Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michaela!

My older, but younger looking sister is celebrating her birthday today.
I think, only one time, did she figure out how to blog me while I was traveling. She is busy at work, but Jade kept me entertained the entire adventure.
I am glad that Michaela chose to fly and spend her birthday with me. Tomorrow night, we are hosting a house warming at my new rental property and I am stoked that she will be part of it.
We are cleaning tomorrow and tonight, I am making dinner. I think we need a nice low-key night before I wreck her tomorrow.
Funny side note...I have been thinking about text it an appropriate way to tell someone happy birthday or is it too impersonal? Is it a guy thing or do women also choose to communicate this way? I mean, it is a special day, don't you think a voice message is more suitable?
I hope that she enjoys her time here. I always enjoy entertaining my sisters...

sometimes, only go with what you know...

I wanted a haircut, not too short, but definitely a trim since I was sporting a shaggy, beach look yet again.
I didn't have time to go to Phoenix since my friend is busy with the October 15 tax extension date. I knew that I had already distracted her during tax season and that she needed peace, not a let's go to Los Dos Molinos weekend. So, Phoenix wasn't an option which sucked because I do like her girl, Jill. I stopped going to Abby when she started complaining to me about how people weren't tipping her enough. Really, I fly from Denver to see you and you are going to complain about other people's tips.
I couldn't go to DJ since he never listens to how I do my hair. He is the Bull and Bush go to guy when it comes to hair. He does great color and has vision, I just don't agree with it. He did my hair, twice, and both times it looked great for the two days that I didn't wash it. Then, it went back to being pulled back because I don't take two hours to get ready to go to work. I shower, brush my hair and leave the house. I don't own a hair dryer and so going to DJ is foolish because he never listens to me. I should hand him money and walk away.
So, I went to a new salon that just opened in my neighborhood. It felt right and I walked in and had immediate care. The lady that cut my hair said she has been a stylist for years and so I told her I wanted a trim and that I was low maintenance. While she was cutting my hair, I knew that I wouldn't like the outcome. She offered to blow dry it straight and since I knew I was going to dinner last night, I agreed. It took her awhile to straighten it and when she was done, I felt like I was from the 60's...a debutante going to the prom. My hair was huge and I hated it! I left, walked to Whole Foods and tried to make my hair go down the entire time. It didn't work.
I came home and washed my hair. It will grow out and next time I decide to get a hair cut, I will ask either Pocketsize where she goes or Sarajo. No more walking in blind!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tru was amazing. I had a wonderful meal and ironically, my hotel was 4 blocks from the restaurant which proved to be convenient and wonderful.
I started the 28th on the down side. I need to remember to eat before I drink red wine. I had a petit verdot at Bin 36 and talked to a random from Houston. Next I returned to the W Hotel and spent some time at their bar. I ended the night overlooking Lake Michigan.
The next morning, I woke up and felt horrible. I searched for gatorade, alleve and starbuck's. Thankfully, there are multiple starbuck's and walgreen's everywhere near Michigan Avenue. I walked to the Art Institute while it rained, somewhat, and felt perfect. It was the perfect way to celebrate my anniversary with Brian. I decided to go to Rick Bayless's restaurant, Fronterra, for lunch. The atmosphere was colorful and lively, but I wasn't too fond of the food. I ordered chicken enchiladas in a mole sauce. The sauce was great, but I wasn't a fan of the dark chicken. I suppose it is a texture thing for me, but I didn't eat it. Instead, I spent $40 on chips, salsa, guacamole and black beans. I was a little disappointed in the service, but it just made me appreciate my meal at Tru all the much more.
I stopped by Delilah's to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. It was busy and had a good vibe. I had dinner reservations and so I had an early night at Delilah's. I saw Mike Miller and that was that.
Tru was classy. Initially, I was seated by myself and not enjoying it too much. I opted to do the Chef's tasting menu which consisted of potential wine pairings. Since it is summer, it was white heavy, but I asked them to go red since I prefer red wine. I had two courses, plus bread, when the hostess inquired if I wanted reading material. I told her that I wanted to sit at the bar, but I wanted to enjoy the full experience of Tru and so I was dining solo. I had noticed another solo diner and asked her to ask him if he would have dinner with me.
He did and it was perfect. His name was Sam, he was 19 years old and an intern in the kitchen at Tru. He was perfect. He reminded me of Brian since he was passionate about food. The day, itself, was exactly the way it was supposed to be. I am glad that I decided to go to Chicago instead of Telluride.
I don't know where my next trip is, but I am happy. I have a wonderful life and many opportunities and coincidences which make me believe that I am on the right path.
Enjoy yourself and each other!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Chicago and happy birthday Bryn!

