Sunday, August 30, 2009


I arrived on Monday.
I watched part of the Love Bug with Eddie Hackett. I don't know how they chose this particular film, but I watched part of it. Thankfully, there was a Starbuck's inside Logan and so I was armed with a Venti coffee and a banana.
I arrived in Portland, Maine, two hours later. Jean and Susan picked me up and Jean kept offering me bread or water. She said--we should have brought cheese, too. Immediately, I sensed that I would be enjoying Maine. Three hours later and a sugar cookie eaten, we arrived at her home. It was beautiful. She showed me to my living space and gave me a tour of the rest of the home. Jack, her late husband, and her built this house as their final living space. It is absolutely beautiful. The kitchen, alone, could have brought tears to my eyes. It was gorgeous and suitable for someone that loved to cook or enjoyed food as much as they did.
She made us salad and we drank sauvignon blanc. We were up later than I thought we would be, but it was nice to hear about her life with Jack. I wanted to know their stories and it was nice to just listen.
The following morning, I made myself coffee and went for a run. Her property is on the water, essentially, and so the entire run had amazing views of the coast. It was filled with rolling hills and the sky was this amazing shade of blue.
Afterwards, we had Prosecco on their "picnic rock" and triple brie cheese sandwiches with proscuitto. Jean is a wonderful hostess. She had thought of everything---what I would want before/after my run, wine for the afternoon, etc. We shared stories of our mutual loss. I remember being at that stage of grief, going through all of the firsts--dreading them, but in a sense, creating a new memory. Still honoring your loved one, you try to make the best of his birthday, your anniversary, Easter.
When they decided to retire in Maine, they considered a few other communitites, but settled for Surry. When they bought the property, they had Prosecco on Picnic Rock and toasted each other and that decision.
I truly understand why she loves it there. All of the memories, plus knowing they built the home together would make it extremely difficult to leave. I was thankful that she shared their space with me.
We ate at Table that night. I had chicken with mushrooms, Jean opted for the flat iron steak, and we ordered the lobster mac and cheese, too. I figured, why not? Anything we didn't eat could be taken back to her place.
Again, we stayed up and told stories of life, our families and Jack.
The next day, we lunched at Castine. I had a few german style beers and Jean had white wine. It was overcast, but still beautiful.
That night, we stopped at the Lobster Shack and she chose our lobsters. I have never had a full lobster before that evening. She had a lobster pail, candles and bibs. It was fun...super messy, but fun.
Maine was relaxing, pleasant and ideal for the 28th. It was the perfect way to ease into my anniversary with Brian this year. I loved being able to talk about him, to someone that understood some of my pain. Truly, Jean was fantastic, a great friend.
I hope to return one day, to explore more of the region. Supposedly, there are great restaurants in Portland. Not to mention, I felt so relaxed in their space. I remember going outside and being overwhelmed by all of the openess and stars. The waves crashed on the beach outside my window. It was true beauty.
I will update about Boston and restaurants later. I have 1000 thank you cards to write. I am such a slacker!


I love traveling, but getting to and from Boston was painful.
Sunday night, I closed. I got home at 2:45 am and had to be at the airport by 5 am to catch my 6:15 flight. I was nervous about oversleeping and so I didn't. Instead, I repacked, showered and headed to DIA.
That day was long. I had a layover in Chicago and when I arrived at Logan, I waited for another hour to catch a bus north to Maine. Thankfully, I was able to sleep on both flights and of course, while watching the Love Bug en route to Portland, ME. My friend, Jean, picked me up at the bus terminal. With the exception of the lame movies provided--Love Bug, some documentary on sailing (not lame, but not superfantastic either) and Mr. Bean's Holiday--ultra lame, I enjoyed the bus rides. They reminded me of being New Zealand and traveling around that country. It was clean, safe and without stress.
Jean and her friend, Susan, picked me up in Portland and we had another 3 hour drive to Surry. Let's just say, day 1 of traveling was exhausting. Still, she made dinner, showed me my room and we had some wine. Jean is a wonderful hostess.
Yesterday, same story, opposite direction. Although, I was already in Boston, so that part of the tour was shortened. I was dropped off at Logan, sat around for 4 hours, ate guacamole at Todd English's restaurant in Terminal B and eventually made it to Chicago. Upon arriving, I was famished and so I looked at my options and settled with Macaroni Grill. I wasn't too enthused about the food in Chicago. I could have looked more, but O'Hare was disappointing. I returned to Denver, took the shuttle to my car and got in Denver around 8:30. Granted, it wasn't that bad, but I spent most of the day in an airport, patiently waiting to go home. I am lamenting the downside of travel. I wish I could transport myself in a quicker fashion, avoid lame movies/people/stress. It wasn't awful, just long. I will say that the guacamole and salsa was exactly what I had been craving. I have been to Olives, several times, in Las Vegas, and so I was familiar with Todd English. I was thankful that he had a restaurant set up in Logan and grateful for the offerings. I considered a quesadilla, but could have just eaten a bowl of salsa, or pico de gallo for which it really was.
Anyways, I will reflect on my awesome trip later. I am tired, need to unpack and gear up for work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am in Maine.
I love it.
I haven't been very computer literate since Sunday. I know that I need to update my blog, check out my fellow blogger's sites and in general take a day to catch up. This will not happen until Saturday night.
Until then, enjoy yourselves, drink wine or beer and be well. I know that i will. My friend's house is in northern Maine and I have had a fabulous time. I run in the am, along the road with stunning views of water. She lives near Arcadia National Forest. Today, we ate at Castine, this coastal village with the Martime Marine College and the fact that there are homes that were built in 1776. I felt very historical here. Tomorrow I am returning to Boston.
Again, enjoy your next few days...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have heart....

