Tuesday, July 30, 2013

sleep issues

In the past few days, I tweaked my right wrist.  Of course, I am right handed and so every movement I attempt to make is made with my right hand.  Signing my name, shaking a hand, lifting any item (I prefer my right hand).  So, in an effort to minimize use of my right hand, I began using my left hand to scoop ice and carry things.
Finally, I considered my options.  I could go to a doctor, chiropractor or masseuse.  Doctor seemed foolish.  It wasn't broken or purple.  I could feel the discomfort while twisting my wrist but still able to do pushups while in yoga. Yea, I still attended yoga while my wrist didn't want to work.  I know, I am lame. 
The chiropractor seemed like an option to have an x-ray.  That and my neck being cracked seemed fantastic.  Otherwise, I do not go to a chiro.
I reconsidered my options and felt the massage therapist was the way to go.  He could assess the extent of my injuries and suggest ways to strengthen my wrist.  And, who doesn't want a full body massage?  I called my place and was able to make an appointment for this evening.  My guy specializes in sports injury and only works nights.  Typically, he'll have an opening at 6 or 7 at night.  I don't like going that late as it breaks up my day. 
Still, tonight, I knew it was imperative that I figure out what is going on with my wrist.  He suggested buying a brace, keeping it straight and resting.  No yoga for a few days.  Seems to be my theme song of the summer.  First there was the gracilis injury and now this.  Can you say annoyed?
Then, people asked me how I sustained this injury.  Of course, the obvious choice was that I had been drinking.  I couldn't pinpoint when it occurred.  Then, I thought about my habits. It wasn't related to yoga.  I have been diligent about my practice as of late.  Not taking risks and pulling back so that I don't tweak my gracilis. Then, I think about my sleeping habits as of late.  
I live in a city that absorbs heat.  Concrete, buildings, constant sunshine.  I drive home, sometimes, at 2 a.m. and it is still 95 degrees.  My house has a one room a/c unit.  I have noticed that if I sleep in my bed in the room separated from the a/c, that I wake up every few hours from the heat.  I decided that I should make a bed on the floor under the a/c to have a better experience.  Due to that, I tweaked my wrist. I sleep on my arm/hand at times.  I know it sounds odd.  I just recognize that I do it.  Several times I have woken up and have experienced dead hand or arm due to no circulation because of how I sleep.  
So, because it's hot and my a/c lacks, I am forced to go get a massage to soothe my sore wrist. It is funny when you think about it.  I tweaked my wrist due to the heat because I sleep on my floor.  This situation will remain until October.  Gotta love summers in AZ>>....

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