Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grateful for friends

Lovely memory.  Night game at Coors Field with my friend,  Sara Jo.  It's been way too long.  This weekend I hope to remedy this.  I will be heading up to Denver for a quick warrior weekend.  Finding new shoes (since the selection here is lame.  I know.  I have looked several times.)   Seeing friends--Goddess, Sara, Jenn, Bryn, maybe Maghan.  We'll see.  I am ready for a little R & R in Denver. 
I think I am nostalgic due to the weather.  Overcast and inspiring of making plans.  Oh, and remembering fun experiences.
I do hope to accomplish a pedicure while up in the city.  I could use one and know there are many options of places in Denver.  Plus, I know Lindsay knows of a place that has a reclining chair that has always sounded incredible to me. 
Should be a lovely weekend and experience.  I always enjoy seeing my friends.


The yoga intensive was a wonderful experience.  Initially, I hesitated due to the lack of sequencing and physical classes.  The available classes focused on therapy, readings, posture meanings and crystal gongs.  I went back and forth with whether or not I would be able to attend the necessary hours.
In the end, I managed to attend 40 hours of class.  A little physical and the majority was lecture driven.  I prefer the physical classes. I thought it would be smart to attempt back to back to back ashtanga classes.  Midway through the third class which was vinyasa based ashtanga, I realized I was being foolish.  No, I was not a badass in this physical sense.  I could injure myself which would decrease my hours in the studio.  Foolish girl!  My intention is to finish my training not prolong it.
Ironically, I received the best benefit in the classes that I least looked forward to.  Yoga therapy, crystal bowls and another vision type of class.  All were meditation led where the mind wandered to where it wanted to.  In each of them, either I experienced a release of sorts or a vision of where I want to be.  Entertaining friends with wine and on a mountain.  I think I surprised the others in the class.  They had children and some of their visions had to do with making themselves a priority or being creative.  Mine dealt with being patient (I think in the present) and then expanded into the mountain image.  After the class several of the other ladies approached me and commented on what I had to say.  One girl saw a video and emailed it to me.  She said, I saw this and thought of you.  You must see it.
I think I was on a high after the intensive.  In addition, I met this couple while working and the man had traveled to 105 countries. Amazing.  Sort of stuck with me the last few weeks.  And my mini is off gallivanting in Central America.  I envy her ability to pick up and go.  She is wanting to visit 25 countries before she turns 25 and is almost there.  We plan on meeting in Vietnam in February.  Til then, she is discovering a whole new world of possibility.
I keep seeing advertisements for wine training in Napa.  Or, my friend, Lisa, asked me if I had ever considered relocating to Las Vegas.  She suggested I could get my som and work somewhere on the Strip.  So there is that in my sights along with the mountain vision.
Returning to New Mexico has been interesting.  I want to hold on to where I want to be while living in the status quo.  So there is some frustration in the present as such.  I enjoy the productivity of what I am doing and the people I am meeting.  I like knowing that I am providing service for people and that they enjoy my style of service.  I talk about things that I know--food, travel, wine, other restaurants.  It's enjoyable.  Or, I find it pleasant. 
Moreover my time at the yoga studio is uplifting and physical.  I find that I like cycle classes and am developing my yoga class on a deeper level.  Things are great and I am finding my voice.  Today, I continue to enjoy cycle classes and reflection.  Seems I am exactly where I need to be. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yoga and abundance

