Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm an adult, now....

I am an adult now. I am paying for my own internet service.
I know. This is lame, but so true.
When Chichi lived with me, she set it and turned it off when she departed in December. Somehow, I managed to have cable until this morning.
I negotiated with Marc and Megan to use their internet service until they moved. I gave them wine, they let me use their wireless connection. Actually, I know that the wine was unnecessary, but I liked them and I liked being able to contribute. I don't expect a free ride.
The Comcast guy took 2.5 hours of my life to set up the internet, but I think he turned the cable off first. Very sad.
In some respects it is good. It will force me to read more, to be outside more, and inside less. I rely on the idiot box, a lot, it seems. I like having sound in the back ground and I used to sleep with it on.
I know that the internet has Hulu, and other free shows that are available for viewing. I was without a tv, or constant service for the 5 months that I traveled. I know that I can adjust to life without tv.
Still, I am sad. I will miss watching Rescue Me, tonight. I can watch it in 8 days on Hulu.com. I suppose it is something to look forward to.
Marc and Megan moved to DC, today. They left me some cleaning products, two bar stools, a plant, a lamp and an excellent full length mirror. There are other things, too. I will miss them and knowing that there is someone friendly to see when I return home. I wish that I had spent more time with them, sooner.
I am off to the post office. While waiting for the internet, I wrote 8 thank-you cards and packaged a budha for someone that needs it. You know, you cannot buy your own...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Attracting today....

Currently, attracting runners, coffee (always) and travelers. I know. I am repetitive.
Today, I read my Libra/Dragon horoscope--compliments of facebook--and it said that July brings the possibility of fire. It warns me to be wary of brushing up with fire and the end of the month has the highest potential for it. I think it is a little unreal. I enjoy reading my horoscope, but don't put too much stock in it. I read it, mostly, at work before the customers arrive. Typically, I am bored and trying to appear busy. My boss goes on weird detail oriented cleaning sprees when she sees people standing around. I understand the idea behind this, but she goes beyond the lean, you should clean concept. Leadership fails in this aspect.
The newspaper doesn't offer much outside of the horoscope, in my opinion. I am apathetic, in general, when it comes to reading the paper. I think the news is desensitized. I do not read it.
Nevertheless, fire is entering my life. It suggested that some unsavory, arrongant friend would also enter my life. Very bizarre and off base, I feel. Who is this mysterious person? Should I not talk to anyone that I don't know? Am I a child? Should I live in fear or censor myself?
I have thought about working on a coffee plantation before. How fun would that be to travel to Costa Rica and work for a few months for a coffee plantation? Shari and I visited one in Alajuela, Costa Rica. It is near San Jose and I led her through some of the city, instead of avoiding it. That could have been disastorous. Brian and I drove through the city in 2004 and it was hideous. Most of the streets are narrow, filled with pedestrians and chickens, and unlabeled. We made the mistake, twice, of trying to maneuver San Jose. Most guidebooks suggest steering clear of the city and I understand why.
The coffee was fantastic. I brought back a few pounds to share with my friends. I think I drank most of it, though.
Of course, working on a coffee plantation would be after my stint on a winery. That is my first love. Wine enables food, travel and excellent conversation. Plus, I have seen beautiful wineries around the world. I am drawn to South Africa and Napa. I guess I will continue to attract these things while running or contemplating life. Be well..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I ask people about being paid to travel.
Typical response--Lonely Planet. Resort critiques. Blogging.
What else is there?
There has to be something. Some niche that is designated for me. I want to be paid to travel. I would like to be able enjoy a nice meal, write about it, travel and be paid for it. Isn't there a need that hasn't been met by the internet?
I need to think on it.
Of course, I feel, I have put it out there.
Life is good. I have joy in mine.
My neighbors are leaving on Tuesday. I am sad. I went to their going away bbq and met some of their friends. Ironically, one of the girls was from Wichita. We reminisced the way only people from Kansas can do...were you taught evolution in high school? yes. But, when she attended Cornell, they made her take a test to verify that she understood evolution. Funny.
We talked about how friendly people from the midwest were and both agreed, that we wouldn't move back. Experiencing life elewhere, left too much to be missed outside of Kansas. It isn't a bad place. It just isn't me, anymore. Actually, I don't know if I ever fit into Salina. Probably not. Lawrence was my home. Lawrence was where I found myself, my identity. Lawrence was where I found travel. It has stayed.
Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be filled with yoga and prospects of more running...

Early morning aches

Running Pains. Sorta painful/achy, sorta sweet.
I went running for an hour and a half. I enjoyed it and didn't consider it as painful as it seems now. I think I could have kept going.
I train with two girls that are training for the full marathon. Actually, three girls, I run with, on a regular basis. Jamie, is a run-runner. I don't have a name for her yet. Yesterday, she ran with us and then planned to run a 5k for the colon society at City Park. She is runner, for sure.
I fear that our timed runs will separate us. For instance, I will never be asked to run 3 hours. They have to run 3+ hours, at some point. There are others that are training for the 1/2 marathon, but I haven't run with them. There seems to be a division between the runners and the walkers. I should probably be in the latter group, but have found that I enjoy running. And, I walk everywhere and so I don't need to meet with a group to do this.
I think about running the full marathon. Will I be able to do it? Why not?
I like the girls that I train with and would like to continue to run with them. I wonder what toll a marathon would take on my body. Plus, I enjoy running or the early part of it. Who knows how I will feel in September?
On a side note...my friend, Alecia, who recently reentered my life, got a tattoo of her daughter's feet and initials on her shoulder. I thought it was awesome and it made me remember that I wanted to get a tattoo, myself, to have a visual reminder of Brian and his presence in my life. I have chickened out, until now. I think I am going to get one on the back of my neck. I considered my leg, but know that it will be painful. My aunt tells me that it will be painful wherever I choose to do it. I suppose if I can minimize part of it, it won't seem as difficult.
ENjoy your Sunday. I have a bbq with Mark and Megan later...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Every Saturday, for the most part, is filled with running.
They ask us to arrive at 6:50 to sign in, stretch and share the mission statement.
This morning, I arrived at 6:47, said hello to a few girls that I know and continued to stretch. My calves are tight and so I am trying to fully stretch them out to prevent injury.
We are all standing around, as people continue to arrive. Finally, the coach begins speaking about training, fundraising opportunities and other random crap. All I can about is how much I want to go run. I want to begin since I know it is an hour and a half run today.
Yet, people keep talking.
They talk, and talk and talk.
I interject, at one point, to see where exactly we are running. I wanted to know if we could run outside of Wash Park since the Goddess and I had run around it on Tuesday morning and it didn't take an hour and a half. The coach says--we'll get to it.
This other lady gives us the Mission Statement. She's spoken before and so I knew that I would lose interest in what she was saying. I know that that sounds horrible, but she isn't a good speaker. She inspires me to daydream:)
Anyways, she starts off by talking about fundraising and what connections she made last year through her efforts. She ended with some mundane reasoning for why letter writing/e-mailing is effective.
I commented to the Goddess that I thought I was back in college since some people like to hear themselves speak. I didn't sign up for that in this training.
Finally, at 7:20, they tell us to go and that they will see us in an hour and a half.
Lindsay and I talk, most of the way, and I realize that I need to be patient in life. Sometimes, I have little tolerance for others...obviously. This woman, the speaker, has 7 kids and so she probably enjoys having an adult audience and it is important to her to run for people that have passed from Leukemia or Lymphoma. I need to display compassion, not judgment. I need to relax and enjoy life.
I feel that I do, but I could definitely work on patience. Patience is a virtue, right?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kinda scary

