Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still looking for a race?

I never thought I would be a runner. Seriously.
Not once, did I envision planning travel around races or traveling to cities to do a race. Funny, how time changes everything.
2010 presented ample opportunities for destination travel or tackling a later race to enjoy a summer/fall training season. I considered the Phoenix Marathon--January 2011, or Las Vegas and opted for Vegas. The food factor, alone, enticed me. Phoenix will be a possibility dependent on how I feel post-marathon. I used to live in Tempe and so I have friends, food options and a fondness for the city. Not to live there, again, but to visit or vacation. I have many close friends there.
I support destination races. If I had not signed up for the Healdsburg Half (October 30th), I think I would have considered the New York Marathon. Who wouldn't want to run there? I mean, it's New York. Talk about a spectator supported race. Food, Central Park, music, recruiting spectators to join you on your 1/2 or full marathon. I could go on and on.
I bring it up, today, since the Fresh Air Fund is again, looking for support. They need runners to run for them, sponsors, host families. Check it out--- Last year, they raised $400,000. Help them surpass that amount. They need it and it feels amazing to give back to the community. Or, if you run, sign up and give your support that way.
For me, a New York run will be at a later date. Still, definitely in my future....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

The most amazing chocolate cake---EVER.....Thank you Elway's.
Typically, I prefer carrot cake, but since it was Brian's birthday I ate chocolate. I knew that Shari and Tom would also be enjoying chocolate on 9/26. Her mother-in-law baked a cake for them to enjoy. Yes, it was chocolate.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday.
Bryn and I celebrated Brian's birthday by going to dinner and reminiscing stories of Brian. It definitely was an incredible lead in to this year's celebration. And, she gave me sunflowers. I love sunflowers.
Afterwards, I convinced Sara Jo to drink wine at Elway's.
People always ask me--what do you want to do for your birthday?
I say--Drink wine.
But, of course....Elway's.
Since I had plans with a few friends, tonight, and knew that I wouldn't be going to my Plan A choice of all choices, I wanted to get my fix on Brian's birthday.
We did and it was awesome. Slow night and so we had attentive friends waiting on us and ample wine. Lately, I have preferred the Hess Cabernet to the Rapture. This still surprises me since I love the Rapture. Still, I drank Hess with Sara Jo and convinced her to eat a brownie with me. I promised Shari that I would have chocolate on Brian's birthday. We did and it was delightful! I will post a photo of said cake later.
Monday, we hiked at Matthew Winters Park to begin my day. The sky reminded me of Santa Fe and in all honesty, this hike is home to me. It is where Brian and I spent many days enjoying a hike. Well, I would hike and he biked to the summit and we would regroup and plan the rest of our day off or the next day if he had to return to work. Brian worked, too much, but always made time for an outdoor adventure.
Matthew Winters is a safe place to me and a place where I openly feel Brian's presence with me. I am glad that I opted to stay in Denver this year, for the birthdays. It felt right.....
I made reservations at The Avenue Bed & Breakfast at Manitou Springs for Monday night. Post hike, we returned to the house, showered, packed and headed to the DTC. I wanted to have a glass of wine at Shanahan's but they are not open for lunch. Eluded, again. I suppose I will have to check out Shanahan's another night.
We stopped at Great Northern Tavern for lunch. Great spot, bright, nice selection of liquors.
I drove to the Broadmoor and we sat on the outdoor deck. It was unbearably hot. No shade and too many people were trying to find solitude while day drinking, too. I love the Broadmoor but the lack of shade made the experience suck. Way too freaking hot!
We checked into the B & B and settled into Manitou. It is a slice of eclectic heaven. I really like this funky little mountain town.
All, in all, Birthday 2010 was amazing! Great food, chocolate, wine and friends. I am blessed! I have fantastic people in my life. I received many messages, via facebook and phone, but my favorite way of communicating is mail. And, yes, I received a few cards from the beautiful people in my life--THank You! You all made my day.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brian

A fe of our trips together--Playa del Carmen, 2005, ferry to Nicoya Peninsula, 2004, Colorado, 2003.
Everyday, I celebrate you--the best part of my heart/life. Happy 28th birthday to my soulmate. In every way, you are with me....

