Friday, March 8, 2013

Zen leads to uncertain endings last night

Yoga was surprisingly challenging yesterday.  The instructor always makes an effort to get us warmed up and bendy.  Sometimes her flow time is less as a result.  I do like that she does her own thing.  Typically, I lose focus after about ten minutes.  Not because of her flow.  Her music selection is awful.  It starts with acoustic coffee shop, followed by rap and concludes with country.  The rap at least provides a good tempo for the flow and that is what I prefer.  I like aligning the flow with music.  Maybe not the ideal reason to practice yoga but it works for me.
Yesterday, I sustained a half hour before being annoyed with the music.  I stayed til the end, too.  Sometimes, I leave early when this instructor is teaching.  The music makes me crazy.
Anyways, I finished yoga, found my zen and then headed into work.  A rep had left me some wine samples the previous day.  Of the five, there was one possibility for the next wine list.  I gave the other samples to one of my friends and headed home.  About three miles from my house, I drive my a stop light and notice a police car.  When I approach the next stoplight, I put my seat belt on.  I saw the officer pull up behind me and we both waited for the green light.  I turn left and drive, maybe 1/4 mile and he flashes his lights.  I calmly pull over.  I had opted to not try the wine before I left work.
He approaches my car.  Starts off with--do you know why I pulled you over...the light above your license plate is burned out.  License, registration, insurance, please.
I hand him my license and registration.  Ironically, I just received an update that my current insurance cards were available on line.  I had not printed them off.
I mentioned that to the cop and wait.  He looks my license over and asks if I am wearing my contacts.  Of course, I am.  I cannot see without them or glasses.
Regardless, I wait and consider the outcomes.  He could give me a ticket for not providing insurance information.  I wait and as it continues, I think, he is writing me a citation for the insurance.  Finally, he returns .  Hands me my license and says--you really should get your insurance information available.
Nothing about the burned out light.  Seems like a complete b.s. stop.  I am thankful that I didn't get a ticket for the insurance, too.  I am glad that I listen to my intuition.  I considered staying at work and sampling the wine.  In the back of my mind, though, I thought, I should take a night off and sleep in.  I chose to be responsible and thankfully, it worked out.
Today presents another opportunity to find zen (peace).  I woke up to rain and was inspired to be reflective today.  Day off and so ample time to do just that.  I might have a glass of wine later.  Happy Friday!  I guess the lesson for me is to always listen to your gut.

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