Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mini trip to San Diego

I love San Diego.  I spent a few days there and in spite of the return drive back straight to work, it was worth it.  Every minute spent on the beach and in that city.  It's soothing, relaxing and the weather is well basically amazing.
I drove from work Thursday afternoon.  I was determined to arrive by 9 pm.  Of course, traffic, sort of intervened with my plans.  I made it by 9:30.  Once there, I drove to my friend's house only to find that no one was there.  Crap!  My phone was on the verge of dying, I was hungry and I couldn't get in to his house. Thankfully, he texted that his roommate was, in fact, at home.  I made it inside and drank some wine.  I relaxed and waited for Tommy to appear.  I sort of figured that that night would be low key.  We caught up over chips and salsa and wine.
Friday, he went to work and I walked around to find food.  There was this lovely breakfast place that Shari and I found in February.  Of course, I couldn't remember the name of the place of even where it was.  Only that it was near PB.  I walked up to the Starbuck's and asked the kid if he knew what I was talking about.  He knew of the street not the name of the restaurant.  I thought I paid attention to his directions til I ended up about a mile and a half in the wrong direction.  Classic blonde move.
Regardless, I made my way back towards Garnet and found several eateries.  I wanted the one that I went to with Shari.  I found it.  Isabel's.  I did consider checking out a cafe next to it.  Still, the allure of the initial breakfast remained with me.  I entered the restaurant and selected a breakfast burrito.  Super clean food.  Healthier than I wanted.  A tad bit hungover and I would have preferred a greasier, decadent burrito.  Next time.
After coffee and breakfast, I made my way to the beach.  Glorious!  If I lived in San Diego I would go to the beach daily.  Those were my thoughts as I walked on the beach.  However, quickly, I realized that the majority of the other people on the beach were tourists.
I considered walking up to La Jolla but nixed it.  Instead, I bought a few postcards and another magnet.  The one I bought at christmas broke a few weeks ago.  Eventually, I found my way to a fantastic bloody mary.  My friend, Jean, and I always have a bloody mary.  I was thinking of her and so I found a place to enjoy one.  I called Tommy to see how his car was and made my way back to his house. I wanted to shower off some of the sandy beach before heading out to dinner.
I had grand ideas of how to spend my last night in San Diego.  Tommy and his friends wanted to bar hop.  So, that is what we did.  I still was able to enjoy some tasty deliciousness.  Proscuitto wrapped asparagus, tuna, truffle fries---delish!
The end of the night, I played pool with Tommy's friend, Robert, aka, pool shark.  He totally hustled a few guys since I was his partner.  Not for money, but pride.  I was a little uncomfortable as I could see where the situation was heading and I didn't want any part of it.  I am all for friendly games, not being a competitive asshole to make a point.  I hadn't played pool in years and so it was fun.
The next morning, I woke up and not looking forward to the drive home or work.  Still, it was worth it.  I am so glad that I opted to drive to California and spend a day and a half in San Diego.  It was awesome!  Next time, though, I will find a new restaurant to frequent.  That was my goal of the trip.  Yet, it went sideways.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian~