Yesterday, the ultimate running chick, Morgan, at Caution Redhead Running tagged me for the Show your Heart post. First, thank you, Morgan, for inspiring me to be creative and reveal my heart to my friends.

The tag reads--With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in a picture, poem, a song (or a piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place and (just for fun) a Disney Princess.

My heart in a photo--
Literally, El Bariloche, Argentina. I did a dayhike, in spanish, no less, but we came upon the Isla de Corazon. It was insanely beautiful.

Photo of Brian and me. Brian was my heart and I have so many pictures that would illustrate the love we shared for each other. He showed me what it was to be loved and to fully enjoy life. Ironically, our dating anniversary is August 28th. Every year I celebrate in a different city at a fantastic restaurant. Boston is my choice for this year and it should be stellar. I will write, at length, the entire experience of Maine, Boston, wine and food. I cannot wait.

My heart in a poem--
Brian wrote me this in 2003. It is stained with wine, but still holds a special place in my room.
Brian's Recipe for love--
I recommend this recipe for friends to enjoy time and again. The taste of this dish will linger until you satisfy your yearning for it. The end result is unforgettable, truly a classic.
Combine your giving, sharing and thoughtfulness, let that rest. If you have the right ratio it should double in size. Next, add your compassion and confidence, along with your awareness. Now for the hardest part, slowly incorporate your intimacy in to the other ingredients. At this point, if your mixture has not separated or broke, everything is perfect. However if you are having problems with keeping it together, you will have to start over again. Don't give up, it may take several attempts before it comes out the way you want. Finally, throw in a pinch of patience and season with hugs and kisses. You have created a delight that will forver fill you with happiness. A recipe that takes only minutes to make, but a thousand lifetimes to master.

My heart in a song--
I love music and can associate many experiences in my life due to songs. Right now, due to my traveling spirit, I think I would go with the Go-Go's--Vacation.
All I ever wanted.
Vacation had to get away...

Again, there are many others...I think of Tom Petty's, Into the Great Wide Open, Reflections, by the Supremes or Road Tripping, by the Chili Peppers. I am all over the place, today.

My heart in a quote--
The purpose of life is to live it,
to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear
for newer and richer experience--Eleanor Roosevelt

Or simply--Carpe Diem!

I believe in living each day, fully. Experiencing life, risking, traveling, tasting, being, not being sedentary.

My heart in an item of clothing--
I thought about showing some shorts since I wear them yearround, but lately, I have gotten a lot of grief regarding my shoes.
So, here are the said sandals and my old bar shoes--that I wore until they completely broke. They are so comfortable. I am rough on my shoes--I know it!

My heart in a place--
This was a tough one. I love traveling. I decided to go with South Africa. There was so much beauty there and I love this picture of the penguin on the beach. Solitude personified. I dream of returning and exploring more of the country. Plus, sometimes, I feel that the photo is a good representation of me and my aimless wandering.

My heart as a Princess---
Part of me would like to say, Ariel, since, like Redhead Running and Ariel, I am away from my family. I was the first to leave the roost and I have never regretted that decision.
I keep hearing, A Whole New World, and so I guess I should say--Jasmine, from Aladdin, purely for the musical content. I did not grow up in a castle, guarded from life. But, I enjoy the song and my little sister's name is Jasmin Star. And, I love traveling, everywhere, but I would love to one day go to Morocco or the Casbah and be surrounded by markets, spice, amazing food/vendors and people everywhere. I guess I would go with Jasmine.

Thank you, Morgan, for this lovely tag--you rock! Oh, and I like the orange ginger nuun. I checked it out earlier today and felt super hydrated at the end of my run.
I now tag--
Rachel, at Rachel's Carrma
Jun Bullan, at the World n Me
Scarlethue, at A Beautiful Truth
Nancy, at Life in the Second Half

Thanks everyone for seeing my heart:) Because I am lazy and tired, the photos are in the reverse order at the top. Obvioulsy, the shoes are a dead giveaway to the item of clothing, right?
Be well, enjoy and have heart.
Or, as Shari likes to say--Success is happiness of heart---I almost put that as my quote~~since I wholeheartedly agree!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Practical shoes rule...

According to Pocketsize, I cannot wear my MBT sandals outside of the airport. She gasped when I told her I would be wearing them around Boston.
MBT's are amazing. A few years ago, my hips were jamming and my aunt suggested that I purchase orthotics or buy more appropriate shoes. I am on my feet, all day, and due to the shoes I was wearing, I was experiencing pain in my lower back, hips and my ankles were weak. I went to Foot Solutions and bought my very first pair of MBT's. I considered it an investment in my health. I didn't want to be 50 and screwed up at the chiropractor because I didn't take better care of my feet. MBT's help your posture and help with alignment. They are ugly and huge in my case--size 11's--but I saw immediate relief when I wore them.
They have sandals too. I am on my 3rd pair due to the fact that I am hard on my shoes. Anyways, they aren't fashionable. Instead they are practical. They feel great and I wear them everywhere.
Yesterday, I purchased a pair of platform heels. I tried on 3 different pairs of wedges, but I look like a giant since I have gigantic feet. I knew that I would be face planting somewhere with the high ones. The medium wedges were too small and pinched my feet and the lowest lift were blah. I chose the platform heels instead. They are cute, black and they cover up my prepetual suntan lines created by said sandals.
I needed to try them out. Last night, I walked to Elway's in my sandals and changed into heels when I arrived. Basically, I walked into the restaurant and sat down. Twice I went to the loo. Not a lot of walking entailed; yet, today, my feet hurt. This is why I wear practical shoes and not showy ones....I can still run and feel good. My health prospers, not dwindles, and I like wearing my sandals. Next week, I will wear the heels to go dancing, begrudgingly...and after that, it will be back to the summer of Practicality. Originally, I believed it was my summer of "M", since I kept meeting people named, Megan, or that started with an "M". Now, I know it is about being practical.
Running = practical decisions....I schedule drinking around non training mornings. I cut my hair and told the lady---I am a runner, I must be able to pull it back. The result--$65 spent on a trim that I don't even like.
Shoes--obviously need more practical shoes and more running shoes.
I own more running shorts and sports bras than anything else in my closet, currently, and I look forward to buying more...I am so lame. I choose the sandals over sexy heels....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trying to be "professional"

