Friday, August 29, 2014

Dreaming of carrot cake

Dinner last night was incredible.  Would have been, more so, had one of my friends joined me.  Regardless, my charming personality encouraged some of the staff to talk with me.  Initially, it was rough.  There was a couple next to me who were concluding their meal and then another couple (or siblings as I was to find out) and then, that was it.  Not many bar guests to chit chat with and so I began a conversation with the bartender.  Younger guy, native to SF, and a fellow traveler.  He had spent some time in Australia and New Zealand.  He worked in both countries for a stretch.  He wanted to extend his stay.  He did say how weird it was to work and make an hourly wage as opposed to tips.  Of course, I had to speak about my travels at that point.  It reminded me of how much I loved traveling.
I sampled an appetizer, entree and got talked into dessert.  I told the owner that I was interested in a cheese plate or carrot cake.  He then went on his own diatribe of how fantastic carrot cake is.  He tried to muddle a drink concoction using carrot cake from whole foods.  That made me chuckle as I can see the wasted effort.  I love carrot cake from whole foods as the Goddess can attest to.  I have visited her in Denver a few times and she has surprised me with that treat for dessert.
They did not offer carrot cake.  And, they did not offer me a cheese plate.  Instead, they bragged about this chocolate dessert and gave me a little port to sweeten the deal.  The cake was good.  I just wasn't particularly in the mood for it.  I wanted carrot cake.
I still want carrot cake.  I managed to avoid working this evening.  We had too many people scheduled and so I volunteered to leave.  I wasn't that broken up about it.  I could go home, dream about carrot cake, stream hulu until I am motivated to drive to get said carrot cake.  It's coming.
I know it's pathetic but I seriously want this carrot cake.  If I drive there and it is unavailable, I am going to be so bummed!
I could have worked.  Actually, I had a feeling that I was going to opt out of that tonight.  I felt okay not working tonight.  I did agree to help them out tomorrow for a few hours.  I don't know if that was the best thing for me since now I will not be attending the yoga festival.  However, it scores me some points and the festival day pass is a little out of my league since I will be unable to attend many of the classes.  Mostly, I would spend $150 to maybe attend two classes.  Seems a bit steep for a yoga class or in this case, festival.  In some respects, I see it as a missed opportunity.  There are a few local yogi's that I would like to see in action before committing to a teacher training.  If it is meant to happen, it will.  I do believe that.
I took a brief trip to buy carrot cake.  Delish!  I will now have to suffer through a yoga class tomorrow to counter the dessert.  If only one of the preferred instructors were teaching.  Instead it is the one that plays terrible music and is on a spiritual kick as of late.  That and he instructs us on to other people's mats which is gross and bothersome.  I hope to talk myself into attending his class.  We shall see.
Til tomorrow, enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

