Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my personal challenge the world wednesday....

Last week, Reduce Footprints posted a challenge regarding trash and the amount of trash we personally waste. They recommended not throwing your trash out for a week, look through it, really consider what is trash and what can be reused or recycled.
Personally, I didn't post about it, but I thought about it.
At work, I collected empty bottles of champagne, vodka and wine and took two cases to be recycled. The brunch shift is all about bloody mary's, screw drivers and mimosas. We almost always go through a case of vodka.
I dropped off my moving boxes, too. I felt that I should be doing my part. Not only saying it, but actively participating, too.
I went to my neighborhood laundry mat and read two magazines while I waited for my clothes to dry. I read an article on Guy Ritchie, the new chefs in Portland, OR, the top restaurants to check out in the States and an article about a family in New York that went without modern convenience for a year. He wrote a book--No Impact Man, and there is a movie coming out as well. He was determined to live simply, without overtaxing the environment. They stopped eating out to lessen the take-out box, shopped at farmer's markets instead of grocery shopping to cut out the use of plastic bags, shopped more frequently and used what they needed as opposed to wasting what they had overshopped. Apparently in the interview, he met the journalist with a mason jar full of coffee instead of the standard to-go cup.
I am not that able to reprioritize my life at this point. Or, realistically, I do not want to cut all convenience out of my life. However, I am interested in small changes that leads to more awareness and lessoning my overall "footprint". For example, I am determined to use my take-out coffee mug instead of purchasing a new throwaway cup each time I purchase coffee. I would like to use all of my hot tea and then invest in loose leaf tea for future use. I have a handy dandy strainer that is specifically used for that purpose. I do recycle most of my trash and rarely fill a bag more than once every two weeks.
I walk everywhere.
There are always ways to improve things.
Enjoy your day even if it is filled with grocery shopping, stress or road rage. Me, I will be walking to the store to purchase wine for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I continue to be thankful for my convenient location.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday spirit

Is there joy in the world?
I see it, sometimes, on customer's faces or people I encounter on the street, the store, the coffee shop. A glimmer of hope, a smile, gratitude.
Most days, I see sadness and despair. For instance, today, I waited on this woman that had no joy in her life, or so it appeared. She was unsmiling and wanted the apple steak salad without bleu cheese and the dressing on the side. Very strict and boring, to be honest. She was extremely precise and rigid with her posture and her demeanor. On the plus side, she did tip well.
Lately, I seem to question that when I am pondering life. I worry that we are carrying to much stress in our lives. I see how much difference a smile makes. I am trying to smile more often or be nice. I know, if you know me, it is trying for me to do either of these things. I used to cringe when customers would tell me that I should smile. My typical response would be--I am not a I do not smile on command.
Again, that was the past and now, I am thankful for my life and as we embark on Thanksgiving, I see more and more strife around me.
I wish that I had told my sister's my wishes, last year.
Every year, we exchange gifts and as much as I enjoy this practice, I know there are people out there who have nothing. I considered donating their gifts, last year, and didn't do anything about it to change it for this year.
My aunt donated my gift to the Heifer Fund, last year. I think she bought a goat for a family in Africa. It was either a goat or a chicken. She was excited about her idea, how it would benefit that community and told me that was what she preferred instead of giving me a gift.
Plus, when it came to moving in October, I was grateful that I had less crap to move. Not that my gifts are crap, but instead of receiving something another material good, why not give back?
This year is another gift giving year since I know Jade has already bought all of her gifts and it isn't fair to spring it on her with short notice. But, I am going to make it a point to change our gift exchange for the future.
I saw on the news that they expect a 38% decline for charities this holiday season. That, alone, makes me sad. If you are able, donate food, money to a charity or simplify your life and take used goods to good will. We can all benefit from spreading a little joy, right?
In other news, I went running, earlier this afternoon, and it felt great. No pain on my foot or knee issues. Instead, it was blissful and instead of focusing on my physical issues, I was able to think of the lack of joy in the world and what I could do to change it, on an individual level. My life is positive and rife with possibility...

