Sunday, December 17, 2017

I digress.....

I've been working, a lot.  I think most people are actually.  So it isn't unique to me.  However, what is unique is that my schedule has changed where I now only have one day off at a time instead of two in a row.  I am thankful for work, I am.  I am finding it difficult to take care of me.  On my days off, I sleep, take a nap, manage laundry (hopefully) and sleep some more.
Did I mention wine?  Of course, that is involved to a certain degree.  I should limit my intake as my immune system is already weakened due to my sleep schedule.  I felt the full effect of it last week.  I was working and suddenly my left contact rolled back.  I knew it almost immediately and so I started trying to re-center it.  I knew I was dehydrated which I tried to counter by inhaling water.  At this point, it was ineffective.  My body was unwilling to balance.  For about an hour, I struggled to see and try to right the contact.  When it finally surfaced, I explained to my co-worker that I needed to attend to it and hopefully reapply it without damage.  I felt around for it and found it.  Well, half of it that is.  It tore in my eye.  Probably due to all of my rubbing, scratching, etc...attempting to find it.  I told Michael that I would have maybe 30 minutes before I wouldn't be able to see.  From experience I know that I get a ridiculous headache from only having one contact in.  Thankfully, he understood and let me leave awhile later.
The next day, the other half of my contact surfaced.  I have been sporting glasses since then trying to rehydrate and rest my eyes.  I do not need to further irritate them.  I know if I put in my last pair of contacts I risk losing them in the same manner.  Ironically, I had arranged an annual check up with my optometrist this month.  He is semi-retired and so that has been a challenge.  Originally, I had set up an appointment on a Wednesday.  Two weeks later, they contacted me to ask for an alternate day with an earlier appointment.  I agreed.  Then, they called again to say that it wouldn't work and could I come in at 2 on Wednesday?  I called them to express what I needed and request an even later appointment.  January 12th, I think.  I hope that my one remaining pair of contacts will sustain til then.  Honestly, I have never utilized all of my contacts.  Typically, I have a surplus since I over wear them, extending their use, I suppose.  However, as my vision continues to change, I have held off seeing the optometrist hoping that I won't get a prescription that will be obsolete once I need readers.  Yes they are coming.  In the words of my eye doctor, once you turn, blank, you will need readers. Like it is something to look forward to.  Or embrace.  Gross!
So, there is that.  All do to the fact that I overindulged in wine and didn't get enough sleep.  That is the root of the issue.  I canceled my session with Courtney this week after I broke my contact.  I thought I could rally but that was is.  I pay her to train me.  Why pay her when I have no energy?  That was what it came down to for me.  I could go to a restorative yoga class, too, and still benefit from the physical movement.  And, I taught a client yesterday and focused more on core work than I normally do.  I am power based and prefer a ton of pushups to create heat in the body.  I like a physical practice.  Still, sometimes, it is better to listen.  To not push or overextend.  I am thankful that I can recognize that and adapt to what is good for me.
Today, I am attempting a greeting to the winter solstice.  108 sun salutations in a two and half hour period.  Seems excessive.  I know it can be done in an hour and a half or even two hours.  I will see how it is to be led.  For the summer solstice, I jammed out to music and attempted them on my own.  An hour and a half with all jump forwards and jump backs.  I felt so bad ass!  We will see.
This next week is busy!  Dental appointment.  Seeing my aestitician.  Trip to Vegas.  Teaching yoga and working to round it out.  Should be epic and an adventure.  Til then, cheers!