I enjoy letter writing, always have. My mom instilled the importance of the power of a pen, at a young age. Every gift required a thank you card or acknowledgment that I had received the item, invitation, etc.
A few years ago, I was the exec director of a non-profit. Our fundraiser rocked. We raised $25,ooo on a bitter cold night in February. Still we had several supporters of our cause and my family. The following week, the board got together to rehash the event and the process of getting to the said event.
We discussed the positive aspects and considered how we could improve upon the event. It's normal to do this and helpful for the following year.
Earlier this year, I had a run-in with the art fest behind my house. I was frustrated with the outcome of the event and the lack of regard both the consumer and planners had for the neighborhood. Instead of liberating another table like I had done the prior year, I composed an e-mail and sent it to a friend of mine that is on the board of directors.
It wasn't mean. I didn't cuss. I just suggested that they consider the effect the festival has on the neighborhood and asked if they would consider finding a solution for us since it was incredibly incovenient for the 3 day event. I had to vulture my parking space, not to mention, getting in/out of the said space was a joke. I would have to re-route to my alley, get yelled at in the process and avoid hitting pedestrians that were everywhere.
Nevertheless, I sent an e-mail.
Said friend never responded.
Last night, he stopped in the Bull and I asked him about it. Immediately, he got defensive and said--I forwarded it to the appropriate person. I was taken aback. I didn't remember being nasty in the message.
I felt that he had overreacted.
I was right.
I got home, found the sent message and laughed. Really, you are mad that I asked you to find a solution for the parking. I didn't ask him to police the event. I asked him to be considerate/gracious of the neighborhood. How difficult is this, really?
Then, I saw that he had sent me an e-mail prior to his stop in the Bull, mentioning that we should catch up soon. I think he should feel foolish for his behavior. I think he was offended that I approached, jokingly, in front of his friends. I don't get it.
Again, I was trying to be professional. I know how to write a letter and get my point across without swearing or sounding like a complete illiterate. My blog does not illustrate it well, since I flounder with what to write about and it comes across as idle chatter at times. I really enjoy writing letters.
Anyways, it should be interesting to see how this plays out. The Realtor was the person that got me interested in running. I enjoy talking to him, feel motivated (normally) after our coffee meets. Yesterday was a whole new side of him and how insecure he can be.
Enjoy your day. I have a full day off---CCG with Beam Bryan, a walk around the lake with Bryn, and Elway's with Tiffany. Fun times. I want to try to buy some wedges, too, since Pocketsize told me I am "too practical" when it comes to my fashion sense or lack there of...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to my world....

I live in a metro area. I love it.
I have neighbors that I actually know...I don't have coffee with them, per se, but we talk about the economy, the slumlord and the lack of privacy. I enjoy seeing them.
My other neighbors to the south, since I have moved in--3 different sets of people--are not so friendly or clean. We do not have a fence to separate us and so I can look into their dirt filled yard and wonder why the landlord doesn't make improvements. Instead, he rents the place out to yet another group of people that do not take out the trash, EVER.
The first group had so much shit, overflowing into our yard that one night, I got fed up and started hauling the endless bags of beer, food, pizza boxes and cat litter to the spot where they take the trash away. It was awful...I mean, truly disgusting, the cat litter/urine/feces, but I couldn't stand it, anymore. I think there is still a stain on the concrete where the feces marinated on the ground. No, they did not thank me for removing their crap or even return their bins to the rightful place. I had to.
I talked to Marc and Megan about it one night. She told me that the current tenants were an improvement to the free loving hippies that had lived there previously. She said that the squirrels were aggressive and spiteful. One morning, there was one on her stoop, gnawing on left over pizza that hadn't been properly placed in the bin.
As you can see, I have recurring issues with trash and my nieghbors. As a result of their negligence, I get a weekly visit, by one of the local aggressive squirrels. There is one that has eaten a hole in my screen and feels free to enter my house anytime it sees fit.
It is awesome.
I am armed though with a spray bottle and my keys. I have good aim when it comes to throwing objects at unwanted guests.
The whole purpose of this post is illustrate how useful it is to recycle or at least take your trash out. We are a country that is wasteful. We rarely reuse items, instead opt to buy the newer version or the latest model. I challenge you to recycle for a week. See how your trash will decrease and the likelihood of having unwanted guests increases. My trash is limited to lettuce, coffee grounds and remnants of chips...I always have chips/salsa.
Nevertheless, there are ample drop-off stations in every metro area if you do not have the service available to you. Surprisingly, the Slumlord actually pays for this service. If he didn't I would still recycle my wine bottles, plastic water bottles (although I do not buy them anymore) paper and other recyclable items.
Try it. If you want more inspiration or assistance, check out This is the Change the World Wednesday version for the week of August 19th. Good luck and do your part. Even if it is small, it truly does make a difference!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing hooky...and other tuesday ramblings....