three times denied

I had dinner plans.  I ensured that I had tonight off.  Last week, I was asked if I would work Sunday, Monday, Thursday behind the bar.  I told them no.  Typically, I work Sunday-Tuesday, barside.  Thursday, has been and remains, a day off.  I was not concerned about requesting it, as I have been fortunate, weekly to enjoy the night off.
Still, I had dinner plans.  With a friend.  In some ways, I knew that he would cancel.
I just felt it.  I don't know why or how.  Just that I would not be dining with Troy.  This morning, he texted me that his driver's license had expired.  It seemed incredulous as I know that my license (AZ) expires when I am pushing almost 70.  We bantered, back and forth.  I felt some sort of peacefulness heading into yoga.  Troy seemed intent on making it right.  Not only that.  I knew that he enjoyed food and wanted to join me.  He was, on hold (according to him) for 45 minutes.
I left yoga and had three text messages.  He couldn't procure that license through Colorado.  Arizona cleared him but since they were not administering the license, they didn't care.  Colorado could not clear his license for 24 hours.
I texted another friend about dinner.  I had pre-empted to Teo that I would be interested in a dinner, specifically, tonight.  I reached out to her, twice, tonight. I knew that she would be working, today, and so I would try to contact her after four.  No response.  Eventually, say, 6 o'clock, she texted that she had plans.  A concert to attend.  In all honesty, I didn't blame her.  I liked the musician she was set to see.
The person I wanted to dine with is a friend of mine.  I knew that he wasn't an option either.  I knew, that, he, too, would disappoint me.  He did.
I cancelled my reservation and showered.  Thought I would dine at set restaurant at the bar.  Upon driving to the said restaurant, I reconsidered.  I only agreed to dine at the one place to appease my friend with the licensing situation.  The restaurant bar, there, has 7 seats  It's too brightly lit and lame. I could go, downtown, and have a phenomenal meal. I chose the downtown restaurant.
Phenomenal.  I joined the bar crowd and contemplated my choices.  This couple, I thought, later to find out they were siblings, were from Kansas.  We chitchatted while dining.
Eventually, they left, and I chose my meal.  I had a wedge salad, salmon lasagna and was talked into a chocolate dessert.  I drank wine and met the local talent.  The guys were generous, kind, and gracious.   I stopped texting my "people" and enjoyed the evening.
Did I want to have dinner with Troy?  Yes
Was I bummed that it didn't happen?  Yes.  Was I upset that he didn't know his license expired?  Of course.  Was I able to still have an enjoyable meal?  Yep.
My other friend texted that we should meet, next week.  Sounds good.  I just wasn't ready to suggest that earlier.  I wanted to enjoy my wine, chocolate cake and experience.  I did.
Life is grand.  Even without companions.  I truly had a lovely experience.  Happy 28th to me~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/28, always a date I remember

I think this was 2003 or 2004.  I cannot fully remember.  I know that the photo was taken  in Denver at Commons Park.  We were celebrating our anniversary.  Our first "date" was on August 28th.  I thought I was so smart.  Meeting Brian downtown at the Keg.  Only to find out that he was 19 and I was embarking on 26.
Each year, we would go to a Rockies game, the Falling Rock and wherever else the day led us.  We wanted to honor how we met, where we went and remember why we liked each other.  One year, we went to a play--I love you, You're Perfect, Now Change.  Brian chose that year.  Another year, we went had a couple's massage at a local day spa.  It was glorious.  I always loved celebrating our anniversary.
Tomorrow, I will be dining with a great friend of mine.  Troy is a fellow lover of life, food and travel.  He, too, lost someone close to him.  Ironically, about three weeks after Brian died.  We bonded and developed a friendship over our losses.  I have not seen Troy in about two years.  However, I know, that we always fall back into our friendship.  We dined in Phoenix a couple years back.  He texted me that he was in Monterey, California, and would meet me around 10 that night.  He drove straight through and met me at a lovely little place in Phoenix.  The following night, we dined in Cave Creek.  Also, delicious and food friendly.
So, yes, I am delighted to not only have a day off (finally) and to be able to celebrate my anniversary with a close friend who does understand what the 28th means to me.  We are going to an agreed upon spot.  Troy mentioned checking out where I work.  I declined.  I know that food is spectacular and that the Chef is a James Beard Award Winner.  However, I also know, that I am unable to relax.  I want to honor my relationship not explain it.  I feel that if I were to dine at work, I would be explaining my relationship with Brian and friendship with Troy.  I figure Troy can check out my work at some other point.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night.  I have the day off  Can do yoga and relax.  I am thankful for plentiful work (of course) but do relish a day of just being me.  Spoiling myself with food, friends, and wine.  I honor the love I shared with Brian and am so grateful for the memories.  Cheers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the last few weeks

