Sunday, March 3, 2019

Taste Life Celebration 2019

This year, Shari and I decided to explore the food scene in Dallas for our annual trip.  We flail back and forth on what type of spiritual journey we should be on and always return to the same thing--it centers on food.  It is not traditional in the sense of a spiritual journey.  It has evolved over time. I think we are more comfortable saying it is mostly about the food.  Food, does, in fact, unite us all.
Our trip started in Lower Greenville with a quick stop to Velvet Tacos.  I was excited about their options.  In hindsight, I should have looked more into it.  We walked in to the establishment and saw that it was more casual than I had imagined. I am fine with counter service but I would have liked a bar area to sit at.  We made it work and ordered a beef taco and a lettuce wrapped tuna taco.  We sampled some of the elote and had a margarita.  It was okay but I was looking forward to finding other spots with more options and better fare.  I did enjoy the lettuce wrap.  I can definitely appreciate some greens and less tortillas.
That evening, we took a car to Plano to meet Hailey for dinner.  I had selected a wine driven spot where we could share food.  I wanted it to be convenient for her to meet us and have some interesting food options as well.  The restaurant, Sixty Vines, was huge.  A lot of space to fill and it was decent.  The service was not spectacular but we had a lovely conversation catching up on life and celebrating.  I did enjoy their meatballs and brussel sprouts.  They did have a succotash side that looked good.  We were consumed with conversation.  I had asked for a bottle of bubbly that they did not have (at first) and then my second bottle of wine was also not available. I had sampled a bottle of Rotie Syrah while in Walla Walla last July.  It is a lovely bottle of wine and I was insistent that Hailey and Shari try it. Of course, they did not have it available and so we sampled some juice from Paso Robles.
The next morning, I forced Shari to attend a yoga class with me.  This, too, has become part of our annual trips--the yoga class factor.  In the past, we have done yoga in Denver, L.A., Austin, Santa Fe and Nashville to name a few.  And, this was the best class of all of them.  My mentor teaches at this studio, occasionally, and told me that I would enjoy the Rockin Yoga class.  It was amazing. Quick paced, super flowy, and great music.  I loved the music!  And the flow inspired me.  I cannot wait to try out some of the flows with Liisa over the next few weeks.
I have been on a ramen kick the last few months.  I have a healthy respect for that food and wanted to share it with Shari. I had wanted to go to a ramen spot downtown but then re-thought it.  We could walk to a place in Lower Greenville and from there walk to White Rock Lake.  This is another aspect of our trips.  Walkabouts and getting lost.  I am quite good at that.
The ramen was delicious.  The bartender was knowledgeable and had a great vibe.  I really enjoyed the entire experience.  I will conclude this for now.  There is more to share but I need to greet the day!  Happy Sunday!