Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thinking of my present

New day.  New possibilities.  Tomorrow begins a new week.  I will be organizing yoga dates and meeting friends for dinner.  There is a happy hour I might go.  Depends on who else is going.  My friend that arranged it is great and I enjoy spending time with her.  However, some of her friends.  Well, not people I want to spend my free time with.  I am sure that I can figure something else out.
I am wrapping up my insurance claim, I hope.  The chiropractor/massage combination has been extremely helpful in the healing process.  I feel better and the pain is lessening. 
I am ready to incorporate more of a group type of teaching.  I want to try that out and see how I do.  I will continue to seek out friends and their acquaintances as a way to ease into full time teaching.  I feel better when I do it and am maybe more connections. I am thankful to be back in Denver and creating a home here.  It's different as time changes things.  I know this and am not surprised.  I still have a strong network of friends and family.  The first eight months I was a little distracted.  Things happened--accident, finding a new car, working bull shit jobs, leaving bullshit jobs, travel, more travel, making others a priority and delaying the inevitable.  That I want to be teaching yoga. 
I am here now and ready.  Finally.  And thankful that I chose to be in Denver.  I met with a friend the other night that mentioned wanting to relocate in the next year.  She feels done with being here.  I didn't really comment on her speech. I don't feel the same way.  I love it here.  Always have.  Easy to travel out of.  Great restaurants, bars, healthy vibe....home, for me.  They say that like attracts like.  I think about what I have been thinking about.  Better yet.  What I am thinking about now and how that is illustrated in my encounters.  I see how I was in a fog when I first arrived.  It was easier to fall back into what was comfortable as opposed to broadening my horizon.  Cliché.  Sure.  I know.  And true.  There were some new arenas that I flirted with as well.  I do not regret that time or how it brought me to where I am now. Only perhaps I could have distanced myself sooner and found a way to start teaching.  Having the confidence to try something new.  Why is it so difficult to leave our comfort zones?  I think about wanting to write some of my life and experiences.  Believe me, I have an interesting tale and yet continue to censor myself when it comes to this area of my life.  I either take breaks from the blog or feel uninspired when I do try to relay some of the information.  The teaching is helping and I am saving money by not attending studios for the time being.  I would like to begin compensation for teaching.  I will soon.  Still deciding what to charge and how to make it a frequent occurrence.  It will come.  I feel it.
There is an abundance of work and creating connections there too.  I have experienced some repeat clientele and am happy.  I see more possibility in the next week.
I will be tackling my DIY project.  I keep looking at it and rearranging the photo montage.  I add photos and subtract from what I have set up.  I want it to be an honest reflection of people in my life.  A good representation of the people I call friends even if I am distanced from some of them currently.  At the time a memory was created.  That remains important.
I am off to greet the day before heading to work.  I will teach Sara Jo later.  I will consider a new flow and how to sequence it.  I am excited!

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Returned home.  Finally.  Enjoyed a solid three days off.  Not going to lie.  Absolutely loved it.  The first day, I was semi-domestic (laundry) and moved back into my apartment.  The toilet was fixed, tile grouted and sink put back together.  I met Tiffany and Dan for happy hour which benefitted a cause before enjoying a lovely dinner at a great spot.
Thursday, I was adjusted, massaged and met a friend from high school for happy hour.  We met at a spot that hosts multiple shops, restaurants and bars.  Pretty cool to bar hop within it.  I had arranged a meet with Matt to teach yoga on Thursday morning.  I thought about canceling it myself.  I returned home that morning to sweep, clean and reorganize.  My apartment was left dirty.  I was surprised, moderately, that the workers felt confident in leaving my place worse than they found it.  Seriously.  How difficult would it have been to sweep and put everything back in its place? 
I didn't mention that to my landlady on Friday. Instead, I continued to be reasonable.  I wanted her to pro-rate my rent.  When I approached her about it, she was hesitant.  Mentioned wanting to talk to her insurer before making any arrangements with me.  Keep in my mind, though.  Legally, I could have went to a hotel, ordered room service and billed her.  I pay a fair amount of rent and that translates to basic needs being met.  Not using a porta potty to urinate.  That really bothered me.  Similar to giving me a colostomy bag.  Not a solution or option.
Friday was about taking care of that and ensuring a peaceful return to domestic life.  I am reasonable.  I want what is fair. Initially on Friday, I taught yoga then dealt with domestic b.s.  Followed by a barre class where I established another contact.  I want to make a legitimate go of health and fitness.  After meeting with Matt on Friday and teaching him my style of yoga, I know that I am ready to do this full time.  I am stoked.  He gave me the best compliment.  Told me my adjustments were killer and I was intuitive on how to do it. As well as, why wasn't I already teaching?
So in the next month, I am going to decide where I want to end up.  I am telling friends and family of my desires.  I want to teach and continue as a student. I do love that. 
I signed up for a half in Key West.  Take two.  It will be lovely this time. 
I consider my future and where I would like to travel. Columbia?  Spain?  Morocco?
I really am being guided by what feels right. I feel a change is occurring.  Transition.  I feel it.  See it. Breathe it. 
I am in a better place in my present than I have been in awhile.  I recognize how imperative it is make connections.  That is what I like and where I shine.  I forgot that when I first returned home.  I forgot that I am so happy when I am cultivating relationships.  I will build on it.
So yea, currently, I am happy.  Seeing where I am and where I would like to be.  Dining out, drinking wine, seeing friends.  I am one fortunate girl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the current state of affairs

