Friday, October 30, 2009

Kindess of strangers and other musings of my new space.....

Sleeping in a new place is always trying.
I remember my summer in Guadalajara, Mexico. We were overwhelmed by the smog when we flew in, arrived at our guest house and settled in for the night. We--Jean, Liz, and I--were living with a single mom and two of her three daughters. The first night, we had a few drinks and retired to the room.
There were no screens on the windows and it was stifling in the house. The ceiling fan lacked and so we were eaten alive, all night, by the mosquitoes. Plus, since it was a new place, it was difficult to relax and let the mind quiet. I was miserable. I felt that I had taken a shower in the bed because of how much I had sweat. It was awful.
Last night, I heard the familiar sounds of the street. Living on Logan provided ample car noise and so that was moderately familiar. There are more people out walking, in this area, and so that was new. I woke up, a few times, startled, by how near the noises were to my bedroom. I slept okay, but this morning, I realized that I had completely wrecked my sheets. I don't know how, but I was sleeping on the mattress. Apparently, I tossed and turned a lot, last night.
The cable guy was scheduled to arrive between 7-8 am. They informed me that it was imperative to be at home at this time since I was the first appointment of the day. They stressed the importance. I woke up and waited. I hit the snooze button, a few times, but in every sense of the word, I was ready for the internet provider.
8:00 am came and went. I knew the weather was bad--moved in it--but, still I was ready to cut the guy some slack. At 8:30, I called Comcast to inquire if they were, in fact, working today and where the guy was. He called me, set up my internet connection, and told me that they waiving the installation fee since he was late. LOVED IT!!!
And, love the neighborhood. Yes, Capitol Hill is eclectic. In my house, I found a few items of interest--burnt spoons and a couple of syringes. Lovely. I am basically naive when it comes to drugs, but I figure that they previous tenant was a complete junkie. I cleaned my new space before my old space. I had to. I did not feel comfortable with my findings.
Afterwards, I walked to Whole Foods. I wanted pasta. I walked in, met a girl named, Erica. I told her that I was excited to live in the neighborhood since I loved Whole Foods. I walked away, in search of veggies. 10 minutes later, Erica approached me with a reuseable bag. She handed it to me and said--this is a welcome to the neighorhood bag. In it, there was an orange, chocolate, turkey jerky and a vitamin water. It was lovely and made me think of the kindness of strangers. Yes, there are good people in the world.
And yes, the move to Capitol Hill is positive and full of possibility. I love my new space.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving in the snow and searching for red wine...

The move went surprisingly well.
The two guys showed up at 9:20, due to weather, I am certain. I had starting doubting my decision to push forward with the move instead of postponing it until tomorrow. In my mind, it snows frequently in Colorado and as a moving company, it isn't there first day at the rodeo, you know.
Two guys show up and I ask them where they would prefer loading my crap. At this point, I am referring to my belongings as crap because I would love a glass of wine or someone to arrange said items in new place.
First, I want to update the slumlord situation. I haven't spoken to Rod since the break-in that the girls downstairs experienced. I had sent him an e-mail, plus letter, to indicate my desire to move out. He responded with--sorry to see you go. Right. I can tell.
So, he calls me yesterday to say....well, I see that it's snowing and so if you need to stay a few extra days, I can pro-rate the rent...say $40 per day...REALLY? That is more than what my rent breakdown would be. The gall of this man. I mean, seriously, I am not technically out until Sunday. According to meterologists in Denver, the snow will stop today and it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day tomorrow, Saturday and yes, Sunday.
Back to the is young and the other was older than me. I scraped my stairs with my neighbor's shovel, created for a path for them to maneuver to the truck and loaded some personal items into my car. At some point, they broke one of my stairs in 1/2. I am so lucky that they didn't fall through the stair. Actually, Slumlord Rod, is lucky. Goodness, I cannot believe that I lived in this place for so long.
I look around and I know I must clean. I have little to make it nice, though. What is my incentive? Rod has done nothing to maintain the place. Instead, it is on its last legs. I am a good tenant; however, and so I will clean.
Side note...trash bins are still in alley. I don't think Rod realizes how lucky he had it with me.
The guys followed me to my new place, unloaded and left. Due to the weather, I paid for 3 hours of work. It sucks, but I am moved, my friends still like me--yes, you know who you are, and I am warm.
I am celebrating my new place, toasting life and the return of the sun! I do enjoy living in Denver!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The irony of the weather

