Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New days and yoga

New day to celebrate life.  It is the 31st of January.  One of my first boyfriend's birthday.  David and I have remained friends since then.  I met him while working at a gift shop in a Holiday Inn.  He worked in the restaurant and went to another high school where I grew up. He was a year older than me and ironically, best friends with my ex brother in law.  That is another story altogether.  I have known him since I was 15. 
We dated when I was in college and remained friends when it became clear that we were better friends.  We both lived in Phoenix for a stretch and reconnected when I moved there.  Eventually he moved to Nebraska and then to Tennessee where he has remained.  Married, two kids and happy.  Somehow, someway, we have always contacted each other on the others birthday.  It is a conversation I always look forward to.  He is good people!  And, I think he might try to meet up with us while I am in Nashville.  That would be awesome and another friend for Shari to meet.  She has met quite a few on our anniversary adventures.  She met grizzly Adams in Las Vegas and another memorable character from my life is Jonny.  He crashed our trip to Austin and it was entertaining for sure.
So, good day to celebrate life and teach yoga.  I practiced with one of my friends and it is very interesting to see how different yoga is for every person.  I could teach more vinyasa with my friend, Jenn, and connecting sequences. I am excited about incorporating more of that into my teaching.  I think I have forgotten that aspect since I have not been practicing with people that have a solid foundation of yoga.  I have been focused on how yoga can impact individual needs.  I would like to get back to challenging myself to teaching some sequences.  I know that it will come and I am ready.  I like having opportunities to teach and am excited as more arise.
Afterwards, I went to a vinyasa class at the nearest studio.  Recently, I have found an instructor that I like. Although, I do not love her having us start in child's pose for ten minutes.  Seriously, my mind won't shut off and I am freaking out about the discomfort in my hips.  I despise being stuck in that posture for so long.  Yet, today, since I had taught a class prior to the class, I was able to power through it.  I felt very light and inversion friendly.  I took many opportunities to balance and do inversions.  Even a little showing off.  I couldn't help it, lol.  All, in all, it was a great class.  When she finished the class, she let us in on her future plans.  She would be returning to the corporate world and giving up her classes on Wednesdays.  I am bummed since I felt that I finally found someone that I could stomach to attend semi-regularly.  I like her music selection.  Mostly, soulful and enjoyable.  I am going to miss her and the opportunity to do a noon class.  I am curious as to who will take it over.  Since I close on Wednesdays, I have more options to check out classes during the day instead of only attending to the 5:30 am slot.  I like having options.
It is all coming together and I love it.  I am excited for the evening and hopefully teaching my sous chef tomorrow.  Cheers!  And make it a great day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

more consideration of travel

More planning and considering trips.  A friend of mine from high school is hiking the Appalachian Trail beginning in March.  She gave notice to her job in ABQ and has been planning this adventure for about 8 months.  I ran into her last July in Kansas where we were attending a memorial service for a classmate of ours.  I met Brian in middle school and the three of us all attended KU.  Jennifer was his roommate their freshman year of college.  His death was shocking to us and a reminder that we are all mortal.  And, the people that attended were all either high school classmates or from college.  I hadn't seen some of these people since I was 18 years old.  It was nuts!
At any rate, she mentioned her plans then and asked me if I would be willing to meet up with her somewhere on the East Coast.  It seemed reasonable to think about Washington D.C. as we have other friends from high school there and I have a girlfriend from Denver that lives there now.  I could see Jennifer and Megan, too.  It will be fantastic!  It's been years since I have been to D.C.  I think my last trip was 2009 or 2010.  I remember I was training for a marathon and so I did run in the city to a certain degree and I met up with an ex-boyfriend from college.  (complete other story outside of the fact that it reminded me why we broke up in the first place.  He had issues to contend with and I was a good distraction.  We could meet in other cities and check them out together.)  He met me in D.C. for a few days and we explored the city and eventually met up with my friend, Megan, and her husband Mark.  I found that I did enjoy D.C..  All of the public transportation, monuments, restaurants and vibe in general.  I welcome the opportunity to return.  Maybe check out Virginia, too.  I try to go new places each year.   As noted, I always return to certain cities--Santa Fe, Phoenix, Portland, Kansas--for an array of reasons.  Family, yoga or just needing a quick trip.  Santa Fe is 5 hours from Denver.  Super convenient to drive there and explore the restaurant scene or head to Ojo Caliente.  I enjoy doing this and also discovering more cities.  Last year, I went to Palm Springs and Colombia.  Also, I returned to Los Angeles and it had been years since my last visit.  I spent five days in Venice before I left for my six month adventure around the world.  Quick departure tour that time around and it has evolved as cities do.  Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley were all intriguing and more spiritual than I anticipated.  So, yes, I enjoy returning to cities and incorporating new ones into my tours.  Nashville is new to me and I will check it out next month.  Then, Puerto Rico which is also new to me.  I keep thinking about Texas.  Maybe Houston.  Another lost city to me, lol. I love Austin and could definitely return there.  In Dallas, Hailey is there.  I could perhaps meet up with her or convince her to join me in Houston.  I really want to go there.  I keep meeting people who are from there and they rave about the restaurant scene.  It is a possibility for sure.  And, another friend of mine lives there.  Actually, my older sister's best friend lives there.   I haven't seen Kristin in years but we are friendly on social media and exchange Christmas cards.  My hope is that Michaela would join us and we could do a girls' trip.  Maybe?  I keep trying to wear my sister down.  It might happen.
I have some travel planned and more to consider.  I do think D.C. will happen.  I would like to arrange a trip to Phoenix to do yoga and go consignment store shopping.  I always have success in finding great attire at some of their shops.  And it is reasonable as opposed to some of the availability in Denver.  I think it is more affordable to buy new in some cases.
I am off to work and enjoy my Tuesday.  Maybe catch some Pho or bbq.  Cheers!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kindess always wins

