Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Napa trip over Vegas running adventure

I think I am skipping the Vegas Half Marathon.  I just don't have any motivation.  I've tried.  Really.  I just have little interest in running 13.1 miles next month.  
And, I was offered a trip to Napa.  Hands down that takes precedence over a weekend in Las Vegas.  I haven't been to Napa in a couple of years.  In my mind a trip there is way overdue.  I cannot wait.
Yesterday, everything sort of happened.  It started innocently enough.  I had arranged a few wine tastings as it was Tuesday.  I met with my friend, Brian, and right before he left he mentioned a trip to Napa.  I was a little off balance since I didn't know if this would come to fruition or not.  
About an hour later he returned and discussed the trip with me.  Immediately, I thought of my upcoming trip to Vegas and how unnecessary it was.  Running has been nonexistent.  I have filled my days with hiking and yoga to have some sort of cardio rush.  I have just not been interested in running outside.
So, it's settled.  I choose Napa over Vegas.  This year will be voluntary contributions to organizations.  That is my gift to the community.  2013 is a new year.  I will return to running then.
In other news, Shari and I are still deciding how to celebrate the 7 year anniversary. I think we are getting closer to making a decision.  Food will be involved.  Wine, too.  And, possibly a meal in Denver.  Isn't that where it all began?  It makes sense to celebrate in Denver.  Maybe hike Matthew Winters and dine in Boulder.  We are working out the details.  But, I believe, we will spend this anniversary with a zest for food.  Food will direct this trip and I am uber excited.
I must go to yoga.....

Monday, October 29, 2012


Yes, it's been challenging logging into my account.  I have been frustrated, too.  I wanted to update my last week of adventures.
First off, I have been dehydrated.  It's crazy.  I drink tons of water and still, I am experiencing some dehydration.  For example, Saturday morning, I had a bloody nose while working.  Talk about unfortunate timing.  I excused myself from the bar and waited for it to stop.
Today, I have ultra chapped lips.  It is crazy.  I know it is dry here, but, really?  This bad?  Yesterday, I met a friend out for a beer and while I am sitting there my left contact rolled back into my eye.  I am sure I looked like a mess since I could only see with my right eye.  I tried to manipulate the contact out without inflicting pain to my eye.  Nothing worked and so I went to bed.  At 4 a.m., I woke up.  Awesome.  I watched Felicity (my latest go-to when I am unable to sleep) and blinked a few times.  I was finally able to get my contact out.  It was folded in half.  No wonder I couldn't get it out.
So, yes, I am dehydrated.
I have been considering my 7 year anniversary trip with Shari.  Initially, we spoke of Bali.  This is our spiritual journey and Bali seemed like the ideal place.  Perhaps part of that was due to the success of Eat, Pray, Love.  I honestly don't know.  Regardless, we get closer to the departure date, I am considering other countries.  Chile, Venezuela or somewhere in central America.  I believe most of this stems from the travel time it will take to get to Bali.  46 hours.  That demands at least a 3 week trip.  Not only that, but, once we are there, most of the available activity is resort oriented.
I feel that wherever we decide it will be spiritual and meaningful to us.  I like the idea of Chile since when I went in 2008, I did not wine taste.  I was in a funk and so I abstained from drinking for the two weeks I was there.  Plus, there are mountains, the lake district and I loved Valporaiso.  I think it would be a great trip.
Of course, the lure of Bali is enticing.  It is a spiritual country and I know that we would have a wonderful time.  I just don't know if it is enough for the time travel to get there.  Shari and I are going to talk later this week to make a decision.
I have been hiking more.  The weather is finally awesome and inspiring.  I have went a few times with Brandon and I have a hiking date with Kristina tomorrow morning.  I think it is helping me recenter/refocus.  It's been an interesting year.  Hiking, yoga, meditation is helping me immensely.  Last night, I met with a new friend and started talking about Brian.  Next thing you know, I am crying.  I am emotional, more so, and I think it because I know that it is time to let him go.  To move forward and make a conscious effort to be vulnerable again.  It's terrifying.  Both of those things--letting him go and  being vulnerable.  I suppose that is what living in the moment is.  Instead of remaining comfortable with known things, places, people--moving into uncomfortable, foreign, unknown places and situations.  I think that is what growth represents and is.
I know that we will choose a place and that it will be excellent.  It isn't about a specifically spiritual country, it's about how we choose to celebrate and honor Brian.
I am off to hike, to enjoy and to taste life~