Chicago, here i come.
I have a few dresses, heels, a camera and I am set. I have reservations at Tru, for tomorrow night at 8 pm. I cannot wait!
I hope to stop by Delilah's and pick up some merchandise for Gabe and Jeff and say hello to Mike. I met him a few years ago when I discovered the city. He is a foodie and a friend of my boss. It is Delilah's 15 year anniversary celebration, tomorrow, and my anniversary with Brian. Tru should be a phenomenal meal and quite the experience.
I have no other plans except to enjoy myself. I have the next five days and I intend to relax, read and be indulgent. Our house warming is on Monday and I need to organize that, but it shouldn't occupy too much of my time.
Have a fantastic day and for those of you who know my aunt Bryn, call her or e-mail and let her know you care.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The upside to the DNC

The biggest positive about the DNC is that I have seen several people riding their bikes, taking the bus or walking to work or to attend to errands. It is awesome and I believe that we all should be more green.
Think about is better physically and enviromentally. Of course, it wasn't busy at the Bull, but I did walk there and enjoy the energy of the city. Denver is brimming with protesters, politicians and locals trying to avoid the craziness. I am glad that I will miss part of it. I am glad that people are experiencing the beauty of Denver, but I do enjoy my life the way it is.
Yesterday, I drank wine with Sara jo and it was great. I miss her and all of our restaurant adventures. Before we moved in together, we would get together once a week and check out a new restaurant in Denver. I miss that, but she is in school and I am trying to figure out my next adventure. Any suggestions?
This week will fly by and although I love the idea of Chicago, I am also gearing up for my housewarming party. I have been guaranteed a keg of Bull and Bush beer by Gabe and Jeff and believe that Dave will stop by to check out our new place. I need to go wine shopping, food shopping and also take care of some other needs. I can't wait though to celebrate my anniversary dinner in Chicago and our new rental in Denver. I am also considering dinner parties once every few months, too. We will see...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the upcoming DNC...

Chicago, here I come.
It would be monumental to attend the DNC, to hear Barack speak in person, alongside Bill Clinton and a host of others. I wish that I liked crowds. Instead, I am fleeing to Chicago for fun, food and wine.
Originally, I had considered dining at the bar at Tru, thinking I could have a fantastic meal at the bar. I finally looked at the website and realized that although I could eat at the bar, I wouldn't be able to fully experience the menu. They have a limited menu available for diners at the bar. I am not a huge fan of dining alone, at a table. I don't enjoy being the stereotypical lady, dining alone. However, this is a huge meal for me and the experience wouldn't be the same if I only ate caviar at the bar. I mean, I am celebrating my anniversary with Brian and so of course, I have to have options as to what I will eat.
I made the reservation for 8 pm on Thursday. Things change and I might meet someone that could join me. Someone that has a love of food and is competent with conversation.
Weirder things have happened to me...not weird, but necessary and unique. I think of my conversation with Ilona from Australia and how perfect, yet random it was.
I have an open mind and know that if I am destined to enjoy that meal alone, I will. Otherwise, who knows what will happen...I know for certain, that the meal will be incredible and an experience that I will not forget. Last year at the French Laundry, I had a fantastic meal and was fortunate that my friend, Jen, joined me for that meal.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday was a great example of why being overindulgent is bad for me. I went to lunch with Colleen, which was fun and purchased a case of wine for the housewarming party. I walked downtown to meet Tiffany for her birthday drinks. I owed her from March, but our schedules are opposite and I have been on the wagon a lot this year, due to antibiotics. So, we arranged to meet at Capitol Grille for drinks and meet up with Katy and Robin later.
Let's just say that I started too early and continued until I was unpleasant to be around. In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have been served at the Bull and Bush. I definitely should not have been given a shot! But, I was and I became annoying. I was trying to talk to someone and realized that I was done. I grabbed my ipod, left money for Brie and stormed off. I walked home which was the best decision that I had made. Of course, I was upset the entire time and managed to take off my shoes ten blocks from my house. I don't know why I decided to do that, but I did. Anyways, I thought that someone would call me to see where I was or if I was okay. Last Saturday, I chased Jimmy back into the Bull so that I could give him a ride since he was trying to walk. Funny, he didn't seem too concerned when I left last night. I guess that says a lot about my friends.
Or maybe I should own up to my unpleasantness. My roommate had a similar situation last night with a friend and she commented on she doesn't know how I do it on a regular basis--dealing with drunks. I told her that it can be difficult, annoying and something I despise, but it is part of the job.
I think too much, overanalyze everthing, reanalyze and make myself crazy. I am not a child and do not need to act like one either or put myself in situations where I am walking 3 miles home because it isn't safe. I was told by a medium that I was indulgent in past lives and that I should cautious with that in this one. He was right...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My year of scars....

