Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Cheers to you, Michaela!

It is my sister's birthday and I intend to celebrate her birthday, in spirit and in style. If only we were closer~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Tour of AZ

Seeing that I had a few days off and a friend in town, we chose to tour the state. Initially, my plan was to head north to Sedona. It is inviting and a beautiful place. In the past, I have spent some time there and hiked. My last opportunity to explore Sedona got nixed when I had car problems in route to Phoenix. Instead of exploring the vortex, we spent the night in Flagstaff and I hoped for a solution to the billowing black smoke from my car.

Anyways, I was unable to arrange more than one day in Sedona. I booked a room for Sunday and dreamed of a way to do everything that I wanted to do. For instance, have a nice meal, hike, wine taste and shop for gems. Of the four things, two were accomplished. No shopping or hiking. Lame, I know, but the wine tasting was nice. Meal incredible and I can always return to hike and shop.

Let me get back to the tour of the state, we had a few days where we could explore the southeastern wineries. I ask my friend if he is interested in heading to Bisbee and wine tasting. We could stop into Tucson, too. I have always wanted to spend more time in that city. It is smaller, more community feeling and charming. Hanging out in Tucson sounded lovely.

Last Thursday, we grabbed a coffee and headed south. First stop, Tombstone. Delightful little tourist driven town. Full of cowboys and lawmen. All I could think was how much my mom would love this town. Too funny. And, it reminded me of the family vacations where we would dress up for the saloon photo. If I had a photo scanned, I would actually display it.

We stopped in a few of the saloons and contemplated staying for the gun show. Well, maybe, thought about it...knew it wouldn't happen. I wanted to get to Bisbee.

Delightful town. Checked out the Copper Queen, Cafe Roka, Stock Exchange, and a few other bars.

I know that I need to blog more about this tour, but, other priorities take over. Until later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the 24th and what it signifies to me

My nephew is ten today. I feel ancient~

I remember when Jade brought home this little boy. Even though, I was living in Denver at the time, I could sense the shift that he would bring to the family. The first boy.

What a change. I think my dad was over the moon, almost, as much as Jade. I mean, this was the first boy in our family and he was immediately adored for that fact. Sweet and immediately loving Easton was.

My mom was beside herself since Easton was different than Mackenzie. Mackenzie loved spending time with au ma and my mom adored watching her. She visualized cowgirl outfits and of course, the boots.

With Easton, he only wanted to be around Jade. She tried to leave him with my mom, or one of my sisters and he would cry and cry and cry. Easton was definitely a momma's boy. Still, he was sweet.

As he got older, I saw him more often. I even convinced Jade that I should be able to watch him one morning. At that point, they were living in Oregon and he was in the spiderman phase. He walked around the house with his little spiderman action figure. Proudly holding on to it at all times. I hid it because I could. He was little at the time and he goes--"You lose it....where is spiderman?"

I told him that I had hid it and that he should find it. Such a sweet little boy.

Now, he is an athlete, an older brother to Emery and into the computer. No more action figures for this kid. He is showing Emery what it is to be a boy. I miss that camaraderie that can only occur with siblings. Grateful for the time I spent in Oregon with my own sisters and how our quirkiness quickly identifies our relation.

I watched him play baseball this past April and was proud. He has natural ability and no, I am not just biased. He is going to be great if he so chooses.

Oh, to be young, again, with all the possibility in the world. Happy Birthday, Easton! Enjoy today fully.