Friday, November 20, 2009


After a much needed massage, earlier today, I decided to go for a run. The weather is beautiful and I wanted to take advantage of it. I considered yoga, but didn't want to drive to the Highlands. Plus, the sun is out and why not enjoy the neighborhood?
I warmed up and was truly feeling it. I thought of all of my runs with the Goddess and how I felt confident, enough, in my own running to go solo. Of course, I do enjoy running with Lindsay and will continue to do so.
Anyways, I was beginning the home stretch when this woman with a stroller crosses over to my side of the street. I run towards her and her two grandkids and smile at them. I feel encroached on, somewhat, and as we pass each other, I step down funny on my left foot and F**k, that's right, I reinjure my freaking tendon. AWESOME...if only, she had given me a little more space to maneuver. Her stroller took up most of the sidewalk and I was trying to be respectful of the space issue. I moved to my right where there was a rock landscape and you know the rest.
Now, I am at home, I took off my shoe and there it was--my old friend. The bubble on my foot that took forever to go away. This sucks! It truly, effing sucks...right as I am about to begin running again. Plus, I remember how awkward it was to walk, some days, forget running. I know I am okay and that I will heal, but really, how difficult is it to share public space? I did scream the F word and she goes--oh, are you okay? No, I am not okay. My foot is in immense pain. She kept walking....hmmm....why couldn't she have stayed on the other side of the street or why didn't I continue onto Speer? Oh, that's right, I didn't want to wait for the light to change.
Enough complaining. I know. I am just super irritated by the ways things turned out.

Chardonnay inspired dreams....

I am a red wine drinker.
For a brief period of time, I did enjoy white wine. I started drinking wine in 95 when I worked at Fifi's. It was a job requirement to be able to talk about their wine selection. My first bottle, bought, was a 95 Kunde Cabernet. I drank it with my friend, Heather, and we loathed it. We ate sugar cookies from Joe's Bakery in Lawrence and opted to drink white wine. Not white zin, but white wine.
It was extremely brief.
I do enjoy a sauvignon blanc or pinot gris, every now and then, to protect my teeth from looking too stained. I have a nickname of "purple teeth" and so yes, I am a red wine drinker.
I had a bottle of Gundlach Bundschu chardonnay. It has been in my cabinent for a few years. On Wednesday, I had drinks with my reader and our mutual friend, Christina. I returned home and felt that I wanted another glass of wine and so I opened the bottle of chardonnay.
It hadn't changed and my dislike of it hadn't changed either. It is too buttery and heavy, to me. I still drank it.
And, I had two glasses of last night, after work, and both nights had the most random dreams. The first night, I was moving to Iowa, by myself, but my parents and siblings were driving me there. Jade had just had a baby and so the baby was with us and we were all crowded in our old maroon van. It was snowing, a bunch, and we were surrounded by mountains. Again, I question the mountain factor since we were in Iowa.
I never figured out why I moved there. I remember reflecting on the one restaurant that was in town--a KFC--obviously this dream was just that--a dream. I hate KFC and would never move to the country or a town with only one restaurant.
Last night, I dreamed that my tires cost $2500. I was at my mom's house in Kansas and someone cut the tires off of my car. I was devastated that I had spent all of that money to have them stolen.
I wonder why chardonny inspires dreams of family for me. I have no idea. I must have some anxiety about the holidays and of course, the snow. Although my new, real, tires will come in handy this winter.
I doubt I will be purchasing any chardonnay anytime soon. I have never been a fan, nor do I relish the weird dreams that occur when I drink it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Done and done....

Alright, I have mentioned the snow and need for tires.
I purchased all season tires, today. No more fear of driving on bald tires or return trips to Discount Tires to patch bald tires. Nope, I am a responsible car owner. Although, I am a lazy person.
For instance, I knew that I needed tires. I knew that my time was limited since I had a day shift and so I walked in, explained that I wanted to buy all-season tires, listened to one pitch and said--okay...that sounds great.
I walked to the Bull and mentally kicked myself. Why didn't I wait for them to provide more options? Why was I in such a rush to get to work? Why was I an irresponsible buyer?
CONVENIENCE...I paid for convenience.
And, Discount Tire did patch my old tires, twice, without charging me. I figure that factors in the cost of the entire experience. Plus, I feel safer, I do. The winter in Denver has started and I want to feel good about my car and be confident with my driving.
I will now.
In other my goodie bag from the Denver Marathon, was a pass to Core Power Yoga for one week. There was a little side note with the sentence--new students only. I opted to ignore that sentence and went to a class on Wednesday. It felt amazing. I now have five more days to enjoy the pass. I feel I earned it, too. Training, fundraising, and running all contributed to the one week of free yoga. Heck ya, I am going to utilize it!
I have a day off tomorrow and I am thankful. Yoga in the am, followed by a much needed massage and afternoon run. Running is being reincorporated to my routine. My goal is to run two 1/2 Marathons and one full in 2010. I know the Napa 1/2 is a must and am undecided on the other two. I would like a flat course, sea level and preferably--warm weather. Chicago might be out for that reason.
Anyways, I feel great about my productive day and look forward to a day off. I am bummed that I spent too much money on tires, but it is over and done with. Now, I am a confident snow driver--seriously! I am.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random acts of kindness