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Healdsburg Half Marathon....Here we come.
Everything is order--lodging, car rental in process, flights accounted for, wineries to visit--we are happy with the exception of concept.
We need something that ties this weekend together.
I love wine....Easy to understand.....Destination Race...easy concept to grasp.
I persuaded three friends to join me since I am persuasive.
Actually, wine country sells itself. All I did was mention the 1/2 marathon and how fun it would be. And, I registered Sara Jo so she couldn't back out. I know...sneaky.
I am a narcisist. I suggested Harmony's Harem since I put it all together. But, then I sound like a pimp which I am not.
I am not creative; nor, have I ever claimed to be. But, tonight, as I considered my life, I realized that the perfect concept would be "Taste Life". I feel that that is what we are doing right now. Tasting life.
The journey that I have been on since 2006 continues to play out. This weekend will be so memorable with wine, food, running, friendship.
How else would you describe a destination race that ties your friends together?
I am fortunate to blessed with many friends. I have matured as a runner with Lindsay's help, watched Sara progress and lent encouragement to Megan. Yes, we are all in this together as mentor, guide, novice.
Taste Life we will....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Back on-line.
I feel normal....I cannot believe how much time I had to spend, outside, when my laptop was down. Shari called me and told me to take the battery out and let it sit for 30 minutes and then put it back in. She said that maybe my laptop needed to reset itself.
Well, I tried that yesterday. I unplugged, everything, took the battery out and waited. A half hour later I turned it back on.
Nada. Nothing. No signs of life.
I felt that maybe I just needed a new battery and had already called my local computer guy to arrange a time for him to take a looksee at my laptop. He agreed to meet me today at the Bull & Bush.
I headed into work with the lap top and decided to see how it would react there. I conferred with my co-worker about my troubleshooting attempts, plugged it it and voila~~it turned on.
Not only that, but it completely started all the processes. Amazed, I saw that perhaps all it needed was to reset itself.
I am so happy that I do not need to buy a new computer.
So thankful, grateful, fortunate.
And, it feels natural/normal to have it back and on, at home. My on/off switch is jammed and so I continue to fear turning off the laptop. Sleep mode has been my savior until last week. I guess I need to take it in, somewhere, to get the switch unjammed.
Small problem that definitely can be fixed....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Issues with computer

I am taking a brief absence from my blog due to computer issues.
It sucks and I am so over it.
I have realized that I am too dependent on my internet connection and have managed to sneak over to Sara's, work, or currently--my aunt's house, to feed my addiction.
The Beer Fest is in town and I believed that I would be avoiding it, again, this year. Some of my friends from Kansas came out for the fest and offered me an extra ticket. Gotta love the Kansas Connection. Seriously, as much as I try to out run that part of my life--all roads lead back there. Or specifically, Lawrence and this small brewery that I worked at, briefly. Still, I have several associations/relationships based, purely, because of the 8 month work stint that I did there.
Small world is illustrated yet again.
I am lining up some travel for October, dreaming of the Broadmoor in November and Vegas trumps all else in December. Hoping to find a beach to celebrate Christmas. All thoughts appreciated....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sixteen Miles

My Saturday mornings have become no drinking Fridays to ensure group run Saturday attendance.
I fight it since a glass of wine, post-shift Friday night, is always welcome. But, I have realized that the likelihood of me running a solo 16 mile run is not going to happen. There are way too many opportunities to go later, not go as long, or walk during said run. Believe me, I have had this internal conversation numerous times.
So, I woke up at 5 am to stretch and drive to Louisville. Yes, it was north of Denver and unpleasant to consider. I had hoped that they would switch venues due to the fire damage in Boulder. It was a concern of many members of the group but the leader said that we should be fine and in all fairness, we were. I just didn't want to drive for 30 minutes to get to the location. I would have preferred an additional half hour of sleep.
Nevertheless, I joined my pace group and listened to my ipod the first 8 miles. I heard random chatter, but I didn't want to engage. I was focused on how the run was going and listening to The Stones. Plus, I thought about the significance of 9/11 and what it represented in my life.
At mile 8, I headed back with Grady. He insisted on me referring to him by his last name, since he has a common name and I would remember Grady as opposed to his first name. I was thankful for Grady since even a solo 8 mile return run seemed difficult. I had my ipod, but having to be accountable to someone is what got me through the return.
Grady didn't like his new shoes and so he ran 6 of the 8 miles barefoot. I thought he was insane, but he has been running barefoot for awhile. He has read books on how it helps with your natural form. He explained, that he, personally, had completely improved his form from running barefoot. He used to run with knee braces on both legs and now is free of those confines.
I found him refreshing in his views of life and his perspective of running. He equated his decision to run, barefoot, with feeling every impact of his feet, as opposed to absorbing the impact in his legs, knees or hips. Similar to how if you do not recognize unhappiness within yourself or your relationship, it festers. He likes the impact of feeling alive. I guess running gave him a new opportunity to excel or be a better person.
Yes, 16 miles was fantastic. The last three completely sucked and had I been alone, I would have stopped. Completely walked for a part of it. I know this.
But, since I was with Grady, I kept going and felt so much better to have achieved the full 16, running. I need to work on my mental training. During the Park to Park, I had a similar experience. I wondered why the last mile was so long. I wanted to walk, but I didn't. However, I really slowed down. I need to keep going strong the last few miles and get through it.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Las Vegas

