Sunday, May 13, 2012

denver visit

Dinner with Sara Jo at Solera....delightful.  We had mushroom risotto, truffle fries and calamari.  The only place that I eat calamari, too.  It is that good~ 
I do adore the calamari.  However, it is only the gateway drug of that place.  The cheese plate, risottos, mac and cheese are just a few of the offerings that I love.  We tried to take it easy and sampled a few of the appetizers only.  Wine was involved, too.  How could it not be?  Combine excellent food, conversation and wine is naturally part of the equation. 
By far, one of my absolute favorite places in Denver.  At one point, a haven, even.  I think Sara and I dined there once a week while I was living on Birch St. in 2006.  I never tired of the calamari, wine or ambiance. 
Yes, I always make a point to visit this restaurant when I am in Denver.  I also wanted to go with Sara as it is sort of our place.  I believe I have dined there with her the most and I wanted to experience another spectacular meal with her.  I knew she would enjoy it. 
I will reflect more on my visit later.  I am off to work~ 

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