Friday, September 16, 2016

random walking stories

The other day, I chose to walk to work.  Being a beautiful day it seemed fitting to enjoy some sunshine and tunes.  I began my two and a half mile walk by walking up 14th street.  Heading west, I was aware of the traffic driving east.  I have driven on this road, many times, and know that people tend to not look for pedestrians or cyclists.  People drive fast on this road as there are fewer stop lights and three lanes available for traffic.  I prefer this thoroughfare as opposed to Colfax.  Even driving.  But mostly walking.  14th is cleaner and there are fewer people. 
So, I am walking west on 14th about to turn north when I start to walk across a cross walk.  A mini van was blocking my path and it was apparent he was not aware of my presence.  I choose to walk behind the car since he was midway through the cross walk which would have forced me onto the roadway of 14th.  There was a girl across the street also attempting to cross, heading east.  The minivan driver saw her and started to back up.  Meaning he backed up into me.  I was shocked and so I yelled at him. 
His response was that there was a girl crossing the street and he didn't want to hit her.  Keep in mind, she is 30 feet away from him and he would have to cross three lanes of traffic to hit her.  Instead he backs up.  A car could have been behind him for all he knew.  I was furious and he continued with that he had to make a choice and he chose to back up.  WTF?  I would have loved to have heard him explain that to his insurance agent or the paramedics had he hit me.  I moved out of the way since I am not interested in an altercation with a vehicle.  All I wanted was this guy to apologize for being a complete jackass.  He didn't understand that.  He called me a stupid ass and continued to believe that I was wrong as a pedestrian trying to cross a crosswalk.
I continued to work, furious.  Walking faster even.  I saw that other people had observed the altercation and would back me up on it if needed.  Yet, I felt reporting it would do nothing.  Outside of delay my arrival to work. 
I arrive at work and attempt to contain my feelings.  I am still angry about the situation.  How unwilling this guy was to cop to his part in the altercation.  His audacity in suggesting that he had to make a choice.  (the most insane response I have ever heard.  How about look around you before proceeding to an action?) I am new to this job and so many of my co-workers do not know me or how I am.  As well as their friends/regulars.  I chatted up this lady and we were bonding over our mutual love of NOLA, travel and so I went into my day and how I had walked to work and almost been hit.  This girl goes, "On Williams St?  I saw you!"  She proceeded to tell me that she was concerned that the driver would pull out a gun which had also crossed my mind.  Thankfully, not the case.
Small world getting smaller.  Of course, Emily had seen me get in the altercation with the driver.
Today, I am taking an uber.  Seems safer well and allowed me the time to blog, iron my clothes and drink some coffee.  Off to greet the day!

Monday, August 29, 2016

best moment of my life using only 4 words

I want to contemplate this.  What is the best moment of my life, so far?  I think there are too many to count.  I don't know.  This has stayed with me since I saw it on social media.  I read some of the comments and saw that most people attributed it to the birth of a child.  For me, this isn't applicable.  Definitely it would be food, travel or wine inspired. 
Or perhaps when I realized where home was.  I was sitting in a yoga studio attending a class on visualization.  The instructor talked us through a meditation. He was not the most gifted speaker and I struggled to completely lose myself in the experience.  I remember that vividly.  However, looking back, I experienced that moment of tranquility when I realized that I was the most happy in Denver.  I had drawn my visualization with a table.  On the table was a cake, candles, wine (obviously) and being surrounded by friends.  We were on top of a mountain and the sun was shining bright.  I remember thinking...that is Denver.  Denver is home. 
I took the steps to return home.  It hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows.  But, I have been diligent and determined to create a life here.  It is coming together and I am happy.  Ecstatic.
Another truly inspiring moment in my life--meeting Brian.  Working For Catering Company.  Four words.  Perfect.  And led me to meeting my soul mate.  A partner.  Love.  Yes, that would be the truer moment.  Meeting Brian from randomly working for a catering company.  That company is no longer in existence but created lifetime friendships.  My chiropractor, for example, is a direct result from that company.  Where I dined last night and experienced an amazing meal is a result of working at the catering company.  Brian, though, was the best part of my life.  He brought this part of me out that I had not yet experienced.  The desire to better myself.  To travel, experience life, love.  Yes, working there began that thread which has led me to now.  Returning home and creating a life.
I left to forget some of that grief. It overwhelmed me for awhile.  I am great at distracting myself from things I don't want to confront.  Instead of dealing with it, I run.  Be it travel, work, helping others....I find a way to avoid whatever the loss or grief is. 
Another moment--drinking wine from 1976.  A French burgundy.  I was in Las Vegas celebrating a friends wedding when I went to dinner with friends.  A close friend chose this bottle to celebrate me.  It was his way of celebrating our friendship and in front of other people. The meal that followed was incredible too.  I will forever love Michael mina and his expertise from that meal.
I could go on and on.  I have a lot of moments that have inspired me to stay the course or alter my livelihood.  I guess that is what I will continue to contemplate. 
Today I will be productive and maybe even create another best moment of my life.....