I am having a lazy day.
I wanted to watch a movie, on-line, and there is a site that I have used in the past. Today, I ventured into unknown territory.
I was prompted to install the equipment off of one site and opted to not. Instead, I tried this different site surfsilverscreen or something. I wanted to watch this movie and suddenly, my computer goes crazy and 5 pop-ups say, you must download this to prevent your computer from being attacked. I almost hit, yes, but was prompted to reconsider. I wanted the pop-ups to stop and so I wanted to say yes, but it said that there was risk involved and that seemed to calm me down.
I think this site would have infected my computer had I enabled a scan, by them. I have Norton Security installed and so I ran a scan and my computer is fine.
It was scary, though.
I am not computer savvy and the last thing I want is to have to deal with something that I created because I don't pay attention. My friend, Marcee, was hacked through facebook or something. She told me that this guy had 83 chat windows open and told people that she was in London and needed money to return to the States. She figured it out after she ran into someone in Kansas and they asked how she got back and looked at her funny.
It is scary. Technology enables many things, but not all are positive. I think we are becoming more and more less willing to interact with people in a face-to-face format. What happened to thank you cards? We have replaced it with text messaging, facebook or e-mail (which is antiquated, too).
I like blogging and I like knowing there are people out there that follow my blog and find me somewhat amusing. I talked to my sister, Jade, today, and she told me she reads my blog at work. I mentioned some of the comments that are made and she goes--oh, from Rachel or Scarlet? I thought it was cute. I told her that she should check out their blogs, too, since I enjoy their writing and perspectives.
I digress.
The whole almost hacked tracking cookies/worms was scary. It just reminds me to not trust or engage in things that come too easily, you know?
Be well. I found my Thriller CD and blasted it while mopping the floor. Gotta love some of MJ's early work...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Jeff Goldblum is alive.
Doesn't this beg the question of why are there false reports of loss?
What purpose does it serve?
WHy suggest it?
It is disgusting to me.
Life is short. You can make the same mistake, never learn to grow or change. People that are alive, choose to behave in this fashion.
Why print that someone died?
I find it disgusting.
Loss is awful. I wouldn't put this on anyone, my worst enemy for that matter. No one knows how to broach it. Instead, they say insane things and hope for the best. I know. I seem to be crazy or rambling. But, wait. Wait until you lose someone--parent, sibling, child, significant other. THen, please, let's talk. Take back your judgment and inadequacies.
Life is beautful and meant to be lived, fully.
I was sad to hear about the loss of Michael Jackson. My childhood is gone. Really, I teared up listening to PYT and Got To Be There...Wow, what music can inspire.

Like I said--Live in the moment....

Today has been a crazy day.
I heard about Farrah Fawcett and was saddened by her loss.
Cancer is awful. I have known/met many people that have been affected by this disease. I was sad; yet, not surprised. I'll admit--I watched Charlie's Angels. I am a product of the 70's. I mean, my name is Harmony. Obviously there are hippies in my life.
I slept.
I woke up.
I saw some random message on facebook about Michael Jackson.
Wow! That threw me.
I didn't know what to think.
I know.
He has been different.
I know he was accused of being a pedophile. And yes, I know what that means and what it implies.
Still, I was overcome with loss. I was sad. I couldn't believe this happened. There was a radio staion in Denver that had a tribute to the King of Pop. The DJ commented on the fact that she had been in the biz for 30 years and on only 3 occasions been affected by the news--John Lennon's passing, Columbine and MJ. Wow. I agree.
I think of my childhood and what he represented.
I was happy that she played--Billie Jean, PYT, Got To be There and Ben. Of course, ABC, too.
I went to work and heard about Jeff Goldblum. Sad. Super sad. And it isn't necessary to know exactly what happened with him. He fell.
That is all I heard.
Live in the moment. Be happy.
Even with cancer and knowing that the end is near, it is still a surprise when it happens. Life is short, precious and amazing. Be happy today, in this moment and find peace.

running and other thoughts of life

Morning running---gotta love it!
I went with Jenny. She lives up north and so we ran around Sloan's Lake. She is super motivated and we ran 5 miles in 47 minutes. I like this about her. If it were me, running by myself, I would have ran around it once and called it a day. She encourages me to keep going and expects it.
Funny, afterwards, she commented that it was nice to run with me since she would have stopped had I not been there. I guess there is something about running with others.
Plus, I am meeting people and learning about them.
For instance, I told Jenny the story of my friend that has 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the lawn mowing accident. I explained how insensitive I felt some people were being regarding Brett's life. Jenny asked me how serious it was and then told me that her dad passed away from their water heater blowing up. He was covered with 3rd degree burns and she, too, was disgusted by the one guy's comments regarding Brett. She said that she has a different appreciation for life now. I told her that I understood that and told her about Brian.
She empathized with me and encouraged me to talk about it. She felt it was healthy to talk about her dad and agreed that people that haven't experienced loss are ill-equipped to deal with it. Meaning, most people don't know what to say and so either they say nothing at all, or they say something that is completely irrational and unhelpful. Like---oh, you lost your son..don't you have another? Or, you can always have another child. Or, you are young--you will meet someone else. It doesn't matter, in either situation, if you have another child or if I were to meet someone else. Brian will continue to be in my heart and in my life. It doesn't just go away because he died. Of course, I talk about him. It helps me. I am able to breathe because I talk about him and my life with him.
It doesn't matter where I live or where I will be tomorrow, Brian is in my life, my heart and my soul. Yes, I have a different understanding of life and how to live it. I choose to risk, to experience and to taste life....everyday. You never know what will happen....so, be happy today.
Jenny told me that one of her brothers didn't talk about their dad's passing, for a year. Instead, he drank. He sank into this depression. She said that she cried and got a lot of it out and felt that she healed, faster, because she didn't run from her feelings.
There is no set way to deal with death. I know. I know that my way worked, somewhat, for me. It still is. I am a work in progress. I travel. I eat. I drink wine and I live my life.
Be well...I am sure that I will write more on this later....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buenos Aires Pizzeria