Kindness is always an option.  Instead of being critical or judgmental, be kind.  Especially in the current environment of the world.  Many people are reacting out of fear.  Out of hate.  Out of the unknown with the assumption that it is tied to negativity somehow.  For example, there is a person I encounter on a fairly regular basis who is truly unpleasant.  I recognize that there are many difficult things going on in this person's life and only wish it would not be projected on me and others.  I continue to try to be kind as I do not know any other way to handle or rectify the situation.  Honestly, I will not stoop to a lower level to communicate.  Kindness always trumps negativity, passive aggressiveness, criticism.  And, I finally committed to my resolutions for the year.  I choose to be kind.  To be light.  To be joyful.
I skipped yoga today as I have become stagnant with another instructor that I have enjoyed in Denver.  Brittany has a strong astanga background and incorporates it into her classes.  Normally, her music selection is soulful and I like how she builds her sequence.  I went to consecutive Sunday classes and the last two were disappointing.  I forced myself to stay and had a difficult time managing that.  I need to break up with her flow for another month to feel refreshed, I think.  I have been doing that with my Monday guy, too.  He became too much of the same.  I could teach his class and flow.  It is consistently the same and it makes me crazy.  I need variety.  Or music to distract myself from how bored I am and unable to hit the zen moment, lol.   It is so counterproductive!
I have been shopping around for a new pedicure spot.  I am supposed to meet the Goddess in a few hours to have our toes down.  I did find some trendy places in the Highlands but something is not right.  Either they do not offer massage chairs which is definitely part of the experience or they are not open on Sundays.  Or, they are overpriced. I do not need a spa pedicure that is not about the service or situation.  I am paying for the name of it.  I want an amazing calf massage and a relaxation moment.  I remember years ago booking a combo treatment at a trendy spa. It was mediocre.  The massage was okay.  My facial was subpar and to finish with a lame pedicure really soured the entire experience.  They did give us a glass of wine with the pedicure which was appreciated but did not make up for the fact that it was not a great day of pampering.
I think that is why, typically, I go to places that are not spas for this particular service.  We will see how it goes today. I am still trying to arrange a service at a spot in Cherry Creek.  Downtown has a few options but I am not ready to head downtown today.  I finally accepted spending more money at a place on Broadway.  They serve a glass of wine complimentary, first time clients only, which I can commit to.  Only issue appointments before four o'clock which is problematic.  My feet definitely could use some TLC. It's been over five weeks since my last pedicure and it is showing.  
Afterwards we will go to lunch and catch up on some much needed girl time.  I haven't spent time with Lindsay since mid December. I miss her. I am sure we will discuss an upcoming trip or possible return to running.  I really hope to achieve this. I want to be doing another half marathon.  I need to update my yoga attire!
That and expand my fitness routine.  I finally have some upper body strength and believe it will make me a stronger more able runner.  Yet to be determined.  I think I have mentioned this in the past....when I was training for a marathon I told a customer that I was training after he inquired about my running ability based on appearance.  I told him that I was, in fact, training.  He said that I had the legs for it but should work on my upper body.  I scoffed at him and was irritated by him deducing my ability based on my appearance.   I thought he was a jerk at the time.  He continued to explain the reasoning behind his statement.  He told me that he used to coach runners and that I would improve my running with more definition in my arms, back, upper body.  I see it now or I am trying to.
New day.  New energy.  New opportunity for kindness.  It is a beautiful day.  Cheers!  I arranged my pedicure and cannot wait.  I feel more inspired to share lately.  I think I lost it last year.  It's back and stronger than ever.  Many more reflections to come.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