Weather in Denver...gotta love it.
Of course, it is the day before my move. Again, the irony of living in Denver. Normally, we remain snowless until, at least, December. Or, if it does snow, it is moderate...a light dusting. Why cannot it not be normal here? Why must it snow, today, of all days?
I will be okay. I will meet my landlord, later, and close tonight. Fun times in my life. On the flip side, because of the snow, I will not have to rake all of the excess leaves in my yard. The slumlord has it in his lease that I am in charge of the yardwork with the other tenants. Big surprise that he wants us to do it, since he fixes so much on the property. And, they contribute 0% to the yardwork, trash removal or laundry room clean up. Our trashcans are still in the alley since I didn't move them back. I guess there is that positive in the snow. I will praise the snow gods for that. I was not looking forward to leaf removal since I do not have a rake. And, in reality, I didn't know if I had to do the entire yard, or just the back yard. The girls, downstairs, let their dogs firebomb the front, typically; although, recently, I have seen the dogs in the back yard, too. They must be expanding their territory. I watch where I walk now.
Most of my stuff is packed. Meaning--my jeans--yes, I own two pairs, my jackets, boots, cold weather clothes. Again, the irony.
Last night, the Goddess texted me and said that she was running late, but would be at my house by 6 pm. I checked the weather. I left my shorts out, specifically, for our run. I felt confident that I would be fine with a hoodie, long sleeve shirt and my Volvo for life cap.
Lindsay arrived. We stretched and within 6 blocks, it was raining. We kept going. We wanted to run. Neither of us had run since our perspective marathons on October 18th--mine in Denver, hers in San Francisco. It was glorious and I enjoyed it despite the rain. I missed running. I missed with Lindsay too. She knows way too much about my life right now, from all of our Saturday morning runs, and vice versa.
We did a short loop due to the rain. We ran by my new place. It definitely feels right to be relocating there. I saw my sun room and felt peace.
I still am packing. I cannot believe it snowed! Annoyed, but, again, I will be okay and I will move tomorrow.
Enjoy your day, be it in the snow or sun. I envy the sunshine....please come back to Denver. I miss running outside!

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 27th.....

Two years ago, on October 27th, I flew to Fiji.
It was glorious. I walked off of the plane, with equal amounts of possibility and uncertainty. I remember having a little anxiety, too.
I took a leave of absence from my job and a tour of the southern hemisphere began. I want to honor that day, as I will, every year, from this point forward.
I like to celebrate...a lot. I will make occasions up so that I can toast life for any reason. For example, I celebrate March 11th, since that was my return to the States. I drink a margarita and ample amounts of wine.
I like my birthday. I enjoy St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, and a host of other made up holidays that I have created. I am not traditional in any sense of the word.
Christmas is Jade's birthday. I love my sister and I wish that I wanted to head to Oregon to share it with her, but instead, I spend christmas in Las Vegas. That's right. I like going to Las Vegas for christmas. I have spent 3 of the last four years there. I think it is because I have never went home for that holiday.
Brian loved Christmas. Absolutely, 100% loved christmas. I enjoyed celebrating with him. We had traditions in Denver that we made. I chose to stay with him, here, instead of returning to Kansas to spend time with my family. Flying to Kansas wasn't an option due to work and my desire to celebrate with him.
Now, I make my own memories, but not in Denver, and not in Kansas. I feel I will return to Australia, one day, since I spent a christmas there too.
Memories of a wonderful 5 month period of, I would like to return. I dream of faraway lands, of destination marathons and exotic dishes. I think it becomes more prevalent when the weather turns here. I am a warm weather kid. I despise the snow!
I wish it were sunny today. Instead, it is dreary and we are gearing up for snow. I am moving this week. I am projecting positive vibes for a quick, efficient move. On an interesting side note...after 4 months, my new duplex mates, finally figured out how to take out the trash. YEA! I am so proud of them. I wonder if they will figure out how to put the trash cans back...probably not. In 3 days, this problem is no longer mine.
Celebrate today...I am. But, probably not how you think. I am going running with the Goddess. I thought I would try something new to honor this special day in my life. I have missed running.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

more thoughts about the marathon...still processing and wanting to give it another GO....

