Monday, December 31, 2018

final thoughts of 2018

I forgot that I had been to Las Vegas, too.  How did I do that?  Well, it was an impulsive trip and I stayed with a friend on the Strip.  And, I ate phenomenal food.  Of course, I had to mention my trip to Vegas.
It is snowing in Denver today.  I think I am staying inside, all day. I am not working and I am unmotivated to get up, put on my contacts and greet the world.  I am already planning lunch and take out.  Who can deliver to my house?  I had lunch plans with Roxie but the snow has discouraged my going outside.  I need to go to the library to collect my books and I should pay rent.  How inspired am I to go outside?  Not very.  We shall see.
I do want to get my books from the library.  It would be worthwhile to have those in my possession to kick start 2019 in the best possible way.  I want to  incorporate more reading into my livelihood.  I should limit my streaming to encourage more reading, learning, getting outside.  I met a girl last night that wants to bring people outside to hike to deal with a way to de-stress and not take medications.  It is important to experience nature and feel the sun.  I enjoyed chatting with her and hope that she is able to get her business plan off and running.
What else do I hope to achieve this upcoming year?  What do you hope to achieve?  As mentioned, I do want to read more.  Of course, travel is on my radar (as always).  I told Michaela that I would visit her in Oregon.  I am still trying to make that happen.  I would prefer a Monday-Wednesday type of trip and meeting in Portland.  It will be a push to make that happen.  My sister is more of a homebody and would prefer that I fly into Eugene.  It is challenging in that time frame to maximize time with her due to connections.  Also, she would have to take time off from work which she will also not like.  I don't know how else to do it though.
I had talked to Sara Jo about maybe meeting in NOLA on her journey back to Florida.  It isn't going to happen due to a change of plans.  Her mom is meeting her in Dallas and driving back with her to Florida.  I think, financially, it is probably for my benefit.  Last time we were in NOLA, I went a little out of control on the food and wine factor.  It was stellar!
Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.  I am confident of that and excited for this upcoming year. Celebrate, enjoy and taste life!  Cheers to 2019 and all that it has to offer. As much as I want to hibernate all day, I am going to venture outside.  I am more motivated to get my books, lol

Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 year of travel

Every year, I enjoy looking back on where I have traveled, eaten and created memories.  This year, I relied on my Airbnb receipts to figure out where I had traveled.  Ironically, after writing down the places, it looked a little light.  I had to remember that there were places I visited where I stayed with friends and family and so no Airbnb was necessary.
Here is the breakdown--
Santa Fe (six times)
Nashville  (first time)
Rincon, Puerto Rico (first time but will definitely return to visit friends)
Minneapolis (first time in years)
Palm Springs (second time in two years)
Walla Walla, Washington (second time in 8 years)
Kansas (family)
Washington D.C. (3rd time in my life)
Not bad, I think.  In retrospect, maybe I could have shifted a trip to Santa Fe and headed to Pagosa Springs or Aspen.  Both of these towns elude me.  I will have to change this in 2019. And, let's be honest, I love Santa Fe.  I love visiting friends, soaking at Ojo Caliente and of course, the food factor.  I think I may be able to arrange a quick trip down in January.  And, in February, I have bought tickets to go to Dallas.  That is the destination for this year's trip with Shari.  I have my eye on a body scrub at a Korean spa and will start investigating the restaurant scene.
Back to my year of travel, 2018.  Yes, multiple trips to Santa Fe.  I toured wine country in Washington State with my friend, Jean.  We found the best food truck across the border in Oregon--Bomb Tacos.  Wine was delicious and the food factor was pretty great, too.
D.C. encouraged a mini reunion of sorts.  I met up with my friend, Jennifer, from middle school.  Over the years, Jenn and I have met in Las Vegas, Denver, ABQ and now D.C.  She took six months off to hike the AT and I met her in D.C. for a city break.  There was never a mention of me hiking with her and for a minute, I was semi-offended.  I am healthy.  Why wouldn't she want me to experience some of the beauty of the AT?  The more I thought about it, though, I knew we had made the right decision.  I am a great guide in most cities. I enjoy finding restaurants and bars.  And D.C. does not disappoint.  We dined at Bad Saint and Tail Up Goat in addition to a few other spots.  Both are amazing and I am so thankful to have found them.  We met up with classmates--Mitch and John for dinner and drinks.  That was great to reconnect and chat about life.  Also, I introduced Jennifer to my friends, Megan and Marc.  They were my neighbors from my rental on Logan Street in Denver.  Megan has always enjoyed cooking and we had a chill night with them and their kids.
Minneapolis and Kansas were inspired by family trips.  My mom turned 65 in August and my aunt and I surprised her with a quick visit to Kansas.  Also, I treated my mom to her first ever pedicure and she loved it.  I couldn't believe it!  65 years and no pedicure.
I adored Minneapolis.  The yoga scene was off the hook and I enjoyed day drinking and finding new restaurants to dine at.  My aunt was a gracious hostess and I enjoyed spending time with her.  We did some thrift store shopping in EDINA and spent the majority of time in Uptown.
Nashville was fantastic.  We chose that location for our anniversary trip and Sara Jo joined us.  Four days to eat Hot Chicken, explore music and the city.  I had a great time and would love to return at a later date to see more of the city.  We packed in as much as we could and there was still so much more to do.  Palm Springs was a little laid back.  Spent time with Sara Jo and my friend, Marc.  Hiked at Joshua Tree and checked out the high desert.
I conclude my year of reflection with Puerto Rico.  My friends, Tiffany and Dan, had planned a relocation there for a few years.  They had everything planned and then the hurricane happened.  Still, they were determined to move there and so they waited for a bit.  They didn't want to go there and take away from people that already were experiencing difficulty with resources.  I commended them on their foresight and compassion.  They invited me to their wedding in March and it was lovely.  Spending time and seeing how resilient Puerto Ricans are.  And, I do love the ocean.
Quick recap of my year.  I am thankful for all of the time spent traveling, drinking wine and seeing friends--creating memories.  I look forward to this upcoming year and think of where I will go.  What does 2019 hold for me?
We shall see.  Til then, cheers and enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

ramen, podcasts and yoga

I did find ramen and it was delicious!  I attended a noon yoga class and decided to find food afterwards.  Initially, I toyed with the idea of being healthy and preparing something at my house.  I have eggs, tortillas, soup and a few other stapled.  Yet, the idea of savory ramen lingered and I was unable to quash that craving.
Of course, I wanted a beer to accompany it.  The normal girl that waits on me was not working yesterday.  The ramen was amazing as usual.  Pork, scallions, udon noodles and ginger.  I added a fair amount of the hot sauce and it all worked well.  There is something enticing about ramen.  I wish I had discovered it years ago.  I think I was insecure about my chop stick capability in the past.  I am now more confident in working with them (finally).  I see more ramen in my future.
I returned home and tried to digest my ramen so that I would be able to teach yoga in three hours.  It is not ideal to teach or practice on a full stomach.  I drank water and continued to listen to the podcasts.  I am intrigued by the topics that are considered and discussed.  I began listening to the Dirty John series.  That was nuts!  I have been watching the series on Bravo but listening to the podcast is more revealing and shocking.  The details of this conman's ability to integrate himself into these women's lives is remarkable.  How he manipulates and isolates each woman is scary.  I started listening to an after the series and there were more women that came forward and had other stories of deception, betrayal and fear.  It was crazy!
I taught yoga to my regular clients and afterwards, we drank wine and ate crudité.  Lovely way to end a Tuesday and consider how to expand my practice for 2019.  The ladies had a few ideas and have continued to encourage and support me which I appreciate.  We concluded the evening and I returned home to make dinner.  Squid ink pasta with tomatoes, garlic and tuna.  I received a cookbook while in college that remains in my rotation of use.  The pasta recipe is one that I have altered and reused many, many times.  I should thank my friend, Jean, again, for that practical gift that continues to thrive in my house.
All, in all, it was a peaceful day.  Today, I will be treat myself to a thai massage and perhaps do a little accounting.  Or organizing.  It remains to be seen.  I am excited about the massage, of course, and know that it is much needed.  I have some shopping to attend to and should go to the market.  The next few days will be full of work and productivity.  I do have an eye appointment on Saturday and that will conclude my health driven  goals of the year.  Oh the joys of being an adult.
Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Days off and goal planning

