Thursday, May 29, 2008

Repackaging the wound and my new sandals...

Going to the doctor is similar to how I feel about the dentist. I do not relish the thought. Granted, I did receive a number of gold stars growing up, but I wasn't one of those kids who looked forward to going to the doctor or dentist.
My sisters have file cabinents containing their healthcare. Mine was basic--stitches on right leg and broken left wrist.
As an adult, I have been fortunate to have good health and resources to care for myself alternatively. I rarely take aspirin when I get a head ache. Instead, I drink more water and hope that it goes away because I am dehydrated.
My biggest issue with western medicine is the availability of pills. I went into the office to have them check out the boil and repack it. I met a new physician's assistant and from the start I didn't like this guy. He had a nurse assist him and pulled at the gauze. His bedside manner sucked and I was so frustrated that I began questioning my decision to continue care in this manner. He hurt me and I wanted to run-defense mechanism--instead, I stayed and asked if it was worth it to continue the care. The nurse said of course it is and you need the antibiotics, but if it hurts, why not take pain medication? I cannot do it. I do not want to become reliant on a pill. I left knowing that I must return on Saturday to have them repackage the wound since I cannot do it myself.
I like the clinic itself and know that if I were to go to an ER, I would be waiting around all day, charged to sit down and be furious with my care. I understand that they are overworked, but I want to feel that they care too. I don't want to be poked or prodded, I could go see an obgyn if I was interested in that course!
I will go back on Saturday and I am hoping that the antibiotics work. I am so over this...
In other news, I have these sandals that are preventitive healthcare. I love them. My first pair lasted 1 1/2 years and then the soles broke. Instead of having them resoled, I bought a new pair. I went on my trip and they broke within 5 months. I returned to Denver hoping that the company would honor its product and fix it. The customer service agent that I spoke to wasn't very helpful and I had decided to contact the mother company myself when the manager contacted me from the store and offered to help me out.
That was 6 weeks ago. He called me today and told me he had my new shoes and that I could pick them up on Saturday. He thanked me for my patience and also for the note I had written. I guess letters do go along way...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Done Deal

Chichi and I met with the landlord and effectively signed the lease. I can move in on Sunday night and I am stoked.
Finally, a place to call home. I am sure that both my aunt and Jimmy will be thrilled to be rid of my crap, my antibiotics and other vitamins and paperwork. I collect letters. I believe in the tradition of communicating via snail mail. I think it is more personal than an e-mail and definitely preferred over text messaging!
We will have a house warming at some point. I need to wait until I am off of the antibiotics so that I am in good health. Plus I want to be ready to have a great party with lots of food and of course, ample wine.
Tomorrow, I return to the clinic for a follow up and tonight, I will continue to watch Big Love.
Until later...

Dr visit

I convinced Jimmy to go to an Urgent Care Facility with me. We arrived and I was ushered into the room. They asked me about the pain and took my vitals. I was thorough in describing the way I was attacked and how I had been self-treating the bites and going to acupuncture. They put me in a room and told me to put on the dressing so that the doctor could view my wound.
I was ready to see him when they changed rooms on me. The nurse told me that the doctor felt that he would be taking a culture since I had stayed at a youth hostel when I got the original bite. I met dr. Brent, a younger doctor with idealism and passion of helping others. He explained to me that he was involved with this particular clinic since he knew how expensive it was to go to the ER. He wanted to be able to provide people with a way to get professional healthcare, at an affordable price. Plus, he believes in Eastern medicine which convinced me that he was good.
He looked at my current bite and told me that he felt that it was mersa. Mersa is popular today since as a society we overindulged the antibiotics and have created a staph infection that is resistant to most antibiotics. He feels this is what i have. Ironically, I have used antibiotics sparingly in the past. I have been healthy most of my life, but now, I get to deal with some bullshit infection because of overuse from other people. He took a culture, relanced my wound and packed it with gauze.
He was impressed with my pain tolerance since he saw what Derryn had started the night before. I am on antibiotics, equipped with a heating pad and taking it easy the next few days. I return tomorrow for a follow-up visit.
I spoke to my miracle acupuncturist and he told me to not eat what i love since it would irritate the wound. So, no coffee, alcohol, dairy, spicy, fried or dessert type foods. This sucks, but not being able to sit down is worse. Currently, I have a boil, cellulitis and an infection. LOVELY...all because I slept at some shitty muslim hostel in Perth on New Year's Eve! I should have went with that Texan to his junior suite...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vikodin works...

