Friday, June 23, 2017

Celebrating and books

Random Friday night off thoughts...I had the best day.  Mostly, due to the weather.  Amazing after two nights ago when I woke up, multiple times, due to marinating in my own sweat.  I had to do the Sara trick.  As a child, Sara lived in Florida.  Her parents were unwilling to turn on the a/c since they had a swimming pool for them.  Her mom always suggested putting a cold cloth on her forehead and belly that would cool you down.  It does.  But, it isn't that comforting to think about as you wake up, endlessly, due to not being able to sleep.
I have multiple fans in addition to a ceiling fan that should be more than enough.  Yet, two nights ago, I thought I was going to die of heat exhaustion.  Okay.  So, I am exaggerating a little.  I knew that I wouldn't die but it sure was frustrating to wake up because I was hot. 
This morning was delightful!  I woke up, cold.  I turned off my fans.  It was that cold.  I met my trainer after going through my morning ritual--lemon water, coffee, protein bar.  Sometimes, vitamins...sometimes, not.  I shower and then walk to my gym. First thing she does is put me on the scale.  I see that there had been progress.  That making some sacrifices had resulted in positivity.  She asked me how I felt.  My response, great and then I continued with....and I didn't wake up hungover, once.
She laughed.  I was being completely honest.  I didn't drink remotely excessively in the last week.  I dined out more than I anticipated and still was able to tone up.  I feel good and I feel that Courtney feels I will be a success story.  I feel that I can commit to this and make progress.  I have been more aware of what I am putting in my body.  For example, I met Jenn for dinner last night.  Initially, we talked about checking out a new place in Stapleton.  A female chef that was trying out her own place.  I was excited to check it out but location wise, I wasn't thrilled.  I was thinking about a way to either cancel or change since I was uninterested in driving to Stapleton.  For some reason, Jenn had ESP and she mentioned that she preferred something more casual.  She was craving sushi (her go to).  I asked if we could go elsewhere.  Her next suggestion was her typical response.  I vetoed that as well.  I suggested three or four spots around our area which did not interest her.  She mentioned Mexican at which point, I caved in.  I wasn't thrilled about loading up on cheese, chips and guacamole the night before I met my trainer, but we were getting nowhere and fast.  I agreed that I would meet her at a spot I had dined at many times with most of my family.  It was a place that I would meet Brian for lunch.  I love it.  Very nostalgic.
However, I didn't really want margaritas.  I arrived to find a carafe of margaritas.  They do not make a good margarita.  It's shitty.  And, I was wrecking my diet for this.  Terrible drinks and a taco salad.  In all honesty, I refrained from eating the fried taco shell.  I tried to be good.  I was aware that I was choosing this food to be kind to my friend and make the most of it. 
After meeting my trainer, I felt that I could have made better choices and fared better.  Yet, when she asked me what I would like to do for next week, I realized that I am thankful for making some mistakes that I can maybe take care of in the next week.  I like wine.  I like cheese.  I will not cut them out of my diet as I am learning tonight.  I am celebrating my success with wine and the remainder of my spaghetti and meatball.  I feel full, sated. 
I found a book that I feel like a narcissist.  Harmony, by Carolyn Parkhurst.  I found her years ago when perusing books at a Barnes and Noble.  The dogs of Babel intrigued me and captured my attention for the length of the book.  Harmony, also appears to take me in.  It reminds me of what I am currently re-watching.  How great of a show was Parenthood?  Seriously!  I find myself emotionally overwhelmed.  The dynamics of family and things that happen in their lives. 
Back to Harmony....a couple has two daughters.  The older of which falls somewhere on the autism spectrum and has been kicked out of multiple schools.  Distraught, the couple try to figure out what is best for their daughters and opt to attend a family camp in the woods.  The perspective alternates between their younger daughter who does not have autism and the mother.  It's funny, honest, genuine.  I put it down to have dinner and blog.  
I appreciate how honest it is.  I am looking forward to how it concludes.  I requested additional books that I plan on reading the next few weeks.  I feel like this is my summer of reading.  And self care.  Did I mention my thai massage today?  Or that I went to a matinee?  I was disappointed in Beatriz at Dinner. They could have done so much more.  It was like an amuse bouche with no finish. Most of what you see in the trailers are key moments.  There was no conclusion.  It just ended. 
Very simplified synopsis, I know.  I don't feel like putting any effort into it.  It was dismal. 
I did see a preview for the Big Sick. I am a big fan of Holly Hunter and Ray Romano.  I think this film is going to be great. 
I am done.  I need to return to my book.  It is that amusing!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

