Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

Last night, I raced out of work so that I would be able to catch a late flick. We had settled on Doubt since it is near my house but when I was trying to find a parking spot, we drove by the Mayan and it was flooded with people. They were all dressed similarly and I knew we would be waiting for 20 minutes to get in and find a seat. It reminded me of being in college when everyone wore the grungy clothes trying to be cool.
Anyways, we opted to head to the Esquire to see Slumdog Millionaire. I had wanted to see it and all I knew was that it was nominated for several awards. Wow! It was a great movie. I am so happy that we chose that movie since although it does present an alternate life to my childhood of middle class, it was uplifting. They had vivid colors of Mumbai, India, and an accurate illustration of life there in the slums. The children that protray Jamal and Salim were adorable and it held my attention throughout the 2 hours. If you have time or desire to see a great movie--go see this one!
I am on the wagon, again, starting in January and so I believe that I will have ample time to check out many movies. I would like to see Doubt, Revolution Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and a few others. I wanted to see Gran Torino, but heard that it was terrible. Any suggestions?

Monday, December 29, 2008

returning to Denver

Las Vegas was awesome.
I was surprised by all of the people that were out there celebrating Christmas. The slot machines never slowed, but I didn't think the restaurants were overwhelmed by people. For example, we walked into Olives at 12:30 on christmas day with 6 people and no problem getting a table. It was similar at Bouchon that evening. I did make reservations for that meal, but the restaurant wasn't full by any means.
I returned to Denver to find great weather. I feel so spoiled and I love it. I know that it cannot continue forever, but I love 55-60 degree weather at the end of December. I feel like I am on an extended vacation of summer.
I moved into my new room. It now feels like home to me. I found this place and Leslie took the larger room since she worked from our house. I agreed to it, but always wanted the larger room with more space and a loft area. I moved, with Jimmy's help, but tried to be self-sufficient and broke my cable wire. My tv works, but it will continue to be fuzzy/staticy or not work, I think. If only I had waited.
My life continues to transition and present opportunities for growth and learning. Today I learned that I should be patient with people and not try to do everything myself. What will I learn tomorrow?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

The weather in Denver is sensational. I almost regret not being here this year to celebrate Christmas. But, let's be real...I love traveling during the holidays. I despise being stuck in snow and for that, I am grateful to not be in Chicago, New York or even, Seattle this year.
Vegas should be fantastic and I will be celebrating with friends. Jimmy will depart with me from Denver and we are meeting up with Jan, Tom, Sandy, Smitty and Jerry. Cedric, who lives in Vegas, will meet us tomorrow at Nob Hill and so I will be surrounded by good people and interesting conversations.
I have a good life and wondeful people in it. I am fortunate even if I don't recognize it all of the time. For instance, my boss, Katy, surprised this year with her choice of gifts. It was as if, she heard me say what she got me...I want to be more green in my life and she got me two items that were made on recycled products. In addition, a book about traveling/volunteering which I have continued to contemplate upon my return to the States.
Shari and Tom gave me an incredible gift as well. I keep watching the slide show that they put together of my life with Brian, their life and combined families. It makes me sad and hopeful at the same time. It also motivates me to figure out where we will meet to celebrate the Brian's anniversary this year. Originally, I had planned on going to South Africa for a few months. Now, I am stateside and need to decide where to celebrate this year. I love the idea of Santa Fe, but don't want to drive in the snow. Chicago and New York present similar snow issues at the end of February. Mexico would be nice or somewhere south. I like spending time on the beach with Brian. There is something about the water and the sun that makes me feel so alive with him. Eventually, I will have a destination in mind.
Enjoy the holidays, your family and friends. I know that Vegas will provide ample food, entertainment and memories...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow and Jasmin's birthday

I thought it was supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow.
I was hoping it would be nice. Chichi is driving back to Oregon tomorrow and I was hoping that she would be able to avoid any snow storms. I don't know if she will make it.
My house is empty. I feel oddly calm and I enjoy it. I would feel better if I could fully move into the larger room, but her bed, tv, two dressers, desk and bike are all still in there. Her friends are going to pick up all of it after xmas since they are heading to Montana for the holidays. I will wait until then, to relocate. Plus, I want to deep clean it because I am me. It wouldn't feel right to not clean it.
In other news...it is Jasmin's birthday today. She is turning 25. I wish that I could celebrate with her and I guess that I will when she moves to Denver. Perhaps, Elway's, Solera or Capital Grille. I figure that when she moves here in February, we can have a double celebration of her relocation and birthday.
Until then, life will continue and it should be interesting. I missed the deadline for the fall/winter art classes and so it will be a spring adventure.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Winter is here. I hate it.
Not really, but I abhor driving in the snow. Or, I suppose I detest the other drivers...you know, the big SUV drivers that blast by me and others en route to their important destination. It hasn't been too bad, but I am not enjoying the cold. On Sunday, our heater didn't work. I'll admit, it was cold. My room wasn't too bad, but the rest of the house was an ice box. Of course, this is the night that Chichi returned home and had to deal with the igloo we call home.
Well, her cousin figured out the problem and we had heat.
Today, I started a load of laundry. 45 minutes later, I went down to put it in the dryer and found that the washer had quit working at the beginning of the cycle. I called my landlord, twice in two days, and left a message. It is annoying, but what I am supposed to do? I know that eventually, I will drive to my aunt's house to finish the laundry. I am enjoying my bed too much, for now.
I have never actually owned a bed. When I moved to Lawrence, I brought a twin sized bed that was my mom's boyfriend's bed. It was tiny, but fit nicely in my studio apartment.
I lived in Tempe for a few years and my friend, Mike, left his house furnished with a few beds and an amazing sectional down sofa. I used his futon when I moved in with Ty and Greg and left it in Arizona when I relocated to Denver.
Bryn had a bed for me and then of course, I lived with Brian. I didn't feel right sleeping in our bed when he passed away and so his bed is in Wisconsin with his parents.
My friend, Margo, gave me her bed when she moved to Salt Lake. It was a beautiful gesture, but I couldn't get the bed into the basement of my place. Instead, I slept on Sara's bed when she and Ace moved downstairs and I took the upstairs room.
Now, I sleep on one of Chichi's beds and it is comfortable and I am used to it. She is moving back to Oregon on Friday and so now, I have a bed. I figure that one day, necessity will force me to buy one and it has to be spectacular since I have made it this long without actually buying one.
Winter has started and it will only get more interesting. Yoga has helped me retain my serenity in every aspect of life. I am hoping that it will continue to make me peaceful while driving amongst idiots....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

