Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating February 28th

Today, we were supposed to go scuba diving. Everything hinged on that fact. The entire trip to Belize was planned with that idea in mind.
We would scuba, release Brian's ashes, celebrate his life and enjoy today.
I woke up and was anxious. I think I tend to be when it comes to celebrating the 28th of February. Not to mention the scuba diving. My last dive was not stellar. I panicked and only did one dive. Keep in mind that my "partners" left me while I was retrieving additional weights. Water choppy and I struggled against the current.
Anyways, this morning, we made coffee and found a little breakfast place open. Neither of us spoke about the upcoming day/tension, but we knew it was there. This day is hard. It's been five years. It still feels like yesterday.
Five years since Brian died.
We went to check into the scuba place and were informed that due to the weather---crazy winds--we would not be able to go today. I mean, we could. But, they highly encouraged us to reconsider. It would not be a pleasant dive/experience/day.
We talked about it and I realized that this was Brian's way of screwing with us. We will go tomorrow and if not, tomorrow, definitely on Wednesday. It forced us to adapt to what our expectation of how today should go. Now, there is no expectation outside of finding joy and remembering Brian.
I ask you to eat chocolate and drink wine to celebrate his life with us. We have reservations at a nice restaurant and Shari brought a bottle of Rutherford Hill Merlot from the States to drink.
Today is a good day. I feel him laughing at me as I type this.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

typical meals...

Peasant sandwich. Post run and rewarding ourselves. Lindsay chose the sandwich. Me, Pepe's eggs. Amazing coffees and mimosas were welcome.
Best part--the coffee that Lindsay brought me.

Lovely wine with equally lovely company.

I think this was our attempt at Mexican Monday. Unfortunately, we had little control over restaurants that night. We wanted Mexican Monday, but settled for a pub like atmosphere since our desired place was unavailable that night.

They gifted us free entrees for our effort.

Lindsay and I knew that we would return. Who were we to ever turn down free mexican food?

Awwww...breakfast. I love it.

Watercourse Foods.


Pepe's eggs. Clean food with lovely coffee. Mimosas could have been more friendly. Less o.j. more champagne. Or, perhaps a larger glass as opposed to the champagne flute.

Lovely meals, conversation, weather. Yes, life is grand....

Friday, February 18, 2011


I am running.
I must.
Tomorrow. Saturday a.m.
Yes, it is a done deal.
Solo run. Sure. I am wanting to go. If the Goddess wanted to join me, I would be in. Sometimes, the solo run is hard. Yea-I have days where I can, adequately, talk myself out of goijng on a solo run.
I write this (or blog) to assure (myself) that I actually do it.
Today, I had every intention of going. I woke up, at 7 am. Made coffee. Checked my e-mail and other internet connected things. I have been reading about journaling, first thing. Supposedly, you are more "free" when you wake. Some people have journals near their beds to seize the opportunity. I am not quite at that point. I will write post coffee. Coffee takes priority over everything else. Today was no different.
Woke up. Grinded beans. Made coffee. Yum.
Packed my car with laundry and headed west. My aunt has graciously allowed me to do laundry at her place. I adore her. Not only for this; but, in general. She is awesome. Well, anyone that can save me from going to a laundry mat, I will love.
Returned home to organize. Fun. Cannot say how much fun it is to organize my life. Ecstatic! Avoided the run which was the whole point of the post. I love running and want to pursue it. Today, I managed to avoid it without too much convincing.
This doesn't make me feel good or right. It just is....sometimes, I want a day off. No other reason, explanation or justification. There are days when I feel lazy. Today was the day.
Tomorrow is a new day. Running (definitely) in the am, followed by coffee, drinks, will be fantastic. I might go to the post office, too. Who knows? I have many tasks to complete...