I met the Goddess last night to recap our perspective races.
Both of us, struggled with the marathon on October 18th. She said that her first marathon went much smoother. She carried her phone, this time, called her sister, and said--don't worry about coming down to the finish line for awhile....I'm going slow.
She remarked on the beauty of San Francisco and how stunning the finish was. I think this is what prompted her to say--let's do the Big Sur 1/2 next year. I looked it up, and I believe it isn't until October. I would like to do a 1/2 in March or April, before the Napa 1/2 in July. I feel I will do another full, at some point, but I enjoy the 1/2 much better. My body recovered, right after the Georgetown 1/2. I didn't struggle, nearly as much, either, physically, during that race. I remember considering finishing at the 1/2, while running the Denver Marathon. It would have been so easy to make that turn, finish strong and celebrate my day. I knew it, but I also knew how disappointed I would have been.
I mentioned that I switched from the 1/2 to the full in July. I did it for myself and as a way to celebrate Brian's golden year.
Last year, he would have been 26 and he was born on September 26th. His mom got a tattoo to celebrate the momentous occasion. I considered that, but wanted my own thing. Traveling is always my thing, but it seemed like a cop-out, too. I wanted something that challenged me. The marathon made sense--26.2 miles to celebrate his golden year.
While other people were training and being inspired by stories of survivors of leukemia and lymphoma, I held to my belief that I would be celebrating his birthday. I know that sounds shallow, but I have no personal associations with either of those diseases. It is tragic, sad, and life changing, but it didn't motivate me to better myself or keep going. I think I tuned most of the rhetoric out. Again, I know how shallow that sounds, but think about training since May, where every Saturday morning is spent with a group where we discuss fundraising, mission moments and leukemia for the first 1/2 hour. Not to mention, the weekly e-mails from coaches and the staff at TNT. It is hammered into your brain, ad nauseum. I just wanted to run, to celebrate and grow.
I would recommend TNT to anyone that wanted to train for a marathon and give back at the same time. I wouldn't use the group, myself, for a future event, because I already did it and it wouldn't be right, with my admissions of tuning out the mission statements of fundraising announcements.
2010 is right around the corner. Another marathon looms in the distance. I feel 2-3 halfs in my future, too. Destination events might be my new way to travel. It would be interesting....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the music factor

My long run, prior to the Marathon, was ipodless. The last 5 miles were trying, but I managed.
Still, for the marathon, I wanted my ipod.
The night before, it tried to corrupt itself. I was prepared to buy a new one to keep my mind at ease. It corrected and Sunday, I think I turned it on after potty break number 1 in the race.
I started with The Black Eyed Peas since they had been so motivating during training. At City Park, I changed it up and put it on purchased. I think the first song was the Talking Heads, Psycho Killer, which for some reason really did its job. A few times, I heard and it always put me in a happy place.
Later, I heard Raspberry Beret, by Prince. Immediately, I remember a New Year's Eve, a few years ago. I think it was 2007. I went to a Nuggets game and afterwards, my sisters, Michaela and Jade, called me to wish me a happy new year. First, though, they serenaded me with Raspberry Beret. I completely cracked up while running the other day.
Then, Baby Got Back, which is a tribute to Hailey. She adores that song. It played at her wedding and she sang to the words and danced. I had to have it on the ipod.
And, yes, I like Kanye West. Let me clarify...I like some of his music. I am not a fan of him as a person, per se, but I do like Stronger, Flashing Lights and Love Lockdown. Specifically, Stronger really inspired me to run.
Of course, I had moments of Juanes, Mana and other latin american artists. When I approached the finish line, I listened to As Far as I can see, by the Band That Saved the World. It is band from college and I've always enjoyed that song.
The ipod did its job. I was so thankful for it.
And, yes, I am now a marathon finisher. It didn't completely sink in, until today. And, I want another shot at it. I feel I have it in me and I do enjoy running. I am not one of those that grimaces the entire time. I did this for me and I will continue to run for me. I think I might register for the Napa-Sonoma 1/2 which is July 18, 2010. I love the idea of destination races especially when it involved wine. Watch out World!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My marathon experience

