Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

Last night, I raced out of work so that I would be able to catch a late flick. We had settled on Doubt since it is near my house but when I was trying to find a parking spot, we drove by the Mayan and it was flooded with people. They were all dressed similarly and I knew we would be waiting for 20 minutes to get in and find a seat. It reminded me of being in college when everyone wore the grungy clothes trying to be cool.
Anyways, we opted to head to the Esquire to see Slumdog Millionaire. I had wanted to see it and all I knew was that it was nominated for several awards. Wow! It was a great movie. I am so happy that we chose that movie since although it does present an alternate life to my childhood of middle class, it was uplifting. They had vivid colors of Mumbai, India, and an accurate illustration of life there in the slums. The children that protray Jamal and Salim were adorable and it held my attention throughout the 2 hours. If you have time or desire to see a great movie--go see this one!
I am on the wagon, again, starting in January and so I believe that I will have ample time to check out many movies. I would like to see Doubt, Revolution Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and a few others. I wanted to see Gran Torino, but heard that it was terrible. Any suggestions?

Monday, December 29, 2008

returning to Denver

Las Vegas was awesome.
I was surprised by all of the people that were out there celebrating Christmas. The slot machines never slowed, but I didn't think the restaurants were overwhelmed by people. For example, we walked into Olives at 12:30 on christmas day with 6 people and no problem getting a table. It was similar at Bouchon that evening. I did make reservations for that meal, but the restaurant wasn't full by any means.
I returned to Denver to find great weather. I feel so spoiled and I love it. I know that it cannot continue forever, but I love 55-60 degree weather at the end of December. I feel like I am on an extended vacation of summer.
I moved into my new room. It now feels like home to me. I found this place and Leslie took the larger room since she worked from our house. I agreed to it, but always wanted the larger room with more space and a loft area. I moved, with Jimmy's help, but tried to be self-sufficient and broke my cable wire. My tv works, but it will continue to be fuzzy/staticy or not work, I think. If only I had waited.
My life continues to transition and present opportunities for growth and learning. Today I learned that I should be patient with people and not try to do everything myself. What will I learn tomorrow?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

The weather in Denver is sensational. I almost regret not being here this year to celebrate Christmas. But, let's be real...I love traveling during the holidays. I despise being stuck in snow and for that, I am grateful to not be in Chicago, New York or even, Seattle this year.
Vegas should be fantastic and I will be celebrating with friends. Jimmy will depart with me from Denver and we are meeting up with Jan, Tom, Sandy, Smitty and Jerry. Cedric, who lives in Vegas, will meet us tomorrow at Nob Hill and so I will be surrounded by good people and interesting conversations.
I have a good life and wondeful people in it. I am fortunate even if I don't recognize it all of the time. For instance, my boss, Katy, surprised this year with her choice of gifts. It was as if, she heard me say what she got me...I want to be more green in my life and she got me two items that were made on recycled products. In addition, a book about traveling/volunteering which I have continued to contemplate upon my return to the States.
Shari and Tom gave me an incredible gift as well. I keep watching the slide show that they put together of my life with Brian, their life and combined families. It makes me sad and hopeful at the same time. It also motivates me to figure out where we will meet to celebrate the Brian's anniversary this year. Originally, I had planned on going to South Africa for a few months. Now, I am stateside and need to decide where to celebrate this year. I love the idea of Santa Fe, but don't want to drive in the snow. Chicago and New York present similar snow issues at the end of February. Mexico would be nice or somewhere south. I like spending time on the beach with Brian. There is something about the water and the sun that makes me feel so alive with him. Eventually, I will have a destination in mind.
Enjoy the holidays, your family and friends. I know that Vegas will provide ample food, entertainment and memories...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow and Jasmin's birthday

I thought it was supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow.
I was hoping it would be nice. Chichi is driving back to Oregon tomorrow and I was hoping that she would be able to avoid any snow storms. I don't know if she will make it.
My house is empty. I feel oddly calm and I enjoy it. I would feel better if I could fully move into the larger room, but her bed, tv, two dressers, desk and bike are all still in there. Her friends are going to pick up all of it after xmas since they are heading to Montana for the holidays. I will wait until then, to relocate. Plus, I want to deep clean it because I am me. It wouldn't feel right to not clean it.
In other news...it is Jasmin's birthday today. She is turning 25. I wish that I could celebrate with her and I guess that I will when she moves to Denver. Perhaps, Elway's, Solera or Capital Grille. I figure that when she moves here in February, we can have a double celebration of her relocation and birthday.
Until then, life will continue and it should be interesting. I missed the deadline for the fall/winter art classes and so it will be a spring adventure.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Winter is here. I hate it.
Not really, but I abhor driving in the snow. Or, I suppose I detest the other drivers...you know, the big SUV drivers that blast by me and others en route to their important destination. It hasn't been too bad, but I am not enjoying the cold. On Sunday, our heater didn't work. I'll admit, it was cold. My room wasn't too bad, but the rest of the house was an ice box. Of course, this is the night that Chichi returned home and had to deal with the igloo we call home.
Well, her cousin figured out the problem and we had heat.
Today, I started a load of laundry. 45 minutes later, I went down to put it in the dryer and found that the washer had quit working at the beginning of the cycle. I called my landlord, twice in two days, and left a message. It is annoying, but what I am supposed to do? I know that eventually, I will drive to my aunt's house to finish the laundry. I am enjoying my bed too much, for now.
I have never actually owned a bed. When I moved to Lawrence, I brought a twin sized bed that was my mom's boyfriend's bed. It was tiny, but fit nicely in my studio apartment.
I lived in Tempe for a few years and my friend, Mike, left his house furnished with a few beds and an amazing sectional down sofa. I used his futon when I moved in with Ty and Greg and left it in Arizona when I relocated to Denver.
Bryn had a bed for me and then of course, I lived with Brian. I didn't feel right sleeping in our bed when he passed away and so his bed is in Wisconsin with his parents.
My friend, Margo, gave me her bed when she moved to Salt Lake. It was a beautiful gesture, but I couldn't get the bed into the basement of my place. Instead, I slept on Sara's bed when she and Ace moved downstairs and I took the upstairs room.
Now, I sleep on one of Chichi's beds and it is comfortable and I am used to it. She is moving back to Oregon on Friday and so now, I have a bed. I figure that one day, necessity will force me to buy one and it has to be spectacular since I have made it this long without actually buying one.
Winter has started and it will only get more interesting. Yoga has helped me retain my serenity in every aspect of life. I am hoping that it will continue to make me peaceful while driving amongst idiots....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

California Dreaming

I am flipping channels--I know, terrible decision since it is beautiful outside--but, it is 8 am and so I will let it slide.
Real Housewives of Orange County is on. It is a terrible show. They are in Napa Valley and so I am intrigued. They go to Grgich Hills, St. Supery and eat at Etoile.
I went to Etoile, two years ago with my sister, Michaela, Sara Jo, Pocketsize and Castello. It is in Chandon where we did a tour of the building. Pocketsize is a huge fan of champagne and the tour was interesting. We were considered VIP and so we sat in Etoile and had another tasting. They showed us the menu, which looked great. I haven't eaten there, but I would.
On the show, there are two couples that are deciding which menu to choose--a normal tasting menu or a chef's tasting, where the chef chooses each course, randomly. These high class people are having difficulty figuring out how to order since the entire table is recommended to choose the same menu to make it consistent for everyone. It was comical and then ridiculous. They didn't know half of what they were eating and most of the time, the ladies refused to eat what was on the plate since they didn't like it or know what it was. It was awful and a terrible waste of great food.
Now, I want to go to Napa. I love wine tasting and of course, the food factor. I have been fortunate in the last few years, to venture out there often and I have not had a bad meal, yet.
I guess the lesson is to quit watching this terrible show and make a reservation to California!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it snow

All day, I have been awaiting the snow. It didn't happen this morning, when I took the bus to work or when I walked back from work. It was cold, but not bitterly cold.
Instead, the minute I decide to go to a movie it started to sleet. I hate the snow!
I went to see 4 Christmases with Jimmy. We went to a "twilight" show (before 6 pm) and so it was only $11 for the two of us, as opposed to $20. The theatre itself was empty when we arrived. We sat there and bs'd about holidays. I wanted more butter on the popcorn and Jimmy offered to get it for me. He returned and told me that we were in the wrong theatre and that the movie had already started.
Nice, blonde moment.
There were probably 20 people, total, watching this movie. It was okay. I don't know that I would want to pay full price for it. It goes a little long and you do see a lot of the film in the trailers. It was odd to see Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam act. I thought they were strictly country.
Tomorrow will be another day off with no prospects of driving. I really despise driving in the snow. It is stressful for me because of the other impatient drivers. I suppose I should focus on my xmas cards and get them done.
Enjoy your day...I know that I will be inside!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Work is work is work.
Today started off slow, but eventually picked up. I had considered picking up a shift tonight, but then thought better of it. I mean, I don't feel fantastic and why continue to stress out about it? I need more rest, relaxation and then more rest.
Today, was beautiful. I walked to the bank, the post office and t-mobile. I have been a complete slacker when it comes to my phone. I overuse my minutes, consistently, but have done nothing to fix it until today. I definitely could handle that expense better if I upgraded to something more user friendly for me.
I don't mind the cold as long as I can comfortably still wear shorts which today was ideal. Yesterday, I found my jeans and walked to the grocery store. I had $20 to buy some veggies, salad, crasins, soup and then I had mushrooms and onions. Since I walked, I didn't have any identification with me or my debit card. As the checker scanned my items, I realized that I was over my limit and so I told him to hold the onion. He looked at me and I explained that I had walked there and only had $20 with me. He goes--why don't you just take it today? It was sweet and made my salad infinitely better. I suppose paying it forward does work.
For instance, the bartender at Elway's gave me a ride home, about 5 weeks ago since my cab didn't show up. Two weeks later, I returned the favor. I guess the lesson here is that I owe an onion to someone soon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The beginning of christmas