California Dreaming

I am flipping channels--I know, terrible decision since it is beautiful outside--but, it is 8 am and so I will let it slide.
Real Housewives of Orange County is on. It is a terrible show. They are in Napa Valley and so I am intrigued. They go to Grgich Hills, St. Supery and eat at Etoile.
I went to Etoile, two years ago with my sister, Michaela, Sara Jo, Pocketsize and Castello. It is in Chandon where we did a tour of the building. Pocketsize is a huge fan of champagne and the tour was interesting. We were considered VIP and so we sat in Etoile and had another tasting. They showed us the menu, which looked great. I haven't eaten there, but I would.
On the show, there are two couples that are deciding which menu to choose--a normal tasting menu or a chef's tasting, where the chef chooses each course, randomly. These high class people are having difficulty figuring out how to order since the entire table is recommended to choose the same menu to make it consistent for everyone. It was comical and then ridiculous. They didn't know half of what they were eating and most of the time, the ladies refused to eat what was on the plate since they didn't like it or know what it was. It was awful and a terrible waste of great food.
Now, I want to go to Napa. I love wine tasting and of course, the food factor. I have been fortunate in the last few years, to venture out there often and I have not had a bad meal, yet.
I guess the lesson is to quit watching this terrible show and make a reservation to California!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it snow

All day, I have been awaiting the snow. It didn't happen this morning, when I took the bus to work or when I walked back from work. It was cold, but not bitterly cold.
Instead, the minute I decide to go to a movie it started to sleet. I hate the snow!
I went to see 4 Christmases with Jimmy. We went to a "twilight" show (before 6 pm) and so it was only $11 for the two of us, as opposed to $20. The theatre itself was empty when we arrived. We sat there and bs'd about holidays. I wanted more butter on the popcorn and Jimmy offered to get it for me. He returned and told me that we were in the wrong theatre and that the movie had already started.
Nice, blonde moment.
There were probably 20 people, total, watching this movie. It was okay. I don't know that I would want to pay full price for it. It goes a little long and you do see a lot of the film in the trailers. It was odd to see Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam act. I thought they were strictly country.
Tomorrow will be another day off with no prospects of driving. I really despise driving in the snow. It is stressful for me because of the other impatient drivers. I suppose I should focus on my xmas cards and get them done.
Enjoy your day...I know that I will be inside!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Work is work is work.
Today started off slow, but eventually picked up. I had considered picking up a shift tonight, but then thought better of it. I mean, I don't feel fantastic and why continue to stress out about it? I need more rest, relaxation and then more rest.
Today, was beautiful. I walked to the bank, the post office and t-mobile. I have been a complete slacker when it comes to my phone. I overuse my minutes, consistently, but have done nothing to fix it until today. I definitely could handle that expense better if I upgraded to something more user friendly for me.
I don't mind the cold as long as I can comfortably still wear shorts which today was ideal. Yesterday, I found my jeans and walked to the grocery store. I had $20 to buy some veggies, salad, crasins, soup and then I had mushrooms and onions. Since I walked, I didn't have any identification with me or my debit card. As the checker scanned my items, I realized that I was over my limit and so I told him to hold the onion. He looked at me and I explained that I had walked there and only had $20 with me. He goes--why don't you just take it today? It was sweet and made my salad infinitely better. I suppose paying it forward does work.
For instance, the bartender at Elway's gave me a ride home, about 5 weeks ago since my cab didn't show up. Two weeks later, I returned the favor. I guess the lesson here is that I owe an onion to someone soon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The beginning of christmas

Happy Holidays.
I cannot believe that it is December or that christmas is virtually around the corner. What happened to the sun? I miss my year of summer and am not at all looking forward to snow. I am happy, today, that it isn't snowing yet.
With everyone going on--stock market, recession, holiays--maybe it is time to focus on what truly is the essence of christmas. I want to give the perfect gift for each person.
Perhaps this year, we should focus on the importance of being able to give a gift to others and not so determined for it to be the best one. I worry about my family and them thinking they have to get me anything. They don't. I know that they would like to, and that they love me, but times are hard and the gift itself is the knowledge that they want to get me the right gift.
Jade returned to the hospital on Friday to have them go back into the incision. She wasn't healing properly and the bleeding continued. She returned home yesterday, but there are still concerns. My sister is stubborn. Each time she has been pregnant they have encountered a new hardship. This time it was the recovery of the incision.
I admire her determination in having children and know that she will be okay. I understand that it is scary and again, for all of us, this is the 3rd time of worrying about what will go wrong with Jade's pregnancy/delivery.
I believe that she will be well and Michaela has been there, too, to support them and the kids. I wish that I were there as well, but know they are in capable hands with Michaela.
Enjoy this December, share with your loved ones and enjoy yourselves...