Day off number do I choose to spend it?  I woke up to a text with that exact inquiry.  My response--rest, sleep, recovery.  That was a few hours ago.  Now, I have yoga planned, teaching later, finding wine for my clients and possibly catching a matinee.
I am resting.  I am finding time to recover and plan.  Yesterday, I listened to podcasts which I think I am going to increase in my life.  Instead of watching mindless crap, aka tv, I could be listening to podcasts.  Or reading books.  I want to be continuing to learn.
I needed to create a playlist for the school teachers as they feel music would help transport them out of the classroom.  I cannot help that we are in a kindergarten classroom surrounded by miniature tables and chairs and I think, I block that part out.  I just focus on the yoga which I am supposed to do.  I think it is challenging for the ladies since they leave their respective classroom to enter another one.  There is no break in their landscape.  So, I do get the desire for music.  I messed around with creating something that would not be language offensive or derogatory.  I also wanted to create a list that increased in tempo and rhythm, too.  Need to be intensifying not putting people to sleep.
It became all encompassing and over took my afternoon.  Then, I received an email where the teachers are canceling this week due to lack of attendance.  Mostly, I think it is too close to the holiday and people are already on their vacation in their minds.  Instead of doing yoga, they can take an additional hour to shop, organize or write cards.  I wasn't offended and actually recognize that I can take more time to craft a fantastic play list.
I wanted to leave my house and continue to write cards and have a glass of wine.  I walked to a nearby restaurant that has a separate bar area that I like.  I considered a coffee shop that offers beer, whiskey and wine but opted to skip it.  I didn't feel like beer and their wine pours are minimal.  I walk into the restaurant and there is one table occupied and one remaining bar seat.  There are two women sitting next to each other and one open seat followed by two seats occupied by two men.  When I sit down the men give me a dirty look.  I was surprised since I felt I had done nothing to attract that sort of attention.  However, I arrange my journal and settle in.  The ladies next to me are chatting away.  The bartender doesn't see me at first but I am okay with it.  I order a glass of wine and water and listen to these gals go on and on and on about their days.  As noted, there were four other guests in the restaurant and so we were all privy to their day.  Then, it made sense why the men gave me the dirty look on my arrival.  They thought I was joining the ladies and adding to their conversation.
I deducted that after the men looked at each other in disgust and said, let's just close out and go.  I looked at them and nodded in agreement.  I felt that the ladies could have adjusted their voices to classroom settings so that others could enjoy their own conversation or in my case, just being able to be silent.  I wanted to write cards and enjoy wine.
It was funny.  And it is life.  We all choose to go out and be social or not.  These two ladies had every right to talk about whatever they wanted.  However, I wish they had had the savvy to pick up on the fact that no one else was interested in their day.  The men were so disgusted.
Eventually, they left and I said something to the bartender about it.  She said that she felt bad for the regulars that left since they were clearly annoyed with the women.  I told her she could have increased the volume of the music to indicate perhaps they could lower their voices.  She said that next time she would.
I considered making dinner.  I had pasta, tomatoes, garlic and a few other staple items.  Then, I thought better of it.  I could pick up some take out and skip all of the prep, clean up, etc.  I chose that option.  Seemed more enticing.  I wanted to  minimize the amount of effort in my day.  Perhaps lame, but honest.
Today, I am listening to more podcasts, attending yoga and eventually teaching to my regular clients.  We are concluding this year with a happy hour yoga session.  I am excited to teach and then retox.  I should be doing more of that!
Maybe finding some ramen, too.  I had lunch with my friend, Thomas, yesterday and as much as I wanted ramen it is challenging to share with someone that you don't know well.  If I were dining with the Warrior Prince, well, it would be a non-issue.  I have shared many meals with him and so it is natural to share food.  I think I might find some ramen today.  Although the weather is not indicative of eating ramen today.  It looks gorgeous outside.
We will see where the day leads.  Tomorrow I have a thai massage scheduled and perhaps a matinee.  I just want to enjoy the present moment and I hope you do as well!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

the last few weeks

Good morning!  I feel like I took a brief hiatus and need to return to my love of blogging before the year ends.  First off, I spent the last few days in Santa Fe.  As noted, I love visiting Santa Fe and do it frequently and often.  It keeps me centered and grounded, perhaps.  I found a great Airbnb rental near my old rental by Frenchie's Park. The owner was a lovely woman who greeted me when I arrived.  It was such a cute casita. I hope that I am able to rent it again.
I arrived in the city different and headed directly to La Choza.  I wanted to celebrate with a silver coin and some pozole.  Afterwards, I met Melody for dinner at Jambo and concluded the night going to bed early.  I think I needed to focus on the sleep factor and hydration as well.  My skin is dry and I have had chapped lips for the last six days.  No amount of chap stick can help me.  Sleep and water are the best doctors.  I considered going to Ojo Caliente on Tuesday like I normally would do.  However, this trip, I thought, why not leave from Ojo and head north to Denver?  I texted my friend, Danielle, to see if she would be able to meet in Taos for a quick visit. Impulsively, I sprung this on her and it didn't work out.  There will be other trips and I know that I will be able to see Danielle on a future trip.
I was able to re-focus my trip. I could attend a TRX driven class at a Barre studio that I adore.  The class is offered on Tuesday mornings and they have more traditional barre classes offered on other days.  Although, I can appreciate a barre class, I prefer the TRX class.  I think I get more out of it.  And, I love the two of the instructors.  Great music and a killer work out!
It was a nice way to explore Santa Fe and Ojo.  My drive from Taos was pleasant and I avoided Raton Pass.  They are doing road construction along the pass and it is a little annoying.  I enjoyed the drive to Colorado from Taos.  I think I might consider traveling this way on my next trip down.
In the past six weeks, I have been working and trying to work on my yoga practice.  I visited Sara Jo in Palm Springs.  It was a lovely trip.  Too short but I had a blast.  We hiked Joshua Tree and spent the afternoon with my friend, Marc, from Santa Fe.
I am thinking about travel for 2019.  I know I will be in Dallas in February and I would like to return to Minneapolis to see my aunt and explore the yoga scene again.  I loved this studio I found and only had the opportunity to experience one class.  I would love to return.  I would love to see what else they offer.  Sara Jo is chatting up Kentucky and Bourbon road.  Maybe an international trip could happen, too?  I don't know.  It is something that is on my mind and I want to have some plans to kick start 2019.
I am off to teach yoga.  It feels great to be back!  Cheers and enjoy your day!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Las Vegas

I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Sin City since I had a friend attending a conference there.  I opted to impulsively book a flight for 36 hours and head west.  In hindsight, I should have sought out better flight times.  Arriving earlier on Monday with a departure on Wednesday morning or afternoon.  The flight I arranged was a 1 am red eye which is not my jam I have learned.  I completely overslept.  Frantically, I rebooked a flight and was able to ease back to sleep.  But, let's back up.  That was only one aspect of my adventure.
I arrived Monday night and dined at Bouchon.  I have always loved Bouchon.  It is consistently amazing.  We sampled the mussels, oysters, pate, frites and green beans.  A smorgasbord of deliciousness.  Tuesday morning, I stopped by another favorite, Mon Ami Gabi.  I considered sitting outside to people watch and then reconsidered.  I could absolutely enjoy a fantastic meal sitting bar side.  I ordered smoked salmon and bagels with extra capers.  It was a great way to begin the day.  I prefer a savory breakfast to sweet and actually tend to enjoy green chile and eggs if I have my way.  Mon Ami Gabi is a French restaurant and so that was not an option.
Next, I headed off Strip to a Korean Spa for a treatment.  I was interested in a body scrub/massage combo which was offered as one of their services.  In addition they have a hot tub, cold plunge, two steam saunas and multiple dry saunas.  That alone is enticing and then I had the body scrub combo.  It was good, not great, in comparison to what I have found in Denver.  The massage in Denver entails a cucumber mask, followed by a mix of honey and milk being massaged into your body.  My skin feels luxurious afterwards.  At any rate, it was a nice break from the Strip and a good treatment.  I do prefer the dry saunas that are offered at the Imperial Spa.  There is a red clay room that is magical.
I walked to a Thai restaurant for tuna tartare and cucumber salad.  Perfect way to celebrate lunch.  I returned to the venetian for a quick nap and had baseball on in the background.  I packed my bag and waited for my friend to return for a light dinner.  He had work obligations and so I stopped by Chica for octopus and then beef carpaccio at Del Monico's.  I wanted to continue to watch baseball and Chica did not have a tv.
I thought this was how my Vegas adventure would conclude.  Instead I completely overslept thru my alarm and woke up at 3 am.  Awesome.  I should have been arriving in Denver around that time.  Thankfully, I was able to rebook my flight for the following afternoon.  I pushed back a yoga client and rescheduled my chiropractor appointment.  Then, I thought about how I would like to enjoy the additional day of the food factor.  There was a greek restaurant that looked intriguing and was open for lunch.  I had the most delicious charred octopus over a fava bean puree.  And a Greek salad that was terrific.  I felt very blessed to have missed my flight.  Otherwise I would have missed out on a spectacular meal.
The weather was perfect, too.  I should have packed shorts and a light fleece as opposed to the heavier jacket that I brought.  I was concerned about the comings and goings of Denver.  It has been a lovely October--two trips--one to Santa Fe and another to Las Vegas.  A bunch of yoga and some personal treatments of body scrub and physical therapy.  It's been epic.
Today I will check out another yoga studio and see what they are offering.  Perhaps even incorporate some of it into my teachings.  We shall see.
I do enjoy Sin City.  Not for the obvious gambling but for the delightful food factor.  It truly is endless--so many options.  I could return in a week and explore five other restaurants and be just as happy.  Maybe even more so.
Off to flow and say cheers to Saturday!  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