It began with a simple spider bite. Never before have I dealt with absesses and due to my being stubborn, I now style 5 scars on my bottom and one on my stomach. I have eaten countless vitamin E to help with the scarring and other herbal remedies. I am not a huge fan of these scars, but understand that they are my personal battle wounds.
Brian was a chef and he proudly displayed all of his cuts and burns. He felt that it was an illustration of his love for the profession. Last night, I was carrying food to my table and when I put the plate down, I realized that I had broken skin on my forearm. The plate was boiling hot and it seared my skin. I was angry that I now am the proud bearer of yet another scar. It is in an awkward place and inhibited me from carrying more than two plates last night. Of course, the kitchen was sorry, but really must you broil the plates before you make them available to carry to a table?
I wrapped it with lavendar and hopefully it will reduced the scar. We will see.
Tonight, I am going to the baseball game with Tiffany, Robin and Katy. Interesting...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

walking aimlessly

Last night, I met Jenny Minard for drinks at Osterria de Marcos--I think that is the correct spelling. Anyways, originially, we were meeting at Sips, a wine bar on Market St. I had heard they have tastings and so I arranged to meet Jenny there. I showed up early and realized that they do have tastings, but only on Thursdays and Saturdays. I called a friend for a recommendation and he suggested Cru, Corridor 44 or Osterria. I walked downtown and so I needed a place that was convenient for me to get to. Jenny and I settled on Osterria and it was nice. They have a happy hour special where you choose a salad and pizza with wine or a specialty cocktail for $15 per person. The food was great and I enjoyed the downstairs bar.
Next, we stopped by Vita which is next to Lola a little west of downtown. We sat on their outside balcony and watched the sunset and spectacular views of the downtown skyline.
The evening was pleasant and I enjoyed our conversation. I have known Jenny since I was 10 years old. Her family moved in a house down from ours. Instantly, we became friends and with time, families divorce, moving across town, we grew apart. About 5 years ago, I found out that she, too, was living in Denver. We have tried to reconnect on a more permanent basis, but both of us are guilty of phone tag and canceling meets. I hope, this time, we are able to meet on a more regular basis. She is a true friend.
Today I return to work and searching for socks...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cedric's visit...

My friend, Cedric, from Las Vegas spent the weekend in Denver. Of course, I try to be a gracious hostess and so I asked Jimmy to entertain him one night. I took him to the baseball game on Friday. While we were finishing our beers at the Falling Rock, a storm rolled in, they delayed the game and we ended up having a few additional beers at the Falling Rock.
The game, itself, was great and we stayed until the 7th inning. Keep in mind there was an hour delay and I knew that we would need to eat somewhere instead of eating chips at my house. We went to Pulcinella and had antipasta and caprese salad. I hope that Cedric had a great time.
Saturday, I told him would be a little ore difficult. I do not enjoy shots, but Jimmy does and so I knew that Saturday night would be more harsh for him. They went to the baseball game and saw the entire game. When they returned to the Bull, I was entertained by their behavior. I drove them home and went to bed. I wasn't in the mood to drink and so I crashed out early. I believe that I did my job and it was a successful weekend.
I have a day off tomorrow and I must go to yoga. I have been a complete slacker in that realm. I am hoping to write some, enjoy a glass of wine with Jenny Minard and prepare for my trip to Chicago. I think I will go to Tru, but I need to completely decide where my dining destination will be....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pineapple Express