In the last few weeks, I have worked, planned a trip the Bahamas, done yoga and went to the Opera.  Amazing experience.  Randomly, I waited on these two young girls and they worked for the box office.  I found this out from our conversation.  At which point, I mentioned that I had not been to the opera, ever.  These kind ladies offered me two tickets to the Friday night performance.  As I was not scheduled to work, I jumped at the opportunity.  And it did not disappoint.
My friend, Erica, and I met at work and had a quick glass of wine pre-performance.  It seemed like a smart place to meet.  Ample parking, central location and wine.  I think we were there for about a half hour as Erica was delayed by traffic.  I had brought a bag of goodies to tail gate once we arrived at the Opera.  Wine, hummus, cheese, bread and chocolate.  I even managed to bring real wine glasses for the occasion.  I felt pretty good about that as opposed to bringing plastic red cups.
The performance was a little over two hours.  Honestly, I don't know if I would have been able to sit much longer.  I despise just sitting in one place for long periods of time.  I digress.  The Opera was fantastic.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended.  Perhaps, next year, I will make an effort to attend more than one opera.
Yoga continues to frustrate and entice me.  In the last few weeks, I have been able to express some of my frustrations to a few of the instructors.  In that regard, the situation, has improved as they have went out of their way to have a more challenging sequence.  If only the music would improve.  That would be something!  I am hopeful that my practice will continue to evolve.
Work has been plentiful and fun.  I have a little bit of a following and feel that my co-workers find my professionalism refreshing and annoying.  I have OCD when it comes to how I like to manage my space.  I like a clean bar.  I know what makes sense to  me and how to avoid being in the weeds.  Which delights my co-workers and frustrates them.  I do not encourage them being in my space.
I considered a trip to Spain or the Bahamas.  Everything seemed to point in that direction of the Bahamas.  My friend, Agnese, and I had talked about a trip to Spain last summer.  We wanted to meet this year but outside of talking, we had not planned anything.  I did attempt to make it work out if it worked for Agnese.  She is heading to Argentina in December and so I think that is where her focus is.  We postponed our trip until 2015.
I talked to my mini about heading to Vietnam or Cambodia in 2016.  Kristina is a travel junkie, like me (obviously why I call her mini) and knew that these countries would spark her interest.  Currently, she is prepping to take the GRE and prepare for Graduate School.
My friend, Shar, lives in the Bahamas.  She had this great idea of me visiting her and exploring nearby islands.  Conveniently, I could since the timing does not conflict with any markets in SF.  Things slow down in SF in October.  I figure, why not travel?
I took a random quiz on fb where it was supposed to identify what my career should be.  I answered the ten questions and the result was writer.  I suppose based on my unconventional livelihood, work and love of travel, well, that would make sense.  If only I could break through my censoring of what I say.  I must work on that.
I am grateful for today.  The newness of it and what I will find.  Friends in town, work and perhaps some yoga.  I am on the fence with that one.  I could be unproductive and enjoy the overcast day.  Celebrate with friends and maybe a grilled cheese and soup.  However it plays out, I know, it is a glorious day.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sometimes a country song puts everything back in perspective...

Well, I did grow up in Kansas. I should not be too surprised that I find roots in country music. The more traditional country music mixed in with nashville cast.  I love that station on pandora.  I gravitate to it while contemplating the lesson I am learning now.  Patience.
Patience in discovering the ideal thing for me to be doing.  In the meantime, I plan trips.  I have two opportunities to go abroad in the fall and I think I can make it happen.  Then, I think, why not?  I have friends in other countries and have cultivated the friendship to encourage a return trip.  Why not explore more of the world?
Agnese is in Geneva.  I met her when she was visiting Denver in 2010. We went to Rockies games, trail running and dinner.  She had this love of onion rings.  It was funny!  Anyways, in 2012, I visited her in Geneva and Italy.  I loved the trip and then, in 2013, she and her boyfriend met Sara Jo and I in Santa Barbara for a half marathon.  We spoke of going to Spain with the Goddess, Sara Jo, myself and Agnese.  I think it will just be me and Agnese as life as chosen different paths for the others.  Lindsay has more responsibility at her job and an adorable (almost 2 year old) to hang out with.  Jetting off to Spain is not an option at this point.
Sara Jo also has work responsibilities and her brother recently returned, stateside, and so she has the opportunity to spend time with him.  Plus, she has been to Spain, twice, in her life.  I think she can skip this trip easily.
The other trip that I am considering is a trip to the Bahamas.  I met Shar in Chile in 2008.  We spent five days, together, in a hostel in Valparaiso.  First, though, we met in Santiago.  We stayed at an American run hostel where we encountered bed bugs.  I was horrified and the owner told me that it was the Peruvians fault.  Didn't take into consideration that he would need to spray the bed bugs to stop the spread or that he had a problem.  The man was a jackass.  The hostel owner in Valpo was also American but kind.  He was mortified when my ipod was stolen from my bag in the locker.  He was great and a complete opposite of the other owner.  I extended my stay at his hostel due to his graciousness.
Anyways, I visited Shar in 2010 (I think).  It was awesome.  She lived a few blocks from the beach and I soaked it all up.  I was still in my healing mode of travel.  Soulful, reflective, healing.  I would like to return to explore more of that region.  Plus, the beach will be welcome in October.  Maybe scuba a little or snorkel.  I think it is going to happen.
For the rest of the day, I will enjoy the roots of my upbringing. I do love me some country every once in a while....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plans of Tuesday & other current thoughts....