I will be finding carrot cake, later, to toast the celebration in spirit! Happy Wednesday to everyone else...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday night meal

Back to my love of vegetables. Under careful consideration, I decided to attempt another stuffed pepper recipe. I like bell peppers and they make for a substansial meal if only using vegetables. Since Jan is still trying the vegetarian lifestyle, I plan on making bell peppers stuffed with rice, black beans and corn. Small twist on using meat and the last time I made peppers, we all thoroughly enjoyed the cous cous/feta combination. However, it is good to change things up and try out new recipes.
The recipe I found suggested making eight peppers which seems ludicrous to me. I know that I would be the only one dining on the leftovers. If there is too much stuffing, I will figure out a way to utilize the stuffing. Perhaps, I could buy homemade tortillas and craft my own take on a burrito. Or figure out a way to incorporate an egg into the leftover mix.
Anyways, I like the outline of the recipe and hope to increase the heat of it. I like spicy food and see me adding either another jalapeno pepper or including red chili flakes. Maybe decrease the amount of cheese as well. Why mask the spicy with overuse of cheese?
I am looking forward to trying it out. It has been awhile since my last creative masterpiece. The last few dinners have been salad driven. Ideal for the summer but sort of boring too. Well, boring in the fact that Jan does not like berries on salads. My creativity is somewhat limited to make sure that her needs are met. I have snuck in some fruits on occasion to jazz up the salad. Still, I am looking forward to tonight. Hopefully, the peppers will be more flavorful tomorrow. I see that in my future, too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

With a little salsa...

It's a fact (in my world), salsa makes everything taste better.
When I was a kid, I smothered everything with ketchup. Not everything, but fries, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers. I think steak, too. My dad loved grilling steak and my sisters and I despised it unless it was super well done. I think ketchup helped the charring of the steak that seemed necessary to us. Thank god, I have outgrown that. Well done steak smothered with ketchup or A1 or any other steak sauce is unpleasant.
Never eggs, though. That always sort of freaked me out. I never understood how people could add ketchup to scrambled eggs.
I grew out of the ketchup stage and into the salsa phase. Possibly since I adore mexican food and know that I could sustain on chips and salsa alone, daily. I've tried it. After I returned from the around the world trip, I needed salsa since I had trouble finding it in Fiji, Australia, and the other countries that I visited. I desperately missed mexican food. I spent a few days in Phoenix and made my friends drive me from mexican restaurant to restaurant to feed my insane need for salsa, guacamole and mexican food in general. Afterwards, I stopped in Santa Fe continuining my salsa craze and eventually back to Denver where I stopped after seeing an accupuncturist. That is another story. I digress.
Today, I consider my food options. There is leftover pasta, stirfry and eggs. Typically, on weekends, my roommates and I have toast and eggs after a 3-4 mile run. This morning, Tom had to attend a wake and so we skipped the run and customary breakfast. I suppose I had egg and salsa on the brain. I chose to create a fried egg, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, and cabbage toasted sandwich. Surprisingly the combination worked. Adding salsa made it memorable. I used siracha, herdez and another hot sauce to create the ideal salsa for this sandwich. Delicious!
In other news, I ran on the treadmill this morning since the last few days, I have been a complete slacker. Tomorrow, the routine will return--early morning run followed by coffee, toast and eggs. Grateful for that and already thinking about the Sunday night meal....hmmm.....what to make?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Half Marathon

Social Race. That is all I am saying outside of--no, we did not PR. And, Lindsay and I were both okay with it.

Since we met over two years ago, we have run five 1/2 marathons together. While running this race, I kept bringing up the next race. I am determined to run another race with her this year. I think the Phoenix 1/2 will be our next race or perhaps, Las Vegas. Yep, I am signed up for that one already.

We had a lovely evening prior to the race. I slept well and felt refreshed when I woke up. Her friends, Trina and Eric, met us at a prearranged spot with coffee and a bagel. They followed us to Idaho Springs and we found a parking spot. From here, Eric drove us to Georgetown to drop us off at the start. Excellent. In the past, we have taken the shuttle to the start line. Not a bad way to get there, but, requires less sleep to make it happen. Plus, there is standing around in the cold while waiting for the shuttle. This drop off was awesome. We arrived, checked in, used the "clean" porta potty and started the race. Yes, it was leisurely.

At the start, we discussed our approach to the event. Lindsay and I had already determined that it would be a social race. She said--my training has lacked and I feel that I will be walking some.