Happy Holidays.
I cannot believe that it is December or that christmas is virtually around the corner. What happened to the sun? I miss my year of summer and am not at all looking forward to snow. I am happy, today, that it isn't snowing yet.
With everyone going on--stock market, recession, holiays--maybe it is time to focus on what truly is the essence of christmas. I want to give the perfect gift for each person.
Perhaps this year, we should focus on the importance of being able to give a gift to others and not so determined for it to be the best one. I worry about my family and them thinking they have to get me anything. They don't. I know that they would like to, and that they love me, but times are hard and the gift itself is the knowledge that they want to get me the right gift.
Jade returned to the hospital on Friday to have them go back into the incision. She wasn't healing properly and the bleeding continued. She returned home yesterday, but there are still concerns. My sister is stubborn. Each time she has been pregnant they have encountered a new hardship. This time it was the recovery of the incision.
I admire her determination in having children and know that she will be okay. I understand that it is scary and again, for all of us, this is the 3rd time of worrying about what will go wrong with Jade's pregnancy/delivery.
I believe that she will be well and Michaela has been there, too, to support them and the kids. I wish that I were there as well, but know they are in capable hands with Michaela.
Enjoy this December, share with your loved ones and enjoy yourselves...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The feast was ample and we made it through the day without a family dynamic explosion.
Of course, we did watch a few inappropriate flicks with my dad and Dori. We started off with Walk Hard--the Dewey Cox Story. Let's just say...lots of frontal nudity, drugs and language. It was awkward, but we made it through the Jeremy pick.
Next, Michaela and I agreed to rewatch Juno. I like the movie--great dialogue, characters and it is entertaining. My parents, again, not too impressed. It was calmer than the first, but still I could see the judgment in their faces.
We retired to Michaela's apartment and she said--oh, this is a great movie. I started it the other day but had to leave. So, we begin the Heart Break Kid with Ben Stiller. By far, the worst acted and raunchiest. There were times, I couldn't even look at the tv because it was so inappropriate to be watching with my dad. There was a mention of a donkey show.
In hind sight, it was funny. I think that next time I will stick to the G Rates masterpieces so that we have something to talk about. Ironically, they never got up to leave. Instead, they suffered through it with us.
I return to Denver tonight. It will be a full day of traveling and no shopping.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday was filled with airports, rental cars and driving. I made it safely to Oregon, battled the rain and got a little lost in Eugene. I have been here numerous times and so I recognized the Dutch Bros. downtown and figured that I would find my way to Jade's house.
Emery is adorable. He is so tiny, but boy can he cry. Jade handed him to me and he knew, immediately, that it wasn't the right one. He is beautiful.
I spent a little bit of time with Mackenzie and Easton, too. They are both sick and so quarantined off from the baby.
Today, I believe we are going to grill out with my dad, Michaela, Jade's family and Jeremy. He is letting me stay with him, keep my sanity and entertaining me with stories of school and the nonstop b.s. that he is encountering.
His dogs are still nuts. He left to go to a class and immediately Murphy--the spiteful one--peed on the floor as if on command. I remember his behavior at my house in Denver, too. That dog is demanding. Kaya is older and a lover, now. In her childhood days, she was a crazy one, too. They drive me crazy, but I do love the dogs.
I look forward to spending more time with my nieces and nephews. Last week, I learned a lot about Jasmin and I hope that she decides to relocate to Denver. It will definitely be a transition for both of us, but it will be positive.
I am excited to return to Denver to focus on me and my needs, too. I believe I am coming to terms with what I need to do. I have been too complacent since my return to the States and I was reminded of that last week from a friend that always motivates me to better myself and my life. I am hoping to take an art class which is conveniently located right behind my house. I cannot avoid it due to the location and it should be fun. I am ready to unleash my creativity!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The upcoming holidays

Thanksgiving in Oregon--my first time.
I enjoy Thanksgiving. I always have. I love turkey, stuffing, apple pie. I love the family aspect of it, too. Perhaps not the whole clean up business, but otherwise, I truly love Thanksgiving.
This year it should be interesting. I suppose I have been spoiled in the past. The weather in Denver is brilliant and each year, I was either at Bryn's family or with Brian. Bryn's dad makes the best stuffing and it is always fun to see all of her brother's and sister's.
Last year, I was in Renwick, New Zealand, at a bed and breakfast. I spent two days at the Olde Mill B & B. The couple that owned it were friendly and welcoming. The first night, the house was empty except for us and the following evening, a Canadian couple joined us. I spent the holidays drinking wine and biking around the area. On Thanksgiving, I wanted mashed potatoes, but the English pub in Renwick that I went to didn't have bangers and mash or anything. I think I settled for their version of nachos. It was awesome and I miss it.
I look forward to meeting my nephew and spending time with my sisters and dad. We will be celebrating my dad's 60th this week. Whatever we do, it will be great. I hope yours is as well.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The baby, Emery, is well. Jade is happy, from what I understand and Jasmin is with me in Denver, trying to decide if she wants to relocate here or not.
Timing is essential in everything. My roommate, Leslie, is moving to Mexico to build their business more. Of course, I am bummed, but if my sister moves out here, it is perfect timing.
Initially, I was upset since it happened quickly. I understand that things change--new jobs become available, you might buy a home, etc. I wasn't prepared for the phone call that I received from Leslie informing me of her changes. We talked on Tuesday and I feel much better about it. I know that she needs to do it for her and her company. And, she offered to place an ad on Craig's List, but I believe that I will find someone or now, that my sister will relocate here. Plus, I know that I am no longer 20 or capable of living with just anyone. One of my co-workers lived with someone they met on Craig's List and this guy stole from here constantly. She moved back to West Virginia and he had stolen a blank check from here so that he could pay his November rent.
I know this isn't the norm, but it raises a definite issue. Do I want to live with someone that I know nothing about? NO.
Timing will tell and in a week I will meet Emery....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emery Dean

My nephew has arrived...Emery Dean. He is 7 lbs., 8 oz., 19 inches long. Healthy baby and mom...which is awesome for Jade. I will meet him next week when I am visiting them in Oregon for Thanksgiving.
It has been an exciting week for me thus far. My mom made a guest appearance in Denver and returned to Kansas with Jasmin. A day later, Monday, Jasmin returned to Denver for a week. She had take a week off to spend in Oregon and so she opted to return here and familiarize herself with Denver. Of course, I enjoy entertaining and returning to choice restaurants. We had calamari at Solera and then went to Elway's for supper. We shared a petite filet, au gratin potatoes, crab fried rice and creamed corn. Jimmy accompanied us to Elway's and we had wine at the Bull in the end. I figured that I owed Jasmin at least one night at the Bull and Bush.
The rest of the week, I am working, but my aunt Bryn will spend some time with her and she is quite capable of meeting people, I am learning. I think she is enjoying herself and for that, I am glad.
My life is good and prosperous. I dream of faraway lands, but am very present in this moment. I am thrilled to have a new nephew and look forward to meeting him and seeing Mackenzie and Easton, too. Next week will be fantastic!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I had every intention of being on the wagon until my visit to Thanksgiving...then, I received some news today that changed my mind.
My mom and Jasmin are coming to Denver since my mom totalled her car en route to Oregon. She was in Wyoming and unfamiliar with the conditions of black ice. She will be arriving in a few hours and so I need to clean my house, change the sheets in Chichi's room and gear up for a visit.
Unfortunately, for them, I am scheduled to work all weekend. I need to work and wasn't planning on taking time off. Actually, I cannot.
So, this is interesting and plans do change. I hope that they arrive safely and enjoy their weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

drinks with friends...

I met Jenny tonight. I have known Jenny since we were 10.
We met at Trios and we had a nice time. Actually, Trios has a great happy hours--half price wine and pizza until 7 pm. The selection is nice and diverse...it skewed towards California and Australia--both places that I frequent. I was happy.
We had a wonderful conversation. I miss her. We meet about every 6 months based upon scheduling and availability.
Tomorrow, my friend, Hailey, is turning 32. I suppose she really will be old tomorrow. It's only funny since she sent me a note about a conversation that she recently had about age. She looks fantastic and shouldn't worry about age or anything! We all conceptualize how we are supposed to be or what we should be doing with our lives. Things change. People change. Adaptations occur.
There is not set path.
I realize that now. I miss Brian. I had a dream about him last night. I was shopping for a dress. I was confused and couldn't decide. I found a brown strapless dress. I tried it own and the clerk told me that everything had been taken care of and that there was a note for me. It was from him. He said that I should enjoy it and that it would look great on me.
I woke up.
I guess that it is a reminder that he is present in my life.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Progress being made...I finally reorganized my room and it feels fantastic. I find myself putting my stuff on whatever space is available. Eventually, everything is buried and I cannot find anything.
I need to simplify my life.
I think of how I traveled--one back pack, two pairs of shoes, shorts and one skirt. I acquired a sarong due to necessity in Fiji, 4 shirts, two t-shirts, one of Brian's Hawaiian shirts, an ipod, a charger, toiletries--too many due to contacts/glasses, and I started off with 6 books. It was stupid. They weighed me down and at the end, I had my two journals that I had to have a 1 book that I would switch out for reading. I loved the simplicity of my life. I didn't carry a phone. I paid to be on-line and I had journals to write. I was free.
I need to cleanse my closet, my books and my journals. I know it. I have little compared to most, but still it is too much. I went to yoga this afternoon and the theme of the day was to simplify. I suppose that is why I am on this tangent.
Plus, I bought a vacuum today. There was so much dog hair in my house. It was pathetic. I like to feel like it is cleansed, now.
In the broader sense of my life, I embrace other areas to cleanse too. I am ready to simplify and feel positive about what I am doing and embarking on. I am ready for a new challenge that involves growth, travel and perhaps, wine. We shall see...any ideas, let me know.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mundane randomness....