post 108 salutations

Done.  Completed.  Wow!  108 salutations attempted and completed.  I knew that this was something that I wanted to do after the first time I heard about it in Phoenix.  One of the instructors had live music to accompany the greeting of the solstice.  I wanted to attend but work always stood in the way. 
This year, I decided to do it at my house.  I had increments of 10 mapped out near me to keep on my target.  I knew that it would be challenging to remember where I was in the sequence without some assistance.  My mind tends to wander and I lose track of were I am.
I understand more and more the importance of being present while performing this task. The first ten felt good and I began to get in a rhythm.  Around forty, I started confusing which number I was on.  I tried to think of how many more and that also confused me.  I realized that I needed to stay on the number I was doing to make it easier.  Almost meditate on the number and the breathing.  I kept thinking I would want to stop jumping forward once I felt tired.  Then, I was determined to finish all of them by jumping forward.  Around 81, I think, I completed the best jump forward and time-wise, I was doing well. I didn't want to lose my momentum for fear of wanting to stop.  Actually needing to stop.
94, I started slowing down.  My arms were wobbly and I could tell I was tired.  I could tell that I was ready to stop.  But then, I thought, there is only fourteen more.  I can do this.  I had music playing the entire time which helped and hindered a few times.  I didn't like a particular song and so I would struggle to continue through it.  Breathing helped and knowing that I set out to do it and I did.  I had positive thoughts propelling me through the 40's, 50's 60's....then I turned on myself in the 90's. I could tell that I wanted to stop and the negative thoughts creeped in.  I managed to finish in spite of my negative thoughts.
My arms will be mush for a few days, I think.  I am going to a Barre class in a bit and that should be interesting.  I don't know how much I am going to want to do free weights of push-ups if they are required.  Maybe just core strengthening or cardio.  That would be a nice change.
The salutations were challenging and I believe in a classroom setting, the energy would be incredible.  I had candles lit and felt some radiating energy at the end.  I fell into the corpse pose and didn't want to get up.  I could have remained in the position for an hour due to the exhaustion.  I know that I should rest and chose to eat some yogurt to help the recovery process begin.  I don't want to be too annoying with this food thing.  I don't want to create an obsessive behavior over what I am and am not eating.  Small changes will help. That is what I want to focus on. 
It feels great to be making this decision on my own.  Instead of traveling, nonstop, I will remain in town to build a better base for my health.  Consistency is key.  Of course, in August I will head to Washington State.  Maybe another trip to Santa Fe.  Or I always try to visit AZ in July.  Maybe I could push it back a few months.  I love the shopping, yoga and friend factor.
All these things I thought about after the salutations.  That and I could be doing 50 a week in my practice.  I wonder how quickly I could do the 108 salutations if I had a base of 50 salutations or more a week.  Maybe for the winter I will address that issue.
Enjoy your day! I am off to get some coffee before Barre class.

