Sunday, October 30, 2011

productive Sunday

Yay!  Found a massage therapist, finally!  After struggling through several mediocre massages, I have a gifted therapist. 
Ironic, too.  As I waited in the office I chatted up the receptionist.  She's a student at ASU and friendly.  I wanted to know her insight into some of their therapists.  We discussed who she felt was great after I told her that I had been having difficulty finding the "one" for me.  I noted some of the previous visits and how I did not enjoy trigger release therapy.  I think I made some comment that I could be dead and still not feel anything.  Granted, later in the day, I do feel the effects of the trigger release.  While in the massage, it does nothing for me.  Having someone use one hand to apply pressure to one area for 2-3 minutes is not a massage in my opinion.
I digress.  I was frustrated that I had not found a therapist that I would be excited to return too.  I am a member of this studio and so I have one massage per month until I cancel the membership.  I was almost to that point, too.  Why pay for a massage that is mediocre?  I believe in body maintenance and the benefits of a monthly massage.  I want a therapist that I like.
Today, I found him.  His focus is on injury and sports massage.   Immediately, I sensed that I had found my massage therapist.  He reminded me of Sean, my old therapist in Denver.  Sean was a runner and so he understood some of my aches/pains.  Brandon is similar.  After the massage he diagnosed some of my problem areas.  I have tenderness in my right ankle that he felt. I go, yea, I sort of forgot to mention my recent sprained ankle. 
I am so thankful to have found Brandon.  I will return to the studio knowing that my massage will be stellar.  Afterwards, I tackled my car.  Not only did it need a visit to the car wash, but an interior cleaning as well.  I found some leather cleaner in my trunk that I believe Brian had purchased.  He loved my car and took care of her.  He would be so disappointed in the current state of Veronica.  Polished and vacummed.  What an improvement.  Must remember to do more than once every six years. 
Moreover, while attempting to clean up the appearance of my car, I remembered how my dad would wash and wax his vehicles on Sundays.  What a process.  I think it would take up most of the afternoon.  He would beam with pride after he finished washing his car. 
Lovely day to be productive.  I started the day, late, and thought I need to fix this.  My run got pushed to tomorrow and so I opted to be active in other ways.  My to-do list is dwindling.  I suppose I can find other tasks to accomplish and cross off.
Enjoy your night~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

significant day

10/27/2011--officially the end of birthday month.  Bummer!  Then, I consider, did I do enough celebrating?  No.  I spent a big chunk of change on Veronica which decreased my desire to travel or eat.  Actually, that isn't true.  I was out of town for four days, entertained Shari for four days and used public transport in the meantime. 
This birthday was stellar.  Of course, I always try to extend it.  Next year, I will manage to create more celebrating/less stressing over vehicle.  I attained a two year plate so I won't have to deal with dmv until 2013.  Even then, I think my car will be an antique.  No more testing--thankfully!  Must hold out til then.
October 27th also brings about memories of travel.  This was my departure date.  The night I spent in Los Angeles watching the Rockies get schlacked in the world series.  Ugly game.  I remember (vividly), wishing they would turn the tv off so I wouldn't watch the blood bath.  Talk about rolling over...
Regardless, I left what I felt was my normal life with a travel pack, day pack, rain coat and desire to see the world.  That trip inspired this blog, me, my past, present and future.  What a day to embark on a new adventure! 
A fond memory and beautiful experience.  I was funny.  I still believe that.  I had a lot to work with.  Meeting fellow travelers, locals, foods, porta potties, customs, traditions, you name it, I felt it.  Lovely day and memory.

Outside my hostel in Voli Voli, Fiji. A couple days into the trip, but, can you say beautiful?  Man, do I miss Fiji.  Stunning country inspite of the lousy indian meal I experienced on tour. 

necessary tasks

Today, I had the opportunity to help someone put together a resume.  Like me it had been years since dealing with this task.  I vaguely remember compiling one in high school.  It's been a great while. Most jobs that I have held were due to personal relationships or timing.  A resume was not necessary until this year.
This past summer it was fun to find a way to promote myself in a creative way.   In all honesty, I procrastinated, hoping to get out of it.  I really did not want to put it together.  I remember looking it over, spell checking, having my sister and another friend dissect it before selecting a nice paper to print it on.  Jan, my friend, has oodles of paper to choose from.  Love that she had so many choices.  Not fun in any way.  Still necessary and I am glad that I finally got around to doing it. 
I consulted my sister, Michaela, about a template for construction.  She e-mailed me a site that would have examples.  I considered having her look it over but based on the tone of her e-mail, I knew, that she didn't have time.  She has been extremely busy with work.  Too stressed to look over another resume.
I sat down with my friend and went over his work history.  Drinking wine aided in that process and this morning I noticed how terrible my notes were.  I couldn't discern some of the scribble.  Darn that wine!
Anyways, I typed it up, looked it over and found difficulty in the selected action words.  Operate could only be used once, maybe twice, but definitely not under the same company.  There is just not another good word to replace operate when it comes to machinery.  Eventually, I told him we should either combine tasks and figure out another responsibility he had while working at specific work sites.  We ended it with a reference to personal references.  Mine, I listed volunteer work and hobbies.  Possibly my favorite part of compiling my work history.  Showcasing travel, wine, food, due to being employed.
Regardless, I believe it was decent.  No errors in spelling, grammar and when you read it aloud, it flowed. The paper was fine and he got the job.  Mostly due to personal references but putting together the resume helped me respect others that I viewed today.  I stopped into work to check in and decided to look over some of the applicants.  It's shocking how little some people value themselves.  Spelling errors, font choice, paper....overall appearance does make a difference.  I did not enjoy taking the time to make my resume but I know it looks clean and makes sense.  I am just a stickler when it comes to grammar, etiquette and courtesy.  Have some pride is all I am saying.
Compiling my friend's was definitely easier since I had experienced this necessary thing a few months ago.  And, it deducted some of what I owe him for the road trip from Denver.  I don't know if I will ever be able to repay him...

