Saturday, June 30, 2018

upcoming trips and local restaurants

More yoga, consulting and exploring the beauty of Denver.  This morning, I had two clients arranged and was looking forward to the intake of the second appointment.  It would have been our first session together which is always fun.  Discovering what works best for individuals keeps yoga interesting.  I was asked yesterday if I was teaching more hard core classes or to beginners.  I was honest.  I have been teaching more beginners which is making me a better instructor.  I told Matt that I decided to get certified since I felt I could teach better yoga than what I was experiencing in other cities.  Yet, the majority of people are not interested in what I thought I wanted to teach. They are interested in stretching, strengthening and building a foundation.  It is keeping me grounded and learning how to cue better.  I love it!
I thought I would detox for a few days.  That lasted for about five seconds.  I had sushi happy hour with Jenn on Thursday and explored a few new eateries along Colfax with Sara Jo last night. They are great additions for the neighborhood--finally!  The last one to open is a chain and that location is disappointing.  The drinks were unbalanced and awful.  I do like their salsa selection and guacamole but I don't think I will be frequenting their restaurant.  Seemed pretentious and as noted, the drinks were terrible. Last night we checked out the new Asian spot and new Mexican fare.  Both spots were packed and had great vibes.  There is more of a selection of food at the Asian spot and it delivered.  The new Mexican spot has a limited menu.  Maybe eight items to choose from.  The drinks were spot on and the wine list was affordable.  We sampled the chips and salsa and calabacitas.  The salsa was bland and they offered many tortillas and few squash.  I would return when they get more settled.  It definitely has promise and potential.
Sushi happy hour is one of Jenn's favorite spots in Denver.  Conveniently, is located near both of us and I do love their two for one wine offer.  However, the last few times we have visited, their a/c has been out.  On Thursday, it was pretty hot and I thought I could handle sitting in that swamp and enjoy sushi.  In hind sight, we should have left and found another spot.  In addition, they have been experiencing internet glitches and so they don't play music.  I don't want to sit in silence in a restaurant.  It was hot and irritating!  I told Jenn that I will not dine there until they fix both of those issues.  I felt like I was in AZ and sitting at a bar.  There is a thing called swamp ass that is true there.  I experienced it the other day in the sushi restaurant.
Today, I am relaxing and will pack for my upcoming trip to Santa Fe. I managed to do laundry yesterday and will probably have to do another load of it before heading to Spokane.  I will chill with friends and wine taste.  When I return, I will hit the ground running.  New job, new challenge and new people.  I am stoked!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