I have mixed feelings about Las Vegas.
In many respects, I love it---a foodie's dream, show friendly, cheap flights and you do not need a rental car (ever) unless you get married there. For that, it is convenient to cart items of importance around. I was grateful that my friends, Steve and Pocketsize, had one when we went out to Vegas to attend their celebration. We needed the car to get to and from Mandalay Bay. The champagne brunch, there, is delish! Walking wasn't an option since I was with Jimmy, Dave and Lisa. None of these people are walk friendly and I was not about to take another cab to maneuver the Strip.
However, there are many negatives about Evil City. I read Stephen King's, The Stand, years ago, and will always associate Las Vegas with that reference of Good (Denver) vs. Evil (Vegas) city.
And, there are negatives--excessive behavior displayed in over drinking, substance abuse, gambling, addicts. What is the saying--what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?---Everything associated with a complete breakdown of inhibitions. For some, it is a way to justify behavior. They don't take responsibility for their overuse or acknowledge how gross they are being.
Yes, I have issues with the Sin City.
I love the food factor, though. I have had several amazing meals in that city and been fortunate to experience them there. Where else can you go and find Thomas Keller, Daniel Boloud, Michael Mina, Tom Colicchio or Nobu--to name a few, without the exorbirant flight to New York or San Francisco.
I have spent 3 of the last four christmas's there, too. Yes, I like it.
This year, I am heading to Vegas on December 5th to run the Rock n Roll Marathon. Late in year, flat course, and Bret Michaels....why would I pass up the opportunity to run 26.2 miles there?
Shari agreed to be my spectator support. We haven't booked our hotel, but there is still time. I am so happy to have someone there to dine with post-marathon. Yesterday I mentioned the Marathon to Jan and told her that she should join us.
I did this on a whim because I thought she might. This morning, I received a text with--We are in! I have more friends joining me and I am STOKED. Having encouragement makes a huge difference. I ran the Colfax Relay with Sara Jo earlier in the year. Afterwards, she reveled in her experience. She loved the energy of the event, the spectators out supporting their friends and family, but missed having someone to cheer for her while she ran.
I would agree. Shari, Bryn and LaVay were my fan support during the Denver Marathon and it was awesome to see them on that course. Yes, family/friends make a difference in marathons.
Anyone else that wants to join us--12/05/10, is right around the corner. It will be amazing!
Las Vegas entices and continues to intrigue me. This should be an interesting experiences since it won't all be about the food.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Phone issues

August 31st I was in San Francisco. I called my sister and wished her a happy birthday but I was late with sending her gift.
Until yesterday, that is....I walked up to the post office. Thankfully, I live near a post office and so my only wait is at the post office, itself.
I walk up Marion and notice a bum sprawled out on the side walk. Surprised that he has taken up residence on the sidewalk that early in the day. But, there he is and again, it is Capitol Hill. I shouldn't be shocked.
I enter the post office and it is crammed full of people. I thought about walking out and delaying my gift another day. But, knew that that was no longer an option. My sister had waited long enough.
I wait in line and listen to my ipod. I figure I can make it through anything with music. I brought the package, a water bottle, ipod and money. Lately, I have had made a conscious effort to hydrate; hence, the necessity of the water bottle. My long runs have been dehydrating me as of late. More likely, I am not metabolizing my liquids adequately. I am hydrated pre and post run. I rest, but when I head to work my p.m. Saturday shift, I crash. My electrolytes do. I cannot seem to stay balanced.
So, I am now drinking more and more liquids during the week to offset the likelihood of post-run dehydration.
While in line, I reach into my bag and notice that my water bottle has leaked. I grab my phone and see that it is wet. CRAP. I have had issues with my phone, lately--dropping it excessively, low battery charge available, water damage, etc. The last thing I needed, yesterday, was to lose another phone.
I knew that I did not have any rice at home. I did have cous cous, though. Similar concept of drawing the water out of the phone.
I checked my phone, several times, last night. No dice.
I pray that the morning will have produce different results.
I wake up. I check my phone. Dead. Dead. Dead.
Before I consider my options, on-line, I try one last time to revive the phone. I plug it in to the charger and it responds. I am so thankful!
I do not have to buy a new phone. And, I don't want to. I prefer buying wine in Napa to purchasing a new phone. Or, new shoes. Yes, I need new kicks and some fancy-smanschy going out shoes to utilize while in Napa and Denver. That reminds me---I must call Pocketsize for guidance in that department. She is a fashionista!
Enjoy what is left of your Thursday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off day