attempting 108 salutations

This will be an interesting feat.  Attempting to greet the summer solstice with 108 salutations on my own.  I had asked Danielle to join me.  Her response, it's on the 20th.  I have seen a bunch of studios and fellow teachers offering classes around the solstice yesterday and this weekend.  I figured that I would join in.  I am curious about whether or not I will accurately keep count.  I prepped myself with notecards in increments of ten to keep me on track as much as I can.  We shall see.  I figure, if nothing else, my arms will benefit from the 108 pushups that I am about to endeavor on.  Then there is a Barre class at 11:30.  I don't know how much I will love the arm sequence in the class.
It has been nice to focus on things that are good for me.  I look at the personal training as a substitution for bodywork that I like to receive.  Massages, pedicures, facials--things in that realm.  In order to fully make it work, I do need to change some of my habits.  Make time to do more fitness and alter some of eating preferences.  It is doable and necessary. 
I want to figure out my next trip too.  I know that I will be heading east to Kansas in November to celebrate my sister's wedding and Puerto Rico for another friend's wedding in October.  Ironically, they are a week apart.  I know that my work schedule will enable me the time off as long as I am willing to help others out in the meantime.  Of course, I am and I will.  It will all work out.  Maybe a return to Santa Fe is something to think about in August or September.  I would love to attend Wine and Chile, again.  Always a great festival to check out.  Plus, it is near my birthday which is another reason to celebrate with travel.  My friend, Jean, wants me to visit Spokane in August which I am waiting to see if I can manage this.  I have a colleague that may also be out of town on a few of those shifts.  I think it is manageable for both of us to be gone.  I am still trying to figure it out.  I would love to visit Jean and help her out with their race car event.  Something that I have never done and why not?  Could be epic fun and another great experience with Jean.  She joined me last year in Oregon to attend my niece's graduation.  Talk about the full family experience. 
I'm off to celebrate the solstice.  I will hopefully update after this task is complete!

Friday, June 16, 2017

consultation revealed

I met with the trainer this morning.  Scared, sure.  I slept semi-poorly.  Dreaming of being on a treadmill to test my health and it being never ending.  I have run in the past but never been a fan of that particular equipment.  The last thing I wanted was to meet the trainer and assess my health on a treadmill.  Talk about a nightmare!
I didn't know how she would tackle my inquiry.  I wore tennis shoes, prepared, to have a physical training. I had emailed a few times and tried to be explicit and honest with my diet and wine intake.  I think I still fudged a little bit on the wine accuracy.
At any rate, after meeting with Courtney, I am hopeful.  I know that I will be able to firm up and create a long term healthy life style.  Being on my feet, daily; walking to work, and attending barre and yoga classes helps keep me on track.  I am thankful that I enjoy doing these things.  I would love to add more yoga into my weekly regime.  I have been teaching at home which I enjoy and am learning to love. I want to expand my practice to others.  In the meantime, I will continue to attend, sporadically, at my gym.  I have found a few instructors that are adequate.  There is a summer solstice class being offered tomorrow.  However, the instructor is not my brand and I do not want to go and be agitated the entire class.  I think I will attempt my own 108 salutations in my home.
I need to tackle the food factor as the exercise is already there.  Or mostly there.  I am happy to finally confront this head on.  I was pleased to find out that my lean body mass is good but dismayed to find out about my overall body mass.  I can work on it and improve.  I thought I was in a better place.  Oh, the things we tend to tell ourselves to justify decisions.  Yesterday, for example, I met two of my friends for lunch and happy hour.  Wine was included and snacks.  Not terrible choices but more wine than was necessary. The saving grace was that I opted out of purchasing more wine to have as a night cap.  In the past, I definitely would have searched out more wine.  Knowing that I was meeting with the trainer this morning made that decision easy.
Since we didn't actually do any training today, I am returning to the studio to attend a yoga class. The instructor makes good adjustments and I like seeing what is being offered out there.  I attended a class a few weeks ago where the instructor attempted a mandala.  I love this way to maneuver around the mat.  However, she only did the right side.  I kept waiting to balance and do the left side.  She didn't.  I think she forgot and they majority of people in the class were unaware of it.  Mandalas are not taught often in Denver.  I incorporate it into my flow, frequently.  I think it is an amazing way to sequence.
I am hopeful to increase my people that I practice with and practice earlier on days I work. I want to be healthy.  I also consider the training as a replacement for body work.  I can purchase these sessions instead of going to lunch, getting a massage or some other body improvement I tend to add to my weekly regime.  I will not cut out wine or wine lunches.  I will just be more mindful of when I do it.  Translation, not every day....not that was ever an issue. I do work. 
So, some changes and we will see how it goes.  I might check out a matinee, too. 
Next week, I will meet with Courtney again and tackle TRX while tracking my food.  It will be interesting!  Until then, cheers!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