The Goddess contacted me, via facebook, that she wanted to go for an evening run today instead of our standard early morning (5 am, to be exact). I called her and let her know that as awesome as running at night sounded, I was working.
There are too many people on vacation, right now, to find someone to work this shift. Plus, I could use the extra $$ in Boston. My dinners tend to be pricey, especially, when I am in celebratory mode. I am celebrating my anniversary with Brian, next Friday, August 28th. Boston is the city I chose and I am hoping to eat at Mistral for dinner, and Toro, for tapas, late night. I figure, why not? It's good to be different and I love checking out restaurants. Nothing is set in stone, so if you have an awesome restaurant recommendation, please let me know. I have two nights, in Boston, and 3 days. I will be in Maine, too.
Anyways, so back to running....I knew that the Goddess was changing the schedule. Immediately, I think of how I am benefitting from it. More sleep comes to mind. Having a beer happens and skipping the morning run occurs or as I like to call it--playing hooky. I can still go later, between shifts, and I will. The weather has been lovely, lately, perfect for afternoon running. I am not a fan of running at 85+ degree temperature. I will get crazy early to avoid running in the heat.
We tried to arrange another run this week, but I have plans with Gadget, tomorrow, and on Thursday, I think Lindsay is cheating on me with another runner. Fun times. It makes me stronger, running on my own. The motivation to do it, isn't there, but I know that I need to incorporate some alone running time, too.
Thankfully, my ipod is charged and functioning. I was on the phone, last night, and my phone died. Nada. I plugged it to charge and still, nothing, until 8 am, this morning. My alarm did not go off; hence, the lack of my normal morning run.
I woke up, in time, to run outside to put the trash out. I like my new neighbors, but they have not figured out how to put the trash out on Tuesday morning. I heard the truck coming and so I raced out, wild hair-no brushing teeth--and caught the guys. I actually handed the man the two barrels and said thank you. I need to delegate some of the trash duty to the girls. They have a lot of trash--more than Marc, Megan or I--and so I cannot, in good faith, skip a week, knowing that the squirrels will have a field day. Yes, we have squirrels, multiple, that are aggressive and must be stopped! Many times, I have seen the rodent in my house. I had a screen on the window that the sqirrel ate through and makes its way into my house--lovely. I realize that my neighbors, next door, are the problem. They never take out their trash--recurring tenant issue with particular said house--and as a result, we have incensed squirrels that want food, all of the time. Thankfully, in two months, I will inherit a whole new set of rental problems...moving is always excellent, right?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

feeling it....

This morning, I work up at 5:45. I looked at my alarm clock, hit the snooze, and convinced myself that another 5 minutes would not hurt anyone. I would still have ample time to stretch, stop for gas and be on time. Plus, the group always talks, ad nauseum, pre-run. Sometimes, we stand around for a 1/2 hour. It can be annoying.
I woke up at 6:30.
Frantic, I threw in my contacts, brused my teeth, stretched and thought about going directly to Wash Park.
Then, I remembered that they always talk.
I stopped for gas and took my time.
The group was small. I only recognized one person that I actively run with. I knew that the Goddess had chosen to run in Summit County, tomorrow, with the group as an alternate training day.
I didn't know where Gadget was, but knew that she was nursing a foot injury. She is intense, though, so I was surprised that she missed the outing.
I hadn't spoken to Jamie since the start of the 1/2 last week. She is a wild card. I still need a name for her.
Anyways, our intention was to run 2 hours and 15 minutes. The plan was to run to Cheesman Park, do a loop, and then head back to Wash Park. I knew that it wouldn't take 2 hours. Typically, it takes an hour and 15-20 minutes. I looked at Renee, and we decided to run to City Park instead of doing endless loops around Wash Park.
I took off and Renee told me that she would follow. In her words--you are a strong runner...just go...I felt great today. I had a nice pace, I wasn't overexerting myself or hating running. I don't hate it, but sometimes my ego takes over and I struggle with the running aspect.
Today was a new day. I felt great.
Then, about midway through the run, I really needed a bathroom. I ran through City Park, spotted one and discovered that it was locked---NO!!! I saw Renee and told her that I would meet her at the water station in Cheesman Park after I found a porta potty.
Today is the AIDS Walk in Denver, at Cheesman. Because of this, there are ample CLEAN, portapotties available. I loved it. ALthough, there is a reason that you lock them. I walked in on some random lady, going, and then a guy did the exact same thing to same lady, a few minutes later. Lock it!
Overall, I think I did 13 miles, or near it. It felt amazing. I think I will begin incorporating more of the marathon course into my training so that it is familiar to me in October. I cannot believe that I will be running a marathon in 2 months. It is crazy...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking a stand, or holding true to the principle of it.....