Monday Memory

Greetings from the Mission.  Last time I went to San Francisco, I was with these two ladies.  Our gal pal, Megan, had to leave early to fly back to D.C.  Sara, Lindsay and I managed to stay an additional day to tour the city.
Ironically, this was the night that the Giants won the World Series in 2010.  Seemed appropriate to reflect/appreciate that memory, today, since the Giants were victorious last night.
This photo was taken after beginning the day with Irish Coffees at the Buena Vista.  We took the cable car back to Union Station.  That was my first ride, ever, on that particular tourist attraction.  From there, we walked to the Mission.  I had spent some time in that area in 01'.  Sara wanted to check out a bike shop and so we ended up spending the majority of our day there.  It was awesome.  We bar hopped from place to place.  Eventually, Lindsay pointed out that she wanted to watch the world series game and so we stopped into a burger/beer joint and ate steak fries.  Delish!
We finished the night at Range. I have a friend from college who knows the pastry chef there.  As such, I have dined there in the past and knew it was a legitimate gem of a restaurant.  My girlfriends know that I love food and so they weren't at all surprised that we dined there.  While talking to other bar customers they were asked how we found this spot and they remarked, our friend, Harmony, loves to find local eateries.
What an amazing day, experience, memory!  Next summer, I hope to have another adventure with these two ladies and a few other friends that I have met along the way.  We will run the half in Santa Barbara and tour wine country afterwards.  Something to definitely look forward to.
On a side note, I have experienced some difficulty with logging into this account.  I have wanted to blog the last few days but couldn't.  It's been odd to say the least.
Well, enjoy your Monday.  I know that I will~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday Memory (late)....

Ahhh...sweet photo of a wonderful memory.  I spent three days with these amazing ladies a few years ago.  I had convinced them to join me in Sonoma to run a half marathon.  I think I wore them down from my insistence.  I can be like that.  I get an idea in my head and make it happen.  So worth it, too.  We finished the race and celebrated with wine and pretzels.
I have been thinking of these girls, too.  Megan's son is a year old and she and her husband recently bought a house in Maryland.  Lindsay had a baby 9 days ago.  He is adorable from the photos I've seen.  And, Sara, well, Sara is thriving in Denver.  No babies to report from her.
I signed up for a half next year in Santa Barbara.  Lindsay is interested.  Sara is signed up and Megan is unable to join us, this time.  I have other friends from Italy meeting us, too.  I cannot wait.
I should start running again, though.  I have been super lazy and without reason.  It is no longer hot in Phoenix.  I could go outside at any point in the day.  The weather is stunning.  Still, I cannot seem to make myself do it.
I have substituted yoga for the cardio factor.  However,  yesterday, I mentally checked out of the class ten minutes in.  I barely made it through the class.  It was torture.  I skipped the class today.  I am lame.
So, I am remembering a trip with three of my best friends.  I was in great running shape since I was training for the Vegas Marathon.  Lovely memory.  Of course, wine was involved...lots of it.  I discovered that Lindsay loves pickles.
I suppose I am trying to motivate myself to go running.  Tomorrow is the day that I begin running again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesdays Travels