Double/Double translates to skipping yoga and/or cycling classes.  I signed up for a combination class that I was looking forward to and had signed up for.  I woke up, early yesterday morning, and canceled my class.  I felt it would be preferable to sleep or at least rest for a few additional hours.  Then, I regretted that decision midway through my night shift.  I would have felt better had I powered through the cycle/yoga class. 
Today is a new day.  I will attend the ashtanga class and meet a friend for lunch.  Then work.  It's been a summer of abundance.  Not only work related but also in the friends department and cultivating yoga contacts.  I enjoy this aspect of my life and how my community is developing.  Of course, I have the most solid base in Phoenix in terms of yoga.  That is where my practice deepened and I found that I wanted to maybe one day get certified.  I moved to Santa Fe and honestly was disappointed by the community here.  It was too spiritual for me.  I prefer the physical part of yoga.  I love that there is a very physical community in Phoenix and I relied on it.  Because I missed this part of my practice, I was motivated to get certified.  I am about 2/3 done with my training.  Kinda scary since I feel that I am rushing some of the hours to get my certificate.  Do I want to learn about yoga for golf?  Not really.  I would prefer an adjustments class or a sequencing class.  I love this one instructor who is like a sequencing ninja.  Always innovative and challenging.  I want my mind bent and she definitely does it.
Realizing this, I also identify that I am enjoying the yoga more in Santa Fe.  There is a new heated studio that is filling a void that I was missing.  I like heated vinyasa flow.  Power flow specifically.  And, I am meeting more and more instructors while practicing here now.  I feel confident that I would have an opportunity to teach and my style would be embraced.  I feel a pull to Denver, always, in many respects.  The only thing that is not as strong there is the yoga for me.  I did religiously attend a studio there.  I wasn't as involved in that community or my practice at that point.  However, I know that I have friends that have relocated there that I have met while traveling.  I am excited to check out a few studios on my next visit. 
I am excited to recognize that my practice is evolving and developing in multiple cities in the southwest.  I love meeting other people that also are on this journey.  Summer continues with more yoga, lunch dates and green chiles. I do love that part of New Mexico, too. 
I'm off to yoga and meeting a dear friend for lunch.  Hope you enjoy your Sunday, too.  You deserve it!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day of bliss

Day of Bliss.  This is my idea of a blissful day.  You know, one where the essential part of it is based on relaxation and finding that zen space.  I chose a cycling class to kick start the day.  I prefer yoga but that was not an option.  Early on that is.  I had set up acupuncture before heading to Ojo.  Of course there are several classes offered at 5 or 6 pm.  I know for a fact that there is an ashtanga class that I enjoy attending on Wednesdays at 5:30.  I love the instructor and my personal practice has improved from meeting Paige.  However, I do not love attending class that late in the day especially on my day off.  I appreciate creating bliss with acupuncture, physical activity, soaking at hot springs....and recognize that wine will be entering the picture as a retox, too.  I cannot drink wine and then attend ashtanga without potentially passing out. 
So, I opted for the cycling class at 6 am.  Super early for me.  The music was great and it was a workout.  I still prefer yoga.  Regardless, next stop coffee and a protein bar.  I packed my Ojo bag and headed to the acupuncture studio.  I recently rediscovered acupuncture for attaining equilibrium in my body.  Energy surges through my arms.  It's this crazy sensation and it always happens.  In addition to the needles, my acupuncturist does an additional treatment where she heats the needles up on my stomach.  It's like burning incense on my belly.  Odd sensation but harmless. 
I flipped over and she gave me a back massage before placing needles on my back.  At this point, I was completely out of it.  I left in a blissed out state.  Driving was little challenging as I was not as aware of other people.  I left the coffee drive thru and almost caused an accident.  Some lady honked at me and I didn't even react.  For about twenty minutes this state continued.  I was relaxed.  Then while driving I returned to reality.  Snapped out of my zen state just like that.
Drove to Ojo and waited for Jennifer to arrive.  We planned this day trip while we were in Las Vegas.  And, I love soaking at Ojo.  I try to soak at least once a month.  It is the most lovely way to spend a day off.  Of course, we were not the only ones with the idea of spending a Wednesday at Ojo.  Super busy.  I think I have Jennifer convinced that she must bring her mom to Ojo when her mom visits next time.  It is a wonderful, rejuvenating space.  I adore it.
We drove back to Santa Fe and shared some nibbles before she headed back to ABQ.  I stopped by one of my jobs to talk schedule and see how they were doing.  I was also curious to see what is was like as a customer.  Lovely.  I really enjoyed my time and extending my day of bliss.  And retoxing at this point.  Rose with conversation. 
Skipped yoga this morning.  I am sunburnt and wanted a break.  I can return to my physical activity tomorrow.  On board today, laundry, lunch, work.  Will be excellent.  Cheers!

Friday, July 10, 2015

blonde moment...