Work is work is work.
This morning, I woke up and felt--what am I doing? Do I really have to work tonight?
Then, I was grateful for my job and the opportunities that are presented because of my job at the Bull and Bush. My friends, Steve and Sarah, stopped in for dinner and it was great to catch up with them. I am tryng to persuade Pocketsize to meet Sara Jo and I in Chicago sometime in March. Initially, we were going to go on Sara Jo's 30th, but I don't know if 100% it will work out that way for us. It might be easier for everyone to go a week before or after. I don't know and there are several months to plan this particular weekend. I am stoked whenever we go.
My aunt is going to a meditation seminar tomorrow. I considered going, but I don't know if I could handle a full day or meditation. I am trying to get interested in it, but a full day seems like a bit much. I did a guided 10 minute meditation and afterwards, felt fantastic. I want to meditate, daily, even twice a day before I take on a full day seminar.
I am embracing the changes in my life. I am trying to get rid of the the toxicity of some of my associations/friendships. Life is too short to just be or to accept when things aren't right. Why strive for mediocrity? My brother-in-law reminded me of that tonight. He is pursuing his PhD at the University of Oregon. He is having a difficult time accepting some of their regulations and being happy in his life.
I keep telling him that it is almost over.
For Thanksgiving, I am staying with him and his two crazy dogs. My dad is staying with Michaela and Michaela, and Jade, will have a full house with the new baby. Thanksgiving should provide plenty of distraction and dynamics...fun for everyone...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally, no more political ads. The day has come and I am hopeful that change has arrived.
I will be watching the results with Sara Jo, drinking red wine, reminiscing and celebrating the victor. It is time to embrace change and deplete the polarity in this country.
I am excited for the end.
Enjoy your evening, however you spend it. I know there are many bars that are offering drink specials to people who voted and the Rock Bar on Colfax is the Barack bar tonight. I have friends that are hosting gatherings too, but I want to be in my hood.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Tonight, work should be interesting.
We have a band playing, the Nacho Men, and everyone is dressing up. I think Tiffany is going to be Wonder Woman, Brie a racquetball ball player, Jimmy a postman and I am a maid.
We had considered Charlie's Angels as an ensemble costume. It sounded great in theory, but it also could have looked like a pimp and three girls in jump suits. A few years ago, we were doctors and nurses which was fun and made sense.
The weather is awesome. I love the fall, but more of an Indian summer style. I went to Solera last night with Tiffany and we shared calamari and truffle mac and cheese. We were entertained by their resident Aussie, where I was reminiscing about my trip and wines that he felt were CRAP, from OZ. Also, my friend, Magon, is now their front house manager which is great for him. He is a great friend/contact for me. I either run into him at Solera or the Falling Rock.
I voted. I was determined to get it down before the election and also I had no desire to stand in line. Thankfully, my ballot arrived and I sent it back on Wednesday. I am so over all of the ads on tv, the radio, the internet. Both parties are guilty of negative publicity and I am sick of hearing about who did what to whom? I am ready for change or I suppose, the possibility of change.
Trick or treat, have a drink or just have fun...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The medium

I met with a medium this morning.
It was great.
I didn't know what to expect. I knew that I would be emotional. Last time, I meditated, focused on pictures of Brian and was determined to embrace that energy. This time around, I was open to anything.
The medium talked about my past lives and present. It is amazing. I support this but understand if you think I am kooky. I guess it is important to me to seek this outlet of my life.
He confirmed that I am on a spiritual path and that inherently, I am a good person. He felt that I would be writing a book in the future and to continue my quest for faith, trust and spirituality.
It is ironic that I had the appointment today since a year ago, I landed in Fiji. I embarked on a different type of journey a year ago, just like I am today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A year in review

A year ago, I departed L.A.
My flight was terrible. I sat behind this couple that had all three seats pushed back and I didn't sleep much at all. I arrived, walked off the plane and thought--I cannot believe that I just did this.
It was amazing--all of it--the bed bugs, spider bite that turned into an on-going staph infection, the exhibitionist, the unwanted attempted happy ending massage, and the theft of my first ipod.
I wouldn't change a thing.
At times, I feel that I regressed by returning to Denver. I am working at the Bull and Bush, again. I haven't traveled as much as I would like. But, I feel better in my life. I feel alive and I feel more at peace with Brian.
It is difficult to explain. He was my soul mate and before my trip, I felt that I was ready to be with him, again. If something happened to me, I was okay with it. I would be with him.
When I traveled, I realized that there is more to discover. I am not ready. But, I know that he is with me and we will meet again.
Being here is where I need to be. I see changes in my life and that wouldn't have happened had I not traveled or returned to Denver.
Fiji was the ideal place to begin my adventure. Bula! Salud and Cheers. Enjoy your night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Silver Oak 2000

Last night, I opened a bottle of wine from Phelan Estates from 2002. It had started to turn.
Tonight, I opened a Silver Oak 2000 that I bought from Mayfair Liquors while I was living on Birch St with Brian. I wanted to celebrate my trip, my life, and Brian. The wine was fantastic. I had a nice meal and I must say...having a Friday night off was pleasant.
Recently, I found out that a friend of mine's brother-in-law passed away. Immediately, I felt awful for them. I remember what it was like for me. Numb, shocked, unable to do anything but reflect on him and our life. I could't sleep, I barely ate and all I wanted was another moment with him. I knew that he knew that I loved him, but if I could have given anything back to get the opportunity for another moment with Brian, I would have sold my soul.
I was lucky. I know. My sisters were with me in my dark period. It was a short interlude--their visit--but I knew that if I wanted them, they would have returned for me.
I remember hearing that I shouldn't make rash decisions, but in hindsight, I really think that I wasn't there. I was going through the motions, but my mind wasn't in the present. I wouldn't put this on anyone...the emptiness, the loss, the shock.
I feel awful for this woman that I don't even know. Her husband of 25 years passed away. All I can say, is remember how much you loved him.
The wine is spectacular and I am enjoying my ipod. Have a grand night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I guess I should be a Rays fan.
I like some of the Phillies players, however.
But, realistically, I should be a Rays fan. One of my friends came in to the Bull tonight and I inquired about his preference for the series. He said--Rays, of course. I said, aren't you a NL guy and he replied--I am a Mets Fan.
I got it. You support your team no matter what.
Ironically, there is this other regular who is an adamnant Yankees fan. Yet, they didn't reach the playoffs and suddenly, he is a Red Sox fan. I was disgusted. I mean, it would be as if I became a Tiger's supporter if KU didn't make the tournament. I know, that I would never support the Missouri Tigers. I would rather eat glass.
I guess it renewed my fan obsessiveness of my teams. I saw that Lute Olsen was stepping down at the University of Arizona. I know he is older, but the man is an icon. I am bummed!
I cannot wait for KU basketball.
In the meantime, I will load my new ipod. I figure that I have went full circle with the entire process of ownership. My first was stolen, my second I lost, the third was too small and the 4th is perfect. It sorta sounds like a fairytale to me. We will see...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A year in

It has officially been a year that I have been blogging.
Wow! I cannot believe it. Thankfully, I am in Santa Fe, right now, true to my calling. I wish I could find a way to finance traveling, be paid for it and keep doing it. I know that I love it. I am good at it and I thrive when I meet people.
I went to O Eating House for lunch today. My friend, Jamie, recommended it and all I knew was that she enjoyed it. I didn't know what I was walking into to.
I walked in and opted to sit at the bar. The chef, Carlos, told me that I could sit at the kitchen's bar if I let him clear it off. I figured it would be interesting to watch him prepare food and so I said yes.
Honestly, I thought he would have more people working with him. He had a girl that was helping him prepare dishes. He was able to talk me through the menu. At one point, he accused me of being a food critique and my reply was--do I look like a food critic? He said, yes.
I started with the green chile samosas and finished with the mushroom quinoa. Both dishes were fantastic; although, the sundried tomato mashed potatoes were a bit bland. I enjoyed my seat and watching the energy of the kitchen/front staff collision. There is always something. I think if I were forced to work in the kitchen, I would have more patience for my food.
Tonight, I am heading to La Boca, a tapas place, with my friend, Melody. I love Santa Fe, the energy and how I always am able to connect with what is important to me. I lose sight of it when I am in Denver, surrounded by the negativity of the people I associate with. There is so much more to discover in life. I forget that when I am absorbed in the bs associated with a restaurant job. I have great friends, a wonderful support system, but also an easy way out.
I have to remember to keep challenging myself and discovering life.
Thank you, to all of you who continue to read about my life, travels and mishaps. Cheers to another year!

Friday, October 17, 2008

website down

So, for awhile the website to the Bull and Bush has been down.
It is inconvenient for customers and for staff. I mean, people call and want to know what is on the menu and all I can say is....well, perhaps we can fax you the current listing since our website is down.
I looked the other day and it says Bull and Bush--Spring, 2008. I think it is a misprint since we are almost to 2009. I decided to link some of my photos to their website since it has been part of my life for the past few years.
I ran into Dave and Erik at the beer fest. I was able to provide my own tickets, outside of them or any obligation. I pay my debts in full and didn't fancy an evening spent folding posters to get in for free. They were in full custom (as always) and so I insisted that Dave take a picture with me.
Of course, he made fun of my camera, but I like being surprised and I love black and whites.
Also, I met Carrie's husband in Las Vegas. I enjoyed this photo and so I wanted to put this up for show, too.
I have great friends and a wonderful life. Sometimes, I forget it. Most times, not. Have a gerat evening.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alize and the rest of the greatness

Vegas was great!
We arrived on Sunday and had anticipated a suite like the one we had a few times prior to this trip. The clerk gushed about how fantastic this room was--it has a great view overlooking the fountains of the Bellagio--you will love it. We took the elevator up and were both disappointed by the room. It was small, dirty and it felt like we were imprisoned. Jimmy returned to the desk to ask for a different room. The next room was an improvement, but not much. It was a free room and so I couldn't complain that much.
We walked to the MGM and met up with Carrie and Cedric. We arrived first and were surprised when Carrie arrived with some random guy. She explained that they had gotten married a week ago and wanted to surprise us. Yep, we were surprised and speechless. He was polite and kind, but our dynamic was off.
Love, the Cirque de Soleil show, was amazing. The music was great and I enjoyed the theatrics. I prefer Zumanity though. There is more to see.
Monday morning, we headed to Olives for an early lunch. I tried the pumpkin soup, pepperoni flat bread and a crab cake sandwich. I must say, that I was disappointed in the sandwich. Every time I go to Las Vegas, I always go to Olives. Brian and I discovered it on our first trip together and so it is tradition for me. This is the first time that I haven't fully loved the food.
We ate at Alize for supper and it was spectacular. It is on the 56th floor of the Palms casino and has an amazing view of the city. We drank a zinfandel from sonoma. They started us off with a cold soup and we tried scallops with chorizo raviolis. Jimmy ate the gorgonzola risotto and I had the roast chicken. The service was fine, although there were no women, anywhere, which was odd. We finished with carrot cake which I was excited about. Too bad that it was a deconstructed cake and not that great. I was dreaming of the cake from Olives, in Wellington, New Zealand, that I found. I guess I will have to return there to fully appreciate carrot cake.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

