Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The feast was ample and we made it through the day without a family dynamic explosion.
Of course, we did watch a few inappropriate flicks with my dad and Dori. We started off with Walk Hard--the Dewey Cox Story. Let's just say...lots of frontal nudity, drugs and language. It was awkward, but we made it through the Jeremy pick.
Next, Michaela and I agreed to rewatch Juno. I like the movie--great dialogue, characters and it is entertaining. My parents, again, not too impressed. It was calmer than the first, but still I could see the judgment in their faces.
We retired to Michaela's apartment and she said--oh, this is a great movie. I started it the other day but had to leave. So, we begin the Heart Break Kid with Ben Stiller. By far, the worst acted and raunchiest. There were times, I couldn't even look at the tv because it was so inappropriate to be watching with my dad. There was a mention of a donkey show.
In hind sight, it was funny. I think that next time I will stick to the G Rates masterpieces so that we have something to talk about. Ironically, they never got up to leave. Instead, they suffered through it with us.
I return to Denver tonight. It will be a full day of traveling and no shopping.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday was filled with airports, rental cars and driving. I made it safely to Oregon, battled the rain and got a little lost in Eugene. I have been here numerous times and so I recognized the Dutch Bros. downtown and figured that I would find my way to Jade's house.
Emery is adorable. He is so tiny, but boy can he cry. Jade handed him to me and he knew, immediately, that it wasn't the right one. He is beautiful.
I spent a little bit of time with Mackenzie and Easton, too. They are both sick and so quarantined off from the baby.
Today, I believe we are going to grill out with my dad, Michaela, Jade's family and Jeremy. He is letting me stay with him, keep my sanity and entertaining me with stories of school and the nonstop b.s. that he is encountering.
His dogs are still nuts. He left to go to a class and immediately Murphy--the spiteful one--peed on the floor as if on command. I remember his behavior at my house in Denver, too. That dog is demanding. Kaya is older and a lover, now. In her childhood days, she was a crazy one, too. They drive me crazy, but I do love the dogs.
I look forward to spending more time with my nieces and nephews. Last week, I learned a lot about Jasmin and I hope that she decides to relocate to Denver. It will definitely be a transition for both of us, but it will be positive.
I am excited to return to Denver to focus on me and my needs, too. I believe I am coming to terms with what I need to do. I have been too complacent since my return to the States and I was reminded of that last week from a friend that always motivates me to better myself and my life. I am hoping to take an art class which is conveniently located right behind my house. I cannot avoid it due to the location and it should be fun. I am ready to unleash my creativity!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The upcoming holidays

Thanksgiving in Oregon--my first time.
I enjoy Thanksgiving. I always have. I love turkey, stuffing, apple pie. I love the family aspect of it, too. Perhaps not the whole clean up business, but otherwise, I truly love Thanksgiving.
This year it should be interesting. I suppose I have been spoiled in the past. The weather in Denver is brilliant and each year, I was either at Bryn's family or with Brian. Bryn's dad makes the best stuffing and it is always fun to see all of her brother's and sister's.
Last year, I was in Renwick, New Zealand, at a bed and breakfast. I spent two days at the Olde Mill B & B. The couple that owned it were friendly and welcoming. The first night, the house was empty except for us and the following evening, a Canadian couple joined us. I spent the holidays drinking wine and biking around the area. On Thanksgiving, I wanted mashed potatoes, but the English pub in Renwick that I went to didn't have bangers and mash or anything. I think I settled for their version of nachos. It was awesome and I miss it.
I look forward to meeting my nephew and spending time with my sisters and dad. We will be celebrating my dad's 60th this week. Whatever we do, it will be great. I hope yours is as well.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The baby, Emery, is well. Jade is happy, from what I understand and Jasmin is with me in Denver, trying to decide if she wants to relocate here or not.
Timing is essential in everything. My roommate, Leslie, is moving to Mexico to build their business more. Of course, I am bummed, but if my sister moves out here, it is perfect timing.
Initially, I was upset since it happened quickly. I understand that things change--new jobs become available, you might buy a home, etc. I wasn't prepared for the phone call that I received from Leslie informing me of her changes. We talked on Tuesday and I feel much better about it. I know that she needs to do it for her and her company. And, she offered to place an ad on Craig's List, but I believe that I will find someone or now, that my sister will relocate here. Plus, I know that I am no longer 20 or capable of living with just anyone. One of my co-workers lived with someone they met on Craig's List and this guy stole from here constantly. She moved back to West Virginia and he had stolen a blank check from here so that he could pay his November rent.
I know this isn't the norm, but it raises a definite issue. Do I want to live with someone that I know nothing about? NO.
Timing will tell and in a week I will meet Emery....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emery Dean