weekend recap

Wine inspired (induced) weekend.  I must take a break from the lovely juice to give my liver a break.  Unfortunately, I need to sample wine to figure out the current list that we will be offering at the restaurant.  I am determined to spit, not inhale, as is, the normal way I drink wine.  Damn Jenn and Rob.  They spent the weekend in Tempe and entertained me.  Originally, the plan was for Rob to participate in the half ironman in Tempe, but, his training sort of went to the wayside.  It became a spectating event instead.
I must say, spectating, at the finish was pretty incredible.  Our friends met up during the run and chose to cross the finish line holding hands.  Too cute.  This married couple have done several events together.  He was ahead of her due to his start, but she caught up with him during the run.  Their finish was lovely.
Plus, it was nice to lend support at the finish line.  There is just something about hearing your name yelled when you accomplish an endurance event.  Or, I enjoy it.
Regardless, since it was a spectating weekend, I joined Jenn and Rob and showed them a mini tour of Tempe.  We enjoyed my favorite wine spot in Arcadia, they visited me at the cellar and made a brief stop at a brewery.  Jenn was a little hungover from Saturday and so our plan of mimosa brunch got kiboshed before it could begin.  Thankful for that.  Last night could have went south quickly had I started the day with mimosas. 
I wish we had had more time to tour the city.  I wanted to show them a few more spots before they had to return to Denver.  They are always gracious and curious about eateries.  I love that.  I love dining with people that enjoy food/wine as much as I do. 
I think the lunch spot worked best.  We shared a bottle of wine while eating an array of tapas--bruschetta, olives, cheese and a salad.  I think this is my preferred way to dine.  Sampling as many items as possible with friends.  We didn't eat at the brewery since they went to In and Out Burger.  Apparently, it is a wonderful burger that I have yet to try.  I made eggs instead, grabbed a coffee and met up with them to spectate the race.  We had some time to explore and so I asked them what they wanted to do.  Rob wanted to check out a local brewery and ironically, there was a wonderful one in the area.  Somber outing since Jenn was still feeling the wine of Saturday. 
We parted ways so that they could fly back to Denver.  I continued the Sunday tradition of stopping into the local wine bar.  Tried bruschetta this time around.  Yummy.
I need to conclude this.  I am uninspired as this is the fourth time I have attempted to post this particular event.  Either I have had interruptions with the internet or the blogger has been difficult.  It's been annoying.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Memory

Four years ago almost to the day, I was standing in this hotel room in L.A. showing off how I would get around other countries.  Looks ridiculous, I know, but how else could I travel for five months with a few belongings?  At that point, I still had guidebooks in the bottom of my backpack.  Thankfully, I left those with my friends.  Talk about uncomfortable.  There were several times when I considered chucking all of my clothes since I was tired of carting them around.  Limited belongings still weigh something. be traveling.  Wonderful memories for sure.  I am on a new venture and it feels fantastic.  Must figure out ttransportation this afternoon and so I need to conclude this for now.  I leave you with this--Smile.  Breathe and enjoy your Monday.  I am smiling (really) just thinking about that wonderful trip and reason for the blog.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

the last few days

Brief vacay and no internet access.  Sacrilege (sometimes) and this past week, I enjoyed not being able to connect easily.  It forced me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Denver is always a welcoming city.  I love it there and believe that it will always be my home.  I had the opportunity to fly home, visit friends and collect my belongings.  I wanted to display my conch shell and thankfully, I did pack it amongst the random boxes of stuff that I wanted to keep but not bring in my car.  Decisions, decisions.  When I began my find myself trip, I had to make decisions about what should go with me and what needed to be left behind.  The conch shell was one of those things that was packed away to be rediscovered at a later date.  I was thrilled when I unwrapped it yesterday.
Anyways, I had a whirlwind trip to Denver and managed to see some friends.  Not enough time, though, to do everything that I had intended to do.  I feel awful that I was unable to see my aunt and it was completely my fault.  I ran out of time and began enjoying chimays.  My day sort of got away from me.  The intent was to meet her for dinner but the day went askew when my friend, Chipper, was delayed on the road.  Initially, the plan was to meet up at noon for lunch and then assess how to arrange my things.  Due to an accident on 1-80 he did not arrive until almost five pm.  In an attempt to see people and amuse myself with stories/updates, I met my friend, Melissa, for lunch at cap grille.  Lovely to see her and inspired with wine and decandent food.  Plus, I knew the bartender and manager which is always a nice perk of being in the service industry.  Lunch extended and before I knew it, my window to meet for dinner had closed.  It just all got away from me.
And, as much as I wanted to see everyone, I couldn't make Chipper sit through a parade of important people in my life.  It isn't for him.  And, I knew that.  Sure, I wanted to see everyone and get updated on how life was treating them, but I had to think of him, too.  He offered to pick up my things and I needed to keep him somewhat happy, too.  There will be other trips and of course, I will see my aunt and others for sure.
I started out sprinting with the friends and it continued until we left the city.  I managed to dine at watercourse, elway's, solera and pick up a breakfast burrito at santiago's.  Not to mention spend time with the goddess, sara jo, jenn, Steve, GQ and a few other friends that I had not seen in a great while.  Running into Dave was a lovely surprise, too.  I ran into him at a coffee shop near his house.  I think it surprised both of us and then we were both regretful that it concluded so quickly.  Again, I see myself enjoying wine with him in the future.  He is building a wine cellar in his basement that definitely interests me.  Yep, I see Denver in my future.
I need to update more but I have a lot of things to figure out this morning.  Veronica is still at the shop since my mechanics suck.  There is no polite way to say it.  I dropped my car off ten days ago and due to lack of communication, on their part (per usual), I must find a new mechanic.  I understand ordering parts and having them delivered but once they received them (yesterday), they should have begun work on my car immediately.  Instead, they said, well, maybe Monday or Tuesday.  WTF?  Get my car fixed.  I need it to function in this city.  As such, I am off to pick up my rental so that I can attend to my priorities. 
Enjoy today.  I have friends, in town, here, so I am sure I will have more stories to blog about.....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Memory--Fiji