In my natural state.  Wine in hand at a comfortable place.  Somewhere I am secure in dining solo, meeting people and sports.  I love it!
I worked yesterday and managed to depart much earlier than anticipated.  I was a little undecided about how I should spend the evening.  I could pick up some bubbly and take out.  There is a spot that has a delicious Caesar salad and a side of meatballs that I have been enjoying the last few months.  Or, I could make dinner in my house.  I would need to pick up some greens and other vegetables but it was manageable. 
I continued to contemplate and then texted a chef friend of mine to see if he was working.  I love his spot and it has always been a safe haven.  He responded that he was not there but that I could stop by and meet him for wine.  That could be fun and I could bring him bubbly and celebrate my day with him.  Brian and I had our first date on August 28th.  We went to a Rockies game and downtown.  I celebrate my life with him.  In the past I have traveled to honor him and find incredible food.  Food was always an aspect of our relationship.  It just seemed fitting that I would dine out last night.
Thankfully the bartender is an acquaintance of mine and there was ample seating.  I walked in and chit chatted with the other customer until I chose mussels with chorizo and a Caesar salad.  Perfection. Ideal way to spend the anniversary.  It would have been fourteen years.
Tonight I am meeting another friend for Vietnamese food.  Upscale.  I have a love for Pho, banh mi and a whole slew of food from that region of the world.  Cannot wait to enjoy some dumplings.  First, though, I will attend Barre, see my chiro, receive a massage and thoroughly enjoy my day.
Cheers to the week!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Phoenix and the highlights

Three days in Phoenix.  Went by extremely fast.  Saw a bunch of people, taught yoga and went shopping.  I love the shopping in Phoenix.  I found my birthday dress--I think and a dress for Brie's wedding.  I had no idea that the consignment shop was offering 70% off until I went to the register to check out.  Imagine my surprise.  I was gleeful!  Beautiful coral dress for $6.  If only I had had more time to really shop there.
I managed to pick up work slacks, a blouse, another dress and four tops.  I scoped out a few shops around the Valley and felt great about what I picked up.  One of the shops has multiple locations.  Conveniently located near my favorite nail place (I always get a pedicure while in town.  The ladies remember me from bringing other friends and guests when I lived there.  I received an amazing pedicure.)  At any rate, I walked into the consignment shop and saw that the sales lady was talking with another client.  I perused the offerings.  Found a top that I was considering when another woman walks into the shop.  Immediately she is greeted unlike me.  I continue looking at dresses and listen to the conversation that ensues. The sales lady was excited to see this particular person since she could mention that her brother was now doing apps and wanted to know if this lady would be interested in using his services.  She actually started quoting prices for services at which point I chose to leave.  I didn't want to spend money in this place.  I was shocked at the lack of service and/or courtesy. 
I tell Jan and she tells me I should go to their other location and see what is available and mention it to them.  On Wednesday I attended a phenomenal flow and felt inspired.  I love the yoga community in Arizona and miss it. I miss attending classes where I know I can fully zone out and have my mind bent.  I cleaned up after the heated class and made my way to a different location of the consignment shop.  I didn't see anything that suited me and so I returned to central Phoenix to look at options there.  I tell Jan that I had visited their sister location but didn't bring up the previous day since I didn't buy anything.  Her suggestion was to return to the original store and shop if the sales associate was not there.  She wasn't.  Nor was the dress or the shirt that I had wanted to purchase. 
I shop and find a dress and work slacks that will be perfect for my new job.  I check out and mention to the sales associate that I had had a much better experience in their store and wanted to thank her for it.  She looks at me and I tell her what had happened the previous day.  How I had never been greeted.  How I watched the sales lady solicit business for her brother and how I was not impressed and walked out of the store without purchasing anything.
Her response....I am sorry.
She could have cared less.  I found myself understanding why people yelp crappy experiences.  It would have been much easier to get empathy on line than from this woman.  I wanted her to know that that was how people were made to feel while shopping and that perhaps her sales associate should not be soliciting business while at work.
Outside of the glitch there I had a fantastic shopping venture as noted. I saw friends and checked out new spots.  I really had a nice time. And another reminder that I love cultivating friendships and connecting people.  I took a break from it when I first returned to Denver.  Not anymore.
I taught yoga to my friend, Cody.  I met her while working at whole foods.  She was on my team and we bonded over our desire to travel, celebrate life and hike.  We have attended multiple yoga classes together and she knows that I am certified.  So we agreed to flow together at her house.  I was nervous as it is always challenging to teach friends.  The language and do I b.s. during the session or keep it professional?
It went well and then she gifted me 8 bags of coffee.  The coffee was considered old by whole foods and so she offered it to me.  When entering the airport, I was concerned that I would be stopped for the coffee.  I didn't feel that it was a security risk but somehow knew that I would be stopped.  I was.  The agent sorted through my things and I asked why I am being stopped.  His response--you say you packed your bag and yet don't know if it is the coffee or not.  It isn't opened so we will check it and then you can be on your way.
I wasn't impressed by his condescending attitude.  Or that he opened my purse to look at my jingle change.  He pulled my credit cards out, my cash and felt through the quarters.  I don't know why this is a threat to security but had been stopped in Seoul due to the change factor as well.
I made it through and bellied up to the only bar in terminal B.  Dire vibe, energy and so different to the bustle of the rest of the airport in Phoenix.  I survived.
Now back in Denver I am prepping for the beginning of my work week.  Also, planning my trip to NOLA.  It is a month out.  Time to organize!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