Trina also felt fine with walking. About a mile in, I discarded my throwaway jacket. Too hot already. I felt great and I was learning about Trina's friendship with Lindsay. We continued and at mile six, I opted to wait in line for a porta potty. It seemed like it wouldn't be too long of a wait since there were four porta potties and a few people in line. I handed Lindsay my camera and water bottle and told them I would catch them in a few.

Well, a few minutes extended into ten minutes of waiting. Irritated, sure. And, noticing that the line was not moving. Finally, this guy emerges from the potty and I am able to return to the race. I had considered squatting behind a car. Really.

I start running and know that Lindsay and Trina are quite aways from me in the race. I curse myself for not bringing my ipod. I figure from mile six on, I will be running solo. I keep going and thankfully, find them. Lindsay hands me my water bottle and camera. I feel everything is right in my world, again.

Continuing on, our pace slows. Trina's knee is acting up and Lindsay always runs for herself. I respect this about her. She knows what is good for her. And, I was fine with it. I wanted to feel healthy the next few days.

Finally, we approach the finish line. I crossed the line with Lindsay. Perfect way to end a social race. We walk around the expo and run into some of my other friends. I take an opportunity to take a photo with two of my favorite canadians--Brett and Pete--and attempt to convince them to sign up for the Las Vegas 1/2. We shall see. They ran that race last year while I attempted the full. Initially, I believed I would sign up for a full this year. Now, I know, I prefer the 1/2 Marathon this year. Know that four are signed up for and maybe, signing up for a fifth. It is between running the Denver Half or dining with my mentor from college. Leaning that way since it has been way too long between visits.

Anyways, very happy that I ran this race for the third consecutive year. Feel that I will sign up, again, next year. Beautiful course and well maintained event. Plus, know that Lindsay likes the event, too.

After saying goodbye to Trina and Eric, we met Lindsay's mom and sister for lunch. We wanted to enjoy a celebratory cocktail and refuel. Bloody mary's always seem appropriate. Great mix of rehydration from the tomato juice and the bonus is pickled asparagus that some restaurants garnish the cocktail with.

Lazy day ensued. The shower made me feel like a million bucks. I wasn't extremely spent, physically, but I could have used a nap. Instead, we headed out to the Beauty Bar hoping to have a manicure/cocktail combination only to find out that they did not open until 7 pm. Bummed and questioned why this establishment opened later. I mean, it's summer and if their concept is to provide beauty and drinks--wouldn't opening during the day during the summer make sense?

The day concluded with Lindsay and I making dinner for her boyfriend, his brother and parents. Pleasant day all around. I enjoyed spending time with her family and grilling he delicious vegetables from their garden. They were fantastic. We grilled eggplant and squash and I threw together a tomato based dip for the crostini. I think you can never go wrong with tomatoes, basil, garlic and a splash of olive oil.

Looking back, sure, we could have exerted more effort in the race. I know this. However, it was such a delightful experience--all of it--race, lunch, grilled veggie deliciousness. Very thankful for the Half Marathon to prompt a visit.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday in the city