Overcast day in Fiji.  Delightful.  I love the image of the clouds.  Hope you enjoy, too!  I am off to run errands, pack and confirm flights...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

fond memory

I think this is my favorite photo of my dad and Dori.  Pure bliss and happiness.  I have no idea where it occurred, the time frame or anything outside of how happy they both look.
I spoke to my dad earlier today about her tribute video and what it meant to me.  It took me awhile to view it.  My dad and I do not see eye to eye on faith.  I had a feeling that it would be a little much for me to watch due to the music.  Finally, I overlooked my fears of catholicism and watched the video.  Lovely tribute to my stepmom.  Several photos from her childhood, early adult and then her life with my dad.  They traveled, every year, to destination unknown.  Sometimes to see the grandkids and other siblings and other times, for them.  I am thankful that my dad has numerous photos from their adventures.
I saw a few photos of me, included--one from their wedding day ( I wore a red shirt, who does that?), a nice one from the race for the cure, 2009, with  my dad and Dori.  I wish they would have included the one with my aunt Bryn, too, since she walked the race with Dori, while, I chatted up my dad.  I continued watching the flick and thought, I wonder, if they included a picture of Brian.
And, there it was...a picture of me standing between Dori and Brian from Denver, 2003.  It broke me.  I lost it.  Sad for sure.  It reminded me of a beautiful day spent in Denver.  The newness of our relationship, the blending of families and great coffee.  I believe we found a delightful shop so that I could satisfy my need for caffeine. 
I think he listened but wasn't hearing my thoughts.  It seemed like it's hitting him...the loss.  Routines help, of course, but there is solitude where your mind wanders to sadness, melancholy and loss.  Moments where you feel like a wave smacked you and you react in the best way you know how.  For me, that meant crying or looking at photos of my life with Brian. 
Tonight, I celebrate my dad's life with this incredible woman.  She made him extremely happy.  Cheers~

How I spend my Sunday

Walk around area  day number two...found the preferred street to frequent.  Quiet, beautiful and a nice thoroughfare.  Untouched, as of yet, of grafitti or street walkers.  Clean.  It has a bike lane and mostly filled with cyclists.  Sunday is the ideal day for a ride.  Several people were out enjoying the beautiful day.
I walked up to a marketplace and made use of a birthday gift.  This has definitely been my year of bra is all I am saying.  Hail to the secret.  Managed to pick up perfume mister in addition to a few other necessary items.  I am finding my ideal scent.  In all honesty, heavenly, has always been a favorite.  Branching out some, 2011.  Gotta say--I love gift cards!
Afterwards, hungry, I considered my options.  Return to rental and make a salad. Only that did not sound that appeasing.  I wanted a sandwich and a glass of wine.  That sounded divine.  Attempting to talk myself out of it--the wine factor--I thought of what else could work.  Biking up to Whole Foods and having a custom sandwich which could work or there were a few other eateries that did not have wine.  Really, as you can see, I was trying to be "good".  I envisioned hummus or pitas and knew of a spot but that required more walking.  At this point, I wanted convenience...oh, and wine.
I walked into the eatery that I knew had half price wine during the day.  Yep, that sold me.  Wine wins another Sunday.  Ironically, knew the bartender, too.  I sat there and he goes, you know, I remember you.  I visited Denver in 2005 to attend a football game, being a colts fan, and you waited on me....what?  All I could think was... was it a good experience?  I didn't ask that since I know that it was.  I mean, come on, if he mentioned it, obviously, I made a good impression.
We chatted about Denver, somewhat, and other associations we shared. He knows my friend, Kat, and lives near where I work.  I ordered a turkey, brie and fig sandwich--delightful and enjoyed a few glasses of wine.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday.
I made a to do list and thought about my life.  Eventually, another person sat at the bar.  However he was on his phone.  Annoying and unpleasant.  (Pet peeve #3, behind,  clipping toe nails in public or licking fingers while eating hot wings or any other type of greasy food..yuck)!  I overheard him say sous chef and another local spot that I knew the owner.  So, being me, and nosy, I ask him if he worked there and he goes--no, I work at Kona.  Funny.  I know a few people that work there, too.
This guy is moving to Spain to seek a new life.  Good for him!  I think it is awesome.  He made some left field comment about always being able to rely on working in a kitchen like it was a maintenance job.  I interjected--I love chefs.  I love food.  You are fortunate to be skilled in that department. 
Sure, I am confident in the kitchen but getting a position in a kitchen is definitely out of my wheel house.  I was little offended that he played it off like it meant nothing.  Come on, you work with food!  Exciting~
I wished him luck with his future endeavors.  Spain is fantastic from what i hear and I was off.  Off to siesta and eventually do another walkabout.  Salad for dinner.  I love it!