upcoming trips and musings

Where to go next?  Is a yoga retreat in my future?  Beach trip?  Europe?  Or somewhere domestic?  I have trips planned through September and know of two to kick start 2017 but the remaining three months of 2016, I am open.  Wide open to what?  I don't know.  More yoga training.  A wine inspired trip or travel abroad. 
I see Spain, Italy, Montreal.  Many of the upcoming yoga retreats are hosted in Italy, Bali or the Caribbean.  I have been to Italy and so I hesitate to sign on to one of those.  If I went to Spain, I could potentially visit a friend of mine from college.  He and his wife live in Portugal through the end of the year.  After that, they are considering a return to the States.  Maybe the Midwest or Boston. 
There is a growing wine region in Uruguay.  I could so go there to explore that or some of the history of that country.  Panama and Columbia both intrigue me.  Or if I wait til April, I can join my friends yoga retreat to Nepal.  But, do I want to wait?  I am a little distracted and overwhelmed by all of the possibility.  I keep seeing reminders of living in the moment and creating memories.  That is 100% what I would like to be doing. 
I suppose I should think more on it before committing to a definite course of action.  Spain does sound lovely.  Or Greece.  I wonder what is the best place to travel in November or December.  I would love to go to my friend's wedding in December.  However, it doesn't seem like the best time for me or the occasion.  I would love to visit my friend when I can hang out with her.  I don't know.  I am still on the fence with it.  I have been to the Bahamas, twice.  If and when I achieve another passport stamp, I would like a new one.  I don't know that I want to return somewhere I have been before.
There are yoga and surf retreats that seem interesting.  I have been teaching friends yoga the past few weeks and recognize that I want to continue my own training.  Keep it fresh and interesting.  I don't want to rely on what I know.  I want to continue to teach and be relevant in that.  I look into my numerology or what I should be doing in my life.  Always see teaching, healing....I am trying to incorporate that into my livelihood.  Maybe take the time to spread a little experience in my current situation.  I did that last night.  Instead of getting worked up by how things normally go, I took action to ensure that people were aware of their tasks and that they needed to start doing them.  I mentioned being efficient and planning on being done in a timely manner.  Seemed like it worked and that everyone was on board.  I found myself on a departing train that was perfect.  I ended up sitting by my co-worker's wife and learning that she and I had a lot of people in common.  She used to work in the metro area and we had a lot of the same friends from the service industry.  She indicated that her husband did not have the same experience as he had only worked at the airport.  I think of all of the people I have met in my career from being in Denver to Phoenix and Santa Fe.  Some of my closest friends I met from working in this industry.   I am thankful for that and cannot imagine what it would have been like to only experience that perspective.  There are regulars that I still am in contact with.  The airport has some repeat clients that I have found but few and far between.  Or that I have seen.  I rarely hang out with my co-workers unlike another job that I have had.  Spending $7 for a beer is not something that I enjoy doing and sporting the uniform.  I have spent some time with a few of my co-workers but it always seems rushed.  Maybe it will open up later.
I am still considering where I want to go.  I am not worried about the how.  I feel that I will be heading abroad soon.  I only need to figure out the where.
Until later, I am off to flow, then brunch, then work.....