Ahhhh....Tuesday, I love you.  Woke up, watched Felicity, drank coffee and chose to attend a yoga class.  Super excited to go to yoga but once I got there, I was mentally checked out.  I think ten minutes into the class, I had no desire to be there.
Somehow, I managed to sustain for 50 minutes and then crash out.  The instructor was beyond gracious.  I just had no desire to finish her class.  I left.  I showered and ran off to wine taste.  How can I explain how much I love Tuesdays~
There is a market that I wanted to have lunch out.  However, there is a valet factor, elitist factor and trendy factor.  I drove up, wanting food, but unwilling to deal with the ramifications of my decision.  I did not want to deal with any of those factors.  Instead, I continued on.  I chose a coffee shop that offered food.  I figured the coffee would be delicious and I could deal with said food.  How wrong I was.
Coffee, yes, delicioso.  Food, well, lackluster.  I regretted my decision to avoid trendy people.  I picked at the sandwich and recognized that that would be the last time I dined there.  See, in the past, I tried a chocolate croissant too.  No bueno.
I went to work and tasted wine.  I love Tuesdays for that factor alone.  However, today, some of the reps were needy and displayed bad energy.  They were overwhelming.  I wanted to taste wine and enjoy life.  Some of them, well, they didn't have that same idea.
Afterwards, I went to a restaurant and sampled a feta inspired dish.  I convinced a nail salon to remain open to give me and my girlfriend, Danny, a pedicure.  Best decision of the day.  The salon closed at 7.   We arrived at 7:15 and left at 9.  Hello, amazing pedicure.
A little conversation, dinner, wine.  I considered having one more glass.  My friend said, we should go.  I did and now, I am inspired by a chilean merlot.  Yummy!  Figure, tomorrow, is a new day and I should always enjoy wine.  Til then, cheers~

Monday ventures

Finally took the light rail to downtown Phoenix for an adventure.  Yesterday, I considered having a low key type of day off.  I went to yoga, cleaned my house and then thought better of my night.  I called Jan to see if she was interested in meeting me for a beer or two.  She had a tax deadline and so she told me she wanted a rain check. I sort of saw that coming.  I knew that 10/15 was a significant day for her.  Still, I thought there is no harm in asking.
I moved onto Plan B.  There is a girl that I work with that I wanted to meet out for drinks.  In the past, we have met for wine around Tempe and I always leave with a sense of happiness from our conversations.  Kristina is young, responsible and she travels.  In some ways, she reminds me of a younger version of myself.  In all honesty, I am envious of all of the possibility in her life.  I remember being 21 and thinking the world is my oyster.  (I still do, too)
Anyways, we met in Tempe at a new bar.  I arrived first and I walked into the establishment and was greeted immediately.  As nice as that was, it also was overwhelming.  I could barely look at the menu as I was bombarded with--do you know what you would like to drink?  Maybe I can help....what beer do you normally drink?
I texted Kristina to get here now as I was getting annoyed due to the overzealous staff.  She breezed in and the focus was no longer on my choice of beverage.  I do understand being welcoming and available to customers.  However, there is a balance to it, too.  Had Kristina not arrived when she did, I would have probably left to find a more low key spot.
The beer was fine and afterwards, we walked up to the light rail.  We waited for the next train about ten minutes.  Next stop, a restaurant along the rail.  I chose the place and it was convenient.  Right along the rail and a wine bar.  That was the attraction for me.  I wasn't superstoked with their wine selection but most of the bottles were available for $40 or less.
Kristina chose a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.  I was in the mood for red wine (always, as it seems) but wanted her to be more involved with wine.  We shared crab cakes, au gratin potatoes and sriracha shrimp.  Of the three, the crab cakes had the most flavor and complexity.  The au gratin potatoes were lackluster.  They resembled a quiche without crust.  Plus, they could have used salt.  And, the shrimp was not at all what I thought I ordered.  I believed they would be the 21-25 lb shrimp k instead of the baby shrimp smothered in sauce.
I should have pushed for the prosciutto wrapped asparagus.  I think that would have been preferable over the shrimp.  We concluded the meal with a decadent chocolate cake.  Delish!  Paid the tab and made our way back to the rail stop.  Within two minutes, it arrived.  Perfection, for sure.  I don't know how we timed it so well.  The return trip was much quicker.  Although, we spoke of next time bringing a flask for the ride.  There are so many restaurants to check out downtown and I hope to take the light rail to do it.  It's safe, efficient and a stellar way of getting around the valley.
I was thankful for texting Kristina instead of wallowing in my monday day blues.  Of course, Jan eventually texted me to see if I wanted to meet for a beer.  I had already made plans and invited her along.  She declined.  However, had I met her, I definitely wouldn't have taken the light rail.  We would have met somewhere that was typical of our friendship.  Rarely do we venture into new spots and I suppose that is what I am seeking right now.  I want to thoroughly enjoy this city.  I intend to do that.
Monday was a success.  Looking forward to exploring more of downtown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy today~