VIva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, here I come.
Tonight, I should be at the Mirage, watching Love. I cannot wait.
It has been an interesting week. The GABF always promises to have wonderful people in Denver. I ran into a guy from one of my college classes on Thursday. I couldn't remember his name, exactly, but I did know that I knew him from KU. He lives in New Mexico and is in Denver/Boulder often. We are going to try to meet up for a beer next time he is in the area.
Last night, we were slammed at the Bull. I think the weather, football, and the beer fest produced the influx of people. I saw my friend--the $1.59 lady and waited for her to approach me or demand a manager. She was with friends, no husband in sight, and so she remained calm. The server knew exactly who I was talking about though. She remarked, that the woman is awful. Funny, how some people are naturally difficult to appease in any situation.
We had this group of people show up and they were dressed nice and asking for grey goose martinis. I handed this lady her tab--$13.50. She gave me a twenty and I gave her six singles and 50 cents. She pondered the change, stopped me and said--I wish I could tip more, but I am broke.
I was taken aback. I couldn't believe she would say that. She ordered a grey goose martini. If you are unable to afford it, drink the well. After that, Tiffany and I both avoided them like the plague.
I kept telling myself that I have a good life and again, I am going to Vegas tomorrow! Have a wonderful day.
I realized the other day that I set this up about a year ago. I suppose I am itching for another trip...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great American Beer Festival

Too many choices...too much fun.
We showed up to collect the tickets that I had arranged for. We wanted to get tickets from the Bull, but everyone becomes their "friends" during this time and so we didn't want to burden them. Plus, I still have relatively good contacts within the brewing community and so it isn't a stretch to seek out other avenues. Plus, bottom line--we got tickets and we didn't have to owe the Bull anything to get them.
We met Tiffany and Josh at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Restaurant and I saw my cousin, Beau. That was definitely a highlight of my night. He looked great and as always, he was pleasant. Afterwards, about 6:15, we headed to the festival. Wow--there were so many people in line. We got into the convention center at 6:50 pm. Apparently, the first people in line waited an hour and a half. It was crazy. Normally, Thursday is the casual night.
Right away, I headed to the New Glarus booth. The line was large, but I was determined to get their beer. I met up with my friend, Kat, from Phoenix and the night was fantastic from then on. I sampled beers from Elysian Fields, Four Peaks, Free State, Ommegang, Deschutes, Rogue and others. The only other line that was formidable was Russian River. Initially, my friends refused to wait in line. I was separated from them and so I stood in line for 20 minutes and it was worth the wait. Their beers are awesome!
I ran into my doctor which was comical since he didn't want to see his patients. Afterwards, I met up with Jimmy and we took a rickshaw to the Falling Rock. We arrived there at 9:15. We knew what was coming and so we hopped in a cab and went to Elway's for supper. I love the Falling Rock, but I do not like the craziness of the beer festival. People are everywhere and it is difficult to find a place to stand or get a beverage. I saw Mark from the Map Room, which was awesome, and John from Horse Brass and exhanged a few words with them, before departing.
I think I am beered out though for a few days. If you have time or any inclination, you should check out the beer festival.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Civic responsibility

I am a registered voter.
I have no interest in standing in line, though. I went yesterday to get a mail-in ballot. It was simple and efficient. I felt great that I was responsible, ensuring that my vote would count. Sometimes, I procrastinate, but I am passionate about this particular election. I figure that if I don't vote, I cannot bitch about the outcome.
Anyways, I returned to my car and it wouldn't start. I was bummed because I had no idea how to diagnose the problem. The security guard offered to jump my car, but that didn't work. I left it in the lot, with the intention of returning to fix it later.
I walked to work, cursing the situation the entire way. I take good care of my volvo and I suppose it is another reminder of what I miss with Brian gone. He always took care of me and my car. He enjoyed the oil changes, waxing and keeping her healthy. He always stressed how important it was to take care of the car.
I was able to pick it up last night and now it is home, safe. It started last night and so I believe it was a fluke.
I thought it was ironic that I was trying to be responsible, civically, and the result was that I walked to work.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

football Sunday

GO Broncos! I cannot believe that I just said that. I am anti-football; although, I do enjoy the games.
I went with Dave, Erik, Jimmy, DJ or JD--as Dale like to call him, Clarence and Marshall. Talk about an entourage. We arrived, tailgated and then enjoyed the boring game. Jimmy and I had fantastic seats--40 yd. line about 13 rows back. It rained a little bit, but overall, it was quite pleasant. They won and I suppose that is all that important.
Afterwards, Jimmy and I went to Elway's for Supper. It wasn't too busy and John Elway, himself, was there. We tried to watch the Angels/Red Sox game. I must say--I am disappointed with baseball, in general. The Cubs ate it. The Brewers lost. The Twins, well what can I say--that game was terrible. I am not at all excited at the prospects of baseball.
I might hibernate until March. I love college basketball and cannot wait for the playoffs. I do like the Dodgers, but don't know if they will be able to stop the Phillies. I like the idea of the Red Sox, but am over their winning. Isn't it time for a new team?
I feel ready for a new challenge. I envision the future. I see change. Do you?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Figuring it all out

It has almost been a year since I set this blog up. I decide to continue after I returned to the States to keep in contact with my friends, family and all of the people I met while traveling.
I feel confused about the status of life right now.
In the past few months, a few things keep popping up--more travel, the quest for faith and spirituality, and change. I enjoy my life in Denver. I like my job, both of them, actually, but I feel there is more out there for me. I am trying to figure out how to make it all happen, but I feel that I will be traveling again, and soon. I would love to learn spanish, about wine, yoga, and a way to finance my life while traveling only. I want to focus my energy on what is good and positive for me. I embrace the upcoming changes, whatever they are. Denver makes me feel stagnant because I allow myself to get sucked in to the b.s. of being here. I am ready for change.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Damn those Twins...

I was excited to watch the pre-playoff game tonight. I had high hopes for the Twins and was expecting an exciting game.
Instead, they lost. It wasn't an exciting game and now I am rooting for the Rays and the Dodgers. I like the idea of the Phillies, but want to support the national league west. And, I suppose, at heart, I have always enjoyed the Dodgers.
I love the playoffs. I used to go the Castle Marne, each year, with Brian and listen to the world series on the old school radio. We would enjoy each other's company by lavishing in the outdoor hot tubs, eating shrimp cocktail and of course, drinking red wine. It was our tradition and I might do it this year by myself. I was looking for a gift for Brian this year and I believe that is the way to go. I went a few years ago and it was exactly like I remembered...romantic, nostalgic, perfect.
Las Vegas will be a nice mini-vacation. I need that, too. I am still searching for my next destination and role/purpose in life. I am closer to having an idea about it since I have had ample time to ponder while Chichi has been in Oregon. I like the solitude, but miss her and Ricky.
The playoffs begin tomorrow. Enjoy!

Birthday dinner

L'Atelier was awesome.
We opted to do the 8 course tasting menu. Dave was right, the food was amazing and the wine list was user-friendly. We stared with beef tartare. The portions were huge and I love capers and so I tried some of the beef. Next, they served a lobster raviolis which was fantastic. We tried a green salad, escargot with a potato foam, followed by ribeye with more mashed potatoes and asparagus. We had sorbet, a hazelnut torte--for me--and finished with two cheeses. The wine was great, too. We started with champagne and Dave chose Craggy Range from New Zealand. I toured the winery on my trip and the wine was fantastic, again. We drank the Sophia.
I chose Cosentino, The Poet, for the second wine. It needed to open up a little, but it was also a beautiful wine. I had a lovely evening.
Last year, we ate at the Palm for my dinner and I confided in them about my around the world trip. Last night, Tiffany asked me if I had any grand announcements and I replied with--not yet.
Who knows what the future holds?

Monday, September 29, 2008


A new year. A new opportunity.
I am glad that I returned to Denver, but since March I have regressed to pre-trip last year. I enjoy my job, but do not like the drama of it or the politics. I know you would think that there would only be drama at the bar job, but it has both. I enjoy the flexibility of my life, but feel there is more out there for me to achieve or address in life.
I walked downtown the other day and it reminded me of how free/liberated I felt when I was traveling. I didn't have any set place to be. I could ponder life, relationships, books, anything. It was amazing. And, I met interesting people and had multiple possibilities to extend my traveling or return to certain countries to explore more. I felt free.
Now, there is always somewhere that I have to be. I feel more accountable in the States, though. I make mistakes and I try to fix them or learn from them. It is all about adaptation.
Tonight, I am having dinner with Cesar, Dave, Jimmy and Tiffany. We are going to a restaurant in Boulder to celebrate my birthday. Last year, we went to the Palm and I told them my news of traveling. I have no grand announcement this year, but I do enjoy dining with this group of people. It is exactly the way I would want to celebrate my birthday.
The wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed attending. I drank too much red wine which seems to go hand in hand with my etiquette when it comes to weddings. The reception was at the same place we had Brian's celebration of life. That was difficult and made more so when some people kept bringing it up. I was sad and overwhelmed by the irony of the venue plus the fact that it was my birthday. I should have been elsewhere, celebrating on my own. I wanted to be there, though and I don't regret it. I just wish that I had been able to do something more on my own.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I love Izba Spa.
Everytime I go there, I feel blissful and don't want to leave. My therapist beat me up and was a little chatty, but I feel fantastic.
Now, I am off downtown to enjoy the city life. It has been a wonderful golden birthday in my opinion. I hope to eat crab cakes at Oceannaire later. I have heard great things about that restaurant.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 26

Tomorrow is Brian's golden birthday.
I should be out of town. Really. I understand that now. I opted to stay because of Gabe's wedding and to do something different this year.
I think that I have had difficult customers--two prior sessions--prime rib fat and $1.59 lady--to keep me focused on something outside of grief. It's like, keep it focused, don't lose it. I don't know how to not, though.
Last night this lady that I worked with suggested that I go see a therapist. She believes that I would benefit from it and said that she felt that I am as upset as I was two and a half years ago. There is no statute of limitations on grief. I don't know if it goes away or when it does. Especially anniversaries, holidays, birthdays. I feel that if I weren't upset, there would be something wrong with me.
I feel writing and traveling both have helped me heal. Writing to me, has been therapeutic and beneficial. When I was traveling, I had a creative outlet. Now, I complain about customers and feel negative and in a rut. It doesn't have to be like this and I know it. I don't want to be either.
I go through periods of time where I question my purpose in life. I think everyone does. Right now, I am trying to decide my next destination and or direction in life. I am fortunate to have the life I do. I know that. I was blessed to cross paths with Brian and to love him. Thank you for listening to my rants of reality and grief. I don't know how else to breathe.
I will be celebrating tomorrow with a luxorious massage, coffee first, followed by a night at a downtown hotel. I look forward to toasting Brian's golden year. Cheers to you!