Family. What can I say? I see them too infrequently. I believe the last visit to Oregon was a week after Emery was born. Over two years ago for Thanksgiving.
Time flies. Of course, things happen, plans change and you find yourself two years later commenting that you had meant to visit before. I think it is difficult to coordinate between all of our schedules. Or, that is what I tell myself.
My niece and nephews are so cute. I stayed with Michaela since she has ample space. And, I didn't want to disrupt Jade's routines. She works nights. Thankfully, I was able to see her but I wish there had been more time. Isn't that how it always goes? More time is needed.
Michaela and I had a relaxing week. I loved it. I wanted to spend time with her, not focus on what we could be doing. Next time, I definitely want to tour Willamette Valley. In the past, I have spent time in the wine region. It is lovely.
The highlight of the trip was the pottery studio they suggested. Earlier in the year, I went to a canvas & cocktails class in Denver. I think I caught the creativity bug.
Michaela suggested the activity instead of day drinking. Since Mackenzie, my niece, joined us for the day, it made sense. We met at Chapala. Jade absolutely loves this restaurant. I think I ate a bean burrito--my tipico choice at mexican restaurants. It was fine, but the sauce that smothered my burrito was a little sweet for my liking.
Next, we walked to the pottery studio and chose what we would paint. I opted for my own design and made it for Michaela. She said that it turned out lovely.
We spent a few hours at the studio. Adding wine to the beverage options would have increased my interest in staying. However, there were many kids/families in the place. I think caffeine was the way to go.
We met for dinner at Jade's house later that night. Perfect way to spend time with the family. Restaurants are distracting for kids--I think. Plus, we needed a casual atmosphere to have a lively conversation. This always happens when I get together with my sisters.
The kids were comfortable in their environment. Easton, the older son, was attached to the computer the entire night. I blame it on his age. I would be bored, too, if I was forced to hang out with the grown-ups. Mackenzie was polite and sweet. Emery was pure enteretainment. Too freaking cute.
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with my sisters. It has been way too long. I wish Jasmin had been able to be there as well. Next time....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back on track

I started running, again.
Post marathon, I felt more interested or, at least, capable of going the distance. Unlike the first attempt at greatness. The Denver Marathon was a great learning curve for me. I should have waited. What do they say about hindsight? It's 20-2o, right?
In all fairness, I believed that I would be able to complete it. I was training alongside ladies that were all preparing for the full deal. I ran with them, diligently, for a few months before deciding that I should sign up for the Full Marathon. It felt right.
I ran Denver and got injured at mile 14. Can you say uncomfortable? Or, what the heck was I thinking? Why did I sign up for this? And, other expletive remarks thought in my head along the same sort of thinking.
Post-race, I wanted to run. I did. But, I also was unable to run, without pain, for a few months. I avoided running.
That sucked and I dreamed of running but still couldn't seem to manage the one foot in front of the other.
Las Vegas was different. Training was fluid. I was prepared. I completed two 20 mile runs during the training cycle. I was ready. I could have done three; but, I think I was out of town. Yes, there were options to better myself.
Post Marathon--I could walk. I felt great.
Still, I remained tentative on running. I think #3 will be different. I think there is a routine to it. Or, perhaps, that is what I am trying to tell myself.
I need to figure out my schedule so that I can plan meals around it. I realize that is what I truly look forward to. Not only the destination, but the food factor that prevails from working to achieving said goal. Even if it is only a 1/2 Marathon, I believe, you should reward yourself. I think about the Healdsburg 1/2 and how amazing it was. Not only the running or course, but also the camaraderie between us. We were set for three days. Full of wine, food and friendship that is. Yes, I think of the reward factor and how to improve upon that.
Running is necessary to achieve more travel, food, wine. Any suggestions? I am open to them and how they can better my travel. Thanks!!!

Things I should do, but never, want to make time for.....

New Year inspires tackling things that I have managed to avoid for some time.
Jury Duty. Never again, I hope. Really, that was an unpleasant and colossal waste of time. Being forced to sit in a room for up to four hours before being released is not my idea of a good time. Or, having your number called and then hoping (praying) that you will not get chosen to serve on said jury. I mentioned this to a friend of mine. His experience was different than mine. He answered no questions and they chose him to serve. I definitely would have felt robbed of the opportunity to explain why I was not an ideal juror. Overall, my experience was not that awful. Just inconvenient.
Dentist. Typically, I prefer the obgyn to this service. I am current on that by the way. It is important to get the annual inspite of how uncomfortable that is. Regardless, the dentist is the last thing that I tend to take care of on an annual basis. I convince myself that it can wait. This year, I went and will return for the follow-up. I found one that I like and hope to arrange a cleaning, at least, once a year.
Optometrist. Mine is hysterical and I knew this from previous experience. Diligently, I visited him to update my contacts and renew my glasses. I realized that I was close to running out of contacts and so I tried to fanagle a prescription without the exam.
No dice. Apparently, I have not had an office visit since 2007. There was no way around that. I made the necessary appointment and saw him earlier today. He asked me how often I change out my monthly contacts.
I said, infrequently.
He goes--like, what? Every three months?
Every four months?
Sure. Whatever makes you feel better about how infrequently I change out the contacts.
The eye exam went well. My contacts are great inspite of my never changing them out. He did suggest ordering more contacts, this year, instead of the constant wear. He is a character--full of jokes, stories and random details. I like him. I enjoy his eccentricities and he always inspires me to consider doing something more with my life and travel.
Eventually, I will make an appointment for my car. I want it completely checked out. Although, I do feel that I take great care of Veronica, every now and then, she could use a little more care.
These are just a few examples of things that I really do not enjoy making time for. This year, they do not seem as cumbersome or overwhelming. Maybe it is all attitude......

