Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three weeks to Oregon

In three weeks, I will be spending time with two of my sisters.  I am so excited.  I don;t know if we will frequent this restaurant.  It is charming and I liked the vibe.  However, I want to check out some of the newer places Eugene has to offer.  And, there is always the homemade yum bowl.  Love the yum sauce and I am fairly certain Michaela will have some stocked at her house for my visit.
I can meet Oakley (the new puppy), go running and get a much needed break from Dante's Inferno.  Also, there is Jadey (pregnant) and her kids.  It's been a year since I have spent time with Mack, Easton or Emery.  Hopefully the moon will be incredible for Emery and me to enjoy.  He loves the luna or he used to.
I have five days to visit and I am hopeful that we can (or I will) head to Bend.  I have visited Oregon numerous times and managed never to head that direction.  I've spent time on the coast, in Ashland/Medford  visiting my favorite wine maker and of course, Portland.  Portland is a great city.
Whatever we do, I am sure it will be great.  I miss my sisters more than they know.  I do love traveling and sometimes get caught up in places that I want to see and neglect the family factor.  I just wish, at times, they would consider visiting me in AZ or meeting me elsewhere.
This year, I will go to them.  I am still considering a trip to OZ to see my other sister, her beauty, Emma, and my mom and dad.  You never know with me...I could get impulsive and book tickets to Kansas and show up without notice.
Or, Jasmin has a scholarship to a school in Scottsdale.  Sixteen days of classes and so I am hoping that I will see her in the fall.  She definitely should attend the school and further her career.
In other news....I had set my alarm to wake me at 5 so that I could go running.  Apparently, I slept through it and woke up at 7.  The return to running will have to begin tomorrow.  It's going to happen.  The new shoes are begging to be used.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

random day off and indecisiveness of yoga

I thought about spending my day off inside and watching Arrested Development or some other show that I can get lost in.  Instead, I attended yoga from a new instructor.  Awesome.  He is a little spiritual and has complete command of his class.  I twisted into new poses and got worked.  He wasn't overly sensual like this one guy is.  You know what i am talking about right?  The overly confident, swaggering guy that is teaching yoga to hook up with some of the women that attend his class.  I swear, this one instructor personifies that stereotype of men who teach yoga.  I attend his class for the music factor.  It's always upbeat and challenging.  Sometimes, though, I get irritated with his vibe.  I want to practice yoga not watch flirtations between him and some of the soccer moms.
I arranged a massage.  I had purchased a groupon or living social something or other.  A two hour massage that would be welcome in my world.  Of course, they are booked til the 15th of July due to their offering on groupon.  The girl informed me that I would be with Michaela on the 15th.  Made me chuckle as my sister's name is Michaela.
Afterwards, I grabbed my wine book and headed to a cool new lunch spot that I recently found.  They offer this delicious chopped salad that is more pepper friendly than cheese or meat.  Plus, the space is cool.  Great ambiance, okay wine list and great deals, daily.  I read my book and relaxed.  It was wonderful.  Initially, I considered (as noted above) to stay inside and enjoy a marathon day of watching tv on my laptop.  Translation--no wine.  I had a full weekend of seeing friends and could use a day off.  Then, I thought, life is short and it is my day off.  Why not enjoy a glass of wine?  Plus, I did attend yoga and made room for new impurities to find housing in my temple.
Lunch was glorious.  Fantastic salad, a couple glasses of wine and my wine book to inspire me to travel to Languedoc, France.  Last year, my trip to Paris, was too short.  A day trip from Geneva.  Not nearly enough time to enjoy the streetside cafes or consider touring the country.  Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire, or south France.  I barely had enough time to see the city.  It rained which kept me indoors as I had no umbrella.  Lame, but true.
There is another noon class that I could attend today.  I like the girl's music and her flow is challenging.   But, I would have to purchase another package and I don't know that I want to commit to 25 classes to make it worthwhile at this studio.  I have mixed feelings about the studio.  It has a trendy vibe that I don't love, love, love and there is only one shower.  I am enjoying the new flow and music selections.  Not once have I been disappointed with a class there based on music alone.  That factor limits my desire to check out other studios in the area.  What if I purchase a package and the music sucks?  Then, I am stuck going to a class that I hate due purely to the music.  I know that yoga is about breathing, spirituality and the physical poses.  I know that I am supposed to not focus on the music and instead focus on the breath.  I cannot zone out, in the poses, without music however.  I personally enjoy the beat of the music to match my flow too.  I prefer instructors with dance backgrounds.  They seem to choose their flow based on their music selection.  It works well for them and me.
I have many classes left on my package from my normal studio.  The instructor today is kind and her music is fine.  Her flow lacks as this is not her focus.  She was trained in a different style and so he vinyasa flow is lackluster.  Still, it's either attend her class or buy more classes at the other studio.  I don't want to skip yoga today which is another option.  I haven't managed to lace up my kicks yet and so I want to go to yoga.
I opt for the kindness factor. I suppose I will be purchasing another package soon.  The one guy teaches there and his class was awesome.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upcoming travel