not always right

Last night, I experienced another never happened to me experience at work. My night started off mundane and normal. I had this table of 3 show up, with a child. It was a couple, her mom, and the granddaughter who was 18 months. Immediately, they asked me for bread. We do not serve bread when you sit down. We charge 50 cents per piece and so I ordered two pieces for their daughter. I watched as they dumped the sugars all over the table for the precious one and they asked for a shirley temple to start. I dumped a bunch of grenadine into the drink to dissuade any refills. I can be evil!
Anyways, they order three new york strips and an extra side of sour cream for one of the baked potatoes. I brought out the steaks and asked if they wanted dessert. They said no, only the check. I had the bar take off the mother's margarita since it was her birthday. Margaritas are $5 plus tax. Their tab was $98. The younger woman asked me what the side of charge was and I told her it was for their extra side of sour cream. They had 3 sides of sour cream for one potato and I charged them for one. Nevertheless, she was upset that I charged them for the sour cream and bread. She thanked me for the drink, but was furious that I charged them for items they ordered. She told me that it wasn't me, but that she wanted to speak to the manager about how ridicuous those charges were.
I had them call Erik but he was MIA. This pissed her off more and the husband had words with me because he said that I should have been more aware of the sour cream and that they loaded potato wasn't loaded enough and that they shouldn't have been charged $2.50 for it. They exaggerated that and again, got a free drink, but were mad about $1.59. They both were in my face at a point in the evening, with me having nothing to say outside of, that is our policy to charge for those items and yes, i will get the manager.
It would be like me purchasing a flight to Vegas, demanding an upgraded seat, but not paying for it. I mean, really, WHAT THE FUCK? What has happened to courtesy and not expecting everything for free? Some idiot at the bar responded with--the customer is always right. NO THEY ARE NOT!!! If you are unwilling to pay for the items you order, stay at home, cook for yourself and clean up your mess. I forgot to mention how dirty their table was after the tornado of their kid left. It was ridiculous how they let their child behave and she was only 18 months. As a sociey, with all of our technology, we have forgotten how to be polite, human and respectful. No, the customer is not always right. It is not right to yell at someone for items that you ordered.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New weirdness--work-related

I worked tonight and it started off okay. I saw a 3 year old chew up chicken and spit it back on the plate. I know. It is a child. And outside of that, he is well behaved and cute.
Next, I saw this old regular who is crazy. Seriously, loca! She used to bartend at another lace that i won't mention. Anyways, when I saw her walk in and head to the bar, I was praising the lord knowing that she wouldn't be my problem. Obviously, I was short-sighted because 10 minutes later, she ended up at my table.
She has been frequenting the Bull for years and so she remembered that I had worked there for some time. She ordered the prime rib and when it came out, I was glad that she was pleased with the color. Normally, she orders it too done and than complains that it isn't pink in the middle. Tonight, I noticed her stuffing food or something into the booth seat. I thought it was odd and I couldn't see around her to see exactly what she was doing. I walked back by and she asked me if I had ordered the bigger portion for her and I replied, yes. She demanded a to-go box and began boxing up her items. I noticed that the salt and pepper shakers were missing off of a nearby table and that most of the mayonnaise packets were gone as well. I grabbed the remaining condiments and took them to the back to be restocked. I returned to the table and asked for my pen back. They departed and I found the fat from the prime rib stuffed into the booth seat. It was disturbing and quite honestly, I have never seen that done before. Apparently, she had tried to put the fat into our liquor books on the tables, but it didn't work and so instead, she placed the fat into the booth seat. I believe that it was her intention to suggest that she had been given a smaller cut of meat and charged for a larger one. I mean, she was creative--I will give her that. Dave said she was 86'd...about time. I have been dealing with that annoying chick for 5 years.
I am now home, waiting to watch the Shield. I love that show.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

feeling better finally...

Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up, sounded like someone else because of the cold and kept coughing all day long. I worked, but it was trying.
I believe that I needed to sleep it off. Or, wake up when I was supposed to be working already. I felt clammy, hot and hacked all day long. This morning, I was late to work, broke a wine glass over the ice bin and then was overwhelmed by a headache mid-afternoon.
Then, I went to see Burn After Reading and I felt immediately better. It was a great flick and I am glad that I went to the theatre to see it. Jimmy liked it too.
We won a square of the Broncos game and so we are taking our winnings to Vegas next month to dine at Olives for lunch. It is a must do for me whenever I am in Las Vegas. Brian and I found it our first trip to Vegas and since then, it has been the one constant of all of my trips to Las Vegas. I love the flat bread and of course, the olive tapenade. Plus, it never hurts to befriend the bartender!
Tonight, I am full of Elway's and a peanut butter cookie from my favorite coffee shop in Denver--St. Mark's Coffee. Actually, I think the cookies are awesome and the coffee is okay. It is a funky, eclectic spot in Denver that is a gem of a place.
I decided to watch the end of the Emmy awards and it was moderately entertaining. Mad Men won for best dramatic series and I would agree. If you haven't seen this show, check it out. It is well-writen, acted and I like the content. Seriously, it makes up for all of the crap that is currently on tv--reality shows that are overwhelming. I mean, I think I saw a commercial for America's best pets. Why are we watching this? Shouldn't we be reading, hiking, dancing, challenging ourselves or something instead of watching reality tv? I keep hearing about Dancing With the Stars, but I don't think it is intriguing at all.
I am better and looking forward to next weekend. I cannot wait for Saturday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Under the weather

I worked on Monday with this girl who was hacking everywhere. I don't think she ever understood that no one else was sick and that we didn't want to get sick. Not once did I see her cover her mouth or wash her hands.
Now, I have it. I feel so lucky!
I woke up at 4 am and moved to the couch. I watched Wings and part of Jag before I was able to fall back asleep. I ate garlic this morning and feel that no one will want to come near me since I reek of garlic. I have taken jade screen pills, wellness formula and the garlic. I need to purchase vitamin C pills and of course, Emergen C packets. I will be over this by next week.
I work tonight, tomorrow and Friday. I am gearing up for my trip to Las Vegas next month and Portland the following month. My sisters and I are meeting there to welcome the new addition to the family and celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. It should be interesting and full of memories. I am either staying with Jeremy, Michaela's ex, or if Jimmy comes too, we are getting a hotel. I should probably get one anyways to get a break from the family dynamics. Jade told me that only Tab, Jeremy and I were allowed to cook the dinner since she didn't trust Michaela and she is trying to alleviate some of the unnecessary stress that will occur because we are all there.
I have been reading a book called, Awakening the Buddha Within, and I see myself going to Nepal at some point in the near future. It is fascinating and I sense a spiritual path for me...whatever that means...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poor decisions...

Yesterday, I forced Jimmy to go and see Righteous Kill. I am a huge fan or Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I watched Heat two weeks ago and I thought about the only scene between the two for days afterward. Now, Heat is a fantastic movie--well acted, great dialogue and interesting.
Not so much with Righteous Kill. I knew it immediately, but hoped I was wrong. I wasn't.
It was terrible and a waste of talent. I mean, John Leguizamo and Carla Gugino are also in it and they can act. There isn't anything redeemable about the movie, at all. Honestly, I almost got up and left--that is how awful the movie was. It is predictable, poor dialogue and boring. There is no character development and 50 cent plays himself--a thug. Wow, how interesting!
Afterwards, we had Rockies tickets, but didn't feel like going to the game. Instead, we went grocery shopping and I made dinner at my place. I have been trying to dine in more and utilize my kitchen. Of course, with Chichi gone, too, I am more likely to cook at home. If it is terrible, she won't know if she is in Oregon as opposed to being here. I like the solitary life.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Current Contemplations

I loved traveling.
Since I have been back, I am fully immersed in Denver.
I don't feel creative or motivated. What is wrong with me?
However, I did get my checkbook back and my social security card. It was like christmas yesterday, when I saw Steve and Pocketsize. I could have been more proactive in getting my stuff from their house, but it was great to open it and find a gift card to Victoria's Secret. Wow, an early present.
I feel boring in my life, right now, and know that soon I will be wanting to escape again. I need a hobby or at least something to distract me. Next week, will be interesting. I wish that I would have planned better because Santa Fe is calling me along with San Francisco.
In February, I am meeting with 6 of my friends from high school and I cannot wait. We had tried to do this a few years ago, but timing was off. I impressed to them how important it was to make this a priority and we are making it happen. Phoenix 2009.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Please only do in private

I know that I have been harping on etiquette for the last few months. I cannot help it. I feel that as a society we are letting go of core values of responsibility, accountability and yes, etiquette. I still write thank you notes and occasionally receive them. I am thrilled when it happens because it is rare these days.
I was at work this morning and decided to help out one of my co-workers. I approach this couple with their chips and salsa and watch as this woman is clipping her nails. SERIOUSLY...I was so grossed out! I kept hearing the click, click, click noise and wanted to return to the table to confiscate the clippers. Who does this? But, I have experienced this multiple times in the past year. While I was traveling at hostels, people felt okay about clipping nails in public, at an airport in Belize, on a plane to Las Vegas and today in Denver. I insist, if you see me, please put your clippers away! It is disgusting and should only be performed in the privacy of your home.
Also, if you have something stuck in your teeth, use a tooth pick. That is another unattractive habit that is surfacing more and more in public. I don't want to see it or touch your hand, your things after your entire hand has been in your mouth full of bacteria! What have we turned in to?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staying in Denver

This year, I am going to celebrate Brian's birthday in Denver. I decided to book a hotel room and become anonymous as opposed to driving to Santa Fe or flying to San Francisco. I needed more time or more of the weekend to go to either of those places and since I am working Sunday morning and going to a wedding on my birthday, I opted to stay in Denver. It should be interesting and there are fantastic restaurants in Denver, too.
The last few days have been uneventful. Work, reading, and writing thank you cards. People keep asking me where my next trip is and I know that I am ready to do something. Perhaps not for 5 months, again, but definitely, I feel the itch. I loved traveling and having the freedom to fully experience life. I think I would like to return to Africa to explore more of the continent. Or, I could spend a few months in Stellenbosch, drinking wine and learning Afrikaans. Of course, South America was intriguing as well. I need to give Chile more of a chance, and I studied Peru and Uruguay in college and would love to explore those countries. The bonus being that the dollar is liked in South America with the exception of Chile and Brazil.
I will figure it out eventually.