Most people that know me, know that I really despise driving in the snow.
Yesterday, heading into work was easy. Light snow, driveable roads, nothing major. Snow continued. People called to see if we were open due to the snow factor. Of course, we welcomed them in. Or, better yet, I welcomed them since I was manning the phones.
I heard mixed reviews of how bad the snow was....this one guy was like--it's nothing. A little slippery in the metro area. They shut down 1-70 from Evergreen to Vail Pass at 7 pm. When he mentioned that, I knew that he was a confident snow driver. Slipping to him in the metro area was not what slipping to me meant.
Other people were like--it's terrible. The roads are awful. It took, forever, to get here...etc.
Steve and Pocketsize came in for a rare appearance. Actually, I know that isn't fair. They have been busy with their lives and Saturdays haven't been the best time to see them. Anyways, they stopped in and inquired about how I was getting home. I told Sarah--yes, I am driving....BUT, you hate driving in the snow. I know, but such is my life. I know that she was worried for me as the night continued. Sarah is so sweet.
As 2 am approaches, I get apprehensive, knowing, that I will be out there soon. I will be maneuvering the roads.
Finally, I am finished with work. My boss asks if I have upgraded my tires yet. He knows that I have had two separate flat tire situations in the past 2 months. I tell him that I had put it off and now regretted it.
His response--drive fast and be reckless. If you get stuck, call me, I will help you.
I about fell over. It was gracious, and like Dave, but he said it, without any prompting. I mean, for instance, he and his brother both have multiple SUV's---ideal for moving people, but I would never dream of asking them for help. They aren't interested.
I made it home safely.
I texted Dave and said--thank you. I am safe.
I did appreciate him offering to help me. It made my drive much easier, and less stressful. I guess, I don't hate driving in the snow as much as I thought.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have gratitude...

Yes, I have gratitude. I can still wear shorts in Denver, in spite of the oncoming winter storm watch. I went on a walk, today, in 35 degree weather and it felt glorious to being shorts and enjoying what remains of fall.
I am thankful for my new neighborhood. I was supposed to go running with the Goddess, today, but I wasn't feeling it. I sent her a text, with a simple explanation and suggested meeting another day. Had it been sunny, I would have went. I know that I could have mustered the desire to go for a run.
I cleaned my house and decided to walk to my old neighborhood. I miss it. I do. It feels like home to me. I bought a coffee and was on my way. I wanted to check the Logan rental to see if I had acquired mail. Of course, the old neighbors were not at home. Whereas in the past, I would count on them to be outside, yelling at their dogs or in their house, on-line. Rarely, were they unavailable. I saw mail, but had no way to access it.
I do like my new neighborhood. I have been gone and haven't established myself here yet. I returned from my walk and felt rejuvenated. I could have went running was the immediate thought.
Perhaps I don't have a set purpose, but I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my desire to have a goal, whatever it may be. I miss training for the marathon. I have been incredibly restless and I think, a lot of it, is due to not having a goal right now. I was content with the training as it took up oodles of my time. I thought I was happy with being able to work on Friday night or Saturday morning, again, but it isn't enough. I realize that now.
I am grateful for my friends and family. They listen to my endless complaining about said restlessness or my inability to decide on how to grow up. I know that I must at some point.
Or do I?
I do have gratitude. I will continue this later....There is more to consider and be grateful for....

Friday, November 13, 2009

This is why servers can be confused and annoyed....