Remembering the love of my life, today, as he would have been 30.  I can only imagine what his life would have been like today.  He was such an adrenaline junkie, I am sure, that he would have convinced me to go skiing with him by this point.  Or, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking.  Hopefully, I would have been able to convince him to accompany me to Santa Fe or Napa.  We had a give and take relationship filled with love and respect for each other.  I miss him, more and more, everyday.
I plan on eating chocolate.  I remember one of our first dates.  He carried my back pack, filled with a blanket, champagne, glasses and chocolate.  We hiked part of a trail at White Ranch and set up camp.  We talked about the future while drinking champagne.  Always the romantic.  So, in honor to celebrate today, I am finding the best chocolate to toast Brian, his essence and love of life.  Also, I will drink champagne tomorrow.
Celebrate & Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I met Sara for a quick glass of wine after the rehearsal dinner.  I missed her and wanted to hang out with her in spite of the fact that I should have been smart and went to sleep.  I opted for fun.
The next morning, we stopped for coffee before she dropped me off for my ten a.m. hair appointment.  While at the coffee shop, again, I was presented with the choice of being good or bad.  I could do the smart thing and snack on yogurt or a bran muffin, even.  Instead, I saw a breakfast burrito and felt--yippie, exactly what I want.
I inhale the deliciousness and Sara dropped me off for my appointment.  I told the guy to do whatever he felt like.  I had not decided on whether or not my hair would look better up or down.  And, there was the tattoo on my neck that I love, but, didn't think that Rob's parents would appreciate.  The stylist opted for up and to the side.  In all fairness, it actually, looked quite nice.  Lovely, in fact.  He straightened it and then made ringlets.  Hair finished and so I checked into my room at the hotel.  I knew, according to the itinerary, that I would need to grab my shoes and be ready to head to the wedding by noon.
The limo was late due to traffic.  We had cava to drink which would help us relax.  The wedding ceremony went by quick.  They were sweet to each other.  As Rob choked up while reciting his vows, Jenn wiped away his tears. I almost cried.
The wedding party assembled into the limo to head back to Denver.  We had some bubbly.  The a/c did not work and the stereo had turrets.  It was a comedy of errors and we were the captive audience.  We all scrambled to exit the limo and breathe in fresh air.  A few tang shots later and we arrived at the reception.  There was an hour to relax before the rest of the guests were scheduled to arrive.  I found Jimmy in the tavern.  I wanted to make sure that he would be attending the festivities.  Sometimes, he can be a flake.  I wanted him to accompany me to the wedding since he knew my friends and I knew he would dance.
We were introduced to the guests before being seated at the head table.  They served us salad, sorbet and then the main course.  I had chosen chicken as opposed to the surf and turf option.  All through dinner, I was preoccupied knowing that my speech was around the corner. I wrote my MOH speech while sitting at a wine bar in Denver.  I felt okay about it but I had some anxiety.  I am not the most comfortable person in public speaking type of environments.
After my duties were completed, I felt relief.  I drank wine and danced.  I remember watching the cutting of the cake but I did not go near the cake after that point. Instead, I frequented the photo booth with the the bridesmaids, Jimmy and a few other characters.  I danced and enjoyed myself.  The wedding was hugely successful.  When it started to wind down, I convinced Jimmy that we should go see Steve at his bar.  We cab over and I don't know the door guy.  Typically, this wouldn't be an issue but I didn't have my i.d. with me.  I pull the whole--I know the owner bit and knew how foolish it sounded.  This door guy is doing his job and I was the idiot who forgot my i.d.
Still, I tried it.  I didn't have my phone either to rectify the situation.  Thankfully, one of the servers walked up and said, let her in, she's one of Steve's good friends....thank goodness for that.
One or two chimays later and the night concluded.  Jimmy was ready to go and I wanted to catch a ride in the cab.  He dropped me off and I considered having one last glass of wine.  Nothing was open.  I really did appreciate that the next morning.  I woke up feeling much better having made that decision.
I forgot to mention how wonderful the hotel room was.  Beautiful room, king sized bed and a keurig coffee maker.  That was amazing!  I was sad that I had to check out of my room and head to the brunch.  I definitely could have enjoyed a few more hours in the room.  The coffee maker, alone, was worth it.
I arrived at the brunch site and made my way to the open table.  It was open seating and several people had arrived.  As much as I had wanted to linger in the hotel room, I was glad to have arrived early.  I was able to say goodbye to David and his wife, Angela.  I tried to avoid drinking a mimosa or a shot and was able to delay it for about an hour.  There were many people moving in and out of the venue.  I could avoid the obligatory shot if I didn't stay in one place too long.
I ended up staying way longer than I had anticipated.  I like several of Jen and Rob's friends and had not been able to catch up with them.  Or, even, really talk to Jenn or Rob.  They had a lot of stuff to contend with as well.  Eventually, I disengaged and walked back to the hotel to collect my luggage.  I am glad that I made an effort to be part of their special day.  I was thankful to have planned on seeing some other friends while in Denver, too.  5 days in Denver inflicted some damage on my health.  As such, tonight is a low key evening.  Grateful for that~
Enjoy your night~

