Monday, July 30, 2018

ankle woes and thoughts of travel

Ankle injuries are tedious.  I have been nursing it and applying tons of TLC to ensure a quick recovery.  Last night, I aggravated something and this morning woke up to a slight swelling of purple.  I am annoyed!  Back to a cycle of ice, compression, elevation.  I am thankful for the next two days so that I can attempt to equalize my ankle.  It is getting better and I will continue to heal.
One of my clients arrived at my house yesterday to do a yoga session with me.  She had her ankle wrapped and an abrasion on her other knee.  Everything I had prepared for our session I needed to change.  We wouldn't be able to put pressure on her right knee.  I told her we would refocus on efforts on upper body and some seated postures.  It worked and I was thankful she didn't cancel.  I told her that I did yoga about three days after jacking up my ankle.  I knew it can be done.
I had another session planned after Georgette where my client did not show up.  I gave her ten minutes before reaching out and then another eight before canceling the session.  She was very apologetic and offered to give me money for my time which I appreciated.  I did plan a sequence and had my time available to her.  Today, I have one client this evening.  I still need to plan out the sequence so I am considering a wine lunch to square my week away. It gives me time to see what is out there in terms of the restaurant scene in Denver and also to plan upcoming yoga sessions.  I get distracted at home and so having a neutral space enables more productivity. Wine helps, too.
I keep seeing ads about California.  The wine region, specifically. I think a trip to the Central Coast will be in my near future.  I have an idea of whom I will be traveling with as well.  I have not figured out, exactly when, but it is going to happen.  Paso Robles or Lodi.  I have not visited that area and so I am interested in exploring that region. I love Paso and have spent a few weekends there.  Granted it has been a few years and a return there would be wonderful.  Getting to Paso is a little more challenging than Lodi.  I could fly to Sacramento and drive there.  I believe there are direct flights from Denver and so it is manageable.  Getting to Paso is more complicated.  There is a connecting flight involved or a considerable amount of driving from L.A. or San Fran.  Spending a weekend there would not be enough.  I would want a minimum of four days which at this point, I do not know if that is possible due to work schedules.  I am trying to build up some good will with my co-workers which takes a little bit of time.  I want to be available to them to cover their shifts so that they will have no issue covering mine when I need some coverage.  Time heals everything, right?
I will be resting my ankle and reading.  I still have that stack of books from Chad that I need to minimize.  I would like to maybe go shopping, too.  It would be nice to extend my wardrobe.  I will need some more dresses for my upcoming travel.
I think I should perhaps get a massage to see if I can release some of that tension in my calves.  I don't know.  We will see.  I am open to trying anything at this point to relieve some of the ankle irritation.
Until later, enjoy your day!  I am off to begin it!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

travel and yoga research

The last two days have been lovely in Denver.  Overcast, temperatures that are moderate and pedestrian friendly.  I love it!
I worked last night after a day of playing hooky.  I ran into an old friend and we had lunch at a Thai spot, followed by a quick margarita at another spot along the Fax.  I enjoy exploring my neighborhood when I have the opportunity.  There are a few spots that have been opened in the last two months that are amazing.  I need to return to see of what they have to offer.  I reached out to Sara Jo to see if she was interested in meeting me for happy hour.  She has yet to respond.  I know that she is in the middle of her evaluations and that it is a tricky time for her.  My other client, Rachel, is in town and I considered asking her to join me for happy hour.  However, I know that she has family obligations and I don't want to distract her from that.  She mentioned an early dinner with her cousin and uncle.  I was hoping she could join me for happy hour.  Maybe a beverage or two?  
Spending time with my friend was wonderful.  I have missed him and the ease that occurs between us.  I appreciate his love of food and how we have traveled together in the past.  The last trip to Chicago was pretty amazing.  I asked if he would consider returning there to explore the food scene.  His response--I want to go to D.C.
I don't know.  I have been pretty lazy in general today.  I sequenced out my next few sessions with my clients and considered where I could do some research and development to enhance my practice.  I see a trip to Seattle in my near future.  I have not done yoga there and would be interested to see what they are offering.  I loved discovering the yoga scene in Minneapolis.  I still remember how incredible I felt after that class.  Heart Yoga studio is legit.  I wish I had had more time to attend two additional classes.  It is a heated studio that offers ridiculous power driven vinyasa flows.  I loved it!The class in D.C. was good, too.  Overpriced which I didn't appreciate.  And, it was a heated studio that did not offer showers.  That was surprising and actually gross.  Jennifer and I had walked the majority of the way to the studio with visions of thrift store shopping on the way back to Cap Hill.  Instead, we were sweaty and sticky.  They definitely need to add a shower stall or two in my opinion.
Of course, I love yoga in Arizona and should return to see some of what my favorite instructors are doing.  I am always inspired by that particular community.  I think Jan might enjoy a visit from me, too.
My friend, Danielle, is having a baby shower in a few weeks.  I would love to support her.  She was once my boss in Santa Fe for about six weeks.  Over that course of time, we became friends and kept in contact when she relocated to Kentucky.  Eventually, she returned to New Mexico and even spent a few months in Denver where we went to coffee, lunch and did yoga together.  Her partner lives in Taos and so she kept being drawn back to New Mexico.  We met for yoga and she informed me of her exciting news.  She was pregnant and would be returning to Taos.  Her shower is on a Saturday which I normally do not work.  I close Friday nights and work Sunday evening.  So, there is a window of opportunity to attend the shower.  If I get out at a decent time on Friday, I might just do it.  I could wake up early and drive south.  I hesitate since I would want to go to Ojo Caliente.  Is there a way to achieve that goal in a day?
I should greet the day.  I have three yoga sessions to guide which is the most I have done in a day so far.  We shall see how my chatarangas hold up.  Until then, cheers!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