I've it.....sort of

I skipped my a.m. run yesterday and practiced yoga.  This helped clear my mind; and yes, I felt peaceful.  Yoga has multiple benefits.
Anyways, since I missed my mandatory long run, I decided to walk to work.  I figured it would be six to seven miles.  Piece of cake and there was always the option of jumping on the light rail as a back up plan.  The light rail ends about a mile and a half from work and so I would be able to extend my mileage on the end of the route.  I begin, armed with a 32 ounce bottle of water, a change of clothes (thank god) and my ipod. 
The initial part of the walk is lovely as it is near the campus and there are many other people walking around.  Great energy/vibe of other pedestrians, cyclists and kids on skate boards.  The weather, well, a little warmer than I had anticipated.  Still, I was enjoying it.  I saw sorority girls struggling to wear heels or wedges across campus.  There was a car wash on the corner with scantily clad coeds advertising their service.  Seriously, the could use a little less exposure is all I am saying. 
I continue and about a half mile later the vibe changes.  Definitely not as many college kids and suddenly it feels a little ominous.  I remember having those exact same feelings, years ago, when I walked around this area of town.  It's been cleaned up (tremendously) with the addition of the light rail.  It had to be.  They knocked down some of the RV Parks and hotels that were filled with transients and junkies.  On the surface, yes, it appears to be cleaner.  Yet, it feels dirty if that makes sense.
As I continue east, I encounter less and less college students and more single men walking.  I begin to notice that I am getting more attention.  This one guy in a truck pulls up next to me and asks if I need a ride.  I ignore him and he continues driving through the parking lot parallel to me and waits to see if I respond.  I don't.  I continue walking.
The honking starts and that is when I know I still have it.  Or, that they think I am a "professional".  You know, the street kind.  I see a few of those ladies too.  I am left alone outside of being stared at from vehicles, RV parks and side walks.  I didn't feel threatened.  I made it to work unscathed with a bump for the ego.  Several cars noticed me is all I am saying.
About an hour in, I locate a Walgreen's and choose to enter the store.  The water was not doing it.  I needed a gatorade.  It tasted divine.  At this point I was in a "safer" part of the east valley.  It no longer felt ominous or eerie.  It felt mormon and it was.  I saw some uniformed kids on bikes hoping to convert people and a garage sale on a random corner.  This guy waited til I passed him and then started talking to me.  He said, wow, hot day.  I continued walking and he did offer me a water since I looked hot.  I declined since I already had gatorade.
I walk into work and head directly to the walk in cooler.  I stand in there a few minutes and consider what items I have with me to aid me in the cooler down factor.  Grateful for the top and bra that I remembered to bring.  I change, splash water on my face and then notice the salt on my face.  Yes, it was hot and I had lost some electrolytes.  Salty.  Reminded me that I had skipped my mandatory run.
I wish I had a shower, too.  Cold water and fresh clothes helped, but I still felt warm.  I dreamed of my shower for the rest of the night.
I was retelling my adventure through the hood and mentioning the catcall factor when a few customers said--do you have should really carry it.  You know you walked through an unsavory area.
My feelings are this--yes, it is unsavory and I walked during the day.  I didn't feel scared.  It was an adventure.  Granted, I had no interest in walking back to the light rail at night.  I arranged for one of my co-workers to drive me back to either the light rail or Tempe.  I am naive to a certain degree but unwilling to put myself at risk knowingly.  Walking at night seemed foolish.
The first thing I did when I got home was shower.  Glorious.  Wash away the salt build up and discovered the spots I had missed applying sunblock.  Awesome, I have a sunburn....guess I got that too.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleep did not improve.  Restless night of trying to sleep and losing the battle.  Hence, skipped run and opted for yoga.  I thought, maybe, this could calm my mind of all of its washing machine of thoughts.  Seriously, I feel like I am in a spin cycle the last 24 hours.  Positive things are occurring yet my subconscious wants to create doubt.  If I let it, I am sure that I can self-sabotage.  I am not going to, though.  Not this time.  I am in the exact place that I chose to be.  When I think about it in that light, I know I will overcome any of my own self-imposed negativity.
Not to mention, I am listening to pandora and LeAnne Womack's song, I hope you Dance is playing.  Lovely song and an association from my past.  Brian and I had decided to go to Honduras in 2005.  Since he was younger, he always struggled to save money.  Inherently, he was generous to all of his friends and unable to save for some of our trips.  Naturally, my wisdom tried to advise him to save cash for my impulsive need to travel.  For Christmas, that year, his parents gave us the book, i hope you dance and placed book marks through it.  There were eight book marks representing a letter.  We tried to figure out what it said--from the letters, I deducted--our hands.
Brian looked at it and said, no, it's Honduras.  Duh....we were going there.  Plus, they gave us some money to enjoy while in Honduras.  And, enjoy we did.  We flew into San Pedro Sula, spent the night and then took the bus to the coast.  Took a ferry (two hours too long) to Roatan and spent the next six days there learning how to scuba dive.  Originally,we thought we would spend three days on the island and then return to the mainland.  The resort dive changed everything.  We extended our island adventure which allowed us to dine at Los Arcos, three times.  Awesome argentinian eatery in Roatan.  We were certified to scube dive which led to a birthday adventure in Cozumel which is another story.
After the island, we spent a night in La Ceiba at an outdoor adventure camp.  They offered white water rafting or horse back riding.  We were interested in the accomodations and skipped the optional activities.  A german couple owned this little gem of a hotel.  I remember their rottweiler fondly.  He loitered on our patio for a few hours.  Beautiful dog.  Super friendly and I would imagine, loyal.  We found that place on a lark. Our first impulse was to stay at a green resort.  The rate was $250 a night and somehow, I had convinced Brian we should do it.  We took a cab to the resort only to discover that they were booked for the night.  They suggested this little treasure.  I think it was $8 a night and they provided  a wonderful family oriented meal that night. 
Glorious trip until we got food poisoning on our return to San Pedro Sula.  It seemed so innocent.  We ordered a pork sandwich and watched a League of Their Own.  The couple that owned the diner had lived in Miami and their young daughter spoke english, relatively speaking.  That night, well, I won't go into detail.  All, I will say, is that it was not fun.  I skipped pork, anything, for awhile, too.
Sometimes, I overanalyze things when they are simple.  Create difficulty for no reason.  I am in a great place in my life and the possibilities are endless.  Why self-doubt?  It's natural, I suppose.  Must breathe through it and accept that I am ready for the upcoming challenges.  I will get through the self-doubt.
Enjoy your morning.  Yes, the yoga did help...

