Thursday, May 17, 2018

Being adult like.....

Feeling like an adult...why do it?  What qualifies as a responsible task?  For me?  It translates to making appointments with the eye doctor, lady doctor and dentist.  Typically, I avoid the dentist like the plague.  Always have.  My first indication that, genetically, I would have teeth issues was seeing my childhood dentist before moving to Phoenix.  I wanted to receive a clean bill of health and run west before I was kicked off my dad's insurance plan.  Back then, the minute you graduated from college, you were no longer a dependent on a plan.  I learned that fast.
My dentist opened my mouth up and picked around and discovered that I would need a root canal.  I was leaving the next day for Phoenix and so there wasn't time to set up an appointment.  Oh, and I was no longer on the insurance plan and so it would be a costly out of pocket expense.  I remember him slapping a temp over my tooth and his wishing me well.  I waited two years (almost) before having work done.  I can be stubborn and during this time, my wisdom teeth made their presence known and a few other must do teeth things.  I handled it as best as I could and relocated to Denver.  Routinely, I would see the eye doctor and lady doc with hesitation.  The dentist remained out of sight, out of mind.  I waited for almost ten years ( I know, this is despicable and lazy) before returning to the dentist.  Of course, I had cavities and other things to contend with.  I postponed it til I absolutely could no longer wait and my job offered health insurance which helped soften the blow, financially.  I returned to a new dentist last October and had to have my teeth scaled.  This is something that I never want to experience again.  It was uncomfortable and required multiple shots to numb my mouth.  Did I mention that I this required two visits to the dentist?   Insurance will only cover two quadrants at a time and so I had to make a follow up visit to have the other side scaled.  Mortifying.
From the scaling, it was suggested that I have cleanings every three months.  I have made an effort to be responsible (for once) and have faithfully completed the cleanings.   Last time, it took fifteen minutes and it was over.   Today, my second cleaning of the year, was more detailed.  Still with no x-rays and a reminder that I needed to have some work done.  Cavities, an infection and a mouth guard.  My favorite.  I have been told my entire life that I grind my teeth.  One boyfriend told me it was like sleeping next to a machine, lol.  I know that I do need to address the mouth guard situation and the receptionist told me I could acquire one for $325.  It seems ridiculous.  So, I am trying to modify my behavior to reduce stress and hopefully, decrease the grinding of my teeth.
In all honesty, I know that I have made improvements and that it is not all doom and gloom.  There are things I can do and I will.  There are natural things to ease the wear and tear on my teeth.
These are all adult like tasks.  They distract me from travel or arranging travel.  I'm not a fan.  I know that I should have some car maintenance done and purchase new glasses.  While in Minneapolis, I scored some designer frames and have an in with some lens people.  Then there is the lady doc--must do soon.  And then there is the dentist.  Can I give myself time to naturally heal?  The receptionist seemed fine giving me that out.  There was no pressure to set up a follow-up cleaning.  She even suggested pushing it to next year.
It does bother me that they did not take x-rays today especially after informing me that this was my second cleaning of the year.  The final one to be covered by insurance.  WTF?
I will continue to use charcoal toothpaste which is fluoride free and floss. Maybe even incorporate the oil pulling back into my regime.  I take it seriously even if I don't love it. I have been performing some jaw exercises which will hopefully help in that area, too.  I must do something!  I want to refocus on the fun factors in my life.  Travel, drinking wine and meeting friends.  Adulting is not always fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

reflecting and dreaming

Wish I were back here....isn't it gorgeous.  Blue skies, palm trees and water.  This is what I imagine when I meditate.  Or, when people tell me to visualize a peaceful, tranquil place.  You know this happens sometimes in yoga classes.  To become present and slow down the breathing.  It is a useful technique to let go of whatever is going on outside of the four walls.  Think of a place that is calming.  For me, this is the illustration.  This is beauty.  This is relaxing and pureness.  This is where I would love to be today. 
I have a day off and am always planning travel.  I get caught up in what I should be doing or what I could be doing when in actuality, mostly, I dream of traveling.  