the latest and greatest

Back to the grind also known as reality.  Less travel.  More working and productivity.  I am to the other side of training and will hopefully be working live in the next four days.  Cannot wait!  I have continued to teach yoga and expand my clientele.  I have a client returning to visit her uncle in two weeks.  Rachel lives in California and she texted me last night to arrange two sessions with me while she is in town.  I love that.  I should get my website up and running to increase my legitimacy.  I told her we would do a yoga session and follow with brunch.  If Rachel lived in Denver, we would be friends for sure.  I met her while at a happy hour about six weeks. ago.  Random conversation that led to her becoming a client.  I love that!
I am still nursing my ankle and it seems to be improving.  I think I will be purchasing a new brace that will provide more stability.  I believe I will be sporting a brace for the next month, at least.  Then I can attempt a pedicure and/or massage.  Desperately, I need a pedicure but I don't think I can handle one right now.  Maybe a specific calf massage?  Something to release some of the built up fascia that is trying to protect my ankle.  I know it is getting better and I feel that I am improving daily. I am ready to be to the other side of it still.  Much easier to function in my daily life.
This month has been pathetic in my yoga practice at my studio.  Ankle injury has limited my ability to attend classes.  Yet, I have been teaching and participating with my clients. I suppose I could suck it up and attend a class.  Maybe even check out a new studio.  There is a place in RiNo that is doing some great vinyasa power classes it seems.  I would prefer having that aspect into my daily practice.  I sequenced a class for my client today which involved a very active class.  She arrived a little under the weather and so I had to back off my original class to accommodate her.  She powered through and we were able to establish a physical class.  I added some balancing postures and changed it up a bit.  I think she was a little irritated with me for that.  We get stuck in what we think we should be doing and have difficulty performing when it doesn't coincide with what we think.  I told Alexis we would continue to expand our postures and begin to build more foundations of balance and stability.
Next week, I have six or seven sessions.  It will be a busy week!
I continue to dream of travel and how to make it a reality.  Seattle keeps popping up in my dreams and Paso Robles.  Wine country always inspires travel.  Paso is a must do and it has been five years since my last visit.  I wish it were easier to travel to instead of a connection or two plus renting a car.  There are wineries around Seattle which would satisfy that goal, too.  Syrah and merlot could be in my near future.  I have a friend that I could stay with and explore the area and food scene.
The quickest option would be Santa Fe which is about five hours south or heading east to visit my sister in Kansas.  I seem to visit Santa Fe every few months and so I could expand my travel repertoire this year.  The weather is an issue and the amount of time in the car.  Definitely seven hours and I might have two days off in a row.  I am still waiting to hear about my confirmed schedule.  Jasmin sent me a photo of the kids last night and I would love to go visit them.  They are growing up too fast!
The next three days will be long.  I am ready to be to the other side of this.  My aunt will be here this weekend and I am hoping that we can chit chat over brunch Sunday. It all remains to be seen how our schedules coincide and shake out.
Yoga in an hour and getting up to greet the day.  Happy Thursday!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