Insomnia related to too much thinking

Insomnia.  Instead of tossing/turning another round, I decide to go on-line.  Not a solution for the insomnia as I find myself thinking more.  Nonstop analyzing.  Mind racing.  What is the deal? 
I suppose there is a lot going on in my life--car, work, travel, pursuing wine, wanting nonstop travel, food, running.  Not necesssarily in that order or even order of importance.  My car is problematic to a certain degree.  I am frustrated with the mechanics and the fact that I need to have this problem fixed.  I love my car and really it isn't that big of a deal.  It's just money.  That is what I need to remember.  Let it go and move on.
Running.  I went hiking on my birthday and twisted my ankle.  I did not recover the way I normally do.  Perhaps since I didn't baby my ankle like I had in the past.  I worked and then decided to ice it.  Foolish.  As a result, I have been gingerly walking on it the last few weeks.  Delaying the return to running, hoping, that my ankle will feel better.  I have stretched, iced, and increased the frequency of yoga.  Last Tuesday, I went running and it felt okay.  A little tight in the beginning but then I was able to enjoy the activity.  I think I will tape it to stabilize my ankle and run the 1/2 that I signed up for in November.  This half is going to be epic.  The Goddess is running it with me and it benefits breast cancer awareness.  That issue is close to my heart.  I am thankful to be able to run in honor of my stepmom, Dori.
My dad sent me a tribute that was shown at the service for her.  It was a nice photo array from her life.  I enjoyed seeing Dori as a child and most of the photos of her travels with my dad.  That is something that they definitely enjoyed.  I noticed several photos from their trips to Oregon and a few from Denver and Estes Park.  I don't know who chose the photos of me, but I was thankful for the one which illustrated our Race for the Cure in 2009.  My dad, Dori, Bryn and I walked together.  A beautiful memory for sure.
I continued watching and thought, I wonder if they included any photos of Brian in the arrangement.  The video continued and there he was with Dori and me in front of a coffee shop near the Platte River.  I remember, that day, fondly.  It was the first time my dad and Dori spent any time with me and Brian.  They visited us in Denver and we were trying to tour guide and show them a pleasant time.  When I saw the photo, my heart ached.  Maybe that is the reason behind the insomnia.  Sadness for loss.
I knew it would be difficult to watch and believe that is why I delayed it. There was a photo of Michaela, her whippet, Pete, and Dori on Michaela's red couch.  That photo made me chuckle, even now, I am smiling at that photo.  I guess I miss Pete, too.
I believe that everything will be fine and that soon, I will be able to sleep.  I have upcoming travel, more running, and always wine.  After making a few adjustments in my schedule, the next few days will be interesting.  No car which motivates me to be interesting.  Should I bike to work or take the light rail?  Cab?  Walk?  What is my best option?  I suppose I will figure it out at some point.
Til then, I hope to experience a night of pure sleep.  Sweet Dreams!

Friday, October 14, 2011

obviously, I love my car....

Hmmmm...emissions test....why is it so necessary?
As my plates approached expiration, I considered my options.  Get car tagged here or venture back to Denver and deal with the emissions test.  As much as I love Denver ( I do and feel it is always home to me), the thought of driving for that test left me cold.  Instead, I became an adult and got my test here.  Sitting through the procedure, I had a sense of foreboding.  I knew that I was going to fail this test.  Don't know how, but, knew it.  Yep.  Failed the evaporation part of it.  They kindly tell me that I need to have my car fixed, hand me a diagram and point to a list of available mechanics in the area. 
I have a mechanic.  It's a love/hate relationship I have decided.  They suck at communication and the second visit left me feeling like I should locate a new shop.  However, due to convenience, I dropped Veronica off, Wednesday.  I had prearranged an appointment--2 pm--knowing, it was likely they wouldn't figure out problem til Thursday a.m.
No call, all day, yesterday.  Finally, I call them as they are closing and leave a message.  I like knowing what is going on.  At 6, they call me back and say--we haven't determined the problem yet.  We will begin, again, first thing tomorrow morning.
I wait.  And wait.  Did I mention that I waited, all day, til 4:20 (irony here) to get a call.  They replaced a hose and retested the pressure.  Still unable to pressurize led to more testing.  Finally, they discover the problem located on top of my fuel tank.  Cheap parts, but the labor issue, well, that is the thing.  Of course, they need to order parts and maybe get them Monday.  Which means, I won't see my car this weekend or, at all, til next weekend.  I am so freaking annoyed.
I called my dad and he says--maybe it's time to get a new car....Other people have suggested this and I know it is an option. But, I am not there yet.  Yes, this sucks and I am angry, but even if I had a newer vehicle, I would still have to deal with the emissions issue.
Next time, I am seeking out other mechanics purely to find someone that knows how to communicate in a manner of which I am accustomed.  This wait around b.s. is over!  Why make appointments if they are not going to be honored?  Seriously, I could have avoided the $30 cab ride on Wednesday. 
I have a good life.  I have great support and ultimately, I am happy. I love my car, too.  I will stop ranting now...promise.
Enjoy your night!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