Happy Thursday!  I have much to be thankful for today. In about 20 minutes, I will have a reading with a medium.  Lately, I seem to notice tarot readers, psychics and advertisements for either of the following.  I am attracting this for some reason.  To me, it meant, making an appointment and having a reading.
Initially, I considered consulting my tarot lady, Catherine.  I know she has had some health issues over the last year and so I didn't want to ask her to do a reading.  She has a friend, Audra, that I have used in the past and liked.  However, it felt weird seeking her out if I was unwilling to ask Catherine.  So, I reflected on my options.  Jan has a lady in Denver that she likes.  My friend, Brie, has spoken highly of her medium.  I texted Brie and asked for her information.  I looked at the website and made an inquiry.  That was Sunday and today, I have my reading.
I am stoked.  Sometimes, it can take months to arrange an appointment.  The first reading I had took two months to set up.  I remember being anxious before the phone call.  The man asked me a series of questions that did not apply to me.  After 8 minutes, he told me that he felt I should wait a year and consult someone else if I felt uncomfortable with approaching him again.  He tore up my check and I waited a year.  I respected that he was honest with me.  I mean, he could have sold me a pack of lies and I would have believed him.  My frame of mind at that point was fragile.  It was right after Brian died and I wanted to know that he was okay.  I was desperate to know that he was okay.
Eventually, I did have a reading with that man and it was positive and beneficial.  That experience will always remind me how much I enjoy a reading.
It feels right, too.  I can always use a little guidance.  It's my gypsy like lifestyle that demands it.  Til later.  Enjoy your day.  Be thankful for what makes you happy, healthy & thriving~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thinking of Fiji

