Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Monday!  What an absolutely gorgeous day.  Well, from a week ago, Monday, yes, it is stunning.  A week ago some of my friends from Colorado were in town.  They were on a golfing venture.  I tried to warn them the heat would be unsettling and playing 36 holes of golf would be challenging.  One of them called and said--how do you live here?
I said, this is nothing.  This isn't even that bad.  It's only...109ish.  In July, it'll be 118+ish.  That's when it starts affecting me. 
Regardless, for a few days last week, it was hot.  The signs of the beginning of a long, hot summer.  Then, Thursday it dropped to 90's.  Relief.  Beautiful weather again.  I love every single minute of it.  I rode my bike to commemorate the occasion.  Well, sort of.  That and the fact that Veronica was in the shop for a little bit of work.  I did enjoy cycling to and from work.  Really.  I love my bike.  It forces me to stop and think instead of rushing around if that makes sense. 
The other night, my boss, Pat, insisted on driving me home since he felt it wasn't the best idea to cycle home at 2 a.m.  After some thought, I agreed to it.  It had been a long day and as much as I do thoroughly enjoy the new bike, I did not relish the thought of adding riding home and it taking anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  It was late and I was tired.
We are about a block from my house when he gets pulled over.  It was comical.  Here he was being a good samaritan and for that, he gets hassled by the police.  The cop that pulled us over seemed interested into why we were in Tempe.  Pat explained that he was giving me a ride home since my car was in the shop.  The cop said--where do you live?
I pointed at my house and hoped that he would let us go.  Nope.  He wanted to check into Pat's background.  After some talk on his walkie-talkie, he returned to ask Pat to step outside so he could show him why he pulled us over.  Basically, a ploy to say, have you been drinking? 
Afterwards, Pat said, well, I won't be driving by campus or to Tempe anytime soon. 
The weather inspires cycling and being outside, for sure.  With that in mind, I should conclude this and go outside.  Happy Monday~

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