Sunday, March 13, 2016

jet lag continuing

I returned to Seattle on Friday at 9:30 am after departing from Bangkok on Friday at 9:50 am.  We had a brief layover in Seoul where I slammed a beer.  I think I might have slept two hours, total, while flying back to the States.
My layover in Seattle was almost five hours.  I had to go through customs, immigration and security (again) before relaxing into the layover.  Since I did not have a checked bag it was a simple transition into the terminal.  I know people find it odd that I typically travel by only bringing carry-ons.  I even left clothes and a pair of shoes in Laos.  I grew tired of carrying around extra stuff that were only taking up space in my bag.
Shari had a terrible layover arranged and decided to alter her flight.  Thankfully she was able to change her flight and leave around 1 pm.  I settled in, barside, and watched basketball.  Grateful to have returned in time for the tournament. 
While sitting in the airport bar, I charged my phone and drank some wine.  The time change and exhaustion hit me while sitting in Seattle.  I did not think I would make it to my next flight without falling asleep somewhere.  I reflected on my trip and wrote in my wine book that I changed into a journal.  Seemed like a good idea on a previous trip.  Sturdy with a pocket in the back of the book to hold my passport and other important documents.  I wrote all of my addresses in the cover of the book (also handy) and made reflections in the pages.  I have scribbles of hotel addresses, contacts, flight information, etc.  It works. 
At any rate, a quarter of the way through my first glass of pinot noir the bar fills up with other travelers.  The allure of basketball does that, I think.  I looked around and noted that most everyone else was on their phone.  The guy next to me was reading and I was uncertain what book he was reading.  I asked him what time it was.  Odd question, these days, as the majority of people have phones with them at all times.  Attached.  I know that I rely heavily on mine unless I am charging it.  And I looked road weary and casual.  Sporting a KU shirt that has become my travel shirt on a side note.  Many people stopped to comment on my shirt and ask if I was from Kansas.  Instant conversation starter. 
He looked at me and said, "don't you have a phone?"
My response, "I do.  They are charging it for me." 
I went back to writing and he continued reading.  A little bit later we started chatting about travel, life and our reliance on phones.  I asked him where he was heading and he told me Las Vegas to meet some buddies from college.  I love Las Vegas for the food factor.  I responded with, I love Vegas.  He looked at me and said, "No offense, but based on your hippy look you don't seem like the Vegas type."
I am not the Vegas type.  I do not go there to gamble or lead a glamorous life.  I go there to eat. 
I explained to him that I appeared super casual and weary due to the fact that I had been traveling for 24 hours and slept two hours.  This opened up the conversation and led to how I manage to travel. Again, I mention that it is a priority to me as it is.  I asked him what book he was reading and before he told me, I saw the author and referenced one of his other books. I think this guy almost fell out of his chair.  Appearances can be deceiving, haha.
He left after buying me a glass of wine.  Gratitude for that and it was an interesting conversation and way to pass time while waiting for my Denver flight.  I boarded the Denver flight and slept for 45 minutes.  My friend, Sara Jo, picked me up at the airport and we headed back in to the city.  Of course we wanted to chit chat about my trip before she dropped me off.  I arrived and then wanted to talk about my trip before trying to go to bed.  I think I finally went to bed at 1:30 am.  I woke up at 8 and rested until noon.  The sleep was not great. 
I forced myself up at noon and tried to stay awake by doing laundry, cleaning and taking a walk.  I knew that I needed to buy some cream for my daily coffee which could wait since there is a coffee shop on the corner.  I stayed up til 1:30 catching up on my shows (kinda lame and typical).  Went to bed to wake up at 5 am.  I almost cried I was so frustrated.  I tried to go back to sleep which wasn't working.  I plugged in my head phones and updated my photos and blog. 
Around 8:45 am, I cycled over to a coffee shop to meet my aunt.  Not too far and a gorgeous day to get outside.  Coffee was nice but I could tell I was extremely overtired.  My eyes hurt and I was having some difficulty focusing on the conversation.  I rode back home and dropped my phone while in route.  Awesome.  I have dropped my phone so many times in the last few weeks.  I am surprised that it has survived. 
Anyways, I drop my phone and hurry to stop my bike so that it will not be run over. I stop too fast and fall off my bike scraping my left calf in the process.  This is what exhaustion does to you.  Silly mistakes and inability to complete simple tasks.  I know I am tired and that I do, in fact, need to sleep more than three hours at a time.  It will happen tonight.  It has to.
More water.  Rest.  Relaxation.  Sleep.  In that order and I will recover from this. 

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