more of my trips to consider

I want to expand more on my trip to Santa Fe.  Multiple trips actually.  I always find my way there during the year.  I am already planning on venture down in January.  I think I can make it work.  Especially if the weather holds.
What isn't to like?  Food.  Silver coin margaritas.  Friends.  Oh, and Ojo Caliente--primarily the reason I go down there.  I love spending a few hours soaking there.  Afterwards, I am rejuvenated, refreshed and at peace.  Moreover they continue to improve Ojo with the addition of more soaking pools.  I love the lithium pool.  It is gorgeous, spacious and updated.  I love it!
My first trip was in March with my friend, Maghan.  I asked him to accompany me to get a few days our of Denver since I thought it would be beneficial for both of us. Time of year inspired it.  He had went with me the prior year to fetch my new Volvo and meet some of my friends.  I know that he enjoyed the food factor but we struggled staying ahead of the snow.  Multiple snow storms hit us on the way down and the return to Denver in 2016.  As such, we were unable to go to Ojo Caliente on that visit and so I offered to take him back down to Santa Fe so we could go to Ojo.  It was glorious for both of us.  We managed to walk around the historic plaza, check out some of the jewelers and find green chile at some local spots.  A successful trip.  I turned him onto my favorite breakfast burrito place in addition to spoiling him with all of the green chile.
I returned in June on a solo trip. I needed a trip to myself to reevaluate life and what I wanted from it.  I spent a few days with Melody, Lawrence and Libby.  Again, back to Ojo Caliente.  Lovely and refreshing.  I told myself that I wanted to visit to find new jewelry.  Especially after my malachite pendant broke from my bracelet.  I figured that alone inspired a trip to the city.  However, two days was insufficient time to find my guy and have the bracelet fixed, returned to me and head back to Denver.  I still wanted to visit and figured I would return at a later date to find my jeweler.  Another visit couldn't hurt, right?
I managed another trip mid August.  I was scheduled a few days off in a row and texted Melody to see if she would be able to meet up for a day to Ojo.  She would be able to.  I texted my other childhood friend, Jennifer, to see if she would be around.  She lives in ABQ and we try to meet up, annually.  I saw her in July in Kansas at a classmate's memorial.  She is like minded in travel and tasting life.  Of course, I would have loved to see her at Ojo.  It just didn't work out this year.  I made arrangements to attend a Barre class at Temple and Tribe and made lunch or dinner dates with Libby, Shana, Melody and Lawrence.  My dance card was full.
Each trip to the city brought about new dining experiences and some sort of exercise--barre, yoga or TRX driven class.  It enriched my personal practice which was in tandem with my sessions with Courtney.  Each time I ventured down there, I incorporated some sort of fitness activity to offset the eating and imbibing of silver coins.  Yes, there were many of those, too!
The airbnb's were an interesting mix of residences across the city.  Each was clean and the host was gracious.  One was on the south side which was like a whole different experience.  I told the girl I was dining at a spot and she had never heard of it.  I left, thinking, why do you live in Santa Fe?  Are you from here?  What does it elicit from you?  And, where do you dine on the south end?  I know of a few franchise places but nothing that stands out for me specifically.  Her home was clean and they told me I could eat eggs which was kind.  The majority of the spots were on the east side and one was near Canyon Road.  Probably my favorite as it was a zen getaway and I had limited access to the internet.  I would have to walk a half mile before I had service which was nice all things considered. I wish that spot had had more amenities--cutlery and such.  They did offer bath salts, candles and a very serene space.
There were two others that stood out.  One near Baca with ample parking and the other near a middle school off Zia.  Both had great parking and kind owners.  Cute additional touches that made the space very welcoming and comfortable.  I completely zoned out in the one near Baca.  I loved the book selection and dove into the books.
I had hoped to return one more time this year.  It didn't work out.  I redirected my attention to Las Vegas and a trip that I will be taking this upcoming week with another friend, Jenn.  I will reflect more on 2017.  The majority of it was positive and illustrated to me that I am wanting to teach more yoga.  I am very  much enjoying it!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