"Green" Monday

In an attempt to be green, I researched where they recycle televisions. I have been carting Brian's tv with me from rental to rental the last few years. Two years ago, I received a second tv, to prepare for the change from analog to digital.

Well, I had broken the cable out put port, too. It is a long story and I could still watch tv if I had the cord placed in a specific way. Duct tape would have been a handy addition to this quandry, in hind sight.

I kept the tv for a few reasons. Mostly, since it was Brian's. It is big/bulky. I am able to hook a DVD player or VCR up to it and view movies. Outside of that, though, it is a piece of furniture in the way of my tiny room.

I asked Sara if she had any interest in having the tv. She didn't. She prefers the lap top and streaming video on Netflix. I understand this, too. The tv is awkward. Her place is smaller than mine.

I googled television recycle centers and found options. The first one I called was close to me. The guy was informative. He explained that if I wasn't charged a fee to recycle the tv, well, than, the place was not truly recycling the tv. Instead they were selling the tv to a country where they were uninterested in the mercury and lead levels. Sort of defeats the purpose of recycling. I want to say that there are 8-10 lbs of lead in most tv's. There is now a way of disposing of tv's to lessen the impact of the

I asked if they would pick it up, for me, and he said--well, where are you located? I said, Denver and he explained that they closed there location in Colorado and were primarily a west coast company.

I called the Waste Management listing and made arrangements to drop the tv off. They said they were open from 7-3, Monday-Friday. The guy said that there was a 30 minute window where they would be unavailable to assist me due to lunch which I understood.

Seeing that it was just past one, I decided to take the tv that day. I carted it to my car, hoping that I wouldn't drop it. Of course, the one time I want to see one of my intrusive neighbors, they are nowhere to be found.

It was fun and the tv made it to my car unscathed. I drove to the drop off location and was about to hand the guy cash, when, he informed me that they only accepted checks or money orders. That information would have been helpful to know. I suppose most people (women) carry check books. I don't. Frustrated, I drove home and returned with a check to cover the $10 fee to recycle my tv.

Funny, how, in an attempt to be green, I actually created more of a carbon footprint with all of the driving needed to complete this task.

If you are interested in recycling your tv or an appliance check out this There are links to recycle centers, solutions and ways to be more green.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive day

Running with the Goddess--lovely.

Our schedules have been out of sync since she started her new job. I am happy for her, but bummed that I see her once every few weeks instead of our usual once a week run. We b.s. life, relationships, friends, upcoming trips/travel (in general)/food. Always entertaining and something that I look forward to.

I am so thankful that I met Lindsay at the TNT first group run. I met her since I recognized her from yoga and asked her if she attended yoga regularly. I am super grateful that I recognized her. She got me through my first half and encouraged me to upgrade from a 1/2 to the full. Yes, Lindsay is a gem.

Funny how you never know who you might recognize later from random encounters. I think of all of the overlap interests. Today, I dined, post-breakfast with Lindsay, at a local awesome breakfast spot. I ran into an old co-worker that now works at that establishment. I think we worked together five years ago. She left to pursue an interesting side career. Think Coyote Uglyish type of employment.

The meal was superb. Lindsay tried a breakfast sandwich and I opted for this delightful ensemble. The guacamole was a nice addition. Coffee strong and replenished, frequently. The mimosa was heavy on the orange juice. I suppose that happens when there is a special on mimosas.

Anyways, today was an awesome day to go. Perfect weather and it inspired me to consider going for a solo run tomorrow and Monday or just tomorrow. I must take advantage of the sun. The last week of ridiculous cold and snow severely limited my ability to enjoy the outdoors. I have yak trax but when it is snowing, I have little desire to venture outside.