Rincon, Puerto Rico.  I had a lovely time celebrating my friend's wedding on the beach.  In mid March, I spent five days there.  The final day of my trip, I was able to walk on the beach and take some photos.  Of course, I had the opportunity to do this at any point on the trip.  My friend's were very gracious and organized.  I just didn't make time to explore the beach.  
I do miss the view.  I should have gotten up, earlier, and walked on the beach.  Literally, we stayed steps away from beach.  Maybe in the fall I will return to Rincon to see the beach and their wine shop.  Tiffany and Dan purchased a wine shop in March and are about to open.  Permits, choosing product and other details have been preoccupying their time.  I would love to return and support them.  Did I mention the beach?
Yes, back to the day....I have a day off today and have some things planned.  Laundry, cleaning my house, some yoga....maybe read later.  I need to incorporate more of that into my life.  My colleague has given me 75 books, I think, in the last month.  Might as well start decreasing the clutter.
The beach also makes me think of yoga.  Wouldn't it be great to attend a retreat on the beach?  I wonder if I could make that happen.  Spend 8-10 days in paradise while focusing on health and wellness.  Sounds incredible.  I should focus on adding to my clients and experience and make it happen.  Maybe that will be what I meditate on today.  Abundance, travel and combining dreams.  
I have a few other tasks to complete before turning myself loose on what remains to be seen.  I asked Roxie to meet me for lunch and hope that it will happen.  Until then, I will dream of blue skies and waves.  I know that I can return to a beach someday soon.  If not Rincon, maybe Greece.  I have yet to visit those epic islands and it is a must do for me.  
Until then, cheers!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

sore core and travel planning

I woke up and my core reminded me of my workouts yesterday.  I am sore!!!  I should not be surprised.  I saw my trainer and then taught back to back classes.  I made some adjustments to my people but mostly participated alongside them.  I do enjoy doing that.  I feel better about showing people that I would never ask them to do something that I am unwilling to do.  It was an active morning with a ton of emphasis on core, stability and strengthening.  My core is screaming at me, lol.
Afterwards, I met Sara Jo for lunch downtown.  I love seeing Sara.  She is one of my oldest friends and as a client it is too easy to teach and then go to lunch.  I am trying to avoid doing that on a regular basis.  Lunch is boozy and I want to establish a professional working relationship.  I don't want her to not to do yoga since she believes that a lunch is always mandatory.  It isn't.  Although, I will absolutely go whenever.  I do enjoy a wine lunch.
I have some upcoming trips that I needed to book.  I promised my friend, Jennifer, that I would meet her in D.C.  I started looking at flights last month and probably should have booked then.  Instead, I waited and then found unfavorable situations.  The best itinerary arrives in Baltimore.  Or, Dulles.  I prefer flying into National but most flights were not at ideal times. And I have a short amount of time in the city and so I want to be as close to D.C. as possible.  Baltimore is not an option.
Eventually, I decided to try the one way option and feel happy with the results.  I fly in to Dulles and out of National.  I funded one of the flights with miles and the other I hope to attain more miles. I am now inspired to find another city to explore in the fall.  Or late summer.  My aunt is flying to Denver and has a trip to Aspen planned in June.  She mentioned that she will be returning, again, and to Aspen. That is one city that I have not been to and I would love to check it out.  In the past, I had an opportunity to check out food and wine with friends and than it didn't pan out.  Aspen has always eluded me.  I remember being scouted to work in Snowmass when I first moved to Denver.  This couple were dining in an establishment where I was serving and they liked my vibe and hospitality.  Had I not been involved with Brian it might have happened.  Just another what if moment in my life.  I would love to drive there with my aunt and spend a few days.  The food scene is intense and I am certain I would encounter great yoga.  Thinking July or maybe August.
I had a yoga client arranged this morning but he was called in to work.  We are pushing our session to Monday evening.  I hope that it actually works out.  We seem to keep pushing the session due to his work schedule.
I am still arranging yoga for next week and confirming clients.  I have a friend visiting next weekend and so I will be unavailable to book clients.  I am about to attend a hip hop cardio class.  Should be interesting to see what this is all about.  I saw it and immediately wanted to check out the hip hop class. We shall see.