more of yesterday

It was a stunning day yesterday.  Gorgeous weather.  It inspired me to walk to work wearing shorts in December.  When I was a bit younger, I would wear shorts year round.  I figured I worked indoors and would go from my heated car to a heated restaurant that tended to be hot.  I was fine running around the restaurant in shorts.
I updated my blog in the morning and headed to a yoga class.  I like seeing what is out there and so, sometimes, I go to other studios and experience a class.  There is a donation based studio that I have frequented in the past.  They have multiple locations around the metro area which is nice and I can walk to the Capital Hill location.  It said it was a level 2 class and so I was expecting a fast moving sequence with some inversions.  I arrived about thirteen minutes early and chose my spot.  At this point, there was still ample space around the room.  I was setting up my mat when this woman creeped along the wall towards me and my mat.  I actually thought she was going to step on my mat which is cringe worthy in my book.  I do not like when people step on my space or invade it in any way shape or form.  She managed to not walk on my mat but she weirded me out.  I should have moved my mat, elsewhere, since there was space and time to do just that.  Instead I remained in the space I had created.
The woman unrolled her mat and set up shop next to me.  The class continued to fill up and it was a full room.  The instructor began speaking and I knew that it would be a more intention setting class.  It would not be quick moving or intense.  And, I was right.  The music was terrible, too.  We started in child's pose and then erupted to cat/cow and an odd calf stretch.  I might borrow that actually.  It helped to apply pressure to my calves and relieve some of the tension of the plantar fasciitis I have been battling the last few months.  Continuing on we did a toe stretch.  This took about 18 minutes.  For me, I prefer to be building heat by doing sun A and sun B's and almost to sun C twenty minutes in to a class.  She was a mindful teacher but I could tell her practice was more book based than actually doing yoga, experiencing it for herself.  The class was mislabeled and I will not make that mistake again of attending her class. I was bored and uninspired.
Back to the lady next to me...while in one of the sequences, I looked over and saw her butt crack.  I was so grossed out that she wasn't wearing panties.  I was surprised to.  Clearly she had rolled out of bed and skulked into this class to clear her energy.  I wanted no part of it, lol.
I do love the weather.  It's amazing.  I am off to work and maybe a yoga class tonight.  I can go to the other donation based studio and attend a class that I know is higher intensity.  The instructor is a friend and someone that I attend classes from often at my home studio.  Or, I could take a day for me and rest.  I think I need that!
There is more reflection of travel and food.  I merely mentioned Chicago and Santa Fe but didn't expand on the experiences.  Or Los Angeles.  Also a lovely foodie inspired trip.  I am so thankful for this year.  Spreading light and positivity and kindness.....

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Year in review....a beginning