Post run, breakfast, I went grocery shopping and to the bank. Yes, being outside was wonderful, today, and the weather is supposed to remain til Wednesday. Happy!!!! Hoping to complete a few runs to celebrate the sun.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming races

Yesterday, I finally got around to signing up for the Horsetooth 1/2 Marathon. I ran the race, last year, with the Goddess. It was a challenging course. Worthy of another run. I went in sort of blind. I was unfamiliar with the course outside of that there is a hill. A hill that goes on for four miles at the start of the race. Yes, I was unaware of that fact. My own fault for not researching the course. When Lindsay suggested that race, I agreed, wholeheartedly, because I wanted to complete another 1/2 Marathon with her and the timing was right.
Since then, it has been in the back of my mind to do a redemption run. I will be prepared this time. I have been bugging Sara Jo and Lindsay to sign up, too. Lindsay will remember the course; and, Sara will complete her 2nd Half Marathon. Yes, it will be a lovely day.
One race planned. Last year, at this time, I am fairly certain that I had most of my events planned out. I feel like a slacker!
In my defense, I am transitioning in a few areas in my life. Running, although motivational/thought provoking/athletic/necessary in my life, has sort of taken a back seat to other areas. Today, I thought I would consider what events I would like to do.
Then, I received a reminder e-mail from the Fresh Air Fund regarding their sponsorship at the upcoming NYC 1/2 Marathon. The race is March 20th and a wonderful way to physically challenge yourself and give back to the community. Check it out at-- The Fresh Air Fund is also looking for host families for the 2011 summer. If you are interested, here is the
One day, I will run for their organization. Maybe in November for the NYC Marathon.
I hope to complete a full marathon and 3 half marathons this year. I am a third of the way there. I would love to complete another wine series destination race, too. Those are fun. Well, anything that incorporates wine is going to be of interest, in my book.
I need to think on it more. I sense that most of my running will be in the fall. I am excited for this new year of running and what else I encounter....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Massage and other amenities