Recap of wedding weekend

Five days in liver barely survived.  I am exaggerating, a little, to create more drama than occurred.  I arrived on Wednesday and met up with a dear friend, Brie.  I had a bachelorette party to attend to later in the evening but some freedom before the itinerary kicked in.  My friend who was getting married had a wedding planner and an itinerary that he was determined to stick to.  I am all for schedules but wanted some free time too.
It was lovely to spend time with Brie and catch up on what is going on her life.  I have known her since 2003.  We used to work together and of course there is always that to reflect on in addition to all of the other times we met up for drinks and/or food.  I felt fortunate that she had time to see me before the wedding agenda kicked in.  We had a few glasses of wine and some appetizers before I headed to the wine dinner/bachelorette party.  The wine flowed and the other bridesmaids and I listened to Jenn discuss the next few days.  We sampled calamari, crab cakes, pork, fish and a few other courses.  Basically, we were lavished with food.  I had arranged the dinner by contacting a friend and telling him what we would need.  Essentially, I said--food and wine, and he took it from there.  It was delicious and I felt it was appreciated by all.
Thursday morning, I arrived at the hotel to have a manicure and pedicure.  Jenn took care of those services and drinks.  I chose a peach drink and shrimp cocktail.  I thought we would share the appetizers with everyone and so I didn't order another crab cake.  That seemed to be the chose of everyone that attended.  I was a little surprised when we didn't share.  Oh well, the shrimp was fantastic.  I felt healthier, too.
I considered choosing a deep shade of red for my nails but nixed it when I realized that I would look like a christmas tree.  Instead, I went with brown.  For some reason, it made sense to me and I was happy with the results.  Sticking to the itinerary, post spa session, we hurried off to Boettcher Mansion for the rehearsal.  There was some confusion as to how to get to the rehearsal space.  One guy had a mini cooper that he claimed would take four passengers.  We did try this, briefly.  I knew that being bunched up in the back seat would be uncomfortable for me quickly.  I returned to the car pick up area and asked Jenn who else was driving to the space.  She said there is a minivan or you can take the car that shuttles guests to and from destinations that the hotel has.  I was uninterested in that option and as I looked around I noticed one of the other groomsmen about to head west.  I rush up, knock on his window, and ask if I can drive with him.  He agreed and it was one of the best decisions I made of the weekend.  This guy, David, is from Omaha.  We began the awkward conversation of how do you know Jenn and Rob and discovered that we both had grandmothers in small towns in Iowa that were near each other.  David looked at me and said, I knew there was a reason that I liked you.  From that point on, we were friends.
At dinner that night, I met his wife and immediately liked her too.  She reminded me of one of my cousin's wives.  Gorgeous, gracious and kind.  I so enjoyed meeting David and Angela.
Dinner that night was coursed.  Salad, fish, dessert with wine choices.  I knew that bartender and so our food was served, first, from the start.  Plus, my glass was full the entire rehearsal dinner.  I so enjoy having connections from previous jobs.  I sat with two of the other bridesmaids and their spouses.  I enjoyed it.  I wanted to know more about them.  Each of the girls represented a different time of Jenn's life.  In some ways we were all similar--kind, gracious, somewhat quiet--it seemed.  We all were outspoken, fun and crazy, too.  Over the course of three days, I discovered it.  I must conclude this for now.  Working, finally.  Yesterday, I went to a trade show and poured wine for one of my suppliers.  It was great.  I met many people in the industry.  The only downside is that my liver could use a break from the wedding weekend.  I plan on relaxing and getting a great night of sleep tonight.  I need it.  My body requires it~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Memory

This week, at some point, I will be sharing some vino with Jenn.   She is getting married this week and I am in the wedding party.  I don't know that we will have time for our typical lunch--dip duo, Prisoner wine and a salad--but wine will be involved during the days of celebration.  Bubbly, for sure.  I am providing some for the bridal party on the day of the ceremony.  I feel it is tradition and it will ease some of the nervous energy.  That, I want it there.
I am thankful to be heading to Denver to share in her special day.  I also look forward to seeing friends, favorite restaurants and the city of Denver.  Perfect time of year to visit, too.  The weather will be amazing. 
I hope to go running or do yoga while in the city.  I believe it will keep me centered.  I don't want to only drink wine and eat rich foods.  I want to enjoy the city in the physical sense.  I miss running and that is where I found my love for it. It was while living in Denver.  The weather is easing up, some, in Phoenix.  Soon, I will be able to run here, too. 
Until the, enjoy your Monday.  I believe this was right before I headed to the airport.  Typically, how I conclude my trips to Denver.  Lunch with Jenn and then return to reality...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauty is all around us