Hello, Tuesday...what does this day bring?  Facial, yoga and work.   I might go shopping.  There are a few birthdays, upcoming, this month.  I could be proactive instead of reactive.  The other night, for example, worked out with the baby shower but that was a fluke.  Who knew that owner of the shop would remember me from my job?  I guess it is good that I ask people where they are from and see how we have similarities.  This woman, for example, had been to Lawrence and her dining companion's sister was a professor at KU in the history department.  Talk about coincidence.  Then, when I asked her what she would recommend for a gift since she was going out of business which was not advertised, she found a couple of things for me to bring to the shower.  It was great.  
It could be a continuation of serendipity (how I ended up here)  or perhaps I am being embraced by SF.  Actually, i feel that that is the case. I have heard it  (from multiple people) that Santa Fe either embraces you or spits you out and that you know if (fairly quickly) into your relocation.  
Yes, my car broke down last week which sucked.  I called my insurance and patiently waited to get towed.  Eventually, I realized that this was not going to happen.  I would have to leave my car on 1-25 for the night.  It would not be an option to have it towed as no tow company wanted to pick me up from where I was located.  It felt like being in a dead zone.  Too far from ABQ service area and since I live in Manana land, well, that pretty much sums up the lack of help I received at 11:30 at night.  Thankfully, my co-workers bailed me out and returned me to Veronica the following day.  I was able to arrange a tow (easily) and get it in to see the latest mechanic.  I was fine.  Car was safe, unscathed and it was a minor setback.  
I did feel supported being here in spite of having difficulty in arranging the tow late at night. I suppose it is a difference (huge) from living in a metropolis to relocating to a small city.  I mean, not bragging, but I managed to have my car towed from the 202, at 2:30 in the morning, easily.  I did convince a co-worker to accompany me that night to Mesa. Grateful to Stu for driving me back to my house at 3:45.  Somehow the tow company forgot to mention that I would have to accompany my car to the mechanic's drop that morning.
At any rate, today, I will be taking care of myself and then working.  I continue to meet new people and cultivate friendships.  My yoga girl and I met for coffee yesterday.  I wanted to see where she felt I could be certified in the area.  I do not plan on doing teacher training where I am currently practicing.  I attended a class by a recent graduate of their school and was disappointed.  I felt the class was misrepresented.  Typically, it is a moderate power flow sequence and that day, the class was basic, super novice.  I did say something to the studio when I left.  I couldn't help myself.  I take time out of my day and spend money at their studio. I do expect a certain level of service as my time is money.  I believe this is a belief that many people share in aspects of daily lives--dining out, pedicures, any sort of customer service.  However instead of complaining about it on-line, I did talk about it and let them know that the class was a disappointment.  
I think I found my new facial girl in SF. This lady was fantastic.  She explained what she was doing prior to doing it.  She did some extractions (yes, I needed those attended to, too) and gave me some great sunblock.  I left her space feeling fantastic.  I must get on a routine of having this service performed.  
I have a few more things to attend to before heading into work.  It is a lovely day.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Work, baby shower and meeting new people...