My slumlord called me, finally, this morning.
In hindsight, I think he would have preferred leaving a message to actually having a conversation with me.
He explained to me that no, he would not authorize a change of locks. He felt that it wasn't a question of the locks being changed since he had did a month ago. My comment to him was--well, you never gave me a key to the front door.
He backtracked and said--I will be changing the locks, again, but it isn't imperative that I do it today.
I asked him if he would consider putting a fence in the backyard. Well, Harmony, you know, I had to spend $360 on a sewage issue that should have been split between you and the new tenants....Wow, I don't know when I became a homeowner. Plumbing issues, especially the recurring kind due to root overgrowth are not really in my area as a renter, or so I thought.
He told me that if I wanted to split the cost of a fence, maybe he would consider it. Again--homeowner responsibility, not a tenant.
From our conversation, I deduced that A) he does give a F%^K about our safety and B) has no feelings of responsbility as a landlord. I mean, he told me that it would be too costly, for him, to pay for repairs, unless he did them, himself, because his mortgage was too much.
He owns 8 rental properties. His idea of "fixing/repairing" is applying a bandaid to the situation. He wanted to sell this property when I moved in, but his asking price was insane. Given how much work it needs, he will be lucky to break even with the economy the way it is.
The stairs leading up to my place are unstable and scary. Yet, I live here for the time being. I am giving him notice. I am sticking with what I declared yesterday--I will not overlook safety/security. He is the worst landlord I have ever had. He is terrible! I cannot believe that he owns 8 properties in good conscious of how he deals with tenants and repairs.
I will begin my search for a new place in September. I have to give the jackass 60 days notice. I don't want to find my ideal rental and not be able to secure it due to timing issues. If anyone knows of a awesome space, with parking--non negotiable, located in central Denver, please let me know. I am relocating!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finding my voice.....

Yesterday was a great day--running, work, dinner and a wonderful conversation with a friend.
Until my neighbors, Katie and Brooke, knocked on my door.
They wanted to know if I had left the front door open or noticed anything. I hadn't. I never go out the front door since I don't have a key to it.
They said that one of their keys, to the laundry room, was missing and that there were other inadequacies in their place. Nothing was taken, but they know someone walked through their space.
They contacted me, first, and then I contacted the landlord.
He answered and I explained the situation and his response was--I will look into. CLASSIC.
Then, he said, Harmony, I have another call. I was dismissed.
Obviously, this man does not know what it is to be a female or insecure in your space.
I talked to Katie, today, and she said that he didn't want to install new locks since he had just changed them a month ago.
I tried to consider the best way to go with the flow...stick to the party line as such.
Then, I got angry.
I found my voice.
I realized that this is unsuitable. We pay him rent. I have been a great tenant for over a year. I overlook the unstable stairs. I overlook the lack of screens on the windows. I overlook him not cleaning up after himself, when he tries to fix my sink.
I cannot overlook safety.
I won't.
He should want us to feel secure in his property. I called him, left a message and then sent the e-mail that I had composed. I told him that I would be arranging for a locksmith to change the locks and deducting from my rent unless I heard from to take care of it himself. I mean, seriously, there are 3 women living here. What does he not understand about this scenario?
I don't enjoy feeling vulnerable...again, the other night springs to mind. If I remain silent, I am agreeing. I do not agree to stay the course with this, or with the other situation. I took steps to excommuicate that toxic person from my life and like a Pro, I took care of the tire. I am feeling confident today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I feel like a runner because....

Tonight, I thought about meeting friends for happy hour. I called Meghan, this morning, and left a message. We have been trying to meet up for a few weeks, but to no avail.
Instead of working an early shift, I opt for the full day. My night is wide open. I call Pocketsize to see if she wants to meet me for a drink. I know that Steve has the night off and so I felt that tonight would be the appropriate night.
She answers. I ask her if she wants to meet up and she asks if we can do it on Thursday. I feel that, truly, it is easier for both of us and so I agree.
This leaves me free, tonight.
I go to an abs class at the gym.
I think of food when I return, but have no desire to cook.
I consider going to the Saucy Noodle, but I ate there on Thursday. I always order the same thing. I felt stupid returning this quick.
I thought of going to Il Posta on 17th. That way, I could check out the parking situation around City Park. Gadget and I are running on Thursday and we decided to try something new. The only issue with Il Posta is that the parking is inferior and I didn't want to spend $40 for take-out. I figured that I would have a glass of wine too.
As I pondered my current dilemma, I looked through my refrigerator.
Almost bare, which is normal.
I had lettuce, scallions, a cucumber, water, wine and condiments. In the freezer I had, ice--a lot of it, frozen water bottles, prepacked baggies of ice and veggies to use as ice packs.
The whole reason of this post was to think about why I run--obviously, it is for the ice effect.
Truly, I don't think I have ever had this much ice in my house at one time.
But, for running, it is necessary. I embrace it.
I dream of finish lines, new kicks and more sports bras.
I eat earlier, to accomodate early morning running.
I schedule drinking with friends around my training schedule.
I try to cut out salads for dinner as a way to avoid stomach issues in the a.m.
I think of topics to endorse on my long runs with the Goddess, Gadget and Jamie.
Running has overtaken my life.
Yes, Thursday night is a better night to meet with Pocketsize. Friday is my day off....

growing up...