upcoming trips, upcoming hopes and letting go of some others

The last few days I have finally arranged my airbnb in Nashville.  It took awhile.  I wanted to perfect space--location, communication with the hosts and space.  I am uncertain if Sara Jo is joining Shari and I.  That being said, I still wanted more than one room to create space for our five day exploration of the city.  From the brief visit from my aunt, I realized that I like being able to decompress, aka disappear, into my room.  It's nice to have a space to not feel like you are performing, lol. I read one of my books or streamed an episode of something.
I wanted to make sure that we would be able to do that while in Nashville.  Five days is five days.  So in spite of whether or not Sara Jo comes with us, I wanted an extra room.  Location was another hurdle to overcome.  I kept gravitating to the east side.  Being downtown can be fantastic or limiting.  I wanted to explore as much of the city as I could.  I didn't only want to discover bars and restaurants downtown.  There are a multitude of rentals throughout the city.  Some of the ones that were further away had the best amenities but then getting to and from becomes an issue.  I feel better that I secured a place and now am interested in the dining scene.  I thought there might be a no reservations on it or something.  I am still looking into that prospect.  I posted a needing suggestion on my social media and a few people responded.  Mostly bbq, live music and a few other places.  I guess I should be more specific.  I want a nice place for an incredible meal.  Tapas are fine.  Great wine list is a must and fun atmosphere.  I don't only want to surround myself with bbq or fried foods.  I want more variety and I am sure that I can find something.  I know that there is a plethora of restaurants and food.  It is a burgeoning scene.  I just need to actually research it.  And experience it.
In other news, I met with my Mini and arranged a twice a month yoga class at her building.  I want to be doing more of this.  It is going to restrict my travel initially.  I already see that.  However with some creativity and planning, I know that I can do it all. I can start marketing myself and incorporate more privates into my week.  I met with my sous chef and saw what we could do together. Honestly, teaching Gabe meant I was paying more attention to him and doing adjustments where in the past, I have worked with people who have experience with yoga and so my adjusting is limited.  I tend to flow alongside them and make verbal adjustments.  It is helping me cue, of course, and enhance my teaching style.  Yet, doing physical adjustments gives me confidence.  So, I am continuing to learn in an unrushed speed.
My trainer gave me some information on how to set up waivers and insurance.  I am benefitting from that association more and more.  I appreciate the training and what I am learning about the health industry from my sessions with Courtney.  We do actually get what we ask for.
Instead of picking up take-out, last night, which is typically my go to, I made dinner.  I thought about what options I had in my fridge and chose to utilize them which was an improvement.  Don't get me wrong....I do love spaghetti and meatballs and there is a cute local spot six blocks from my house.  I am on a first name basis with three of their bartenders and am treated well when I stop in.  Then, I eat too much of it and feel bloated for a few days after.  Sure, the food is great and I love the social interaction.  Yet, I am hoping to cook more at my house and handle some things that I have been avoiding.  I put off dealing with grief until I absolutely have to.  It's been 12 years since my boyfriend died.  I think about him everyday and the energy I carry is limiting me.  So, last night, I went through some of our photo albums and cards.  Never easy and it overwhelms me.  I'm trying to let go of some of the grief.  Baby steps.
I need to get up and embrace the day. I have a client in an hour.  I considered a mindful flow for her and then dreamed about a different sequence.  I think I will be honoring more of the astanga this session to see how it encourages her in yoga. I know that I should embrace the spiritual side and will especially with the Mini.  She hired me to give her colleagues a break in their day from the nonstop planning, organizing, creating.  Spirituality is what they need.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