I did offer to work tonight if needed.  I wanted to prove that I was interested in working after taking a few days off and then an additional day due to car issues.  My boss was all for it.  I phrased it like this--if someone calls in and there a shift that needs to be picked up, I can do it.  I appreciate your understanding about my car.  I really, truly did appreciate the support they gave me.  Otherwise, I might still be on the side of 1-25.
I felt it was important to offer. I do care about my job.  However, I didn't want a shift created for me.  I had a baby shower to attend.  I would have skipped that if there was a need to be working. There wasn't.  I worked the day shift and it was lame for me.  Three bar guests.  I was ready to go at 3 pm and make my way to the baby shower. In spite of the fact I did not have a gift.  The travel, car issues and work impeded that progress.  I found the invitation and saw where she was registered.  I made my way to the local store only to find that it was going out of business.  WTF?
Still, I could not arrive empty handed.  That would be extremely lame.  I walked over to the shop and knocked on the door.  Explained my situation--baby shower in ten minutes, registry there and the need for a gift.  The woman asked me if the baby shower was for Anika and I go, yea.  She said that Anika had bought up the majority of the registered items since she was going out of business.  I seemed dismayed as the idea of going to another store did not inspire me. Thankfully, this lady had one item that Anika really wanted but did not have.  She threw together a couple of items and put them in a gift bag.  We kept talking and she goes--you look really familiar.  Where do you work?
I tell her where I work and she exclaims, that's right...remember when I came in with Glanville?  You are from Kansas right?
I guess it is good that I share my upbringing.  Saved me time and money from having to shop at another baby store. I found the baby shower and was in awe of the backyard.  Beautiful.  They had an outdoor bar and the event was catered.  They passed hors douerves while the multitude of women chatted. I recognized quite a few of them from a happy hour I had attended.  Still, it was a little awkward for me.  I didn't really know the guest of honor all that well and I do not have kids.  The majority of women that attended did.  I grabbed a glass of wine and walked around.  One girl stopped me to see where she knew me. In all honesty, she reminded me of a girl that I used to work with in Kansas.  Similar hair style and earthy quality.  We figured out that we had met while I waited on her at my current job. I remembered her. I thought she was a lawyer.  Her and her friend were talking about court and so it seemed natural. I found out today that she is an investment banker.  Ironic.  I have been wanting to talk to someone about investing.
We spoke the majority of the time.  I made sure to get her information before I left.  I was good.  A few glasses of wine and then made my departure.  I stopped by a market to pick up dinner and wine.  I walked around the store and had a celeb spotting.  Beautiful actress that was on a a show I used to watch.  However, the last few seasons have been super lame and so I couldn't tell you what was going on.  I did take the opportunity to compliment her dress before checking out.  She said thank you and seemed grateful that I didn't mention why she looked familiar.  Made me realize how uncomfortable it must be to go out in public and not be questioned for being famous.  Sure, I was excited to her and likewise, someone. this morning at my job.  I about fell over when I saw this guy.  I mean, how often do you run into the FBI agent from the fugitive?  That was super cool.  Nice. humble man that wanted to enjoy a meal.  Who can blame him?  Or the actress I saw at the market?  They are people wanting to enjoy their lives.
Cheers to Saturday.  I am thankful for being here, my car being safe/running and the opportunity to meet new people in this city.  My job too.  It enables my livelihood, travel and social interaction as noted, twice, today.