upcoming travel

Next week, I am returning to Santa Fe.  I had mentioned to Melody that the girls and I might postpone our Santa Fe adventure in September since she would not be able to join us at Ojo Caliente.  I have great friends.  The last few years either they have traveled with me to celebrate my birthday or made time to treat me to dinner.  This year, Lindsay, Sara Jo and I discussed heading to New Mexico.  Lindsay has never visited Santa Fe and so it would be her entry into the land of enchantment.  We considered possible dates and came up with a plan.  Next step was confirming that Melody would be in town to celebrate with us and also spend a day at Ojo Caliente.  It is now a mandatory part of my trips down south.  I texted Melody to tell her our of news and she told me that she would be absent as she would be on a cross country road trip the last two weeks of September.  Melody is an essential part of my trips and friends and so I asked the girls if they would consider delaying our trip.  That put a bug in her ear and she blocked off the 9th of October from scheduling appointments.  Then, Sara Jo decided she would relocate to California by the end of September and so I knew I would have to commit to that trip.  And that I would be driving back down two weeks later.
My birthday trip was great!  Lots of food, margaritas and memories.  Lindsay had to back out due to work and so I figured maybe she could return with me in October.  So, I floated the idea by Lindsay when she canceled the September trip.  She agreed to request off those days and I found another Airbnb.
She still is uncertain if she can join me or not.  Her boss is unwilling to grant her the days off in a timely manner.  My bases are covered.  My oil is changed.   I have communicated with the Airbnb hostess and texted friends to arrange meals.  I'm fairly certain I will see Jennifer from ABQ.  We can chat the remainder of her AT adventure.  Earlier this summer, I met her in D.C. and we toured the monuments and food scene for four days.  Then, she returned to the trails and headed north to Maine.  I believe we will meet for happy hour on Monday for a few silver coin margaritas.  I reached out to Libby, Danielle and Lawrence.  I am sort of in a holding pattern til Lindsay confirms whether or not she is joining me.  I know that if I drive down, solo, I will leave earlier than if we travel together.  I am aware of that.  I will more than likely stop in Rye for a potty stop.  I prefer that BBQ spot right along 1-25 to break up my trip.
I can also commit to doing another Barre class or perhaps seeing a few other friends.  If I get down early enough, I can meet a friend for lunch.  I would like to do that if possible.  And, I hope to purchase a ring.  That had been a goal of my September trip.  Time got away from me.
Palm Springs will be another trip I will make happen.  I figure it is much easier to head west to visit Sara Jo then go to Florida.  That eastern trip entails a connecting flight which adds more time to ask off for.  I want to avoid that.
Celebrate and enjoy the day!  Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 1, 2018

The start of clean eating

Happy Monday!  Officially saw my trainer and now my arms are aching.  Honestly, I think I did more pushups than I thought was possible.  Everything centered on arms, some core and balance.  I am fried.
I arrived and immediately she pointed out that I should get on the scale.  Probably my least favorite way to start my week.  Thankfully, I am okay.  I was shocked about where I am at.  My base is actually decent and I am surprised that it is not worse.  I was super indulgent the last few weeks.  Months, even.  Dining out, day drinking and less walking to work due to the ankle injury.  Somehow, I have managed to maintain a decent balance.  I think my trainer was shocked, too!  She suggested that I decrease my wine intake and also dining out.  It is a difficult decision.  Social, interactive and something I truly enjoy doing.  I should be doing less of that and more cooking at home.  The proximity to the farmer's market will help me with this task.  And the fact that my friend circle is diminishing.  Sara Jo is in Cali and Lindsay rarely takes a day off during the week.  Jenn has a new job and her schedule is constantly changing.
I should be more focused on meal prepping.  Just see how it alters my diet and how I benefit financially.  I am sure that I would be able to travel more often if I had less boozy lunches.  I love them so!  I would like to visit Sara Jo before she heads east to Florida or return to Minneapolis to try more yoga at that one studio that was incredible.  Of course, it would be wonderful to see my aunt.  We have a bunch to catch up on and I did truly enjoy my mini visit in May.  There is more exploration to do in Minneapolis for sure.
I had a dream about Chicago last night.  Maybe I will try to go there again.  It's been a year and the restaurant scene is endless there.  I could pick a random area and be overwhelmed with the food option.  Hopefully, I can make something happen soon.  There are too many places that I want to explore.  I will be returning to the Dallas area in February.  Originally, Shari and I considered flying to Puerto Rico to spend the anniversary in Rincon with Tiffany and Dan.  Honestly, that would have been ideal. Spend some time on the beach--yoga, see Tiffany and Dan, and discover the food factor in Rincon.  However, timing is not ideal.  I would want six days to spend there and due to my work schedule, I would be restricted.  And, I believe, Shari also had some scheduling woes.  We chose to reconvene and take a shorter trip.  Dallas seemed like a natural fit.  I am still exploring where to stay, dine, soak.  I met a gentleman last night that had a few suggestions and was helpful.  We will see.
It feels like we just arrived at 2018 and yet, somehow, we will be embracing new year's eve in three months.  Three short months.
Perhaps, I will actually try to eat clean for a stretch.  Don't they say if you can alter your routine for 21 days it becomes a habit?  Be it, exercise?  Diet?  Sleep?  Well, maybe not that.  I'm off to continue my day before heading into work.  Life is grand!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Clean eating

This last month has been super indulgent.  It's hard for me to not be.  It's my birthday and I tend to over celebrate with friends.  I love the opportunity to see people.  Of course, food and wine is involved and the celebratory status lasts for days.  I saw the Goddess, Jenn, Roxie and helped Sara Jo depart from Denver.  That definitely added to my excessive ways.
I am returning to my trainer tomorrow morning to face the music in a way. I know that I have been excessive and not exercising as often as I like to do.  I did attend a TRX driven barre class last week while visiting Santa Fe.  It didn't kill me.  I was sore, afterwards, but I also identified that I am stronger than I was a year ago.  That felt good and I suppose will help me face the fury of my trainer tomorrow.  It's been three months since our last session.  Some of it is due to the fact that I have been nursing an injury.  The high ankle sprain that will not end. I finally broke down and found a chiropractor to assess the situation and help me with pain management and releasing some of the chronic muscle contraction in my calf muscles.  I think the brace that I had been wearing made it worse for me.  It became more of a crutch.  I thought I needed it and forgot what actually walking felt like.  My chiropractor took one look at my gait and taped up my foot.  He wanted me to utilize my natural walking as opposed to relying on the brace.  I have been dry needled, vascular flushed and had a raptor utilized on me.  The raptor is a hand held device that stimulates the muscles.  It hurt so good, lol.
Since incorporating the chiropractor into my life, I do feel better.  Immensely.  It inspires me to consider how I want to spend the next month.  With the addition of my trainer resurfacing, I want to maintain a cleaner lifestyle.  Minimize the wine intake and attempt to dine at home more frequently.  I have pickles, olives, and tuna burgers from Sara Jo's kitchen.  I went to the farmer's market this morning and picked up some tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed greens and peaches.  Why wouldn't I cook at home?
Thankfully, I have the opportunity to do just that.  And plan travel.  I hope to visit Sara Jo in Palm Springs before she heads to Florida. That trip will definitely be more challenging to pull off in three days.  And, I don't know how long it will take Sara to settle into Florida.  Heading west is more attractive to me and I could explore more of Joshua Tree.  It was beautiful.
I will be in Santa Fe, again, to visit Melody and do another soak at Ojo Caliente.  I want to focus on my needs and what makes me happy.  Clearly, travel is always a factor.  And., I believe it is time to finally create a home out of my rental space.  It's challenging since I do not like clutter or things and tend to purchase more airline tickets than anything else.  Maybe refocus and create some space in my life for roots.  I have multiple plants to add life to my home now.  I gave Sara Jo my plants from Brian's memorial.  I received them in 2006 and they are still thriving.  I love it!
So, perhaps, slow down.   Write more.  Read.  Expand my yoga and reflect on what I truly want out of life. I felt so fortunate on my birthday.  Spent time with my aunt, saw Jenn K and heard from many, many friends.  I am extremely grateful for the friendships I have in my life.
Tomorrow is a new day.  My focus will be on the clean eating and taking care of me.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Dreams and realizations

More acupuncture, pedicures and dreams of travel.  I have been loitering on my days off.  Trying to fill them up with yoga teaching and it has been plentiful.  I am conflicted for as much as I yearn to travel, I need to have a routine for clients.  I cannot just up and go on a whim as I have in the past.
Still, I want to travel.  It is a natural part of my life and I find myself talking about it often at work.  I had a lovely conversation about Santa Fe on Tuesday at lunch and then New Orleans inspired another lengthy conversation last night.  These conversations motivate me to book a trip and do it.  Not just wait around
I will be heading to Santa Fe, twice, in the next month and possibly a trip to Chicago, Austin or Aspen.  I need to confirm dates with my friend and then commit to the trip.  I think about it often and visualize a foodie inspired venture.  Especially with this friend.  He has similar likes and we travel well together.  In the past, we have ventured to Chicago and Santa Fe and so I would like to try out a different destination.  Heck, I would be happy returning to New Orleans.  That city has the best food and the options are limitless.  Not to mention, music, endless sazeracs and beignets.  I had some customers last night request a Sazerac and I was unable to find the absinthe so I refused to make it.  Instead, I offered to make a vieux carre which seemed to make them just as happy.
I am trying to minimize my acupuncture and do one session weekly.  I can supplement with massage, pedicure and PT.  I have started trying to balance on my right foot and do a few strength enhancing moves.  It is helping and I feel better.
The pedicure, today, was amazing.  I attempted to arrange a pedicure last week but my place was booked solid.  I stopped by today and waited ten minutes before siting in the chair. The calf massage was epic and I think it is another way to ease the ankle stress.  I am trying everything to heal and faster.  The essential oils are helping and as noted, I know, that the swelling is down and my ankle is beginning to look the right shape again.  It's been a long road to healing.
I am blessed though. I have a healthy gut.  I have a friend that has been dealing with some intense GI issues.  I really don't know how she does it or why it has lasted this long. I feel very fortunate to not be dealing with that myself.  I would be hydrating, hydrating, hydrating and skipping all the wine and margaritas that I like to ingest.
I'm sort of interested in learning how to golf.  I have been golfing a few times and so it is not completely foreign to me.  However, how great would it be to actually be able to participate and compete?  Or tennis?  I think golf would be a more natural fit for me.  Not that I am scared of all of the running and agility in tennis.  I'm not.  I just sucked at it so bad when I was in high school when they were trying to teach us.  I always had an "open" face.  I got kicked off of the gym aide duties in tennis and thrust in to managing the runners.  Never returned to tennis after that point.  I have a friend that is retired and possibly 78 years old and she is still playing competitively.  She loves it.  I think it is great and her and her partner are super cute when they travel together.
Golf would be preferable.  However, I want to return to seeing my trainer.  Which brings us back full circle--healing the ankle to be at least 90% so that I can be athletic and continue to train with Courtney.  Golf will have to wait for the time being.
Acupuncture will continue.  Massage, too.  My goal is to return to training with Courtney by October.  Means I will be diligent in my taking care of my ankle.   I must decide that I am ready and that I want this.  I do.  I want to be 100%. It aids my teaching, my well being and my health.
Here is to that!  I am off to enjoy my Friday~