Last time I took presribed vikodin, I had my wisdom tooth pulled and was in immense pain. I was groggy and knew that I must eat in order to not vomit.
I didn't eat enough.
I called the dentist to get a suggestion since I refused to take more of the pain medication and they told me to eat more. I didn't feel their bed side manner was great. So, I sold the vikodin to my friends who like to enjoy Painkiller Nights. They loved it when I went to the dentist because I couldn't stomach the pain medication.
Last night, was different. I took the whole vikodin and drank red wine. I was a little giddy, but it didn't hurt to sit down. Thank God for Derryn and her drugs. Plus, she did apply pressure to the wound, drain it, clean it and deal with me for an hour and a half. I remember thinking how funny it must of looked to anyone outside of us. I am laying on the couch and my aunts are examining my derrier and watching me try not to scream at the pain. I create drama for myself as usual.
We shall see what the doctor has to say. Until later...

Monday, May 26, 2008

What love is...

Love is being able to look at someone's butt and not judge it.
SERIOUSLY...I have another outbreak, on my right side this time. I thought I could handle it. I cleaned it, applied tea tree oil and rolled with the punches until I had to drive home. I couldn't stand it. It was definitely worse on my right side since I use my right leg to drive. I found that if I sat on my yoga mat, I could put more pressure on my left side.
Fat lot of good it did me...I have an issue with this. I spoke to Shari and she too, has been bit in the last few days. I discussed it with my aunt who approached her sister to get a syringe and suck the toxin out. Derryn, her sister, was senstive to that I was still dealing with it. She lectured Bryn on my healthcare and the necessity of going to a doctor. She mentioned that she had a sterile scalpel and might be able to lance the latest wound.
After driving, briefly today, I returned to have Derryn look at the bite. She cut into me and worked on it for an hour and a half. In this instant, I realized what love was. I mean, she was concerned about my welfare and was sensitive to my needs. They both were gracious and wanting to help me. I didn't yelp, scream or yell, but I did breathe a lot and barely made it.
I am going to the doctor tomorrow. There, I said it. I cannot imagine going through this 3 more times since the latest wound is identical to the original bite. I have 4 bites on my left side in almost a perfect staight line. I cannot do 3 more of these to even it out. I will go crazy.
On a side note...I think this is Brian's way of reminding me that I am alive. This pain is immense and on going. I feel it and should relish that there is more out there for me to see, discover and survive. So, yes, I am going to the doctor tomorrow with Jimmy.

MEMORIAL DAY and other rants...

I love the weather. TOday is amazing. I woke up at 4:40, compliments of my aunt and her dogs. Granted we were planning on hiking at Matthews/Winters Park but I could have used a few more hours of sleep.
We stopped for coffee, but she didn't order it right. I was given black coffee which doesn't suit me. I am more of a cream girl, no sugar, but definitely some dairy. We made it there, the first ones, and it was intensely beautiful. I have a meeting with a medium tomorrow afternoon and so I have been trying to connect with positive energy of Brian. Hiking there, is serene and one of the first places that i went hiking with him. It seemed right to release him, again, at that spot. I decided to share him with my aunt since she loved him as well and it cannot always be about me.
I have learned as I continue on this road, that he affected so many people and that I would be foolish to try to have him all to myself. It isn't easy to share but I acknowledge that I should. I am trying to forgive myself in this, too.
SInce then, I have slept, tons, and am about to head to Jimmy's to watch Big Love. I love that show. It is very entertaining and since my aunt doesn't have cable anymore, I must branch out to others...I hope that everyone is well and doing exactly what they want to do today.
I have some friends that are doing a mini baseball stadium tour to KC and St. Louis this next week. I gave them places to stop in Lawrence (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) and KC. I am excited for them, even jealous, since I can taste a maibock from Free State Brewery right now. I hope that they encounter some of my old co-workers there and that they are able to enjoy the brews and food.

Friday, May 23, 2008

new place to live, FINALLY ON MY OWN, well, at least with Chichi...