My nephew has arrived...Emery Dean. He is 7 lbs., 8 oz., 19 inches long. Healthy baby and mom...which is awesome for Jade. I will meet him next week when I am visiting them in Oregon for Thanksgiving.
It has been an exciting week for me thus far. My mom made a guest appearance in Denver and returned to Kansas with Jasmin. A day later, Monday, Jasmin returned to Denver for a week. She had take a week off to spend in Oregon and so she opted to return here and familiarize herself with Denver. Of course, I enjoy entertaining and returning to choice restaurants. We had calamari at Solera and then went to Elway's for supper. We shared a petite filet, au gratin potatoes, crab fried rice and creamed corn. Jimmy accompanied us to Elway's and we had wine at the Bull in the end. I figured that I owed Jasmin at least one night at the Bull and Bush.
The rest of the week, I am working, but my aunt Bryn will spend some time with her and she is quite capable of meeting people, I am learning. I think she is enjoying herself and for that, I am glad.
My life is good and prosperous. I dream of faraway lands, but am very present in this moment. I am thrilled to have a new nephew and look forward to meeting him and seeing Mackenzie and Easton, too. Next week will be fantastic!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I had every intention of being on the wagon until my visit to Thanksgiving...then, I received some news today that changed my mind.
My mom and Jasmin are coming to Denver since my mom totalled her car en route to Oregon. She was in Wyoming and unfamiliar with the conditions of black ice. She will be arriving in a few hours and so I need to clean my house, change the sheets in Chichi's room and gear up for a visit.
Unfortunately, for them, I am scheduled to work all weekend. I need to work and wasn't planning on taking time off. Actually, I cannot.
So, this is interesting and plans do change. I hope that they arrive safely and enjoy their weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

drinks with friends...

I met Jenny tonight. I have known Jenny since we were 10.
We met at Trios and we had a nice time. Actually, Trios has a great happy hours--half price wine and pizza until 7 pm. The selection is nice and skewed towards California and Australia--both places that I frequent. I was happy.
We had a wonderful conversation. I miss her. We meet about every 6 months based upon scheduling and availability.
Tomorrow, my friend, Hailey, is turning 32. I suppose she really will be old tomorrow. It's only funny since she sent me a note about a conversation that she recently had about age. She looks fantastic and shouldn't worry about age or anything! We all conceptualize how we are supposed to be or what we should be doing with our lives. Things change. People change. Adaptations occur.
There is not set path.
I realize that now. I miss Brian. I had a dream about him last night. I was shopping for a dress. I was confused and couldn't decide. I found a brown strapless dress. I tried it own and the clerk told me that everything had been taken care of and that there was a note for me. It was from him. He said that I should enjoy it and that it would look great on me.
I woke up.
I guess that it is a reminder that he is present in my life.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Progress being made...I finally reorganized my room and it feels fantastic. I find myself putting my stuff on whatever space is available. Eventually, everything is buried and I cannot find anything.
I need to simplify my life.
I think of how I traveled--one back pack, two pairs of shoes, shorts and one skirt. I acquired a sarong due to necessity in Fiji, 4 shirts, two t-shirts, one of Brian's Hawaiian shirts, an ipod, a charger, toiletries--too many due to contacts/glasses, and I started off with 6 books. It was stupid. They weighed me down and at the end, I had my two journals that I had to have a 1 book that I would switch out for reading. I loved the simplicity of my life. I didn't carry a phone. I paid to be on-line and I had journals to write. I was free.
I need to cleanse my closet, my books and my journals. I know it. I have little compared to most, but still it is too much. I went to yoga this afternoon and the theme of the day was to simplify. I suppose that is why I am on this tangent.
Plus, I bought a vacuum today. There was so much dog hair in my house. It was pathetic. I like to feel like it is cleansed, now.
In the broader sense of my life, I embrace other areas to cleanse too. I am ready to simplify and feel positive about what I am doing and embarking on. I am ready for a new challenge that involves growth, travel and perhaps, wine. We shall see...any ideas, let me know.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mundane randomness....

Work is work is work.
This morning, I woke up and felt--what am I doing? Do I really have to work tonight?
Then, I was grateful for my job and the opportunities that are presented because of my job at the Bull and Bush. My friends, Steve and Sarah, stopped in for dinner and it was great to catch up with them. I am tryng to persuade Pocketsize to meet Sara Jo and I in Chicago sometime in March. Initially, we were going to go on Sara Jo's 30th, but I don't know if 100% it will work out that way for us. It might be easier for everyone to go a week before or after. I don't know and there are several months to plan this particular weekend. I am stoked whenever we go.
My aunt is going to a meditation seminar tomorrow. I considered going, but I don't know if I could handle a full day or meditation. I am trying to get interested in it, but a full day seems like a bit much. I did a guided 10 minute meditation and afterwards, felt fantastic. I want to meditate, daily, even twice a day before I take on a full day seminar.
I am embracing the changes in my life. I am trying to get rid of the the toxicity of some of my associations/friendships. Life is too short to just be or to accept when things aren't right. Why strive for mediocrity? My brother-in-law reminded me of that tonight. He is pursuing his PhD at the University of Oregon. He is having a difficult time accepting some of their regulations and being happy in his life.
I keep telling him that it is almost over.
For Thanksgiving, I am staying with him and his two crazy dogs. My dad is staying with Michaela and Michaela, and Jade, will have a full house with the new baby. Thanksgiving should provide plenty of distraction and for everyone...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally, no more political ads. The day has come and I am hopeful that change has arrived.
I will be watching the results with Sara Jo, drinking red wine, reminiscing and celebrating the victor. It is time to embrace change and deplete the polarity in this country.
I am excited for the end.
Enjoy your evening, however you spend it. I know there are many bars that are offering drink specials to people who voted and the Rock Bar on Colfax is the Barack bar tonight. I have friends that are hosting gatherings too, but I want to be in my hood.