You know you've grown up, when you notice things wrong with your car, your computer, your get the picture.
I mean, typically, in my past, I would wait for Brian to check my oil, more thoroughly, than I was prepared to do. He was a stickler for my car and the maintenance and so I, too, take good care of the volvo. Religiously, I cart her to the oil changes and stick to the maintenance schedule. The volvo is an 89 with 161,000 miles on it and in great shape. Yes, maintenance works.
Computer problems, I am getting better at. Last week, I was trying to utilize someone else's space since my connection was down. I listened to the trouble shooting guide, until it told me to contact my service provider. At which point, I did. Comcast arrived and told me that my cable had been dislodged. He reattached it and I was up and running again.
Bathroom issues...well, I won't go into that. Thankfully, the latest slew of them have affected my downstairs neighbors, not me. Believe me, I have dealt with plumbing since I moved out. It sucks and again, I am grateful that I live in the upper unit. Especially since my landlord is a slumlord. Yes, the new girls have dealt with issues, twice, in the first month they have lived here. The roots are bad. My landlord knows it, but refuses to be proactive. Instead, he would rather us have to live through the shit.
Anyways, I feel I have grown up, somewhat, when yesterday I noticed my front tire was low. I checked the level, filled it up and returned home. I didn't think much of it, until I needed to drive again.
ALMOST, again, I went to the station, filled it up, knowing that I would need to patch it today.
I left work, after 4 hours, and it was flat.
Frantic, I found Dave, my boss, and asked if I could borrow his pump. He has this nifty little pump for tires. After 20 minutes of random b.s., I was ready to go.
This morning, after I repump the tire, I will head to Discount Tire to have it adequately patched. I thought about how inferior I normally am with car issues. I need help. This is why men are necessary. Too bad one of my friends no longer qualifies in this department.
Nevertheless, help is nice, but I am capable of finding a solution on my own. Discount Tires awaits...oh, and my run this morning was short, but awesome. I felt really good and I went alone. The Goddess called me last night to cancel our normal Tuesday run. I know I need to increase my time and so I went this morning and remembered why I enjoy it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Race, day two....

I think I am more sore today, than yesterday. Is that possible?
I am not achy, or anything, just a little sore. I worked last night and the bend down factor was avoided at all costs.
Still, I feel excellent and confident that I can do it again and will.
The full scares me.
I have a few of the maps, placed around my house, to remind me that that is the course that I will be running on October 18th. I want the visual reference to inspire me to do it.
Tomorrow I am running with the Goddess and it should be a shorter course. I think I am in the recovery phase of the 1/2. So far, I have incurred minor injuries--slight shin splints and heel spurs, but stretching and ice have been my best friends.
I am still adjusting to the water belt. I am not a fan of the bounce factor. I chose not to wear it on the down hill course, last Saturday. I think I panicked, a little, trying to get to the next water station. The mind is oh so powerful.
I swear, Mile #8, was my best performance and it was because I just ran and enjoyed it. I wasn't thinking about where the water was, or the fact that my legs should hurt or that what was I thinking in doing this? Instead, I enjoyed talking with the Goddess and some random woman from Oklahoma that ran this particular 1/2 every year since her and her husband loved it. Running can be soothing and fun. It's not always intense or difficult, you know?
I contacted Megan and told her that we must run while I am in D.C. Or, I have to run when I am in D.C. I have to stick with it, or the full will be problematic.
I am confident that I can do it. I saw a bunch of people on Saturday and having supporters is fantastic and truly motivational.
It is a nice reminder that yes, you can do it....if you have desire to travel to Denver in October, please do. The more the merrier....

better now....

I am better now.
I wrote about it, processed it, thought about it and feel better.
I needed to talk about it so that it wouldn't own me.
Work was interesting.
The jazz was not busy and afterwards, I had a small, intimate bar crowd.
Dave put some random DVD on and took off. I enjoy Dave Matthews, but I wasn't feeling it, tonight, and so I put my ipod on.
Much better.
People that take adventage of other people are obviously, extremely sad/bitter/pathetic to be doing such a thing. I have been foolish with this person for too long, but not anymore.
I want to continue to feel positive about life and others.
Be well...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I don't know if I should call it trust, being naive, loss of innocence or gullibility.
There is a person that I am ex-communicating from my life.
I knew that he had a crush on me.
I told him that it would NEVER HAPPEN, on more than one occasion. For awhile I felt guilty that I had to be so blunt. Then I realized that he didn't understand it. Any possible vulnerability on my part, and he was taking a mile from me. This past year, I have been more communicative about my interest in men, or feeling again. Most people are happy for me. They want me to feel again.
Never once, have I indicated that it would be okay to date him or even think of him as anything but a friend.
True, I know that his intentions were not pure. I thought we had gotten beyond the awkwardness of him liking me. I thought he understood that we were friends, only, and that would be all that was possible.
I am stupid. Instead of confronting him, when he says this to me--One day, you will let me kiss you and think why didn't I do this before now--I ignore it, hoping that it will go away.
I quit hanging out with him for awhile and then, somehow, find myself having wine with him at Elway's.
Last night, was the end.
I trusted him because we were friends.
He took advantage of me. I won't go into details, but I won't allow it to happen, either, ever again. If I can't trust you, you are not my friend.
I think of all of the people that I have encountered in my life. The times when I have said no to another drink or no to a dance, or no to a conversation. No means no and for the most part, it is respected.
From a friend, you would think your boundaries would be appreciated and taken into account. Not violated and for what purpose?
Lack of integrity is not easily forgiven. Trust, is earned and respected. I no longer trust or respect or value this person in my life.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We show up. I had yet to sleep.
No excuses, but really you eluded me.
We waited for 1 hour 15 minutes.
I stretched.
I waited.
Stretched my hamstrings....stretch.
8 A M.
I thought we were starting.
We wait.
We wait.
We wait.
8:08 am. Race begins.
I didn't want to go fast. I weave in/out of people to create space for my training parthers.
Mile 3...Jamie takes off.
The Goddess sees it, but doesn't follow. I keep going, but hate the running factor.
Mile 5, strenuous, knowing how fast we are going.
Mile 6--good timing...feeling it. Water break.
Mile 7-9--wooded area--love it. Conversation pace, trail running.
Mile 10--water break.
Mile 11--knowing how far it is. When does this end?
Mile 12--water--awesome. Break. Tell the Goddess...she goes. I follow.
Mile 13.1--Black Eyed Peas--lovely--finish line. Out of nowhere, able to sprint. --2Finish 2 hours, 10 minutes.
Wow. I know that it could be better, but for my 1st attempt, I feel righteous. Full marathon here i come~~~~

Georgetown-Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon....