Welcome to Fiji.  Four years ago this is where I began my adventure.  Actually, this was a few days after arriving in Nadi.  Voli Voli, Fiji.  We spent a few nights here and I was able to scuba dive.  I remember listening to Anne Murray and Dr. Hook.  Super nostalgic of family road trips and Brian.  My parents owned a van with an 8 track tape player.  I remember listening to the Stones, the Beatles and of course, Anne Murray.  Shadows in the Moonlight reminds me of the return road trip home from summers spent in Iowa.  Typically, we would spend two to three weeks in Iowa with my grandmothers.  My mom or dad would drive us up to Iowa and we would spend summer vacation with our cousins.  My great grandmother in Audubon fed us nonstop.  She made the best fried chicken and cinnamon rolls.  I remember one summer my mom telling grandma Emma that we would no longer be able to visit if she kept feeding us.
I miss the freedom of traveling.  Taking time to reflect on what is important in life and not so caught up in stress.  Making time to stop and smell the roses.  Yes, I miss traveling. It is always a new adventure and I am always inspired by new things.  For example, while on a train to Paris in July, I dreamed of learning Italian, traveling to Bordeaux to inhale wine or learning to sew.  Made me think--I need a hobby and asap.  
I am thankful for where I am at, today, too.  The weather is amazing in Arizona and there is endless possibility here.  I could take a pottery class, jewelry making class or take a yoga teacher training class.  I should do something.  I cannot just dream of traveling.
Fiji was the first stop of my amazing adventure.  Yes, I miss that trip.  I would love to return to Voli Voli for another scuba diving trip.  Til then, I have my photos to reminisce.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dinner tonight with a rep and a supplier.  Delish!
It had been awhile in the making.  I think the original plan was to go to dinner early September.  How time flies.  We kept saying, this Tuesday.  No, next Tuesday.  What about the following Tuesday?  Finally, I was told, get ready.  We are meeting this week at 4:30.  I tried to explain that that wouldn't work.  I know that Justin is unable to get to work before 5.  I have worked with him for the past year.  He is a routine guy and so I pushed for a meet up of 5:30.  When that wasn't well-received, I opted to just agree to be late to the dinner.
I am the first to arrive.  I walk into the establishment and it reminds me of my days at Fifi's.  Old school charm, bad lighting and an obvious established joint.  I trust my friends to order.  In a way, I knew that I was being treated and so I wanted to see what they would order. In hindsight, I should have suggested a few items.  Like the prosciutto and melon dish instead of the artichoke.  Whole artichoke is difficult to ingest.  It's messy and time consuming.  I should have pushed for the melon and prosciutto.  Plus it reminded me of my time in Codroipo with Agnese and her family.  It was definitely nostalgic.
Instead, I settled for the artichoke.  Knowing, it was not a smart choice.  We started with artichoke, calamari (another bad decision....I am a student of solera and so any other calamari seems inferior), risotto balls and stuffed mushrooms.  Of the four, the risotto balls were the favorite.  The stuffed mushrooms were great.
We tried some bubbly and a sicilian wine.  Somewhat raisiny, chocolate and velvet.  Lisa chose chicken vesuvio and Brian insisted on a veal dish.  I could have passed on both.  I am not a huge fan of dark meat chicken.  Veal, well, not exactly a choice for me.  I ate tomatoes off of the veal dish and focused on the side of the pasta dish.  The appetizers were considerably better than the entrees.  In my defense, I would have chosen differently.  Still, wine was plentiful and the bread was excellent.
It did remind me of working in college at Fifi's.  Family restaurant, old-school, rich, soulful food.  Dinner was nostalgic.  Happy to have went and met my friends.  Next time, I push for what I want, though.

Insomnia and other thoughts...

Insomnia, again.  This time, I powered through it.  Drank some water and forced my mind to stop racing.  Lately, I think of work.  I obsess about how I can contribute more positive energy to it.  The last few nights have been never ending thoughts of work.  What is wrong with me?
I consider my present and my future.  I suppose that is why I obsess about work.  It is very present in my life.  I love many aspects of it.  There are some that are challenging, too.  I know if there weren't challenges, I would not be learning if that makes sense.  I just wish I could shut my mind off sometimes.    We'll see how it goes tonight.
This evening, I am meeting two of my favorite wine reps/suppliers for a meal.  I don't know how or why I got involved in this meal but from the start they included me.  We have been trying to dine at this established italian restaurant for about six weeks.  Each Tuesday something would come up delaying our meal.  Tonight it is sticking.  We will meet for drinks and appetizers.  Finally.
My intention was to get up, early, and go for a run.  However, when insomnia hit me at 3 am, I knew that running was out of the question.  That will have to wait for tomorrow.
I did manage to write a few thank you cards last night.  I have been thinking about it and got around to it.  I was semi-productive yesterday.  I made stirfry, read, arranged an appointment for a reading and wrote a few thank you cards.  This year for my birthday, I was surprised by a few of my co-workers.  They brought me wine and cupcakes.  Delicious!  Unexpected surprise.  I took the wine and cupcakes to San Diego and shared them with friends there.  Excellent surprise for sure.
The stirfry was tasty and it inspired me to cook at home more often.  I have been thinking pumpkin soup.  I ate incredible pumpkin, bean, corn stew in Chile.  I want to make my own version of the stew and soon.  Feels like fall, right?
It is time to greet the day.  I have errands to run, pre-work and then there is the lovely dinner tonight.  Life is grand~