Year in's been an interesting year for me.  For many, I would presume.  The onslaught of negativity, fear, blatant negative emotions,'s a little overwhelming.  I prefer focusing on the positive and light.
Thankfully, I made travel a priority.  In January, I explored Colombia with my friend, Cody.  I met Cody during my brief stint at Whole Foods in Phoenix.  She is like-minded.  Loves to travel, do yoga and taste life.  I had never traveled with her before and so I was a little hesitant which was unfounded.  She was a great travel partner.  Open to seeing where the road would lead.  We had a few accommodations arranged and figured out the rest.  Initially, I was not impressed by Bogota and was looking forward to exploring Cartagena and Medellin.  Of the three cities, I had the best time in Medellin and would love to return to explore more of it.  It was incredible.  Great vibe, food and people.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was.  Initially, I was a little scared.  The whole Pablo Escobar thing.  And, I was entranced by Narcos and of course, you hear so many things associated with the cartels and drugs.  Fear, again, trying to limit experiences.  I loved Medellin.
Cartagena was disappointing mostly due to an experience with an airbnb owner.  This man was unbelievable and soured that portion of the trip.  I'm sure that Cartagena is charming.  I only did not experience that.   We did swim in the ocean and explore the old city which was great.  I loved all of the arepas, too.  Street food was predominant and delicious.  We also saw some incredible street dancers perform for two consecutive nights.  That was amazing.  So there was some positive about Cartagena.
We returned to Bogota we did the graffiti tour which was excellent.  I would recommend it to anyone traveling to that city.  It's free, informative and visually stunning.  I loved the political murals.
Also in Bogota, we met up with some friends of my friend, Sharleen.  She connected us on social media and I was able to meet up with two of her friends that had never met.  They both were helpful and kind.  We shared a tour of the city through their eyes and had lunch.  It changed my perspective of Bogota, for sure.  It was more than just the Capitol city of Colombia.  I could reflect more on Colombia but feel I should point out other first cities for me this year.
Palm Springs and Yucca.  I find that I do love the desert.  I suppose I have always known it.  I have gravitated, geographically, to the southwest the majority of my life.  Twice in Phoenix, once in Santa Fe and again in Denver.  Yes, I do like the desert lifestyle.
I had never been to Palm Springs and jumped on the opportunity to visit Sara Jo's brother.  It was family oriented and fun.  We explored Joshua Tree--gorgeous and the Integretron.  I love adding spirituality into the mix of a trip.  It did not disappoint.  Who wouldn't enjoy a sound healing bath?  I completely zoned out and meditated.
Outside of those two trips, I returned to Santa Fe multiple times, Kansas for family and a wedding, Los Angeles for the Brian trip, and Chicago for a foodie driven venture.  It has been a grand year of food and friendship.  And taking care of me.  I chose to get a personal trainer which has been one of the best decisions I have made.  She keeps me accountable for my health and fitness choices.  I have cut out cheese from my diet.  SHOCK.  AWE.
Well, mostly.  This also includes breakfast burritos.  I know. It's insanity.  In my defense, I love drinking wine.  I will not cut that out of my diet.  So in an attempt to trim down, I have modified aspects of what I eat.  I now live on tuna and almonds.  Oh, and protein bars.  I still eat chips and salsa and guacamole. I am exaggerating a little.  I absolutely do not only live on tuna and almonds.  I just find that that is now my snack of choice as opposed to inhaling chips like I used to.  I have limited cheese.  Mostly because of how it now affects me.  I might as well be in close proximity to a porta potty if I eat the dip duo at one of my favorite spots.  That or a breakfast burrito.  I miss them but it destroys my system.  I used to think that anyone spouting off about how dairy affects your body was nuts.  Now, I feel a little differently.  I still eat it, but in small amounts and infrequently.  I think on my next trip to Santa Fe, I will try a breakfast burrito without cheese.  See how that works.
I meet with Courtney three times a month on average.  I have seen how I am benefitting from our sessions.  I can now do pushups with ease.  I will comfortable walking around the equipment and not just heading straight to the treadmill since I know how to operate that machine.  I am strengthening, overall, and I feel great.  Another added bonus of having a trainer.  The feeling great part.  I never thought I would enjoy this as much as I am.  Or that I could modify my nutrition and see immediate results.  And, I am still drinking wine, haha.
My intention is to teach more yoga which I am finally doing.  I believe that next year will present a passport stamp and a yoga retreat to continue my practice of being a student.  I like to see what is out there and continue my own journey.  I met a couple recently where I think more yoga will be in my life.  And an opportunity to inspire others.
Focusing on the positive and light.   Spreading kindness instead of fear.  We all can be more kind.  Looking forward to 2018 and the opportunities that will be presented.  I will reflect more on my year.  I am off to yoga.  I could use some inspiration.

