Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th

A year older, wiser, more goals to achieve, places to travel and cupcakes to eat. I am so grateful for Team in Training, if only, because of my friendship with the wonderful Goddess. I remember the first Saturday meeting. I had bought new shoes--I felt special--and we met the coaches, mentors, captains. We stretched.
While the coach rambled on about training, I was sizing up the other people. I think it is natural to look at the other people within your unit or group. I saw younger girls, athletic men, older women and people around my age. The coach explained that we would be running a timed mile for our first Saturday. I already sensed that 2 of the girls would be fast and competitive. I was right. Jamie, one of my running partners, completely sprinted around Wash Park. The Goddess also ran with little problem. She stood out because of her height and I knew that I had seen her somewhere. I asked if she did yoga. Yes, I do. And, then I knew. I had seen her, one time, at Core Power.
From there, we became running partners and friends. So, yes, I am thankful for that aspect of Team in Training.
Today, I will bring the cupcakes in the form of wine at Elway's. We are meeting for Rapture this evening. I cannot wait!
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being kind to myself

Continuing with the positive vibes/outlets/thoughts, I am making today a "Me" Day. Granted, I work later, but until then, I am doing positive things for me.
Currently, I am listeing to Corrine Bailey Rae. I love her! Sara Jo turned me onto her cd a few weeks ago. Since then, I have been an avid listener. Soulful, bluesy, somewhat sad, but perfect for my mood.
I am buying flowers. Have you ever considered how they make you smile? I am not saying, I need a guy to buy me flowers to make me feel good about myself--I don't. I just love how beautiful they make a room look. They brighten my day.
Last year, for my birthday, I was given a reading. The reader suggested using more essential oils or flowers in my daily life. I thought it was interesting, but didn't really start practicing it, until last week, when I made dinner. I stopped into the local Whole PayCheck (Whole Foods--conveniently, located a block away from my house) and saw vibrant flowers--daisies, carnations and others. I made a special trip back, to buy some.
This week, I will buy something different to brigthen my mood and my space.
I am heading to Herbs and Arts for an annoited candle. Again, another way, to be kind to myself and hopefully, find some new earrings, too. I have diminished my stock with being lazy. I swear, I love earrings, but either have lost the backs to them or am careless when I take them off. I have several solo earrings around my house. I am changing that today. I want a new travel pair. Either Herbs And Arts should have them, or Peppermint--this great eclectic shop on 17th. The store owners also run Pandora which is interesting, too. They have similar products, but not too much overlap.
The Goddess canceled our run. I am bummed since I wanted to treat her to cupcakes. I think it will have to wait until I return from Seattle. At least, I will have entertaining stories for the run, instead of sadness, at the upcoming weekend.
Tomorrow, I hope to paint my room. It is depressing. The color is beige and not painted well. There are splotches of new paint over old paint. Basically, the paint job was done in a hurried, crappy fashion.
I am taking the time to be kind to myself. I hope you do the same. Flowers change my mood. What inspires you?

The end of February.....