I haven't fully absorbed that I ran 26.2 miles. I think that fact is still floating around in my head.
When I started training with Team in Training, I signed up for a 1/2 marathon. I felt it was extremely ambitious and I wanted to do it. I was intimidated by the full and wanted to be realistic about running. I had never been a runner.
Now, I am.
My training partners were all doing the full marathon. It seemed likely that I could do it as well. So, in July, I contacted Team in Training and told them that I wanted to switch from the 1/2 to the full. The coaches seemed agreeable and I never looked back.
I incurred minor injuries, until about 6 weeks ago, when I bruised a tendon on my foot. This lasted until Sunday, ironically, when it wasn't an issue at all.
Regardless, through the training, my visions of finishing changed. Initially, I wanted to finish within 4-4 1/2 hours. I felt it was realistic since my teammates that had experience with marathons had finished within that time frame.
As the marathon became more of a reality, and less of a dream, I altered my vision of how I would finish. Suddenly, it became more about finishing and less about time.
I relaxed.
Everything in my life relaxed. I no longer had anxiety ridden dreams.
I cross trained for the last two weeks of training. I am not a fan of the stationary bike, but I did it, to save my foot for the marathon. There were days where I could barely walk due to the tendon injury and I wanted to have a good run on Sunday. In hind sight, I wish I would have run. When I returned to running, on Sunday, I felt too relaxed and like I had to relearn the basics of running.
In all honesty, my best run was the long run on September 26. I felt amazing. Running was natural and I didn't even have my ipod to rely on. I ran the majority of that run, by myself. I was confident that I would finish the marathon and within 5 hours, at the most.
Sunday morning was beautiful in Denver--40 degrees at 5 am. Perfect weather to run in. I saw my friends and kept telling everyone, I just want to finish. I don't want to go too fast in the beginning since I want to conserve energy for the finish.
I had family in town, too. Shari and her sister, LaVay, flew in Friday to support me. Bryn, my aunt, met us at my house and they dropped me off downtown prior to the start.
I checked in with Team in Training and headed to the potty lines. There weren't too many people and I needed to go. First potty stop--no toilet paper. I carried my fuel belt with gatorade, almonds, tylenol and honey. I gave my t.p. to Aunt LaVay. I should have only carried the t.p., as I would learn quickly.
The gun went off and I was running with Courtney and Jamie. We were doing 10 minute miles and there weren't too many people to weave through.
I needed to use the potty after mile 4 and so I stopped on 17th St. There were five other runners in line and 3 potties. We were waiting, annoyed, when finally one of them opens and this homeless person gets out. This woman was smoking in the potty and we were pissed since it was cutting into our time. Plus, potty #2 had no toilet paper. Again, mental note, carry toilet paper.
Plus, I dropped my ipod in the urinal. Grossed out, but still wanting said item, I picked it up, slathered it with antibacterial glop (which was in the potty, but again, no t.p.) and returned to the race.
Everything was working. I ran by 17th and Park Ave., and there were my people. They didn't see me though. I had to yell at them, to get their attention. They had coffee and food. I was envious.
I made it to City Park and again, was feeling pretty decent about not only my time, but my experience. I continued on with the ipod and Cheesman Park was a blur. I don't remember much of it. I remember the turn off for the 1/2 marathoners and I remember thinking--it would be so easy to finish right now. I feel great and we are at mile 12.
At Logan, I ran down the familiar hill and decided to stop at another potty. There were six, no line and I entered one, to find toilet paper-finally-but someone had shit all over the toilet. It was disgusting. Quickly, I left and entered another one. Clean, toilet paper, relief.
I ran up 7th and at mile 14, ran into Jamie, the girl that I started the race with. She was crunched up, with side issues. My dumb ass decides to keep her company and stretch my hamstring out. MISTAKE...from this point on, a tendon in my thigh pulled on my knee. It was painful, uncomfortable and made the last 12 miles miserable. I began an run/walk regiment and it no longer was a time issue in 5 hours. It was a finish issue.
My friends met me at 6 places along the route. They had a sign that said--Harmony, where do you want to escape to next? Shari took pictures from some of my adventures, blew them up and and displayed them at various places on the course. They were awesome. It was completely inspiring and helpful.
People kept saying--oh, it's only x amount of miles left and I knew it, but it was so far. I ended up finishing in 5:14:26, completely not what I had expected or anticipated. But, I finished and I never thought I would be a runner. I am.
I feell 1/2's are a little more doable, but I would like another go at the full. I know that I can do it in less than 5 hours. I trained for it and I am determined to better my time.
I don't think I would train with Team in Training again. I met some incredible people and friends, but my overall experience, lacked. I saw all of the coaches on the marathon route, but only one really stood out and helped me. He knew me and so it was easier for him to run along side me and convey motivation. Three of them were coaches for the metro area, but I hadn't met them prior to the marathon.
One of them, told me, oh, you're fine. You can rest all week. It didn't motivate me or inspire confidence in my knee issues.
My friends made all of the difference. Seeing them along the route, kept me going. Plus, they carried my additional almonds, aspirin and water. I needed it and I am so happy that they came out to support me.
The last 400 meters made all of the difference. I didn't sprint, but I did pick up my pace and crossing the line was everything that I thought it would be. It was incredible.
Afterwards, I got my pin and I headed to the Falling Rock. That sandwich tasted spectacular and then it hit me--the stiffness, pain, aches--that I had eluded in every run, up until that point.
I am resting, now, and will continue to recuperate. I wanted to thank everyone for their support and love. Hailey sent me flowers, on Friday, and Pocketsize and Steve brought me flowers at Elway's. I love sunflowers and they brightened my day.
I believe that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. I have been fortunate, extremely so, with my friends, family and the blog world.
Have a wonderful day...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pre race thoughts and other considerations