D.C. delights

I spent the last few days in Washington D.C. with a friend of mine from middle school.  Jennifer has been hiking the AT the last three months and proposed this brief trip to the city last July.  I think she knew she would want a break from being in the woods to refresh, rejuvenate and relax.  Plus, she knows that I love exploring cities.  She knew it would be easy for me to say yes and that I would find eateries and bars to check out.
We stayed in Capitol Hill which was a great area.  I think we spent the majority of our trip in the Adams Morgan area.  It is overrun with amazing restaurants and bars.  We walked everywhere which I really appreciated and did one yoga class to see what was out there.  I did enjoy the sequencing and heat.  The instructor gave me a few incredible adjustments which I also appreciated.  The downside to the studio--no shower. I was dripping sweat off of me and had no access to a shower.  Then when it came to paying for the class, I explained that I teach in Denver and typically studios extend a courtesy rate to teachers or at least waive the cost of the mat and/or towel.  No such luck here and of course they added tax. That was annoying.  I toweled off with my sweat soaked travel and changed back into my casual clothes.  I couldn't wait to get back to the Airbnb and shower.  I am not a fan of walking around sweaty.
Still, I liked what they were doing in D.C.  I think I might borrow some of the sequence and try to incorporate it into my classwork.  As noted, we walked everywhere.  It was preferable than sitting in traffic.  We toured the monuments--Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Capitol building and my favorite, the MLK Memorial.  That was amazing.  I loved all of the quotes that surrounded his statue.  It was incredible.  We would have stayed there longer had it not been raining.  Friday was all day rain with a little reprieve.  We also checked out the Renwick and Portrait Gallery.  Both of those exhibits were terrific.  I loved the Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick.  I had more insight into what that annual event is all about.  I didn't realize it had the Temple which was one of my favorite things in the exhibit and possibly, Burning Man.  I loved the idea of releasing grief by writing notes to  loved ones.  It had the most amazing energy.
We did a brief stopover by the White House.  There were a few people protesting about Nicaragua and other people walking through.  Not the hot attraction it once was.  On our last morning, we walked through the farmer's market.  Of course, Jennifer was uninterested in collecting more things to carry.  She stopped at a UPS to send some items to her mom.  I absolutely understand why she would do that.  I grew tired of carrying my carry on bag around D.C. and believe me, it was small.  I always travel light to avoid checking bags.  I did check bags this trip out.  Jennifer sent me tent stakes that would have been considered dangerous and flagged by TSA.  Seemed foolish to push the envelope.  I checked my bag and was carefree on my flight out to Dulles.
I will hopefully reflect more on my experiences in restaurants at a later date.  I need to iron and head to work.  Rainy day in Denver and I am inspired to sleep, lol.  I won't.  I did manage a yoga class this morning and hopefully will stop by an early morning class tomorrow.  I have a client tomorrow night and then another one arranged for Tuesday.  It's been a lovely day!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday!  It is a lovely day to read, relax and celebrate life.  I may skip yoga.  I have been teaching more and it is fantastic!  I could use a day off from doing anything.  Maybe sleep, binge watch a series and lounge.  That is what I am inspired to do.  Be home and lazy.
Yesterday, I had two clients scheduled and one had to cancel.  I managed to do laundry, semi clean my house and I had committed to taking a day off from being social.  Then, some friends of mine from Santa Fe invited me to dinner.  Of course, I had to say yes and I am very thankful that I did. We went to Tables a local spot in Park Hill that is consistently great.  I have sampled their fare through the years and never been disappointed.  I met Spencer through my friend, Melody.  Spencer likes to dine around Santa Fe and so Melody thought he should stop into one of the spots that I was working at and meet me.  I think I met him four years ago or three.  He and his lady friend visit Denver once a year so that Nell can play in a tennis tournament.  She is an avid player and super competitive it seems.  Last year, they visited me at my job and this year they took me to dinner.  It was a lovely surprise.
I have some friends in town this weekend and think I will try to meet up with them at some point.  They are visiting Denver to get some reiki done.  I admire their desire to do some healing with a reiki master.  I wish they had more time to do things with me but it seems like I am an afterthought on this particular vacation.  I don't think they mean to make it this way but that is exactly how it feels.  I would have firmed up some time, weeks ago, if I was visiting them. I absolutely would have figured out a time and place to meet with them.  Our plans are not firmed up at all.  There is a real possibility that they will be visiting me at work.  Fun times, indeed.
I attended a class today.  I have been to this instructor's classes a few times.  I like her barre class and struggle through the yoga.  Today was no different.  The music selection was terrible and she over cues her sequence.  I barely made it to the end.  I considered attending another class at 5:30.  The class is at another studio which would require me to drive during rush hour.  I really don't like that aspect of it.  I should go and get coffee.  I am unmotivated to do much of anything really.  I have been lounging and thinking about all of the stuff that I should be doing.  Lazy days are the best!
I have plans to do happy hour tomorrow and maybe a late lunch. I am planning on breaking up with my trainer for a little bit of time.  I want to see how I can do on my own.  Also, I think I am plateauing with Courtney.  I want to see how I can take what she has taught me and do it on my own.  I do enjoy the workouts she puts together for me.  It's getting expensive and I don't really ask her to do any nutrition anymore.  I think I need a break.
Easy night and more sleep.  I am super thankful for today!