Last night, I was working a random floor shift. My section was not spectacular since the weather was turning south. Our outdoor covered patio lacks and so most customers prefer dining in the main room, near the fire place.
My night begins with two tables, inside, and one table on the patio. The two inside tables will be transfered to their rightful server.
Plus, I could tell they were annoying by some of their requests---I want a strong margarita.
My response--we aren't a mexican restaurant and so we do not rely solely on the sweet and sour mix.
He agrees to the margarita and still insists that it isn't strong enough. I know this guy is full of it, but have the bartender add an additional shot of well tequila to appease him. We make strong drinks, typically, and I told him that he should order a double in the future.
Another table...three men and one woman sit down...immediately, it's we're having separate checks.
My response--I will discuss it with your server when he arrives, but typically, we do not do separate checks.
Well, we have expense reports. And, what do you mean you don't have prime rib until 6 pm? Can't we get it, right now, at 4:40? No, again, it is available at 6 pm.
My favorite and it was my table, this time. Six people sit down, at different times and seem normal. They order a few appetizers and sip a drink each. Finally, a girl shows up and orders a glass of pinot noir. She seemed to have some command, but I should have been hesitant.
She wanted to order and so I approached her. Here is how it played out--
Her--I would like a salmon caesar salad.
Me--Would you like a large or small caesar salad?
Her--I don't know. How big is the small one?
Me--well, it is (I gesture the size) and continue with, the amount of salmon is the same regardless of if you order the large or small caesar.
Her--I will take the small caesar salad.

15 minutes later her salmon caesar is delivered. She motions to me. I walk over.
Her--I didn't order this. I wanted a house salad.
Me--Oh, so no salmon caesar....just the house salad.
Me--well, which dressing did you want?
Her--Oh, what do you have?

Really, you wanted a house salad but you don't know what dressing you ordered? But, I comply, play along, get the salad and return with the house salad, sans salmon.

Wait, I wanted a

I rush back to the kitchen and of course, they has tossed the product. They make a new salmon and I present the new salmon house salad to her.
I was annoyed because I know what she ordered. Perhaps, she didn't, but I know what she said.
All in all, surprisingly, they did tip me. They weren't rude about it, and of course, I kept my tongue in check. To the other servers I was honest about how dumb this girl was, but I did not make it an issue to the table. I do not enjoy being belittled and this was definitely a situation where I was ready to unload my frustration on the table.
The night continued with one of my friends hanging out and a few other people that were easy. It was simple and I was home by 9. I cannot complain, too much more. I just wanted to illustrate how diners can be and why servers get annoyed. I am not a mind reader. I can anticipate your needs and I enjoy that, but if you say, verbatim, I want a salmon caesar, that is what I am going to order you, not the house salad.
Another day in the restaurant industry. Sometimes, I want to scream--CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY, or at least, take me to South Africa and pay me, too!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starbuck's Instant coffee....

I am not a fan of instant coffee.
I think, as a child, I would drink it with my grandma. She drank, coffee, daily and mostly, it was nescafe. I remember hearing that it would stunt my growth. Somehow, I think that was an wive's tale.
I digress.
I love coffee. I drink it, everyday. It is what I wake up to and sometimes, I go on the wagon and can do it, but I do not enjoy it. I am a coffee drinker. I do not drink soda or tea, just get caffeine from coffee. Oh, and chocolate.
Typically, I drink drip coffee with a splash of soy milk. I was trying to cut down on my dairy intake and what better what to do it than make this small adjustment. Anyways, I have a friend that works at Starbuck's. In the past, he has brought me a pound of coffee since he knows how much I enjoy my coffee. This is a definite perk of working for Starbuck's. They get a pound of coffee, per week, as an employee. I would be in heaven and never go without.
About a month ago, he visited me at work and handed me a new product that Starbuck's is endorsing. Instant coffee. I put in my cupboard and that was it. Again, I am not a fan of instant coffee. It was confirmed while traveling in Fiji, South Africa, and Argentina. Chile had Starbuck's. Costa Rica had its own amazing coffee and New Zealand had decadent latte's.
Today, I took a siesta. This is a habit that I am forming and opted to have another cup of coffee. Knowing I had the Via available, I thought, why not give it a go? Maybe it will surprise you.
It didn't.
It's instant coffee. I am not a fan. I would rather go without than suffer through a cup of this watered down product.
They are making a push for it in the States. Abroad, instant coffee is normal. But, it still doesn't make it taste better. I like fresh brewed coffee---strong, bold coffee.
Try it, if you must, but if you are a loyal coffee drinker, don't be surprised if you, too, are disappointed.

