Sunday, May 15, 2016

commute and other issues

I am not sure how in love I am with the light rail that connects downtown Denver to the airport.  Sure, if I were traveling, infrequently, it would be a nice way to get to the airport as opposed to hailing a cab, parking or convincing a friend to pick me up or drop me off.  As someone who relies on it on a weekly basis, I want it to be more consistent and frequent.  This evening, for example, the scheduled departure was 8:26 pm.  The train arrived at 8:24 and there was a rush to find seats.  After securing seats, we waited for the doors to close and head west.  There was an announcement that the doors would close indicating that we would be departing soon. 
Twenty minutes we still had not moved.  Another train was arriving which seemed confusing.  Would that be the train that would take me home or was I safe on the original train?  I walked out, hoping, to find someone who would have viable information.  I approached a few security guards and asked them when the train would be leaving.  The guy that responded was rude and abrupt.  His response--eventually, the train will leave.
Yea, that sounds great.  Especially after working a 12 hour shift. I was extremely irritated and frustrated.  We did leave a few minutes after I left my seat to find someone to help me with the departure.  Everything did work out.  I was just ready to be in route to home.  I convinced one of my co-workers to stay and close for me.  That is, in fact, why I was the most bothered by the delayed train.  I should have been home an hour earlier.  I managed to make it home and enjoy dinner.  I am very thankful for that.
Yesterday I worked and both rides to the airport were on time and efficient.  I can appreciate riding the light rail as opposed to driving and searching for parking spots.  Or that I am able to read during the commute instead of being an aggressive driver.  There are definite benefits to the light rail.  Mostly my irritation occurs on the commute back to my car.  Missing the train by a minute delays my departure for a half hour which means, I waste, another hour of my day.
I had hoped to attend a spin class this morning as I enjoy this particular instructor's playlist.  She tends to play MJ and other pop artists that have great rhythm and the class flies by.  I looked last night before signing up and realized that someone had else was subbing for her.  I have attended the sub's class and know that I am not a fan of her music or workout.  Eventually, I will find a schedule of instructors that I like and can attend their classes on a regular basis.  It's all about the music for me.
I keep talking with a friend about yoga in the park.  I think we are going to make a go of it this Wednesday.  If not, I need to seriously rethink my schedule and make it a priority.  It is time.  No more waiting around for something to happen.
I am off to greet the day and see what the light rail is like today....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Upcoming travel

Beautiful day to head outside.  If only, I didn't have to work.  Although, it's been a positive change to work and commute out to the airport.  I have been reading more and on my phone less.  That has been the most positive change of the new job environment.  I am absorbing all sorts of books and thankfully have access to them by the little library locations found throughout the neighborhood. I borrowed a book from Sara Jo as well and have asked the Goddess for any recommendations.  She is always up to date on what is good and available.
I am meeting with my future landlady in a little bit.  I was fortunate enough to tour one property and fall in love with it.  Hardwood floors, a few ceiling fans, off street parking and laundry on site.  Perfection.  Oh and the location is excellent.  I am near coffee shops, a few markets and bars.  Not too far from downtown and in walking distance to Sara Jo.  We are determined to begin running again.  I have my sights set on the Denver Half.  Ironically, the first race that I ever signed up for.  That race turned into running the full which was too much for me at the time.  I can be stubborn and think I know what is best.  Sometimes, I am wrong, haha.
Still, it is nice to commit to running again.  Yoga has become more and more of a plateau.  I just need to start teaching even if it is one person.  I want to be doing more challenging yoga that is available in my life currently.  I signed up at a  spin studio to get a weekly cardio fix and spoke to both Sara and Lindsay about the likelihood of doing a half.  I have other friends that are interested in running as well.  There is the Idaho Springs half, Denver and I am sure I could find another suitable race in the fall.
In June, I will head to Oregon to spend time with family and friends.  My niece is graduating from high school and it will provide the opportunity to see my parents, their partners and all of my sisters.  The time will go by way too fast, I already know.  I was able to take off a few days and talk to my college friend, Jean, about meeting up with me to explore Oregon.  It will be a wild ride with her.  She is the life of the party, always.  My little sister was kind in trying to arrange accommodations for Jean and I.  She was concerned that we would have difficulty in finding a rental outside of a hotel.  Even hotel rooms were filling up fast and staying with one of my sisters was not an option.  Both of them have full houses for a good two weeks.  I am grateful that I found a room on airbnb.  Initially, I attempted vacation rentals and tried to secure a rental with two different people being declined on both requests.  I was getting a little frustrated as the listings were available when I put in the inquiry.  Although, I feel this room is perfect.  The owner teaches yoga, travels and is a reiki master.  Seems like a soothing space and in a downtown location.  Jean and I will be able to maneuver the city by walking and checking out some of the local bars. 
Then there is New Orleans in the fall.  I put out some feelers to see who would be interested in meeting me there.  So far there is interest and three definites.  I will start checking out rental properties and restaurants.  I want somewhere food inspired for my big day of celebration.  I considered returning to Napa to celebrate (always a fantastic idea in my mind.  But it felt right to celebrate elsewhere.  With a rich food scene and culture).  New Orleans seems perfect.
I am off to greet the day and of course, clean.  Must love that weekly chore....