There is this awesome little pizzeria in Denver that I frequent occasionally.
Tonight, I went to Buenos Aires Pizzeria with Jimmy. I wanted a Quilmes--Argentinian Beer--and the fuggazetta pizza--mozzarella with onions. I love it. I ate so much of it while in Buenos Aires and felt fortunate to find this little slice of food heaven.
I haven't been in awhile.
It's changed.
The caprese salad is now traditional mozzarella with tomatoes, diced basil and balsamic. Before they offered a salad loaded with fresh basil, sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. It was awesome and I would crave it. I prefer the old way.
We shared a fuggazetta pizza--onions and mozzarella--and chimichurri sauce. I love the sauce. It is parsley and olive oil based. I ate a ton of it while in Argentina.
Overall, it was nice, but I had expected a certain quality to the food. Plus, the restaurant was packed, which is great for them, but the service lacked somewhat.
Oh well, it was still enjoyable and I will definitely go back. I won't order the caprese salad unless they change it back.
There are many options in terms of pizza and they offer empanadas, tortas and pasta. I think I might try the pasta next time. I am sure that it will be delightful...


I want to be paid to travel.
I am putting it out there.
Please, Universe, make it happen.
I really want to do it.
I love meeting people, talking about food, travel and wine.
I enjoy bartending, too, but feel there is more out there for me to discover.
I suppose if I say it all of the time, maybe I can make it happen! Or, I just like this area or repetitiveness.

Today, is a good day. I finally tackled my thank-you card list. I need to write more, but feel that I am repeating myself redundantly. I need more inspiration or a break from it. I suppose yoga is the way.

Although, I went to yoga on Monday and was checked out of it. Normally, I love yoga, but lately, I feel more aware of the poses and fact that I know the flow too well. I wish they would change it up or create something to be inspired about. Plus, my instructor played the Chipmunks, twice. It isn't motivational to me or even cute. I am not a 3 yr-old.
I like listening to rap when we do ab work, not the chipmunks or Electric Avenue, which another instructor prefers. I want something fast-paced and with an interesting beat. Afterwards, I asked a girl in the locker room about it. She replied--the entire selection of music was terrible, today. I concur.
I know it is yoga and I know that some people love, love, love their own selection of music. I wish there was a way to comment, anonymously on some of the instructor's choices. They all differ and I find myself gravitating to some instructors because of their music during the class. There is one instructor that I don't really like her flow, but I like the music and so I deal with it. Funny what I will sacrifice/endure for music.

So, yes, today is good day. I feel fantastic in my life and look forward to more traveling...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoughts on training

Last night was on the verge of stifling.
I could not get comfortable enough, to sleep, or at least, rest. My mind raced all night and I knew that I needed to get up by 5 to stretch and head to meet Lindsay. I dreamt that she didn't meet me. Instead, she opted to go cycling.
For whatever reason, when I woke at 5:05, frantic, I thought she did cancel and then remembered it was a dream.
We laughed about it on our run.
Lindsay is natural runner. I think she cycles, sometimes, but it is obvious that she is a runner. I don't think she would ever choose to go biking over running.
I guess in some way, I was hoping that she would cancel so that I could sleep in or put off the run this morning. I am enjoying it and I feel more productive as a result of this in my life. I feel I get more accomplished since I am up and do not want to sit/lay after the run. We discussed that too, how easy it was run to go running and then sit. On Saturday, I ran with my group, went to Sloan's Lake with my aunt and she was speed walking--I didn't have it in me to go that fast--and later, walked to Cherry Creek to get groceries. I closed later and so the majority of my day was spent standing up or on my feet. I think I am recovering better, because of it. We will see.
I enjoy running with Lindsay since she is patient and supportive. When I feel the need to walk, she does. She encourages me to keep going, but isn't a drill sargent about it. I feel comfortable with her.
There is another girl, Jenny, and I think we are going to try to run together on Thursdays. She lives up north and so I know that we will have to alternate the meeting place to keep it fair. Running with Lindsay is great since we live 5 blocks from each other and can run to numerous parks.
It's still early and I look forward to discovering more about myself while running. So far, I like it and the aches aren't overwhelming. If this continues, it might be a marathon next year!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thoughts on a Monday night...

I have had a hectic last few days.
Work, yoga, seeing my aunt and remembering Father's Day. I sent out my cards, late, and feel bad about it, but know that it will be a nice surprise for my dad and Brian's dad. Each of them have inspired me lately and I know I should write about it, and will, just not tonight.
I am scatter-brained. I have ample thank you cards to write, in addition to upcoming birthday cards and my card of the week to a friend that needs a little sunshine in his life. Ironically, I woke up and thought of him this morning. Immediately, the word HEAL flashed across my mind and I feel that a turnaround is happening or at least, right around the corner. I decided last week that I would send him some good thoughts, every week, to let him know that he isn't alone and that there is goodness in the world. I think sometimes, we get caught up in the negative crap and cannot find our way out of this abyss.
I believe that our thoughts inspire our actions which inspire opportunities. I mean, for instance, I wanted to run. I tried on my own and failed. I joined TNT and now I meet runners all the time. I enjoy it and I look forward to it. In the past, I hated running and was uncomfortable thinking about running with other people. I didn't want to hold them up and so I continued to do it on my own, poorly, or not at all. I mean, there is always tomorrow, right?
I think we should live each day fully, in the way that is best for you. You don't know what tomorrow holds or what you are missing out on by thinking, tomorrow, I will take up running or tomorrow I will find a better job or next year, I will travel to Spain. Why not do it today?
I planned my trip abroad 2 years in June. Wow, I cannot believe that it has been that long. I miss traveling, but the point is that I wanted to do it and I did. Being positive is the way.
So, yes, I am sending vibes to a friend that needs it.
I am getting up, super early, to go running with Lindsay. I cannot wait and after a day like today, I know that early morning running is the only way to go. Until later....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caring Trumps