I am stoked.
The landlord finally called me back to confirm that I have the place.
He was concerned that we wouldn't be able to comfortably pay for it. I was like--really, I just took a 5 month around the world trip and it is paid for...why are you concerned?
He said that his place was high volume and that he was unable to get ahold of my bosses which is normal. I love Dave and Erik to death, but they never take phone calls at the Bull. It is pathetic how infrequently they actually field customer complaints, concerns or affirmations. They just don't do it.
However, I did give Rod the number to Dave's cell phone to bypass all of the bs. It did nothing for me, though. I still had to justify why I should be able to rent the place and why I would be a superior tenant.
I suppose this is penance for being me. I e-mailed Chichi to let her know the good news. I look forward to hearing back from her and planning our house warming party. I know that I am ready...

same number, new phone...

Okay, so I did it. I broke down and bought a new phone mostly because I wanted to be able to contact my potential new land lord. However, he is a flake like my text messaging realtor friend, my previous land lord and I would even go as far to say, most realtors. I mean, really, how difficult is it to contact me regarding this awesome house that I am ready to rent? I supplied him with my aunt's number, my work number and of course, e-mail. He has done little in terms of getting back to me. What do I do? I just want to know if we got it. Even if we didn't, he should still call me back and let me know. I do not understand people today.
So, my number is the same, but I might not have your number. Please either call me or e-mail or blog your number so that I have current information. I know about 10 numbers, most of which are work related. I know Steve Black's though...I don't need yours...We will see how long this phone lasts. Truly, the other day I dropped my old phone and thought I had broken it. Perhaps that should have been my sign to start shopping for a phone.
Well, let me know how to contact you. I will find you if you don't!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I lost my phone and cannot decide if I should get another...

I remember what life was like without a cell phone. It was fantastic. I loved it. I knew that people would track me down the old fashioned way, by leaving a message on my machine or calling me back.
Well, I had to purchase a cell phone since I went on a 2 1/2 week road trip in 2006. My friends and family insisted that I have one while I was touring the western States. I caved in and morphed into an anti text messaging queen, but very dependent on my phone. It serves as my alarm clock as well as my watch. I like it until today.
At 5:15 am, I was up since I wanted to walk around Sloan's Lake with my aunt. She works early and so this would be the only time to go with her. Well, she opted for pilates later and I grabbed a to go cup full of coffee, my ipod, keys and phone and took off. I was making great time when I realized that I had lost my phone. Immediately, I turned around and searched for my phone. It was inconvenient and it forced me to feel like I was on vacation again. I had to talk to other people and I did it all of the time on my trip. Since I have returned to the States, I have become acquainted with our customs and lack of communication.
I felt like a performance artist--you know, the ones that have exhibits in the bathrooms to freak people out. I inquired about my phone and the typical response was either paranoia that I was panhandling, I guess, or the language barrier. I asked several ladies if they had seen a cell phone and they would pull theirs out. Very sweet, but not helping me in my quest.
I have no idea where it is at. I contacted t-mobile to suspend the service and then I called my aunt, since I know her number. That is another thing...I don't know numbers anymore. My phone has made me stupid! I know 7-10 phone numbers by heart and 4 of those are work related. Of course, I loved the rental property last night and need to hear back from the landlord but I have no phone. I called him to give him my aunt's cell as well as the work phone. I do have e-mail and so I suppose that is a plus.
We shall see. If I must purchase a new phone, I am taking the text messaging off!!! I might need your numbers for those of you in the States. I will update this later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House hunting...