Friday morning, Lindsay dropped me off, downtown so that I could tour the metro area. Work demanded her attention while I could run fancy free throughout the area. My first stop was Starbuck's. There are several along the 16th St Mall and since I had been power hydrating I knew that I would need safe public available restrooms. And, I had an i-pad to use while solo for the day.
I found a Starbuck's, ordered an americano and asked for the door code to the restroom. Afterwards, I loitered. I considered my options. I had a lunch date and could either stay where I was in the metro area, go directly to the bank or walk up to Capital Hill. I read some of my book and enjoyed my coffee. Before I headed out to Capital Hill, I decided to use the bathroom again. Like I mentioned, I had been drinking a ton of water. I needed to mass hydrate for the half marathon on Saturday. I walked towards the bathroom and saw that it was occupied. I waited. And waited. And waited. I heard water gushing and thought--what is this person doing? Taking a shower?
I stood outside of the bathroom in an enclosed area for about ten minutes. Finally, I return to the coffee shop and figure, I can wait a few more minutes. This guy rushes past me. Definitely intent on getting outside. I walk back to the bathroom and am overwhelmed by the stench. I think--omg, it is coming from the bathroom.
I open the door (like a fool) and know that I am not going to be able to get that smell out of my awareness. I slam the door and run outside for fresh air.
I was appalled. It was disgusting and then, I think, there are no public bathrooms in the vicinity. This guy was trying to clean himself up and rid himself of the smell. He just waited too many days to do it.
I walked up to Watercourse to enjoy some breakfast. For whatever reason, I knew this would be my only opportunity to dine there. Breakfast burrito good and again, could use a clean bathroom.
Afterwards, I checked out a Whole Foods and used the i-pad. My day was progressing nicely. I was thankful to be outside and not dying from heat stroke. And, still inhaling ample amounts of water. I decided to return downtown, check out the library and head to the bank before my lunch date. Super productive and walking friendly.
Lunch was at Cholon. Fantastic service, fun drinks and I did enjoy the fare. I loved the dumplings, wontons and finally got my brussel sprout need attended to. At my ultimate favorite restaurant in Denver, they have a side called brussel sprout hash. I crave it. On Thursday, I was hoping to order that delightful gem of a meal and unfortunately, they took it off the menu, last week. Bummer!
Regardless, I did enjoy Cholon. I wasn't impressed with the beet salad however. Uninspired, for sure.
Andy and I enjoyed a few drinks while conversing. He is a great friend who enjoys travel and food (almost) as much as I do. I was happy that we would be able to meet up for lunch. I thought his work schedule might dictate otherwise.
And, all good things must come to an end. He drove me to Argonaut so that I could (try) to impress Lindsay's parents with my good manners. That evening, we would be spending the night with them as it was closer to our meet up spot in the morning. I knew that I could use more sleep.
I walked up to the light rail station, boarded the light rail and headed to Littleton. Nice clean ride. Plus, I could read more of my book.
Lindsay picked me up and we were off to Morrison. Her parents are gracious and entertaining. Her mom began playing the banjo seven or eight years ago. She played us a song that was inspired by her recent trip to West Virgina while we sipped on vodka tonics. Her dad arrived, grilled us steak and we had a lovely meal. Her parents are extremely approachable. Easy to talk to and interesting. It was nice to have a homecooked meal, too.
All of Friday, even, all of the walking around Denver, provided a nice foundation for the upcoming 1/2. I felt relaxed and hydrated. I dreamt of crossing the finish line and of a healthy race. And, sustained no guilt of the mix of cocktails and wine. We drank the bottle I brought and everyone enjoyed it. I have been on a petite petite kick lately. I knew that Argonaut had the bottle of wine that I liked, Michael David's Petite petite. Beautiful label with elephants on it. Shari and I found this gem at a restaurant in Santa Fe a few years ago. I suppose I enjoy the nostalgia factor, too.
Perfect way to prep for a race and wander around. Of course I would have preferred spending time with Lindsay and another time plan on doing that. Seeing Andy broke up my solitude and I found a new restaurant to return to while in Denver. Spectacular, really~

The beginning of the return adventure

First stop, dining with friends. Thankfully, there is no shortage of awesome restaurants and friends in Denver. I arrived and opted to take public transport into city. My original ride canceled at the last minute. My flight arrived, mid-day, and I knew that it would be inconvenient for most of my friends. Work sort of demands that. Anyways, I jumped on a bus and had a true blonde moment. I thought I knew where I was going and noted, quickly, that I did not. I ended up way south. Thankfully, I recognized one of the buses that departed from the southern location. I jumped off the bus at and headed into Capital Hill. I love being in that area. After a quick slice of pizza, I walked up to Speer to meet my friend, JT. After a few texts, we decided to meet for wine instead of am coffee. I wanted to see him and you know how much I adore coffee and need it on a daily basis, but sometimes, wine is the way to go.

He met me for wine and we caught up. Lindsay met us after her work day concluded and we ordered a cheese plate. I absolutely loved the conversation and didn't want this part of the night to leave. However, JT had other priorities/plans. I bid him adieu and Lindsay and I drove east to one of my other favorite restaurants. Entering the building, we noted how busy they were. I looked around for my friend, Maghan. Of course, he, too, was on vacation and so I would miss him this visit.