November 12--Hailey's day....

I have been lazy the last few training, no yoga, the books I picked up at the library do not inspire me. Instead, I have taken siestas the last few days and I went to bed, early, last night, too. What is wrong with me? Don't get me wrong...I love naps and do not judge anybody for enjoying one. The summer I lived in Mexico, it was an important part of my day.
I believe I need a project or a new hobby or something to take up my time. Even my postings have been mundane since the marathon. I need inspiration or motivation. I feel lethargic and sleep is my fall back. I am not depressed--I know that, but, I am lazy. That word seems to be the word that keeps coming to mind. It is an accurate description of how I have spent the last few days.
I feel that it is a cycle for me. I need something to focus on so that I have a purpose or meaning in my life. When I don't, I get lazy, restless and bored. I question my life's work and how to better myself. I am a work in progress, I suppose.
In other news....Happy Birthday, Hailey! I hope she is able to thoroughly enjoy her day, however she decides to spend it. I know she is surrounded by her boys and that they will take care to please her. Her son, Andrew, just had a birthday, too. He turned 4 on the 10th. Birthdays are wonderful. I was a touch tame on my birthday month this year. Training made sure that I didn't go too wild with drinking wine or going out to dinner.
Yes, I am coming off of an incredible high associated with the marathon. Maybe that it why I am so lethargic.
Enjoy your day. Smile. Eat cake. Be happy~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need a project, not to be a counselor....

It is difficult to not think about the future--the what if factor.
Lately, I have been privy to three separate situations, where the individual is in an impossible situation. They want advice or direction, but really, I recognize that in no way, is that my place in the friendship.
For instance, I don't know how I would react to the specific situation since I haven't went through it yet.
I tried to explain this to my friend. I hope she understands. I am not trying to be unsupportive. I just know that from an outside perspective, of course, it would be easy for me to say--this is what you should be doing.
I suggested to her that being in the present moment and making peace with the circumstances was the first step. From there she needed to decide what course of action was best for her.
I know it is frustrating, but that is all I can do. I would hate for her to listen to my speculating when each situation is unique and again, I don't know how I would react if I had to face it. I reiterated that she is loved and supported and that, yes, she would get through this.
My other friend is facing a custody battle which I do not envy. He tried to be amicable, for the sake of his kids, but this led to inaction and the opportunity for his ex to walk all over him. She has continued to do things, to him, because he let her. I feel bad for him and do not envy his road. But, he'll make it work and he will get through this.
I know that I asked for a project, but I don't think I wanted this one. I feel that I need to be specific in my wants and hopes of the future. I will continue to run, but since I am not training for the marathon, any longer, I have more time to focus on other projects. Any suggestions?
We all have decisions to make, some easier than others. That is what defines our character. We forget that we have the power to protect ourselves and that by not doing something, that, too, is an action--i.e--my friend and his pending custody battle.
Thankfully, I have a wonderful loving family and support system. I hope to be there for my friends/family to listen, support and not judge or suggest courses of action. I cannot. It is similar to bashing someone's ex boyfriend or husband in the midst of their break-up, and then finding out they opted to stay together. How do you take back your words of wisdom? How does that person ever feel safe, confiding in you again, when you think their spouse is a moron?
Each situation is unique. We can only hope for the best and the understanding of our peers and family.
Be happy today and in the present moment. For me, I need to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Settling in...

Settling in...thankfully. I put it off as long as I could.
I traveled. I worked. I rearranged and I kept moving boxes from place to place. As of right now, I have a completely open kitchen path, living room and my room is uncluttered. It is beginning to feel like home.
And, I have my first guest......Sara Jo. Yea! I am so excited to have wine with her and catch up. I saw her at Elway's, post-marathon, but since then, nada. About 4 years, Sara and I met weekly for dinner. Typically, we would begin at my place, with wine and small plates and move on to some new and exciting restaurant in Denver. I loved Wednesdays for that reason, alone.
Now, with school, work and other distractions, I am lucky to see her once every 6-8 months. I am working on changing that. Sara Jo has always been a fantastic conversationalist and supporter. Plus, she likes red wine, as much, if not more, than I do. Needless to say, we get along fine.
The Goddess saw my place, pre-Saturday run, but it wasn't put together. It was a quick look-see. I think I will have her over for drinks on another occasion. I hope to continue to run with her once a week.
And, it wasn't clean, either. Now that I have hard wood floors, I feel it is necessary to sweep, daily. I remember that regiment from my mom's house, but now, understand how important it is to sweep or at least try to. So far, I have been on task.
This morning, I walked up to the King Sooper's to purchase coffee and filters. The store is open 24 hours which is convenient, but it is dirty. I think I will continue to frequent Safeway even though it is a few blocks farther than the Sooper's. I prefer cleanliness to convenience.
I am mundane, but getting my life in Capitol Hill put together. I need a hobby or a new project. Trainig took up a lot of my free time and kept me focused. Now, I dream of faraway places, exotic foods and people. If only I could be compensated for travel....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sunday.......