I love receiving body work. Always have.
I have been fortunate in this department. I get massages, a lot.
When I lived in Phoenix, I arranged to go every other week. My therapist, Laura, and I worked out a deal where if I continued to go this often, my rate would be consistently awesome.
My aunt is a massage therapist and quite good at what she does. She is a super petite lady who yields crazy power. I love receiving body work from her; but, in the back of my mind, I see all of her friends asking for "free" massages since they are friends. Rarely, unless I am in ridiculous amounts of pain--quads or back--do I ask her for a massage. I feel guilty.
Most of my friends know this about me, too. My little sister sent me a massage at Izba for christmas. The best present--EVER. I was surprised that Jade remembered how much I love that place.
Anyways, Monday, a friend of mine called and asked me if I would be interested in receiving a massage from her job. She works at an Athletic Club. Of course, I accepted, inspite of my scheduled massage for Wednesday morning. I bumped, that massage, to a later date and opted to check out the masseuse at the Athletic Club.
I arrive at 5 pm. On the way over to the Club, my friend texted saying--you can also use the steam or sauna, if you are interested.
I wish that I had left earlier to utilize those amenities. I managed to enjoy the steam room for a few minutes, showered, and then headed into the massage area. I leafed through a magazine and waited.
The therapist led me to the room and asked me a few questions about what I expected out of the massage. I told her that I wanted to relax and if she found an area of concern, to work on it. In the past, I have mentioned rhomboid issues and then, that is all the therapist focuses on. My shoulders are always tight and that area frustrates most therapists. I have learned it is better to not draw unnecessary attention off the bat. I wanted a relaxing full body massage, not just a back massage.
The massage, itself, was fine. I feel that pressure could have been more and I could have told her that. She did some acupressure along with the massage. I wish she would have spent more time on my quads, but due to timing, it didn't work out. She used lavendar oil andI love lavendar. All, in all, it was adequate.
Afterwards, I returned to the locker room and decided to do another steam. I wanted to utilize that since rarely do I have the oppportunity to do it. I took my robe off, grabbed a towel and walked into the steam room. Four other women were already enjoying the steam room. It was crowded and as I try to find a place to sit, I can't help but notice their lack of towels. Hello jungle. Actually, it wouldn't have mattered if they had groomed that region, I still wouldn't want to see it in the steam room. And, they were not shy about their lack of towel. One lady was laying down with her feet up. Weird.
I closed me eyes. I tried to dream of tropical places.
I am a prude. I know it and have been told it. I don't care. I am who I am.
Post massage, I joined my friend at a networking event for the free wine. She asked me about the massage and I told her the truth. It was fine. Then, I mentioned the steam room. I know that I was more colorful with my recount of that experience with her. It was easier retelling it to a friend, I suppose.
Today, I e-mailed my sister to tell her about it since she knows what a prudish freak I am and my thoughts on the jungle factor. Too funny. I hope she laughs when she reads it.
Until next time. Keep your towel on.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I cannot believe I am actually saying this...but, my dental appointment today was pleasant. I had been dreading it for the last month. I would rather see my gynocologist than have my teeth cleaned.
I started receiving Groupon updates last spring. I remember finding one about a dentist and then waiting too long to purchase it. I really didn't want to go to the dentist even if it was a fantastic deal.
A few months later and another Groupon posted a dental discount. This time, I purchased it, right away. No questions asked. I was committed to seeing the dentist. I knew that another opportunity would not present itself to me.
I arrived early due to the road conditions. I am not a fan of driving in the snow; nor, have I ever been. For the most part, I am able to walk, everywhere, or take public transport. Today, the buses are running 20 minutes behind schedule. I believe I could get to Arvada, but the route home would have been challenging. I probably would have had to walk the 20 miles.
Since I couldn't walk or take the bus, I had to drive. Unless, I wanted to cancel the appointment.
I was uninterested in doing that since I knew that if I did, I would postpone the entire experience. I would kiss my Groupon goodbye...$49 is not that much to waste.
Yet, I wanted my teeth cleaned. I didn't care about anything else. Just that my teeth would be clean.
I arrived and the office was slow. Again, I think weather related. They got me in early and took numerous x-rays and then started cleaning my teeth. The dentaly hygenist was informative and positive.
Normally, I hear--you really should floss more.
Today, she asked me prior to the beginning of her cleaning how frequently I flossed. Honestly, I could do a better job of it. I seem to be really great, for a while, and then fall off the flossing wagon. I have made more of an effort in the last month because of the upcoming appointment.
Overall, I have some work. But, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I liked this dentist.
She was unlike any dentist that I have went to. My childhood dentist was awful when I think back to it. My last experience with him was him drilling into a tooth, finding my nerve, and telling me that I needed a root canal. At which point, he slapped a temp filler on my tooth and set me on my way. I was moving to Phoenix in two days and so in his defense, he probably wouldn't have been able to do that procedure in my two days. However, the temp filler and lack of concern is what bothered me.
I arrive in Phoenix to have the root canal and find out that I am no longer on my dad's insurance plan. It had ended when I graduated from college. Awesome.
For the next two years, I deal with the temp filler and pray that it isn't painful. Eventually, I sign up with some dental service (think Perfect Teeth or Comfort Dental) and arrange to have the work done.
The dentist was kind and he did work on my root canal and other problem areas. He mentioned that I should look into getting a mouth guard since I, apparently, grind my teeth at night. I think the work was reflective of the price. Could have been better. Adequate work and kind man.
I relocated to Denver and have avoided the dentist until today. I will go back to pursue the other problem areas. She, too, mentioned a mouth guard. Super attractive, right?
I am surprised at how positive the experience was. Maybe the dentist isn't that bad.....