future road trips

I see a trip to home in my near future.
Must make it happen.  Actually, I did make it happen.  Thought about it, envisioned, and presto, trip home to grab items is happening.  It entails a road trip and some bud lite--I think.  No, not for me, but for my gracious host.  The man that offered to pick up my belongings and bring them to my current rental.  This guy is a gem.  He likes Bud Lite...uncertain of how to break him of this habit.   Plan on giving him my stock after we drop off my belongings.  He can have all of the said beer.
Cannot wait to be home and see friends.  I am uncertain of when to meet up with my road trip factor.  I would love to have coffee with Sara Jo, see Jenn K, Goddess and others.  The trip will be short, sweet and to the point.  If only, I had more time.
It's not really my time line that I am concerned about either. It's the bud lite factor.  He is the tour guide and if he chooses to take off (immediately) what can I say?  It's his choice as he is the pilot of the trip.  I mean, I have friends (several) that I would love to see.  Coffee, wine, food.  Did I mention my fravorite eatery in Denver? 
Unfortunately, certain that my desire to eat well could color my friend's taste.  Yes, I am in love with food.  There are restaurants that I dream about.  However, this trip is quick and impulsive. Hoping to meet up with friends and enjoy the city.
It's happening.  Soon and then I will return to life in the valley.  It is right and felt right, in march.  Glad that I went down this path.
Of course, would love to spend three days in the metro area.  Food, wine, friends.  Still, think it's impulsive and about convenience.  Not pushing the envelope this time...
Yesterday I dropped my car off, again, to have some work done.  Failing an emissions test has consequences.
I had other responsibilities, too.  Wine tasting, wine tasting, wine tasting.  Tough day, right?  I dopped my car off and then hoped (prayed) that I would be able to convince a friend of mine to pick me up.  He was in town, ironically, also having his emissions test done.  He, too, failed.  I texted to see where he was but after the failed emissions, he had other plans.  I walked to a lovely wine bar and considered my options.  Walking home was out of the question and so I chose to have a glass of wine.  I walked in to a crowded eatery and the bartender greeted me immediately.
Gracious and helpful.  He pointed out that there were a few seating options.  One between two older gentleman; or a chair, down the bar, by a guy standing up on the phone.  I opted for the seat near the two men.  They seemed less obnoxious. 
I sat down, ordered a wine and minded my own business.  I chatted with the bartender, somewhat, and looked around the bar.  They had a nice crowd with most people enjoying the remainder of happy hour.  They advertise $5 wine, all day/everyday, from 11-5.  Yes, I love this special.  I think it is awesome and their selection is quite splendid.  Changes quarterly and always innovative. 
I was scoping out their strategy, admittedly, too.  Super comfortable place where most people feel confident enjoying wine or beer alone.  I like the concept. 
Eventually, I did converse with the two gentleman.  I asked how they met and if they meet once a month for wine.  Watching their interactions implied they met often.  They informed me that they met at a coffee shop eight years ago.  The barista knew them and made a point to introduce them as she felt they had similar interests.  They both were kind customers that frequented the coffee shop, solo.  Her introduction led to eight years of coffee shops, happy hours and conversations.  Really sweet.
I think the entire time I talked to those guys, the other available seat guy was on his phone, ranting about who knows what?  He seemed skittish.  He was up on his phone the entire time.  Why go out, in public, if all you are going to do is rudely talk on your phone?
Regardless, I finished my wine and took a cab back home.  Now I know what that costs if I want to hang out in that area of town.  Too bad the light rail does not go there yet.
And, I have a new coffee shop to check out if I am interested.  The two gentlemen mentioned their daily coffee shop and that I should check it out sometime.  I just might.
In terms of my car, I have still not heard anything from my current shop.  It must stop.  I made an appointment and feel they should honor that commitment I made to work on the car.  At least call and update.  Without any communication it leads me to believe that my car is sitting exactly where I parked it.  Awesome.
Unfortunately, I need my car and miss her.  I don't know how to convey to the shop the importance of communication regarding my car without finding a new mechanic.  I am almost there as this is the third visit, third lack of patience is thin.  What to do?  What to do?....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

another encounter with unpleasantries

Yesterday was a lovely day.  Yoga in the a.m. instead of attempting a mid-morning run.  I made scrambled eggs for lunch (delightful) with some tasty salsa, followed by an easy breezy shift.  Steady amount of people--some new, some regulars--until my least favorite customer returned.  Let me back up some...I met this guy a few weeks ago when he first made an appearance.   Initially, he seemed harmless, liked wine, seemed knowledgeable and owned a yoga studio.  He gave me a complimentary class card which peeked my interest.  Not going to lie....I enjoy yoga and needed to find a new studio that was location friendly and reasonable.  Rates for yoga classes are not cheap.  In Denver, I frequented a studio where I was paying $120 a month for unlimited classes.  At first, this didn't bother me.  The more you went, the less it was.  I think I was down to $5/per class which I was benefitting from.  I enjoy yoga...I do.
However, I prefer when studios cap classes.  This chain of studios does not practice that which annoyed me after a while.  I grew tired of having to arrive, super early, to ensure an unemcumbered space.  Even then, there were numerous times when people would arrive late and expect to move me over to find a touch of space to practice yoga.  For those of you who don't know...yes, I have, space issues.  Eventually, I canceled my membership out of annoyance for the class size.
Back to the story...this man offered me an opportunity to practice yoga.  I overlooked some of his amorous advances until they wouldn't stop.  He was aggressive and out of control.  Quote unquote--guess my age...come on, you should....and if you guess wrong, you have to kiss me....RIGHT.  Like I would even consider this.  Older, bloated personality, unattractive man.  Not to mention, he was cheap.  10% cheap.  Never going to happen.
When he finally left, one of the other customers turned to me and said--wow, that guy was a dick.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Hoped that this guy would wake up and realize what a jackass he had been and never step foot into the establishment again.  I had decided to skip any sort of appearance at the yoga studio and I wrote him off.
Until he reappeared last week and acted like nothing had happened.  No. this time, he ate bar snacks while licking his fingers, excessively, to the point where no one else wanted to touch the bowl of snacks.  I kept envisioning how he would eat hot wings and was mortified at the image.  My eyes were bleeding to say the least. 
That night, he didn't mention his behavior.
Last night, there is a foursome that had been amusing me.  I see the guy walk down the stairs and immediately, I am annoyed.  Great, I think.  I am going to have to deal with this moron again.  The foursome close out and I am like--ouch--how am I going to survive being alone with him?
It lasted five minutes.  During this time, he chose to say--I feel that I was a little amorous the first time I met you.
Surprised and so I say--I appreciate that.
He couldn't let it lie and he continued with...I was overserved....
Really?  You call that an apology?  Right.  I now know you are a complete jackass.
Another customer descends to break up the  monotony.  I am grateful to the interloper and head upstairs to talk over the moron to my co-workers.  They concur that the guy is a complete dick.
I return downstairs and the yoga guy starts in again...did you accept my apology?
I said, yea.  (not extremely convincing).
He responds--well, so, you will check out my yoga studio....
Talk about not giving up or letting it go.  He managed to bring up me taking a yoga class three more times until finally, he paid his tab and left.  I felt like I needed a shower when he finally made his exit. 
Yes, extremely unpleasant man to deal with but at least it provides comedy for others....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Memory