The other day, a girl I went to high school with posted an update about another classmate of mine. Brett was in an accident with his lawnmower. It exploded and he now has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his chest, arms and legs. He will be in the hospital for a month, at least.
She was letting people know (which is good) but somebody else commented on it (which was bad and why I think facebook is crappy if misused:). This guy commented with--no shit...is he going to live?
I found it completely insensitive and was disgusted.
I messaged the girl and inquired further about Brett's condition. I was on the fence with if I should send a card since I haven't seen Brett since high school, but I knew him and his sister, Keri, pretty well. I remembered what they looked like and spent a week with Keri in Orlando on a band trip. I know that sounds somewhat odd, but aren't there people that have searched you out and you have no idea who they are? You cannot place them or even remotely remember what they look like or how you know them?
In this case, I did spend time with each of them.
I feel awful for Brett and what he is going through.
I spoke to my neighbor, Megan, about it and realized that caring triumphs anything else. I remember people sending me sympathy cards that I hadn't spoken to since high school and it brightened my day. One of my math teachers sent me a card and I remember her words and how she approached me with my loss. I think it is important to reach out, not completely reconnect or expect anything from it, but extend human kindness.
I do it for me. I sent out a few sympathy quotable cards in the last month and haven't heard anything back, nor do I expect to. I did it for me, too. I had lots of unexpected people reach out to me while I was going through the initial phase of grief. I feel it continues the healing process and makes me feel better to be able to do it.
On an interesting side note...another facebook experience, but this girl posted the difference between character and reputation. It struck a chord with me and I feel it will stay with me all day. It said something like--don't be afraid, be alive--and I guess that resonated with how I live my life and how I wish others would live theirs. Life is too short to wait for tomorrow to fully enjoy it or expect that door of opportunity to open, tomorrow, not today. If you don't risk, you are missing out on something potentially amazing. Live in the present and enjoy the moments, good or bad. We all have the power to change and better ourselves, our environment and our lives.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Currently..........my interactions or energy would suggest...

I keep meeting runners.
I meet people that have had cancer or leukemia.
I meet people that are actively giving back to the community in some way.
I meet people that give me something to think about and consider.
I guess I am attracting this which is fantastic. I feel that it is affirmation that I am on the right path.
Last night, these two girls came in and looked like runners. They had a plastic bag with their i.d.'s and credit cards. They looked like they had just finished a run and so eventually, I asked them about it. They said, they had only run a half mile, but were unmotivated today. Plus, they would run back:)
I told them about my training and how excited I am about it. I am enjoying runnng and think about all of the times, I have tried to take it up, only to fail because I convinced myself that I do not like it.
Nevertheless, immediately, we had this connection or bond. They were full of encouragement and suggestions. When they paid me with their cards, one of them wrote "good luck" on the receipt.
A night before, I waited on the manager from Runner's Roost. I bought my Saucony's from Runner's Roose and know that I will be purchasing more shoes when I wear these ones out. I knew they were runners because of how they looked and what they were wearing. The guy was more accomodating, but once I told them about my training, the girl opened up and had suggestions for me.
Today, I have a day off, but it is full of errands. I am canceling my membership to Core Power since I will have a gym membership, compliments of Megan, for the next 5 months for a total of $50. I love the yoga studio, but with running, I am not able to attend as many classes and $120 a month seems a bit much. Also, lately, the classes have been huge and unregulated. I want some peace while working out. I do not enjoy being surrounded by people while trying to relax or have a spiritual experience. I have given it much thought and feel that I should take a break for awhile. Plus, the gym offers yoga classes, in addition to ab work and aroebics--I think. I am excited for this change in my exerise regiment.
I hope to attract more good people and affirmations to my life. Today is a good day...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am heading west to Phoenix.
I know...it is trip #2 to Phoenix this year and qualifies as trip #7 for my 12 trips of 2009. I feel more comfortable in the west, I think. Or, I find myself heading that direction more often than east. I think it is because the flights aren't nearly as long. I would love to check out Savannah, Georgia, or New York City, but it is a full day of traveling. I want to go on a trip that is 2-3 days long. Phoenix is a cheap flight and doable.
I called Jan today to make sure that July would be a good time to visit. I know that it will be crazy hot, but I lived down there and so it isn't a surprise. Plus, I can sit poolside, drink wine and enjoy life. I think we might try to check out a Diamondbacks game, too.
I considered goint to Salt Lake City, but my friend has work. I have driven through Salt Lake City, but am interested in driving to Moab or checking out more of the state of Utah. I don't think Margo has time to accomodate me. Margo is a run runner and constantly trail running or at the gym. I know when I am ready to fully embrace running, she is the person that I will seek out. I think we are going to try to do a full marathon in 2010.
I feel confident in Phoenix and enjoy exploring more of the city. I want to stay at the Phoenician or another resort. I really want to be poolside for part of my trip. There are amazing resorts in Phoenix and I have stayed at the Phoenician on a few occasions. I think I will check into other resorts.
I went in February with my friends from high school. We had an excellent time together, but typically I visit Phoenix 2-3 times per year. I am just keeping it honest!
I feel better knowing that I have a destination. I get restless and then become overwhelmed by what to do with my life. Mostly, I want to travel more and so I overwhelm myself with possibilities. I know that Boston/Maine will be in my sights at the end of August and I would like to go somewhere in September, too.
Traveling brightens my day and brings peace to my life. Seriously, if only I could get paid to do it. One day, I will.
Enjoy your night.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parking issues

Yesterday I spoke to my neighbor about the art festival. He, too, felt that the event was intrusive and felt that something should be done about it.
I know someone on the board of directors for the Art League and so I sent him an e-mail. I wanted him to address the parking issue with the board. Typically, with any event/fundraiser, afterwards, you discuss how it went, and how to improve on it. I believe that something can be done about the parking or lack of respect we as a neighborhood are shown. I acknowledged that I knew it wasn't all just the volunteers, but included people that were visiting the festival. However, they could do something to tell people not to park in our spots or be rude when asked to move out of the way. I mean, I watched people on the look-out for when my space was available. It is frustrating since I pay for my spot. It is private property and should be available to me whenever I return home.
Saying that, my e-mail was not rude or hateful. I hope they can do something about it.
Last night, I returned from work at 10:30 pm and of course, there was a car in my spot. After the previous two nights of parking issues, I wasn't a friendly person. I turned my turn signal on and this guy goes---Oh, is this your spot? I said, yes and he backed out and seemed annoyed that I was trying to park in my spot. He never apologized, nor did his friends.
I think that is why I am so worked up about this. It is obvious that it is a private spot and unavailable to the public. I am tired of having to explain that or justify why you cannot park in my spot.
I ran into my neighbor this morning and he commented on it. He said that it wasn't the art league, this time, and that that car has been in my spot on numerous occasions. Apparently, one of my neighbors is a jackass and lets his friends believe it is okay to park there as opposed to parking on the street which my friends do when they visit me. Maybe I should start taking advantage of convenient spots or people. That is really what it is...people being lazy and feeling entitled to do things when they shouldn't. I am ranting and I know that I will not lower myself to this level. I know that it isn't worth it and it isn't me.
Enough. Today will be a good day. I went running with Lindsay at 5:30 and the rest of my day is filled with pleasantries. I have dinner planned with Megan and I am hoping to see my friend, Jennifer, in the afternoon. There is happiness in life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because you can...

