Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The iron

I now have the most intimate relationship with my iron.  Phenomenal, right?  I despise ironing clothes and yet this is what I have chosen to do for the foreseeable future.  What was I thinking?  Thankfully, I had the sense to purchase one on Sunday before scrambling around on Monday prior to work.  I knew that I would need one at some point in the relocation process.  I just didn't realize that I would be ironing/re-ironing my clothes, daily.  I am not thrilled about this aspect.  I doubt it will change.  I don't see myself waking up one day and being happy to iron.  It will remain a necessary chore.
Not to mention, I need to ensure that the clothes are clean, presentable, pressed prior to arriving at work.  Yesterday, I schlepped my clothes to a nearby laundry mat.  That, too, was a challenge.  Not a huge fan of doing my clothes in this venue.  I was inspired to purchase more french blue button down shirts and find a service to clean my shirts.  I remember when Brian took all of his clothes to this little lady to clean.  I thought it was such a waste of money.  Now, I am realizing how genius it is.  I mean, my time is money and having to schlep clothes, hang out while they are washing/drying, and fold them takes time.  Time that I could be doing something more useful to me.
For example, furniture shopping.  I want to find the perfect wine cabinet to house some wines and also provide a more lived in look than I have strived for in the past.  Dare I say it?  I am ready to be an adult and establish some sort of roots.  Roots to me, equates to material things.  Things that I will want to take with me when I opt to relocate again.
I checked out a few spots and hope to do more investigating tomorrow and the weekend.  I am considering a trip to ABQ to furniture shop, hit Macy's and see my friend, Jennifer, if she is available.  I have the weekend off and I want to take advantage of it.  I thought about going to Ojo, Denver or hiking.  Then, after shopping for this french blue shirt the last few days, I realized that I should take care of that before I take off to see friends.  I can go to Denver whenever I want to now.  I am closer, it is spring (no snow to contend with) and something that I will do fairly often.  I miss my friends.
I must conclude this for now.  I need to head into training and inventory later.  Joyful times, for sure...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Attire, mixology and other changes in my life....

My first attempt at tying a bowtie was not too bad.  I watched an instructional video and felt confident that it was a legit effort.  I walked into my new job and introduced myself to the crew.  I was sweating as is my nature and the blue shirt was unforgiving.  It showed my unease (I suppose) to anyone that was sitting at the bar.  A few of my friends showed up and watched me struggle with the new gig.  For instance, I forgot my wine opener.  How is this possible is what I thought when I realized it.  I swear, I have like 50.
At any rate, I rectified that situation with a quick text message.  Gotta love technology.  I knew that a friend of mine would be stopping in and felt confident that he would have a wine opener handy.  He did.
Thankfully.  The guy I trained with did not have one available.  Nor was there an extra one lying around the bar.  It was this guy's last shift and so his training capabilities were seriously limited.  I think, I annoyed him more than anything else.
Today, was a completely different experience.  First off, I had my own wine opener.  Made a huge difference.  I met the guy training me and felt at ease.  He was interested in showing me where everything was located and having me work on the computer.  I felt much better tonight.
We had a mix of people and it was great to chit chat and feel comfortable in a new environment.  I made my first ever Negroni and attempted to burn an orange peel to enhance the drink.  Sure, it is a great concept and there are amazing mixologists around the world.  I am not inspired in that realm.  I am more service oriented and thrive in anticipating needs.  Being the center of attention, while learning a new drink is not that phenomenal in my book.
I made the Negroni and then a trio came in and wanted some odd off the wall cocktail--brandy, rye, sweet vermouth and bitters.  Oh, and can I also have an orange rind burned?  What?  Why?  Fantastic, I get to practice burning my thumb again.  Me and the orange peel did not see eye to eye.
I learned how to close the bar down and ate half of a hamburger.  Delicious. For real.  I truly enjoyed it.  Poblano pepper, white cheddar, avocado...yummy!  I need to find a few more shirts to wear to work. I am having some difficulty acquiring one.  It's either too light, a men's shirt (that would need to be tailored) or a shirt that will cost $60-$90.  I refuse to spend that amount on a shirt for a job.
I talked to a few of my co-workers and they gave me some helpful hints about cleaning my shift, where to find one, and what it was like to work there.  I am enjoying it.  We shall see how everything shakes out.
Yoga perplexes me.  I went today and enjoyed aspects of the class.  The music was an improvement.  Some of the flow aspects were decent.  Then, we did some odd sequence and a chant that made me rethink the positive parts of the class/instructor.  The chanting was too long and wasted about 15 minutes of the hour long class.
I work tomorrow night, Thursday day, and Sunday night.  It will be odd to have Friday/Saturday off.  I will figure something out, I am sure.  Til then, enjoy your night.