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  I had the day off yesterday and spent it with one of my co-workers.  We met to discuss some of the issues regarding work (of course).  I like Justin and so it was an easy day.  I took the bus to Old Town as I knew it would be a long day.  I didn't want to convince myself that I  would be okay after a few drinks.  Holiday weekend and all.
Plus, I like the idea of public transport.  It's easier in other cities but I still like the challenge of it.  I walked to the bus stop and waited for about twenty minutes.  That was trying.  While on the bus, one of the other riders entered the bus and sat next to me.  He reeked of cigarettes/booze.  I tried to not breathe.  Didn't work out too well.  Thankfully, he was only on the bus for a brief amount of time.
I arrived a few minutes before Justin and found that our designated spot was not open til 3.  I texted him to let him know and thought of a plan B.  Wine bar worked out well.  We talked about a few work things and then continued the bar hopping.  All the while, I was texting Lindsay to see how her delivery was going.  Her son was finally ready to make his debut.  She seemed so calm via text.  Although, Lindsay is always calm, practical, kind.  Finally, after 16 hours of labor, he arrived via c-section.  He's beautiful and healthy.  I can only wait to visit and meet him.
I returned home compliments of one of my co-workers.  She saved me $30 in cab fare or waiting to take the bus home.  As much as I do enjoy public transport the idea of riding home on the bus was not something to look forward to.  I was so grateful that Hillary offered to give me a ride home.
I made dinner.  Of course, Justin and I enjoyed a few snacks.  We tried mac and cheese, tuna and bruschetta.  I really wanted these truffle fries at the wine bar but somehow we never managed to order them.
I made pasta and then went to bed.  At 2:20, I woke up.  Damn insomnia!  I was up til 6 unable to fall back asleep.  As such, my day off is lazy now.  I skipped yoga, tried to arrange a massage and see a siesta in my near future.  I am fairly certain that I told some of my co-workers that I would meet them for drinks later.  I am considering turning my phone off to avoid correspondence.
I have been watching this show on hulu--totally, my lazy type of day.  It's fascinating.  What would happen if we no longer had electricity?  How would you sustain your livelihood?  What hard copies of memories would you have available to you?  That is what completely stuck out to me.  I have photos of Brian and my life together.  I have few available on line since I didn't have a digital camera at that point in my life.
I think of how little water I have on hand.  Or the supply factor or lack thereof.  Yes, what would life be like without electricity?  How would we stay in constant contact with our lives?  I wake up and check my e-mail and facebook.  I haven't written a letter or thank you card in a few months.  I have forgotten how much I enjoy written correspondence.  After watching a few episodes, I am inspired to write a note, learn to sew or a new skill.
And, I will.  Time to greet the day~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here's to you Jean~

Toasting my friend, Jean.  We met in 2000 in a spanish class while attending college together.  It was an 8:30 am, daily class, that I rarely missed.  Hungover, or not, I always managed to show up for class.
She approached me one day after class to see if I would be interested in meeting her for a beer.  I think my exact words were--I am underage and have no fake i.d.  This didn't stop her.  She said, that's okay, you can come over to my house.  This led to the beginning of a beautiful friendship and mutual love of bloody mary's.
Every time we meet we always find time to seek out a delicious cocktail.  I think one of my favorites was at a local bar near her lake house in southern Washington.  My friend, Jan, and I met her for a few days while we dogsat for my sister, Michaela.  Jean graciously invited us up to her lake house and we spent one of the days hiking and barhopping.  We stopped in this town and ordered bloody mary's.  The bartender asked us if we were interested in the bacon flavored vodka option.  We declined a full one but did try the bacon vodka with a little bit of tomato mix.  Delish~
The regular bloody mary was fantastic.  Spicy, full of horse radish and chock full of veggies.  Also, a nice memory to think about when I think of my friends.  The trip to Oregon/Washington was excellent.  Finally, Jean met Jan, two important ladies in my life that I have wanted to meet for some time.
Last week, I was walking around PB and made a stop to seek out a superb concoction.  I thought of Jean and ordered a bloody mary.  Could have been spicier.  Otherwise, it hit the spot.
I hope to meet up with her in November.  I do love Seattle and it's been a few years since my last visit.
Happy Thursday.  What are you celebrating today?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