yoga and other concerns

The summer solstice is approaching.  I was scrolling through my social media feed and saw that some of my friends are posting about 108 sun salutations.  When I lived in Phoenix, several of the studios that I attended offered a class to greet the summer solstice by doing 108 sun salutations.  I was unable to do this class due to work and when the class was typically offered.  My friend that posted the reference to the summer solstice, presently, mentioned the class being offered on Friday.  Seemed a little surprising.  I believed that the class was offered on the day or as close to the day as possible.  At any rate, it inspired me to consider doing my own type of ceremony at my house.  I could sage smudge my house and attempt this physical feat of 108 chatarangas.  It would definitely increase my ability to do pushups, haha.  So, there is that.
Plus, it must have meditative qualities.  I should look into it.  I wonder if they hold the down dog for five breaths of just knock them out.  It is do-able either way.  Probably a little more conducive with the breaths in the resting position.  My favorite Barre instructor recently quit which frees up my Saturday morning workout sessions.  I will miss Shannon and her playlist!  However, I think, this week the sun salutations will be the way to go. Release some energy and bring on the new season.  I taught yoga yesterday, donation based.  I have been trading yoga for experience and spending time with friends.  Translation, I would be treated to lunch and drinks in exchange for my time.  I'm not going to lie....this is a great arrangement.  However, I want to step it up and hold myself accountable to being certified.  I am now offering classes donation based.  The class went well.  I had been feeling out some new sequences and wanted to test them on others.  Success.  Or so it would seem.  Danielle is returning on Thursday for another session and I want to change up the flow.  Maybe throw in more pushups, pre-chataranga to build heat as opposed to doing three sun A's and then three sun B's.  If Matt joins us, I will do the same sequence that I constructed yesterday to see how it feels to him.  He is also honest in his critiques and feed back.  I appreciate that tremendously. 
I can tell that I would benefit from a pure night of sleep.  More than 5-6 hours.  Knowing that I work at 9:15 am is inspiring me to wake up early, do some yoga and walk to work.  I had a break between 3:30 and 4:30 yesterday and realized how hot it is during that time of day.  I had been walking to work for the night shift as of late.  However, knowing how hot is and can be, I think I will make use of my uber rides.  I don't like arriving all sweaty and basically in need of a shower. 
Tomorrow, I will flow with Danielle, maybe Matt.  I would like to test out a few ideas before trying them out.  I am increasing my focus on the shoulder and stretching it.  Recently, I have been incorporating more hip stretching and eventually will tackle the splits.  This is probably my least favorite posture available.  I need to learn how to cue it properly.  Since I do not like, I rarely do it.  I become irritated in classes that focus on it in their classes. I realize that it probably is something that I would benefit from as it challenges my limits.
Brief side note.....the more I walk to work I become aware of the terrible driving in Denver.  People do not pay attention to pedestrians which is frustrating.  I have almost been hit multiple times due to this inattentive and erratic driving.  People rolling through stop signs or stopping past the cross walk.  I learned my lesson walking behind a vehicle one day which I refuse to do.  This guy almost backed into me.  His response--you have eyes.  I would have loved to see him explain to his insurance adjustor why he hit a pedestrian, cyclist or car behind him.  He was a complete jackass!  I like walking up 14th as it is the most shaded route but there are many stop signs where people are aggressive and unaware of the pedestrian.  16th Street is another option and I take it frequently.  Less shade, though.  17th Street is similar to 14th--lots of people do not look both directions before trying to cross it or turn on it.  It can be annoying to walk on as a result.  I only want people to pay attention.  I see many people walking or cycling around Denver.  Just take an extra second to look both ways before accelerating across a street or through a stop sign.
I am off to start my day.  Cheers!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Quick trip enchanted