Friday, May 11, 2018

upcoming ideas and hopes

Good morning!  Beautiful day in Denver.  I taught yoga yesterday and my client referenced the heat factor.  That we would be experiencing record heat in Colorado which is true for us.  However, I had to chuckle.  83 is not that bad considering in Phoenix they have already hit and maintained 103.  Now that is hot and I would definitely need to purchase an air conditioner to be able to sleep.
Yesterday was a personal health day for me.  I taught yoga and then took a class.  Laundry, cleaning the house which is productive and an early night to bed.  I think I need to allow my body to rest and recover.  No wine to accompany dinner.  Yes, I take breaks to equalize my body and rehydrate.  Although, I do enjoy wine frequently.  I had a few conversations at work the other night about my love of wine.  I recommended a few different glasses to people who typically drink what they know.  I absolutely agree with that and yet, sometimes, it is okay to venture out and try something new.  In the past, I have considered taking the sommelier certification.  It is a commitment and challenging.  I allow myself to be distracted and not focus on that dream.  Maybe one day.  Until then, I will continue to sample and enjoy wine.
Today, I have a session with my trainer/coach.  I think in the course of almost a year, Courtney has become my personal coach as well.  She is encouraging, supportive and a resourceful person.  Not only does she come up with mind bending physical sessions, she asks me what I hope to do with my life.  She encourages me to think outside of the box and pursue my dreams of health, wellness and teaching.  I feel guilty, though, as I have fallen off of the wagon to a certain degree.  I could be eating cleaner and I know it.  Sometimes, it's easier and convenient to make poor choices.  I should have done a cleanse yesterday or taking multiple days off.  I knew I would be seeing her today and that I would not be able to hide my poor choices as they will be noted in our work out.  Still, today is a new day and a base to work from.  I cannot beat myself up.  Instead, I must look at how I can get it done and do it better.  I have been trying to express more gratitude and see the greatness in my life.  No more complaining about things I cannot control.
I have two clients today and then a late lunch for research and development.  I will be talking about my practice and how to attract more clients or opportunities to teach.  Wine will be involved.  Friday is typically my cheat day, lol.
I might meet with Jenn's friend, Christine, tonight to walk the park.  I figure it could be another opportunity to bounce my ideas and receive another perspective.  The more I talk about it, the more I am committed to make it a reality.  I want to be doing more yoga and sharing with others.
I am enjoying seeing what is out there.  I was super inspired after my trip to Minneapolis and would love to return if only for the yoga.  It was that good!  Spending time with my aunt was mindful, too.  We had not seen in each other in years and it is interesting to see how genetics work.  I know she is spending a lot of time reconnecting with my mom which is beneficial to both of them.  Due to a miscommunication and pure stubbornness, they did not speak or see each other for 27 plus years.  Seems ridiculous and insane.  I mean, I talk to one of my sisters almost daily.  I rely on her for talking me off of the ledge at times as well as comic relief.  I don't know what I would do without her in my life.
I cannot believe that 2018 is almost half over.  I need to start thinking about things I hope to accomplish.  Of course, that includes and is dominated by places I want to travel.  I will think on it and reflect on.  Time to get my work out on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

travel and reminders

Allergies consume me.  My nasal passage is congested and my eyes remain itchy.  It's been a challenging month.  I have taken Zyrtec, daily, and tried to purchase a neti pot.  They do not sell them at my local organic store which is surprising.  Instead, I settled on a nasal spray which seems to help.  I had hoped that traveling to Minneapolis would provide a reprieve.  I encountered pollen there too and within a day or so had to contend with issues there.  It was a lovely trip.  I experienced gorgeous weather and explored the city with my aunt.  She lives near Calhoun Lake which is a great location to check out Upper Minneapolis and the lakes.
I wanted to check out the yoga scene there.  I was not disappointed. I walked away inspired and wishing I had had more time to attend classes.  Not only challenging, but mindful and physical.  I enjoyed the music and walked away feeling rejuvenated.  The instructor mentioned that his friends were opening a place in Denver.  I think I want to meet his friends!  I would love to have access to crazy sequencing on a daily basis.  I ate more chips and salsa than I anticipated.  Goes with the territory of exploring a city and rehydrating.  My aunt was a lovely hostess.  We checked out a few local spots and she met some of my friends and family.  It was interesting to blend families, I suppose.  Or explain how they knew me and vice versa.  I didn't speak to or see my aunt for 27 years.  Then we meet and reconnect in Minneapolis where I have family of Brian's.  I see his mom, regularly, but have not seen two of his aunts in ten years, at least. Thankfully conversation flowed and we managed to enjoy a few great meals.  I forgot to mention that my aunt's refrigerator went out the day before I arrived.  She purchased a new one and asked them to deliver it on Friday.  We could make dinner for Shari and Tom and it would be a little more intimate this way.  The delivery guys arrive on Friday morning and are unwilling to take the doors off.  They say they could set it up in the living room and plug it in there.  Seemed inconsiderate and lazy!  So, our plans changed and we served cheese and crackers before finding a restaurant that would accommodate us.
I will return to discuss more of my trip and recap the beginning of May. I sort of took a mini break from blogging due to travel.  Packing for travel and relaxing on my return.  I want to focus on what will be happening soon.  I am very thankful for my current job as it allows me freedom, flexibility and unlimited networking.  Last night, I talked to a few ladies about taking yoga from me and I know that this occurred due to my job.  I love that.  And, I want to continue this trend.  I want to be doing more yoga teaching and helping others.  I should be sharing this gift and I want to take the time to make it happen.
I want to focus on expanding my circle of people and make time to teach.  I want to express gratitude for all of the opportunities that are presented.  I am one step closer to making some changes on my blog and figuring out a way to work smarter, not harder.  Isn't that what we all want?
I should post about a travel throwback as I missed last Thursday and I definitely have more to chat about on my trip to Minneapolis.  The yoga was epic and I am thankful that I found a fantastic studio in Uptown.  I plan on returning to attend more classes in the fall.  And, I think, my aunt might sign up for some yin classes.  She should.  Yoga is essential and re-centering.
I also saw a post about saying thank you instead of apologizing. It is projecting negativity as opposed to finding the gratitude in the experiences that are presented.  I liked that.  Today, I choose to be thankful instead of sorry!
Last night, I overindulged.  I was excited to be talking with some ladies that work at the hotel.  We were enjoying wine and I was excited to be chatting with them.  I woke up and instantly felt that I should be sorry for enjoying the time with them and had planned on seeking out someone to apologize.  Then, I thought, why not look at this from a different perspective?  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to chat with the ladies and share my ideas with them.  Moreover, we had the chance to connect on a different level.  Also, thankful for that!
So, yes, I am thankful today.  Not apologizing~