Monday, February 7, 2011

jury duty

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer. I want to say that I was seven years old when I determined that would be what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I continued to believe I would go to law school while attending high school. I had an internship with the city attorney's office. My responsibilities included filing (mostly) and observing the office dynamics and lawyers in action. I remember sitting through jury selection and thinking, that will be me, one day, asking questions and selecting potential jurors. It was interesting to watch the potential jurors answer questions or how the lawyers determined who would be sympathetic to their case. Nonpersonal communication cues played greatly in determining who would be selected or not.
I went to college and realized, quickly, that law would not be the answer for me. I was no longer interested in law school or becoming an attorney.
Earlier last month, I received my summons for jury duty. Yuck! I was so uninterested in even showing up for my civic duty. I knew that I would be unable to get out of it. And, ironically, it fell the day before my dreaded dental appointment. Let's just say, I was not looking forward to February.
I considered postponing it. I did. But, I still would have to deal with it at some point in the near future. I arrived, early, and waited for my number to be called. The woman in charged explained that we would be held until noon at which point either our number would be called or we would be released.
The first cycle of names were called. My name was not called and although, I was grateful to not be called, I knew that it was unlikely that I would still be in the jury room at noon.
Two more rounds of people being called out for different trials. Finally, after two hours of sitting, my number was called.
We enter the courtroom and are informed that they would need 6 jurors for a criminal case. My immediate thought, is great....these take longer than civil cases.
I look at the defendant and realize that it isn't gang related or murder. Did I mention that they told us that they trial would conclude within 3 days at the most.
Still, I had no interest in being a juror.
I am the third person seated in the panel of 18 prospective jurors. The judge asks some random questions about conflicts with being a juror and I immediately call attention to myself. I mention that I have a dental appointment and it took me awhile to secure it. The judge asked me if I had tried to change my jury duty and I answered honestly, no. The judge looked at me and said--so, you were hoping you wouldn't be selected. I said, yes. Everyone laughed.
It was a mix of ethnic groups, age, economic status and sex. In an attempt to remain anonymous, I wore nondescript clothing and tried to be quiet during the questioning. I didn't want to call attention to myself.
The case was about a DUI. Of course, this sparks controversy for many people. There was a guy to my left that was uncomfortable with the defendant and really did not want to be a juror. He had small children and spoke, three times, about wanting to be impartial but not agreeing with the defendant's actions.
I was under the radar for the prosecution or so it seemed. My responses to the basic questionnaire didn't make me a standout. I didn't explain my work background. I glossed over it in fact. The Prosecution concluded with the question--on a scale of one to ten, ten being perfect, how would you rate the current justice system? I gave it a four.
The defense attorney began and questioned me about why I felt the justice system was imperfect. I felt in the spotlight and in hindsight would have elaborated on a few things. All I managed to get out was, I think it could be improved and that there is overpopulation in jails and eventually people recommit crimes and go back in. There was another girl on the panel that agreed with me and she also is working in the correctional facilities. I think we seemed more sympathetic than some of the others.
The questioning concluded and then the attorneys met with the judge to determine who would be jurors or not. I was the first one dismissed. Yazee! So excited to be free of this. I would have been impartial to the case, maybe sympathetic--even due to my background in the service industry, but I didn't want to be a juror.
I don't agree with drinking and driving. However, we need more solutions, as consumers, to be able to enjoy being social. For example, I walk most places, take cabs or public transport. If I drive, I choose places that I can leave my car for the night instead of driving it home. There are not many options in this. If you go downtown and drink, you must get your car out of the downtown vicinity. Otherwise, you are issued a $25 ticket, risk of towing, car impoundment or a boot. It limits options. The best case scenario is to either not drink or only drink one to two beverages if you are inclined to drive.
Yet, it happens. People choose to drive home after a few drinks. Some of the other potential jurors seemed really judgmental about this issue. Like they would never drink or had never made a poor judgment.
Nevertheless, it was an experience and I am so thankful to not be there still. I am glad that I spoke up about my dental appointment. Otherwise, I think I might have been one of the chosen six.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy birthday, Jennifer.....

Today is a special friend of mine's birthday. I wish I could see her, but due to geography, all I can do is call, e-mail or blog. If only, Kansas City wasn't a ten hour drive.
I will call her later. I know her and have her information. Writing on facebook is unnecessary since I have seen her in the last few years and have her updated information.
I wish I could post a photo of the last time we met. I saw her at the River Festival and later had beers at the old Holidome. If only, I had not changed my memory card.
I wish I could surprise her with a frosty beverage.
Jennifer and I met while attending middle school. We played volleyball and went on a class trip to New Mexico.
We attended the same university and remained in contact as best we could. We had different friends, paths, classes. Still, we would meet infrequently to catch up, share a drink, create a memory.
I remember visiting her so that I could use her word processor. Yes, it was that long ago. Anyways, when I backed out of her apartment building, I found that I had no brakes and hit a fence to break my roll back. Fun times, indeed.
When Jennifer turned 30, she came to Denver to celebrate. One of our other mutual friends was supposed to come with her but for whatever reason, she canceled at the last possible moment. I was glad to be the hostess and made her try my favorite calamari restaurant and concluded the night at my favorite tap room.
I wanted her to enjoy Denver from my perspective. I think she did.
I have watched her grow into a complete bad ass. She wrestled alligators, has a motorcycle which she takes care of (for the most part), and has tackled several home improvement issues. I admire her. She inspires me to pursue my passions and be my best possible self.
So, happy birthday, Jennifer. I hope it is all you want it to be. And, next time we meet, we will celebrate!