Day of departure

Relocating was interesting.  I woke up at 4 to pack my car.  The night before turned into a wash and instead of getting that task out of the way, I drank wine with my friend, Lisa.  I adore Lisa and she has been a great friend.  My decision to move to Santa Fe displeased her as I knew it would.  I delayed telling her until I had to since I knew it would not be a welcome reaction.  The majority of my friends/family saw this as a positive decision.  They knew that I have always been this way.  When I make up my mind, I go after it and make it happen, whatever it is.  I wear people down in terms of travel, food, etc.  It is how I am and always been.
Lisa was unhappy that I wouldn't be able to hang out with her as often.  Ironically, she works the market in New Mexico and will be here frequently.
Regardless, we drank wine and I returned home to make a makeshift bed on the floor.  I had already taken my bed apart and didn't want to mess with it.  I set up my fans, sleeping bag and made due.
Initially, I thought I would be staying at Jan's house.  She and her friend, Rodney, agreed to help me with the move.  I could pack my things, stay with them, and wake up, refreshed in the morning.  Plus, she has coffee and I had already gotten rid of my coffee maker.  That was the only thing I was concerned with on Friday night.  Since I would not be staying with them, I would wake up and have no access to coffee.
I dreamed that that was not the case.  I even, convinced myself, when I woke up, that I would be able to make coffee.  I do have an addiction problem it seems.
At any rate, I pack my car, find a coffee shop and wait for their arrival.  They were doing me a huge favor and so I couldn't crack the whip too much.  We did leave Phoenix by 7 am and so that was something.  Rodney took great care to tarp down my table, bed, bikes.  We knew it might rain and it did.  For the first hour and a half we dealt with that lovely weather.  Thankfully, my bed was not soaked.  We stopped a few times to adjust the ties and tarp.  I am a let's get there type of person. I would have been fine chowing on protein bars and sustaining until arriving in Santa Fe.  However, since I was with friends that were doing me a solid favor, I had little say in determining the rate in which we would arrive.
We stopped in Grants, NM, for a potty break (for me).  We stop at a hardware store to purchase more ties to strap down the tarp.  The wind had picked up and it was annoying to watch the tarp flap like an exploding mushroom the majority of the trip.
After the hardware store (think 25 minutes) we must have food.  We find a mexican restaurant that appeared decent--clean, friendly, and well occupied.  I calm down a little and recognize that we will get there when we get there.  Rodney ordered a bowl of red chile.  The menu described it as pork, red chile and with or without pinto beans.  They raved of homemade tortillas.
I ordered a bean burrito and Jan wanted enchiladas.  In all fairness, our plates were okay.  Not great but decent.  Rodney's was a bowl of red chile.  It looked like a bowl of tomato soup.  There were a few small pieces of pork that he found.  The tortillas were store bought and it was a waste of a meal.
I pay and we stop to get fuel.  The stop in Grants wasted a good hour and twenty minutes. Plus, the loss of hour with daylight savings and the departure time made for a long day.
We arrived and I unpacked some of my belongings.  Surprisingly, I did not break one wine glass.  I suppose working at the gift shop while in high school taught me how to properly pack breakables.  I did, find, that my sunblock exploded all over a box of my clothes.  That was an annoying find.
So far, that was the only mishap with the move.  I worked last night and see a ton of potential in the place and adjustment for me.  The computer system is old, I don't make change for customers (the managers do) and I have to run back and forth to the kitchen after every food order.  It will keep me in shape and on my toes.
I will update more later.  I need to meet Jan and Rodney before they head back to Phoenix....