Today is the day.
I did everything right, in preparation.
I ate before 7 pm.
I ate fish, rice and broccoli. It was bland and filling. My running friend, Margo, told me to avoid salads. In her words--do not learn the hard way like I did. Long comical story entailed...Margo is running the Provo 1/2 this morning, too.
I drank so much water that I thought I might pop from excess. My friend, Dana, just did a sprint TRI and she said, this is my only advice---drink more water. I got sick following the event, that night, since I was dehydrated. I am still drinking water, this morning.
I watched Rescue Me, on HULU, trying to unwind. That show is amazing, for those of you who haven't seen it. It is so funny and the dialogue is cutting, real and entertaining.
I tried to go to bed at 8:45. Didn't work. I tossed from my right side, to diagonal (hoping to feel the coolness of the fan) to my back, to begin the cycle again.
I counted sheep...according to one of my friends--now that is dedication. Didn't work.
At 3:30, I got up. I know that I rested, but sleep eluded me. Tonight will be a much deserved night of sleep.
I know that I was unable to sleep because I am excited about completing my first 1/2 marathon. I am nervous about the event and afraid that I would oversleep. Hence, no sleep.
On Thursday, though, I went to Elements and got a massage. I have had better massages, but the girl did this thing, at the end while I was on my back that was new to me. She lifted my right shoulder over to the left and it popped...awesome. Of course, she did the same thing on the left, but I knew it was coming and so the desired effect did not happen.
That being said, I am ready. I cannot wait to cross the finish line.
Have a great day...get some sleep.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Change the World Wednesday

My vision board rocked, or so I would like to think.
It is subjective and I focused on my current attractions--running, yoga, travel, wine, and food. Not too many surprises, but I was able to fill up the board with a lot of running. I found an advertisement for the Denver Marathon and that is now on my refrigerator to remind me of my current goal. I am doing it. I will do it. I can do it.
This week, the challenge is to be a vegetarian for a day. Or, if you already practice this lifestyle, try being a vegan. Better yet, write about why being a vegan is suitable/preferable to being a carnivore.
For me, it isn't that challenging. I love vegetables. I love the summer and all of the farmer's markets that are in Denver. The Cherry Creek Farmer's Market is awesome and is held, twice a week--Wednesday and Saturday.
Ironically, yesterday I posted on facebook that I wanted recommendations for a meal in Boston. Some guy from high school wrote--you should talk to my brother, Chris. His wife is a vegetarian.
My response was--I am not a vegetarian. I know it appears that way since I have photos of salads and sides. I enjoy trying as many different things in a sitting with friends and so I prefer sides to steaks. I do eat/enjoy steak on occasion.
I am from the midwest.
I grew up on meat and potatoes. My dad prefers this option to crazy sushi or veggies. Brian's dad, also, prefers steak and potatoes to fusion food that I seek out, a lot. It's funny how demographics mold our eating habits/patterns.
Nevertheless, try being a vegetarian for a day. If you have an excellent recipe, post it on my site. I appreciate it. Do something different---why not? Vegetables are dominant in the summer. Enjoy them and the color. I know that I do!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Some people surprise me.
They are the quiet, the unassauming, to some extent-the wall flowers. You know the ones I am talking about...the observers. They enjoy the ride of life and rarely do anything to rock the boat or draw attention to themselves.
I have a friend that frequents my job. He is a nice man, courteous, pleasant and a safe person to seek out when surrounded by the typical drunk that is a regular. He is a safe venue when you want to enjoy a glass of wine.
Saying this, he is a marathoner and volunteers at Races and has for years. I sent him a donation request when we put together the fundraiser for the Brian Thompson Scholarship Foundation. Some of the other people on my board felt that their "high rollers" were the people to target. I know that they didn't understand why I sent letters to my friends and family. Who did I know? Why waste paper on them?
Funny, I had a lot of responses and generated the initial start up for it. I have genereous people in my life and people that wanted to help in any way they could. It isn't about money. It's about giving back to something or someone that you believe in.
Anyways, this man, a few years ago, completely surprised me with his donation. Further, he brought people to the fundraiser to support us and enjoyed it.
When I sent out letters for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I included him, hoping that he would donate to my cause.
For a while he didn't say anything. He didn't say that he received the request. It was all business as usual. Then one day, he asked me about my training and I knew that he had gotten it. He offered some advice and continued to be supportive.
A few weeks ago, I told him that my fundraising was finished and so I could focus completely, on the training. He offered to make a donation and asked if I would be willing to give it to one of my training partners, since he had met the Goddess at the Bull.
Of course.
I was happy to accept his donation and give it to the Goddess.
Last night, he stopped in and had my letter. Apparently, the post office decided that I wasn't living in my house anymore. I waited until I was alone and then opened the letter.
He gave me $500 and said that I could use it or give it to my partner as we had discussed. This goes above and beyond generosity. I don't want to name him, because, again, he is unassuming and gives because he can and wants to.
Currently, I am trying to decide if I should give it all to the Goddess or split it up with Gadget too. I need to find out if it possible.
People continue to surprise me. I love it.
I enjoy being able to assist my friends, too. It feels nice to help the LLS as well as people that I just met, but that have become dear to me. They listen to my rants about pain, suffering, mental blocks. Oh, and about everything else that is pertinent in my life--work, travel, food, famiy....running does inspire interesting connections and conversations.
Enjoy your day and consider how you are generous to yourself and others.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Etiquette, again....