Saturday, September 1, 2018

day off and frustrations of the ankle

Day off and what a day it has been.  Lazy.  No yoga.  New restaurant checked out and a return to a local brewery.  I have visited this place three times and try to like it.  I have friends that love it.  Me, it's meh and will continue to be.  I will return to that later.
My ankle continues to frustrate me.  Acupuncture helps me, somewhat, and will continue to do so.  I think, though, that I need to make a more concentrated effort in physical therapy.  I can walk (thankfully) and can work. But, running is challenging and balancing on my right foot scares me.  I am afraid of messing it up.  I have been doing some writing the alphabet with my toes which helps but my foot wants to cramp.  It is always something.
I skipped yoga today and yesterday.  I thought I had a client this morning but she canceled, last minute, to go to Aspen.  I do understand the desire to travel.  I only wish that she had some consideration of my time and the effort I take to put into the planned sequence.  She hasn't yet.  I have been on a pozole kick.  I continued that trend today or tried to.  Instead, I found a Colombian spot on East Colfax that offers Mondongos.  I was super excited to sample their offerings.  I had tried mondongos in Medellin and loved it.  I entered this cute spot and was surprised to find football on and a group of six ladies enjoying lunch.  I perused the menu and chose the mondongos, a Colombian beer and an arepa to start.  About fifteen minutes later, she returned with my beer and told me, in Spanish, that they were not offering mondongos today.  I could choose between two other options and I replied--which do you prefer.  I loved that she spoke to me in Spanish.  I wish I could have responded in Spanish.  It was awesome.  Reminded me that I want to learn another language.
The food was good.  More pedestrian and clean which I enjoyed.  I would love to return to try the mondongos.  I prefer them to the soup I sampled.
Yesterday, I had pozole at a spot on south Broadway which I have tried a few times.  It is a popular mezcaleria and the food is adequate.  The pozole was oily and not at all what I wanted.  I was super disappointed in that option.  The guacamole was delicious and of course, I enjoyed the salsa and the conversation with my lunch date.  Troy is travel friendly.  I think he did 320 days last year and this year, is on point, to do 345.  It's nuts!   He owns a home in the Springs and travels all over with a bike company.  As much as he loves it, I think, the travel does wear on him.  He goes everywhere--stateside and internationally.  of course, I am jealous!
So, lunch today was good and Colombian inspired.  I returned home, afterwards, and took a nap.  I think I needed it.  My body needs to recover.  I have been binge watching SOA in preparation for another series the Mayans.  I seriously, should, read more, lol.  It is more noise for me to have while I sift through the day.
Finally, I walked to the market to pick up garlic.  I would like to attend the farmer's market to choose produce tomorrow.  Fortunately, it is located about three blocks from my house.  Anyways, I walked to the store and picked up a few items and opted to stop by the local brewery which I want to like.  I entered the brewery and selected a spot at the bar.  I was approached, quickly, and asked for my i.d.  Not that big of a deal.  I get it.  It's their job.  I chose a beer and the girl returned with it and asked it I wanted a tab or to pay.  Super direct.  I paid.  I tipped her and she didn't say thank you or anything else.  That is annoying.  How difficult is it to be friendly?  I then watched and saw the three bartenders check their phones and basically suck.  I really don't think that I can support this place again.  My boss likes the beer and has a difficult time picking up beer to go and so I have done it for him.  I don't know that it will be frequent.  It is a not a vibe I enjoy.   And, I have tried to like it.
It is a new month.  My birthday month.  I am inspired to really put myself out there and accomplish some goals.  I want to travel, I do.  I can taste it.  However, I think, patience is my friend in this situation.  I need to be patient and relax.  Everything will happen when it is supposed to.
Making dinner tonight.  Continuing my binge of SOA and relaxing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

day off

Day off translated to cleaning house, reading, watching some tv, cooking dinner and teaching one client.  Originally, I thought I would take the day to detox and had believed I would stick to it.  Then, I thought about what I would prepare for dinner and wine accompanies pasta too well.  I couldn't resist!
My client arrived around 6:30 and hung out with me until 7:45.  She likes to chit chat after the sessions which is lovely and, at times, irritating.  Last night, I was ready to be back in my own  space before she was ready to depart.  I understand wanting to hang out, I do.  Only, last night, was my only night off and I wanted to fully utilize it.  So, I made pasta and drank wine.
I attempted to make lunch plans with Roxie.  We had been practicing yoga fairly regularly until she experienced a shoulder injury.  It was an old injury that had been acting up and so after she had it checked out, she experienced a lower back issue as well.  Now, it's been six weeks since we practiced together.  It will be an interesting start of practicing together or maybe we will focus on the lunch factor.  She is still healing and so I don't even know when she is wanting to practice yoga together.  Plus, her job is requiring a bunch of her time and so I don't know how much free time she actually has to do yoga and or day drink.  I have clothes to drop by good will and should get that done.  It would also be nice to pick up a new vase for my gratitude bowl.  I have been slacking on my notes of gratitude the last few months.  Mostly because my vase is being used to house flowers on a regular basis.  I am trying this new thing where I purchase new flowers weekly and enjoy them until they are no longer fresh.  It adds a nice energy to my house and reminds me to be thankful on a daily basis.
My current book is challenging.  I am struggling to get vested into it.  I am still waiting for that spark.  You know the one I am talking about?   Where all you can do is read until you finish since you are so enticed by the author.  My current book is not providing any energy for me.  I am struggling to read it and if I make it to page 100 and still feel nothing, well, it will be going back to the free library.  I sort of have a feeling that is where it is destined to go.  I just cannot seem to get into this book.
I have others to choose from.  I could find something to occupy my time.  Make me day dream.  Reflect.  Release.  Absorb my thoughts as opposed to watching tv. I really should limit that time suck part of my life.  It seems too easy, at times, to fall into a show.  Especially late at night when I am not yet ready for bed.  I should make more of an effort to read or write, even.  Use my mind instead of having it crammed with reality tv.  Yes, I do get sucked in to some of that b.s.
I arranged another acupuncture treatment for this week.  It seems to be helping my ankle, immensely.  I am healing.
I looked at flights.  I always rely on travel as a gateway for fun.  I keep returning to heading to Aspen on a road trip.  Or, perhaps a flight to Seattle.  I have a friend that could be my tour guide in Seattle.  I see some wine tasting in that trip and perhaps some foodie driven experiences.  I should just commit to one or the other.  Not worry about the others involved.  It will work out the way it is supposed to.  I can delay or postpone my clients and create some space for a trip in my near future.
I should get up and greet the day.  Drop my clothes to good will and explore part of the city before heading into work.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work today.  It is an overcast day and inspiring me to be productive.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Healing and moving forward

More taking care of my ankle.
Ginger compress--check.
Magnesium salts--check.
Essential oils--check.
Tiger balm--check.
Acupuncture--tomorrow.  And potentially, Wednesday and Friday.  I have more sensation in my foot so I know there is circulation and that it is improving.  I am healing.  I will survive this and be able to return to a fully functioning life.
I feel some travel will be in the near future.  I would love to explore Aspen.  It is hard to believe that i have lived here since 2001, off and on, and never been to Aspen.  I tend to return to Santa Fe, often, as my go to place when I have two days off.  It is an easy drive and I love the food factor.  Still, I could absolutely go explore more of Colorado.  I hope to achieve a trip at the end of the month.  The Goddess and Sara are joining me the week of my birthday to go to Ojo Caliente and discover the delights of Santa Fe.  Lindsay has never visited there and so I insisted that we check it out as a girls' trip.  Perhaps one final trip this year, too.  I am trying to persuade a friend to join me on an adventure.  We have traveled together in the past to Chicago and Santa Fe.  I want to expand our list of cities to check out the food factor.  I mentioned San Diego, Austin, or Las Vegas.  All of the cities are easily accessible for two days off.  He would like to check out D.C.  I think more time is needed.
Yoga every day!  I taught Monday to Friday last week and have had the last two days off. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach and expand my practice as well as grateful for a few days of rest.  I think I needed it.  Yesterday, it looked like rain all day.  I could have remained in bed all day and been fine.  It would have been glorious!  Instead, I went to work and prayed for rain, lol.  Today, is beginning similarly.  I could definitely enjoy a full day off and remain in bed.  Maybe read or binge watch a show.  Reading would be more productive and should be my hobby driven way to spend a Sunday.  We will see.
I have loads of books to sort through as well.  My old colleague had an abundance of books that he gave me after he moved in with his partner.  He wanted someone else to enjoy his collection.  I am.  And, of course, I have also shared some of the books with my friends and the free libraries that are around town.  I drive by them and think--oh, there is another one that I should check out.  Later, I have no idea where I saw them.  I know of three locations that I frequent regularly.  There is one three blocks from me, one on the way to work along Race St and my favorite is near Colfax in East Denver.  I think I have re-gifted the majority of my books to that location.  I could walk to it when I first returned to Denver.
I must return to my attending classes.  It helps me see what is out there and incorporate it into my own teachings or not.  At times, I do.  Other times, I am thankful that I have a strong practice and do not rely on bullshit to bring to people.  There is definitely some bad yoga being taught around the city.  At least from my perspective.  I prefer a physical challenging class that is heavily sequenced.  I enjoy beginning with sun salutations and building a foundation.  When I take a class that is stretchy without movement, I get irritated.  Or is it is all intention based, I go insane.  I want a class where I can turn off my mind and be distracted.  Rarely, do I experience that here.  However, I should continue to see what is out there.  Look at new studios and what they are doing.  I attended a class in Minneapolis and the instructor had friends that were moving here to open up a studio.  I loved this  guy's class and style.  If he is friends that have similar teaching styles, I am all for it.  I truly enjoyed his class.  I might even return to Minneapolis solely to see what else this particular studio is doing.  It was epic!  Or at least to my way of enjoying yoga.
It is challenging to get up and greet the day.  I am tired and the overcast day inspires remaining in bed.  Contemplating life.  Resting.
I should find some green chile and or pozole.  It feels like a soup and grilled cheese sort of day.  We will see how it pans out.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