day off

Insomnia.  No bueno.  I woke up at 3:30 and was unable to fall back asleep til 6.  I think I woke up at ten to compensate for my lack of sleep.  It truly messes with my day when I do not get a full night of sleep.  Instead of going to yoga, I opted to do laundry and chores around my house.  Yes, it's necessary but I feel more productive after the hour flow class at my yoga studio.  I am unmotivated to do much of anything today.  Damn insomnia.
Yesterday, I went to yoga, followed by lunch and then wine tasting.  I think I will alternate Tuesdays with one of co-workers so that I can work 5 shifts every other week.  I like to work and it feels weird to have three days off.  If I have three days off, I want to go somewhere.  I recognize this pattern from the amount of trips I have taken this year.  Anytime I have three days off, I think it is right to fly to Denver, drive to San Diego or visit Jonny in Mexico.  It is my way of enjoying life.
As such, yoga was essential.  I like the instructor and her selection of music.  She has a soothing demeanor and always changes up her flow.  Afterwards, I decided to stop by a nearby restaurant and eat a sandwich.  I knew I would be wine tasting later but that didn't stop me from ordering a glass of wine with lunch.  Actually, I did order a glass of wine in a roundabout way.  I told the bartender that water would be fine until my lunch arrived.  At which point, I would order a glass of wine, I implied.
He brought my sandwich and walked away.  I didn't want to beg for a glass of wine and so I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  All the while picking at the cubano sandwich.  The bread was delicious, I love mustard, pickles and bacon.  The ham I could do without.  There was a fair amount of it on the sandwich, too.  Anyways, when I have, maybe, three bites left, the bartender asks--oh, did you want a glass of wine?
I decline, pay the tab and head into work.  I had to put together the liquor order, figure out the schedule and wine taste.  Best part of the entire day.  Well, not really.  Yoga was excellent as well. The wine tasting was the cherry on top of my day.  I found a few wines that were delish and finished my day by cooking supper.
Great day off til insomnia hit at 3 a.m.  My mind races with odd visions, dreams, situations.  I watch a show on-line to try to settle myself down.  Finally, I was able to sleep at 6.
Yes, i am lazy today.  I suppose it is needed after my mini-trip to San Diego.  I might start journaling my dreams.  Last night was odd.  Dreams of work, trees, spilling beer....odd, to say the least.  Having a journal might help me figure out why I am anxious about these things.
Til then, have a lovely Wednesday.  I have been thinking, a lot, about travel~

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Memory

This is me...last Friday at Pacific Beach. I sent a text to a few of my close friends with the caption--this is me at my office.  I know, I am a brat.  I don't care.  It felt amazing to be walking on the beach on Friday afternoon.  Sure, water was a tad bit cold.  I saw several people kite surfing, wind sailing and surfing.  The cold did not seem to bother them.
I kept thinking, I should learn to surf.  Maybe next time at the coast.  Friday, I lingered on the beach and walked around Pacific Beach. Amazing.  Concluded my day with a bloody mary and bar-hopped later with Tommy, Michael and Robert.  Birthday success story for sure.
This week, I hope to return to running, go to yoga and be a little healthier in the food department.  Lately, I have been careless with what I am eating.  I would prefer dining on veggies, whole grains and no fried foods.  My love of chips and salsa sort of derails that insight; however, I have been munching on fries at work as they are accessible.  I wish we had better munchie food at work.  Last night, I discovered the beauty of creating my own sandwich and pairing it with a salad.  I see many variations of chicken sandwiches in my work future.
Til then....enjoy your day!  Yoga, lunch and possibly a brief visit to work are on my Monday's agenda.  I can still dream of the beach,,,,