Wednesday, November 28, 2012

trying to be healthy

Yoga round two....I think today was worse than Monday.  Seriously.  I couldn't stop sweating.  I think I needed to detox from the weekend.  I did wine taste yesterday but it was brief and I hydrated with water. I swear.
Today, however, it didn't feel like it.  It felt like I was sweating out wine and other impurities.  Non stop sweat fest.  Thankfully the class was small and I did sustain the 60 minutes.  I feel amazing now.
Tomorrow, I am uncertain if I will be hiking or yoga.  I could hike, solo, as all of my hiking partners are either out of town (Mike), injured (Kristina) or have class (Brandon).  If only there was one more person in my rotation of hiking buddies.  Jan did begin hiking recently.  I don't think she feels up to Camelback yet.  Maybe one day soon.
Hiking is an option. Or, I could hit another yoga class.  Detox some additional toxins and stretch.  I semi-pulled my back on Sunday.  Foolishly attempting to lift a keg back into the cooler.  The first time I accomplished the task.  The second time, I got lazy.  Lifted with my back, not my legs.  I did put it down immediately once I sensed discomfort.  Then, I went hiking that evening and managed to land funny on my ankle a couple of times.
I suppose I recognize that yoga would be more beneficial, for me, at this point.  My body could use the rest and the stretching.  I need to listen when there are kinks, aches, discomfort.  That way, I can address whatever the issue is.  Such as being lazy and trying to lift heavy items with my back instead of the proper lift method.  Hiking in the dark was a touch naive, too.  The incline was manageable but the downward hike was challenging.  Especially without a light.  Next time if I attempt this, I am taking a head lamp or going with someone that has one and a good sense of direction.  Let's just say my hiking buddy the other night was not a boy scout.  I envisioned being rescued via helicopter or snacking on his arm if we were unable to get out of the park.  Yes, sometimes, my mind hones in on the worst possible scenario and won't let it go.
Anyways, tomorrow, I will either hike or attend a vinyasa flow class.  It is extremely beneficial to my lifestyle right now.  I will do something healthy.
Shari and I are booking tickets for the anniversary, too.  We chose to return to Denver to celebrate the February event.  Initially, I pushed the spiritual journey/go to Bali type of trip.  There was always something wrong with it, though.  It just didn't feel that spiritual to me.  It seemed force and I know that Shari recognized it, too.  We tossed the idea of going to Chile around.  Or, Argentina.  Then, she e-mailed me an alternative.  Maybe we should focus on food as our spiritual journey.  That made complete sense as Brian was a chef and food has always united us.  After she mentioned it, everything else fell into place.  We still need to book the tickets, and arrange accommodations, but we have a destination and I know the restaurant we will dine at.  I am stoked!  It's going to be an excellent way to celebrate this year.
Til then,I plan on attending yoga, hiking or I suppose I could return to running.  It's been too long.  I cannot even remember the last time I put on my kicks to run.  Sad, true story.  Must change that soon~

Monday, November 26, 2012

thankful for today

Gorgeous day off.  No hike involved.  I did that last night.  Instead I went to yoga and sweat thru 60 minutes of postures and breath.  It kicked my butt~
Seriously.  It had been too long since my last class.  I finished.  Showered and texted my lunch date.  I let her know that I would be available sooner than originally anticipated.  I opted to go to the post office.  Confident that it would be a quick in and out.
Little did I know that it would be a 20 minute overture.  I walked in.  Saw the line and three clerks working. I remained hopeful.
Hopeful for about two minutes.  I saw one lady working while the other two disappeared.  They would reappear for brief moments.  They were present, but didn't work.  They just talked at each other.  I felt like I was at the DMV and it was frustrating.  Keep in phone was in my car.  I had nothing to listen to or distract me from waiting. I considered leaving and trying another time or a different post office.  I was that frustrated.
Then, people would appear from the outer area and drop off packages.  The clerks would address them, wait on them and help them.  I wasn't the only person confused by these actions or noticing them.  Several people in line watched the interactions while patiently waiting for their turn at the counter.  Yes, the post office sucked.
I made it to the counter eventually.  Paid my dues and left.  I was still seething when I arrived at my designated lunch spot.  All I could think was...if I made people wait to acknowledge or help them, I would hear about it immediately.  From my boss, from yelp, from co-workers.  Service industry people do not have the luxury of making people wait like the post office or dmv do.  They provide services that people need.  If I make someone wait for a beverage; well, they have options across the street, up the street or within two blocks.  The only power I wield is how strong of a drink I make or don't make.
Sorry, I am still frustrated by the whole endeavor.  I understand that their job is challenging, but, what the eff?  How hard is it to help out when there is a line of people out the door?  I just don't get it.
More importantly....lunch was spectacular.  Cocktails, wine, pizza....what more could a girl ask for?  My lunch date was lovely, too.  I used to work with her and I always enjoy our time together.  I look at her and see all of the possibility of being 22.  Endless opportunity, right?  Then, I think of my own life and feel similar thoughts.  I have possibility out the ying yang.  I just sometimes need to embrace it.
Anyways, life is grand and I am thankful for my Monday.  Tomorrow, I get to hike Camelback, again, with a supplier from Oregon.  I cannot wait!  I love hiking and sharing that experience with someone from out of state.  I told her to bring water and enthusiasm.  We'll see.