acupuncture, essential oils and travel

Essential oils have helped, immensely.  I finally remembered that I have not yet tried acupuncture which is another healthy modality in healing the body.  I reached out to my community of practitioners--my massage therapist and personal trainer--to see if they had anyone they could recommend.  Each person responded and I considered the location of their preferred acupuncturist.  Matt's was in Arvada which is a hike for me and Courtney's suggestion is closer but I would not be able to see him until August 30th.  Ironically, I had dinner with Sara Jo the other night and mentioned that I was looking for an acupuncturist.  She immediately had an option for me.  It is community driven with a sliding scale.  I looked at the website and secured an appointment for yesterday.  It was awesome!  Not only was it near my area of town but I could also book an appointment for a convenient time for me.  I entered the facility and was attended too, immediately.  I explained the reason for my visit and of course, am still sporting the lovely ankle brace.  The doctor of medicine placed eight needles around my foot as well as a few on my knee, elbow, wrist and forehead.  I felt the sensation of circulation in my foot and forced myself to relax.  I sat there for thirty minutes while the needles worked their magic.
Afterwards, I inquired about my treatment plan. The acupuncturist feels that I should have two to three treatments a week until I feel better.  I will continue to apply essential oils, soak my foot in bath salts and keep my foot compressed.  I am adding a ginger compress to the mix as well.  Apparently, ginger aids in circulation which I need.  I need to be gentle and continue to take care of my ankle.
In other areas of my life, I have booked an Airbnb for a mini trip to Santa Fe with the girls.  We are going to try to do one last trip of 2018 together.  Ironically, this falls around my birthday which I always want to celebrate.  We are heading down on a Sunday and staying thru Tuesday.  In that time, we can soak at Ojo Caliente and discover some of the newer restaurants in Santa Fe.  It will be the Goddess's first trip down there and I am excited to show her my perspective of Santa Fe.  I see silver coins, soaking and green chile in my future.  We may even be able to explore the farmer's market before heading back to Denver.  It remains to be seen.
I might head west to Aspen with a friend as well.  I want to make the most of my year and finish big.  I have been to Santa Fe four times this year, Kansas once, Nashville, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Walla Walla and hoping to add Aspen to the mix.  That is a town that has eluded me in the past.  A few years ago, I was supposed to go to food and wine with the Warrior Prince.  Or, we had talked about it and then it never happened.  I would love to check it out.  I also flew to Puerto Rico in March to celebrate a friend's wedding.  That should have been the first place I listed. It was a lovely experience and I miss Tiffany and Dan very much.  Maybe I can venture there to check out more of the island and see their new wine shop.  That trip was fast and furious....
So, I will continue to baby my ankle and dream of travel.  Yoga clients keep me busy and inspired to check out new sequences.  I am busy and I love it!  I am off to purchase ginger and see how it works in the healing process.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Essential Oils to the rescue

Although my ankle continues to improve, it is at a relatively staggeringly slow pace.  I feel that I make progress and then regress.  I stepped into an uber the other night and stepped down funny which re-irritated my ankle.  I continue to ice, elevate and soak.  I feel that direct heat makes it worse.  It loosens up my tendons and then it hurts to walk.  So, ice and compression seems to be my best friends along this journey.
Then, I found essential oils.  Wow!  Specifically oils to aid healing bones.  I don't think I broke a bone, but I think I flirted with a hairline fracture.  The bruising and swelling has decreased, tremendously, but my ease with the functionality of my right foot continues to be spotty.  Part of it, due to the fact that I work and am on it every day.  I believe the essential oils will help me and heal.  I have incorporated fir and cypress into my daily regimen as well as lavender, frankincense and peppermint.  In addition, I have sprayed and soaked my feet in magnesium salt.  It has been educational and interesting in this process.  I feel better and know that soon I will be able to return to my training sessions.  And maybe start running again. I am ready to be doing more and increase strength, flexibility and endurance.  Having an injury reminds me what actually does work, amazing, until it doesn't. That what is my current frustration.  I had fully functional legs and took it for granted.  I thought about training for a half marathon and just postponed it.  There is never a time that is ideal.  I can always think of other things I would prefer to do.  Travel to Santa Fe, go to happy hour with friends or be lazy (in all honesty, yes, this, too is an option), anything, really to postpone running.  The Goddess is not available on a whim any longer.  She has kids that require scheduling a run which typically means we meet for happy hour.  Sara Jo has a chaotic schedule and likes to run when it is cooler outside.  And, Jenn has been nursing a knee injury for some time. She was told that she shouldn't run ever again.  Yet, she is stubborn and likes to run.  She attempts a jog every few weeks.
I am considering a return when my foot is at 80%.  I should pick a half marathon and sign up for it.  That would definitely help me commit to it.  I saw an Instagram post yesterday where a man wrote ten letters to people every day.  He felt that the commitment to writing created a different intention and a better reception of the recipient.  I would agree.  Sitting down and writing down a letter as opposed to email or text is more difficult.  It requires more commitment and execution.  Writing letters requires paper, stamps and a proximity to a mail box. It does take more effort.  And, I love receiving letters and so I think others feel the same way even if they don't participate.
I am off to do some body therapy.  I am overdue for a facial.  I could have booked one with my little sister while I was in Kansas.  But that would have taken away from hanging out with the Littles!  Next time, I will think about it.  My return trip to Denver took much longer than anticipated.  Plus, I was exhausted.  I found myself falling asleep while driving outside of Colby.  I actually pulled over and crawled into my back seat to sleep for twenty minutes.  I think I could have slept for three hours, lol.
So, I will do some health care before working later.  I have plans to meet the Goddess and Sara jo tomorrow afternoon for a much needed happy hour.  I think Finn will be hanging with us ladies, too.  There will be plenty of guacamole and chips involved, I am sure.  In the meantime, I will continue to apply essential oils to my ankle, calf and foot.  We shall see how it plays out.

Monday, July 30, 2018

ankle woes and thoughts of travel

Ankle injuries are tedious.  I have been nursing it and applying tons of TLC to ensure a quick recovery.  Last night, I aggravated something and this morning woke up to a slight swelling of purple.  I am annoyed!  Back to a cycle of ice, compression, elevation.  I am thankful for the next two days so that I can attempt to equalize my ankle.  It is getting better and I will continue to heal.
One of my clients arrived at my house yesterday to do a yoga session with me.  She had her ankle wrapped and an abrasion on her other knee.  Everything I had prepared for our session I needed to change.  We wouldn't be able to put pressure on her right knee.  I told her we would refocus on efforts on upper body and some seated postures.  It worked and I was thankful she didn't cancel.  I told her that I did yoga about three days after jacking up my ankle.  I knew it can be done.
I had another session planned after Georgette where my client did not show up.  I gave her ten minutes before reaching out and then another eight before canceling the session.  She was very apologetic and offered to give me money for my time which I appreciated.  I did plan a sequence and had my time available to her.  Today, I have one client this evening.  I still need to plan out the sequence so I am considering a wine lunch to square my week away. It gives me time to see what is out there in terms of the restaurant scene in Denver and also to plan upcoming yoga sessions.  I get distracted at home and so having a neutral space enables more productivity. Wine helps, too.
I keep seeing ads about California.  The wine region, specifically. I think a trip to the Central Coast will be in my near future.  I have an idea of whom I will be traveling with as well.  I have not figured out, exactly when, but it is going to happen.  Paso Robles or Lodi.  I have not visited that area and so I am interested in exploring that region. I love Paso and have spent a few weekends there.  Granted it has been a few years and a return there would be wonderful.  Getting to Paso is a little more challenging than Lodi.  I could fly to Sacramento and drive there.  I believe there are direct flights from Denver and so it is manageable.  Getting to Paso is more complicated.  There is a connecting flight involved or a considerable amount of driving from L.A. or San Fran.  Spending a weekend there would not be enough.  I would want a minimum of four days which at this point, I do not know if that is possible due to work schedules.  I am trying to build up some good will with my co-workers which takes a little bit of time.  I want to be available to them to cover their shifts so that they will have no issue covering mine when I need some coverage.  Time heals everything, right?
I will be resting my ankle and reading.  I still have that stack of books from Chad that I need to minimize.  I would like to maybe go shopping, too.  It would be nice to extend my wardrobe.  I will need some more dresses for my upcoming travel.
I think I should perhaps get a massage to see if I can release some of that tension in my calves.  I don't know.  We will see.  I am open to trying anything at this point to relieve some of the ankle irritation.
Until later, enjoy your day!  I am off to begin it!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