Friday, June 8, 2018

checking in mid week on goals

Mid week check committed have you been to your goals?  10%, 30%, 50%, 100%?  I think I am right around 70%.  I have managed to eat at home, read and cut back on my intake of wine.  I have not decreased my tv watching nearly enough and I still have a few friends to reach out to.  Sara Jo has been MIA since our trip to Santa Fe and Jenn has been working nonstop work.  I figure I will have a sushi date with her soon and I will track Sara Jo down and make her drink wine with me.  She needs to take a break from her job now and then.
I woke up yesterday and had a random pain on the top of my foot.  It feels like my ankle and calf are straining one of the tendons creating discomfort.  I massaged in some arnica cream and have been religiously icing it.  I forgot that I have some CBD oil from one of my clients.  Georgette gave me a sample and wants to know what I think of it.  I think I will be topically applying it before seeing my trainer.  I love my trainer but think I might need to take a break from her for a bit.  I have not been happy with some of the variables that I cannot control.  Music.  I have always been able to suggest what I would like to listen to while training with her.  Recently, though, they have added classes to the gym during my session and the instructor takes over the music.  I told Courtney that I wanted a new solution and think today will be another lost effort.  If it starts to go south, I am going to pay for half the class.  I won't be irritated during another session and not say anything.  My expectation is to have a good session with music that I prefer.  Not be forced to listen to shit while paying someone to train me.  I have learned a lot from Courtney and know that if I take a break I will focus more on my nutrition.
I have been organizing my face and de-cluttering.  Feng shui suggests that clutter creates chaos and negativity.  I need to focus on clearing my space and creating a healthy living space.  Chad gave me 80 plus books and I am slowly sorting through them.  If a book doesn't grab me within 50 pages, I am putting it down and finding another one.  I have four to put into the rotation of the local free libraries.  I love those little pop up boxes.
I have been making more food at home.  Salads, fresh vegetables and homemade mustard vinaigrette.  I could be better on this front.  On Tuesday, I dined downtown for lunch and then ordered take-out from a pasta place near my house.  While there, I met my newest client.  Kevin is my first male client not counting a friend that I did some consulting for.  The golf instructor needed some hip adjustments and had poo-pooed yoga until we worked out together.  Still it was more of a favor and so I don't count him as a true first client.  Kevin is from Santa Fe (of course and I still have strong ties to New Mexico) and our session went extremely well.  I did forget my essential oil like an idiot.  I think he is mostly interested in that.  I am hoping to schedule him in once a week.
It was ironic how we met.  I decided to take the seat next to his and we began chatting about life and travel.  The Santa Fe connection sparked more of an interest and next thing I know, we are discussing when we can meet for yoga.
I hope to add to my clientele.  I have continued to take classes to see what else is out there.  It is all about the research and development.  I consider that my passion while traveling too.  Checking out the local restaurant scene, yoga and wine.  I have a trip to D.C. and then Walla Walla.  Covering Washington State and the premier city.
I should clean my apartment before my client arrives tomorrow.  I have a lunch date this afternoon with an old friend.  Janna and I met when I lived in Arizona.  Ironically, she and I both had lived in Denver and originally were from Kansas.  Now, we are both back in Denver and I would love to catch up and see how she is doing.  She is funny, witty and travel friendly.  She reminds me of Sara Jo.
So I am off to see the trainer and plan the rest of the day.  Check in.  How are you doing?  How would you change your week in a re-do?  Do you still have time to meet your goals?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

