Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June, passing June...

I am going golfing tonight with Jimmy. I am excited since I have only went one other time in my life. I was 21, with Jean and her son, Tom. The entire time, they critiqued me for everything. I hated it. I couldn't get out of my head even with the coors light we were drinking. We played at Lake Perry Golf Course, in Perry, Kansas. It wouldn't have been that bad had Tom and his buddy, not been there. At least I could have laughed at myself had it just been us ladies.
Nevetheless, I am going to attempt golf again. We shall see.
I worked at the Saucy Noodle last night and it was fine. I enjoy the change to my normal environment. Plus, there are come cross over customers that I have seen both times I have worked there. It will be interesting to see who else I encounter in this new place. I like the food too.
I need to get an outfit for the wedding and shoes, too. I think shoes are more important than the dress. I could wear a tent and as long as the shoes were fashionable, Sarah would be alright with it. The shoes are essential.
I love traveling and need to find a place to go at the end of August. I normally go out of town around the 28th to celebrate my anniversary with Brian. Last year, I dined at the French Laundry in Napa and it was glorious. The first year, I went skydiving in Eloy, Arizona and that too, was awesome. I am blocked this year--any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

losing my phone, again...

I went to the baseball game last night with Jimmy, Melissa, Jeff, Alexa, Paul, Briselda, Suzanna and Erik. It was a lot of fun and we ate little prior to the game. I had a great time with everyone and we settled into the Falling Rock afterwards.
I was interested in food and so I convinced Jimmy to take a cab to the Bull with me and purchase a bottle of wine and perhaps grab some take-out. We arrived at the Bull and I knew immediately that I had lost my phone. I felt like an idiot since this just happened. Thankfully, I left it in the cab which I found out this morning. Jimmy offered to pay the guy $20 to return my phone. We called yellow and metro cab companies and waited to see if my phone would turn up.
This morning, I called my phone and the guy answered. He said that he would bring my phone to the Falling Rock and then he said--AND YOU ARE GIVING ME $20, RIGHT? I don't have a problem rewarding someone for a good deed, but this guy wasn't about to return my phone without a payment. What does this say about good samaritans? What happened to them and why are we so jaded in this society?
It is taken care of. I hope to have my phone back this evening. We will see...

Monday, June 16, 2008

summer so far...

This year has been spectacular. I mean, I spent a full year in the sun and returned to Denver amidst a cooler climate. I haven't felt overheated at night which in my mind is awesome. I love being able to sleep with the windows open and maybe a fan or two.
Last year, at my old place, my roommate, Sarajo, and I both tried to hold out on turning on the a/c. One night, we both returned from drinking and having dinner and she said--I cannot stand this heat and so in theory, she caved first. I felt superior!
Work has been good and I am enjoying the randomness of my shifts. I worked on Saturday night and although it was slow, they let me play my ipod which I love. We convinced Erik to buy us cookies and my night was set.
My new space is brilliant. I have cable. I have a bed and I love the location. Absolutely, I love it. I cannot wait to have everything in order and my house warming party. I am in the process of getting everything arranged--beer, wine, glasses. I am stoked.
Facebook is an interesting venue. I have been reconnecting with friends from high school and travel mates. I see that some of my friends are teachers and some of their contacts are their students. I wonder where the lines of inappropriateness lie. I mean, really, I remember having a crush on my teachers. It is normal, but with facebook and myspace, you are able to contact your teacher outside of class. Does this feel wrong to anyone else?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evening off...

I think I drank too much red wine last night. Thank God my rant about Top Chef made some sense. I still stand behind it. The show has changed.
Work was lame this morning. I am glad that it wasn't too busy since I was a flake. I was having a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. I have so much to do, but no motivation. I have an evening off and could put together my room, clean the house or go to dinner. I would love to go to dinner. I don't know who I could go with. Jimmy is working. Fosh is working and Alan (GQ) has a girlfriend. I will eventually figure it out.
I oould find a gift for Pocketsize and Steve. I wanted to surprise them with dessert wine from SOuth Africa, but apparently they do not ship the dessert wine to the States. I am frustrated and now confused as to what would be the ideal gift for them.
Either way--finding a gift, dinner or cleanig the house-I will have fun...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef--a rip off

I used to love Top Chef. I remember watching the first season at the Falling Rock with Fosh, Mikey and Steve. It was exciting, interesting and challenging. The second season, I wanted to love but I never identified with the chefs. By the 3rd season, I realized that they had truly made it into a reality show, focusing on the drama as opposed to the chefs.
I still honored their decision to go with Hung.
This season I sat back and wanted it to be awesome. I never fully felt the explosion of season 4. After I watched it unfold...Dale being asked off, Andrew, Spike, Antonia...I felt cheated. I didn't fully feel cheated as a woman until they announced Stephany as the winner. I listened to the critiques and felt that Richard should have prevailed. Had Lisa won, I would have felt slighted, but they went with Stephany. So, what does that say about me, my potential palette and my lack of regard for women?
I understand editing and reality shows, but I still hold the idealism for this show since it holds true for my life. I was fortunate to have an amazing man in my life who enjoyed the kitchen. He was awesome and he loved it.
Top Chef completely sold out in my book. I am disappointed in Tom Colicchio...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the medium