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I have been distracted the last week.  Somewhat distracted that is.  A week ago when I was breaking up with my yoga studio, I forgot my sports bra.  $40 to them to practice as I couldn't leave with that lame excuse as they have sports bras for sale.
On Thursday, I had my car checked over.  My mechanics are great.  Very thorough and kind.  I met a friend for coffee and had my whole day arranged.  I picked my car up and headed to yoga. I had my change of clothes, towels, shoes, but no work out clothes.  Awesome.  I rushed home to grab some yoga attire and returned to the studio.  Little things that sideline me because I am rushing around. If only, I had taken a few additional minutes to check my bag.
Yesterday, I woke up early to go to a new studio.  I had a few free passes that I could utilize. I ensured that I had my yoga towel, a change of clothes and a few pairs of shoes.  A few blocks from my house, I remember that my yoga mat is hanging on my clothes line.  Crap!
I take the class from an instructor that I respect.  I must leave to ensure that I have enough time to shower, grab a coffee and make it to work.  The class was a nice balance of physical and spiritual.  I leave a few minutes early to shower.  The studio was inviting, warm and comfortable.  Most studios offer amenities--shampoo, conditioner, soap.  This studio did not.  I was bummed about that as I did not come prepared with those things.  However, I could make it work except for the temperature factor.  The water never heated up.  That sucked and sort of soured the experience.  Thankfully, it was not a heated studio and so I wasn't as sweaty as normal.  I would have returned home to shower and decreased my time to enjoy a coffee.
Anyways, I have been distracted the last few days.  I know that I have expectations of what I would like to achieve before I head to Santa Fe.  I want to spend time with friends and check out eateries that I prefer.  I hope to see some friends this week and drink some of their cellared wine.  I know that will be a treat and they offered to have me over.
I will attend a wine tasting on Tuesday and skip an opportunity to work.  I want to enjoy some of the perks associated with my wine job before heading out and starting over.  I will leave Saturday for the new adventure and begin work on Monday.  I have a bowtie, black slacks and a blue button down shirt.  Welcome to my new life of uniforms.  I must purchase an iron and board to at least arrive presentable.  I know that is a requirement of this job.  Clean, pressed, presentable.  Reminds me of my days at Fifi's in college.  It will be interesting and a welcome change, for sure.
For the time being, I will attend yoga at a mix of studios and hike Camelback one last time, tomorrow, with my friend, Cody.  I am excited!
Have a lovely Easter experience~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Departure dance begins

I have started my departure tour from Phoenix. It's official.  I am relocating to Santa Fe in a few weeks.  I have been trying to tie up any loose ends--massage memberships, yoga classes, basically--anything that needs to be completed in Phoenix.  I gifted a massage to my hiking friend, Cody.  I know she enjoyed that immensely.  I told her I would give her my massage if she used my preferred therapist.  She agreed.  She knows how amazing Brandon is from her visit to the massage studio.  Brandon specializes in sports massage/injury.  I see him when I am in need of some serious adjustment.  He is always fantastic.
In terms of yoga...I have one class left at a studio and 8 at the other.  I wish it were flip flopped as the one studio has several classes/instructors that I wish to see and the other, well, it is a challenge to find a class that I truly enjoy.  Still, I knew that I could make it work with some maneuvering.  I asked the owner to transfer some of my remaining classes to their north location so that I could take the vinyasa flow class that I prefer.  They offer the flow class, daily, at noon, at my normal location and at 9:30/noon at the north scottsdale location.  I was explaining why I wanted the transfer.  I am moving to Santa Fe and wish to utilize the flow class option in the next two weeks.  The owner responds with--I am sad.  I mean, you are like furniture here.
Yea, that is obviously what I was going
Let's just say, my yoga experience, that day was subpar as I reflected on that remark.  In addition, my boss recently joined the yoga studio to improve his health.  He has seen me the last two years come into work after yoga and knew that that was where I practiced.  He chose their studio from my experience there.
Somehow the owners of the studio haven't quite caught that connection.  That or the amount of people that I have sent to them in the last two years.  Instead, they are so impressed by how great Jon is.  How nice, gracious, generous.  They make sure to remind me of how great he is whenever I enter the studio.  Remember, I am just furniture.
Regardless, I will make the most of it and supplement the remainder of days with free classes that I have been offered in the last year.  I have an aestitician friend that teaches at another studio in central Phoenix.  I can check out her class before bidding adieu to Phoenix.
I am hoping to find a fantastic studio in Santa Fe and embrace a new community. I have taken a couple classes in the last few months that lead me to believe that it will be a challenge.  I have been spoiled in Phoenix by the yoga available.  Upbeat music, challenging changing flow and some spiritualistic qualities as well.
I have been able to hike Camelback weekly which I will also miss.  Yesterday my hamstring pulled at me on the way up.  My massage therapist tore apart both of my legs the day prior.  I felt all of the work on the hike.   Today, I head north for yoga and might stop by the new location of work that will be opening in May. I am excited to see the progress being made.  I am confident that the location will do extremely well.
I have a few other things to finish before packing up and heading north.  Just in time to embrace the weather in Santa Fe and avoid the intense summer of Phoenix.  I will miss many things about Phoenix.  I will not miss the summers, at all.  They are brutal.
Well, I must get my namaste on.  Make it a great day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last weekend delights