 Some of the places around the world that bring me peace.  Simon's Town, South Africa; Bariloche, Arengentina; Cape Town, South Africa.
Today is a day that will always be stamped in my mind that we should live in the present and always be patient with ourselves and others. 
The penguin photo is one of my favorties of all times.  It reflects this soulful solitude.  I absolutely adore this shot.  Always have. 
I remember the day I found the isla de corazon.  I had signed up for a day trip in Bariloche and was the only American on the tour.  The group leader spoke spanish (obviously, as it was Argentina) but was kind in my regard.  She offered to translate what she could in English.  I did understand most of it.  What parts I didn't I was able to see.  This photo reflects true beauty in my mind.
Last, but not least, there is something about this photo that captivates me.  I suppose it is that I could be peaceful in the clouds.  The view from Table Mountain of Cape Town was phenomenal, too. 
I send peace to all today.  Remember the tragedy of this day and project kindness, love and sunshine.  Take time to go to a place, visually, that brings you joy.   

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Memory

This is where I would like to be now.  I heart San Diego.  I would love to be walking on the beach.  In a few weeks, I will be celebrating the birthdays.  I am trying to decide what is the best way to celebrate.  Mostly because i will be in Denver in ten days.  Is it right to go out of town, again, to celebrate my birthday?  That is what i must decide and quickly.
I love the idea of spending it in San Diego.  It is extremely welcoming and a quick trip from Phoenix.  Or, there is somewhere in Arizona that would enable more time spent in the town than in the car.  Possibly Santa Fe, too.  I haven't visited this year, yet.  That is definitely one of my favorite rejuvenating spots. 
Or, should I suck it up and stay here?  There are restaurants, hiking, wine bars.  I am sure that I can find a suitable place to enjoy carrot cake.  I suppose I have this yearning since this is what I typically do for personal celebrations.  I go out of town to experience something new, meet people and toast life.  It's a hard habit to break.
I am happy just considering the possibilities of a birthday celebration.  How do you celebrate yours?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Upcoming tasks and fears associated with them....

In two weeks, I will be part of this epic wedding ceremony for a great friend of mine.  Of course, I was honored to be considered to be part of the people standing up for them on their special day.  I kept thinking--I have oodles of time to write the perfect toast.  Yet, I have no clue what I am going to say.  I should have learned to not procrastinate by this point in my life.  I am not an off the cuff type of person.  Public speaking terrifies me.  Most of the time I able to weasel out of it.  But, when I cannot, wow, do I experience anxiety.  I know I can do it and that I have to.  I also recognize that I should figure out what I want to say.  Otherwise, I am going to sound like a moron on their day.  I think Jenn can forgive most things, but that, would be a stretch.  Especially since I have had months to prepare for the wedding.
Little did I know how quickly I would lose track of time.  Other trips, some medical b.s. that is still following me around and other trips to Denver just because I wanted to visit.  I miss my friends, the food factor and oh, yeah, the weather.  Currently, I miss the weather.  In a few months that will change.   I will love being in Arizona like I did last year.
I remember in January, thinking, I have so much time to get in shape, be creative with invitations to the bachelorette party that I get to host and write a toast.  Of the three, I think the yoga has kepe me somewhat in shape. I want my back to be sculpted.  That is the ultimate goal of the yoga venture.  That, and being competent at pushups.  Quick drives me crazy when I am next to several people that collapse while doing the upper to lower pushup, fondly called the chataranga.  (I know this is misspelled).  I think they should be corrected so that they do it right and do not hurt themselves.  I enjoy the chataranga in the vinyasa flow.  I realize the benefits of them, too.  I think the instructors should adjust people in this practice.
Regardless, I am on track with the fitness goal while the creativity has not been flowing in invitation making or speech writing.  It'll come.  I am not concerned about the bach party.  I know that it is handled.  Just thought I would try to make it special by sending homemade invitations to the girls attending the wine dinner.  There is still some time.  I should start working on it tomorrow. 
I am more capable at writing.  The creativity bone is a challenge.  I have a friend, Hailey, that makes beautiful memorable notecards.  I still have the one from her wedding that she made for me.  It's gorgeous, heartfelt and has retained its quality after being shuffled from move to move. 
I wish I had that ability.  I just find it challenging.  I prefer writing cards to making them.  I think of all of the efforts of the other bridesmaids and feel inferior, too.  However, two of them live in Denver and are able to attend the various showers, parties, engagements.  I would have had I been in the area.  I do know that.  The wine dinner is my way of contributing to Jenn's celebration.  And, thankfully, she loves wine and calamari.  I had the perfect place to make that happen and it just happens to be one of my favorite spots in Denver, too. 
Since I will be in Denver I hope to frequent a few spots.  With the wedding and the concrete itinerary, I am somewhat limited in my playtime.  That is the only downside to this.  That and the fact that I must return to Phoenix for work sooner than I would like too.  I have to.  I cannot play in Denver at the beginning of the season.  Plus, there are tastings that I plan on attending in Phoenix.  Why wouldn't I enjoy that aspect of the job?
Til then, I must get serious about the toast, the invitations and continue to practice yoga. 

