Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day off translates to laundry, dropping off clothes at good will (finally....long overdue) and Indian dinner.  I skipped yoga to honor myself and proceeded to drink a few glasses of wine to enjoy my day off.  I think I will be working straight through to my trip off to Las Vegas.
Yoga has been plentiful.  I have access to it daily.  I am trying to learn from individual teachers and honor being the student.  In many respects, I am benefitting from it.  In others, I want to be challenged and the instructors are not quite doing it for me.  Maybe I am too picky.  I don't know.  It is something I am continuing to wrestle with.  How do I force myself within to truly benefit from the yoga when I am distracted by how bored I am?
I have been meaning to downsize my clothes, belongings, etc.  I walk by my open closet and recognize many clothes that I am not wearing.  Or dresses that I have hung on to for multiple years.  Why?  Is the association too painful to let go of?  Do I think it makes me a better person to hang on to clothes that Brian gave me?
I skipped yoga.  Thankfully!  Honestly, I love this instructor and am learning so much about ashtanga.  The chanting, sequence, correct postures.  Mostly since Paige calls me on my shit.  She doesn't let me glide from pose to pose.  She makes me acknowledge it.  I really appreciate her knowledge and suggestion.  Also, she is strengthening my deltoids so that I can float from posture to posture.  It's awesome.
Tomorrow brings more yoga, ironing, work and lunch with Melody.  I was a little bummed that I dined solo tonight. The restaurant I went to had a functioning bartender.  He was kind but didn't do much else beside take my order.  The food runner brought my food.  A busser offered me more water.  I asked for an additional glass of wine and eventually, more water.  There were five bar guests and the restaurant was maybe half full.  How difficult is it to serve someone?  I was bored and then annoyed that I chose to frequent this restaurant. Why am I begging for water?!?!
Still I compensated appropriately.  Forgave the guy for his lack of service and attention.  I did note it in my mind.  I considered stopping by another new spot and then discarded the idea.  It's been open only a few weeks.  Not only is it mobbed.  It's also working out kinks.  I want to wait. 
And being home is lovely.  I do love my space and the weather.  Tomorrow, I can figure out yoga.  Til then, drinking wine.  Cheers!