Monday, September 8, 2008

work and other distractions...

This week, I will be working, working, working.
I need to pick up a few more shifts and take care of myself. I am trying to decide if and where i will be celebrating my birthday this year. In October, I am heading to Las Vegas for a post-celebration, but September has always been my favorite month. Especially after I met Brian since our birthdays were a day apart. I loved planning our birthdays. This year, I am at a loss as to how to celebrate. I suppose that since I am going to a wedding on my birthday it limits my ability to go out of town.
Plus, where would I go? I love Napa, Santa Fe and Chicago. I was just there, but I could do another short stint in the city. I would like to go for a weekend--Saturday-Tuesday...maybe I will. I am indecisive right now.
I know that I will be in Oregon for Thanksgiving. My dad is turning 60 next February and we have decided to celebrate in November. Jade is having her 3rd child around the same time and so it will be a great opportunity to spend time with the family. I think I might spend a night or two in Portland and explore on my own. I love my sisters, but family time can be stressful. And I do enjoy Portland and would like to spend more time there.
On a side note...a few years ago, I approached my friends from high school about doing a girl's weekend. At that time, we were going through transitions--new babies, divorce and expectant mothers. It was poor timing and so the idea ended. I have been thinking about it as of late and so I repitched the idea to my friends and we intend to go to Phoenix for a weekend in February. I am excited about seeing them and showing them the city that I lived in. I cannot wait to reconnect and remember the friendships.
Until later...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

After the party/Michaela's visit...

I am detoxing until my birthday.
I ate way too much incredible food the last week...from Chicago through Michaela's visit. Throw in some wine and this is a mandatory break from excess.
Yesterday was a fantastic day. The weather couldn't decide which way it wanted to turn. Thankfully, it didn't rain last night. My roommate was concerned that the rain would ruin our party. I told her that everything would be alright and it was. We probably had 40 people at our house and I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves. The only problem, at one point, was that the tap broke and so we were without beer for 45 minutes.
I have fantastic friends and they all brought wine. I felt very fortunate for the turn out and the conversations flowed. I missed a few people and was surprised that a few people who had told me they would attend, didn't make an appearance. Things happen and I believe that it turned out the way it was supposed to.
I made a few cheese trays, and although they definitely were not Brian's creations, they weren't bad. I was proud of them.
Last night reminded me of how much I enjoy entertaining and throwing a random mix of people together. Fortunately, I have good people in my life.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michaela!

My older, but younger looking sister is celebrating her birthday today.
I think, only one time, did she figure out how to blog me while I was traveling. She is busy at work, but Jade kept me entertained the entire adventure.
I am glad that Michaela chose to fly and spend her birthday with me. Tomorrow night, we are hosting a house warming at my new rental property and I am stoked that she will be part of it.
We are cleaning tomorrow and tonight, I am making dinner. I think we need a nice low-key night before I wreck her tomorrow.
Funny side note...I have been thinking about text messaging...is it an appropriate way to tell someone happy birthday or is it too impersonal? Is it a guy thing or do women also choose to communicate this way? I mean, it is a special day, don't you think a voice message is more suitable?
I hope that she enjoys her time here. I always enjoy entertaining my sisters...

sometimes, only go with what you know...

I wanted a haircut, not too short, but definitely a trim since I was sporting a shaggy, beach look yet again.
I didn't have time to go to Phoenix since my friend is busy with the October 15 tax extension date. I knew that I had already distracted her during tax season and that she needed peace, not a let's go to Los Dos Molinos weekend. So, Phoenix wasn't an option which sucked because I do like her girl, Jill. I stopped going to Abby when she started complaining to me about how people weren't tipping her enough. Really, I fly from Denver to see you and you are going to complain about other people's tips.
I couldn't go to DJ since he never listens to how I do my hair. He is the Bull and Bush go to guy when it comes to hair. He does great color and has vision, I just don't agree with it. He did my hair, twice, and both times it looked great for the two days that I didn't wash it. Then, it went back to being pulled back because I don't take two hours to get ready to go to work. I shower, brush my hair and leave the house. I don't own a hair dryer and so going to DJ is foolish because he never listens to me. I should hand him money and walk away.
So, I went to a new salon that just opened in my neighborhood. It felt right and I walked in and had immediate care. The lady that cut my hair said she has been a stylist for years and so I told her I wanted a trim and that I was low maintenance. While she was cutting my hair, I knew that I wouldn't like the outcome. She offered to blow dry it straight and since I knew I was going to dinner last night, I agreed. It took her awhile to straighten it and when she was done, I felt like I was from the 60's...a debutante going to the prom. My hair was huge and I hated it! I left, walked to Whole Foods and tried to make my hair go down the entire time. It didn't work.
I came home and washed my hair. It will grow out and next time I decide to get a hair cut, I will ask either Pocketsize where she goes or Sarajo. No more walking in blind!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tru was amazing. I had a wonderful meal and ironically, my hotel was 4 blocks from the restaurant which proved to be convenient and wonderful.
I started the 28th on the down side. I need to remember to eat before I drink red wine. I had a petit verdot at Bin 36 and talked to a random from Houston. Next I returned to the W Hotel and spent some time at their bar. I ended the night overlooking Lake Michigan.
The next morning, I woke up and felt horrible. I searched for gatorade, alleve and starbuck's. Thankfully, there are multiple starbuck's and walgreen's everywhere near Michigan Avenue. I walked to the Art Institute while it rained, somewhat, and felt perfect. It was the perfect way to celebrate my anniversary with Brian. I decided to go to Rick Bayless's restaurant, Fronterra, for lunch. The atmosphere was colorful and lively, but I wasn't too fond of the food. I ordered chicken enchiladas in a mole sauce. The sauce was great, but I wasn't a fan of the dark chicken. I suppose it is a texture thing for me, but I didn't eat it. Instead, I spent $40 on chips, salsa, guacamole and black beans. I was a little disappointed in the service, but it just made me appreciate my meal at Tru all the much more.
I stopped by Delilah's to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. It was busy and had a good vibe. I had dinner reservations and so I had an early night at Delilah's. I saw Mike Miller and that was that.
Tru was classy. Initially, I was seated by myself and not enjoying it too much. I opted to do the Chef's tasting menu which consisted of potential wine pairings. Since it is summer, it was white heavy, but I asked them to go red since I prefer red wine. I had two courses, plus bread, when the hostess inquired if I wanted reading material. I told her that I wanted to sit at the bar, but I wanted to enjoy the full experience of Tru and so I was dining solo. I had noticed another solo diner and asked her to ask him if he would have dinner with me.
He did and it was perfect. His name was Sam, he was 19 years old and an intern in the kitchen at Tru. He was perfect. He reminded me of Brian since he was passionate about food. The day, itself, was exactly the way it was supposed to be. I am glad that I decided to go to Chicago instead of Telluride.
I don't know where my next trip is, but I am happy. I have a wonderful life and many opportunities and coincidences which make me believe that I am on the right path.
Enjoy yourself and each other!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Chicago and happy birthday Bryn!

Chicago, here i come.
I have a few dresses, heels, a camera and I am set. I have reservations at Tru, for tomorrow night at 8 pm. I cannot wait!
I hope to stop by Delilah's and pick up some merchandise for Gabe and Jeff and say hello to Mike. I met him a few years ago when I discovered the city. He is a foodie and a friend of my boss. It is Delilah's 15 year anniversary celebration, tomorrow, and my anniversary with Brian. Tru should be a phenomenal meal and quite the experience.
I have no other plans except to enjoy myself. I have the next five days and I intend to relax, read and be indulgent. Our house warming is on Monday and I need to organize that, but it shouldn't occupy too much of my time.
Have a fantastic day and for those of you who know my aunt Bryn, call her or e-mail and let her know you care.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The upside to the DNC

The biggest positive about the DNC is that I have seen several people riding their bikes, taking the bus or walking to work or to attend to errands. It is awesome and I believe that we all should be more green.
Think about it...it is better physically and enviromentally. Of course, it wasn't busy at the Bull, but I did walk there and enjoy the energy of the city. Denver is brimming with protesters, politicians and locals trying to avoid the craziness. I am glad that I will miss part of it. I am glad that people are experiencing the beauty of Denver, but I do enjoy my life the way it is.
Yesterday, I drank wine with Sara jo and it was great. I miss her and all of our restaurant adventures. Before we moved in together, we would get together once a week and check out a new restaurant in Denver. I miss that, but she is in school and I am trying to figure out my next adventure. Any suggestions?
This week will fly by and although I love the idea of Chicago, I am also gearing up for my housewarming party. I have been guaranteed a keg of Bull and Bush beer by Gabe and Jeff and believe that Dave will stop by to check out our new place. I need to go wine shopping, food shopping and also take care of some other needs. I can't wait though to celebrate my anniversary dinner in Chicago and our new rental in Denver. I am also considering dinner parties once every few months, too. We will see...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the upcoming DNC...