Napa Half

Two weeks ago I was heading to Napa.  I had been dreaming about that half marathon for four years.  Basically, since I started running, that was the one half marathon that I really wanted to run.  The first time I tried to sign up, I waited too long.  That race fills up within 20-30 minutes which I now know.  When I was a novice to half marathons, I didn't understand the importance of registering for races when they open.  I thought I could wait.
I convinced two of my friends to join me. I had some contacts that arranged wine tasting tours and a place to stay, too.  I have been fortunate in the people that I have met along my current path.  I try to share these connections with my friends, too.  Why wouldn't I take advantage of staying at a winery guest house if I had the chance?
The trip was too quick.  I felt that we arrived and then I was being taken back to the airport to fly home.  Of course, many meals were enjoyed, wines drank and then there was the half marathon itself.  My friend, the Goddess, dropped Sara Jo and I off at the start line.  The most convenient way to run a race.  Skip the shuttles or random parking lots.  Just be dropped off and picked up at the start and finish.  Way more convenient.  Of course this required one of my friends to not run the race and to instead spectate.  I love running with the Goddess and so it is doubtful that this ideal situation will repeat itself.  Her training had been nonexistent due to work and other things.  Still she wanted to join us on the winery weekend and I encouraged her to meet us.
The race started and we were off.  Overcast day.  We couldn't have asked for more perfect race conditions.  Initially, I was kicking myself for not bringing a throwaway long sleeve shirt or jacket.  But within a mile, I felt fine.  The course was beautiful.  A little hilly.  Every two miles there was an aid station and porta potty grouping.  At mile marker 7.5, they offered a refreshment that I was thrilled to see--Guinness.  Yes, a little shot of beer perked me right up.  I had forgotten to pick up my typical race day fuel and was not looking forward to what that would create for me and my digestion.  However, the guinness helped followed by beef jerky and then a little shot of white wine provided by Gundlach Bundschu.  I was thrilled to see that winery along the course.  We went slow and steady as neither of us had adequately trained.  I mean, running at 5280 or 7000, in my case, did help us run the course, cardiovascularly.  It was the lack of running that would slow us down.  Last year, we did the Santa Barbara half and I can honestly say it was my worst effort in the training department and actual event.  I was sore and hurt.  Mile 9 was pretty much the end for me and so we walked the remaining 4.1 miles.  It sucked.  And the next day, I was sore.  I never want to put myself in that position again.  It was horrible and I was lazy.
Although we were slow, we finished on a positive note.  We cut 20 minutes from last years half and I could walk, easily, the remainder of the day.  Our friends met us at the Expo and then we found a restaurant to have bloody mary's.  Yum!  Perfect way to finish the race.  I do understand why this is the flagship of the Destination Race Series.  It was well supported with potties, aid stations and yes, wine.  The Expo offered 20 wineries pouring two wines to celebrate the event.  There was music and typical expo stuff--things to buy, improve upcoming races, etc.  I just skipped straight to the wine.  I do hope to run this race again.  I enjoyed the course and the expo.  The shirts were great too.  They add a new race, annually, and so I think, next year I will head to Oregon or to Southern California to check out one of those races.  That is, if I am unable to register for the Napa Half.  I really loved that race.  Now, I must decide what other race to run this year.  There is an interesting race in ABQ that I am considering in September.  Or, there is always Vegas.  I think two a  year are doable and something that I would like to commit to.
Happy Saturday!  Enjoy your day as I know that I will even if I skipped the run to enjoy coffee in bed....

Friday, August 1, 2014

missing the lovely yoga community in AZ

I wish I could explain how much I love the yoga community in Phoenix.  While living there, I couldn't wait to go elsewhere.  The summers are brutal and the thought of doing another one inspired me to go elsewhere.  I am a complete baby when it comes to weather.  Denver was actually quite lovely.  I wore shorts year round.  While in Phoenix, I would wear pants during the winter and as little as possible in the summer.  The other day while waiting to be picked up, I sat outside, for three minutes and was sweltering.  I thought, I could use another shower.
I knew that I would miss yoga.  I did.  However, I remained confident that I would find an adequate substitute wherever I ended up.  How wrong I was.  Seriously.  It has been a rough three months.  Me, wanting to find a power vinyasa flow and settling for a subpar practice.  There are a few instructors that I enjoy but they are few and far between.  I sought out an ambassador at Lululemon and that girl told me to attend the current studio that I am attending and mentioned the two instructors that I regularly attend.  Ironic. I was hoping for a more optimistic prognosis.  Meaning, I wanted to know that there was another studio in this city that I might enjoy.  Unfortunately, that seems to be a pipe dream.  I found the instructors that are considered challenging, with good music and a flow.  I do like them.  I just wanted more.  I expected more as I was used to more.
 The other day in Phoenix, I felt so alive with the flow.  It was challenging and I felt we could have done more.  I liked the music and the class was fantastic. If only I would have been able to fit another class in.
I tried.  I mentioned it to my friend that I was staying with.  How much I missed the yoga community in Phoenix.  Thursday morning, I woke up and my friend offered to take me to yoga.  I was ecstatic.  Thrilled. Beside myself. I didn't care that I would be going to a different studio than the one I preferred.  I was happy for the opportunity to practice in a heated environment, decent flow and music.  I knew, from experience, that the latter two would lack in my mind but still be an improvement to Santa Fe.  We had a few errands to run and a vet appointment.  I dressed in my yoga attire and then had to change back into regular clothes when I missed the class. Disappointed to say the least.  Vet appointment was overextended.
Still, very grateful for the one class on Wednesday.  I feel rejuvenated.  Motivated to get certified and change the dynamic of my current situation.  I know that I can no longer complain about it.  I need to take action.  I must take action.  I will.
Tomorrow is a new day and after the last day I should go running or find a yoga class.  Running will win as I know that tomorrow the classes offered, pre-work are limited.  I am not a fan of the gong inspired class.  What happened to hip hop is all I gotta say?