I have been preoccupied with running, the weather and work.
I have been reading blogs regarding marathons and am so proud of Morgan, at Caution: Red Head Running. She completed the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and had an awesome recap. Check it out--- Truly, she rocked her race.
I admire her for not only doing it, but being supportive of so many other runners too. She remembers their respective races, in addition, to focusing on her goal. She is honest with her thoughts and fears and overall, a very positive blogger.
I had other friends run the Chicago Marathon. A friend of mine, Lance, from high school, competed and finished strong, too. He was a little more competitive with his training, than I wanted to be. He has dealt with knee issues for the last few months and so I am proud of him for completing his goal too.
Myself, I know the Denver Marathon is Sunday. I am ready.
I am mentally ready for it. It is time.
I have been cross training since Saturday. I should have been doing it for the last 3 weeks. Instead, I convinced myself, that I could run. I would run, feel fantastic, and then be unable to walk afterwards for a few days.
I felt that it was all part of the injury process. I felt it was okay to eat ibuprofen; although, it goes against everything that I believe in. I know that pills mask injury. I know that my system does not welcome that substance, readily, into my body. I'll be honest, though, ibuprofen did ease the stiffness/pain associated with my tendon.
My aunt kept telling, rest, elevate, apple cider vinegar. I was doing those things, and I still wanted to run. I felt guilty for missing days.
On Saturday, the Saturday where the Rockies canceled their playoff game, at 8 in the morning, I went to my group training and conferred with my coach. He said to cross train, not run, until the marathon. He said--you are ready. The training is there and yes, you sustained an injury. But, come race day, your adrenaline will propel you through it and you will be fine. It isn't life altering. You can do this.
I am cross training. I really loathe the stationary bike. A few more days and then the marathon.
The Goddess contacted me via facebook to remind me that after our races--hers is the Nike San Francisco Marathon--we will run at least once every week, together. I realized that I am runner. It will continue to be part of my life even if this is my only marathon.
I am concerned about the weather. Last weekend was chilling and I am not a fan of running when it is 18 degrees. Initially, the forecast was 65 and rain. On Monday, I was told it was 65 and clear. We will see. I am hoping for the clear weather. Either way, rain or shine, Sunday is in 3 days and I cannot wait to run. I am glad that soon I won't be a slave to the stationary bike.
Enjoy your day. I apologize for taking a break, but it happens.