Today was a great day.
Sorta normal, sorta lame, but overall, fairly pleasant.
It started at work. I blasted my ipod. Lately, I have been listening to Kanye West's, Stronger, because it reminds me of the marathon and Somebody's Baby, by Jackson Browne. I think of that song and associate it with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I have always enjoyed that song. While downloading new music for the marathon, I found the Jackson Browne song, in addition to Veronica, by Elvis Costello and Psycho Killer, by Talking Heads. Yes, my music selections have been all over the map lately.
Anyways, ipod blasting, work started smoothly. Little Mel brought me a coffee. We do that on Sundays, alternate, for I don't know what reason. It started and has continued. I enjoy it. I absolutely look forward to Sunday morning for the coffee, alone.
The Broncos play tomorrow night. Typically, if the Broncos don't play, we aren't busy. Today, was the complete opposite for a few hours. Several people that I knew, came in, to have brunch with me. There are four girls that used to be Saturday morning girls and in the last year, have become Sunday morning ladies. They are fun, always have great conversations and easy. They eat the Taos or eggs benedict and leave. They tip well and never require hand holding. You know what I mean...they aren't needy.
Anyways, today, one of them was talking funny. I couldn't help but look at her mouth and I couldn't understand why she was drawing attention to it through her actions. I thought she might have a cancor sore or imaginary fever blister. I tried to avoid fixation, during their ordering, and finally, one of the girls goes--well, you don't know about her mouth, do you? No, I didn't.
She explains that about six weeks ago, they went to Cervantes and as they were leaving, some random guy came up, punched her boyfriend in the face and then her and ran off. He didn't ask for money. He just wanted to hit them.
Her boyfriend's teeth broke through the skin and she broke her jaw in two places. Her jaw was wired shut.
Seriously, wtf? How does this happen and for what? It wasn't a mugging and apparently, the bar acted like it didn't happen. They claimed no responsibility and showed them to the street.
I know I live in a city and I know there are areas that should be avoided. But, the fact that Cervantes kicked them out speaks volumes over living in a city. Anything can happen, anywhere. It doesn't matter that it was in five points in Denver. I remember being on the wrong compartment of a train in South Africa. I was the only white person on that area of the train and I was safe. Nobody approached me or tried to make me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't kicked off the train either.
On a side note....a friend of mine texted me, yesterday, to ask me to Elway's. As you know, I am a sucker for Rapture. I tried to avoid going, but I caved. I texted her back and asked who was there. Her response was, Jen and Mark. I like her latest "suitor", but I prefer girl's talk. I had spent a few days in Kansas and wanted to dish, but not with a male present.
I arrive. I walk into Elway's and there they are...Jen, Tiffany, Mark, and two others. And, they had paid their tab. Annoyed, I sat down and ordered my Rapture. I tried to welcome the conversation, but was bored with the specifics. The wine wasn't enough. I had to go to work.
In the last week, I have sat through two separate occasions of meeting friends and their significant others. Granted, I have friends that I meet as a couple. For instance, Steve and Pocketsize, but they are my friends. I do not try to entertain them separately and I believe our conversations are everything they are supposed to be.
I find myself censoring topics with spouses or new boyfriends. I wish my other friend at Elway's knew that lesson. Instead, she droned on and on with her latest and greatest.
Again, filter....doesn't everyone have one? And, I wish my girlfriends understood that girl time is different from hanging out with a couple. Oh, Sunday...what a fun day!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Truffle them.
This morning, I was in Lawrence and trying to decide where to eat. Did I want mexican, again, or something different?
I ate at El Mezcal, the first day. In college, I loved the margaritas at El Mezcal. I had forgotten that that was all I loved about El Mezcal. Margaritas--awesome, food, not so much. I had scrambled eggs, tortillas and beans and rice. The eggs were bland and tasted old. I ate the chips.
Yesterday, we ate at Tortas Jalisco. I liked the chips--made to order. Margaritas were bland. I think it was sweet and sour, with a splash of tequila. Anyways, the chips were great, the eggs were decent and I liked the salsa. It was a definite improvement over El Mezcal.
Today, we considered La Parilla. It is a south american restaurant that I have enjoyed in the past. My sister fell down the stairs, one time. Completely different story, but a great restaurant, nonetheless.
I needed a book, for my flight, and so we detoured to the Dusty Bookshelf. I found a Nelson DeMille book and we continued to walk down Mass St. Since we had eaten mexican the previous two days, I decided that I wanted something different.
There was a new restaurant on Vermont that specialized in truffle fries and burgers.
Initially, we were the first to arrive. We sat at the bar, made eye contact with one of the workers and drank a beer. I had a boulevard wheat and waited for my felafel burger and truffle fries. Casey had a salad and ordered a side of duck fat fries with all of their sauces. They had a stout mustard, guajillo sauce, garlic mayo, chipotle bbq, and ketchup. I liked the food. My felafel was great and it was topped with pickled cauliflower and onions. The bun was great and I was happy.
We wanted another beer and so I tried to make eye contact with one of the two people standing behind the bar. No movement.
I got up. I walked over. I ordered two beers. I sat back down.
They never offered to drop the bill. Instead, a line formed as people dropped in for lunch. I had a flight to catch and so as I dreamed of one of the workers, actually paying attention to us, more and more people arrived. Frustrated, I joined the line. I waited.
Casey went to get the car and I waited. When I paid, the guy said----this is why we like people to pay as they go....seriously? I am drinking beer. I ordered multiple things and you want me to pay as I go? How difficult is it to start a tab, since I am siting at the bar, where you are? What did you do? You made me almost late for my flight and required too much work for me, to actually, feel that I was dining out. I sat at the bar. I think that is what frustrated me most. I sat and watched them, talk to each other for 45 minutes, instead of ask if I wanted more water or another beer. Yes, the food was good, but if I were to return, I would order take-out. At least, that way, I would pay as I go. I can walk to Cork and Barrel and open my own beer.
I didn't like the guy's attitude. It is a bar. Bars have tabs. There has got to be a more efficient way of operating Dempsey's on Vermont St. Plus, as they got busy, they were unable to clean tables for new customers. I know that I was not the only one annoyed with their concept of ordering.
Perhaps, south american would have been better, today. I loved the fries and the plethora of sauces. I am a condiment kid. However, the service lacked and I do not know if I am the forgiving type, as of late...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new place