Still at Sara's house.  My toilet remains packaged outside my place.  There has been progress and so I am hopeful. Of course there has been other chaos in light of my plumbing issue.  An apartment flooded on the garden level.  My sink is also torn apart.  Etc....I believe there is more and sort of tuned it out.  I only want my bathroom fixed so that I can return home.
Sara has been a generous and gracious hostess.  Always.  I am ready to be in my routine again.  You know?  Wake up, coffee, yoga/barre/spin, work, glass of wine.  Repeat.  Of course, I can do this at Sara's house but I feel more comfortable in my own space.  Soon.  It will happen.
I have a few days off.  Must buy groceries, toiletries, wine for Sara.  Schedule some yoga and perhaps do a few exercise classes.  I was scheduled four shifts this week and considered heading back to Santa Fe to visit friends or go elsewhere.  That always seems to be my way.  Days off translates to wanting to go somewhere else to see friends or clear my mind.  Comfort zone.  This go around I will stay in Denver and figure out my housing situation.  I might be overly domestic the next few days.  There is the dresser with the DIY idea.  I could tackle that.  Or pick up my plants and make space for them in my place.  I suppose it all hinges on being able to use my toilet and sink. If that is still not functioning, I will not be returning home.  Seems shortsighted to be there when I do not have full use of the indoor plumbing. 
I called one of my college friends to inform her of my current situation.  We lived in Mexico for two months.  I know she has experienced malfunctioning toilets in her life.  Actually, I took a trip to Seattle a few years back to take care of her.  She had a minor surgery done and needed a little help with her recovery.  I told her that I would fly out and clean, cook, whatever.....keep her supplied with wine.  I mentioned that I wasn't too keen on being a nurse maid. 
While at her house, I was doing laundry and her toilet backed up while the machine was in its cycle.  I knew what this meant since had experienced a similar situation in Denver.  She needed a new septic pump.  Her landlady made her wait all day to check out the situation.  Meanwhile we were frequenting grocery stores and convenience markets to use a facility.  Yea, she understands the irritation of having a nonfunctional toilet.
Supposedly, it should be fixed by today as well as the sink and repainted.  We shall see.  I am hopeful that I will be back in my own bed tonight.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Travel, toilet issues and yoga.....all feels familiar

Spent a few days in Kansas.  Quick, quick trip.  I woke up at 4 on Wednesday to ensure an arrival time of noon.  I knew that the time change would add more time and I had a lunch date with Carol to make.
I had coffee prepped, showered, grabbed my bag and took off.  I did watch a little more of the wire before departing.  Figure I had plenty of time to head out.  I exited onto 1-70.  Set cruise control and drove about a mile before being forced to stop.  Trying to be patient I kept changing the station.  I thought the traffic had bottle necked.  That happens sometimes.  I'm still sitting there twenty minutes later with no opening in sight.  I cannot see what is delaying traffic and I start to get frustrated.  Eventually, I google traffic in Denver and see that there is an accident that shut down 70 about two miles from where I am sitting.  Crap.  I am irritated and considering options.  I start my way over to the exit and plan my escape route.  Ironically, the exit is right where the rollover occurred.  So, I exit to flip around and re-enter 1-70 an hour after I started.  Basically, waking up at 4 did nothing for me.  I would arrive at 1 instead of noon.
It's been awhile since I have driven east to Kansas.  There are some improvements along the way.  More service stations offering items.  Yet, it still feels empty til Hays, if not, Salina.  I rolled through Salina about 12:30 and headed to Lindsborg.  I picked Carol up from her residence and drove to the downtown area to have lunch at one of the local spots.  It was so nice to see her and catch up.  Carol was my first boss.  Her and her husband owned a gift shop in Salina where first my mom worked.  Then, my older sister.  Then me.  They employed me all through high school.  I learned a lot about customer service from her.  We have kept in contact to some degree since then.
After lunch, I drove to Manhattan and stopped at a local brewery.  I have never spent much time in Manhattan since I went to school in Lawrence.  Lawrence is a lovely college town.  I became an adult there.  I love visiting Lawrence.  For the first time, ever, I saw the beauty of Manhattan.  Lively, with options and services.  We made dinner at Jasmin's house and I spent the evening with her, her boyfriend and daughter.  So much fun.  I had forgotten how humid/miserable it can be in the summer.  Thankfully, Jasmin had multiple fans to ease some of the heat. 
I woke up yesterday and we dressed quickly to head out.  Jasmin had an appointment and then gave me a facial before I drove back to Denver.  That was the best thing ever.  Currently I do not have a regular stylist for facials.  I need to figure that out.
Driving back west, I had some issues after I arrived in Hays.  Boredom.  Some traffic.  More semi's and when would I make it back to Denver?  Seemed like it took forever.  My landlady called me to let me know that the plumber would be entering my apartment and was I there?  Honestly, I was irritated that she didn't give me any notice and then felt agitated when I called her out on it.  Yes, I agree.  The issue needs to be addressed and should be.  However, it is her responsibility to contact me when she talks to the plumber to arrange a good time for me. 
Instead, the plumber entered my apartment and found that the issue was much larger than anticipated.  They would need a day and a half to two days to fix the toilet.  She chose to let them leave my apartment without a functioning toilet.  She advised me that I could use her place, one of my neighbor's places or a chamber pot.  WTF?  Am I living in the 1900's?
I am trying to make the best of it and not freak out.  I want the issue fixed as it seems to be recurring from before I moved in.  It should have been addressed prior to my moving in.  I work the next few days and so am not that concerned with using a working toilet.  Just irritated and think this can only happen to me.
When I was staying with Maghan, he had issues with his toilet.  The water constantly ran.  So, he turned it off and made due for when I was there.  He contacted his landlord, reluctantly (finally) to see what could be done.  Three times the plumber came and three times within a day the water was back to nonstop running.  It appeared easier to just turn it off.  And seeing what I am dealing with, currently, I would agree.  I should have just continued to plunge every third day.  The squeaky wheel does not always get lubed in a good way.
I have been doing more one on one privates practicing my teaching style.  I think it is coming along.  I hope to increase the frequency and maybe even have more than one person at a time.  We'll see.
I am thankful for my friends, family and abundance.  Spending time with Emma was delightful.  She is a hoot.  I hope to drive out again for a longer time.  Til later, cheers!