In a month, I will be in Oregon.  Color me excited.  A break from the heat and being able to see two of my sisters.  Yay!
My younger sister, Jasmin, is visiting her best friend in Arizona at the end of June which means I have the opportunity to see all of my sisters within a month.  I am stoked!  Typically, seeing them, means traveling to a family function of sorts.  Last year, we all met in Oregon for Michaela's wedding.  This year, there are milestone birthdays in August and a new nephew to greet.
Unfortunately, the August trip is not in the cards for me.  Thankfully, with social media and technology, I will be able to see photos of the celebration.  And, I can return at a later date.  I love visiting Oregon.  Amazing wine, beer, landscape and my sisters.  I hope to check out Bend, this time, as well.  Tons of great food and beer.  I have a friend that I could visit.  He owns a brewery and I would love to see it.  It's more of a tap room from what I understand.  Sounds like he is growing it in a smart way.  I saw him at the beer fest in Paso Robles last month and so I know his ipa's are legit.
A day trip would be lovely in the meantime.  Maybe head up north to Sedona, wine taste in Cottonwood or head west to San Diego.  I adore that city.  The past few Mondays, I have been spending time in Phoenix.  On the light rail, baseball game and a resort.  All fun but all super hot.  I couldn't wait to find the nearest a/c or pool the resort day.  Of course, each day involved wine and/or cocktails which led to dehydration issues. Last night, for the first time in a while, I became woozy when I went into the front bar.  I made a fake gatorade (club soda, limes, salt) and tried to rehydrate with electrolytes.  I refuse to have a repeat of the face plant at the laundromat. Anytime I feel moderately dehydrated, I take a break and inhale water.
Wine samples had been left for me. I don't know when they were opened and I opted to skip sampling last night.  I wanted a pure night of sleep.  I can wine taste later and hope that the wines were opened yesterday and not Monday.  I'm sure it will be fine.  My rep was kind in leaving the samples for me in the first place.  Ironically, he is off to Oregon for a conference.  I am jealous.
I purchased tickets to Denver for the half marathon in August.  I have new kicks.  What is stopping me from getting up and putting two feet on the ground?  I know that it is time to embrace running.  Otherwise another half marathon will be a brutal disaster.  My mantra when running is WWLD? What would Lindsay Do?  I know she won't be upset if I want to stop and take a break while on the course.  However, that is not to say that she signed up for walking the course.  I must be ready to run 13.1 miles.
Tomorrow is a new day.  Or, I will start training on Monday.  Maybe take an early morning run and then day trip.  Take some time for me and explore AZ while attempting to avoid the heat factor.  Vegas was in town on Monday and we had lunch together.  He drove instead of us riding bikes.  I had no idea that his a/c wasn't functioning in his car.  Let's just say that I was grateful it was a short trip.  I don't think I could take a four hour drive back to Rocky Point without air conditioning.
About to head to yoga. Yesterday was a stretch due to the music factor but my gracilis feels good.  I am heading to a different studio today.  I know the music is awesome and that is what I am wanting.  Namaste!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I returned to yoga as it was making me crazy to not be able to work out.  I could not help it.  I'm stubborn and I told myself that I would back off any pose that felt uncomfortable.  I went six days without yoga and chose today to return.  I like the instructor that teaches on Wednesdays and so I knew the class would be awesome.
What I didn't take into account was the music selection.  Over the last few months this teacher has felt a sense of traditional music.  Translation--the music sucks.  Right away, I knew that I had made a mistake.  I couldn't zone out as the music was terrible.  Then, I thought about injuring my gracilis further due to being annoyed with the music.  Forty-five minutes later and finally she played something upbeat and current.  I managed to stay the entire hour without incident and I daydreamed about travel, music and running.  I bought new shoes yesterday.  Thought it might inspire me actually to get up and go.  It is a must get up early type of activity.  I think it 87 by 8:30 a.m. typically.  I have a half to train for that is in 7 weeks.  I plan on completing that race, too.
After today's crappy music selection, I think I will rely on the outdoor run factor as opposed to yoga.  I have more opportunity to heal the gracilis and thrive outdoors.  I am a morning person.  Always have been.  As long as I have 6 hours of sleep, I am great.  Tonight, I am just going to have to come home, shower, and be prepared to get up by 6 to enjoy the outdoors.
I want a break from yoga as, lately, it has been challenging to get into.  The nagging gracilis and lousy music selection of some of the instructors is taking its toll on me.
I finally purchased tickets to Denver for August.  Now just need to figure out accommodations.  I'm hoping to stay with the Goddess before the half marathon.  It was my first half, ever, and I ran the race with her.  Seems right to be returning to run the race and with Lindsay.  As such, the training plan needs to occur.  I cannot have another event like the half in May.  Brutal to run and sore, sore, sore...after.  Maybe I can reestablish some sort of routine with my AZ running partner.  Or, find a new running partner.  There is a guy from work that is gung ho on running.  He is doing an ultra race next month.  I think I would need to work into running with him.
So, tomorrow, either run or hit an early yoga class at the other studio that I frequent.  I don't love, love, love the exterior vibe of that place.  It feels like a trendy place.  I'm not a huge fan of that.  Although, I have enjoyed some of the music selection.  Moreover, the flow is new and different.  I am able to zone out somewhat while attending the classes.
Anyways, about to leave for work.  Must hydrate....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