Ahhh.....happy to repost this.  My trip to D.C. to visit Marc and Megan a few years ago.  Had a wonderful time with Megan.  We toured the city and did some of the necessary tourist things--check the out the White House and some of the neighborhoods.  Walking everywhere to absorb the energy of D.C.
Of course, we stopped for wine to satisfy my love of bar hopping in other cities.  This was at one of Megan's places where they offer greek wine.  I enjoyed it too.
This is reminder to me that I must call her and see how life is on the East Coast.
Happy Monday.  I feel great~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viva las vegas...isn't that a song?  Or a theme?  A saying?
Finally, I booked a hotel for my upcoming half marathon.  Talk about being lazy..yes, that is me.  Lazy.  A ton going on.  However, knew that I needed to figure it out.  Similarly, to the Phoenix 1/2, work, wine, upcoming travel and currently, watching Veronica Mars.  Loved that show.  Yes, adore cult shows...some of them...that is.  This show was awesome.  Bummed that it got canceled.
I watched a movie, early, today and had to wait, watch, savor, wait, and hope for the internet connection to struggle.  The movie was awful.  About a young girl that fell for the advances of an older man on line and the fall-out it created for the family.  I watched and kept thinking--how do you (as a 14-yr-old) justify, that it being intimate with a 35-yr-old is normal?  It began as I am in high school.  He hooked her into his b.s. and said--I am twenty.
Actually, I am a grad student.  do you hate me?
A fourteen year old girl has no idea how to deal with an older man.  Especially, a middle aged man that seems reasonable.  He plays to her naivety.  Her immaturity. 
I thought you could handle told me you could.....remember when you talked to me the last few months?
Yep...hook, line, sinker.
Simple girl.  Unknowing and awful flick, for sure.  Especially when it kept stalling and making me reboot the system.  No bueno, for sure....
Adore veronica mars and am extremely thankful to watch it, again. 

staples in my kitchen

I was walking, aimlessly, and considering my livelihood.  Recently, I have been more adept at cooking. Well, not in Mexico.  For whatever reason, Jonny, always insists on making meals.  Like I am inept in the kitchen which is a complete joke.  For real.  I know how to use knives in addition to boiling water.  Not that he is bad...he's not.  He just doesn't even consider that perhaps I could make a meal.  The other night he made bacon wrapped steak.  It was okay.  Out of anything, inferior product.  Not skill.  I did enjoy the black beans.  He's made eggs in the past and always does everything.  Thankfully, he lets me at least clean up after the meal. 
Anyways, I was walking around enjoying the beautiful weather and considering my lifestyle.  I realized that there are things that I cannot live without.  First off--carrot cake.  I texted the Goddess to let her know that I have still not found carrot cake to celebrate my birthday.  WTH?  I cannot believe that I have went on this long without the delightful carrot cake.  Again, remember, this is a want, not a staple in my kitchen.
Nope, I always have onions, garlic and olive oil.  These are things that I cannot live without.  Well, and of course, wine.  I always have wine in my house.  That would be sacrilege to not have at least one bottle to offer someone.  (or myself after a strenuous day...)
I enjoy tomatoes, avocados, tortillas and salsa.  All things that I typically keep stocked.  When I was in college, I had nothing outside of wine and coffee.  I believe my sisters can all attest to that.  I have always worked in restaurants where it is easier to dine there then come home at 2 a.m. and eat a meal.  Regardless, I enjoy hummus and cucumbers too.  Do you see the theme?  Lots of vegetables and eggs, too.  Must perfect the technique on that one.  I love eggs in the morning with tortillas and salsa. 
Currently have bud lite too.  I are shocked.  I am shocked and it's not mine.  I loathe bud lite.  In all honesty, I drink budweiser with my dad since he has it stocked at his house.  I don't mind it and it's fine.  Bud Lite is a different story and obviously, this is stocked for a guest that prefers this beverage.  Otherwise, no bud lite.  Just porter and wine....I am hoping to unload the unwanted beer soon too.  I think it implies that I like it...which I don't.  Cannot help it.  I am a snob.  Yep, can say it.  I am a food snob.
A few weeks ago, Shari visited and said--my sisters think you turned me into a foodie or snob.  Either way, I am happy to have that title.  Why put crap into your body that isn't enjoyable or good for you.  I cannot even remember the last time I have had fast food.  Well, in the Bahamas, I ate fried chicked on the boat, after snorkeling, and it was excellent.  No lie. I truly enjoyed the chicken. 
I see a breakdown in the near future to appease a certain someone to illustrate that I am not completely high maintenance.  They offer salad, right?  Or, I have always loved the frosty factor at Wendy's.  Ice cream is in my blood.
So, yes, I have staples in my kitchen....onions, garlic, salt, olive oil, wine, coffee/creamer, tortillas and a mix of vegetables.  I can absolutely sustain on this.

return to mexico

This past week, I decided to visit the beach.  I called my friend (texted--actually) and asked if he would be around this upcoming week.  He responded that he was probably heading to the States to deal with car issues and said, come down tomorrow.  I am off til Friday.
Since I had a few days free and I failed the emissions test, I figured why not?  I asked a few guys about the likelihood of me not making it to Mexico and back safely.  Each one felt confident that Veronica would perform fine.  I packed a bag and headed south.  For the first time, ever, I got stopped on the mexican side of the border.  Unbelievable.  This guy directed me to a parking spot and I waited.  And waited and waited.  I knew that I couldn't take off and not be chased.  So, I sat there, patiently waiting, to be addressed.  I saw a few others get stopped too.
The agent asked me a few questions and I was off.  No big deal, at all.  Honestly, I get more grief from the u.s. agents on a routine basis.  Do you have family in Rocky Point?  Why are you visiting?  Where do you live in the States?  What do you do?  etc....all, I think is, why do you care?
Regardless, I follow the signs to Puerto Penasco and am tranquil.  Peaceful until the road stops in front of a circus.  Yes, not kidding.  Road deadended into a circus.  I turned around and considered my options.  I could try to figure it out or stop and ask a kind woman, preferably.  I could try to call Jonny.  I turned my phone on.  No service in Mexico since i hadn't set it up.  Not to mention, you hear stories of people stealing access to cell phones in other countries.  Nope.  Phone was not going to work.
I look around and again, assess, the situation.  Unfortunately, all I encountered was the police or gas station attendants.  I chose door #2.  I approached an attendant and asked him how to get to the road to Rocky Point.
His response--I don't speak english...right?!!!
I listened to him explain it to me in spanish.  I told him thank you and good day.  His response.  Your welcome.  No english my ass.
I found the road and headed to Rocky Point with no further issues.  When I arrived, Jonny, was like--I thought your car broke down.  Jesus!  It took you a long time to get here. 
Two days in Rocky Point.  Blissful.  The water was exceptional and the first day was long and full of laughter.  The second day, we had mimosa brunch with some of Jon's friends and enjoyed the beach.  That night we watched baseball and a movie.  Semi-lame, but Friday meant I would be returning to the States and Jon would be working.  I have seen him function, hungover, and it isn't pretty.  Definitely made the right decision to have an easy Thursday as opposed to a raging experience.
Grateful that I chose to drive down too.  It was beautiful and a nice change from the desert.  Love the beach~