travel and yoga research

The last two days have been lovely in Denver.  Overcast, temperatures that are moderate and pedestrian friendly.  I love it!
I worked last night after a day of playing hooky.  I ran into an old friend and we had lunch at a Thai spot, followed by a quick margarita at another spot along the Fax.  I enjoy exploring my neighborhood when I have the opportunity.  There are a few spots that have been opened in the last two months that are amazing.  I need to return to see of what they have to offer.  I reached out to Sara Jo to see if she was interested in meeting me for happy hour.  She has yet to respond.  I know that she is in the middle of her evaluations and that it is a tricky time for her.  My other client, Rachel, is in town and I considered asking her to join me for happy hour.  However, I know that she has family obligations and I don't want to distract her from that.  She mentioned an early dinner with her cousin and uncle.  I was hoping she could join me for happy hour.  Maybe a beverage or two?  
Spending time with my friend was wonderful.  I have missed him and the ease that occurs between us.  I appreciate his love of food and how we have traveled together in the past.  The last trip to Chicago was pretty amazing.  I asked if he would consider returning there to explore the food scene.  His response--I want to go to D.C.
I don't know.  I have been pretty lazy in general today.  I sequenced out my next few sessions with my clients and considered where I could do some research and development to enhance my practice.  I see a trip to Seattle in my near future.  I have not done yoga there and would be interested to see what they are offering.  I loved discovering the yoga scene in Minneapolis.  I still remember how incredible I felt after that class.  Heart Yoga studio is legit.  I wish I had had more time to attend two additional classes.  It is a heated studio that offers ridiculous power driven vinyasa flows.  I loved it!The class in D.C. was good, too.  Overpriced which I didn't appreciate.  And, it was a heated studio that did not offer showers.  That was surprising and actually gross.  Jennifer and I had walked the majority of the way to the studio with visions of thrift store shopping on the way back to Cap Hill.  Instead, we were sweaty and sticky.  They definitely need to add a shower stall or two in my opinion.
Of course, I love yoga in Arizona and should return to see some of what my favorite instructors are doing.  I am always inspired by that particular community.  I think Jan might enjoy a visit from me, too.
My friend, Danielle, is having a baby shower in a few weeks.  I would love to support her.  She was once my boss in Santa Fe for about six weeks.  Over that course of time, we became friends and kept in contact when she relocated to Kentucky.  Eventually, she returned to New Mexico and even spent a few months in Denver where we went to coffee, lunch and did yoga together.  Her partner lives in Taos and so she kept being drawn back to New Mexico.  We met for yoga and she informed me of her exciting news.  She was pregnant and would be returning to Taos.  Her shower is on a Saturday which I normally do not work.  I close Friday nights and work Sunday evening.  So, there is a window of opportunity to attend the shower.  If I get out at a decent time on Friday, I might just do it.  I could wake up early and drive south.  I hesitate since I would want to go to Ojo Caliente.  Is there a way to achieve that goal in a day?
I should greet the day.  I have three yoga sessions to guide which is the most I have done in a day so far.  We shall see how my chatarangas hold up.  Until then, cheers!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

the latest and greatest

Back to the grind also known as reality.  Less travel.  More working and productivity.  I am to the other side of training and will hopefully be working live in the next four days.  Cannot wait!  I have continued to teach yoga and expand my clientele.  I have a client returning to visit her uncle in two weeks.  Rachel lives in California and she texted me last night to arrange two sessions with me while she is in town.  I love that.  I should get my website up and running to increase my legitimacy.  I told her we would do a yoga session and follow with brunch.  If Rachel lived in Denver, we would be friends for sure.  I met her while at a happy hour about six weeks. ago.  Random conversation that led to her becoming a client.  I love that!
I am still nursing my ankle and it seems to be improving.  I think I will be purchasing a new brace that will provide more stability.  I believe I will be sporting a brace for the next month, at least.  Then I can attempt a pedicure and/or massage.  Desperately, I need a pedicure but I don't think I can handle one right now.  Maybe a specific calf massage?  Something to release some of the built up fascia that is trying to protect my ankle.  I know it is getting better and I feel that I am improving daily. I am ready to be to the other side of it still.  Much easier to function in my daily life.
This month has been pathetic in my yoga practice at my studio.  Ankle injury has limited my ability to attend classes.  Yet, I have been teaching and participating with my clients. I suppose I could suck it up and attend a class.  Maybe even check out a new studio.  There is a place in RiNo that is doing some great vinyasa power classes it seems.  I would prefer having that aspect into my daily practice.  I sequenced a class for my client today which involved a very active class.  She arrived a little under the weather and so I had to back off my original class to accommodate her.  She powered through and we were able to establish a physical class.  I added some balancing postures and changed it up a bit.  I think she was a little irritated with me for that.  We get stuck in what we think we should be doing and have difficulty performing when it doesn't coincide with what we think.  I told Alexis we would continue to expand our postures and begin to build more foundations of balance and stability.
Next week, I have six or seven sessions.  It will be a busy week!
I continue to dream of travel and how to make it a reality.  Seattle keeps popping up in my dreams and Paso Robles.  Wine country always inspires travel.  Paso is a must do and it has been five years since my last visit.  I wish it were easier to travel to instead of a connection or two plus renting a car.  There are wineries around Seattle which would satisfy that goal, too.  Syrah and merlot could be in my near future.  I have a friend that I could stay with and explore the area and food scene.
The quickest option would be Santa Fe which is about five hours south or heading east to visit my sister in Kansas.  I seem to visit Santa Fe every few months and so I could expand my travel repertoire this year.  The weather is an issue and the amount of time in the car.  Definitely seven hours and I might have two days off in a row.  I am still waiting to hear about my confirmed schedule.  Jasmin sent me a photo of the kids last night and I would love to go visit them.  They are growing up too fast!
The next three days will be long.  I am ready to be to the other side of this.  My aunt will be here this weekend and I am hoping that we can chit chat over brunch Sunday. It all remains to be seen how our schedules coincide and shake out.
Yoga in an hour and getting up to greet the day.  Happy Thursday!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

TLC, food and travel

Gorgeous overcast day and drop in the temperatures finally.  It has been hot!  Hot for us and I am not used to multiple days of waking up in the middle of night due to marinating in my own sweat.  Gross!  I am not a fan.
I sprained my ankle while visiting friends in Washington State. Typically, to recover, it takes a couple of days to compress, ice, elevate and rest.  I am continuing to do this while training for my new job.  I think the additional hours of training is decreasing my opportunity to fully recover.  I have been doing as much TLC on it and know it is improving.  I think it will be a full three to four weeks before I am normal again.  Supposedly, that is what it normally takes to heal from a sprain.  I am not familiar with it and so I am frustrated.  I want to be able to walk to work and not worry that I am adding strain to  my foot.  I have been relying heavily on uber and lyft to get me around downtown which I don't really like.  Especially at night when the last few days have been challenging to get picked up.  Some drivers look at addresses.  Others stop in the general area.  Some communicate their locations.  Others wait and leave when the time expires.  I called a lady the other night to confirm my location and she wouldn't answer her phone.  That is extremely annoying.  I had to wait for another car which also annoyed me.  There seems to be no right way of hiring a car.  So I am ready to be able to walk again to work.
I have been sampling food at the restaurant which is awesome.  I think I have consumed more beef in the last week than I have in the last two years.  I need to do a full body cleanse to return to equilibrium.  I am concerned about what my trainer will say about my eating habits of the last month.  Actually, I have been wanting to postpone our session due to my ankle sprain.  I have been teaching yoga consistently and participating but not attending classes on my own. I think I will eventually return to that in the next week.  I am trying to figure out what works best for me.  TLC or continuing to push boundaries?
In the last two weeks, I have traveled to Santa Fe and Walla Walla.  It's been a fun few weeks of wine tasting and exploring restaurants.  I consider it all research and development.  Adds to what I am able to offer to people in my life.  The wines were fantastic and it had been about 8 years since I spent time in Walla Walla.  We found some lovely local spots to explore--casual,  middle and fine.  I think I preferred the casual spots.  They were terrific.  Bomb Tacos comes to mind and Andrae's.  Loved both of those spots.
Santa Fe is always a great time.  A few hours at Ojo Caliente, silver coins at La Choza and hit a barre class.  Ironically, the majority of the class did not live in Santa Fe.  I overheard some girls asking if there were other barre studios around town.  I interjected my thoughts and ended up befriending one of the girls who was also visiting town.  Colleen is considering relocating there from Kentucky.  I suggested a few studios and other things to do in town.  It was nice to be able to chat with someone and share my experience of living there.  I love visiting.  Just not ready to settle down and relocate there.
It's been a lovely few weeks.  I am ready to plan my next trip.  Hopefully soon!  Possibly Paso or Seattle.  I haven't been there in awhile either.  Could be in the cards to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