It is a perfect day to go running.
Thankfully, the Goddess and I have a running date set up. I want to change up our route. I would like to do a little more urban instead of park friendly. Cheesman Park is super wet--continually--and there are always too many people doing the Wash Park loop. I think I would like to run on the streets and do part of a park. We shall see. There are some nice downhill hills in the metro area, too. It will all be about maneuvering to the down as opposed to the up, today.
Lately, Wednesdays has been the day to meet, b.s., and run. Our Half Marahon is in 7 weeks. I know we can do it! I need to run more frequently, but I know that we can do it. And, Sara Jo, is joining us for the 1/2 in Ft. Collins as well. It's funny. A year ago, I wouldn't have even been contemplating running a 1/2 marathon. It wasn't part of my vocabularly or life. Funny, how time changes everything.
Running outside is preferable, but since I have the pass to Colorado Athletic Club, I have been utilizing the treadmill. It is not my favorite machine to work on, but recently, I have found that I do not hate it. In fact, I am able to run on it if I am in the right frame of mind. I am not going to try to lie to, I am not a fan of the treadmill. But, I am willing to do it, now. In the past, I refused running on it. It seemed mindless, endless, not fun. Now, I tolerate the machine. I figure as long as I have the Black Eyed Peas on my ipod, I can do it!
Tomorrow is the Goddess's birthday. I know she is trying to stay away from sugar, but seriously, it's her birthday. I believe that either cup cakes or carrot cake are being gifted to her. It doesn't seem right to celebrate without sugar.
I am a little mundane this month. I haven't felt like blogging or commenting. It is the end of February which signifies the upcoming anniversary of Brian's death. I never know how this time will affect me. All I know, is that I always know the time of year, without needing the calendar to remind me.
I try to distract myself with travel, or food, or running; but, it doesn't work....I always have reminders of February.
This year, has been different. I am heading to Seattle on Friday to celebrate the anniversary with Shari. First, though, Michaela is driving up from Oregon to stay with me and my college friend, Jean, in Seattle. Two days of debauchery with them, will be followed by a soulful meal with Shari. I haven't decided on the food factor or where we will release ashes. I have been caught up in newness in my life. That, too, is a distraction. Instead of focusing on Seattle, I have been procrastinating the trip. I guess that is my funk, this year, of dealing with the time of year.
The lesson is that I always have to confront my feelings. I am unable to outrun them.
I will run today which continues to be a healthy outlet for me. Tomorrow, I am painting my bedroom. It needs to be done; and, it seems therapeutic. I will be doing something positive in my space. I am trying to occupy myself with positive changes, affirmations, outlets.
I know that eventually, I will feel like writing about it. Until then, enjoy your day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaming of New York

While at Solera the other night, I spoke to Goose, the chef/owner/friend of mine. He is an amazing guy. Each year, in Denver, we have restaurant week at the end of February. Basically, you can dine out, as a couple for $52.80. It is a great way to check out high end restaurants in Denver for most people. I prefer being able to pick out what I am eating, not told, here is the 3 course meal we have prepared for you. Plus, it is overindundated with people. The restaurants are overwhelmed and it feels like amateur night, in my book.
I knew this, but had forgotten the timing, when I approached Goose about doing a live cooking demonstration for a fundraiser that I chaired. Goose agreed. No questions asked.
As the day beckoned, he realized that it was smack dab in restaurant week. Not once, did he consider backing out of his commitment to me. For that, I will always admire and support him. It was a terrible time for him to be doing me a favor; yet, he did it and he was awesome. Of the 4 chefs, he shined the most.
So, we were reminiscing about that night and the other chefs. One is a catering chef/friend of mine in Denver, and the other two, were recruited because Brad Thompson is the brother of one of the board members of the foundation.
Brad and his friend, Mark, flew out to Denver and did a combined demo. I had met Brad in Phoenix, but I believe he is now in L.A. Mark is still hopefully, in New York.
I want to go there.
I know, it's sort of a shocker, as much as I enjoy traveling, I have never been to New York City. It meets all of my qualifications--big city, culture, FOOD--wow, everywhere, theatre, bars, etc.
I looked into flights, today, and there are great deals. I need to pick a time and then I am contacting Mark about a meet in New York. He is quiet and I was scattered that event. I could barely see straight, let alone, think. I would love to thank him in person.
One of my co-workers, dined at his restaurant, 3 years ago, and she and her partner loved it.
I keep visualizing and seeing it becoming a reality. And, I get friendly reminders from Sara of the Fresh Air Organization. They have another 1/2 Marathon coming up, and of course, they are always in need of host families. Check it out-- if you want more information. Remember, 2010 is about Service, for me, and there are ample opportunities for each of us, to give something back. If you want to give to Haitian Relief--do, or think more grass roots, local, or something you identify with. Either way, donation is essential to me, this year.
Yes, I am dreaming of New York. I will go there. I am thinking, April. I want to be able to wear shorts....SHOCKER!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Productive day

