Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of july

4th of July, Arizona style, means spending the day in a pool, drinking margaritas & aperol spritzers, and eating brats.  My friend, Lisa, celebrated her birthday, early, by having me and some other friends over.  Her friend, Mark, wanted to make a seafood extravaganza--scallops, seabass and ahi poke.  I was excited til Lisa put the kibosh on it.  She wanted hot dogs and brats and as she was the birthday girl hosting us, we had brats.  They did make green chile mac and cheese which was scrumptious.  And, the brats were ideal for the pool celebration.
Before I went to her house, I wanted to attend yoga.  I had a quandry.  Attend a 9:15 class which I knew was busy or go to a different studio at 10:15 and hope that it wouldn't be too busy.  The first studio offered three classes on Thursday.  A 5:30, 9:15 or noon.  Obviously, the 5:30 was out.  I worked until 1ish and then took Scout on a walkabout.  It felt appropriate since it wasn't broiling outside.  The noon class which I normally attend was out as the instructor teaches a super basic flow class.  I have learned, from experience, that I do not enjoy his class.  I get bored, annoyed and pissy.  The mid-morning class was definitely an option.  However, earlier in the week, I went to one of this instructor's classes.  Typically, it is full of energy and awesome music.  On Tuesday, when I went, I didn't love, love, love it.  It was okay and I didn't know that I wanted to go to the class, knowing it would be crazy busy and leave feeling just okay about the sequence.
The latter studio offers spin, too.  I was hoping that the majority of people would be hitting the spin class.  They had one yoga and two spin classes to choose from.  I liked the time of the yoga class and thought, why not check out this studio?
I arrived fifteen minutes early and barely found a parking spot.  I entered the room and secured a spot and tried to relax.  The class was full and there were more people pouring in.  The instructor guided us into smaller spaces and I began having a mini panic attack.  There was still five minutes before class began.  He found spots for 10 additional people and then chose to let the front know that the class was full to capacity.  The music was excellent and I did feel incredible after attending the class.  The flow could have been more challenging.  Due to the number of people in the class, our movements were limited.  Still, I felt confident that I had made the right decision for me.  I knew that I would have been unsatisfied attending the packed class at the other studio.  Plus, it offers a mix of bikram/flow and it is the same sequence every day.  I get bored doing the same flow.
I left and studio without showering.  I knew that Lisa would let me use her shower or there was a dive pool that I could rinse off in.  I picked up sunflowers and bubbly and headed to her house.  Her house was festive and they were happy to see me as I had the margarita mix in my car.
The day was glorious.  Lots of pool time & margaritas.  Eventually, I left to check on Scout.  I didn't want him without water or food.  I ensured his happiness and retired for the night.
All, in all, a wonderful way to celebrate 4th of July.  Great food, drinks and friends.  I hope yours was stellar, too.

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