The other day I was talking to a friend about my fundraising and the fact that I had sent him a letter and an e-mail reminder.
His response was--I don't have any money to give.
I told him that anything helps--$5 or $10 goes a long way--especially after I have sent out 100 letters and numerous e-mails. Not to mention, I have written about it on the blog. I know, I am redundant with this. But, I want to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).
I know that I am not alone in this. I know that there are other non-profits that hope to sustain their cause and I know that the economy is not fantastic right now.
He understood it better when I told him anything helps. I do not expect everyone to be able to give me $50. Although, I will accept it:)
Seriously, I believe that you give because you want to and because you can. Brian's cousin, Kellen, is a girl scout. She sent me an e-mail and asked for me to purchase cookies or donate them if I wasn't interested. She made sense in her asking and explained that she wanted to receive an award of an elephant for her efforts. I wanted her to be successful and I donated my cookies to Tom and Shari. I appreciated her e-mailing me and the fact that it was important to her.
Today, some of my other friends surprised me with a very generous donation. I felt great knowing that (LLS) was benefitting from my friends and also that they supported me in this effort. It is important and a way to give back to the community and the universe. I am thankful in my life and grateful for the people that I encounter. I am happy for the opportunities that I am currently finding. Who knew that I would enjoy running this much? I think/believe, truly, that next year will be a full marathon. I hope to find more running partners and the ideal place to accomplish it. I know that I am getting ahead of myself, but I can dream, right?

Hoping to travel....ASAP...

Really bored.
I know that I could do laundry. I could tackle the thank you cards that I need to write. I could clean my house. I could make another to-do list. Options.
Reflective, yes, insightful, somewhat, wanting another trip--NOW.
I think I am restless and travel is always stimulating and fun. Even just heading to Kansas was amazing. It was nice to see old friends and meet new people. I enjoy traveling entirely too much.
I wish that I would have had more time to explore the restaurant scene. I ate at a cajun restaurant with my dad and Dori. It was good. I had blackened chicken with dirty rice. I couldn't decide between red beans and rice, jambalaya or the blackened chicken. I wanted to go to Kansas City, but we didn't have time. I want to check out Restaurant Thomas, again, or find some bbq. Ironically, I have never had much bbq in KC. I worked on the Plaza for 8 months, but didn't do much eating outside of the restaurant I worked at.
In Lawrence, I had dinner with my friend, Robert, at Genovese. It was new and I preferred somewhere within walking distance. We considered Teller's but I have never been a fan of the cuisine. I like the atmosphere, but felt the food lacked. Genovese was a nice addition to Mass Street.
Dinner with Carol on Friday was pleasant. I left after 3 hours, but could have stayed there, all night, catching up. She has always been a calming presence in my life.
I have a friend that is opening a restaurant in KC, across the street from the Bluebird Cafe. I hope to return to check it out. I knew Rick from Free State and one of his partners, was my landlord in Phoenix. It is a small world.
Nevertheless, tonight, I looked into heading to Portland to see my sisters, but the price is not right. I would love to see Emery, my new nephew and spend time with the rest of the family. Plus, there are wineries near there that I could check out.
Or, it is fairly cheap to fly to Salt Lake. I know that I could go running with Margo, drink wine, and catch up.
I always enjoy San Francisco and that is an option.
I wouldn't mind going somewhere new. I figure that I will go to Washington D.C. in the fall. My friends, Mark and Megan will live there, Cotten is near there and Mitch is there. I spent a few hours with Mitch on Friday and it was fun. We were up, super late, but I recognized that I could have talked all night. It was an insightful conversation.
I feel this reconnection year will continue. Plus, I hope to check out more restaurants in new cities. Any suggestions?

I don't understand........

I returned to Denver to find the art festival behind my house. I was annoyed because someone was parked in my parking space and I remember how difficult it was to maneuver through this last year. I think it is a wonderful festival, but not run well since it conflicts with the neighborhood. I wish they had a better solution to picking up the artwork or at least, enabling me a way into my parking spot.
This guy that frequents the Bull and Bush, saw me pull up, yesterday and commented that I looked angry. I explained to him and his lady friend, that I was annoyed and this was why. I continued with the fact that I apologized to the guys that were parked in my spot for being so upset, but remembered last year's crap. I told them that it was a flashback and that I shouldn't have been that worked up about it. Funny, in hind sight, they weren't really listening to me, since the guy was justifying why they were parking in my spot. They needed to unload supplies and weren't given a spot. That was why they felt it okay to park in my spot.
Nevertheless, Michael, the bar regular listened to my story, as did his lady. I looked at her, and said, oh, hello, how are you and what would you like to drink? She said--I was just thinking about how last week, I was on the other end of verbal abuse over a parking and my brother died of cancer two years ago, and so why does that matter?
Did I ask for your opinion?
I wanted to ask Michael to tell his girlfriend, that I had experienced loss too, but didn't feel it necessary to justify why something shouldn't matter.
I am positive about many aspects of my life. I am thankful, too. However, I do get upset when people are rude or take my space--that I pay for and depend on--after driving 6 hours on 4 hours of sleep. Plus, I felt it absurd that this person that I don't even know is judging me because her brother died. Really? No one else has experienced loss, shame, love, happiness? Just you. WOw, it must be nice to live on her island.
Later, I still had to wait on her, but it was different. I was pleasant, but she didn't want to order from me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to reality