TLC, food and travel

Gorgeous overcast day and drop in the temperatures finally.  It has been hot!  Hot for us and I am not used to multiple days of waking up in the middle of night due to marinating in my own sweat.  Gross!  I am not a fan.
I sprained my ankle while visiting friends in Washington State. Typically, to recover, it takes a couple of days to compress, ice, elevate and rest.  I am continuing to do this while training for my new job.  I think the additional hours of training is decreasing my opportunity to fully recover.  I have been doing as much TLC on it and know it is improving.  I think it will be a full three to four weeks before I am normal again.  Supposedly, that is what it normally takes to heal from a sprain.  I am not familiar with it and so I am frustrated.  I want to be able to walk to work and not worry that I am adding strain to  my foot.  I have been relying heavily on uber and lyft to get me around downtown which I don't really like.  Especially at night when the last few days have been challenging to get picked up.  Some drivers look at addresses.  Others stop in the general area.  Some communicate their locations.  Others wait and leave when the time expires.  I called a lady the other night to confirm my location and she wouldn't answer her phone.  That is extremely annoying.  I had to wait for another car which also annoyed me.  There seems to be no right way of hiring a car.  So I am ready to be able to walk again to work.
I have been sampling food at the restaurant which is awesome.  I think I have consumed more beef in the last week than I have in the last two years.  I need to do a full body cleanse to return to equilibrium.  I am concerned about what my trainer will say about my eating habits of the last month.  Actually, I have been wanting to postpone our session due to my ankle sprain.  I have been teaching yoga consistently and participating but not attending classes on my own. I think I will eventually return to that in the next week.  I am trying to figure out what works best for me.  TLC or continuing to push boundaries?
In the last two weeks, I have traveled to Santa Fe and Walla Walla.  It's been a fun few weeks of wine tasting and exploring restaurants.  I consider it all research and development.  Adds to what I am able to offer to people in my life.  The wines were fantastic and it had been about 8 years since I spent time in Walla Walla.  We found some lovely local spots to explore--casual,  middle and fine.  I think I preferred the casual spots.  They were terrific.  Bomb Tacos comes to mind and Andrae's.  Loved both of those spots.
Santa Fe is always a great time.  A few hours at Ojo Caliente, silver coins at La Choza and hit a barre class.  Ironically, the majority of the class did not live in Santa Fe.  I overheard some girls asking if there were other barre studios around town.  I interjected my thoughts and ended up befriending one of the girls who was also visiting town.  Colleen is considering relocating there from Kentucky.  I suggested a few studios and other things to do in town.  It was nice to be able to chat with someone and share my experience of living there.  I love visiting.  Just not ready to settle down and relocate there.
It's been a lovely few weeks.  I am ready to plan my next trip.  Hopefully soon!  Possibly Paso or Seattle.  I haven't been there in awhile either.  Could be in the cards to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

mini trip and delights in my city

Quick trip to Santa Fe.
Impulsive and lovely.  I was given a few additional days off and thought--what is the best way to spend them?  I could study for my new job, secure future yoga clients or travel.  Travel won.  I am uncertain of how much opportunity I will have in the next few months.  Plus, I contacted Melody to see if she would be available to go to Ojo Caliente early this week.  Almost immediately, she responded that she was able to go to the hot springs on Monday.  I had to go!
And, I could bring my study items with me and study there.  Why not take another mini trip this week?  I looked into yoga and barre classes.  My favorite class is a TRX driven barre class.  The owner of a studio offers the ultimate class with music that speaks to me and a killer workout.  Unfortunately, that class was not offered at a convenient time for me.
I secured a rental through Airbnb and contacted friends.  I wanted to see Lawrence, explore Ojo and see Libby.  I knew from social media that Teo was traveling in Europe and so I didn't even mention that I would be in town to her.  It was a fast trip, too fast.  My drive down on Sunday was uninterrupted.  It was easy and breezy.  Yesterday, I was fine until I made it to the Springs.  Suddenly, I was trapped in a parking lot.  It took almost two hours to get home.  I was super irritated!  There were no accidents to disrupt my drive.  Just terrible driving.  I don't understand why people do not signal or see how their inattentiveness is an issue.  I almost hit a guy when I returned to Denver who blatantly pulled out inches in front of my car.  No indication that he had seen me or anything.  In his own zone and I could have destroyed his vehicle.  Instead, I let him in after cursing him.  It is too much effort to hit someone who cannot drive.  I seriously could have hit him and not felt bad at all.  Only bad for how it would inconvenience me!  Insurance, paperwork, tickets, follow up.  It is a racket!
I returned home and had just enough time to walk to Cherry Creek to meet up with two of my girlfriends.  We had planned a ladies night with wine.  I suggested the spot and it worked well for us.  We sampled mussels, a green salad with shrimp, steak and fries.  My friends shared a cheese board which I abstained from.  I'm still holding to the no excessive dairy in my diet.  I do enjoy half and half and will not give that up until I find an adequate alternative.  I have tried soy, almond, rice and coconut.  I just don't think I can do it!
So, my friends enjoyed the cheese board and I sampled more of the shrimp that was placed on the mixed green salad.  I love a solid mustard vinaigrette which was highlighted on the salad.  I had maybe 2 ounces of the steak.  It was good.  I am trying to minimize my intake of red meat.  The previous night, I ate beef carpaccio which was amazing.  I preferred to focus on the French fries, lol.
We did try sautéed spinach and garlic.
Of course, we enjoyed wine.  It flowed as it always does.  Last night, we tried a bone dry rose and finished with a Bordeaux.  I will return to the eatery for wine and stick to solid favorites that never disappoint.  I think the mussels can be inconsistent but the fries and the salads seem to be spot on.
I am heading to Spokane, Washington tomorrow.  Continuing my week of travel, study and yoga. I taught two students this morning and have one tomorrow morning before I head west.  It will be a productive day and rest of week.