Friday, October 9, 2009

More resting will lead to a better run on Race Day

I am bored.
I have been looking at blogs since I don't have cable and this book, The Shack, that my aunt lent me, is taking a while to grab my attention. Seriously, I don't know if I will be able to get into this story. The writing is dry. I pick it up, read a few pages and put it back down. It seems dreadful.
I found this list of top 10 reasons you know you are over training at the Running Laminator's blog. He is a serious runner, preparing for the NYC marathon. He logs his miles for the year and is more of a runner than I currently am. I mean, I am a runner and I am determined to finish the Denver Marathon. I am not logging my miles or concerned with the time I finish the marathon in...I just want to finish.
Anyways, there were two that I could identify with---you are more concerned with the miles you'll miss than the throbbing in your foot; and you limp to work, everyday, and convince your co-workers and yourself that it is okay...both of these are true in my world. This soft tissue injury has up and down days. Yesterday, I felt fantastic. I could walk. I felt normal. Today, there is a little discomfort. It is manageable and again, feels better than previous mornings. I haven't had ibuprofen for a few days either. I don't want to make that a habit.
So, yes, another day of rest.
I have some errands to run--change of address, internet assistance since my modem doesn't want to work and some grocery shopping. All in all, it is another day of rest and trying to not feel bad that I cannot run. Some of my non-runner friends are concerned with the after effects of the marathon. What they don't understand is that I have trained for this. I am ready. Everyone sustains some sort of injury, at some point. My first injury was a case of shin splints or so I thought. Really, it was just that I hadn't allowed myself to rest between running, yoga and running. I felt that I had to keep going and my body wasn't used to that yet.
Next, I incurred heel spurs on my right foot. This one was longer and I always wanted to pop my heel. I wore shoes, around my house, at all times and stretched my achilles tendon, ad nauseum.
Following that, I had a minor hip flexor issue, on the right side. Again, these injuries were associated with lack of stretching and all on my right leg. About 6 weeks ago, I tweaked my left foot and it has remained with me. I can still run and yes, there are days when I can't walk, much, but I am doing this. I will not quit! I am a runner, now, and I want to complete the marathon.
I look forward to the finish line and the massage at Izba---cannot wait for that! This might be the only one and I must do it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today was amazing.
I woke up. My foot felt awesome. I could walk. No pain. No issues. No ibuprofen. Salt baths=pure bliss. I was feeling it.
I had a reading, compiments of my reader, Catherine, and her friend, Christina. I was looking forward to it and had no expectation of it.
It went well.
Audra told me about Brian, in a way, that no one else had. I have spoken to two different readers and they spoke of him in a different voice. She mentioned when it happened and the aftermath.
Of course, it is emotional and of course, I cried. But, it also freed up some space in my life.
I feel peace.
I feel able to move forward.
She kept saying that I was in bubble wrap and had been for the last few years. She said that I have this wonderful story to tell, and that I should turn the volume up in my head and tell it.
I feel great.
I feel ready to move forward.
I decided to mail some photos to Megan and to Casey. As I walked up Speer Blvd, I noticed this guy encroaching on my space. I slowed down. He did, too.
I had my ipod and he had said something to me...ummmmm, can you and I said no. His response.
THANKS A LOT, YOU C U NEXT TUESDAY....YOU ARE SUCH A B&*CH AND c**t...i looked at him and said, is this how you accomplish things? He had no lower teeth and all I could think was--GET AWAY FROM ME, jUNKIE. I wanted to avoid the confrontation, but really, I say no and immediately am called a c*&t.....what do you want from me?
I altered my route and avoided the crazy guy at all costs.
My day was fantastic. I had a wonderful reading and tonight, despite the fact that my internet is being tricky, I am happy, living life and looking forward to the marathon. Life is fantastic!