mini trip and delights in my city

Quick trip to Santa Fe.
Impulsive and lovely.  I was given a few additional days off and thought--what is the best way to spend them?  I could study for my new job, secure future yoga clients or travel.  Travel won.  I am uncertain of how much opportunity I will have in the next few months.  Plus, I contacted Melody to see if she would be available to go to Ojo Caliente early this week.  Almost immediately, she responded that she was able to go to the hot springs on Monday.  I had to go!
And, I could bring my study items with me and study there.  Why not take another mini trip this week?  I looked into yoga and barre classes.  My favorite class is a TRX driven barre class.  The owner of a studio offers the ultimate class with music that speaks to me and a killer workout.  Unfortunately, that class was not offered at a convenient time for me.
I secured a rental through Airbnb and contacted friends.  I wanted to see Lawrence, explore Ojo and see Libby.  I knew from social media that Teo was traveling in Europe and so I didn't even mention that I would be in town to her.  It was a fast trip, too fast.  My drive down on Sunday was uninterrupted.  It was easy and breezy.  Yesterday, I was fine until I made it to the Springs.  Suddenly, I was trapped in a parking lot.  It took almost two hours to get home.  I was super irritated!  There were no accidents to disrupt my drive.  Just terrible driving.  I don't understand why people do not signal or see how their inattentiveness is an issue.  I almost hit a guy when I returned to Denver who blatantly pulled out inches in front of my car.  No indication that he had seen me or anything.  In his own zone and I could have destroyed his vehicle.  Instead, I let him in after cursing him.  It is too much effort to hit someone who cannot drive.  I seriously could have hit him and not felt bad at all.  Only bad for how it would inconvenience me!  Insurance, paperwork, tickets, follow up.  It is a racket!
I returned home and had just enough time to walk to Cherry Creek to meet up with two of my girlfriends.  We had planned a ladies night with wine.  I suggested the spot and it worked well for us.  We sampled mussels, a green salad with shrimp, steak and fries.  My friends shared a cheese board which I abstained from.  I'm still holding to the no excessive dairy in my diet.  I do enjoy half and half and will not give that up until I find an adequate alternative.  I have tried soy, almond, rice and coconut.  I just don't think I can do it!
So, my friends enjoyed the cheese board and I sampled more of the shrimp that was placed on the mixed green salad.  I love a solid mustard vinaigrette which was highlighted on the salad.  I had maybe 2 ounces of the steak.  It was good.  I am trying to minimize my intake of red meat.  The previous night, I ate beef carpaccio which was amazing.  I preferred to focus on the French fries, lol.
We did try sautéed spinach and garlic.
Of course, we enjoyed wine.  It flowed as it always does.  Last night, we tried a bone dry rose and finished with a Bordeaux.  I will return to the eatery for wine and stick to solid favorites that never disappoint.  I think the mussels can be inconsistent but the fries and the salads seem to be spot on.
I am heading to Spokane, Washington tomorrow.  Continuing my week of travel, study and yoga. I taught two students this morning and have one tomorrow morning before I head west.  It will be a productive day and rest of week.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

upcoming trips and local restaurants

More yoga, consulting and exploring the beauty of Denver.  This morning, I had two clients arranged and was looking forward to the intake of the second appointment.  It would have been our first session together which is always fun.  Discovering what works best for individuals keeps yoga interesting.  I was asked yesterday if I was teaching more hard core classes or to beginners.  I was honest.  I have been teaching more beginners which is making me a better instructor.  I told Matt that I decided to get certified since I felt I could teach better yoga than what I was experiencing in other cities.  Yet, the majority of people are not interested in what I thought I wanted to teach. They are interested in stretching, strengthening and building a foundation.  It is keeping me grounded and learning how to cue better.  I love it!
I thought I would detox for a few days.  That lasted for about five seconds.  I had sushi happy hour with Jenn on Thursday and explored a few new eateries along Colfax with Sara Jo last night. They are great additions for the neighborhood--finally!  The last one to open is a chain and that location is disappointing.  The drinks were unbalanced and awful.  I do like their salsa selection and guacamole but I don't think I will be frequenting their restaurant.  Seemed pretentious and as noted, the drinks were terrible. Last night we checked out the new Asian spot and new Mexican fare.  Both spots were packed and had great vibes.  There is more of a selection of food at the Asian spot and it delivered.  The new Mexican spot has a limited menu.  Maybe eight items to choose from.  The drinks were spot on and the wine list was affordable.  We sampled the chips and salsa and calabacitas.  The salsa was bland and they offered many tortillas and few squash.  I would return when they get more settled.  It definitely has promise and potential.
Sushi happy hour is one of Jenn's favorite spots in Denver.  Conveniently, is located near both of us and I do love their two for one wine offer.  However, the last few times we have visited, their a/c has been out.  On Thursday, it was pretty hot and I thought I could handle sitting in that swamp and enjoy sushi.  In hind sight, we should have left and found another spot.  In addition, they have been experiencing internet glitches and so they don't play music.  I don't want to sit in silence in a restaurant.  It was hot and irritating!  I told Jenn that I will not dine there until they fix both of those issues.  I felt like I was in AZ and sitting at a bar.  There is a thing called swamp ass that is true there.  I experienced it the other day in the sushi restaurant.
Today, I am relaxing and will pack for my upcoming trip to Santa Fe. I managed to do laundry yesterday and will probably have to do another load of it before heading to Spokane.  I will chill with friends and wine taste.  When I return, I will hit the ground running.  New job, new challenge and new people.  I am stoked!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

D.C. delights

I spent the last few days in Washington D.C. with a friend of mine from middle school.  Jennifer has been hiking the AT the last three months and proposed this brief trip to the city last July.  I think she knew she would want a break from being in the woods to refresh, rejuvenate and relax.  Plus, she knows that I love exploring cities.  She knew it would be easy for me to say yes and that I would find eateries and bars to check out.
We stayed in Capitol Hill which was a great area.  I think we spent the majority of our trip in the Adams Morgan area.  It is overrun with amazing restaurants and bars.  We walked everywhere which I really appreciated and did one yoga class to see what was out there.  I did enjoy the sequencing and heat.  The instructor gave me a few incredible adjustments which I also appreciated.  The downside to the studio--no shower. I was dripping sweat off of me and had no access to a shower.  Then when it came to paying for the class, I explained that I teach in Denver and typically studios extend a courtesy rate to teachers or at least waive the cost of the mat and/or towel.  No such luck here and of course they added tax. That was annoying.  I toweled off with my sweat soaked travel and changed back into my casual clothes.  I couldn't wait to get back to the Airbnb and shower.  I am not a fan of walking around sweaty.
Still, I liked what they were doing in D.C.  I think I might borrow some of the sequence and try to incorporate it into my classwork.  As noted, we walked everywhere.  It was preferable than sitting in traffic.  We toured the monuments--Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Capitol building and my favorite, the MLK Memorial.  That was amazing.  I loved all of the quotes that surrounded his statue.  It was incredible.  We would have stayed there longer had it not been raining.  Friday was all day rain with a little reprieve.  We also checked out the Renwick and Portrait Gallery.  Both of those exhibits were terrific.  I loved the Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick.  I had more insight into what that annual event is all about.  I didn't realize it had the Temple which was one of my favorite things in the exhibit and possibly, Burning Man.  I loved the idea of releasing grief by writing notes to  loved ones.  It had the most amazing energy.
We did a brief stopover by the White House.  There were a few people protesting about Nicaragua and other people walking through.  Not the hot attraction it once was.  On our last morning, we walked through the farmer's market.  Of course, Jennifer was uninterested in collecting more things to carry.  She stopped at a UPS to send some items to her mom.  I absolutely understand why she would do that.  I grew tired of carrying my carry on bag around D.C. and believe me, it was small.  I always travel light to avoid checking bags.  I did check bags this trip out.  Jennifer sent me tent stakes that would have been considered dangerous and flagged by TSA.  Seemed foolish to push the envelope.  I checked my bag and was carefree on my flight out to Dulles.
I will hopefully reflect more on my experiences in restaurants at a later date.  I need to iron and head to work.  Rainy day in Denver and I am inspired to sleep, lol.  I won't.  I did manage a yoga class this morning and hopefully will stop by an early morning class tomorrow.  I have a client tomorrow night and then another one arranged for Tuesday.  It's been a lovely day!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday!  It is a lovely day to read, relax and celebrate life.  I may skip yoga.  I have been teaching more and it is fantastic!  I could use a day off from doing anything.  Maybe sleep, binge watch a series and lounge.  That is what I am inspired to do.  Be home and lazy.
Yesterday, I had two clients scheduled and one had to cancel.  I managed to do laundry, semi clean my house and I had committed to taking a day off from being social.  Then, some friends of mine from Santa Fe invited me to dinner.  Of course, I had to say yes and I am very thankful that I did. We went to Tables a local spot in Park Hill that is consistently great.  I have sampled their fare through the years and never been disappointed.  I met Spencer through my friend, Melody.  Spencer likes to dine around Santa Fe and so Melody thought he should stop into one of the spots that I was working at and meet me.  I think I met him four years ago or three.  He and his lady friend visit Denver once a year so that Nell can play in a tennis tournament.  She is an avid player and super competitive it seems.  Last year, they visited me at my job and this year they took me to dinner.  It was a lovely surprise.
I have some friends in town this weekend and think I will try to meet up with them at some point.  They are visiting Denver to get some reiki done.  I admire their desire to do some healing with a reiki master.  I wish they had more time to do things with me but it seems like I am an afterthought on this particular vacation.  I don't think they mean to make it this way but that is exactly how it feels.  I would have firmed up some time, weeks ago, if I was visiting them. I absolutely would have figured out a time and place to meet with them.  Our plans are not firmed up at all.  There is a real possibility that they will be visiting me at work.  Fun times, indeed.
I attended a class today.  I have been to this instructor's classes a few times.  I like her barre class and struggle through the yoga.  Today was no different.  The music selection was terrible and she over cues her sequence.  I barely made it to the end.  I considered attending another class at 5:30.  The class is at another studio which would require me to drive during rush hour.  I really don't like that aspect of it.  I should go and get coffee.  I am unmotivated to do much of anything really.  I have been lounging and thinking about all of the stuff that I should be doing.  Lazy days are the best!
I have plans to do happy hour tomorrow and maybe a late lunch. I am planning on breaking up with my trainer for a little bit of time.  I want to see how I can do on my own.  Also, I think I am plateauing with Courtney.  I want to see how I can take what she has taught me and do it on my own.  I do enjoy the workouts she puts together for me.  It's getting expensive and I don't really ask her to do any nutrition anymore.  I think I need a break.
Easy night and more sleep.  I am super thankful for today!