I am heading to work and there is a lot that I reflected on while driving back to Denver.
First and foremost, when I think of Lawrence, I think of going home. There is this amazing energy there, and I realize that that is where I became the person I am today. Or, I was able to embrace my identity there, build on it in Denver and continue to grow through traveling.
When I think of Salina, I cringe. I have no positive thoughts about school or high school. All I remember is rushing to get out. I couldn't wait to begin my life and definitely could not be there.
I wanted to go out of state for college, but knew that I couldn't afford it. I chose KU and it was a fantastic decision. I haven't been back since Michaela moved to Oregon. There were a few brief visits, with Brian, but never a way to truly appreciate it due to timing.
I walked into Free State on Wednesday and remembered it being home. The rest of my stay was filled with friends and beer. I had a fantastic time. Initially, my plan was to stay in Kansas City. I have a friend that I was looking forward to seeing, but his plans changed. I considered staying in Salina, but realized how foolish I was being. I knew there were restaurants that I could go to in Lawrence and of course, I wanted an oatmeal stout. I also knew that I was staying in Salina on Friday and so I wanted to limit it to one night. I have friends that live there and I knew they would offer to let me stay, but it was short notice and I didn't want to impose.
I spent last night in Salina and it was interesting. I saw the people that I wanted to see--Marideth, Jennifer, Marcee, Carol, Aron and Mitch. Mitch and I had been comunicating on facebook and so I wanted to meet up for at least one beer. Carol is my old boss and like a grandmother to me. I had dinner with her last night and it was enjoyable. I only wish that I had had more time to spend with her. It was important to me to meet up with these people and I was able to. I felt like I had little time and for that, I regret not being to manage it better.
I saw people that I hadn't seen in years and they hadn't changed. I approached a class mate of Jade's and said, hello, aren't you so and so? This girl looked at me and said--WHO ARE YOU?
I was taken aback and remembered how petty some people in Salina. I felt like I was back in high school and it was unpleasant. I am thankful for my time in Lawrence!
It's funny how some people change and others remain the exact same.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I lied.........

I lied.
I am computer literate....at least for tonight.
Lawrence is awesome.
Actually, Kansas is, too.
I think of all of my Brian associations.
I remember buying my volvo, how excited Brian was and driving it, illegally, across Kansas and Missouri.
I remember stopping at Carlos O'Kelly's for food.
I remember seeing an ex boyfriend in lawrence and Brian telling me that I deserved better. My response was--I am doing better now.
Funny how places evoke such memories.
Driving today was long and arduous.
Tomorrow will be about a hour drive and immediate acknowledgment.
I enjoy spending time with others, but sometimes, cannot deal with idiosyncracies. Similarly, I have an issue dealing with people that could be enriched by life, but choose not to be. I am extremely happy in my life. I do not find that I need to justify why I choose to do or not do certain things. I do not enjoy being mocked, especially, when I am being supportive. Honestly, if you are that unhappy with your life and the people that are in it, than go start an island and see how it goes is my opinion.
In a completely random area...I worked at Free State Brewery in Kansas. My last day there, in 99', an ex-employee, Ballu, stole my server check-out...basically, the equivalent of $400. The owner knew that I didn't take it, but he refused to press charges against Ballu. Instead, he told me that if I continued to work for him, I would be responsible for the damages.
I left.
I moved to Phoenix and didn't look back.

A month ago....Ballu died.
They don't know how or why, but karma is a bitch, right?
They all tried to remember my name and what I looked like. Magically, I showed up, today, in search of the perfect Oatmeal Stout.
Life is short. Be well. Enjoy it and others..........

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Road Trip #2 is calling me and I don't know when I will be computer literate again. I will miss this, though, but figure will have ample to write about on Sunday. I return on Saturday, but will be working that night. Come visit if you have time and desire. I am sure that my ipod will be dead by then, of course.
On a side note, I went to dinner with my aunt tonight at Pasquini's in Denver. There are 3 locations and we went to the newest addition. Beautiful building, trendy, upcoming area, super kid friendly and probably won't visit again. We were surrounded by children who were loud. I mean, super loud. I felt that I had sensory overload and any inkling of my biological clock went out the window. I know that they are children and I cannot blame them. However, where did parenting skills go? My parents said--you are going to the car if you continue to behave that way and I believed them. I knew they would put me in the car and not let me eat.
I felt like I was part of the audience on Romper Room or Nickelodeon. It was that loud and unruly.
I did like the building and felt it had possibility to be a great neighborhood location. I just don't think I can sit through another meal like that. It was uncomfortable.
It wasn't good, either. My aunt and I shared a bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pesto. I felt like pesto and so we shared this combo. I believe kalamata olives would have been ideal. We had olives accompanied by bread. The chevre salad was nice and tasty. Service could have been better, but I think our server was shell-shocked, too, by his section full of families.
Oatmeal Stout is calling me and I am ready.
BE well, enjoy the day and your next few nights.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Intention Board, or as I like to call it, the Vision Board

Each year begins with possibility, opportunity for growth, change and achieving new goals.
I put together my vision board and looking back at it, it is filled with yoga, the prospect of running, food and travel. I suppose it is loaded with these prevalent items--mostly the travel related--since I picked through Travel magazines when putting it together. And, I enjoy traveling and feel that I work so that I can travel and not the other way around. Although, if I could travel to work, I think I would. I think it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable.
A few months ago, I updated my board by creating a newer version of it. I was bored and wanted to see how my priorities had changed a few months into 2009. I incorporated more words, sayings and sunflowers to exemplify my traveling spirit. Funny, how when I think of sunflowers, I think of Brian and of Kansas. Brian loved sunflowers and brought them several times during our relationship. I grew up in Kansas and so that goes without saying that it is the Sunflower State. Driving across Kansas is awful for those of you who haven't experienced it. It is long, flat and there are stretches where there is nothing to see outside of the interstate. Actually, eastern Colorado is like this, too. I feel that once you get to Hays, you see the beginning of civilization and continue to Salina, where there are multiple truck stops and onward to Lawrence, the only liberal pocket of the State. I love Lawrence and am looking forward to an oatmeal stout at Free State Brewery.
I am off track. My second board has more words. I felt that I needed to be inspired to run and now I am. There was an advertisement in a magazine with the words could, might, will, should scratched out and ARE unscathed. That is how I feel about running now. I am.
I found sayings such as, the Art of Basic, or ways in which in to simplify life. I feel that it is important to enjoy life and a less complicated life. I want ways to accomplish that. I want to recycle and aid the preservation of the earth instead of continuing to destroy it with our wasteful ways.
I wanted ways to be present in the moment. I have a hammock that always calls me and reminds me of my time in Fiji.
Of course there is travel, food and wine. Wine is always in my life, too. I want to head back to California before 2010.
I figure 2009 is halfway done and I am about 50% done with my traveling for the year and the goals that I set out to accomplish. Life is fantastic and running brings me ample time to reflect on the moment and consider more goals.
Be well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday mornings equal early morning running