Yesterday was extremely productive.
I met Kat for lunch at Venues in the Highlands Area. Kat moved to Denver, a week ago, and is living in that area. I had not dined there, yet, and had every intention of checking it out. There is a cute couple that frequent the Bull. Emily's brother is the chef of Venues. I wanted to check it out since they are kind and interesting people.
Kat and I both had the chicken cordon bleu sandwich. It was lovely--fresh bread, chicken and ham. The service was attentive, and overall, the experience was great.
Afterwards, I met the Goddess and we ran to Wash Park. I was dragging, a little, and figure it was because it was my 3rd day of consecutive running. Since the marathon, my runs have not been very consistent. I signed up for 2 1/2 Marathons and so it is time to begin running, again.
I returned home, showered, and checked my e-mail. My CPA had done my taxes and my lawyer contacted me about the Slumlord. He will be served today or tomorrow with his notice of going to court. Finally, there will be redemption for that situation. I am glad that I left. The two girls that lived under my unit are still having severe issues with heat and plumbing. They have decided to move out/break their lease and probably sue the Slumlord as well. 2010 will not be lucrative for him.
I considered going to small claims court or dropping my suit. But really, this man is never going to change his ways unless he is made to pay for his negligence. Thankfully, I know attorneys that are willing to help me out.
I think I got Kat a job at the Saucy Noodle. She wants to work and they need an "adult" server/hostess. I do understand that qualification. Meaning, they want someone that will show up, wants to work and is responsible.
Later, I met Jenny Minard, my friend that I have known since we were 10 years old. She lives in Denver and we try to meet up every 6 months, but for whatever reason, we are only able to meet once a year.
Actually, I saw her in December and we planned on meeting in April at a bar in the Highlands area. Solera was our destination last night and it never disappoints. We sampled their wine tasting and ate the truffle fries and cheese plate. While we were sitting there, in walks one of my friends, Milky. He tells me that my boss will be joining him, shortly. Sure enough, in walks Dave and his friend, Laura. They had attended some glendale city of commerce function and were in the mood for appetizers.
Denver is a small town. I realize that every day.
Yes, I had an extremely productive day. It felt amazing! Today, I am writing cards, watching a movie, drinking wine and making dinner. Productive in a completely different way.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today is a great day...not a dull Monday, or sunny--for that matter, but kind.
I feel fulfilled, hopeful even, for greater tasks/challenges to accomplish. Maybe it is the fact that I updated my ipod. I love music and need more inspiration, while working, running, living. I really am motivated by listening to music.
Currently, I am reading, Waiter Rant. Parts of it are funny--laugh out loud, even--but not everything. This guy blogs and I am sure that his blog is hilarious, but putting it in a book isn't the right medium. He seems too nice in describing customers and co-workers.
The service industry is brutal. The substance abuse, money issues, co-workers and yes, customers are full of fodder and material. My God, I could go on and on about some of the shit that I encounter on a daily basis. For example, Saturday night, the phone rang. I answered it. This guy goes--well, I have a question.
Our phones are sketchy. Numerous times, I have had to say--please repeat and speak up. It isn't me and my years of listening to music too is the phone. It is cheap and crappy.
Anyways, so the conversation continues....I have a you allow NIG---S into your bar?
I think I hear wrong.
Please speak up and repeat.
Do you allow NIG===S in your bar?
I cannot dignify a response...cannot say the offensive word and so I hand the phone to Tiffany.
Apparently, I had heard correctly. She told the guy that he wouldn't be welcome in the Bull and Bush with his feelings towards black people.
For 45 minutes after the phone call, we both were dazed by the conversation. I mean, it isn't the 1950'S in Alabama. I live in a city. I live in a liberal city, at that, and no, most people do not use that word in their vocabularly. I was offended, still am. So, yes, I could write or go, on and on, about b.s. in my restaurant. It doesn't mean I could write a book about it. I do envy the Waiter Rant, because it is a solid idea. I loved Kitchen Confidential. I am not an Anthony Bourdain fan...he is a misogynist. He wrote a great book about restaurants. He has written other books, too, but they suck. They are terrible. He has numerous shows and is a guest on Top Chef, where he is revered as a God. No, I do not share those feelings, but I truly enjoyed Kitchen Confidential. It was hilarious and eye-opening for the general public when dealing with restaurants and kitchens.
Waiter Rant hits too close to home and so I think I am biased in my opinion. I am certain that others would find it amusing. I think he was too polite in his commentary.
Enjoy your day, regardless of how you choose to spend it!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