Friday, September 8, 2017

some travel dreams and other ways I spend my days

I guess I have been on another break.
Not a great excuse and I have been a little uninspired.  Unwilling to share my current follies or travels.  I managed another trip to Santa Fe and a week later, I flew to Spokane.  Talk about whirlwind and work.  I went from seven straight days to a four day break in Santa Fe which was awesome--Ojo Caliente, dinner with Lawrence and his wife, some shopping and of course, seeing Melody.  I rested at the airbnb and contemplated life.  No service there so little interaction on social media.  It was glorious.  I returned to work six days.  Lot of hours and really exhausted.  Caught a flight to Spokane to assist at a drag race.  Check that off my bucket list!
Next month, I am heading to Puerto Rico to attend a wedding and then will road trip it to Kansas for my sister's wedding.  So there is upcoming travel.
I keep dreaming of Greece.  I think of buying my tickets to Athens in 2001 and how that trip derailed after 9/11.  I was able to get a refund after initially delaying my trip.  I believed that I would be beginning an adventure in Greece and traveling for six months before starting real life.  I suppose that begs the question--have I ever really grown up?  Or done the traditional thing?
My intention was to go to Greece in 2002.  Instead, I found myself adjusting to life in Denver and creating my life here.  Greece seemed like somewhere I would go at another time.  Maybe 2003.  or 2004.  And, now I am at 2017 with no stamp that says Greece.  I that it will be rectified in 2018.  I have finally made an appointment with a dentist.  Probably one of my most dreaded tasks.  I take care of myself--pedicures, massage, yoga.  I visit the eye doctor to keep my vision healthy and I have been to the lady doctor more frequently than the dreaded dentist.  I have been thinking about it all year and finally decided to be an adult about it.  Two of my friends go to the same dentist and I think that was the sign for me.  I need to suck it up and find out what needs to be done.  I blame it on genetics from my father's side.  I know that I grind my teeth, have hurt my enamel and have fillings that need to be handled.  Oh the joys of dental health.  Of my dental health.
I am meeting my trainer in thirty minutes.  Courtney is awesome and I look forward to my sessions with her.  I feel that I am getting stronger and want to increase this trend.  I do have slip ups.  I would like to think that I am not the only one who has or does.  Last week, Courtney game me homework--portion size and decrease my intake of wine.  Yesterday, I went to lunch with Tiffany and had a major cheat day.  Wine at lunch and the dip duo.  I love this appetizer and have not eaten it since I started training.  I was with Tiffany and since she is moving to Puerto Rico in a month chose to go with the flow of lunch.  I walked to and from lunch and went to a yoga sculpt class was my justification for the decadent lunch.  After the sculpt class, I thought about having wine with dinner.  I went back and forth with it and finally decided to walk to the corner store.  I chose to leave my phone charging in my apartment since the bottle shop is two blocks from my apartment.  I shut my door and began to lock the dead bolt.  I watched as my key bent in the luck and broke off. CRAP!!!
I knocked on my landlady's door.  She wasn't home.
I went to make a call and then remembered that I had intentionally left my phone in my bedroom.  Crap!  I walked down to the maintenance guy's apartment.  Classically in the basement.  Think boiler room.  I could hear him and his brother talking but they didn't answer the door.  I was impatient trying to figure out what to do.  No phone, key broke in lock.  No landlord.  Where could I go if I couldn't effectively break into my apartment?  Sara is overworked.  Jenn seemed overwhelmed with the weekend plans (from our texts earlier that was implied) and my other typical go-to that saves me is not an option currently but that is another story.
I went to their other door and knocked furiously.  Thankfully, he heard me this time and I explained my quandary.  I told him that the key had broke in the lock.  He considered taking the dead bolt off if necessary.  I returned to my apartment door and waited.  I noted that the key was sticking out.  The guy arrived and I showed him the piece of key that I had found.  He had pliers and pulled the key out.  Relief!  Then he had a spare key for the dead bolt and unlocked my door.
I laughed then.  This is one of the this could only happen to me moments that I find myself in.  Sometimes frequently.  It all worked out and I did manage to buy some wine to accompany my dinner.  I abstained from further imploding my day by not getting take out.  I had a craving for spaghetti and meatballs.  I really thought about the place a few blocks from my house that has massive meatballs.  That would have wrecked my weigh in for sure today.  Not saying that it won't be in my future today.
The only other noteworthy item of my day was purchasing clothes from a consignment store.  I have realized in the last 6-8 years how much I do enjoy shopping.  Being a Libra it is one of the highlighted qualities that I have always felt did not apply to me.  I hate shopping or so I thought.  Nah, I love buying new clothes.  At any rate, I went to a cute consignment store in Cherry Creek.  I wanted to buy yoga pants or a dress for Tiffany's wedding.  Instead, I found a black dress that I probably don't need but I wanted!  I was checking out and the cashier asked me if I was a teacher.  And I replied, no.
Then, she asked me if I was over  I almost leaped across the counter.  In my mind, I think I did.  I calmly replied no.
Her next inquiry was if I was a student.  No.
At which point, she said, well I was only trying to get you a discount.
Sure, I get that.  The asking me if I was 55 was ridiculous.  I almost said, actually, I'm 60 and just look good for my age.  I'm still irritated with that woman.  Lol.
I am off to spend the rest of my day either reading or outside.  It is glorious!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

