Sunday, September 8, 2013


Wow!  It has been a long time since my last post.  I am beyond lame.
I remember having a fantastic venture in Oregon with my sisters.  Yoga in Bend was exceptional, beers with friends/family and just being in Oregon was inspirational.  I loved the weather.  I considered it as a possible relocation city.  I liked the idea of Eugene and seeing two of my sisters frequently.  Bend was more intriguing, though, truth be told.  It had a very inviting vibe.
I returned to the desert to encounter more of the summer's intensity.  There was a brief reprieve.  In this case, I was able to sleep in my bed for about two weeks before the insanity returned.  I have a small place but the a/c is inadequate.  It's more comfortable to sleep in my living room on a sleeping bag than in my bedroom.  I tried it.  I tried to make it work.  But, I would wake up, every hour, on the hour due to heat.  I found that if I moved my sleep space to the living room I could at least sleep.  It hasn't been wonderful.  It's been doable.  I've created other issues to deal with since I sleep on the floor.  Lack of circulation.  Apparently, I like to sleep with my arms under my pillow or crooked into awkward positions.  I wake up from my hand being "dead".  It is frustrating!
I ran a half marathon in Colorado.  The fourth time I've run this particular half.  It is a great course, well supported and beautiful.  I was fortunate to spend a couple of days with friends in addition to the race.  We checked out a few new spots in the city and I was sad when I had to return to the heat.  Four days in Denver was not enough to say the least.
I returned home and it seemed a little cooler.  For the first time since June I could sleep in my bed.  It felt amazing and I stopped having circulation issues.  I knew it was in my mind as the heat index spiked and I am, again, sleeping on the floor.  Two more months of heat.
It's been an interesting summer.  I thought it would be my last, here, as I always have the urge to travel, relocate, begin again.  I don't know how it will happen, it just does.  Then, I had an opportunity present itself in Phoenix.  I tweaked my resume and applied.  I remembered, thinking, I do know how to apply myself and I forgot how much I enjoy it.
For the foreseeable future, Phoenix is my home.  I am thankful to be here and excited about the new job.  It involves wine, travel and more wine.  Of course, I was interested in this job.
I will return to posting more.  Perhaps more about all of the delicious wine I encounter.  I think my travel will be in a holding pattern for a few months.  Commitment to work trumps my desire to run free.

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Unknown said...

Wow ... reading your post reminded me of the seven months we spent in Phoenix ... through the hottest part of the year. We were lucky & had A/C ... we used it even though I really hate artificially cooled air. But it was almost impossible to leave our apartment ... there was no relief from the heat when we left the a/c. We're outdoors people so it was tough. We began walking at 3:00 am ... it was only marginally cooler but it was doable.

Your new job sounds great ... hope to hear more!