My dessert from Geronimo.
AMAZING....the coconut marshmellow jasmine ice cream bomb.....absolutely amazing.
Initially, I wanted to dine at the Chocolate Maven for dinner. I was lax. Instead of making sure that they were open, every day, for dinner, I relied on the clerk at the hotel. I asked her if they were open and she are the directions to the establishment.
Shari and I drove over to the Chocolate Maven and knew that we would not be able to dine there for dinner. I had made arrangements with Melody to trade out my massage for a meal at Geronimo. I sensed that Melody believed it was casual and her services are stellar, and deserving, of a gourmet meal.
Geronimo never disappoints. I ordered a bottle of red zinfandel and we tried a few different appetizers. The foie gras wonton wraps were nice. I preferred the crab cake and the shrimp purses with lychee. I enjoy saying that word and yes, it was appetizing.
We chose salmon and pork tenderloin as the entrees. I loved the pork tenderloin. It was on top of a bed of risotto. I believed it was inspired.
Afterwards, we shared the coconut bomb and a pecan pie. The pie was lackluster. The jasmine ice cream was all I needed. I could have dined on that alone.
Fortunately, the conversation flowed. I do have wonderful people in my life. It was the second dining experience in a week where I recognized how great it was to have diverse friends.
The day, Tuesday, was liberating. I know that Shari found her breath in Santa Fe.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vague ramblings about upcoming food, January and massage...

January started off slow. I worked. I went running with the Goddess. Yes, we still meet, once a week, and run. We decided to sign up for a 1/2 marathon to motivate the distance we are doing. April 18th is the day.
I kept thinking I would have a clear idea of my goals for 2010. I think they are shaping, themselves, right now.
I traveled, ate a ton of rich food, received 3 massages and enjoyed friends--in Denver, and in New Mexico--two trips in the last two weeks which is amazing in my book! I went snowboarding in Taos and received a massage from Melody on Tuesday while in Santa Fe.
Tonight, I am dining at Frasca--continuing the food experience--with two of my co-workers and a friend. I feel blessed. I haven't been to Frasca in a few years, but it is definitely one of my favorite spots to hit in Colorado. I discovered it with my co-workers in 2005. A group of us drove to Boulder and tried the chef's tasting menu that they offer every Monday. As delightful as this experience was, I wanted to be able to choose my courses and dine accordingly.
I have never been an admirer of Valentine's Day. I consider it a joke of a holiday--one inspired by Hallmark; nevertheless, in 2006, Brian and I dined there. Ironically, it was immediately after Valentine's Day and so I suppose, in some respects, it was to celebrate that holiday as a couple. We booked a room at the Millenium Hotel so we could fully experience the awesomeness of Frasca. It was amazing. And, the hot tub was inviting post-dinner.
Since then, I have been fortunate to dine there on 3 other occasions. Each unique, but my favorite experience, was the Valentine's Day meal in 2006, with Brian.
I look forward to whatever Frasca delights tonight. I know that it will be excellent and I am dining with my boss, Dave, who has an exquisite palette.
I have eaten at Joseph's Table in Taos, Coyote Cafe and Geronimo in Santa Fe. I know that I must write about those meals, but am running short on time.
I think 2010 will be centered on massage ( 1-2 per month), traveling ( 1 abroad trip--either for pleasure or volunteer work), 2 1/2 marathons, 1 full (October or November), and of course--dining with friends. Last year was all about reconnection with people from my past. This year, it feels, different. I am still open to the reconnection factor, but feel, it will be new experiences, people, stories.
Enjoy your night. Oh, and ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK! What a game, last night? I could have went....

Monday, February 1, 2010


Santa Fe and Taos....I so enjoy New Mexico.
Last week, I went snowboarding for the first time ever.
I now understand why Brian would leave me, each week--faithfully, to get in his skiing or boarding fix on Mondays. That was the only consistent day off for him.
I resented his need to go to the mountains.
At least, I did, until my experience in Taos, last week.
Yesterday, Shari flew into Denver and we had dinner at Elway's with the Goddess, Sara Jo, and Bryn. Initially, I believed it would be an early night, but the conversation flowed alongside the wine. I am blessed to have these girlfriends in my life. We are all at different stages in life, but so capable of having a wonderfully creative conversation. Plus, we ran into two of my co-workers and two regulars while drinking Rapture at Elway's.
Today, Shari and I drove down to Santa Fe. It is another mecca, for me, and I am excited to tour more of the town with her. We hope to dine at the Chocolate Maven, tonight, and Geronimo, tomorrow evening with Melody. I need to keep this short, since I am on borrowed time. Plus, there is a man in the lobby, that will not stop yapping. It is extremely distracting!
Enjoy your night....