My sort of Friday~

Raining today.  What a lovely change to the bright shining weather of Arizona.  I do love the sun but wow, do I love a pure rain storm.  It feels clean, rejuvenating and inspires me to enjoy my day in a completely different way than normal.
I see yoga--of course--and it is more in the spiritual sense.  It would be inspirational instead of only physical.  Lately, it seems, everywhere I go--restaurants, bars, grocery store--I am talking to people about yoga and realizing that many people also attend the studio that I frequent.  This opens up a discussion of teachers, which class is best and how often I do or do not go.  I love it.
I do have a/c in my car which functions in the morning and at night.  Middle of the day, though, well, the other day this couple looked at me at a bar and said, you work at that restaurant, right?  We saw you yesterday.  We remember because we thought you were crazy for riding your bike to work in the heat.
Nope.  No bike.  Car ride that does not circulate enough air to offset the sweat factor.  Yuck! 
So, yes, I do appreciate the rain factor today.  Lovely.  I have a massage lined up and then hope to head to Phoenix to check out the downtown restaurant scene.  It's something that I have been wanting to do for some time but unable to execute the plan.  Tonight, it's going to happen.
Yoga was splendid and I ran into a friend of mine which made it even better.  Inspite of the instructor's ability to figure out my name, I did stay through the entire class.  It felt awesome to do the practice and we did finish with a collective om from the room.  Also, something that I feel is positive about the practice.
Post yoga, I drove home, inhaled my leftover fish tacos and showered.  I had a massage at 2:30 that I had been looking forward to all week.  Delightful.  I had told the therapist that my quads were tight and so repeatedly, she worked on my legs.  I am sleepy, lazy and dehydrated.
I figure I can relax til the adventure to the downtown area.  My friend, the wine rep, said, let's go out after dark.  Typical response from him,  In the midst of summer, sure, I get it.  Today, though, is an anomaly.  Much cooler and begging to go out and enjoy the happy hour life in Phoenix. Oh well, the additional rest/relaxation will probably be more beneficial than proceeding directly to happy hour.  I did consider stopping at a wine bar in route to mi casa. Tempted, but remained true to the course.
I intend to check out the first Friday scene.  With me, sometimes, one glass of wine leads to another, possibly two.  I want to enjoy tonight not be boozy.
Alright.  Feel a mini siesta in my near future.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lost contact and the remedy