Yesterday, I went for a run, by myself, and it sucked.
I can write about that, all day, but I think it shouldn't take too much explanation. It was hot. It was later in the day and I wasn't feeling it. Still, I went and did 3 miles. I figure that it was 3 miles that I normally wouldn't do, alone, and so although it was an ideal run, I did it and I did it alone.
While running at Wash Park, which is Runner's Central Station, I thought about etiquette and people's lack of it. On Saturday, I was running, with my group, around Cheesman Park. At this point, I was running solo and so as I encountered other people on the track, I was always confused when people would take up the whole track and not move over to encounter other people. There was a group of 5 people, like a mass of people, that refused to make way for other runners, bikers of walkers. I had my ipod on, but I know that I made some comment, like, can't move?
Yesterday I had a similar situation where these two women were walking, and having a conversation. Great, I am all for it. Just move to single file when someone is running or walking toward you. Remember this is the United States, not Australia or Europe. We run, drive, walk, bike to the right. Pay attention and be courteous. This is all I am asking.
In other areas of etiquette...when you dine out with others.
Typically, your check will be one per table. Not just yours. Not just you and your boyfriend. If you dine out with 4 people, the check will be one, for the table. If your salad is $10, then there will be tax, plus tip, that you are accountable for. I don't understand how people do not understand this. Last week, I waited on a table of 4. Granted, they were pleasant and willing to hand me 3 cards and some cash. I asked them how much they wanted on each card. This woman looks at me and goes--$15--that should cover the tip, too.
Her friend interjected and goes--no, it doesn't.
I concurred and pointed out, if you put $15 on the card, that factors against the total of the bill. You think you are tipping me a few dollars, when in actuality, none of you tip, and I walk with a 10% tip, or sometimes less, because the cash is not adequate. See, you still are responsible for the difference which yes, you paid, some, but there is no tip accounted for.
This is frustrating and happens all of the time.
If you order a burger and it costs $10. Factor in the tax and tip accordingly. Do not assume that your friends will cover portion of the tip. Most times people want their own check becuase they have been burned by their friends. They know they are cheap. This is not my problem. If your friends are cheap and you don't want to be associated with them, don't go out with them. Karma is a factor in life.
Just some things to think about. Etiquette does make a difference. Really, I am done with fundraising. I know I have awesome friends. I feel that my letter writing aided my quest and I followed through with the necessary thank you card. I enjoy doing it and will continue to do so.
Enjoy your day and Happy August. This is the beginning of a bunch of birthdays....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mental madness...

Yesterday, our group met at the Cherry Creek Bike Path, near Colorado Blvd. We were supposed to run for 2 hours. The course was simple--run west through Cherry Creek to Cheesman Park, do a loop, and then head back.
I knew it wouldn't take two hours to do this.
I was trying to figure out how to incorporate more running, instead of hanging out near Colorado Blvd. I think it took me 45 minutes to get to Cheesman, do the loop and take a water break. I started out strong. I lost my running partners and was leading the pack. Of course, I knew this wouldn't last, forever, since my endurance normally falters toward the end.
So, at the water station, I am deciding to either do another loop, around Cheesman, or head to Wash Park. My running partners--Goddess and Jamie--meet up with me. I ask them what they would like to do. The Goddess suggests running up to Logan, then down Speer, up to Wash Park and then back to the orignal meeting place.
At this point, I should have pointed out that it was a straight shot to Wash Park and that we didn't need to head up to Logan to eat more time. I knew that I would be waivering in the park and I was.
It was my first ever, gotta stop at the porta patty with the group. I had my water belt, which was making me crazy the first half of the run. I ran with the bottle in my hand. I didn't enjoy the bobbing on my back. I chafed, a little, from the water belt keeping my shorts in place. It sucked and the last mile was super uncomfortable.
But we ran for 2 hours and 5 minutes.
It felt amazing, afterwards, but the last 1/2 hour was trying. We ran up Alameda to catch the bike path from there. When we got to the mall, we were done with time, and I knew that it was an additional mile to get to Colorado Blvd. I told my training partners that I was finished and Jamie kept going. Later she told me that she thought the stop was right around the corner. I walk that way home, often, and know how long it takes to get from work to home. I didn't want to point that out, though.
I know that physically I can do this, but mentally, I want to be able to have rest or relief. I apologized to my partners for wanting to stop. Jamie told me that the last marathon she did, was a lot of walking, and that is why she is working so hard on continuing to run and not start the habit. I know she is right.
I know that I am up for the challenge and that yes, it will feel fantastic when it is done. I need to shut my ego off and focus on completing the task. I CAN do this. I WILL do this. I AM doing this---my new mantra....
Later, I went to Old Navy to utilize a 30% discount we could use through Team in Training. I was bummed that I don't like any of their clothes. The shorts are gone and their shirts have random ruffles or ties--not my style. Instead, I bought another running bra and a pair of running shorts. Aren't I stylish? But, I need them and figure that it enables me to really accomplish the marathon. 26.2 miles for Brian's golden year. Something different,challenging and memorable.