Friday, November 23, 2012

my thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, 2012, was most excellent.  I started the day with a much needed hike with my friend, Mike.  Initially, I thought he might call it off.  I ran into him before I left work.  I poured him a bourbon on the rocks and made my home.  I felt that I deserved a night of rest.  Meaning, I wanted a pure night of sleep.  Ironically, I feel that way tonight, too.
I made coffee and headed to Arcadia.  I got somewhat turned around since I tried out a new route and didn't pay attention to what freeway I was getting on.  Blonde moment.
Anyways, I arrived at his house and noticed that his car wasn't in the driveway.  I knocked on his door and waited.  I was about to text him when the door opened and he greeted me.  I could tell that he just woke up as he was still wearing his glasses.  That was a new look for him.
He told me that he left his car at my job and could I drive to go hiking?  Of course.  I wanted to hike and so I would absolutely drive.  I drove up to the small lot and crossed my fingers.  There were cars in line, waiting/hoping/praying to find a parking spot near the trailhead.  No such luck.  I made my way out to the road and let Mike direct me to a spot that he knew of.  It was about a half mile from the parking lot but well worth the walk up.  It was spot that did not threaten towing.
Camelback was full of fellow hikers.  Many families with small children and dogs.  I am all for being active but some of the kids were unable to climb or hike.  They were all over the place and it was annoying.  Definitely glad I went but thankful to be finished with it, too.  Afterwards, we celebrated the day of gratitude with a bloody mary.  Gorgeous day and I was so glad to not have to work.
I had tried to make my sister's side dish of creamed corn.  I know it is fabulous.  That was supposed to be my addition to thanksgiving day meal.  I turned the oven on, combined the ingredients and left to go hiking.  I didn't think anything of not having been able to cover the casserole dish. I was more interested hiking with my friend.  So, when I returned home and it was inedible, well; that was all on me.  All on my lack of attention to detail.  Instead of the corn side dish, I brought cheese cake and flowers.  I did the majority of the clean up, too.  Part of my genetics and reminded me of thanksgivings past.  Really.  Every year, my task was the clean up aspect.  Rarely, did I ever have the chore of cooking.
All, in all, a fantastic day.  I finished it with a glass of wine at my co-worker, Justin's house.  He had the orphan dinner at his house and I wanted to make an appearance.  I brought a bottle of wine and ended my night.  I could have stayed for a few additional glasses of wine.  My morning shift dictated otherwise.  I cannot imagine how terrible I would have felt had I chosen that path.
Regardless, lovely thanksgiving with friends.  I hope you had a lovely holiday, too.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Funday

Beautiful day.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I opted to begin the day with a hike at Camelback Mountain.  Thankfully, the parking gods favored us.  No wait for a parking spot.  We had a plan B, in place, if we were unable to find a spot at the designated parking spot.  Squaw Peak.  However, I went hiking there, yesterday, and so I wanted to hike camelback.
We arrive.  A friend calls me for help.  As it was early, I answered the phone to find out that he needed a ride somewhere.  I was in the parking lot and without my car.  It was not an emergency and so I told him I would call him after I finished and help out if he still needed it.  I did attempt to help him, later, but he didn't respond.
Walk up to the trail head, stretch and begin the ascent.  Good pace and I was feeling fantastic.  Suddenly, I am hot and thinking--why did I insist on going today?  Brandon already admitted that he had hoped I would have backed out.  Maybe I should have....then, I worked through it and felt amazing when we reached the summit.  Brandon tried to check us in via facebook but he couldn't find a signal.  He walked around the top trying to find a signal while I inhaled water.  I wanted to hydrate.
We watched a couple of strangers exchange numbers.  Very romantic and cute.  On the descent we talked about that.  The opportunity of meeting someone while hiking.  I suppose it is the same thing as my running partner.  I met him at a running group meet up and we chose to meet outside of the group.  I think he hopes that I will consider him as a romantic interest while I prefer the aspect of running only.  He is a great guy.  I just don't find myself interested in him in that way.
Anyways, we continue the descent and I bring up my trip to Napa.  Suddenly, we are interrupted with--if you are looking for a flight, why don't you call me?  I can guarantee a better price over kayak, expedia or other search engines.  It was the guy from the summit who had been exchanging digits with the girl.  He, did, in fact, have beautiful eyes.  (That was her lead in to exchanging numbers).
Regardless, I am curious about his travel planning.  I think I will at least consider it.  I cannot even remember the last time I used a travel agent.  I almost always book my own flights, hotels, cars on line.
I love this weather.  I think, if I can, that I will hike every other day during the season.  Why wouldn't I?  It's a great workout.  I am able to reflect on life and enjoy nature.  I love it.
Alright, enough self-love, involvement, whatnot...enjoy your Friday.  I know that I will~