This week I had the opportunity to see one of my aunts. The last time I saw her, I was fourteen years-old.  It occurred with the assistance of social media stalking by one of my sisters.  Innocently, she reached out to begin a conversation with my aunt who immediately responded with kindness and grace. 
Then, one of my other sisters who is more aggressive initiated more of an interaction.  Instead of the messaging aspect, she called her and opened up the door for all of us.  Jade can definitely be assertive which was perfect in this case.  We didn't need more time to waste.  It's been 20 + years since we have seen her.
Since then, my aunt has seen my mom in Kansas and arranged for them to visit my other sisters in Oregon.  She spent a weekend in Kansas with my mom and little sister.  Becky didn't really have a connection with Jasmin since Jas was so little when we saw her last.  So it was beneficial and a great way to begin 2018.  Focusing on family, reconnecting, remembering.
On her return to Minneapolis this weekend, her connecting flight out of Denver was canceled and she ended up spending the last two nights with me. I feel blessed and intrigued by all of the time that I missed out on.  Thankfully, she likes wine and was open to spending one of the nights with a friend of mine and she joined me at work last night and met some of my customers.  She is engaging, travels a ton and has had a very interesting life.  I learned a fraction of it during our evenings together.  I look forward to learning more about her on future trips.  Or, I might be heading to Minneapolis at some point this year.  I do think that will actually happen.  I have a few friends there and it's been years since my last visit.  At least ten years and it was a winter time visit so most of it was spent indoors.  I have not experienced cold like that in my life, haha.  And, I could probably convince Shari to meet me in the city and maybe see some of her sisters.  Life is grand and it has been an interesting year so far.
I mentioned the women's march and sort of glossed over it.  I mentioned the aura and energy but did not give it full credit.  I encountered men and women walking away from the event with signs, hats, colorful shirts and they were all smiling.  They made eye contact with me when I walked by them.  We smiled.  We nodded.  We recognized the desire for change, for equality, for a new beginning.  It was incredible.  I held that feeling all weekend.  I have hope.  Something I lost in November after the election.  Hope
I did vow to be kind after that and share light.  I think sometimes, like others, I get bogged down in negativity and the fear that bombards us on a daily basis.  I know that it is not a good place to react from.  Still, I have been known to feel it and react.
Seeing my aunt and reconnecting is inspiring me.  I want more of that in my life!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Lazy days off are the best

Yesterday, I took the day off due to overscheduling and the weather.  I had no interest in making my way downtown in the snow storm that we encountered.  In all honesty, it was not too terrible and I have definitely experienced worse in Denver. My mini texted me that she would be unable to meet me due to the blizzard, lol.  I thought that was exaggerating a touch.  Yet, this is Kristina's first true winter here.  And it has been mild.  I think I have worn short sleeves and shorts more than anticipated.  It has been a mild, mild winter.  And I love it!
I binge watched a show on showtime.  Sorta lame, but completely honest.  I didn't feel like getting out of bed or greeting the day until I was fully ready.  I did order pad thai around 2 and walked over to pick it up.  I realized that I no longer have adequate boots to walk in the snow.  I bought a pair earlier this year and was haste in purchasing them.  I wore them on my road trip back to Kansas and they hurt my feet.   Like crunched my feet and I tore them off while driving along 1-70.  I couldn't take it anymore.  My other pair of boots, I have had since 2002.  They are beat to shit and although do fit my feet they are broken and create massive blisters on the back of my feet.  They are no longer a viable option.
I digress.  I returned home, ate lunch and continued to snuggle in my home.  Eventually, like 7:30, I finally took a shower.  This is so atypical.  I never stay all day in glasses, jammies and alternating between the couch and my bed.  It was lovely!
On Saturday, I taught yoga.  It is something that I am committed to doing more of and expanding my teaching repertoire.  I met my client while dining downtown a few months ago.  Innocently, she commented on my malachite bracelet and that was it.  We were chatting about travel, food and yoga.  I like that Georgette wants to be doing more yoga and meets me weekly.  She is dealing with a lower back injury which forces me to alter how I teach.  It is forcing me to think outside of what I would normally teach.  I love it.  I considered postponing our session since the women's march started at 8:30 on Saturday.  I wanted to attend this year.  Last year, I was in Colombia gorging myself on arepas and cheap beer.  My friend, Cody, and I had arranged the trip before they announced there would be a march in January.  I regretted not being able to attend the initial year and wanted to go this year.
I caught the tail end and it was incredible.  I wish I had been able to do the march.  I saw photos of it and it looked amazing.  I heard a speaker and the aura of all of the attendees were inspiring. Many signs, hats, solidarity.  It was uplifting and a start.  Something to build on and I think it absolutely will.  I think I carried that vibe the rest of my day.  Huge grin, motivated and wanting to spread joy.
About to start the day.  Perhaps yoga?  Or, there might be an opportunity to meet up with my Aunt Becky who I have not seen in 27 years.  More on that later.
Embrace the day and enjoy some sunshine!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