Friday night was spent at home.
I know, lame.
I went to the Saucy Noodle to load up on carbs and a glass of wine. Plus, I wanted to see my friend, Jamie, and didn't feel like cooking for myself. My aunt was busy, too.
I returned home and spent the evening writing thank you cards. I enjoy doing this and I especially enjoy doing it after people have donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on my behalf. It means, that fundraising is going well and that I won't be paying for this all out of pocket. I do believe in this foundation and of course, am benefitting from the training.
I went to bed after watching an episode of Seinfeld. Nothing says summer like that show. I watched the one where Jerry was trying to romance the Native American, but kept putting his foot in his mouth with racial slurs--scalpers, reservations and the cigar store indian. George entertained a lady in his parent's bed which was also a funny side story.
I digress. Everything was going well. I fell asleep and woke up at 5. I didn't feel like getting up, quite yet, and so I slept, and slept and slept until 6:30. Yikes. I needed to meet my group at 6:50, warm up my car, stretch and run. I arrived at 7 and felt confident that others would be late. They were. We didn't stetch as a group which is normal and off we went.
An hour of running. Both of my running friends were there and so I didn't listen to the ipod. Lindsay is a great running partner since she is realistic...she runs for herself and motivates me. She doesn't make me feel inferior to her. Jamie, on the other hand, is a runner. She sets her pace and goes, and goes, and goes. I know this and I repect it. I am not ready to run with her though since I do not have that endurance.
Saying this, today, I ran 6 miles in an hour. I feel great. I know that I can do a half marathon. I will do it.
We ran in south Denver on a really nice trail. We crossed a few major roads--Bellevue and Quincy. Ironically, as we crossed Bellvue, cars were whizzing by. There is a cross walk and a sign for drivers about being cautious and aware of the pedestrian traffic. A car cruised down and I kept going. They stopped. A few people commented that it was dangerous with the cars and I said, ironically, I was almost hit yeaterday because of a similar situation. We all have the responsibility, as pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, to be aware of other people. Summer has arrived and so there are many more people on trails and side walks. We should support more greenness in our lives, right? It is a two way street. I do not walk across Speer Blvd., unless it is a clear shot. I do not like creating accidents due to my negligence as a pedestrian either. Watch for people and enjoy you day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pedestrians have rights, too

I went to yoga and felt awesome. I try to walk to both locations since parking is awful. More so, at the Grant location, and so I walk to ponder life, love and liberty. Really, I walk to avoid having to park in capitol hill in Denver. It is always super crowded and most of the streets surrounding the studio have meters attached to them.
After class, I was walking south on Logan and this couple was attempting to pull onto Logan. Logan is a one way, going north and so this guy was only interested in checking out the south side of the street. I coughed. I waited. I knew the guy wasn't looking my direction.
Sure enough. He pulls out, sees me and is stunned. I skipped the urge to kick his car or yell, but really, how hard is it to look both ways as a driver?
How many times have you heard of bike/car collisions where the cyclist wins? Or a pedestrian for that matter? Drivers should be aware of their surroundings, too. This happens often. A few weeks ago, this woman almost hit me on Speer Blvd. and she waved at me. What would happen if you hit a pedestrian? I doubt a wave would suffice. Slow down. Pay attention. Quit texting/talking on the phone.
Speaking of texting while driving...one of my co-worker's daughters was in another traumatic accident because the faulty driver was texting, going 40, through an intersection. There was a slight hesitation on the part of my friend's daughter; otherwise, she would have been t-boned and her child would have died, probably. A few years back, the same girl was in a horrific accident with her child and husband. I think the other driver walked away unscathed, but he was drunk. Again, a reason to not drive.
I make mistakes. I drive while on the phone. I don't text since I am a shitty texter, anyways, without any impairment. But, I feel that I attempt to watch for pedestrians and cyclists, since I walk so frequently. I am annoyed that I was almost hit, again, but I know that it won't be the last time and that yes, people make mistakes. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to walk everywhere and not be rushed to my next meeting, date, whatever. I can enjoy the sunshine.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Affirming the positive attitude

My lemonade award made me think about how I deal with things, sometimes.
It was great to receive it and know that yes, I am positive and grateful for my life. I have much to be thankful for and do not always honor it.
I have read the Secret. I know that it is good to be thankful for your life and retain a positive attitude.
At work, though, it is difficult to be positive. I am surrounded by many negative people, with some legitimate complaints, and others that feed off of it. To a point, that when I see them, I have nothing to say. I say, hello, but I don't want to hear about their negative day. I don't want to know why my boss sucks or why they are still angry about something that happened last week. These people, I want to limit my interactions with.
Today, I arrived at work, and immediately my boss goes out of her way to complain about a shelf that she felt was overlooked the night before. Since I closed, it was my job to make sure that all of the side work was finished. I will be honest. I wasn't too strict with my co-workers. We are all adults and should know how to maintain cleanliness. I felt she was being unreasonable, but I didn't react. Of course, my initial response was to tell someone about it. Actually, I wanted to tell her to go f*** herself, but instead, I remembered my lemonade award and how happy I was to receive it. I didn't want to spread negativity.
Next, the day shift was slow....molasses slow. I had 5 tables, which was 3 more than two of the other servers. There is no way to judge if we are going to be busy or slow. You just have to roll with it. I know this. My co-workers know this, but in order to pass the time, they bitch about everything...why do we have 4 servers on this shift?...blah, blah, blah. I walked away from their conversation since I had nothing to contribute. I felt better, too.
I read on the World n Me blog that Jun used to be angry a lot, but then he realized to let it go and meditate. I haven't incorporated this into my daily practice yet, but what exactly does anger accomplish? Control, yes, but limited, since people do not respect this tactic, they fight against it.
I am still reflecting on my work interactions. I do not understand why people obsess about things that mean nothing. If you see something on the floor, pick it up. Don't wait for someone else to do it or complain about it to someone. Take action, be accountable, and yes, be positive. Life is much easier or more pleasant when people are positive, as opposed to drenched with negativity.

Returning to training...