Lindsay and I drank some wine and thoroughly caught up on what was going on in our lives. I updated her on my lack of training and how the Half Marathon would truly be a slacker/social event. She concurred. Recently, she switched jobs. Plus, Lindsay plays on softball teams, golfs and has a whole other slew of activities that she completes on a weekly basis. Seriously, the girl is nonstop. But, her running has slowed down due to her new work schedule.

I was all for the social approach to the half marathon.

We drank wine and snacked on mac and cheese and instead of the customary calamari, we tried the chiles with pumpkin seeds. Delightful. A nice addition to the menu. I love the calamari so much that I refuse to sample it at other eateries since no others compare to how fantastic this restaurant's calamari is. Saying that, sometimes, I like to try new things. The chiles were lovely.

All, in all, the first day was truly successful. My little screw up with public transportation actually was fine. I read my book and people watched. For example, this woman entered the bus and sat right next to the bus driver. The woman was mentally challenged. I watched her interaction with the driver. Obviously, they knew each other from the conversation that followed. The woman offered to stop by Taco Bell for the driver.

The driver replied,"No, thank you."

The woman said, "Oh, well, I brought you these, too." She handed the driver a bag of chips.

It was touching and sweet. Definitely made the bus ride worth to see compassion of others.

Not to mention, I was able to see more of Denver this way. Beautiful day to walk about and enjoy the sunshine. Plus, I sampled fare from three of my favorite places and had wonderful conversations with friends. Yes, return visit started well....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sunday night meal

Tonight, I think I will be doctoring up a store bought pasta sauce. Better than what I grew up on---the store bought version that is. A while back, I was lazy (shocking) and opted to prepare this meal for friends. They found that they enjoyed it (immensely, or so I tell myself) and in order to illustrate that, I noticed several pasta sauces in their pantry. I think it was their way of letting me know that this could definitely be a meal plan revisited. And, I know, that they borrowed my idea on a separate occasion. I like inspring homecooked meals even if it is only doctoring up a sauce. I have noticed other friends watch my technique, too. Last time in Oregon, Tim (Michaela's boyfriend) made guacamole for Jan and I. His words--I watched you make it last time and thought I would try it out. Delightful. Really. He altered a few things but I still loved it. Keep in mind, I could live on avocados. Jade also noted my adoration of the avocado. When she hosted a bbq at her place, she said--and, you will be making guacamole, right? I picked up the cilantro, onion, tomato, etc., is there anything I am forgetting? It was so cute and I believe, my niece and nephews like it too.
Anyways, I stopped by a farmer's market and purchased a huge carrot to add to the celery and onion, or mirepoix. I think I will overwhelm the sauce with garlic as that is my way. I love garlic. There can never be enough in a meal--I believe. My friends are finding this out, too. Thankfully, they seem to enjoy my cooking or perhaps they are skilled liars. Doubtful since they allow me to continue to experiment in their kitchen.
At the farmer's market, I found excellent day old bread on sale. Decided that it needed to accompany me home. I figure I can throw together the sauce and make crostini, too. Maybe a green salad. I don't know. I don't feel that ambitious today. I could definitely take a siesta or extended nap. I said, could, because, shortly, I will be heading out to meet a few friends for wine happy hour. There is this lovely wine bar that offers wine by the glass, daily, from 11-5, for $5. I love this. I think it is a wonderful offering. This trumps siesta, too. I can drink wine, contemplate any other additions I will make to the meal. Yes, sunday funday is on.
Enjoy your Sunday. Celebrate and Enjoy~