Friday, July 1, 2016

more thoughts on yoga, barre and DIY projects

I did make it to the Barre class this morning.  I drove up and waited for the instructor to arrive and unlock the establishment.  Waiting in my car, I thought about what would happen if she didn't show up. Would I be credited a class?  How long should I wait? 
She arrived 8 minutes before the class was to start which is fine.  I prefer having a little more downtime prior to working out.  You know?  Stretch, settle, maybe use the facility.  There were ten other ladies in the class of all shapes and sizes.  I do like that about Barre class.  It inspires all to participate and feel the burn.  Atypical of this location, the girl only wanted us to grab a ball and two blocks.  It seems that the majority of instructors like props to use during the class.  Most of them require a strap, weights and the exercise ball.  It is a bit much and I tend to not like to have to put everything away when finished.  That becomes annoying.  Especially if I want to bolt from the class before it is over.  I don't feel right leaving the props for someone else to put away. 
We started and the music seemed okay.  Midway through the class I was hating the music and the sequence.  The beats were not matching up with her reps and I was getting irritated.  Now I know so I will probably add her to the list of instructors that I avoid.  She wasn't terrible and I felt a semi-burn but it wasn't enough.
I spoke to Taylor, the Goddess, Matt (my current massage therapist), Sara and a few others about the prospect of me teaching yoga.  Matt was surprised that I was certified.  Somehow he never heard me say that.  He seemed excited to do yoga with me.  I have an idea that perhaps we could trade or something and both benefit from the arrangement.  We will see.
I am excited to be doing more of that--teaching and seeing how my style develops.  I get distracted by everything that I want to do.  More chatarangas.  Detoxing twists.  More flow sequences.  I didn't time it and so I really don't know how long Brie and I practiced.  I would have liked to have put in a few head stands or even crows.  I like arm balancing.  I ran out of time though since I was distracted by what I wanted to do.  I believe it will be different every day as not everyone is at the same level.  And I am inspired to change it up.  Who wants to teach the same class every single day?  That is definitely not for me.
Gorgeous day to sleep in.  Wow, I am inspired to stay inside and plot my dresser project.  I think it will take me a little bit of time to do it.  I think it is manageable and something that I would like to try.  I have photos, so many, from my adventures.  Most remain boxed up or in albums which have been packed away.  My memories are my most prized possession.  I think it will be fun to display them on furniture.  I think it will be pretty amazing.  If not, lesson learned.
I have been dreaming of odd things lately.  I woke up to remnants of coke on a table.  I don't know what I am dreaming about cocaine.  I have never tried it nor do I want to.  Maybe someone close to me is doing it.  I don't know?  What does it mean?
I am off to work.  Excited to run into this couple from NYC that I met yesterday at a local brewery.  I walked there after shopping at a market.  I love being in a situation where I can walk to a market, coffee shop, brewery.  This brewery was packed, hosting a fundraiser that helps a women's shelter.  Great cause and many people had shown up in support of it. The couple next to me won note cards which motivated me to talk to them.  They love visiting Denver and have been here the last three summers.  They fly out today and so I suggested stopping by where I will be working today.  I hope they do.  I recommended a few restaurants that they should check out on their last night.  We'll see.