Lovely few days off  and exploring Santa Fe.  My drive down was quick and easy.  I did encounter a little bit of construction once I entered New Mexico which was irritating.  Brief, though.  I drove straight to La Choza to meet Lawrence for lunch.  We had texted back and forth about where to meet and it seemed like the best spot.  Good parking and I love the silver coins.  Plus, who can pass up chips and salsa? 
Afterwards, I checked into my airbnb and signed up for a Barre class. There is a studio that I discovered after moving away.  If only, I had known about Temple and Tribe while living in Santa Fe!  It is wonderful and I always am challenged by the classes.  I prefer the TRX inspired classes with the owner.  The Barre instructor is okay.  I am not in love with her music selection nor that fact that she doesn't cue how long we will be performing a certain move.  I like a little more guidance and direction.  I think I relied on how my instructor in Denver set up her classes--regimented and with amazing upbeat *tempo* music.  I am all for hip hop in these classes as long as the rhythm is fast.  I am grateful that I attended the class still.
I stopped by a market to pick up wine and then take-out from a local eatery.  The rental had a great outdoor seating area where I could watch the sunset while drinking wine and enjoying my salad.  Seemed kismet.  As there was no t.v. to distract myself, I read.  I had brought a few books with me that were almost finished.  I was more intrigued by the selection I found at the house.  There were multiple books on revolution and Che.  I found a fiction novel about a Dominican that enticed me.  I spent the next day trying to finish it instead of taking it with me.  I did consider that as I left my books to add to their collection.  I resisted the urge to take it with me.  I figure I will find it in Denver at the library or a book store. 
I relaxed, reflected and enjoyed.  Melody picked me up early on Friday for a morning soak at Ojo Caliente.  This spa inspired my entire trip.  It is the perfect way to spend a day in New Mexico.  They are continuing to update and improve their pools which I appreciate.  After a thorough soak at Ojo, we returned to Santa Fe and met Libby for lunch.  Libby is my friend from Santa Fe that I met while living in Phoenix.  We both ended up in New Mexico about four months between each other.  Her brother had been living there and I wanted to try it out myself.  Libby has a small daughter, Vivian, who is about 18 months.  I met her, initially, when she was 3 months, I think.  So, we returned to La Choza as it seemed more kid friendly than some of the other options.  Plus, I rarely pass up chips and salsa and silver coin margaritas.  Successful lunch and catch up session.  Melody and Libby met at my going away party and so it was an easy lunch to maneuver. 
Instead of arranging all of my time around eating and drinks, I returned to my rental and took a nap. I read more of my book and then headed to the consignment stores that I like.  Jackpot!  I bought seven new tops and a dress.  I checked out the store for shorts and managed to get distracted by the selection of tops.  The short selection was minimal and geared more towards women who enjoy wearing knee length shorts.  Yuck!  I am still not interested in sporting what I consider PTA mom attire.  Not yet.
Melody, Clayton and I met for dinner at DFG, another local eatery.  My friend, Lawrence, works there one night at week.  We met while working together and he is a great conversationalist.  The food is farm to table driven and always delicious.  I especially enjoyed the kale salad with seasonal vegetables. 
The next morning, I woke up at 5:30.  Drank some coffee, cleaned up my glassware, tidied and departed the airbnb.  I stopped by the farmer's market for a breakfast burrito and goods.  I wanted tomatoes and cucumbers which are not in season there yet.  Instead, I found sage, beets and honey.  There were other greens that looked amazing but I didn't have a cooler and I didn't want them to wilt in my car.  I had remembered that I should bring my cooler when I dined at La Choza.  I enjoy their green chile, immensely, and thought about bringing some back to Denver for me and the Warrior Prince.  No cooler=no chile. 
I roasted the beets yesterday and they are incredible.  I should have purchased more.  I bought a bunch (four) for $3.50.  Muy barato, haha.  All, in all, a much needed break and one in which I enjoyed.  Less time out and more time reflecting on life and reading.  A way to decompress or detach from technology, too.  I loved it!
I hope to return in a few months to soak at Ojo and check out the new restaurants in Santa Fe.  There is a taco place, local brew spot and Mexican restaurant that all looked interesting.  If only, I had had one more day.  I wanted to see Teo, too.  She had her baby on the 2nd and so I figured she would be overwhelmed with adjusting and recovering to her new role as a mom.  Next visit for sure.  I told her we would have to meet for silver coins.
Until next time....cheers!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Enchanted times ahead