Last weekend, I met Sara Jo in Santa Fe.  We had visited the city a few times in the past.  I was convinced that we had only been there once in the past.  At another point, maybe 2003 or 2004, we had made plans to get a reset trip.  I had been having some difficulty with Brian and wanted to take a break from my reality.
At any rate, we were supposed to head down to Santa Fe and Sara canceled at the last minute.  I was determined to go and so I filled my jeep up and headed south.  I stayed at a cute b & b type of establishment and arranged a massage.  Melody was my therapist at this point and we have been friends ever since.
Months later, Sara and I returned and stayed at a hotel about a mile from the Plaza.  It was reasonably priced and Sara wasn't high maintenance about hotel needs.  I have friends that want all of the perks and are willing to pay for it.  I prefer to offset some of the hotel costs and funnel those funds into the food factor.  We ate a a popular breakfast spot and hiked.  We received some bodywork from Melody (my new massage therapist friend) and returned to Denver.
Our next adventure we visited during Fiesta.  I had gotten more savvy with the search engine sites and arranged a hotel closer to the plaza.  It was great.  We could walk everywhere that we wanted to be.  Our hotel was cute, offered a heated pool and had a lovely continental breakfast.  Typically, I skip that part of the amenity package as it is normally bagels, jams, cereal, oatmeal.  I prefer choosing where to go and on my own time-line.
Anyways, I had forgotten about the first adventure to Santa Fe.  As we walked around town, it all came back to me.  Sara and I have went on several trips together.  I had forgotten that we spend time in Santa Fe a few times prior to last weekend.  We connected with Melody and spent a few hours at Ojo to soak.  Our hotel was lovely, centrally located and reasonably priced.  That was due to networking and I have been fortunate to have met some incredible people on my journey.
Sara and I met on Friday and enjoyed margaritas at a patio bar.  Most of the places were not offering outdoor service yet.  We made due.  Afterwards we stopped by a local spot and sat barside.  I know the chef and want to support his location.  He's kind, engaging and gracious.  Initially, we were overinundated with people trying to help us--the host, the bartender, the GM.  We waived them off and wanted to be leisurely.  That seems to have been our mistake as it took forever to order and then to receive the check.  It seemed ridiculous as we were seated at a bar table and they were not busy.
We concluded our first night at one of my favorite spots.  We found two bar stools and perused the menu.  This place never disappoints.  I absolutely love it and it is nice that we were about a block from the hotel.  We watched basketball on Saturday and tooled around the city.  There was a restaurant that Shari and I found but did not dine at.  I forced Sara to walk over and check out the space.  It was a piano bar and a lively atmosphere.  There were no bar seats and so a server helped us to the bar rail.  She brought us water and we waited.  The bartender ignored us and so we chose to leave.  I don't know that I will ever return it was that disappointing.
Sunday we soaked at Ojo and spent the majority of the day with Melody.  Drank some bubbly, tempranillo and then retired to the hotel.  Our adventure was concluding.  There will be others.  An upcoming trip to Napa in July to run a half marathon.  I am excited to do that race and must, must, must actually start running again.  I am thankful that yoga has been a constant in my life.
Last weekend was lovely.  I had hoped to spend some time with other friends of mine, too.  Unfortunately the timing was off.
I returned to 95 degrees.  I am not ready for this weather, at all.  Thankfully mornings are still cool.  I have much to do and little time to achieve it.  First, there is yoga....