Friday, October 21, 2016

reflections on a random night off

I am still decompressing from my tour of that city.  Five glorious days.  Excessive, fun, shining bright. 
I looked back on some of the spots we dined at and others we could have dined at.  So many options. I could have spent a month there and not tried all the restaurants I wanted.  I would have had a food coma.  Not to mention, a need, to detox my liver and internal organs.  I think going to Nola is similar to visiting Las Vegas.  Typically, I spend one too may days there.  Not regretting it but physically needing to recover from the debauchery and food overload.  I returned, went to a barre class and picked up a salad afterwards.  I considered having a glass of wine while waiting for the take-out and thought better of it.  My body craved hydration and water.  Not more wine!
Barre class has been my go-to.  Not running, spin or yoga.  I wish I could find a routine class that I am committed to attending.  I miss my yoga fix.  I have broken up with spin for the time being.  It just isn't my thing.  I have found joy in running again.  I went with Sara the other night and can honestly say that I didn't hate it.  I wasn't too sore and the three miles passed relatively quickly.  Especially after not running since January.
I have been teaching yoga in my house with Brie, Matt and Sara.  I could expand out and offer classes to other people.  I believe I am at that point in this journey.   I am ready to share my knowledge and continue to grow my own practice.  I love being a student.
Next week, I will head to Santa Fe.  I do not know that I have enough time to see my mentor but there will be other trips for that.  Mostly, the agenda reflects soaking at Ojo, silver coins at La Choza and a little shopping.  Seeing friends is paramount and just relaxing.  I could use a little bit of that.  The upcoming season will be full of celebration, card writing and gift buying.  Yes, there will be some on-line shopping in my future.  I am not a fan of heading to stores.  Time consuming and a waste of time, in my experience. 
For instance, last week, I opted to venture into cherry creek to seek out a shoe store.  I could use a new pair of casual shoes for work and going out and have a pair of shoes that I found at a consignment store in Santa Fe that I love.  Super comfortable, cute and worn out.  I wanted to check out their store in Denver.  Actually pay full retail price for a comfortable pair of shoes. I made my way to the mall and entered the store.  Perused the selection and saw that I had not yet been greeted which seemed odd.  I was the only customer in the store.
So, I approached the desk and asked the clerk to pull a size 10 and 11 for this certain style.  He complied and said hello to a few ladies that had entered the store.  I continued to look at their selection and found an additional two pairs of shoes to try on.
He gave me the first pair and said that they were burgundy not black.  Mentioned he could order a pair for me.  I liked the shoes but wanted to try on the more casual styles.  Of course, my show size was out of stock.  The size ten was too tight in one and the eleven was too loose in the other.  He offered to order the shoes for me.  I filled out a form to seal the deal.  He told me that he required payment for the shoes but that there was a great possibility that they would be unable to produce the shoes.  Apparently, there were few stores that had my size in that style available.  He said I would receive a refund on my payment.
I asked if he could ship the shoes to the store and that I would pick them up.  Seemed reasonable.  Especially after he noted that I would probably not acquire them.  Why should I make a cash transaction if the goods would not be received?
He sensed my hesitation and asked if I wanted to continue with the transaction where I said no.  I thought about entering the store with no greeting.  The fact that I took the shoes to him and then that they would not ship the shoes to be convenient to the store and then have me pay for them.  Why am I giving this guy commission for no service????
The right shoes will present themselves.  I know it.  More likely, the opportunity will present itself.  No need to force something.  I do regret leaving my personal information with the guy....

upcoming trips and random thoughts

I am excited for my upcoming trip to OZ (the land of Oz not Australia) to celebrate travel and hopefully, inspire, 12 yr-old kids, to see the beauty of others, culture and travel.
One of my grade school friends is a sixth grade teacher.  She posted something on social media about her desire to bring in people to her classroom in Wamego, Kansas, to discuss living abroad and/or travel.  She even suggested skyping or facetiming as a way to achieve this goal.  I saw her post and commented.  I think I had had one too many glasses of wine.  I said something like--I have traveled some....
She liked my response and I saw that she had commented on others about their time abroad.  She messaged me later asking if I would like to participate.  She suggested skype and I told her that, no, I will be there in person.  I can do this!  I can combine trips to see Jasmin, Emma and meet her new addition, have lunch with another childhood friend and teach about travel.  I spent 36 hours with Jasmin and Emma in July and had a blast.  My little niece is a hoot!  She kept referring me to as her cousin.  I loved that.  Seeing that I am older than her mom...haha.  And, surprisingly, I enjoyed spending time in Manhattan.  I wouldn't mind returning to Tall Grass brewery or having another meal at the chef.  I am my new nephew's god mother as well.  I will be meeting him for the first time.  I hope to see my mom at some point too.
I contacted Tami about arranging lunch.  Last time I swung through town, I did not give her enough notice.  I am committed to having lunch in S Town at a local brewery.  I was a little anxious about where Tami would suggest.  It's been years since I have spent any time there.  I know of a few truck stops, fast food, and casual dining (applebee's, chili's, carlos O'Kelly's).  I was hoping for something new and unfranchised.  Thankfully, Tami knew of a place.
Regarding the teaching, there is something to it.  I have been told that I am a teacher just never pursued it in the traditional realm.  I have been doing more yoga teaching and feel more natural with it.  My language sounds more like me and not as stilted. 
I know that I am unconventional and so I am curious as to how her students will relate to me.  I figure I can overwhelm them with photos and stories of my time in Vietnam.  Since it is my most recent passport stamp, it makes sense.  I can also speak to Cambodia, Laos and Bangkok.  I might bring up the Khmer Rouge but I didn't visit the Killing Fields or any of that part of the history.  I spent time in Angkor Wat and had a human experience.  I can speak to the food and spending a day with a tuk tuk driver. 
I can speak to the language barrier and being in the Capitol but outside of that, I spent more time meeting people and dining.  I hope these kids like to hear about food.  I don't know if they understand the significance of me being in Vietnam.  I don't know if school teaches of the Vietnam War.  They didn't when I was in school. 
I am excited and wonder how I could do more of this.  And, what upcoming travel I could do.  There is a trip to Portugal in my future.  As much as I love Narcos (and I do), I put my trip to Columbia on hold.  Robert and his wife will be in Portugal until next June or July.  Honestly, I have always wanted to go to Spain and Portugal.  Why not go?
Especially when I have friends there that can give me the local perspective.  They have lived there since 2007 or 2008.  They will be concluding their time next summer.  I would love to see them before they depart.
Columbia will be there and perhaps I can see another season of Narcos before I depart.  It is in my thoughts and I keep meeting people that have visited.  It will happen.