I try to go somewhere once a month.  For the most part, it has worked.  In January, I visited Colombia and got my first passport stamp of 2017.  In February, I checked out the food scene in Los Angeles with Shari and celebrated life.  March brought a road trip to Santa Fe with the Warrior Prince.  His first time to Ojo Caliente and that awesomeness.  In April I went to Palm Springs with Sara Jo to check out the high desert and Joshua Tree.  May, I returned to Chicago with Maghan to do another foodie centered trip.  Basically, amazing and I am excited for my next trip to that city. 
I have been able to manage my work schedule in a way that I can explore other cities.  I love being able to do this.  I enjoy the planning involved as well as seeking out friends to arrange lunches, happy hours or dinner.  It's part of my life and I love it.
This month, I am driving down to Santa Fe since I have limited time off. I can manage a two and a half day road trip by going to Santa Fe.  It is a little oasis for me.  Actually, it always has been. When I lived there, I did not view it that way.  Instead, Denver was my escape place.  Now, being in Denver again or as I like to think of it, home, going to Santa Fe has returned to the mini mecca where I go to reflect, rejuvenate, explore.  From living there, I have multiple friends to spend time with and many hangouts to revisit.  I am staying near the Baca district which will put me walking distance to two of my favorite local spots.  I see a breakfast burrito in my future. 
That and green chile.  I could bathe in green chile.  It is that good.  I might bring some back to Denver as well.  Of course, there is Ojo Caliente where I will soak and steam.  That is the main draw of the trip.  I spoke to Melody about joining me for a weekday soak.  Thankfully, it worked out with her schedule.  That is the only concrete thing that I will do.  Otherwise, I will see a few friends and check out the new museums and restaurants.  My friend, Teo, had a baby four days ago.  Initially while planning the trip, I thought I would be able to see her and get a pedicure.  I wanted to treat her to some self care for her baby shower.  I tend to want to treat the mom rather than the kid.  I did the same thing for the Goddess.  I bought Lindsay a massage for her last baby sprinkle.  So, Teo is probably out due to the fact she just gave birth.  It would be nice to see her but I do not want to intrude on her during this time.  I can meet her son at a later date. 
I considered a barre class or yoga, too.  Truly depends on if I meet friends for happy hour or not on Thursday.  However, there is a studio that is wonderful--great music, workouts and energy.  I wish we had a studio like that here.  I did this TRX class that kicked my booty and inspired me to seek out studios in Denver that offer TRX.  I believe, I have found a trainer here that can lead me into that resistance training.  I digress.
I have many options in Santa Fe.  Eating, friends, exercise....I wish I had one more day.  I know that I will head down again this year.  It is too easy to make happen and I love it!  I am still thinking about next month and where to go.  I have college friends meeting in Kansas to celebrate a classmate's life.  It would be nice to see them and honor this man's life.  My cousin in getting married in Colorado on that same day.  I think I will be in Denver to celebrate with Theresa. If I went to Kansas, I would want additional days to spend with Emma and Mason, my niece and nephew.  I would not be able to do a quick two day trip there.
Plus, I will be in Kansas in November.  One trip a year is doable.  My little sister is getting married and so we are all returning to celebrate with her.  I will have loads of family time then.
I should get ready to greet the day.  I walked to work yesterday and see that happening today.  Something about sunshine, listening to music and seeing the city.  Such a great way to enjoy the morning.  Cheers!