Saturday, August 6, 2011

upcoming half

Run went well since I opted for the shorter loop. In hindsight, it was a poor decision. I was well hydrated and ready to run the six mile loop at night. I had prepared as best as I possibly could. There was a group of fifteen us. We started out across the bridge and one of the leaders said--are you running six or three?
I don't know.
Well, you should decide now since that is the turn to the 3 mile loop.
A few people split off and I followed. We ran towards and sunset and it was glorious in all honesty. Lovely pace and beautiful scenery. I would have done well at the longer loop--I know it. I wanted to do it, too.
Still, I returned home quicker and I wasn't as drained from the humidity/heat mix of running the six. Yesterday, I forced myself to run on the treadmill as well as today. I figure if I run, daily, the half will not kill me. This morning, a group was set to meet at 5:30 to run an indertminate amount of miles. Last week, I met them, begrudgingly. My friends and I dined out, late, and thinking about getting up before 5 am to meet a group at 5:30 preoccupied my evening. The meal was fine but I know that my contribution to the conversation was lame. I thought we were going out to eat at 6:30. We met at 8:15ish. So you can see why I might be a little stressed out about my lack of sleep. I did wake up and meet the group. Grateful to get the training run out of the way last week.
The 1/2 next weekend should be entertaining and fun. I have no other expectation of it outside of running with friends and enjoying the race. Plus, I should get another cool t-shirt. This is my third consecutive year of running this particular half and I like it. I think it will definitely be on my list for 2012, too.
Tomorrow, I will become a slave of the treadmill most likely. Perhaps Monday I will make an effort to run outside. It is all out of my hands now. The half is exactly one week away. Now, I must focus my energies on muscle memory and the fun that I will have running the race with the Goddess. Thankfully, her training has been lackluster, too. I guess we can dissect our efforts while running. That might be fun~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

other thoughts of today

Gearing up for another run in the evening. Seriously, I have to psyche myself up for these. I remember, years ago, when I wasn't even a true runner when I could run at 5 pm, daily, and the heat would not affect me. What happened to that girl?
Age. Or, so I was kindly informed when I repeated my story of running mates to a friend. His comment of my lack of attracting pot smoking hippies was this--you aren't 20 anymore.
Man, if only, I could pull that off. Those were the days of fun and freedom. Well, not really. I am just contemplating the last few guys that have seemed interested in me. Common tie--no drinking and they run. Yet, I know a this couple who are hardcore about the events they compete in. This woman is a complete badass and she and her boyfriend do not shy away from celebrating their events. I think she has won a few tri-athlons or cycling events. She is awesome. Her boyfriend is just as able of pulling out the stops, effortlessly. She mentioned something about not putting expectations on yourself and to just enjoy the whatever race you were involved with. Great perspective and like I said, they drink. They enjoy frosty pints of beer and they both are older than me. I doubt they have to talk themselves into training. Although, I do know they skipped a training ride recently due to being tired and not feeling it. And, like me, they do arrange rides when it is cooler than trying to go in the middle of the day.
Maybe I am getting older but I am not going to allow it to limit my fun or activities. Saying that, I am so registering for the Half Marathon in Phoenix in November that benefits breast cancer. A few words on that. I have walked the race for the cure in Denver twice. I have two shirts to show for it. Whenever I wear those shirts, I always get stopped and asked what I thought of the event or thanked for doing it. Personal stories follow and it brings a calm to my heart. My stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. I began supporting the Komen Race to support Dori and give back to an organization that helps many in need. So, yes to the Half in Phoenix and then there is Las Vegas. I played with the idea of running a full 2011, half-heartedly. Somehow, my body knew that I needed a break and would benefit from focusing on 1/2's. That is the plan. I will run the Vegas Half in December with a few friends. My friend, Jenn, from middle school-college is in and a few other ladies are contemplating the event. All I gotta say's Vegas. Why wouldn't you sign up for it? I think Shari and her sisters are interested too. That would be the ultimate race to run & support a group of sisters that decided to run a half marathon 2011. They have completed two or three 5k's as a group and I am very proud of their dedication and commitment. I hope they opt to sign up for Las Vegas, too.
Well, I must hydrate more and prepare (mentally) for this upcoming evening run.