I am looking at a house today and I am hoping that this is the one.
I responded to an ad on Craig's List, but I received an odd response. I cannot tell if it is fact or fiction since it makes no sense. This man is in West Africa, where, I don't know, but his wife lives in New Jersey now and they want to sublet their place. They insist that I am honest person since they are and he advised me to contact his wife. She basically said the exact same thing, but without giving me much information outside of that they weren't in Colorado. He mentioned that he wanted to check in on an annual basis to see how I was enjoying the place, etc. It almost seemed like they were squatters. I don't know. Am I being too paranoid?
I like phone conversations, plus, I believe if it were true, there would be more information made available to me by now. I am passing on this one.
The one tonight is in my desired location and it is a 2 bedroom, one bathroom house. I am excited. My aunt is going with me to form a second opinion and be honest. Of course, I would like to return to my ideal location on 5th Avenue, but my landlord is such a flake that I don't want to get my hopes up. I mean, he told me that we could move in on Monday and then on Tuesday he completely withdrew the offer because he said that he and his wife had decided to sell the townhouse. Honestly, there are multiple homes on the market in that area and none of them are moving. I don't know what he is thinking!
I am off to think and consider how much I can spend on my new place....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I think about my trip and I know that I need to reflect on it.
Thankfully, I am staying with my aunt this week and will have ample time to write, reflect and avoid distractions. Of course, I will work, a little, but having limited access to tv and a front porch inspires me to do something creative. I am too swayed by the convenience of watching Top Chef or Ugly Betty and put off my writing or doing something productive. I am ready to embrace the changes that I discovered in me.
First and foremost, I recognize that I have nothing to lose in terms of risking what I feel is concrete in my life. If I want to go to dinner, by myself, I will. I always manage to meet interesting people and a solid contact for future references. I enjoy walking, everywhere, since I can think, analyze and reflect on my trip and what direction I am heading in life. It sucks that I think of what I want to say when I am wandering around, but right now, I am at a loss for words of describing my trip and what it meant to me. I believe that I will have ample time this week to figure out what I need to say or even think about.
On a side note...I finally purchased my ticket to Las Vegas for Steve and Pocketsize's wedding. It will be great to celebrate with them and there are several friends of mine attending too. I feel fortunate to have my shifts covered, tickets bought and I am set to go. Fosh and Pocketsize are going shoe shopping with me and we are also going to get pedicures. I think that Fosh is more excited about it than I am. He might have a foot fetish!
Until later, I need to think.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rockies tomorrow

Everything is back to normal.
I am going to the Rockies/Giants game with Jimmy tomorrow night. It should go off as planned since he has actually agreed to go to the game with me. I confiscated the Bull tickets and so everything is right in my world.
We will start off at the Falling Rock and arrive probably about the 3rd inning. I think I have only made it to one game at the beginning and that was awhile back. Normally, I like to linger at the Falling Rock with food of sorts and then head over to the game. I convinced my cousin that that was the only way to do it since I am not a huge hot dog fan.
I have a day off tomorow and so I plan on going to yoga, the game and full on relaxation. I am viewing a home in my desired neighborhood on Wednesday night. I thought that I had secured my old place, but my landlord flaked out on me. I was disappointed, but what can I do? If he wants to sell his house in this soft market, how can I stop him?
I am better and over my text messaging rants of the other day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My problem with text messaging...

I had tickets to go to the Rockies/Twins game on Friday night. I had even arranged to go to the game with someone besides Jimmy. I was excited to talk with my friend, the realtor.
I was given tickets that were seated next to the Bull and Bush tickets--3rd base line, about 25 rows back. I like the Twins and my only issue was that my boss was using the Bull tickets and I wasn't thrilled about sitting by her or her boyfriend. I wanted to be anonymous and enjoy the game. If I got fired up, I didn't want to have to censor myself, you know?
So, I call the realtor and mention that I had been given tickets so that he wouldn't have to worry about purchasing tickets. I wanted to make sure that we both didn't get tickets and so I did the polite thing by telling him about the tickets. He doesn't call.
On Thursday night, I text message him since that is his preferred medium of contact. I tell him that unless I hear from him regarding the tickets, I would give my cousin the tickets. NOTHING. No call, text or courtesy which is annoying. I give the tickets to my cousin, go to work yesterday and then he texts me to tell me that his plans had changed and that no, he didn't have tickets and would be unable to go to the game. I called him and let him know that I was frustrated with his communication. I mean, had he called me, I would have been able to go to the game with someone else since I had tickets. I didn't go to the game and it all could have been avoided with a simple phone call.
I do understand the convenience of text messaging. I did it the other night to confirm my dinner reservations at Frasca with my friends. It works and yes, it was convenient. However, it does not replace the humanness of a phone conversation. It can be misrepresented or construed and for me, I suck at it. I hate it and I try to avoid it. I feel much more comfortable calling.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frasca Food and Wine...