Change the World Wednesday.....a day late, but still here.....

On August 29th, I sat in Logan International Airport.
I arrived early, ate guacamole and pico de gallo at Todd English's place, Bonfire. I needed it. I was a little abusive on my body and chips and salsa are always my savior.
Anyways, I was near my gate, in a skirt. I tend to wear a skirt while flying. I figure that if I make an effort, I will get better service. No, I don't put on makeup or do it up, that way. Instead, I wear a skirt and try to look presentable.
I was sitting at the gate, and noticed a piece of trash on the floor. I wanted to pick it up, but the skirt was preventing me from bending over, much. Then, I was intrigued by all of the other people that saw it, and refused to pick it up. It became a game to me. I wanted to see how long it would take before someone would actually pick the wrapper up.
An hour later, this woman picked it up.
I thanked her. I noted that I had seen several people walk by it, and refuse to bend down and pick it up. She probably thought I, too, was lazy or crazy. Either way, I hadn't done anything to rectify the situation.
How often do you walk by trash and not pick it up?
This week's Change the World Wednesday Challenge involves being physical and capable of picking up trash. Either place it in a bin, or be more environrmentally responsible, and recycle it. For one hour a day, or each day for a week, go outside. Enjoy the sunshine and pick up the trash that you encounter. Try it. You will feel better and this leads to a cleaner neighborhood.
Enjoy the challenge. I think you will be surprised at much trash you encounter and how many people walk by it and assume it isn't their job to beautify the neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wanting to push myself and not hurt myself at the same time...

Originally, my plan was to run with the Goddess tomorrow afternoon.
She is going out of town and will miss our group run on Saturday and so she suggested running tomorrow as a substitute-gossip-b.s. session.
Tuesday, my foot felt awesome.
Today, not so much. I woke up and could barely walk.
I called to see if I could cover one of my shifts today. Nope, there were no generous people. I gave them ample notice, but apparently, nobody was interested in doing me a favor.
I looked at my foot and noticed a purple hue.
I iced it.
I ate two alleve tablets.
I drank water.
I went to the day shift, praying that my foot would feel better.
An hour into the shift it did.
I returned home, elevated it and hoped that someone would save me from working tonight. No such luck.
Instead, I returned to work, popped two more tablets and waited for relief.
My aunt/therapist called me and suggested that I take some time for myself.
I am bored.
I want to run, but being on my feet all day, plus running, is reinjuring this soft tissue injury.
I am running the marathon. I am determined to complete it. I know that I can.
I am frustrated that I am unable to run, right now, because I want to and because I feel that I need to. I know that I am only prolonging the healing process and if I am able to rest for a few days, the marathon will go much smoother.
Tomorrow, I am developing photos, writing thank you cards and sending a nickel to my friend that sent me a knife as a gift. He felt that my knives were dull--they are, Brian always tended to his knives--and so he sent me a knife that was sharp. Knives are interesting gifts and I don't know that I want to call it as such. I think I want to consider it as something else.
The next few days are "me" days--no work, no running--just ice, rest and elevation. Fun times in my world.
I need to think of me and what doing too much accomplishes--more pain to overcome on the big day.
Enjoy yourself and tend to your needs!

Trusting your gut...