Saturday, April 28, 2018

FIt April summary

April, also known as the month of fitness, is almost over.  It is referred to this way by my group of friends.  One of my friends created this event as a way to motivate, inspire, what have you herself and friends.  She is embarking on a milestone birthday in May and wanted a little assistance in reaching her goal of looking fantastic in a swimsuit.  Believe me, she looks great and didn't need to create this event to slim down.  I think she wanted others to participate and so the focus became more about fitness than overall health and wellness.
The goal was to decrease alcohol, increase exercise/intensity and in general, pay attention to wellness.  She has friends that are very active on social media and would regularly post progress and goals.   They listed work out times, regimens, and progress.  She has a large group of friends and so there was a lot of information to sort through and applaud.  I sort of took the more passive role of lurker.  Kinda lame and lurker definitely reminds me of something naughty or negative. Neither of which are true in this case.  I didn't post any of my goals, hopes or desires regarding my weight or health for April.
I told her I was participating but I did no weigh in to look back on throughout the month.  In addition, I didn't comment on my progress or lack of.  I noted who was doing what and found myself not checking in as often as the month progressed.  I told her that I would make more of an effort to participate in the second half of the month.  I failed.  And miserably at that.  I didn't increase my working out frequency or decreasing my wine intake.  I can't help it.  I enjoy a glass of wine with meals and I have a lot of friends that I see on a fairly regular basis.  I mean, I met her the other day and my intention was to take five days off.  Yet, instead, I met her for happy hour in our neighborhood on Thursday.  On Tuesday, she wanted to meet for sushi which again, I would have been enjoying wine.  I declined on Tuesday and made dinner at home.
On a positive note, I did cut our dining out as frequently as I normally do.  Instead, I made salad, soup and pasta.  I need to figure out the thermometer on my fridge.  Lately it has been freezing any vegetables near the top shelf.  I have lost two heads of lettuce in this fashion.  It is annoying and wasteful.  I made a delicious garbanzo bean driven soup last night.  Super flavorful.  Of course, I doctored it up with more garlic, Mexican oregano and cumin.  It was a straightforward broth based soup.  I see more of this in my future.  Heathier and I can control how much or how little oil I use.  I did spend three sessions with my trainer this month.  She whipped me in to shape physically and mentally.  She has been on a sharing information journey and I greatly appreciate that.  She is willing to aid me in my quest to start teaching more yoga.  She has suggested auditioning at nearby studios as a way to build a clientele.  She quizzes me about my hopes, dreams and wants and encourages me to start making them happen.  I really appreciate her and her determination to help me be the best me possible.
So maybe I didn't start running like I thought I would.  Or, cut out drinking wine during the week *huge epic fail* which I had hoped to achieve.  Stress lends to that decision and that I am social.  I learn from meeting my friends and brain storm with them.  No regrets there.  Still, sure I would have liked to have been healthier.  I have been practicing a ton of yoga alongside friends and so I am getting a bunch of push ups into my daily regime.   Tomorrow, I am meeting a friend to walk a nearby park.  I want to enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot.
I also recognize that although I didn't commit to a month of healthy living in a present fashion, I am making lifestyle changes.  I am committed to eating cleaner and making diet modifications so that I am able to enjoy wine on a daily basis if I so choose.  That is a smart transition for me and something I can achieve.  I can make modifications--less dressing, less oil, less bacon, to name a few--and still eat what I want. I have cut cheese out of my diet for the most part.  My friend, Jenn, ordered a cheese plate the other night before I arrived at happy hour.  She texted me and commented that of course, she knows I no longer eat cheese and where was her head?  Probably thinking she was hungry and that cheese compliments wine....I don't know.  It is something that I altered due to wanting to change my diet and kick start my metabolism.  I feel healthy and am very thankful for my decision to hire a trainer and recognize that I do need some accountability for my health.  I like the idea of Fit April but I want to practice it, daily.  Not just make a go of it for one month.
There are areas of improvement.  Maybe that will be my goal for May.  Or June?  Keeping it real on a Saturday, lol.  Have a wonderful rest of your day!  Get outside if you have the opportunity.  It is glorious!