I cannot wait for 8:45 tonight. I have dinner reservations at Frasca and I am stoked. I will be going with Fatz, Dave, Jimmy and Tiffany. Erik is questionable, but this is normal. I am not concerning myself with taking care of the others.
It was fantastic. We had the frico caldo--fried cheese and potatoes as an appetizer. I know that it is simple, but very satisfying. We also had a salumi as a starter, followed by gnocchi, ravioli and risotto. Keep in mind that there were five of us, and the plates are small, enough to entice the appetite and encourage another dish.
Tiffany and I shared the red snapper, Fatz and Jimmy each tried the halibut with a carrot puree and swiss chard and Dave was a red meat carnivore. I did not sample his meal.
I believe that my favorite was definitely the risotto. I enjoyed the halibut, but was not overjoyed with the red snapper.
For dessert, we had a strawberry rhubarb tart and chocolate malt. I loved the tart, but did not try the malt.
The wines were wonderful and since there were five of us, I was able to make it to yoga this morning. I loved the entire experience of it. I need to arrange to check out another restaurant and soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day with Bryn and Beau, after working a floor shift at the Bull and Bush.
We had no plans outside of moving some furniture, dinner and of course, red wine. I have a a few bottles of wine from my collection with Brian. It is in a safe place, too accessible for me, at times. I chose the Rutherford Hill wine, specifically since I had just told Shari that that was one of our favorite wines and she had a scavenger hunt trying to find some in Minnesota.
We made spaghetti, a green salad and some bread. I was a little flaky that evening, and burnt the focaccia. I don't know if Bryn will let me cook at her house again, since I made such a novice mistake.
It was great to celebrate with family and I made all of my calls to Mother's in the morning. I missed talking with my mom, but did leave a message and will try to talk to her again soon. Jade is heading to her house to see her and of course, Jasmin is there. I know that she is surrounded by family and okay.
Bryn did a tarot reading for me and I feel much better about my current situation. I did choose the Devil card amongst the spread, but no death card like the first time I had a reading. I am confident that I am making decisions that are beneficial to me. I went apartment hunting with Chichi yesterday and I believe that we will have a place today. I am hoping to move back into my place on 5th Ave. I need to look at one more place and then make it happen.
Finally, I saw Sara Jo last night and it was great. Her apartment is similar to the last apartment I had with Brian. It was eerie, but comfortable at the same time. She had a beautiful spread of fruit, cheese and bruschetta for us. We opened a bottle of Italian red from Tiffany that I had received for xmas a year ago. Afterwards, I opened a bottle of a South African wine which was decent and moderately priced. I hope to see Sara Jo and Ace again.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I showed my photos today to this regular at the Bull and Bush. While he perused them, I realized that I had started to forget the beauty of my trip and of the photos. I felt that I had some amazing pictures and I wanted to share them with everyone. Of course, i am lazy and so I didn't rearrange too much. I could be more productive--that is for sure.
I worked this morning but am enjoying a leisurely evening off. I returned to Jimmy's, ordered a movie on comcast and am trying to organize my life.
I met this woman, Helen, in Bunbury, Australia. We had a 45 minute conversation but it was plenty. She was traveling as she did each year. Her husband passed away 4 years ago and we started talking because she had suggested a movie to these other hostel dwellers that I was talking to. I had met Lori and Nick in Margaret River since we exchanged books. They were British and decided to take a 3 month honeymoon around New Zealand and Australia. They were nice, but their book was poor. The one that I exchanged with them was not that great either.
Nevertheless, I was in the kitchen, cooking lunch and waiting to check in to the YHA Hostel. Helen had seen the movie, P.S. I love You. After she recommended it, I told her about Brian. She told me that she felt calm when she traveled and at peace with life.
After my trip, I understood that. I understood how calming it was to reflect and enjoy life.
She mentioned that there were parts of the movie that hit home. I am watching it, right now, and she was right. I wonder if it will continue to affect me or become hokey. I choose the former.