4 days of not running or going to yoga...I feel terrible.
I feel awful for being lazy. I have been working and so it isn't like I have been couch-bound, inhaling bon-bons all day. Although, yesterday, one of my co-workers brought in Special K treats that his mom made. I haven't had one of those since childhood. You know what I am talking about, right? Peanut butter bars with chocolate topping and a great crunch taste. My friend, Jenny Minard, likes to make them, too. I remember arriving at her birthday party a few years ago, and she was coaching her friend on the best way to do it. They were yummy.
I have been icing my legs and resting as much as I can. I am walking somewhere today and on Saturday, I will rejoin my group and go for a run. I feel that I will be ready at that point. I feel confident that I can return to training with a few adjustments.
I enjoy running in my neighborhood and so avoiding concrete is not possible. I do not belong to a gym and do not have access to a treadmill yet. My neighbor, Megan, is giving me the remainder of her membership when she moves at the end of the month. I will have a 5 month membership for $50. I was excited and flattered that she thought of me. She approached the manager at her gym about me taking over her membership before broaching me with the idea. She felt that I would want to run inside when it was too hot. She is right. I do want to train inside.
I also need to stretch. I do go to yoga on a regular basis. At the group trainings, the coach shows up and off we go. We do not really focus on stretching. He seems cavalier about it and I took this approach as well until the onset of shin splints. I need to stretch. I know this. In the past, I have always respected stetching. Until, I saw this guy, who, granted has run multiple marathons and is a runner. He doesn't stretch, but it is part of his regimen. Me, I need to stretch and I need to remember that.
I want to fuel the body. My sister told me with enthusiasm---you can eat bagels, again. Not that I stopped, but I thought it was cute. Yes, I will be eating more complex carbohydrates. Training is fun, right. I have a friend that is a fitness fanatic. Michelle is more of a cyclist, though. Her friend is a runner and he is running the Chicago Marathon as an elite runner in October. He is a vegan and has been for 15 years. I feel, that alone, would be enough of a challenge, but it is his lifestyle and he is comfortable with it. He is blogging his whole experience with the training, diet, etc up until his event. It is a work in progress and I want to read his musings. I do applaud his decision to be a vegan even if I would never do it.
Today is a new day. I have opportunity to return to running and enjoy the cooler weather. Oh, and Burn Notice returns tonight. Yes, I watch it and a few other shows, too. Be well...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lemonade award

I received a lemonade award from Jun Bullan. His blog is the world n me and I enjoy his positive postings and feedback that he writes on my blog. I haven't quite figured out how to post the award on my blog and so I am just writing about it.
I thought it was a wonderful way to begin the day and a positive affirmation that my week is still on the upswing. I have been green in recycling and dining out with new friends. I am going to miss my weekly wine nights with Megan. She leaves at the end of the month to join her husband in D.C. I suppose a visit to D.C. is in the near future. I haven't been there since I was 15 and this way, I can visit Mark and Megan and possibly see Cotten, too. Cotten is a friend of mine from college. He was my GTA for western civ., and we became friends afterwards. I have always respected his opinion/suggestions when considering big changes in my life. I consulted him when I considered my backpacking Greece trip in 2001, and again, when I decided to cancel my trip and move to Denver. He was still accessible to me at that time, since he lived in Lawrence and I was in Lawrence frequently, visiting Michaela and Jeremy.
Now, he lives in Pennsylvania. I asked him if he would meet me in Boston for dinner since he enjoys food as much as I do, but it is a 5 hour drive for him to come to Boston. He mentioned that he could meet me for dinner if I ever made it to D.C. or Philly. A few months later, my friends said they would be relocating there. I feel a trip to D.C. in my future.
If and when I make the time to post the award, I would pass it along to Scarlethue, of A Beautiful Truth and Rachael of Rachael's Carrma. Both of these ladies are reflective, positive and have a great attitude about life.
The Lemonade Award is to be passed on to those who display a positive attitude or a positive gratitude. I feel great to receive it and again, pass it along to Rachel and Scarlet.
Enjoy your day. I am having lunch with Colleen and her newborn. We will check out D Bar Desserts. I wanted mexican, but she cannot eat spicy food since it affects her son. I suppose mexican will have to wait!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Red red wine or perhaps, white...

Megan and I went to Solera tonight.
Our intention was to have calamari at Solera followed by dinner at Elway's. One glass of wine led to two, to three. Actually, we realized that dinner would not be unavailable at Elway's due to timing. We were at Solera until 9 pm and I think that Elway's kitchen closes at 9 on Tuesdays. I abhor being the late diner. I try to not go to restaurants that are closing within 15 minutes of my arrival.
We ate calamari, salumi and a golden beet salad. Food was fantastic, service okay and Maghan. Maghan was awesome. He treated us to a gewurtzaminer that he brought and entertained us with service stories. I always enjoy hearing stories from other restaurants. It reaffirms that I am not crazy. Other diners are. For instance, this woman dined at Solera with another woman. She insisted that her friend have the pasta, but her friend declined. The server listened to the friend and the original diner was offended that her friend wasn't served pasta and called in to complain about the server. Some people do not like to be ordered for or ordered about. What is the best way out of this situation? I opt to listen to the person refusing to eat more, or drink more. I err on the side of caution.
I love dining out, but I dislike being ordered about or told that I have to try this or that. If I don't like liver ever, why would I like it with you, tonight? I believe that people know their own preferences/dislikes and do not need to force them to try something that I enjoy or dislike. I prefer pleasant dining out experiences and surround myself with people who have similar likes/dislikes. Although, my sister Jade, used to be difficult to dine with. She used to only enjoy super bland food. She would complain if anything peppers or onions on it and was super boring to dine with. Thankfully, she has grown up!
Red wine and some white. Preferably, red, it is...a glass of Gundlach Bundschu, french and a glass of shiraz that smelled like paint thinner--yuck!!! Seriously, disgusting Aussie wine--the Lackey. Anyways, have a great night, enjoy your drink and sleep well....

Small changes

2009 is all about becoming more green for me. I follow this blog, Reduce Footprints, and they provide several ways in which to incorporate being "green" into daily life.
In the past, walking or public transport were my top ways of being green. Granted, it cuts down on gas money, which I appreciate and enables me time to think. I ponder. I think of things to write about and when I sit in front of the computer, I am blank. Nevertheless, walking is a wonderful way for me to be green.
I recycle, as do my neighbors. Typically, we fill up the container and run out of places to put the items. I was at work, last week, and realized that we don't recycle. It wasn't a big light bulb moment. Of course, I knew we don't recycle...I take out the trash every Saturday night when Dave closes. Erik tends to do this when he closes. I thought about all of the bottles of booze that we throw away. It is ridiculous and so last Sunday, I set two cases of empty vodka bottles to the side and carted them off to Whole Foods when my shift ended. I have decided that this will be my weekly thing. Every Sunday, I will make it a point to recycle bottles and this will be my small additional contribution to making Denver a "greener" environment.
I feel that every contribution, regardless of how small, makes a difference. I have the means to do more and I want to. Plus, I figure that I will have my car on Sundays as opposed to days when I walk to work.
The last few days have been lazy. I have rested. I feel like a sloth. I cannot wait to go to yoga tomorrow. I want gauge how my legs feel before hitting the trail, again.
I feel lethargic and sleepy. Wow, I miss running...