progess or frustration

A friend of mine was visiting from Asheville.  Lauren and I worked together for about a year and I have seen her on three different occasions in Denver since she moved to North Carolina.  I mentioned it to one of my co-workers since he had just spent four days there exploring that city.  He fell in love with one of the bbq spots and asked if my friend could bring him a shirt out. I knew that Lauren was already in Denver and so I texted her last night and asked if she would send me an XL t-shirt for this guy.  I am old school.  I ask people for favors and respond when people ask me.  I contacted my friend about sending me a shirt and she said, absolutely, she would and then sent me a link of how to order merchandise on-line.  I had not even considered that option.  Of course that would be the easiest way for Kyle to attain his desired shirt.  He had not thought of it either in spite of the fact that he is a millennial.  Aren't most of them tied to their phones and apps?  I texted him the link and he responded with--oh, I should have thought of that myself....yes, you should have.  Took me and my friend out of the equation.  He can order his shirt and have it shipped directly to his house.  No middle person involved.
Progress has improved some things.  Convenience of attaining wanted items without adding more people to the mix.  In other ways, there is room for error.  I like to talk to people to ensure quality service and am frustrated by automated services.  I use uber daily.  The other day, I hired a car and waited for the driver to pick me up.  The app showed that the guy had arrived but I couldn't see him.  I tried calling him three times and he never picked up his phone.  Eventually, after waiting ten minutes for my car, the ride is canceled and I am charged a cancellation fee.  I am irritated and wanted it rectified immediately.  Plus, I was exhausted and hungry and angry.  I finally figure out how to protest the cancellation fee and again, am directed to a menu of items.  I wanted to talk to a person to express my frustration.  That wasn't an option.  I did try to contact the driver.  He didn't respond.  Ironically, he has completed 7000 plus trips.  How do you not know how to answer your phone if you have been driving that long?  It is easy to communicate and yet, people are refusing to.
So, yes, apps and progress have eased some tension.  They also have cut out the convenience of direct communication.  That is what I miss.  I miss having interaction with actual people to display anger, happiness, sadness, frustration.  E-mailing or texting is just not the same.  It can be misconstrued easily and often. There is no voice inflection or insight into the intended perspective.  It's cold, calculated and misidentified frequently.
Today, I will walk to work and listen to music.  It feels like a leisurely morning.  I attended an early morning yoga class and was frustrated.  I always want more movement in classes and a better music selection.  This morning, the instructor has great cues and I like her as a person.   She just doesn't have the same command or recognize that it is an all levels class and that she should offer modifications to challenge students that have strong practices.  I was mostly bored and couldn't wait to leave.
I purchased a few bolsters last night to aid Georgette in the yin type of class that I will now offer her.  Props are essential in that realm of yoga.  I also finally found a photo album that I can fill up and give to Jenn of memories.  I think that is a thoughtful gift and something that she does not have.  I must continue to write in my journal and expand my yoga practice.  I am ready!

Monday, June 4, 2018

goals of the new week

This upcoming week as it is Monday inspires me to make a list of goals.  Rarely do I make it for the present.  Instead I have upcoming goals or things I would like to achieve in the future.  Travel, lunch dates, adult things---dentist, lady doc, glasses--are things that become future goals.  I do manage to schedule car maintenance regularly although it has been awhile.  I need to have my oil changed this week.  I should schedule an appointment with the lady doctor at some point this year.  I have attended to my teeth which seems to be an ongoing process.  The sonic care tooth brush has alleviated a lot of the build up and I am more motivated to brush my teeth longer.  I have been making my own mouthwash, too.  Melody mentioned a recipe that she uses with essential oils that I prefer.  I need to purchase more contacts and lens for glasses, too.  I have a few frames to choose from and would love to begin wearing glasses that are stylish and fit.  My current pair I have had since 2011.  Time for an upgrade.
This week, I want to focus on attainable goals and make some changes.  I intend to dine at home, more, and make my meals.  I thought the farmer's market would be open by now by my house.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Still, I have ingredients to make a nice soup or salad.  The farmer's market will enable dining seasonally and supporting local farmers.  I love that idea and also recognize that the quality of the food is superior. It requires less oil to ship and all, in all, benefits the community.  I saw Melody a few weeks ago in Santa Fe and she looked amazing.  I mean, she always does but this time she was super fit.  I asked what her secret was and she noted that she had cut out most meat from her diet and was focusing more on fruits and vegetables.  She cut out sugar years ago and so I knew that she had been doing something different.  I want to be lean and feel good. Less dairy and beef.  More vegetables.  I can absolutely support this change and see how my diet is affected.
I want to be spending more time at home and reading.  Stop distracting myself by watching t.v. and focus on getting things done.  I have some yoga things to attend to and should get my notes ready for Sara's workman's comp claim.  I've been thinking about having business cards made to represent my yoga business.  My friends, Roxie and Jenn, have been pushing me in that direction and in the past I have been hesitant.  Now, though, I think it is time.  I have an idea and just need to put it in motion.
I have a few dates planned with friends and now there is a trip to Walla Walla to figure out.  My friend, Jean, asked me to meet her in Spokane for a weekend to help out her sons.  In addition, we can wine taste in that region to occupy some of our time.  The last time I was in Walla Walla was in 2010 or 2011.  Ironically, I had a conversation with a customer the other day about the highlights of tasting in Walla Walla.  I think I wanted to make it happen and it now will.  I have a stack of books to attend to compliments of my colleague, Chad.  He moved in with his partner and wanted to de-clutter some of his belongings before relocating.  I go in spurts with reading where I am avid and then there is a drought.  I am currently mini-drought.  I think I become unmotivated due to the heat or if I am working too much.  On my days off, I want to treat myself to a nice lunch and/or sleep to catch up on taking care of my body.  I will begin to read and find myself napping instead.
This week, more dining at home.  More yoga classes and listening to music.  Less t.v. and more positivity.  It is a new week.  Rejuvenated.  Refreshed.  New possibilities.  I am on fire!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