On Saturday, Melody gifted me two tickets to an art show.  VIP tickets to be exact.  There are events during the day and at night this evening and Saturday. I knew that that would not be an option but the show during the days would be available. 
I thought about going solo and reconsidered.  I have yoga friends, work friends and then other tangent friends.  Translation, people from Phoenix that now live here.  Libby recently returned to Santa Fe and I knew she had time on her hands.  I text her that I had a plan to attend an art show and to meet me downtown at the convention center as the show was from 11-6.  We could meet at the show and go to lunch somewhere on the plaza afterwards. 
Everything started off decent.  We had a time to meet and I knew that I could safely park my car without having to worry about a meter or ticket.  The one benefit of working at a downtown restaurant.  Parking that is off-street and safe.  I walked up to the convention center and met Libby.  We entered the building and it appeared lifeless.  I thought it would be bursting with energy and people.  I looked at the VIP ticket to see where the show was being held within the center.  The date said, 7/10, show 11-6.  I completely overlooked the fact that the art show started Thursday night not Thursday day.   Awesome!  No wonder the building was not overflowing with people. 
Libby was very cool about it.  Instead of freaking out she insisted we find a lunch spot.  I felt like a moron as had I just read the card, I would have known that the art show was available during Friday day.  Unfortunately, I work the next two days, both jobs, and so I will not have time to check out the art show.  There is a possibility that Sunday I can squeeze it in after yoga and before my night shift.  Libby has plans to attend the festival at some point that day with her brother and sister-in-law.  I might be able to meet up with her and see the show.  I am all in for VIP treatment especially after my blonde moment.  Libby also had one.  She almost met me on the southside as she thought that is what I had said was the location of the art show was.  That would have been funny. 
Lunch was lovely.  Although I do understand how some of the tourists are not ecstatic about the quality of service.  Busy restaurant with lackluster service.  Our server forgot about us for about 10 minutes and then ordered the wrong food.  I do know that both of these things can happen (I've done it, accidentally, too).  Yet, I hope that my recovery is better.  I hope that I am able to make the guest feel welcome, wanted and wanting to return for another amazing food experience.  I did not feel this way after our meal.  I felt our guy was overwhelmed.
I am off to spin to feel semi-healthy today.  It is going to be a long day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Celebration and recovery

Guess it is becoming a tradition.  How I spend/celebrate 4th of July that is...Dinner at one of Santa Fe's finest restaurants.  Specifically with Melody.  Last year we dined barside and sampled onion rings, beef tartare, sweetbreads and foie gras and the veal chop for the main course.  I think we tried the chocolate cake for dessert.  Equally delicious. 
Last night, we were given onion rings while waiting for our table.  Toasting the night with bubbles and eventually making our way to our table.  We chose the tuna tartare, this time, to begin the night.  Good way to start but I prefer the beef tartare.  I cannot believe that I am saying this as I rarely eat meat.  I rarely order hamburgers and I never choose to eat a plate of raw meat.  That is, until last year, fourth of July when I tried it.  Amazing.  However, it is no longer offered on the menu and I did want to sample the tuna tartare.  Followed by razor clams, olives, tomatoes and housemade pasta.  Purely salty and balanced.  It accompanied the wine at that point, too.   The som decanted a lovely bottle of 99 Isosceles that Melody had been gifted.  Delicious.  We did not know if it had held up or if it would be vinegar.  Thankfully, the wine was gorgeous.  It evolved over the course of our meal.  We finished with a pork tenderloin with bing cherries and cabbage.  Such a lovely experience. 
Garden dining was relaxing and accommodated my mood.  I wanted to enjoy a nice meal and catch up with her.  I saw fireworks later when I returned home.  All of the neighborhood kids were out and wreaking havoc on my cul de sac.  I opted to choose to join their moms and drink some wine.  Interesting conversation.  My landlords are kind people.  Always gracious and interested in my well-being.  We make small talk in most of our passings and so that night, I went out of my way to chat with them.
The last few days have been full of work and wanting to do yoga.  I experienced some stomach cramps on Monday night.  Rare for me and unsettling.  I had a friend visit me from Phoenix on Sunday night and she was overwhelmed with nausea, cramping, vomit.  Similarly, my friend in Vegas had this sensation of nausea, chills, vomit.  I suppose I overthought it a little.  I had not eaten anything that would create the cramps and so I laid low, rested up, skipped yoga and went to work.  Thankfully, I recovered and went about with my day. 
I am off to hit a cycle/yoga class to aid with the detox.  Must rest for the weekend~

Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend fun in Vegas

Welcome back!  I spent last weekend in Las Vegas.  Love that city.  Mostly due to the food factor.  It's been a few years since I have visited and this trip felt overdue.  Instead of returning to Kansas for a class reunion, I opted to propose a weekend in Vegas.  Especially since there had been no talk of a reunion up until March.  I knew that my friend, Melody, had spent her 20 year reunion with a select few last year and that she loved it.  Made sense to me.  Spend a weekend in Vegas, dine well, celebrate being fabulous and maybe see a Cirque show.  Or go to Kansas and tour the high school if they actually planned a weekend.
I asked a few of my high school friends if they were interested in this alternate trip.  I advocated for a few weekends in June or July as August would be out due to my current work situation.  The busiest month of the year is August. I knew that I would not be heading anywhere that month.
Fast forward to last weekend.  One friend agreed to meet me.  Jennifer lives in ABQ, ironically, so I do see her on a semi regular basis.  She is travel friendly and knew how I like to travel.  A few years ago she met me in Las Vegas to run a half marathon with Shari.  Grizzly Adams (Aron) crashed our trip with his airstream.  Long story and a throw back to my past.
At any rate, I spent the weekend in Las Vegas.  I chose to fly out of Santa Fe as it seemed more convenient.  Parking is cheap and I could leave an hour from when my flight was supposed to take off.  I arrive at the airport after doing a spin/yoga combo to offset the excess of the weekend.  I check into the flight and realize that the flight is delayed out of Denver.  I might miss my connecting flight there to arrive in Vegas at 7:45.  Thankfully, the flight out of Denver also was delayed.  I made my connection.
Jennifer and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by dancing at a new club.  Successful first night.  We shared a bottle of delicious Grenache from Paso Robles.  I saw the listing on their wine bible and knew we must drink it.  Dinner was great.  Calamari salad, curry and fish cakes.  Jennifer does not eat chicken, pork or beef.  I convinced her that calamari would be fine.  She could try it at least.
Saturday morning, I got us coffee to begin the day.  One of the things that I do everyday.  I wanted to see a little of the strip before it got too hot.  We started walking down to Paris casino so we could patio dine and people watch.  Midway down the strip Jennifer got sick.  Had hot flashes and chills alternating her system.  We cabbed it back to the hotel and I left her with ice chips, a cold towel and ginger ale.  I felt she would feel better with sleep and being alone.  Thankfully she felt better with rest.  We spent Saturday night at O.  Amazing show.  Crazy amazing.  The contortions and strength embodied by these athletic performers was incredible.  I loved it.
Followed by dinner at Bouchon.  Another staple in my Vegas adventure.  We shared a cheese plate and I chose a nicoise salad and a side of corn and bacon.  Delicious.  Sunday morning, Jennifer had an early direct flight to ABQ.  While my flight back to Santa Fe departed later in the day.  Quick stop at Olives for lunch and headed to the airport.  I had too much time to spend at the airport.  I could either find an airport bar/restaurant and drink wine or get a pedicure.  Excellent chose.  I preferred this option.  My flight to Denver arrived late.  We were circling instead of landing.  I checked my phone and saw that I had 20 minutes to arrive at my gate.  Meanwhile, my sister, Michaela, also was in DIA.  Her flight back to Eugene was also delayed.  She asked if I would run by her gate while in the airport.  I got off the original flight and ran the length of terminal B it seemed.  I briefly stopped at Gate 55 to hug my sister.  Then, I take off running to board my plane.  I convince the agent to let me board.  There was 12 minutes to when the plane was scheduled to take off.  I find my seat, smash my bags under the seat in front of me.  Felt it was pointless to try to secure overhead space.  I was grateful that I made the flight as I knew that I would have a difficult time returning if I missed it. 
Imagine my frustration when the flight does not leave on time.  Instead, we sit on the tarmac to wait for a mechanic to say the PA system worked.  I could have been hanging out with Michaela, at Elway's in the airport.  I have a friend that works there who I would have loved to see.  Yet, there I sat on the plane, waiting to be cleared for take off.  Super lame and ridiculous!
I returned to Santa Fe unscathed.  Meaning managed to make all of the flight connections and without being too intoxicated and married.  I did have an indecent proposal early on in my weekend.  Funny!