books I want to read

I have 20 books staring at me.
I should stop streaming tv and dive into a book.  My colleague gave me a bunch of books that he wanted to get rid of.  He could have gifted them to the library or one of the free libraries around Denver.  Instead, he gave them to me and advised me that I could gift, donate, read at my leisure.
Some of the books are intriguing and others are more mainstream.  Two I have tried, multiple times, to become immersed in.  There are a few typical books that I push to the side knowing that I am not truly that interested in them.  Some of the authors follow a recipe and have similar books that are quick, easy, nonthinking reads.  I sort of want more.
I found a book while waiting for my teeth to be cleaned about L.A. and the desert.  I put it on hold at the library and waited patiently for it to be returned and ready.  I really liked it. I had spent a little bit of time in Palm Springs and enjoyed the references to desert life and what not.  It connected six random people over a six year period.  I could probably re-read it and get more out of it.  The beginning was a little jumpy and it took awhile to connect all of the story lines.
I have a book about Zelda.  A book of coming of age.  A detective novel, too.
I would like a travel book.  Maybe inspire me to just do it.  More yoga.  Maybe a nonfiction book.  Any suggestions?  I am a huge fan of novels.  Daily, I keep seeing reminders of the importance of making time to read.  To unplug from your phone and losing yourself in a book.  My reiki master asked me if I meditate.  My response, not often.  I suppose I do in yoga on a fairly regular basis.  Still, I put no effort into or intention behind it.  I do it because it is part of the sequence.  I recognize that it is important and maybe I would be able to decompress and disconnect from the nonstop monologue in my mind.  I have work dreams.  Or dreams of family, past friendships, men, Brian.
Always, Brian.
I believe that teaching yoga will push me to do more meditation, too.  I will be forced to incorporate it into my practice since I will be teaching others.  Maybe some guided visualizations would help me release some of the control I feel I need to have.  Or yoga nidra on a regular basis.  I would welcome that, too.  I know of one class on Wednesday mornings that is great.  The guy does an amazing job of guided meditation and I completely release into a deep rest.  I wake up rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed.
Maybe a book on meditation would be essential.
I will make time to read daily.  I like exploring and not being stimulated by streaming tv shows only.  One of the lists was about tv shows I want to watch.  Seems a bit ridiculous to actually make a list of that.  I don't need more emphasis on watching tv, lol.
Heading to yoga soon and maybe a walkabout with my aunt.  She sent me a late text where she got home late and so she might be rescheduling.  I don't know.  I know to not reach out to her and wake her up.  Sleep is always challenging for her and I do not want to disrupt it.
I am off to greet the day.  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Destinations to travel