Chicago, here I come.
It would be monumental to attend the DNC, to hear Barack speak in person, alongside Bill Clinton and a host of others. I wish that I liked crowds. Instead, I am fleeing to Chicago for fun, food and wine.
Originally, I had considered dining at the bar at Tru, thinking I could have a fantastic meal at the bar. I finally looked at the website and realized that although I could eat at the bar, I wouldn't be able to fully experience the menu. They have a limited menu available for diners at the bar. I am not a huge fan of dining alone, at a table. I don't enjoy being the stereotypical lady, dining alone. However, this is a huge meal for me and the experience wouldn't be the same if I only ate caviar at the bar. I mean, I am celebrating my anniversary with Brian and so of course, I have to have options as to what I will eat.
I made the reservation for 8 pm on Thursday. Things change and I might meet someone that could join me. Someone that has a love of food and is competent with conversation.
Weirder things have happened to me...not weird, but necessary and unique. I think of my conversation with Ilona from Australia and how perfect, yet random it was.
I have an open mind and know that if I am destined to enjoy that meal alone, I will. Otherwise, who knows what will happen...I know for certain, that the meal will be incredible and an experience that I will not forget. Last year at the French Laundry, I had a fantastic meal and was fortunate that my friend, Jen, joined me for that meal.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday was a great example of why being overindulgent is bad for me. I went to lunch with Colleen, which was fun and purchased a case of wine for the housewarming party. I walked downtown to meet Tiffany for her birthday drinks. I owed her from March, but our schedules are opposite and I have been on the wagon a lot this year, due to antibiotics. So, we arranged to meet at Capitol Grille for drinks and meet up with Katy and Robin later.
Let's just say that I started too early and continued until I was unpleasant to be around. In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have been served at the Bull and Bush. I definitely should not have been given a shot! But, I was and I became annoying. I was trying to talk to someone and realized that I was done. I grabbed my ipod, left money for Brie and stormed off. I walked home which was the best decision that I had made. Of course, I was upset the entire time and managed to take off my shoes ten blocks from my house. I don't know why I decided to do that, but I did. Anyways, I thought that someone would call me to see where I was or if I was okay. Last Saturday, I chased Jimmy back into the Bull so that I could give him a ride since he was trying to walk. Funny, he didn't seem too concerned when I left last night. I guess that says a lot about my friends.
Or maybe I should own up to my unpleasantness. My roommate had a similar situation last night with a friend and she commented on she doesn't know how I do it on a regular basis--dealing with drunks. I told her that it can be difficult, annoying and something I despise, but it is part of the job.
I think too much, overanalyze everthing, reanalyze and make myself crazy. I am not a child and do not need to act like one either or put myself in situations where I am walking 3 miles home because it isn't safe. I was told by a medium that I was indulgent in past lives and that I should cautious with that in this one. He was right...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My year of scars....

It began with a simple spider bite. Never before have I dealt with absesses and due to my being stubborn, I now style 5 scars on my bottom and one on my stomach. I have eaten countless vitamin E to help with the scarring and other herbal remedies. I am not a huge fan of these scars, but understand that they are my personal battle wounds.
Brian was a chef and he proudly displayed all of his cuts and burns. He felt that it was an illustration of his love for the profession. Last night, I was carrying food to my table and when I put the plate down, I realized that I had broken skin on my forearm. The plate was boiling hot and it seared my skin. I was angry that I now am the proud bearer of yet another scar. It is in an awkward place and inhibited me from carrying more than two plates last night. Of course, the kitchen was sorry, but really must you broil the plates before you make them available to carry to a table?
I wrapped it with lavendar and hopefully it will reduced the scar. We will see.
Tonight, I am going to the baseball game with Tiffany, Robin and Katy. Interesting...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

walking aimlessly

Last night, I met Jenny Minard for drinks at Osterria de Marcos--I think that is the correct spelling. Anyways, originially, we were meeting at Sips, a wine bar on Market St. I had heard they have tastings and so I arranged to meet Jenny there. I showed up early and realized that they do have tastings, but only on Thursdays and Saturdays. I called a friend for a recommendation and he suggested Cru, Corridor 44 or Osterria. I walked downtown and so I needed a place that was convenient for me to get to. Jenny and I settled on Osterria and it was nice. They have a happy hour special where you choose a salad and pizza with wine or a specialty cocktail for $15 per person. The food was great and I enjoyed the downstairs bar.
Next, we stopped by Vita which is next to Lola a little west of downtown. We sat on their outside balcony and watched the sunset and spectacular views of the downtown skyline.
The evening was pleasant and I enjoyed our conversation. I have known Jenny since I was 10 years old. Her family moved in a house down from ours. Instantly, we became friends and with time, families divorce, moving across town, we grew apart. About 5 years ago, I found out that she, too, was living in Denver. We have tried to reconnect on a more permanent basis, but both of us are guilty of phone tag and canceling meets. I hope, this time, we are able to meet on a more regular basis. She is a true friend.
Today I return to work and searching for socks...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cedric's visit...

My friend, Cedric, from Las Vegas spent the weekend in Denver. Of course, I try to be a gracious hostess and so I asked Jimmy to entertain him one night. I took him to the baseball game on Friday. While we were finishing our beers at the Falling Rock, a storm rolled in, they delayed the game and we ended up having a few additional beers at the Falling Rock.
The game, itself, was great and we stayed until the 7th inning. Keep in mind there was an hour delay and I knew that we would need to eat somewhere instead of eating chips at my house. We went to Pulcinella and had antipasta and caprese salad. I hope that Cedric had a great time.
Saturday, I told him would be a little ore difficult. I do not enjoy shots, but Jimmy does and so I knew that Saturday night would be more harsh for him. They went to the baseball game and saw the entire game. When they returned to the Bull, I was entertained by their behavior. I drove them home and went to bed. I wasn't in the mood to drink and so I crashed out early. I believe that I did my job and it was a successful weekend.
I have a day off tomorrow and I must go to yoga. I have been a complete slacker in that realm. I am hoping to write some, enjoy a glass of wine with Jenny Minard and prepare for my trip to Chicago. I think I will go to Tru, but I need to completely decide where my dining destination will be....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pineapple Express

I came home tonight to enjoy a random evening off. I have been working a bunch to finance my trip to Chicago and so today was a switch. At first, I thought I would zone out in front of the tv, but then Chichi and Rick dropped by to catch a movie and I knew that I wanted to enjoy the outdoors.
I called Jimmy and asked him if he wanted to catch a movie. We went to see Pineapple Express. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Thankfully it wasn't a packed theatre since we arrived halfway through the previews. If you have time to see a movie, check this one out. Of course, I believe the Dark Knight is amazing, too. I had heard that Heath Ledger was only in half of the movie and wondered when would be a good time to head to the ladies room. That movie is long, but entertaining.
I have been more movie friendly since I was on the wagon during the antibiotics stint. Tomorrow, I will stop by the Falling Rock so that Cedric will meet my friends and drink some brews. I have a friend visiting from Las Vegas. He is a huge baseball fan and so I grabbed the tickets for tonight so that we could enjoy the game. Actually, Sharkey gave me their tickets and so I have no idea who will be using the Bull tickets. They haven't brought the calendar of tickets down and so it will be interesting to see who shows up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinner with Jeremy

My brother-in-law, Jeremy, spent the night in Denver with me. As always, it was a pleasure to spend time with him and bull shit about my family. There were stories that I didn't know about and I enjoy seeing him. His dogs are crazy, still, and right away, Murphy, let us know that he was the master of my house. He christened it twice, and then strutted around like the alpha male.
We trapped them in the kitchen and headed off to the Bull with Jimmy. A few beers later, yes, I drank beer, and we had dinner at 2nd Home in Cherry Creek. The food is upscale comfort, but the service lacks. I don't know if I can go there anymore. I have yet to be impressed by the bartenders. Although, the lady was pleasant last night, her partner is a moron and has no awareness of his surroundings. We finished the night off at Kona and then back to my house to get a good night's rest.
Jeremy is hoping to make it to Boise tonight. That is a long stretch considering, he is pulling a trailer and with his dogs. They go buck wild every time he stops.
August is the month of visitors. I began with Jeremy and I will conclude with Cedric from Las Vegas. We are going to the Rockies game on Friday and then hopefully, I will be able to entertain him though Sunday morning.
We will see. Let me know, if you are coming my way.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free Beer hour...

I suppose that every bar/restaurant experiences this on their anniverary party. You advertise, you want to take care of your regulars and instead, during the free beer hour you are inundated with people that have never even heard of your establishment. They just want the free beer that was advertised! Half of the people in the Bull from 6-7pm didn't even know that we made our own beer. This older gentleman, came up on four separate occasions and said--I want another fat tire. Seriously, it was obnoxious and I was extremely happy when it was over.
The party was entertaining and I saw some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I am glad that I worked and didn't partake in the treats. I think that most people are feeling the effects today. I am tired, but not hungover. This is the beauty of the antibiotic!
I work today, tomorrow and then Jeremy is visiting me on Monday with Kaya and Murphy. I think they will get along splendidly with Ricky. I cannot wait to spend time with my brother-in-law. I always enjoy his company and of course, the dogs are family.
Life is good. August is here and I have many cards/gifts to purchase...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anniverary Party

Today, we are celebrating the 37th year anniversary at the Bull and Bush. It should at least be moderately entertaining! I am bartending this evening and hoping to enjoy part of the celebration.
Typically, we make 15 shots, in ashtrays, for the staff and never end up doing the shot. The servers go up on stage with the band and do the shot and sing along to We Are Family. At this point, I normally see ex-employees from the 70's reliving the glory days...fun!
Actually, if you have time and desire, stop by. It is a fun night and packed with all sorts of people. I have worked each year except for the first since I was in Kansas. It is a tradition for me, I suppose.
Have a wonderful day and stop by and see me!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peace and serenity

I attended a yoga class this morning and the instructor wanted us to find peace within ourselves in that hour of class. She is experiencing a transitional phase in her life and wanted to share it with us as well as encourage us to go through a similar process.
A nice thought, but an hour doesn't really cut it. I am more peaceful due to sleep, vitamins, antibiotics and the knowledge that I have a full day ahead of me.
I was angry the other day about the lack of courtesy, but our dinner party was great. It was exactly how it was supposed to be. Chichi and I started with a beautiful red zinfandel and I prepped the vegetables and tended to the sashimi grade tuna. Rick came over, we fed him edamame and sliced tomatoes with garlic, basil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. We opened a bottle of wine from Australia, Red Knot, and I told them that I had been to that winery. It was nostalgic for me and almost a tribute to my world wide adventure.
Next, I prepared the tuna. I seared it and only overcooked my piece to medium rare. I was more careful with theirs and it was a fantastic meal. I chose a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand for this course and it was awesome. We finished the meal with key lime pie and chocolate mousse that Rick brought for us from Whole Foods. I felt comfortable in the kitchen and wanting to do it again and soon. I was fortunate to be able to live with Brian for three years. I could have learned so much more from him, if I had paid attention. Instead, I was more interested in his creations and being catered to.
I hope to learn and make my own way in the kitchen. I do enjoy it, now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proper etiquette