Saturday, August 13, 2016

saturday plans and upcoming thoughts

Beautiful day and what a way to start it.  I woke up at 4:45.  I have no idea why.  Thankfully, I was able to fall back asleep til about 8.  At which point, I forced myself out of bed and out the door.  I have no coffee.  True story.  Always motivates me to greet the day.
I walked to a local coffee shop before heading to a market.  There are about three coffee shops within a six block radius which is convenient.  However, one is super corporate.  The other does not offer coffee creamer which is a huge no-no in my world.  I do not like drinking milk in my coffee.  I prefer creamer.  I stopped by one Sunday morning when my toilet was on the fritz and I was staying at Sara's house.  Sara is a generous hostess and normally has coffee creamer in her home.  That week while I was at her home, she was on a dairy free diet.  As you can see, I was a little distracted and my routine was disrupted.  I did not take kindly to being told there is a market down the street that sells creamer.  I wanted to kick the guy in the shins.   Especially after I spent $5.50 on Americano.  I was irritated.  The other coffee shop is okay.  I like the coffee and the vibe is okay.  Don't think it is a home for me though.  There is another shop east of where I live that I prefer.
At any rate, after getting coffee I headed to the market.  I wanted to restock my supply of coffee, tortillas, tomatoes--essentials in my livelihood.  I have been more able to make my own lunch and dinner recently.  Mostly due to the fact that I am too lazy to try to find dinner after work.  My schedule prohibits me from eating at normal times.  I tried to yesterday while working.  Meaning, I was hungry around 5 and tried to order food.  Of course, it didn't work out and I was irritated that I had forgotten to pack a protein bar in my bag.  At least that is something to offset the hunger.  I picked up bars to accompany me to work the next few days.
Barre class continues to inspire and motivate me.  And kick my ass!  Seriously!  I think I should be better at it and then I attend Shannon's class and I am dying.  Today, I was fine thru the arms and plank sequence.  Then we started the thighs and I was shaking.  My mind is screaming at me and I don't want to give up in the class but wow!...Was it painful!
Showered, eating lunch, mentally preparing for the day.  Week, even.  I need to arrange a chiropractor session, massage, some Barre classes, yoga teaching amongst other things.  There is much to do and I tend to fill up my days easily.  I would love to do a silver coin sort of day, haha.
Or, I was talking to Shari talking about trips.  I head to Phoenix in ten days and then there is New Orleans at the end of September.  Is there a way to head to Santa Fe for a few days?  Maybe spend some time at Ojo.  Definitely see friends and drink silver coins.  I am so going to make it happen.  I can and will!
I am inspired, knowing, that I am capable of putting my mind to anything.  Travel always rules

Friday, August 12, 2016

plans, intentions, wants

DIY project done.  Mostly, that is.  I need to apply a few additional coats of modge podge to feel really good about it.  Yesterday, I found myself wanting to have other projects.  Maybe I could check out good will or garage sales to see what I could make mine and better.  I like painting.  I have never done much of this outside of one room in an apartment years ago.  And in all honesty, it wasn't that great of a job.  I slapped the paint on and let it fall where it wanted.  Blemishes, splotches of paint and uneven terrain was the landscape of my room.  I am sure that my landlord loved having to repaint the room.
It felt good to put my mind to be productive and complete the task.  What is it they say about goal setting?  Try not to leap bounds to a huge goal which can ultimately leads to failure.  For example, starting my own business venture.  Thinking it is one thing.  Doing it a complete other.  Better to accomplish small tasks which lead to completing a big goal.  Easier to stay on point and inspired.  Like integrating teaching yoga into my weekly routine.  Am I ready to teach full time?  Not quite.  Is it helping that I am making it more of a priority?  Yes.  Illustrates to me that I am capable of doing my own thing and have a support network to open it up. 
I have been teaching yoga on a weekly basis to a few friends.  It ebbs and flows.  Some of my friends are consistent while others have good intentions and then life happens.  Work, scheduling, etc....I hope to have a little more flexibility as to when I am available.  Maybe I could manage to wake earlier and do early morning sessions.  That might work.  I do have friends that are early birds.  And, I am inclined to practice in the a.m. as opposed to evening sessions.  I prefer taking care of that aspect of my life early in the day. 
I walked downtown to meet my friend, Janna, for happy hour.  She relocated back to Denver and is slowly transitioning into a home purchase and work.  She works downtown and so it was easy to meet with her.  I wanted to walk to reflect on life.  Earlier in the day, I had received a chiropractic adjustment and a massage.  Both were phenomenal/needed and I could tell the Barre classes are effective.  I am dehydrated and my IT bands are screaming during most massages.  So walking felt right and essential.  The idea of parking also motivated me to walk.  I do not like parallel parking or heading downtown during rush hour.  Traffic is a time suck and has been annoying to me as of late.  I prefer getting outside and enjoying all of the sunflowers.  And music.  Always music. 
I pushed back my practice to accommodate my friend this morning. It will be a little bit of a rush but I still wanted to do it.  I am inspired to make it a recurring situation in my life. 
Slowly, I am putting together my apartment.  Hanging artwork, organizing and figuring out more things I want in my apartment.  A table, chairs, maybe another piece of furniture for my room.  The living room is fine as I am teaching yoga in it.  I can use the space.  My room however could use more color.  Really make it a home.  I am very happy to be back in Denver.  It is home.
I am off to create a sequence and plan the remainder of my day.  I see some time with the WP later and work.