habits.  The length of my sober January went from three weeks to four.  I know I can do it and I want to.  In the last month, I have heard of three acquaintances who struggle with alcoholism.  One of them died.  One almost died.  Actually, they all had severe responses to the amount of abuse their bodies have handled in their lives.  Two of them are near my age and one is younger.  It made me pause to reflect on my choices.  And affirmed that sober January was a smart way to begin the year.

Enjoy your night and start to the weekend.  Tomorrow is a new day--full of opportunities and good decisions.  Make it a great day!

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