My new place is fantastic.
Slowly, I unpack, organize, move a box, repack an older container and basically make it appear like I am actually doing things.
That is until yesterday. I know have an open kitchen, free of boxes/organizers and all of my wine glasses are washed and unpacked. Life is good.
I figure, I will tackle the rest of it, this weekend. I have ample cabinent space to utilize and I want to make it feel like home. I am beyond the old place and its negativity--due to the landlord. I am brimming with possibilities of being in Capitol Hill. I live a block from the best sandwich shop in Denver--Snarf's, Whole Foods, my laundry mat and a really awful bar (Park Tavern). I am certain that I might go there, infrequently, since I have never been a fan of that establishment. Probably because Brian got kicked out of it, one night, for his I.D. I think. I cannot remember. I only remember that I have never been a fan of this bar or the other one, they used to own, the Bank. I lived on 16th and Williams in 2002 and was a local for a brief amount of time. Personally, I prefer the Thin Man, or even the Squire, if I am on that end of town.
I could always walk to Don's Mixed Drinks, or Lala's. I have options.
Nevertheless, I am excited about this neighborhood and finding my niche. There is always activity. It definitely has an eclectic mix of people. I have encountered transients, kids (early 20's), older couples, hippies, junkies, lesbians, etc. It is an interesting feel and I love it! I plan on exploring more, when I have time.
Side note--I am much closer to the Denver Public Library which is also a benefit of the area. I used to live closer to one of the satellite branches, which was nice, but limited. The main library is amazing and will become a regular stop, for me, in my new area.
Enjoy your day. I must conclude this for now.....