memorial celebration

After lunch and pedicures with Jasmin, we headed over to the memorial for one of my former classmates and friends.  I knew some of the people that would be attending and wanted to see them.  I also had fond memories of Brian. 
We went to middle and high school together.  We shared latin and one year of being band nerds.  I moved on after our trip to Orlando and focused on school, work and finding a way out of Salina.  He continued with band and a different path than mine.  We both ended up in Lawrence for college.  He was one of my best friend's roommates in an off campus apartment.  Like me, we wanted to live off campus instead of in a dorm or sorority.  After that first year, we drifted apart.  I was always consumed by work and creating my departure from Kansas.  He had friends, other interests and ultimately, a different path.  We lost touch and eventually found our commonality on social media.  I could stalk his photos and see what he was interested in in a very public way.  Returning for his memorial it was nice to look through his childhood photos.  I am a sucker for family photos.  So much innocence and camaraderie.  Of course, there were senior photos and photos of his life.  I arrived later than anticipated and interrupted part of the speeches.  It was nice to listen but I wasn't interested in contributing to the stories in a public forum.  That is not really my thing.  I remember when my Brian died and letting his friend/boss speak.  Marc was charismatic and had the best stories of Brian.  He was compassionate and illustrated some of Brian's essence.  Afterwards, they opened it up to anyone else that wanted to say something.  Quickly, it declined into weirdness and randomness.  This one lady spoke of how kind Brian was for always returning her lighter. It seemed odd and pointless and we cut people off and concluded the speaking portion.  I didn't speak that day.  I don't think I would have done it any differently either.
After people were finished speaking, we broke up into small groups, naturally, and caught up.  That was interesting.  One guy immediately approached me and wanted to know what I had been doing for the past 10 years.  I responded that I bartend.  He goes--really?  You were the smartest person in our class, I thought you would be doing something else.
I didn't really know how to respond.  When I was younger, I thought I would be a lawyer.  I have a great life and it is unconventional.  It's not traditional or what is considered success in some people's minds. Initially, I was pissed that I would be judged in such a manner.  But, then I forgave him as he has not changed.  He has always had turrets.  Speaking first thinking later.  I have a few other examples from last Saturday that would support this belief. 
Another guy I ran into I have known since kindergarten.  It was great to see him and see where life has taken him.  He was a quiet introverted guy all through school.  He has blossomed into a rambunctious lover of life.  He is a pilot and travels the world.  It was wonderful talking to him.  I wish I had had more time to catch up with him. 
I am glad that I made the effort to return to Kansas.  Next time might be longer or for happier circumstances. I know that I will see Jennifer in the next few months.  She is one of my childhood friends that I do see on a fairly regular basis.  I am grateful for that.
I am off to dog sit, attend a barre class and greet the day!  Until next time---cheers!