Good morning, Sunday~
Finally, beautiful weather.  No a/c necessary.  Pure sleep in weather.  Love it!  Grateful for this.  The last few weeks I have actually formulated somewhat funny stories only to try to post them, here, and not be able to.  Talk about extremely frustrating.  Finally, last night, I was able to post a few things that have happened but they seem disconnected.  Darn the connection about my place.  It is a continual struggle to establish good service.  I must look into the wi-fi issues as it is not working for me. 
Regardless, the last few weeks have been about compassion and travel.  I spent five days in  Missouri visiting my dad and Dori.  I saw Jade and Jasmin, too, and corresponded with Michaela frequently.  She was unable to fly out that particular week.  It was bittersweet to be there knowing that Dori was approaching the end of her life.  We celebrated her birthday on the 22nd so that I could be part of the celebration.  Homemade cake, flowers and the love of family surrounded her.  I wished her peace and told her I loved her. 
The following Tuesday she passed away.  Sad, bittersweet, but peaceful, too.  Watching her lay there and not be able to communicate her needs was devastating to us all. 
I went hiking, that Tuesday, to clear my head and celebrate my life.  While hiking, I twisted my ankle and had to laugh about it.  I had overheard this couple discuss the ankle factor and ten minutes later I twisted mine.  Awesome.
I picked Shari up from the airport and we explored the valley.  Checked out my favorite restaurants and she met my friend, Jonny.  For once, he was semi-normal...not ultra hyper or ADDish.  He treated us to dinner and drinks at a local eatery and amused us with stories. 
We talked about daydrinking, Wednesday, relying on public transport and exploring the downtown area only work demanded his return.  Bummed, for sure, since Jonny always knows fun places to explore.  I figure there is always next time to show Shari more of his color. 
Instead, Shari and I met up with Jan for a lovely meal.  We tried tapas.  Lovely way to enjoy a meal.  Brief encounter but Jan had other priorities to contend with.  Her husband was out of town on a fishing vacation and her dogs needed attention. 
Prior to our dinner with Jan, Wednesday offered us a chill sort of day.  I iced my ankle and Shari read my library book.  The Dogs of Babel is a beautiful engrossing story.  I have read it a few times and Shari, too, got caught up in the tale.  If you have time and enjoy a wonderful novel, check it out.
Thursday Shari and I went on our mandatory six mile walk.  Somehow, we manage to find a lengthy walk on our visits.  Afterwards, we were sitting at a brewery when Shari exclaims--I really want another tattoo.  Twenty minutes later, and we both are seated in chairs to have work done.  Talk about impulsive, spontaneous and the ideal way to celebrate the birthday visit.  I really love that we did this.  I still cannot believe that I got a tattoo but I love what it signified for me.  I feel extremely healthy/happy/peaceful in life. 
I am experiencing some difficulty with posting lately. I had lovely tales to tell, too. Birthday month, friends visiting, tattoos--real and fake ( more entertaining and thankfully, I deleted proof from my camera is all I am saying), hiking, food, wine and of course, life in general.
Random dreams. Seriously, nonsensical dreams. Reflecting back on them, I am like--where did this come from...i did what?
Or, the recent interaction with this yoga owner who should be promoting peace and serenity and instead reeks of slimyness and distrust. Seriously, initially, I was excited to meet him and find a new studio to practice yoga. That elated feeling lasted maybe ten minutes. After talking with him and seeing how he was looking at me, well, I altered my opinion of his studio. He exuded filth. Not kidding. Just sensed that he would be the type to install cameras in the changing rooms for his own personal enjoyment.
When he left, last week, he tripped up the stairs and a few of my friends responded--wow, that guy was a dick.
I agreed. Last night, he showed up and I was shocked. Had it been me, I would have avoided the place that I made myself look like an idiot for awhile or maybe forever. Nope, this guy has no scruples. He didn't apologize for his repulsive behavior. He just seemed a little reserved. For about ten minutes. Then, he started eating snack mix and licking his fingers. Sucking on them. It was deplorable. I have found, yet, another pet peeve, up there with toe nail clipping in public. Yuck! Where do these people come from?
Anyways, I am frustrated with the posting factor. My birthday, the day itself, was melancholy. I won't go into details, but, it began with sadness. I went hiking to clear my head and embrace the day. I talked to several friends and picked up Shari from the airport. At that point, I was feeling much better. Spending time with Shari is always peaceful and I always manage to work in a 6+ mile walk around a city at some point.
Wanting to see if this actually will post--something...anything...seriously, I have several postings that have not been published due to who knows what.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Sunday!
What a beautiful day. I spent the morning enjoying the sunshine factor and hoped to dine at one of my favorite eateries. When I walked into the place, I knew, that it had not yet opened. I saw one of the guys that I play volleyball with and he deemed it necessary to grief me. Fun times, indeed. Instead of relocating, I convinced my friend to check out another restaurant. Packed. It was insane how busy this place was. We ordered and waited for my name to be called. The food was fantastic