Yesterday, I went to yoga.  Something that I feel compelled to do as of late.  My training for the marathon has been nonexistent and my idea of substitution has been hot yoga.  I found a studio that is in the city that I enjoy frequenting.  I like their package deals, amenities and the flow class.  Most of the teachers are great and the during the week, girl, is excellent.  Her flow, music selection (for the most part) and class is challenging.  I like her class. 
I only wish she knew my name.  I have taken her class probably 40 times.  I only mention that because the owner of the studio met me the first day I decided to check the studio out.  Immediately, April put me at ease.  From that day foward, every time I walk in, she tells me, Hello, Harmony.  It's impressive and yes, it does, in fact, make a difference. 
Especially during the class when they say, great posture, Mike, Tom, Jenn, or whomever.  It would be nice to hear that you are doing a good job at yoga.
Anyways, after not hearing my name for the 40th time, I mentally checked out of the class.  I was frustrated, hated the current song and left a few minutes early.  Plus, I had a meeting at work and needed to get a few things done in a short time span.
I went into work for the meeting and believe it will go by quickly.  Three of us were scheduled to work at 5 and so I thought that would speed things up.  There would still be an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee.
No such luck.  Meeting ends at 5:05.  No big deal but I did want a coffee.  I begin my shift and within twenty minutes, I lose my contact.  WTF?  I look around the area where I lost it and realize that it probably fell over the bar mats.  Gross.  I start to mentally freak out.  I mean, I cannot work with one contact in.  I would get a headached in thirty minutes--at least.  I continue to look for the contact.  One of the servers walks up and goes--oh, you need a contact? I have extras in my bag.  What?  Who has extra contacts with them?  Alex.  She saved me.  Really.  I would have been screwed.  Justin saw my reaction of losing the contact from across the restaurant and was ready to help me out if needed.  It was sweet.
Also, I managed to cut my finger in this mix of confusion as well.  No idea how that happened.  I tried to get it to clot without success.  I asked one of the servers to bring me a bandaid to speed up that process.
About an hour later, I was fine.  No more bleeding and I could see with Alex's contact.  I waited for the typical rush of Wednesday to occur.  I waited and waited and waited.  Lame night instead.  Super slow til about fifteen minutes to close when a rush of employees came in for growlers.  It was ironic and they were all in the party mode.  Thankfully, they recognized that they should take the party elsewhere after about 45 minutes.  Not going to lie...I wouldn't have been very happy had they opted to stay til two.  Long night with longer finish if you know what I mean.  Plus, all I wanted to do was take my contacts out and rest my eyes.  Which reminds me, I really should make an appointment to see the eye doctor while back in Denver.  I could purchase new glasses with the prescription he has on record there.  I should plan on making that happen. 
In terms of yoga, I will still attend the flow class and hope, that eventually, I will hear some sort of acknowledgment for attending this one class.  It's funny.  The other instructors have made an effort to get to know my name as well as others.  I like that.  I think it's important to know regulars in your class, at your bar, or in your life~

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Memory

One of my anniversaries with Brian.  Along the steps at Commons Park.  Ahh...Brian....ahhh, Colorado....ahh, beautiful weather. 
I think of Brian daily.  I think I remember our relationship, more, during this time of year.  We had our anniversary and then, there are the birthdays.  Mine is a day after Brian's.  September always blooms with memories.
I have no idea how I will celebrate the birthdays this year.  Initially, I had wanted to go to Napa with Shari to celebrate Brian's birthday.  He would have been 30 this year.  It is monumental.  I want to celebrate it. 
Til then, I toast life, food and love~