Friday, April 27, 2018

changing perspectives and creating more fluidity in teaching

Another day off and opportunity to teach.  I am enjoying pushing my limits and seeing what is possible.  I started the journey of yoga teaching because I wanted a more challenging class.  I found yoga in 2006 while living in Denver and consistently practiced it while living in Phoenix.  My studio of choice, there, offered a heated vinyasa noon class.  I fell in love with the yoga taught there.  Physically challenging with innovative sequences and a killer play list.  Yes, I am a snob to the music factor.  I always perform better when the music is soulful, upbeat and rhythmic.  I find that I love me some rap and r & b while flowing from posture to posture.  Sort of like dancing but with breathing, focusing on holding postures and gaze.  I moved to Santa Fe and the yoga there was more spiritual.  More chanting was involved and expected.  Some of the teachers offered good flows but I struggled to fully invest myself in that community.
After attending numerous subpar classes in my opinion, I convinced myself that I would be able to do a better job.  Create a kick ass sequence that would appeal to people.  It would be physically challenging and hard.  I have attended a few of these classes and it is my jam.  I prefer to not think or anticipate the next moves.  I like to be surprised.  I wanted to replicate and introduce the Arizona way to people in Santa Fe or now Denver.  I could create a niche that is missing here.
I have been teaching for the last month and I am finding that I am wrong.  Most people want mindfulness, adjustments and strengthening.  They are not interested in a mind-bending sequence.  I cannot generalize as I have taught a few students that have a strong background in yoga.  A different sequence for them is appealing and they look forward to it.  They have offered constructive criticism which I appreciate, too.  Loosely, I create the sequence of how I intend to teach each individual experience.  Recently, I have found that my way of busting out sun A's is not for everyone.  It is a humbling experience and I am finding that I am learning more from it than I ever thought I would. I am expanding my teaching capabilities and it is rewarding.  Today, I completely tried to teach a foreign way to me.  I don't think it quite resonated but I see the benefits of attempting a new way to build heat in the body as opposed to crushing sun A's and sun B's.  I prefer beginning a class this way.  Immediately, I feel warm and ready to bend, twist, stretch my body.  Or attempt inversions and bold twists.  I need to be warm before stretching my hips or detoxing my organs.  I cannot just break into one of those postures while cold. It is unsettling and difficult.  There must be a balance that could integrate holding postures in the beginning and utilizing the vinyasa sequence to build heat and make the class flow in a thoughtful, challenging way.
I thought I was teaching Sara Jo today, too.  Had written it in my planner and made space for it in my day.  Considered a class that would focus more on strengthening and stabilizing.  Then she went radio silent.  Instead of waiting around for her to make contact, I attended a yin class.  I thought it would be great research and development for teaching Sara.  The gift of holding postures to release/break through the fascia tissue.  It is definitely not my preference. Holding postures and relying on breath work and gravity to create ease is not my idea of a good time.  My mind starts to wander and freak out.  Especially if the posture is uncomfortable.  I just want it to stop!  Thankfully, today it wasn't terrible and she offered an extended corpse pose.  I returned home and fell in to a deep sleep.  I will take it.
I have been considering doing more yoga teaching and creating space in my life for it.  I am inspired to be more present on my blog, too.  Lately, I have been full of ideas and wanting to bring them to light.  Shine bright and often, lol.  I am heading to Minneapolis next week and think I will take that time to figure out how to put some ideas in to motion.  It is time to do more for me!  And share some of the knowledge I have found on this journey of yoga and life.  I love connecting people and thrive when I have the opportunity to do that.  I wrote a few notes this week to continue that trend and establish roots.  I feel like fully being home in Denver.
I will conclude this for now.  I feel like I am all over the place right now, lol.  Enjoy your evening.  May it be present, lovely and mindful~