My parents always made me write thank you cards for everything...invitations to sleepovers, gifts, notes--you name it, I had to write a proper thank you. The card also had to be more than 3 succinct sentences.
As an adult, I have carried this with me. I get frustrated when I send a gift to someone--wedding, birthday--and get no response since I enjoy giving thank you cards and of course, receiving them too.
Recently, I sent a card to Dave and Erik for the fantastic dinner I had with them at Il Mulino. It wasn't my birthday, but I was included in the celebration since I was in Las Vegas with Jimmy. I felt it was the right thing to do and an illustration of my respect for their palettes.
It always surprises me when someone that I feel has class, convinces me otherwise. I feel that if you are invited to coffee, lunch, dinner and have no interest in attending or have other plans, the best way is to be honest and say--sorry, I am unable to make it, but thank you for the invitation. Today, I was told--I'm not--when I inquired to a friend of mine if they were coming to our house for dinner. My roommate decided to throw an impromptu dinner and selected a few of her friends. Everyone was in, except for one person who apparently doesn't understand courtesy. The appropriate thing to do would have been to call her and say that he wasn't able to attend instead of responding with--I'm not.
It saddens me that with all of the technology--iphones, e-mail, text messaging--we have forgotten how to be appropriate.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day off

Thank God it's Monday. I worked too much last week and could tell that my attention to detail was waning.
I woke up early, cleaned the house and watched as my roommate dealt with her hangover. Chichi and her friend, Rick Lacy, attended a local outdoor music fest at a bar north of downtown. For $10, you could have as much beer as you wanted, plus bbq. This is dangerous when you consider that both of them enjoy beer. I saw them, last night, on the tail end of the evening. I was entertained to say the least and grateful for my antibiotics.
Yoga was fantastic today and now I am off to grocery shop, restock wine (which has dwindled since I moved in with Chichi) and head to the Bull for a mandatory wine education class. It will be tons of fun considering that I am on the wagon right now.
I think Jimmy and I are heading to Elway's for dinner prior to the meeting. I want to engage one of my vices.
Enjoy your day and plan an adventure soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The return of the DR...

Last Saturday, I was at work and felt a bump on my stomach. I knew what it was, but I was trying to convince myself otherwise...i went to the urgent care clinic on Thursday morning and saw the Dr. that I liked. He likes Eastern medicine, too, and doesn't make me feel like a nut for not always embracing Western medicine.
Anyways, he numbed the area, pressed on it, and $230 later, I was sent on my way. He suggested that next time I feel the bump to come in immediately for my lovely prescription of antibiotics. This time around, I am on them for 10 days...i love it! I cannot drink and again, I have to moderate my diet--no dairy, spicy, fried, caffeine or alcohol. Of course, I am drinking coffee and I do love mexican food and so the spicy stays. I need a vice of sorts.
In other news...work is great. I have been able to pick up quite a few shifts on a regular basis. It keeps me focused, centered and with a travel plan available. I purchased tickets to go to Chicago at the end of August. I wanted a foodie destination and Chicago is the answer. I will stay for a few days and see the Map Room guys and possibly Mike Miller from Delilah's. I am excited to discover more about Chicago. I went a year ago in January and it was freezing. I went to a Bull's game and entertained myself around the city center. It was lovely, but too short.
I should be ready, healthwise, by the end of August. I am attacking this with Eastern, too. I have goldenseal, astragalus and some funky herbal blend of pills that I cannot pronounce. Hopefully, this works.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

House cleaning

Midway through the work week and we opted to clean our house today. Chichi is a great roommate. Seriously, she is conscientious, clean and a great listener. Plus, today, I realized that she enjoys vacuuming which is fantastic.
When I was a child, every Saturday, we would wake up to our weekly chores. My mom was a stickler when it came to a clean house. Every day, I had to sweep the kitchen multiple times, clean it and make sure that she was happy with it.
On Saturdays, we performed the deep cleaning--Michaela dusted the entire house (my mom had a bunch of knick knacks which is why I think I am simplistic with my decor)--I vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and Jade took out the trash. I don't know that Jasmin ever had chores since she was the baby, but I know that every week it was the same--chores first, homework next and then being tossed outside to run amok. Kids these days have so many distractions with ipods, cell phones, computers, play station and we had atari and the outdoors.
Subconsciously, I think I am more productive, in terms of cleaning, on Saturdays. It feels right and I definitely wake up, charged to make the house sparkle. We still need to clean the carpets from the previous tenants and their two dalmations. It smells like wet dog at certain points in the day. We will take care of that prior to our party...I promise.
The other day, I received a letter from Robin and it was great. I now know what Wyatt looks like. He is precious and I know that I need to send a note to thank her for updating me on what Steffany and her son are doing. I am a fan of written corespondence for those of you who don't know that!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer is here

July brought the heat...yuck!
The last few nights, I feel like I am showering in my sleep. I woke up this morning and was drenched and uncomfortable. We don't have a/c here and so it feels like grin and bear it. I am not a fan of this style of sleep. I like to be cold and wrapped up in blankets.
I had a few glasses of wine last night after my shift at the Saucy Noodle. It was a long one and I knew that most of my wine at my casa would go to waste if I opened it. I tend to open a bottle, have a glass or two and then cork it and never finish it in time. Plus, my stock of wine is dwindling and so I need to be more selective in what I open.
The next few days I will be living at the Bull and Bush. I picked up several shifts to finance my Telluride adventure. I haven't planned much for that or for the house warming party. Chichi and I agreed to have it in August and we are determining the best time to accomodate the most people. I am trying to arrange for beer from the Bull and meeting some resistance. Last time, Kenny, the old assistant brewer, brought a full keg to my house, hooked it up, and took it back to the Bull at the end of the party. I think we drank maybe a 1/4 of the keg and so I understand not receiving a full keg. However, it would be nice to offer more than a growler.
Enjoy your sleep...may it be filled with cold!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

still recovering

Well, not too much.
Las Vegas was awesome. I am not ready to work. I know that I need to now, but I have no motivation to wait tables or actually do much of anything. I could use a few more days of sleep or relaxation.
Plus, my laundry is overflowing. Instead of productivity yesterday, I analyzed the trip and went to my aunt's house for Edgewater Pizza. I decided to take a few days off of the no cheese diet and enjoy a white pizza from there. It was great and nice to spend some time with Bryn. Plus, I showed her my photos and she was able to put faces with names of my friends. This is always a bonus when trying to figure out who is who.
The next few days will be filled with work, stress and prosperity. That is nice. I need to finance my trip to Telluride and figure out our housewarming party. I know it doesn't seem like much of a house warming since we have lived here 6 weeks already. I want to do it and need to figure out a good time for everyone to be able to attend. August is filled with birthdays and trips for some of my friends. Hopefully, by the end of the week it will be in the works.
Until later, enjoy the day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Black...

4 days in Vegas kills me...I will be recovering for awhile. The wedding was awesome, I saw Zumanity after I acted like Jimmy and I were married for a time share deal, ate at Bouchon, Olives, Sea Blue, Il Mulino and the Mandalay Bay Buffet. My, my, my...can I feel the effects of overindulgence!
Pocketsize was beautiful and the ceremony, itself, was 7 minutes long. You can view it on-line on the MGM website for those of you that are interested. It is under 7/12/08--Black wedding. It was lovely and great to see them tie the knot.
I updated some photos since I felt like sharing. I love black and white photos and should have been more annoying with the camera. I abstained.
Dinner at Il Mulino last night was awesome. We dined for four hours, drank fantastic wine and then I went dancing at the new club at Treasure Island with Erik and his sommelier friend, Houston. It was fun and I wanted to utilize my dance dress. I now own 4 dresses which is 4 more than I normally have. I need more opportunities to wear them.
On Saturday night, we ate at Sea Blue which is a Michael Mina restaurant in the MGM. We thought that the food at the reception was going to be minimal and so we went to dinner. We were wrong, but dinner was still fantastic. I shared the paella with Mike Carroll and insisted that everyone at the table try the lobster corndogs which were fantastic. We drank a bottle of wine from 1976 which was awesome. I felt special to be drinking that particular bottle. The overall wedding reception was great. People were nice, fun and it felt right. I am so glad that I was included in Steve and Sarah's special day.
Again, I need to recover...enjoy the photos!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good people

I have been extremely fortunate in my life to come across fantastic people. As I have traveled or worked, I try to maintain friendships and always recommend a few places to travelers since I believe in the product or service and know that they will have a great experience.
For example, in Lawrence, Kansas, Free State Brewery is awesome--the food, the beer and the staff. Actually, I would even say that it is the best run restaurant that I have ever worked in. I always recommend it to people who are driving through Kansas even if Lawrence is not on their route. I mean, the campus is gorgeous and Free State is worth a visit.
In Tempe, Arizona, there is 4 Peaks. I worked there for about 2 years and since I go to Phoenix frequently, I have been able to maintain friendships and a dependence on that particular brew pub. 4 Peaks has grown up a lot. Now they have a hostess and there is typically 2 bartenders on at all times and at least 2 managers present. My friends, Jan and Tom, love it there and so I know if I am in Phoenix I am guaranteed at least 3 visits there on my 4 day trip!
Last week, my friend, Briselda, went to Phoenix to visit her friends and so I told her to go to 4 Peaks and ask for Crusty or Red-haired Steve. I saw her last night and she said that she had a great time at 4 Peaks and that she had timidly asked for Crusty since she didn't know the reference of his nickname. Steve, as always, was a gracious, wonderful example of the good people that are in my life and that 4 Peaks tends to employ. I was glad that B had met him and was able to tell him hello from me.
I guess I am saying that it is worth the extra effort to get to know someone or at least appear pleasant when you are traveling or trying to meet new people. You never know where the friendship/connection could lead. Earlier this summer, I was hoping to make it down to Rocky Point, Mexico, with a bunch of my friends from Phoenix to visit Jonny Vegas. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, but next time I will definitely make it a priority!
I am heading off to Vegas today and won't return until Monday. Yes, Monday. I decided to extend the trip since it is Jimmy's birthday and I want to go to Il Mulino with Dave and Erik since they know the sommelier and supposedly the wine they have chosen is phenomenal! I am ready...