Friday, July 14, 2017

midwest trip

Vacation to the Midwest was successful.  Of course, it was not long enough.  I would have preferred another day to spend time with my niece, Emma or more time with my high school friends.  I woke up on Thursday and headed east to Omaha.  I have made driven this road, before, but I am not nearly as familiar with it as driving thru Kansas.  I called my dad to let him know that I would be arriving in a few hours and that, yes, I had directions to his house compliments of gps.  Ironically, I realized that I had put in Omaha as my location instead of his actual address.  I texted him to ask him for the address about twenty minutes from Lincoln.  I veered off to put gas in my car and potty and ended up in a 25 minute departure from my arrival plan.  Next time, I know, to stop at main exits and not head into small towns that I am unfamiliar with, lol. 
My dad's house is comfortable with a large backyard.  I enjoyed spending time with him and his wife.  They are well suited--similar outlooks on life and personality.  We drank a few beers before meeting her daughter for dinner.  They chose a cute Italian place nearby.  It was nice and the best part of the restaurant were the half price bottles of wine deal offered on Thursdays.  Of course, they let me choose the wine!  I loved that part.  We took dessert with us and had bailey's and coffee at home.  All, in all, it was a quick lovely visit.  I woke up, early, on Friday and headed south to Lawrence.  I had two options to arrive in a timely fashion.  I could take the interstate through K.C. or a highway to Topeka.  My dad and Joyce both preferred the two lane highway.  They claimed it was a straight shot and good road.  Getting out of Omaha was a little challenging since I didn't have service at my dad's house.  I didn't want to return to ask him how to get to the interstate so I drove around til I managed to find a gas station.  I thought I would go old school.  Armed with a map, I was prepared to ask an attendant the best way to 1-80.  Thankfully, my service returned and I was able to be guided to the highway.  There was some construction which was annoying.  I followed 1-75 south and missed a turn, somehow.  I found myself entering Iowa, lol.  Thankfully, I knew that was incorrect and found my mistake quickly. 
The road was fine for the most part.  There was more traffic than I imagined and of course, people that were unwilling to follow the rules of the road.  If you are not going the speed limit, do not drive in the left lane.  Moreover, when you are gifted a truck lane *which opens up the road to two lanes and enables passing* please either get over if you have no intention of passing or drive with the flow of traffic.  Do not continue to drive slow and follow the car in front of you.  It was frustrating to only be able to pass in the right zone and drive behind people that are unfit to drive.  I managed to make it to Lawrence with a few minutes to spare.  I had a lunch date with a friend from college.  Julie had not changed at all.  I last saw her in 2009 on another visit to Lawrence.  She now has two girls and we caught up on our families.  I knew all of her brothers and she knows my sisters.  We all attended her wedding in Lawrence.  Always fun to see her and catch up!  And dining at Free State is always a treat.  I saw three people that I used to work with back when I was in college. 
Afterwards, I drove to Manhattan.  Quick drive and I made it to Jasmin's house fairly easily.  I was surprised that her daughter was not there.  I had hoped to spend the weekend with my niece.  I had hoped that Jasmin would be able to convince her ex that Emma should spend the weekend with us.  It was nice to see Mason, my nephew, and also spend a little extra time with Jasmin. We got pedicures and had lunch at a Mexican place in Manhattan.  I wanted to try a new restaurant in the Little Apple and the only qualification was I wanted wine.  Jasmin mentioned a Mexican restaurant a few times and so I knew she was interested in chips and salsa. 
I forgot to mention my yoga class and the farmer's market I found on Saturday morning.  I have been to the yoga studio on a prior visit and so I knew where it was and that it was a clean and welcoming space.  Upon arrival, I checked in to my class and greeted who I thought was the instructor.  This girl was fiddling with the music and so I approached her about props.  She directed me to a very pregnant girl who would be leading the class.  Initially, I was anxious that the class would suck (honestly) and then was pleasantly surprised when it was decent. Better than decent.  Better than the majority of classes I have attended in Denver.  It was challenging, mindful and had great music.  I was happy.
I had driven by a farmer's market on the way to yoga and so I stopped before returning to Jasmin's house.  I wanted to scope the produce and find coffee and maybe a breakfast burrito.  That is one reason I enjoy perusing farmer's markets.  This one was full of produce, some goods, but no coffee.  I was surprised that there wasn't a pop up coffee stand.  They did have beignets, though.  I purchased some for Chris.  I also found beets, tomatoes and sweet corn.  I thought the corn would be a nice addition for our bbq that night.  It was.
I will conclude this for now.  I have a training session to mentally prepare for.  Ahh...Fridays!