Park to Park was awesome....10 miles amongst friends and acquaintances. Trimphant.
Yesterday, I took a day off to recover from said race. Met a friend for lunch at Encore. Jean and I have been trying to meet for a few months. Her schedule fills up, quickly, and so we selected Tuesday, the 7th, and I remained committed to it.
Encore was lovely. I ate a blt with avocado and roasted vegetables. Good sandwich and wine list was decent.
Purchased tickets for San Francisco, bought earrings and truly enjoyed a relaxing day. Sara Jo, Lindsay and I had not bought our tickets to San Francisco. Last week, the price shot up to $268. Yesterday, they decreased to $209 and I believed that would be our best price option. I spoke to the girls and bought the tickets. San Francisco--here we come!
Mid-afternoon, I texted a few friends to see if they could meet for happy hour. I wanted to continue the easy going vibe.
Jenn agreed to meet me, but only, if it was an easy night.
Right. If only that were the case. My friend, Jenn, and I tend to always go beyond an easy meet for dinner/drinks. I do enjoy her company.
Last night, I wish we would have stayed the course. This morning would have been productive instead of couch surfing and watching an episode of Covert Affairs on Red wine dominated and the conversation continued to flow.
We met at Il Posto and enjoyed the cheese course, pasta with arugula and corn, followed by the scallops. The cheese was nice. A welcoming introduction to the meal.
The pasta was a little bland. The corn intrigued me and that is why we chose that particular pasta. They always have a gnocchi and a meat pasta. Typically, the food is consistent.
We concluded our coursed meal with the scallop and it definitely made up for the blandness of the pasta.
I was home around 9--early--but it wasn't an easy night. We should have met for happy hour and ended it at that point. Like I said, this morning would have been more productive minus a few glasses of wine.
Oh well, life is short and I like to enjoy it.
Plus, there is always this afternoon to be productive. Work is calling and so I must conclude this. Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Park to Park

Last year, while with Team in Training, they mentioned the Park to Park 10 mile race.
I skipped it. I had run the Georgetown-Idaho Springs 1/2 and felt good about my training. Seriously. I signed up with TNT to do a 1/2 and opted to do the Denver Full Marathon since I liked my training partners. I don't regret it.
I think of that decision to do the full and consider a few things....1) I was a new runner. I shouldn't beat myself up for not finishing where I thought I should. I finished and had only been running for 5 months. Mission Accomplished.
2) There are other opportunities to rectify the situation---more training/Las Vegas 2010--I am in!
3) TNT provided the possibility to run. However, they made me a lazy runner. No challenge on my distance. Timing was essential. In all honesty, I work on my feet...I do not need to meet for a Saturday run to "just be on my feet". I can accomplish that on my own time.
4) Park to Park has an awesome expo--Naked granola, other running groups--women only, runner's roost, runner's edge, bananas, powerade, breakfast burritos, blah, blah, blah.....loved the expo.
5) Running with Sara Jo was different. Sara is a determined person.
We took the bus to the race and arrived perfectly. Porta Potty stop and walked to the start. The first mile was conservative and I was chatty. I wanted to control the pace--10 minutes 20 seconds.
Mile Two was quicker. Still talking and involved with City Park--19:45.
Mile 3 was engaged with City Park and avoiding these two guys that had cut me off while taking a corner. I sensed that Sara wanted to be serious about the race. I felt her out.
Mile 4, we separated. We had discussed where to meet if this happened, but I felt that we would stay together. I wasn't interested in racing. I wanted her to see the environment of a race.
Mile 5-6, I felt great--good pace, good music, good feel.
Stopped in Cheesman to assess where Sara was at---saw her, tied my drawstrings and headed out.
Kept going and felt strong. Seriously. Never before had I kept up this pace.
Hit Alamo Placita Park and stopped at aid station to see where Sara was....knew that I only had two miles to go.
Still strong.
Every mile, there were mile markers with people quoting the time. I knew that I was doing well. Really well.
Mile 9, hitting my stride/nemesis of Wash Park, I kept thinking--it's only a mile.
How long is this?
Where does it end?
I crossed the line and felt fantastic. I waited there for Sara. I knew that she wasn't far from me and felt that was the place to find her.
It was awesome. She did so well. She kept me strong and consistent. Ironically, I ran into a girl that I ran with the other day, at mile 7. This girl told me--you have a great pace....I kept going. I looked at her and realized that I had more. A lot more. I wasn't giving it all I had. When, I crossed the finish line, I felt the same. I finished. I felt strong, but I could have done more.
Las Vegas is right around the corner. I feel trimphant and able in my training.
And, I feel like a teacher or guide to Sara. A new role and I like it. It engages me and keeps me going. I love running with the Goddess, but feel that I met her when I was starting out and needed a mentor. Someone that woudn't judge me for being a rookie.
Running with Sara is new, too. I like it. It is challenging.
Regardless, Park to Park was amazing. 10 Miles achieved and illustrates that I am able. I am capable. I will do the Las Vegas Marathon....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More funday