Famous Last words....

I had a mini vacay in Phoenix.  I know what you are is that a vacation when it is 112 degrees and you always complain about how much you despise the heat?!?
Well, it was.  I booked my flights using points and had an impulse trip.  I managed to go to yoga (I forgot how much I love a challenging class), saw many friends, went shopping, got a pedicure and stayed with a friend that has a pool.  One of the perks of the trip, for sure.
My last day was spent with my mini.  Kristina is an adventure travel junkie (like me).  We met while working together and we text occasionally.  I like to try to keep up with her current life as she is constantly changing what/where she wants to end up.  Lunch was great and then I stopped by a cute wine bar to see one of my old employers.  They are doing well.  Conveniently, it is located along the light rail which leads to the airport.  All, in all, a lovely way to conclude my vacay to Phoenix.
While at the airport, I reached out to a friend in Santa Fe. He mentioned that it had been raining hard in Santa Fe and to drive carefully.  Typical me, I laughed it off.  I considered the rain factor after driving through mini flash floods last Sunday.  My car beeped at me, continually, until I was out of the river of the streets.  Regardless, I felt confident that I would make it home safe and sound.
I received a voice mail from one of my colleagues informing me that I could either stop by and help with the inventory or meet him early this morning to finish.  I chose the latter and drove through the ABQ construction.  I was hungry, tired and wanting to get home to enjoy one last glass of wine.  Imagine my surprise when my car chooses to decelerate. I headed to the shoulder and assessed my situation.  I was about 23 miles to Santa Fe.  It was pitch black, no gas stations in sight and my car was crapping out.  Frantically, I call a friend of mine in Phoenix.  She is used to these calls and probably annoyed that I continue to make them.  It goes something like this--something is happening with Veronica.  I don't know what to do....I am stubborn when it comes to this car.  Stubborn to the point of stupidity--I know.  I mean, last night, I was stuck on 1-25 for almost two hours waiting to get it towed.  I couldn't accomplish this as I was out of range and most of the tow truck drivers were not interested in assisting my call.  I called work to see if someone could pick me up while I waited to arrange a tow.  Finally, it became clear that I would be abandoning my car for the night.  I would not be saved by roadside assistance.  I would have to wait and pray that my car would be in tact today.
Thankfully, two of my co-workers took pity on me and drove me home and back to my car today.  I was able to arrange a tow to the local Volvo dealer.  Of course, I needed to be at the car when the truck arrived and so I asked Erica to drive me back to my car.  I insisted that I will take her to lunch.  I really appreciated her helping me, twice, in the last 24 hours.
It was ironic that I felt so confident in my car and my ability to make it home safe.  I felt supported by my job and friends and the tow truck driver.  Kind gentleman who gave me an additional ride to a local business.  Veronica had a minor setback.  I paid the mechanic and enjoyed an additional day off.
Of course, last night, was the first time that I have been stranded, roadside, with little ability to alter my circumstances.  It was not fun and I hope to not have a repeat of that anytime soon.  For the time being, I believe, Veronica will hold up.  She does prefer the weather to Phoenix.  And, it felt nice to know that I was supported and had a mini family here due to work.  Otherwise, I honestly cannot say how I would have gotten out of that predicament.  Yes, famous last words for sure--drive safe.....