Friday, June 8, 2018

checking in mid week on goals

Mid week check committed have you been to your goals?  10%, 30%, 50%, 100%?  I think I am right around 70%.  I have managed to eat at home, read and cut back on my intake of wine.  I have not decreased my tv watching nearly enough and I still have a few friends to reach out to.  Sara Jo has been MIA since our trip to Santa Fe and Jenn has been working nonstop work.  I figure I will have a sushi date with her soon and I will track Sara Jo down and make her drink wine with me.  She needs to take a break from her job now and then.
I woke up yesterday and had a random pain on the top of my foot.  It feels like my ankle and calf are straining one of the tendons creating discomfort.  I massaged in some arnica cream and have been religiously icing it.  I forgot that I have some CBD oil from one of my clients.  Georgette gave me a sample and wants to know what I think of it.  I think I will be topically applying it before seeing my trainer.  I love my trainer but think I might need to take a break from her for a bit.  I have not been happy with some of the variables that I cannot control.  Music.  I have always been able to suggest what I would like to listen to while training with her.  Recently, though, they have added classes to the gym during my session and the instructor takes over the music.  I told Courtney that I wanted a new solution and think today will be another lost effort.  If it starts to go south, I am going to pay for half the class.  I won't be irritated during another session and not say anything.  My expectation is to have a good session with music that I prefer.  Not be forced to listen to shit while paying someone to train me.  I have learned a lot from Courtney and know that if I take a break I will focus more on my nutrition.
I have been organizing my face and de-cluttering.  Feng shui suggests that clutter creates chaos and negativity.  I need to focus on clearing my space and creating a healthy living space.  Chad gave me 80 plus books and I am slowly sorting through them.  If a book doesn't grab me within 50 pages, I am putting it down and finding another one.  I have four to put into the rotation of the local free libraries.  I love those little pop up boxes.
I have been making more food at home.  Salads, fresh vegetables and homemade mustard vinaigrette.  I could be better on this front.  On Tuesday, I dined downtown for lunch and then ordered take-out from a pasta place near my house.  While there, I met my newest client.  Kevin is my first male client not counting a friend that I did some consulting for.  The golf instructor needed some hip adjustments and had poo-pooed yoga until we worked out together.  Still it was more of a favor and so I don't count him as a true first client.  Kevin is from Santa Fe (of course and I still have strong ties to New Mexico) and our session went extremely well.  I did forget my essential oil like an idiot.  I think he is mostly interested in that.  I am hoping to schedule him in once a week.
It was ironic how we met.  I decided to take the seat next to his and we began chatting about life and travel.  The Santa Fe connection sparked more of an interest and next thing I know, we are discussing when we can meet for yoga.
I hope to add to my clientele.  I have continued to take classes to see what else is out there.  It is all about the research and development.  I consider that my passion while traveling too.  Checking out the local restaurant scene, yoga and wine.  I have a trip to D.C. and then Walla Walla.  Covering Washington State and the premier city.
I should clean my apartment before my client arrives tomorrow.  I have a lunch date this afternoon with an old friend.  Janna and I met when I lived in Arizona.  Ironically, she and I both had lived in Denver and originally were from Kansas.  Now, we are both back in Denver and I would love to catch up and see how she is doing.  She is funny, witty and travel friendly.  She reminds me of Sara Jo.
So I am off to see the trainer and plan the rest of the day.  Check in.  How are you doing?  How would you change your week in a re-do?  Do you still have time to meet your goals?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

progess or frustration

A friend of mine was visiting from Asheville.  Lauren and I worked together for about a year and I have seen her on three different occasions in Denver since she moved to North Carolina.  I mentioned it to one of my co-workers since he had just spent four days there exploring that city.  He fell in love with one of the bbq spots and asked if my friend could bring him a shirt out. I knew that Lauren was already in Denver and so I texted her last night and asked if she would send me an XL t-shirt for this guy.  I am old school.  I ask people for favors and respond when people ask me.  I contacted my friend about sending me a shirt and she said, absolutely, she would and then sent me a link of how to order merchandise on-line.  I had not even considered that option.  Of course that would be the easiest way for Kyle to attain his desired shirt.  He had not thought of it either in spite of the fact that he is a millennial.  Aren't most of them tied to their phones and apps?  I texted him the link and he responded with--oh, I should have thought of that myself....yes, you should have.  Took me and my friend out of the equation.  He can order his shirt and have it shipped directly to his house.  No middle person involved.
Progress has improved some things.  Convenience of attaining wanted items without adding more people to the mix.  In other ways, there is room for error.  I like to talk to people to ensure quality service and am frustrated by automated services.  I use uber daily.  The other day, I hired a car and waited for the driver to pick me up.  The app showed that the guy had arrived but I couldn't see him.  I tried calling him three times and he never picked up his phone.  Eventually, after waiting ten minutes for my car, the ride is canceled and I am charged a cancellation fee.  I am irritated and wanted it rectified immediately.  Plus, I was exhausted and hungry and angry.  I finally figure out how to protest the cancellation fee and again, am directed to a menu of items.  I wanted to talk to a person to express my frustration.  That wasn't an option.  I did try to contact the driver.  He didn't respond.  Ironically, he has completed 7000 plus trips.  How do you not know how to answer your phone if you have been driving that long?  It is easy to communicate and yet, people are refusing to.
So, yes, apps and progress have eased some tension.  They also have cut out the convenience of direct communication.  That is what I miss.  I miss having interaction with actual people to display anger, happiness, sadness, frustration.  E-mailing or texting is just not the same.  It can be misconstrued easily and often. There is no voice inflection or insight into the intended perspective.  It's cold, calculated and misidentified frequently.
Today, I will walk to work and listen to music.  It feels like a leisurely morning.  I attended an early morning yoga class and was frustrated.  I always want more movement in classes and a better music selection.  This morning, the instructor has great cues and I like her as a person.   She just doesn't have the same command or recognize that it is an all levels class and that she should offer modifications to challenge students that have strong practices.  I was mostly bored and couldn't wait to leave.
I purchased a few bolsters last night to aid Georgette in the yin type of class that I will now offer her.  Props are essential in that realm of yoga.  I also finally found a photo album that I can fill up and give to Jenn of memories.  I think that is a thoughtful gift and something that she does not have.  I must continue to write in my journal and expand my yoga practice.  I am ready!

Monday, June 4, 2018

goals of the new week

This upcoming week as it is Monday inspires me to make a list of goals.  Rarely do I make it for the present.  Instead I have upcoming goals or things I would like to achieve in the future.  Travel, lunch dates, adult things---dentist, lady doc, glasses--are things that become future goals.  I do manage to schedule car maintenance regularly although it has been awhile.  I need to have my oil changed this week.  I should schedule an appointment with the lady doctor at some point this year.  I have attended to my teeth which seems to be an ongoing process.  The sonic care tooth brush has alleviated a lot of the build up and I am more motivated to brush my teeth longer.  I have been making my own mouthwash, too.  Melody mentioned a recipe that she uses with essential oils that I prefer.  I need to purchase more contacts and lens for glasses, too.  I have a few frames to choose from and would love to begin wearing glasses that are stylish and fit.  My current pair I have had since 2011.  Time for an upgrade.
This week, I want to focus on attainable goals and make some changes.  I intend to dine at home, more, and make my meals.  I thought the farmer's market would be open by now by my house.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Still, I have ingredients to make a nice soup or salad.  The farmer's market will enable dining seasonally and supporting local farmers.  I love that idea and also recognize that the quality of the food is superior. It requires less oil to ship and all, in all, benefits the community.  I saw Melody a few weeks ago in Santa Fe and she looked amazing.  I mean, she always does but this time she was super fit.  I asked what her secret was and she noted that she had cut out most meat from her diet and was focusing more on fruits and vegetables.  She cut out sugar years ago and so I knew that she had been doing something different.  I want to be lean and feel good. Less dairy and beef.  More vegetables.  I can absolutely support this change and see how my diet is affected.
I want to be spending more time at home and reading.  Stop distracting myself by watching t.v. and focus on getting things done.  I have some yoga things to attend to and should get my notes ready for Sara's workman's comp claim.  I've been thinking about having business cards made to represent my yoga business.  My friends, Roxie and Jenn, have been pushing me in that direction and in the past I have been hesitant.  Now, though, I think it is time.  I have an idea and just need to put it in motion.
I have a few dates planned with friends and now there is a trip to Walla Walla to figure out.  My friend, Jean, asked me to meet her in Spokane for a weekend to help out her sons.  In addition, we can wine taste in that region to occupy some of our time.  The last time I was in Walla Walla was in 2010 or 2011.  Ironically, I had a conversation with a customer the other day about the highlights of tasting in Walla Walla.  I think I wanted to make it happen and it now will.  I have a stack of books to attend to compliments of my colleague, Chad.  He moved in with his partner and wanted to de-clutter some of his belongings before relocating.  I go in spurts with reading where I am avid and then there is a drought.  I am currently mini-drought.  I think I become unmotivated due to the heat or if I am working too much.  On my days off, I want to treat myself to a nice lunch and/or sleep to catch up on taking care of my body.  I will begin to read and find myself napping instead.
This week, more dining at home.  More yoga classes and listening to music.  Less t.v. and more positivity.  It is a new week.  Rejuvenated.  Refreshed.  New possibilities.  I am on fire!