After Swanson, I felt I should return to Healdsburg. Of course, I love Napa--too much, normally--but, since my hotel was in Healdsburg, I left Napa to return to Sonoma. I wanted to be a responsible adult, make a responsible decision and head back north.
Plus, Sonoma has wineries, too.
I drove the Petrified Forest Road back to Healdsburg and checked out a few more wineries close to the hotel--Matrix and Seghesio. Of all of the places that I checked out, Unti, was by far, the best wine followed by Cakebread and Seghesio. I was surprised since it was near my hotel--300 yards--and I had never checked out any of their wines. I suppose I didn't know. I had not researched their options and was pleasantly surprised to taste their wine. Yes, Seghesio was a find.
Matrix Vineyards used to be Rabbit Ridge. It is located in western galong a super curvy road. I had stopped into Hopkiln Winery, but chose to not taste there. I did not like the vibe or insane amount of people trying to taste their wine. I continued to Matrix, sampled, and left unsated.
Afterwards I walked into town to make a reservation at Scopa. Several people had mentioned how awesome that restaurant was as opposed to going to Ravenous. According to one girl--Ravenous was good in its day, but Scopa is excellent.
I took her advice and dined at Scopa for dinner. Small, intimate, bar seating with limited by the glass options. Still, perfect in its own way.
I tried the beet salad, meatballs and bread with olive oil. Lovely. The bartender, Ian, was fabulous, too. He was engaging, knowledgeable and attentive. Granted, the bar is super small. He couldn't escape.
Yes, I will return to Scopa in October with my girl friends. I believe they will enjoy the fare as well.
All in all, Sunday Funday in Healdsburg was hugely wine friendly and successful. If only, I lived closer to wine country.......

My kind of Sunday Funday.....

A week ago, I was drinking coffee from the Flying Goat Coffeehouse in Healdsburg. I miss California.
I walked up to the Plaza and saw a farmer's market, field of flowers, locals, tourists, and drank the amazing coffee from The Coffee shop--Flying Goat.
I had set up an appointment at Unti Winery. Eleven a.m. seemed like an ideal time to begin my wine tastings. I drove up to Lake Sonoma and past several wineries and one gourmet market. On the way back to Unti (trying to kill time), I stopped in the market and found breakfast burritos, cheese, sandwiches, coffee and array of items that would be fantastic in a picnic or a getaway at Lake Sonoma. I cannot wait for the Healdsburg Half to do just that--picnic at the lake with wine and friends.
Unti had a wonderful selection of red wines. The tasting room was super casual and welcoming. I met the wine maker, Alex, and tasting host, Ryan. Both had knowledge of restaurants in the city and the area. Plus, I was entertained throughout the tasting and didn't really want to leave. I would have preferred opening a bottle of wine to driving to Napa. The wine was fantastic and I loved the vineyard.
However, I drove to Napa to keep the appointment at Cakebread Winery. I met a wine rep and one of the owners of Cakebread while at a wine dinner at Solera. The rep set up a tasting for me at Cakebread and I intended to keep it.
Cakebread is in Napa, between Oakville and Rutherford. I arrived, promptly at one, since I drove past the winery the first go around. I knew that if I made it to Oakville Grocery I past it. Oakville Grocery is a gem of a store with wine, gourmet products, olive oil, coffee and cheese. Delicious and a find when in Napa.
I checked in to Cakebread and waited for the rest of my group to arrive. We did the tasting in the garden. Absolutely beautiful grounds and delightful wine. I prefer smaller groups or intimate tastings to ask questions, pick the person's brain regarding other places to see, check out or dine. In group situations, it depends on the attitude of the group. My group wanted to hear themselves talk. Meaning, I couldn't wait to divorce myself, from them, to seek out solitary refuge of a one on one conversation with another person.
Thankfully, I was able to do that.
I met Jeff--one of the check-in clerks. I mentioned his name since apparently there are several Jeff's that work for Cakebread. The one I spoke with directed me to check out Swanson Winery. Plus, he gave me the Napa pamphlet with advertisements, maps and wineries. A wealth of information, I would say.
More later. Work is calling.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Check out wine country.