Friday, June 2, 2017

finally making some changes

I did it.  I finally contacted a personal trainer.  I have been thinking about it for almost a year.  I think after my friend, Brie, said she had hired one prior to her wedding.  Actually, a couple of years ago I met two women in Santa Fe who were vacationing there.  They were in amazing shape and told me that they were each 55.  I was shocked.  Truly, they looked stunning--fit, healthy and able to eat whatever they wanted. 
I asked what their secret was to appearing so youthful.  One of them told me that when she turned 35 years old, she made a decision to get a personal trainer and has been working out with her person  since then. 
I think that stayed with me.  The decision to make a life style change to fully enjoy life.  That, coupled with Brie's admission to hiring one, motivated me to consider it.  I have been talking about it with friends and finally, inquired about it at the gym I frequent.  I saw the TRX bands and that is what finally prompted me.  I have looked at other studios that incorporate TRX classes into their regime.  I like the resistance training and have been trying to find a studio to take a class. I want to do this training with good music, of course!  So, I asked the front desk girl to give me the one trainer that I know and have taken classes with at the gym.  However, Valerie recently had a baby and so I didn't know how much she was interested in training new clients.  I asked the girl if she could suggest someone to seek out.  She mentioned two trainers that use TRX to some degree in their sessions.  One of the trainers always uses it and so I asked for her information.  After a few back and forth calls, we finally spoke.  I was honest in how often I work out and that I do walk to work often.  We touched on my diet which should be interesting.  She will email me a list of questions that she wants me to be honest about.  That is always the quandary.  Of course, honesty benefits me.  She can put together a true workout schedule for me to achieve my goals.  I haven't yet mentioned those.  I am interested in maintenance and strength building.  I could use more cardio.  I think I have plateaued in my Barre classes. Another reason I am seeking out a trainer.  I want to be held accountable.
Back to the honesty....should I tell her about the amount of wine I am capable of drinking?  Or be evasive?  I do take days off from drinking wine and other spirits, sometimes.  I am meeting with her in a few weeks so I can tweak my diet in the meantime.  I call it preemptive cheating.  Or trying to make myself look a little better, haha.
I know that it is in my best interest to fully disclose my habits drinking wine and otherwise.  It will only bite me in the ass in the end.  In the meantime, I can continue to attend Barre and yoga classes. I thought about relying on astanga classes in my house to slim down.  I know this is a great workout.  I know that if I truly practiced that sequence six days a week for the hour and half required, I would feel better and look better.  I still might do yoga in the meantime.
I have a road trip to Santa Fe next week which delayed my meeting with the trainer.  I wanted to go to Ojo Caliente and visit friends. There is a chance that I can attend a TRX class while there.  And there is the green chile factor.  I love it!
So, I am making changes.  I made some statement to my trainer about metabolism decline based on age.  She said it is a myth. I can stop blaming my age for the slowdown, haha.  Of course, I hated mentioning my age.  Instead, I can start making changes to increase my health and fitness.  It's time.  I thought about signing up for a marathon, actually, a half is more my speed.  I am uninspired to go running though.  Seems like a waste and that I should focus on something else instead.  If the Goddess was able to run with me once a week, well, then, it might be different.  I am meeting her tonight.  It's been a little overdue for a visit with her and I have not seen her boys since the Super bowl. 
Enjoy your day!