gratitude and attraction

Happy Thursday. I follow a few blogs that do a thankful thursday weekly listing. It made me stop and consider what I am grateful for today.
Also, I received a truly lovely e-mail from my sister last night. It made me cry. She knows what to say and what buttons to push from years of friendship and fighting (childhood, predominantly, in that adults, she is one of my best friends and biggest supporters). She wrote me to remind me of how I live my life and how few people would choose this path. However, she pointed out things that I should be thankful for if I had forgotten them. Let's just say that 2011 has been interesting and exactly what I wanted.
Ironically, I had been e-mailing her at the same time. We had a brief conversation, last night, on my way home. I had went running with a guy I met in a group. He contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in running or hiking. I would and we had corresponded, infrequently, the last few weeks. I looked at it as an opportunity to be accountable and run in the heat. I didn't know his motivations and really hoped that they were out of an interest for running. I am still uncertain on that front, but I think there is some interest. I told Michaela of my assessment of the situation and him. These things from our conversation stood out while running. He is recently divorced, considered his marriage a mistake and is rediscovering himself.
While he told me about himself, he reminded me of another man that I used to run with. I pointed that out to him and how this guy didn't drink after he got divorced. What I didn't mention was that we sort of dated. That, in spite of him not drinking, we still explored the dating factor. Not that I think sobriety is bad. I just enjoy wine too much with food to not drink. And, in the back of my mind, I knew this was a mistake, for me. I felt he would be judging me and essentially, he did. There was more to it than just that, too. I don't want to evaluate that brief stint of dating, though, either. It really is a non-issue.
Regardless, last night, when the current running mate mentioned that he wasn't drinking....I thought--wow, what vibes am I putting out there? What happened to all of the pot smoking hippies that I used to find?
Sorta funny and definitely made me smile. So, I am grateful for new opportunities, my sister's insight for making me smile and considering what vibes I am putting out there. I feel fantastic when I am healthy and am super grateful for running. It has created ample opportunites of travel and memories. One of my favorite trips was to Sonoma last year with three of my girlfriends. Or, the Vegas Marathon with my own personal amazing spectator. Not to mention the massages at the Bellagio. The reward for all of the hard work associated with marathon training. I must be doing something right.
If only, I could meet a running mate that did enjoy an occasional beer or bottle of wine. I am just saying. Happy Thursday~hope this made you smile, Jade, or at least, chuckle...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Triumph of the roasted eggplant and tomato dish. The mint adds a lovely brightness that makes the dish memorable. My friends enjoyed the meal while watching The Lincoln Lawyer. I am a fan of Michael Connelly and had read the book on a flight to I don't remember where. The movie was okay. Several notable actors but the movie did not do the book justice in my opinion. And, I think I was a little preoccupied with my upcoming week. Must schedule running into the mix of priorities. I contacted a friend and set up a running date, that ironically, is occurring this evening. We have been trying to either hike or arrange an early morning running date. I miss the Goddess and our weekly runs. Tonight should be a nice change to my normal routine. The last few days, I chose the treadmill over outdoors. The heat factor limited my desire to run outside.
Anyways, the eggplant dish rocked on Sunday night. There were leftovers and I knew, from experience, that I would be the only one partaking in those. My friends do not eat leftovers or that I have seen. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try the leftover eggplant pasta. Keep in mind, at this point, it became a cold dish. I didn't have the opportunity to reheat the pasta. Decent, but lacked its luster or brightness. I had brought grape tomatoes with me which added to the flavor or the leftover pasta. I think next time, I will alter the dish to make the leftovers more flavorful. The initial experience with the pasta was lovely. I increased the amount of garlic and tomatoes. I love garlic. I will probably add more garlic next time. I think my friend commented that they were referring to him as italian at his office since the aroma of garlic lingers. He overlooks that for homecooked meals. If only he would eat some of the leftovers. All would be right in the world. I recycle, reduce, reuse, etc. I eat leftovers in an attempt to minimize waste. How do you contribute to reducing waste? I think we could all improve that aspect of our lives. Just something to think about. And, I will continue to dine on the leftovers while, hopefully, improving the dishes in the process.
Happy Wednesday~