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Happy Sunday!  Glorious day, for sure.  Coffee, yoga, and eventually, work.  In the past, I was the Sunday day girl.  Every Sunday, bright and early, for six solid years.  Somehow, I cannot shake this shift.  I would love to have two consecutive days off.  I should work on that.  Having Sunday off would be divine.
Til then, I will repeat this mantra--I am happy, I love my job, I love working Sundays--even if that is a stretch.  Still, yoga will calm/soothe me and it isn't that bad.  It will keep me out of trouble.  Otherwise, I am sure I would be day drinking somewhere.  I know of some friends in Denver that are enjoying bottomless mimosa brunch.  I would love to be hanging out with them today.
In a few weeks, in fact, I will.  My friend, Jenn, is getting married and I am part of the wedding party.  It would be fabulous if I had a few additional days to explore Denver.  However, I must return to work.  We are embarking on the busy season in Phoenix which requires my presence in the valley of the sun. 
If I had more time in Denver, I would arrange a massage at Izba, dine at all of my favorite restuarants, drink wine with Steve, Pocketsize and Sara Jo, meet the Goddess's baby (if he arrives before she is due) and take in the wonderful atmosphere of Denver.  I do miss it.  Immensely.  I try to hide my true feelings of being in Phoenix, but, it is challenging.  There are many great things about Phoenix.  I just have a more natural fit in Denver.  And, I miss that.  I miss my friends.  I do have friends in Phoenix but not the same support network.  It is growing and I am happy that I chose to try it out.  I do absolutely love the opportunity that has been afforded me through my job.  I did not have that in Denver.  Here, I am working in a new restaurant where I was recruited from the very beginning.  It makes a huge difference to be part of the structure and idea making processes.  Then, there is the wine factor.  I choose it and I am constantly learning about nuances of wine, the industry and what, eventually, I would like to take from it.  So, yes, there is a lot of good to be had in Phoenix.  If only, I could combine the job factor and support network of the two cities. 
I suppose I am disappointed in my running too.  I have a mental block when it comes to the heat factor experienced, by all, in Phoenix.  I am unwilling to run when it reaches 102.  I do not enjoy it.  I am misterable, in fact.  My kind running partner is supportive.  He meets me when it is convenient for me and coaxes me into finishing our loop when I am trying to stop running.  Lame.  I know. I just despise the heat when running. 
Yoga has been a fantastic substitute for the running.  I feel healthy and injury free. Return to running is in order still.  I am a little disoriented today.  Sorry.  I realize that my blogging has been inconsistent, at best.  I have traveled, this year.  My blogging about it has been minimal though.  I think I am preoccupied with other things in my life.  I miss the release of blogging.  I just need to make it a priority, again.  I feel that I would benefit, greatly, from that decision. 
Heading to yoga.  Blissful yoga and peace instilled.  Enjoy your Sunday~

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day off spent how?

Day off.
Wake up.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Watch streaming on-line while drinking coffee.  Arrange lunch post yoga.
Hell, yah, awesome day.
Let me much as I wanted to go to yoga it didn't happen.  Shocker, I know.  I packed a bag, made arrangements to meet Jan and headed out.  My car sounded funny.  I drove up to the nearest intersection and took note.  I considered my return route while manufacturing my phone call to my friend. 
Veronica hesitated at the next major intersection.
I drove through the dead red light.  I didn't care.  I didn't want Veronica to die.  I returned home and thought about my options.
Lunch was out...obviously.  I wanted to arrange for a meet up, near there.  No such luck.
I call Tom (my fix it friend) and he saves the day.  My car starts after wiggling the battery cables.  A week ago, my car died at the intersection of 44th St and the 202.  I had my car towed to my mechanic in mesa at 2 am.  I got home at 4ish.  It was a memorable night and I remember telling my guy that the positive wire connected to the battery was cracked and would lead to corrosion.  The autozone guy made a point to tell me this.
From here, I spend the weekend in Oregon.  I don't truly think of my car until Monday when I fly back to the Phoenix.  I call my mechanic and he tells me, again, that the car had no issues with starting.  I mention the wire another time and ask if that was part of the problem.  Tuesday morning, I pick the car up and drive to work.  My car seems to be doing great--Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  I drive all over the city on Thursday with no issues.  Friday morning, car acts wonky and then dies.
Back to yesterday, my car starts after adjusting the battery wires....hmmm, I think I asked that when I had it towed to the mechanic.  I know they are better than the other guys I had been taking Veronica to when I first moved to the valley but I miss the Denver mechanics.  They truly took care of my car and were honest with me about issues.  They listened to what I said.
I drove to Mesa without issue and waited while the guys replaced the wire.  No charge for the service and in all honesty, they shouldn't have charged me.  My idea of spending the day off at their shop was not what I envisioned.  Especially after I had asked them to check the wire in the first place. 
My car is running great now.  Like old times.  I recognize that my car is older and that I am entering a phase of replacement parts in order to keep it running.  Most of my family and friends think it is time to buy a newer car.  I am just not there yet.  I can be extremely stubborn and I hope to keep Veronica driveable for another year or two.  She is a fabulous car--solid engine, transmission. 
Honestly, the mechanics in Phoenix are okay.  I just don't have the same rapport with them that I had built with the guys in Denver.  They did right by me with servicing my car yesterday and acknowledging that it could have been avoided had they fully examined the wire.  Afterwards, I met Jan for a quick salad at the Parlor and reminisced old times.  Yes, life is grand!