Solera, acupuncture and the outcome

I had dinner plans with Mike Carroll the other night. Mike is a pleasant fellow, extremely mellow and user friendly. I think he is an easy person to have a wonderful conversation with.
Before we went to dinner, I went to yoga and acupuncture. My bite looks awesome, but I wanted to do some follow up work since I did not go last week to acupuncture. I was woozy after the treatment and should have drank two gallons of water. I didn't.
We went to dinner and Magon waited on us. When I lived on Birch St, Solera was a weekly stop. I missed Brian and felt safe in the culinary arts of Goose. I love his calamari and he is a creative genius when it comes to food. So, they knew me and my habits pretty well. I love drinking big, bold red wine and they kept it flowing....flowing, flowing, flowing.
As a result, I arrived back at my aunt's house and I don't think she was too thrilled to see me. I understand that, completely, and recognize that if I am going to drink wine in that fashion, I need to eat more than 4 pieces of calamari and a little bit of tuna.
I am well and I know that I am finding a place of my own and soon. It is too difficult to figure out where to stay when I go to dinner with someone outside of Jimmy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, it is time to find a place. Fortunately, for me, my friend, Chichi, is also looking for a place. She is going to Scotland for 12 days and then will return to Denver and search for a place with me. Originally, she had wanted to return to Oregon, but there are new prospects in Denver. She is fun, honest and I believe a good roommate match for me. She likes the area that prefer to live in too. I hope that by June 1st, we will be in our place.
Work has been fun, but of course, it is a restaurant and so there is always drama and bullshit. The latest was comical and typical. I would go into it if I were abroad, but for now, I will keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself.
Tonight, I am going to the Rockies game with my cousin, Beau. I am excited to see my first Rockies game and hang out with him. I would like to be able to catch up with everything that he is doing.
I met Jimmy's niece, Amelia, today. She and her dad stopped by to pick up a package from Jimmy's mom. She sent them some personal items and a nice note for Amelia. I was surprised to see her since there is school today. She informed me that she is off track and I mentioned that my friend, Pocketsize, is a kindergarten teacher and that she too, is off track right now. They asked me where she teaches and I said that I didn't know, but that it was south. I said her name is Miss Lescynzki--i think that is how to spell it--and Amelia said--I know her. How ironic!
This week will be great and I am excited to stop by Solera tomorrow night to see Goose and have a fantastic meal. Also, I am hoping to see Sara Jo next week for wine and cookies. I cannot wait to see her.
Take care.............

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Memories of Denver...

When I first moved to Denver, I lived with my aunt, Bryn, and her son, Beau, in Wheat Ridge. I was interested in working and avidly trying to find a job. They were both great about my lack of employment and so I hired on with a catering company. The pay was not great, but it was a job. I found some black tuxedo slacks and had an appropriate white shirt. I wasn't too thrilled about the job, but it was a job.
Nonetheless, it was a cool, November day and I decided to walk around the hood of Wheat Ridge. Innocently, I am walking down this street, when this dog runs from the other side of the street and clamps onto my leg. It was horrifying and I walked away in a daze. I showed up at my aunt's house and said--I think I was bit by a dog. She drove me to the house that it happened and we inquired about the dog's shot status. It was a lab/collie mix and the kid that answered the door (about 19) told me that it was his mom's dog and that it wasn't supposed to be in the front yard since there wasn't a fence. I learned this the hard way as the dog bit through my jeans and tore the skin.
The dog was current and so I chalked it up to a wild lab story and to this day, I am not a fan of labrador's. Ask my sister, Jade, she has a lab and I despise Charley! Anyways, today, I am walking around Sloan's Lake with my aunt. It is a beautiful day, I have starbuck's and I am reflecting on my life, the possibilities and how positive I am about my decision to stay in Denver.
Next thing I know, there is this couple walking two dogs. We were on the wrong side of the sidewalk--like the Aussies, but it was cold and so we were walking on the grass--when this couple was odd about it. As we walk by the dogs, one of them rushes me and its head was parallel with my shoulders. Basically, it jumped me and I stopped. The couple were like--ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU OKAY? And i go--yep, I am fine.
I think the dog was trying to steal some of my good energy....I don't know.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sleeping on a broken futon

So my aunt detested my couch. She wasn't a huge fan since it wasn't comfortable to her. I loved it since it was my couch with Brian. It became my bed in March of 2006 and I relocated it to Bryn's house when I went abroad.
My cousin liked it since he too, is tall. Anyways, yesterday, she decided to move my couch into her garage and replace it with Beau's futon. I was all for it. She has been more than accomodating with me and my stuff. I didn't know that the futon was broken or that I would be sleeping on a hill. It was one of the worst nights of sleep that I have had recently. I would say that it was worse than the bed bugs in Chile if you can imagine. I woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3 am and then 4:30 and eventually, 5:45 am. At which point, I opted to wake up for the day. I drank a few cups of coffee with Bryn and then I met a friend for coffee. I had not eaten and so I was sort of a freak on a caffeine high when I showed up for work. It has been interesting!
I updated a photo of my adventure in Las Vegas. Jimmy never smiles and I wanted all of you to see that!
I hope to see CArrie and Cedrick in July at either Blue's Traveler in Denver or in Las Vegas for Steve and Pocketsize's wedding. I cannot believe that I will be in Vegas over a weekend. Normally, I am only good for Sunday night-Tuesday morning. I cannot wait to see how I fare.