I came home tonight to enjoy a random evening off. I have been working a bunch to finance my trip to Chicago and so today was a switch. At first, I thought I would zone out in front of the tv, but then Chichi and Rick dropped by to catch a movie and I knew that I wanted to enjoy the outdoors.
I called Jimmy and asked him if he wanted to catch a movie. We went to see Pineapple Express. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Thankfully it wasn't a packed theatre since we arrived halfway through the previews. If you have time to see a movie, check this one out. Of course, I believe the Dark Knight is amazing, too. I had heard that Heath Ledger was only in half of the movie and wondered when would be a good time to head to the ladies room. That movie is long, but entertaining.
I have been more movie friendly since I was on the wagon during the antibiotics stint. Tomorrow, I will stop by the Falling Rock so that Cedric will meet my friends and drink some brews. I have a friend visiting from Las Vegas. He is a huge baseball fan and so I grabbed the tickets for tonight so that we could enjoy the game. Actually, Sharkey gave me their tickets and so I have no idea who will be using the Bull tickets. They haven't brought the calendar of tickets down and so it will be interesting to see who shows up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinner with Jeremy

My brother-in-law, Jeremy, spent the night in Denver with me. As always, it was a pleasure to spend time with him and bull shit about my family. There were stories that I didn't know about and I enjoy seeing him. His dogs are crazy, still, and right away, Murphy, let us know that he was the master of my house. He christened it twice, and then strutted around like the alpha male.
We trapped them in the kitchen and headed off to the Bull with Jimmy. A few beers later, yes, I drank beer, and we had dinner at 2nd Home in Cherry Creek. The food is upscale comfort, but the service lacks. I don't know if I can go there anymore. I have yet to be impressed by the bartenders. Although, the lady was pleasant last night, her partner is a moron and has no awareness of his surroundings. We finished the night off at Kona and then back to my house to get a good night's rest.
Jeremy is hoping to make it to Boise tonight. That is a long stretch considering, he is pulling a trailer and with his dogs. They go buck wild every time he stops.
August is the month of visitors. I began with Jeremy and I will conclude with Cedric from Las Vegas. We are going to the Rockies game on Friday and then hopefully, I will be able to entertain him though Sunday morning.
We will see. Let me know, if you are coming my way.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free Beer hour...

I suppose that every bar/restaurant experiences this on their anniverary party. You advertise, you want to take care of your regulars and instead, during the free beer hour you are inundated with people that have never even heard of your establishment. They just want the free beer that was advertised! Half of the people in the Bull from 6-7pm didn't even know that we made our own beer. This older gentleman, came up on four separate occasions and said--I want another fat tire. Seriously, it was obnoxious and I was extremely happy when it was over.
The party was entertaining and I saw some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I am glad that I worked and didn't partake in the treats. I think that most people are feeling the effects today. I am tired, but not hungover. This is the beauty of the antibiotic!
I work today, tomorrow and then Jeremy is visiting me on Monday with Kaya and Murphy. I think they will get along splendidly with Ricky. I cannot wait to spend time with my brother-in-law. I always enjoy his company and of course, the dogs are family.
Life is good. August is here and I have many cards/gifts to purchase...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anniverary Party

Today, we are celebrating the 37th year anniversary at the Bull and Bush. It should at least be moderately entertaining! I am bartending this evening and hoping to enjoy part of the celebration.
Typically, we make 15 shots, in ashtrays, for the staff and never end up doing the shot. The servers go up on stage with the band and do the shot and sing along to We Are Family. At this point, I normally see ex-employees from the 70's reliving the glory!
Actually, if you have time and desire, stop by. It is a fun night and packed with all sorts of people. I have worked each year except for the first since I was in Kansas. It is a tradition for me, I suppose.
Have a wonderful day and stop by and see me!