As November beckons, my desire to move dwindles.
I am a principled girl and so I have to move forward with this. I know it. I cannot stay in this rental with the slumlord. Or, the new tenants that never take out the trash, move their laundry or pick up after their dogs. There are firebombs all over the front yard.
I digress.
I had two visits last week and so my blogging suffered as I rushed to make sure that everyone's individuals needs were met.
My first guest was simple--wine, some food and a computer. I was able to work and continue on with my life, plus, run and ice the foot.
The next visit required a little more finesse. My dad and his wife visited and I gave them my room since it has a bed. I opted to sleep on the couch and I believed it would ensure hospitality for both of us. There were some glitches---bathroom light left on to glare on me at 5 am--multiple days, but overall, I believe my parents liked my rental property. I know that the stairs scared them, as they do everyone, but they made do and liked my place.
I love the space, but again, my landlord is a slumlord and so I must move.
I perused Craig's list and found a few listings that seemed worth my while. I am location specific. I enjoy being north of Wash Park, but south of Capitol Hill. I must have a parking space, off street, and laundry on location seemed necessary too. I'll be honest, I like being near Speer Blvd so that I can walk home from Elway's too. I know, it seems superficial, and it is, but I like being able to walk everywhere I need to be.
I set up an appointment at an apartment, about 5 blocks from me. They had parking, free cable, paid utilities and it meets other criteria regarding location. Yesterday, I found a house listing that intrigued me. It is in Capitol Hill, but had a parking space. I set the appointment up and when I walked in, I knew it was my next home. The price was right, it had parking and it had built in cabinents from the original building. The bedroom is super small, but they also have a sun room. I liked it. I liked the landlord and I felt comfortable there. I filled out the application and told the guy, that I had one more place to look at, but felt that I would be calling him at 6, to confirm my desire to rent from him.
I went to the apartment. The bedroom was larger, it had 5 closets, very clean, beautiful view of the mountains, laundry, cable and parking. It also had a weird vibe about it. I felt stifled. More so, after the landlord ushered me into his place to meet the owner of the building. It appeared to be a surprise attack. She explained that she would need $450 for a deposit and 45 minutes of my time to go through the lease. She asked repetitive questions and seemed concern about how I would afford the apartment. She wanted me to move in on the 23rd since that is when her lease starts. She seemed appalled that I wouldn't be able to move until the end of the month. She told me she would prorate that time since they would be holding the unit for me.
I got this odd feeling like I was in a bad 60's film noir film. I told her that I would call him to set up an appointment for the lease go through just so that I could leave. I would have done anything to get out of that building.
I called my sister. I called my aunt. I called Shari. I called my reader. No one answered.
I called the landlord at the house property and told him that I wanted to move in. He called me back and told me that he would hold the place for me, let me move in a few days prior, and had put secure locks on the windows since he knew I was concerned about it. I knew that I had made the right decision.
So, I will live in Capitol Hill for the first time, ever, in Denver. I look forward to finding the nuances of that neighborhood. I prefer living in homes. I don't know that I could go back to apartment living after 3 consecutive happy living in rental homes.
I will catch up more later. I am still icing and resting the foot. I went for a 30 minute run yesterday and it felt great. The race is on the 18th....

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It feels weird to not be running like i am used to.
Although, due to my tendon bruise, I need the taper, now, not before, and definitely not after. I think back to how foolish the injury was--me, sorta running and feeling free that we were stopping for the day. Next thing I know, I step down funny and since then have had several days of walking in pain. I feel like I need a cane, sometimes.
It probably doesn't help that I am constantly on my feet. I do wear "good" shoes, but honestly, taking days off would help me in the recovery. I know that I need to take it easy to prep for the race.
It isn't easy. I want to run. I want to run with the Goddess, but my foot hurts and so our last two runs have been short.
I will get through this and I am looking forward to the marathon. I am looking forward to crossing the finish line. I am no longer obsessed with finishing in a certain amount of time. I want to enjoy the marathon and finish it. If I do another one, I will concern myself with a personal best. Heck, I might only do one in my life. I don't know. I want to concentrate on the present and this race, not the future.
In other dad and Dori are in town for the race for the cure. I am super excited to see them and also participate in that race. I attended the one in 2006 along with 70,000 other people. The energy was charged and people were wanting to find a cure for breast cancer. I am grateful to be part of this and walking with my dad and Dori. Dori is a survivor.
This evening, we are heading to Elway's for supper. Of course, this is always my idea of a great time. I cannot wait to see what they think of the steak. Elway's is a constant in my book for entertaining as some of you know.
Have a wonderful night. I am icing my foot, hoping to feel better before we dine out.