Amazing clear blue sky.

Grapes. Grapes. Lush grapes and beauty.

I included the Lake Sonoma sign since that is where the Healdsburg Half Marathon concludes in October. Somehow, I convinced three of my friends to run the race with me. I am stoked.

The flower photo is a field that was about 300 yards from my hotel. I walked by it to head to the Plaza in Healdsburg. I needed coffee and a morning walk was in order. As much as I try to run, on vacation, it rarely happens. I enjoy wine and rich meals too much and the desire to run lessens, unfortunately. However, running in Healdsburg is in my future come October.

Enjoy the beauty of wine country.

Healdsburg's offerings--day one

My first stop in Healdsburg---Simi Winery.
I arrived later than I had anticipated. I believed that the drive would take an hour-tops-but checking in to the rental car agency, maneuvering San Francisco and heading north on the 101 took awhile. Traffic, construction and delay. Yes, Simi Winery was a welcome beginning to my adventure in Healdsburg.
I did a wine tasting and purchased a bottle of wine to utilize later. Knowing my habits, I would want a glass of wine pre and possibly, post-dinner.
I returned to the Dry Creek Inn and enjoyed the comforts of the room. Surprisingly, it is a Best Western. And, probably, the nicest Best Western that I have stayed in. I had a jetted tub, separate shower and robe. I am a sucker for robes in hotel rooms. I know---simple comforts go along way.
I used the computer that the hotel provided and relaxed the afternoon away. I knew that I would be dining at Cyrus and did not want to arrive too early. I wasn't interested in an early bird special type of meal.
Cyrus is located in Healdsburg. I have been fortunate to dine at several amazing restaurants in the U.S.---French Laundry, Daniel, Bouchon, Tru--to name a few. Cyrus was the latest find and supposedly, it rivals the French Laundry. Intrigued, I set my sights on a meal there.
I like that they offer bar seating. The French Laundry and Tru do not offer the full menu if seated at the bar. Cyrus offers a la carte servings of their menu. Plus, they have an extensive list of cocktails. I believe they are well known for their mixology skills which I also enjoyed viewing.
I sampled a watermelon cayenne cocktail and a cucmber drink. They offer the cucumber drink with gin, but since I am a vodka girl, I asked if she would make an exception. Lovely summer drinks!
Eventually, after a few conversations with other guests waiting for their tables, I ordered the tofu with summer squash and sea beans, followed by the sweet corn and truffle risotto. The food was delightful. The drinks were a nice accompaniment prior to wine. Yes, I drank red wine with the meal. Typical "me" behavior.
I finished my experience with a cheese course and coffee. The coffee was amazing and I couldn't resist it. I asked the bartender to call me a cab and her bar back offered to drive me back to the hotel. I loved that aspect of the night. How often does an establishment offer to give a guest a ride as opposed to the cab service?
I felt my experience at Cyrus was successful. My only negative gripe is a subjective matter. I tipped the bartender, well--I thought, and she didn't say thank you. Really? I sit there for 3 hours, dine at the bar providing a direct tip based on your service and no thank you is given? But, that is me. I think it is appropriate to say thank you.
The ride did offset my opinion of negativity. That was so sweet! And, the food was lovely, beautifully presented and scrumptious! I would love to dine there again and sample more of their fare.