Destinations to travel, 2018 and beyond
India for yoga.  Passport stamp and an opportunity to grow.   To become more confident with my Sanskrit and immerse myself in a retreat.  Best way to learn something new.  Block out all of the distractions and grow.
Greece for wine, beauty and well, it's Greece.
Phoenix for a yoga retreat and kick refresher.  The yoga community in Phoenix is strong and I miss it.  I would love to return for a portion of an intensive if only to see what they are focusing on currently.  I have learned more as a student and enjoy being able to incorporate teachings and techniques into my own practice. Recently, I returned to teachers in Denver that I have avoided due to being bored in their classes.  I have found that they have not grown their practice.  It remains stagnant and uninspired.
Or, I saw a newer teacher in a class that I frequent doing the sequence alongside us.  I was surprised at her lack of ability to do the basic vinyasa sequence.  Why teach if you don't practice?  It inspires me to do more of my own and build a practice here. I know there is a niche for me here.
An Island.  Who doesn't enjoy a beach vacation?  Reading, relaxing, maybe even attempting to surf.  Perhaps another trip to Costa Rica is in my future.  I know of a surf school in Domincal that was popular with tourists and locals and had a great hippie vibe. I am sure that yoga is around somewhere as well.
I met with a medium yesterday and had an incredible reading.  She kept mentioning travel in my healing process.  And Brian was brought up a lot.  I try to quash that sensation of grief always.  Yet, it remains and colors my world.
I am planning on going to Spain in 2019 to celebrate Sara Jo's 40th birthday.  And the Goddess's birthday as well.  We chatted about the possibility after my birthday in New Orleans.  I have amazing friends that have supported me on multiple occasions.  I would love to check out Spain with them.  Maybe Morocco, too.  I don't know.  I am really open to anything.
More of Africa?  Southeast Asia?  Tokyo?  There is a whole world out there that I would love to explore.  I see a trip to Santa Fe in my near future.  Could use some green chile and silver coin margaritas.
I taught yoga to Georgette today and feel I could have made it a little more fluid.  I had a few stops/hesitations while she rested in child's pose. Next week my intention is to have a solid plan and stick with it.  Since I am not teaching the traditional sequence I am finding some difficulty in timing.  It is forcing me to become more equipped to teach outside of what is comfortable to me.  I am enjoying it.
I might have an opportunity to teach at a studio, too.  I am still trying to figure that out.  It might cut into my travel so I am waiting it out.  We will have to see.
Today is a new day.  I will be working shortly and walking to get there.  It is such a gorgeous day outside.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cleaning to do's for my home (another list to consider)

Maybe an odd one to tackle.  I saw a post on social media about 23 lists you should consider.  Some are exiting and interesting.  Others felt irrelevant.  Odd, even.  Yet, this is how I want to begin 2018. Focusing on making my apartment more of a home.  Or more of a safe place where I will celebrate me and my evolving yoga practice.  Having people over to do a session requires a clean, warm, inviting space.  I have the base structure of a welcoming space--hardwood floors, bay windows and natural light.  I love that aspect of the apartment.  Always have.  I have a few house plants that are thriving.  One was given to me by a friend and the other was left with me from Tiffany.  She and Dan have relocated to Puerto Rico and they wanted to give me their plants.  I have a few additional succulents in my kitchen , too.  Essential oils, a few pieces of artwork and other pieces of furniture that have been given to me.  Slowly it is coming together and I hope to make it more of a welcoming space.
I want to scour my shower and be diligent about it being clean.  If it were my home, I would want it re-grouted.  Actually, when I moved in, they mentioned that they would be re-grouting my shower.  Somehow, a year and a half later, my shower remains the same..  There was the porta potty episode that is comical now.  Regardless, yes, I want to keep my shower clean.  Or, at least, appearing clean.  I can and will make it happen
Hanging new artwork.  Having it framed.
Both things need to be done.  I purchased a Van Gogh print that I love from my trip to Amsterdam in 2003.  The Crows at Auvers is gorgeous.  One of his last works and I love it!  I bought a print and Frida Kahlo framed print last year.  The Frida Kahlo is hung and the crows remains rolled in the corner.
Changing out my photos in my display in my bedroom.  I borrowed a photo display from Jan and Tom when I lived with them in Phoenix.  I have had it since 2011.  I guess it is mine now, lol.  I get tied to certain photos.  I should change it up.  New year.  New memories.
I need a new broom and mop.  Broke the broom last Saturday and the mop has seen better days.  Decluttering.  Always is essential.  I have many, many letters and have some receipts that I have not put away.  I walk into my home and am overwhelmed by my table space filled with stuff--books, letters, to do lists.  I try to organize it when people visit me and then I get lazy and fall into a familiar routine.  I must break that cycle.
I have books that are piling up.  I plan on returning to the library today to return a book.  I try to stay honest with what I check out and when it is due.  Recently, the library offers a service where they automatically renew your checked out book.  It is nice.  Although then I find myself procrastinating finishing certain books since the due date is pushed back.
I stopped by a dollar tree to purchase above mentioned broom.  This location looks like it is downsizing since some of the shelves were not stocked.  I found some odds and ends but no brooms.  Of course, the only reason I went there and they do not have any available.  That will be on my to do list for tomorrow.  My next day off is tomorrow and so I will attend to some things.  I should clean my house before I teach yoga on Saturday.
Grout shower, organize to make a more warm space, organize books and frame some artwork.  Arrange photos and keep plants alive.  To do is complete!