Friday, September 16, 2016

random walking stories

The other day, I chose to walk to work.  Being a beautiful day it seemed fitting to enjoy some sunshine and tunes.  I began my two and a half mile walk by walking up 14th street.  Heading west, I was aware of the traffic driving east.  I have driven on this road, many times, and know that people tend to not look for pedestrians or cyclists.  People drive fast on this road as there are fewer stop lights and three lanes available for traffic.  I prefer this thoroughfare as opposed to Colfax.  Even driving.  But mostly walking.  14th is cleaner and there are fewer people. 
So, I am walking west on 14th about to turn north when I start to walk across a cross walk.  A mini van was blocking my path and it was apparent he was not aware of my presence.  I choose to walk behind the car since he was midway through the cross walk which would have forced me onto the roadway of 14th.  There was a girl across the street also attempting to cross, heading east.  The minivan driver saw her and started to back up.  Meaning he backed up into me.  I was shocked and so I yelled at him. 
His response was that there was a girl crossing the street and he didn't want to hit her.  Keep in mind, she is 30 feet away from him and he would have to cross three lanes of traffic to hit her.  Instead he backs up.  A car could have been behind him for all he knew.  I was furious and he continued with that he had to make a choice and he chose to back up.  WTF?  I would have loved to have heard him explain that to his insurance agent or the paramedics had he hit me.  I moved out of the way since I am not interested in an altercation with a vehicle.  All I wanted was this guy to apologize for being a complete jackass.  He didn't understand that.  He called me a stupid ass and continued to believe that I was wrong as a pedestrian trying to cross a crosswalk.
I continued to work, furious.  Walking faster even.  I saw that other people had observed the altercation and would back me up on it if needed.  Yet, I felt reporting it would do nothing.  Outside of delay my arrival to work. 
I arrive at work and attempt to contain my feelings.  I am still angry about the situation.  How unwilling this guy was to cop to his part in the altercation.  His audacity in suggesting that he had to make a choice.  (the most insane response I have ever heard.  How about look around you before proceeding to an action?) I am new to this job and so many of my co-workers do not know me or how I am.  As well as their friends/regulars.  I chatted up this lady and we were bonding over our mutual love of NOLA, travel and so I went into my day and how I had walked to work and almost been hit.  This girl goes, "On Williams St?  I saw you!"  She proceeded to tell me that she was concerned that the driver would pull out a gun which had also crossed my mind.  Thankfully, not the case.
Small world getting smaller.  Of course, Emily had seen me get in the altercation with the driver.
Today, I am taking an uber.  Seems safer well and allowed me the time to blog, iron my clothes and drink some coffee.  Off to greet the day!