Friday, April 12, 2013


This pretty much summed up my trip to Denver last week.  Drinking. Talking.  Sure, being intrusive on someone that I know.  Hanging out at a friendly place.  Yea, that is true.
However, it was more like this...
Lots of hugging, laughing, drinking.  Plenty of that.  I realize that I miss many aspects of my life in Colorado.  I had a solid base of friends and family.  I could call a number of friends and request to go dine at bistro's, cafes or numerous eateries.  Anything that was new could be checked out with a willing companion.
In Phoenix, these things are not as approachable.  However, I did return, last week, to recognizing that I do enjoy it here.  I have transplant friends (like me) that are willing to give it a go.  I met a female last week and we both remarked on the protocol of establishing a friendship, post 30.  She said, I wanted to give you my number but I didn't know if it was appropriate. Keep in mind...this was after two different conversations about our time spent in Denver. I knew that Janna was a cool chick when she said she lived in Denver and had recently relocated to AZ.  I wanted her to like it here and assimilate.  Hopefully, we will go hike soon or just drink wine.  She is a gruner veltliner fan.  
Recent Denver was delightful.  Huge success.  Reminded me of its many delights.  I returned to AZ with the question of why return.  Well, return for profession, passion and the fact that all of my belongings are here now.  
Outside of that...I do like it.  I am loving the weather.  The freedom.  The knowledge of knowing that it is a great city for me, too.  Or, maybe, it is knowing that I can fly from anywhere.  I am interested in yoga training, hiking and enjoying this beautiful city.  Maybe more wine?  
Kidding.  I feel positive outside of my lack of updating.....

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