I have been embarking on a spiritual path these past few months.
When I was in Melbourne, I decided to have a tarot card reading. I felt ready and was curious. I had been reading books dealing with the afterlife, questioning faith and in general wanted to have it done. The woman was on course about many things in my life--I have questioned faith, how could I not after what happened to Brian? I do feel a transition in my life as I feel more comfortable with myself and decisions.
So, naturally, when I returned to the States, I felt confident in choosing a medium. I felt it was the next step on this quest of my life.
I chose Steve Godfrey, a man based out of Phoenix based on a recommendation of one of my acupuncturists. I set up the the appointment for May 27th. I meditated and was super nervous about communicating with Brian. I had called Shari, my sisters, my aunt and Jan. I was prepared and then when I called I got the message that there had been an emergency medical problem and that I should call and reschedule my appointment.
Disappointed, I left a message, e-mailed and then did a follow-up call about 10 days later. I was determined to have a reading. He called me last week and inquired about when I would be able to have a reading. We agreed to last night and it was fantastic! I am overwhelmed, still, but feel wonderful. I was able to feel at peace with Brian and with the universe. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested. He discussed Brian and my past lives which was interesting. I feel better.
Today, I am still living the high and will continue for awhile...

Monday, June 9, 2008

days off--what to do?

I was supposed to go to a bbq yesterday, but plans changed when I hadn't heard from my friends by Saturday. Instead, I convinced Jimmy that we should go to Elway's for brunch. Of course, it was fantastic. We started with the bacon wrapped shrimp and guacamole. I tried the acupulco eggs--scrambled eggs, guacamole and cheese in a tortilla smothered with green chile. I had them 86 the cheese and had a nice brunch.
We walked to the Bull for our spirits class. We arrived and there were other employees there and then we decided to have margaritas on the brewery deck. I didn't want to listen to the jazz and so we moved outside. I wasn't paying attention to Jimmy and his intake of shots and so I was surprised by his demise. We met Brie at Lola and Jimmy could barely talk. The waitress let him do a shot and I tried to feed him food/water. We dropped him off and retired to Don's mixed drinks to play the bowling game. I have only played this game twice, both times with Brie and I always need at least one game to warm up and then somehow, I am coordinated and excel at this particular game. I haven't tried golden tee or the shooting game, but I do like the bowling game.
Overall, it was a great day. I have my own space. Granted, I need to clean it and organize, but it is mine. I walked everywhere yesterday and I am in the process of getting my bike from Tiffany's to bike everywhere. I know that there is a lot to organize and feel positive about. I am settling into life here and making it what I want. I feel great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

western medicine and why I don't go to the doctor, part 2

I was good. I followed the antibiotics, didn't drink alcohol, much coffee or even much dairy. I was good, again.
I mentioned how the doctors wanted to prescribe pain medication from the get go and how I declined it. I am not pill friendly and I do not want to become reliant on anything. Nevertheless, I went to the health clinic yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. They showed me how to clean it and keep it covered and sent me on my way after telling me that I really should get a tetanus shot. I decide to do it and take off.
I convinced Jimmy to help me move and recruited this guy, Tom, to help me with the bigger stuff...table, chairs, artwork and vacuum cleaner. I showered the grime away and headed downtown to celebrate the anniversary party at the Falling Rock. I wanted to see Pocketsize and I was ready to have a chimay. I had been given a clean bill of health and wanted to celebrate that as well. I took two sips of beer and my equilibrium dipped. I grabbed a water and drank two 16 oz glasses and avoided the beer. I couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I had no side effects during the week of antibiotic use and so I had no idea why I was reacting that way. I ate a chicken salad and then got the chills. At this point, I took a cab back to my car and ran to Safeway to purchase soda, saltines and tylenol. I called my sister and she told me to go to the doctor immediately if my fever spiked.
I decided to put cold towels on my head and stomach to bring the fever down. I looked like a muslim when Jimmy arrived. It was awful, but I never felt nauseous. It confirmed for me, again, why I do not like western medicine. I called the health clinic today and they felt that the tetanus shot had an adverse effect on me. I will stick to acupuncture from here on out...I guess I am the spiderwoman!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

latest problems

I worked this morning and it was great. I was off of my game. I broke my first wine glass on my foot. Next, one exploded in the washing machine. I followed it up with a wine glass in the ice...that sucked. I suppose it was a sign of what was to come. I broke the 4th glass and decided to let it go. I blame it on the antibiotics. I have been unable to fully enjoy food or alcohol the last week. I am trying to be good!
I worked this evening. Sunday nights at the Bull are interesting. The afternoon drunks clear out and are replaced by the elderly. For years, people have been entertained by 3 bands that rotate appearances at the Bull. Most younger folk leave, take a nap and return at 9:30 pm to bypass this form of entertainment. There was a rugby tournament in Glendale and after the game, the Bull was overwhelmed by the players and their fans. It was pure chaos! Of course, there was no where for the crowd to go outside of the outdoor patio and the indoor patio area. They descended on us and wanted drinks, food and fast! I couldn't believe my bad luck of picking up this shift.
Eventually, I calmed down and was able to control my section. A few of the other servers got taken by these players and their behavior. One of the players walked on a $35 tab.
I was fortunate. My section wasn't that bad once they settled in.
Other areas of concern--Chichi went to the new place to find that the tenant hadn't moved out yet. She went over at 1 pm...he was supposed to be out at noon. Apparently our landlord, who is conveniently in Mexico, had agreed to let the previous tenants out at midnight. This was news to us and now, I have a feeling that we will be spending the first few days cleaning the shit that was left behind.
I know that it will work out and I still love the space, but I am disappointed in the landlord. He should have been upfront about what was going on. Did I mention that Chichi had 3 carloads of stuff with her at the time?
I work tomorrow and am hoping to check out the space and do a walkthrough.