happy hour

Tuesday is all about schedules, wine tasting and organizing.  I skipped yoga to rest my gracilis (lame, I know, but necessary).  I went in to work early and took stock of the available spirits and wine.  I met a few reps and left early.  There was nothing more for me to do.  I met with the reps that came in and communicated with the others that had not.  I knew that it was okay to head out early.
Lil Tina (mini me) met me at a wine bar.  Initially, we talked about relationships, career aspirations, and travel.  We each took bathroom breaks and enjoyed the wine.  After my third break to the bathroom I encountered two chicks at the sink.  I remember checking out the odd shirt and walking into the far stall.  Immediately, I turned around.
"Gross", I commented.
The girls stopped and said, "what?"
I go,"someone threw up in this stall."
I walk into the other stall and they continue talking.  After a couple of minutes, I realize that that was the girl that threw up (all over the stall).  At first, I feel bad for my response.  Then, I think, wait a minute...I'm not the dipshit that threw up in the women's bathroom and left it for other people to see.
I wash my hands and am careful to avoid any contact with vomit.  I watched her put soap in her hair in an attempt to camoflauge the puke.  I ask the chick if she needs a bar towel and if she wants me to tell the bartender about her accident.
Her response, yes.
I walk out of the bathroom and tell the guy.  I tell him that I am disgusted by the fact that she vomited and made no effort to clean it up.  I mean, wtf?  It's 6 o'clock and you vomit all over some random bathroom stall.  As I am talking to the bartender she walks out and makes no indication of what she did.
A female manager goes in to clean it up. Before she does, she approaches the table and asks the offender if she had thrown up in the bathroom.
Point blank, the girl says no.  Again, I ask, wtf?  It was ridiculous.  I couldn't believe that this chick had the audacity to throw up, not clean it up and then, lie about it.  Who does that?
Outside of that craziness, we encountered three guys who were dreaming of tacos and very expressive about it.  We declined drinks from them and made our way to Tricks.  Mandatory dessert and now, relaxation.  Yes, today was awesome minus the morons that have no couth or the guys that were vulgar.  Happy Tuesday, regardless~

Saturday, June 15, 2013

irritations due to yoga

Thursday, I realized that my gracilis was tweaked, again.  Damn yoga!  I took a few days off, hopeful, that I had waited long enough to heal.  I continued with my yoga practice and the other day I sensed an irritation.  I've avoided the pose that created this issue but there are others that stress the gracilis.  I should have pulled back the other day instead of powering through it.
I called my massage place, hoping, to set up a massage with the injury specialist.  He was unable to see me until Monday.  I arranged an appointment and then canceled it.  I thought I could benefit from a different therapist on Friday instead of waiting from Monday.  I should have waited.  Brittney is great but she isn't an injury specialist.  I relaxed and enjoyed the massage but the necessary manipulation to help me wasn't there.  She handed me water, chocolate and biofreeze which I knew would aid the healing practice.  I came home and started up the heating pad and took a night off.
Today, I spring cleaned my house.  It was long overdue and found my passport in the process.  I cannot believe that I had no clue as to where that particular item was located.  It is one of my prized possessions and I, normally, keep it close.  I arranged another massage for Monday and will continue to use the heating pad/biofreeze for the next few days.
I have been dreaming of travel and after two trips to Paso Robles, know, that I adore it there.  I spent a few weekends there in May.  Once for a half marathon in Santa Barbara and the other time I attended a beer fest.  The weather is similar to Phoenix (meaning it's 103+) but it's so much more rural.  I love being surrounded by vines, fruit, vegetables.  It's laid back and approachable.  I hope to return in August to visit again.  My trip to Italy fell apart.  It seemed, rush, though, and so I am not that disappointed.  And, if I went to Italy, I would have to see Agnese and Renatto.  It's a must do.  The itinerary did not include that option and so it just wasn't the time to fly abroad.
Moreover, I had misplaced my passport til today.  I kept thinking I will find it today.  Only to put it off til weeks went by.  I was thankful that the trip got canceled as I couldn't remember my passport number and didn't know if that would be part of the criteria of booking a flight.  One year, it was mandatory to include the passport number when booking the trip.  I was uncertain if that would be a requirement.
So, the last few weeks, I have been preoccupied with Paso Robles, yoga, work and trying to figure out my summer trip.  Next month, I will be in Oregon to see my sisters and wine taste.  I would love to go somewhere, abroad, this year but don't know if it will happen.  I seem to be easily distracted.  I realize that my posting has decreased and it isn't like I don't want to write about my life  I just haven't been traveling as often.  Live in the day is my mantra.  I must return to that aspect of my life and write about it.
I am off to work in Dante's Inferno (my way, affectionately, of referring to Phoenix).