yoga and travel

More yoga, some reading and dining out.  My world continues to get smaller and smaller.  My yoga client this morning mentioned stopping by my job with some friends of hers to attend a summer patio series.  I asked her who her friends were and she named off a few names and I couldn't help it.  I burst out laughing.  These ladies are notorious for their visits .  A little exhibition here and there.  They make a memory, lol.  Georgette mentioned that they had invited her to join them but declined. I would have been super surprised had she stopped in.
I began teaching Georgette in January.  Randomly, I met her while sitting bar side at a local restaurant.  She commented on my malachite bracelet and the rest is history.  We became fast friends and practiced together four times before she contacted me to tell me she needed a break.  She sustained another injury mid February and has been dealing with recovery since then.  Today, was the first day that we have practiced together in four months. It was wonderful to see her and reassesses where to build a foundation.  I believe that it will be beneficial and helpful for both of us.  I can begin to add yin into my wheelhouse.  It requires more time in poses to break thru the fascia.  I think, for Georgette, it will be appreciated and well received.  We need to strengthen her hips/sacrum and core.  Work on stabilization and build the foundation of poses.  And hold them for up to three to five minutes.  I should purchase more props to aid in the discomfort.  Props are extremely useful in this realm of yoga.
I have been seeing three to four clients regularly and I enjoy it.  I enjoy customizing treatments and seeing progress.  It gives me hope that I actually know what I am doing.  And, I continue to learn ways to incorporate what I know into individual treatments.  I love it!
Summer means the return of the farmer's market.  I am ecstatic!  I live by one of the markets and although it is small, I still find great produce on a weekly basis.  While in Santa Fe last weekend, I wish I had had more time to explore their offerings.  It is a large market that runs twice every week.  My favorite time of year is when the tomatoes are in season as well as the cucumbers.  Delicious!
I wish we would also offer that in Denver.  There is something to be said about local produce.  The quality is amazing and does not compare to what is sold at grocery stores.  There is a definite difference in taste.  I wish we had a year round market.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I can check out the market near City Park.  Soon, I will take a Sunday off and attend city park jazz.  It is a free concert series that occurs on Sunday nights.  I live two blocks from City Park.  I should absolutely make time to check it out.  Have a picnic and enjoy life.
I have friends visiting in the next month and a trip to D.C. in the works.  My  friends that are visiting Denver will have other distractions to occupy their time.  I might meet up with them for a drink.  In D.C., I hope to check out some restaurants and see old friends.  My friend hiking the Appalachian Trail will be probably wanting a clean shower and bed.  And some social interaction.  I am interested in hearing about her tales on the trail.  I can only imagine how much time she has time to reflect on life and consider what it is she wants out of life.  Endless amounts of time to think, reflect, reconsider.
Another friend of mine invited me to go wine tasting in Walla Walla.  I am thinking about it.  It would require some travel and time with her boys.  Her younger son will be our chaperone while we wine taste in Walla Walla.  I remember babysitting him years ago.  Could be interesting.
Life is grand.  I am off to practice some yoga and find a photo album.  It is time to compile Jenn's gift.  Cheers!